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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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irwin wants to move to trial tomorrow. i think it'll work. we've been doing five boxes a day, and we've got four to go. god, furillo, the agony of offering a client's testimony in a 12-defendant drug case. joyce, where are all my suits? cleaners. be done this afternoon. i left the blue one. joyce... what? these have a hole. oh. i'm sorry. i didn't know that. i've been working 10 hours a day in a courthohoe cubicle for the past two weeks, and i don't have time to inspect every one of your suits. i could d ve taken them in myself. you haven't been to a cleaners since carter was president. that's ridiculous. that's wrong.
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in nam, we called this a situational interdiction -- the mugger completes his raid and then heads for his sanctuary in the park, where our stepped-up perimeter patrols intercept along these borders here, which the felon needs cross to safety. and so, with your help, sectors "b" and "c," peoeoe, van buren park is won back from the boonies and transformed into a demilitarized zone where the peace-loving folk of our precinct can smoke their dope and transmit their venereal disease in relative safety. [ laughter ] to which further regard item 10 memo... it worked with ho chi minh. why not the hill? ...from division commander swawaon. andrew? sir? something the whole class can enjoy? oh, no, sir, i was just trying to recollect. i thought we lost that war. [ laughter ] memo indicates that division's observation that the national weather service now employs both male and female nomenclature
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requests that in view of 17% female officers in the department, all "b" sectors be denominated distaff. and examples given are barb, beth, belinda... or bunny. bunny? sector bunny? item 12 -- we have a backup alert here, people, for officer tina russo,, whose undercover pursuit of one alphonse "sonny" cappelito, who was accused of the amtrak warehouse heist and other high-stakes burglaries. , people. oh, oh, wait a minute! hold it! that's not it! as you were. not it at all. this precinct has received a postcard with a picture of a largemouth bass on it, and it is postmarked williamsville. ananit reads, "wish you were here, "wish i was there. no really, recuperating great. sarge." and it's in parentheses "stan jablonski." [ cheers and applause ] all right, be careful out there.
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with corresponding restlesesess among the indigenous population. be alert. [ indistinct conversations ] andy, bobby, domestic. you know, i know it sounds like a clich?, but if these people just eat the proper breakfast, there wouldn't be so much of this domestic violence first thing in the day. captain. gentlemen. the captain look a little weird today? frank? a sport coat? 8:00 with the chief, frank. [ siren wails ] i was just thinking, a couple of eggs, maybe a muffin kind of makes you feel content in the morning. but these people here, all they do o shoot dope all morning, all night -- oh, lord, bobby, look at that. i said, "don't come up here right now! i'll dump this child right down!" okay, no one's gonna come up! get goldblume and a paramedic.
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[ baby crying ] [ applause ] dispatchch we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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yeah, this is only about 80 blocks from where i gotta be. relax, pick out a tape, play some music. i told you an hour ago, i gotta go home. i gotta take my mom to the beauty parlor. here. want to take a cab? here. i'll pull over. you can take a cab, you're so late for everything. i'm not getting out in zululand. then relax. it's only 10 minutes out of your way. half-hour. shut up. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ]
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how you doing, marty? hey, mr. c. he's gone into the office. out comes the package. hey, get in the car. come on, get back in the car. d still! still! i'm a police officer. right there! you hump! hands up! come on! hold it right there. man: mirandize him. nice job. renko: yes. yes, he does. he's got several witnesses. we got all kikis of witnesses, but, no, we don't have any film. yeah, i'll hold on. a police officer catches a baby coming out of the sky. a tv network won't have nothing to do with it, 'cause if there ain't nonoilm, it's like it never happened.
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it is the only rock our pride stands on. admiration and p.r. officers, mr. monroe's lawyer awaits your 317. i'll take it. andy, andy, hey, what's this? what? nfl receiver catching a baby. [ laughs ] line 2, henry. thanks. goldblume. steve who? steve merkur? from clinton high school? henry. chief. no, no, i'd love to. are you in t tn? renko, evening trib, line 4. see there, print media still has a sense of news prprrities. andrew j. renko, hill street station. it's a zoo there, frank. he's had one or two race incidenen -- minor. suddenly he's got blacks riding with black, whites w wh white. every damn unit in the place is a powder keg.
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have you talked to him? i want you to talk to him. stan is ready to go in. but we need him there tomorrowow or it won't make sense. frank, the idea is, i go in with a vice platoon. i appear to be overseeing the e ce platoon's activities, but really i'm troubleshooting with the precinct's blacks. you're taking over ray calletano's precinct. worst case. my intention is to help him right it for himself. chief, i don't have enough facts about the situation. i just gave you the facts. we've got a runaway precinct. look, frank, just get ray to sit down with stan -- the three of you have a lunch. i won't ask him to relinquish power. i swear, frank, that this is not a plot to hose calletano. but a cop race war on page one will be devastating. you've got the ghetto. your precinct will suffer worse than anyone's. henry? would you see if you can find ray calletano for me, please? thank you, captain. none of us wants to see raymundo
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this is a...sartorial change of pace, isn't it, frank? joyce sent all my suits to the cleaners. divorce -- the great equalizer. [ sighs ] al, you look weird with a mustache. makes you look like a terrorist... or i don't know, maybe an exterminator. itit amazing. this is a classic. hey, nice bust, officer. that's the understatement of the day. captain, phil grgrham, iad. got a minute? not really. urgent? i suspect b-&-e involvement with onenef your men. how so? the cop in question has busted several individuals over the past 10 days, all of whom, while they were in the joint, had places broke into. who's the cop? your lieutenant norman buntz. walk me to my car. good work this morning, bobby. thanks, captain. officer hill, i have folks here that want to see you.
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the doctor said he's okay. catch me up on howowd. that was dreadful, top to bottom. how is he doing? actually, fairly well. six months, he'll have his rank back. the june review? i hope so. i'm going to fight for him. if i'm on his board, you know he'll have it back. how are things going around here, ray? oh, very well. we got our new vehicles. they are c cputerizing the 9-1-1's. what about the men? any problems? e normal. i'm getting better at it, frank. i defuse instead of confront. why? i'll tell you why i'm here. chief wanted me and you and stan williams to sit down and thresh out a couple of situations. regarding the precinct? well, you know the new vice allocations. he thought maybe stan could come over and see if there are any problems. but i told you there aren't. could we go out for half an hour?
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you wanted to see me? one minute, please, frank. sure. go ahead, rayburn. i'm sorry, captain. you ready? let's do it. s, sir. "loose lips sink ships," sir. ? ? if you're on medicare, remember,
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plus the last two federal interrogations. brother. uh... why don't we say you give me the feds, i pass on michigan avenue, and we're finished? [ chuckleses i just -- just a thought. ah, wouldn't it be nice to eat lunch today? [ telephone rings ] assistant d.a. bernstein. furillo: hi, irwin. oh, frank. i have been grumping for the last two hours, furillo. you owe me an apology. well, it's your lucky day. i called to apologize.e. you did? everybody who sees me thinks i'm his high-school english teteher, but who cares? my wife was thoughtful enough to take my filthy, shiny, spotted suits in, and i want to take you to dinner. you're being facetious, furillo. fairly expensive dinner. okay, i'll pick your suits up this afternoon. see you. talk later. see, if leah and i had been able totoo that,
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she's living with a guy... and i've got a girlfriend. you do? irwin, that's terrific. yeah. she's very nice. uh, she's jewish. very nice. when the divorce is final, we'll probably get married. what do you got? is that the domiano transcript? my client, mr. crespos -- he denies he said any ofofhis and, if cross-examined, will disavow. i'd be a fly on the wall for a few days. then i'd try to open up some channels and after that,, the white ones -- coordinating with you, of course, ray. of course. when we founund the black officers coalition, rule number one was "listen to the brothers." if i have any expertise, ray, itit from that experience. of course. i don't think it's stan's intention to interfere with your chain of command, ray. oh, not at all. of coursrs i understand that. his official assignment would be vice. damn, it's 12:00,
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will you excuse me? pretty big hurry. captain? about this norm buntz thing -- i've got two more birds confirmed. you're telling me that everybody he collars just coincidentally gets cleaned out? norm, in my office. phph gresham, iad. i don't know. what? nfl wide receiver catching a baby thrown out a window. [ laughter ] didn't that joke get old? bobby, my man, congratulations! i think the joke stinks. what, the nfl routine? yeah, the nfl receiver and the baby. why? you think about it. that makes a lot of sense, gresham! that's real downtown n inking! six of your low-grade arrests, buntz. six places robbed!
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uld ever figure out this big coincidence, huh?! that's a real fine tribute to my intelligence! let's go over the circumstances of each arrest. there could be a common thread. yeah, they're hummers. if they're hummers, it's because your fathead division memo about warrant executions got a listen-to! that's true, gresham. last week, we were trying to build the body counts. on the other hand, norm.-- et tu, captain? that it? norman, answer the coincidence.. i'll answer it. i'll take care of it. i'm continuing my investigation. i said i'll takekeare of it! am i excused? captain, counselor weller for officer russo's suspect, cappelito. thanks, howard. come on in. would you excuse us, please? yes, sir. how are you? captain, this could sound arrogant, but i don't intend it to. could i do you a favor? and in exchange, you owe my client, cappelito, one somewhere down the line. cumstances.
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ich, i take it, has to do with the favor he's going to do us. look, she e ept with him, captain. who slept with whom? your cop russo slept with sonon. you have proof of this? sonny's a creep, but in this area, he doesn't lie. so you're asking that the case be dismissed? do it now. save your young g p. save the department the embarrassment. and this is the favor, captain -- i'm giving you a day to do o e right thing yourself. mr. weller, it must be that you don't practice up here very often, cy with which sexual misconduct charges brought against our officers are used as components of criminal defenses. please don't be coming up here doing me any favors on your client's word. look, she's probably a good cop. but girls tend to be girls, right? and lawyers tend to be lawyers. so, when was it exactly
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shanks. shanks. between friday and tuesday. i was away for a few days. ray, amigo! stand firm, howard. this, too, shall pass. gresham: sergeant, i'm going to need access to your off-recoco payment files. there's an informer in all of buntz's arrests. where were you? a guy named thurston. you'll have to have captain-or-above authorization. i asked you where you were on those days, mr. shanks. i was, uh, out. do they treat you this way? do they treat any anglo captain? ray, i hardly qualify as an anglo captain. i can go to the hispanic press. and, frank, i am disappointed in you. that's unwarranted. there's no harm in talking things out. don't play naive wititme. daniels must think i'm his toy! what he thinks is that you have some problems over there. race problems?! which precinct has none?
4:23 pm
r precinct, they're above and they're out there. is this your belief, frank? were you really just an innocent messenger, or did you set me up? i didn't set you up! frankly, until this morning, i didn't have a clue about any of this. on the other hand..... i found that in your coffee area. there was a stack of them. look... whether daniels was clumsy, or even whether he treated you fairly, that's a side issue that's what a captain addresses first. which i am. it may be that you need some help, ray. nobody likes that. everybody likes to think he can hang tough. would you help me? i don't have the familiarity that stan williams has. my help to you is to ask you to sit down with him. i won't give up my captaincy.
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comes around here looking for me, tell him i went looking up to his place, all right? woman: will do, lieutenant. so, what did you do after writers' school? well, i substitute taught a couple days a week, and then i was a bartender for a while. but you were writing all this time? the habit. there you go. of books what happened with it? and got a lot of letters from publishers. and you know, i would sit up there in my room, thinking i'm doing this great thing -- that i was going to end war, make people cry. and then i would get these one-paragraph computer notes
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and i would... feel so ashamed. "what kind of a jerk am i, anyway?" but the guy who wrote you this time -- this wasn't a form letter. no, he said, uh, he said to come in, so i hopped a 'hound. sounds good. yeah, it's great. well, i mean, who knows? you said you fefe ashamed. well, not all the time. yeah, but you shouldn't. stuck at it, took all the punishment. something to be proud of. there were all those times, remember, when we were on the clint? we both said we were gonna be writers. but for some reason, you did it and i didn't. and i admire the hell out of that. just be careful what you wish for.
4:28 pm
man: you're dead, man! you're dead meat! where's my tape machine, huh?! don't move?! put down the iron! put it down! what are you doing here, shanks?! didn't i just bust you, ace?! aren't you just out of the cage?! yeah, your damned snitch robbed me! he rats me out, then he breaks into my place! you're the police?! man, i can't believe it! ntz! don't make me fall down laughing with a heart attack, sid! get up against the wall. l right, turn around. all right, now, ace, let's just say, for the hell of it, that we forget about this little break-in with the tire iron, which, with your parole, that's e eugh to put you back upstate for a deuce. [ sighs ] but if i hear r e peep out of anybody about sid's my snitch -- and i don't care how it gets out -- i'm telling people you're my snitch. are we understood here?
4:29 pm
70 bucks?! buy one hot. excuse me. pardon me, sir. are you arresting this man? he promisedd he wouldn't do it again. huh? what about this meeting in the rainbow room -- new years eve? mrmrcrespos indicates he was in san juan. how could he have been in san juan? he told six federal agents he was with defendant molina. i've got the tickets, irwin. i showed you the stubs. what you're telling me is e dawning on you. that your client is a pathological liar. all i know is i have got eight pounds of interrogation taken over four months' time, and there is about 12 pages i can use here. what's going on out here? no! hey! ugh! what are you doing?! where are you going, pal?
4:30 pm
oh! aah! help! he's in here! freeze, tremaine! ugh! come on, tremaine! judge brodsky's requesting your presence in part 44. move! let's gogo you okay? yeah. irwin, you all right? yeah, yeah, i i ess. i'm fine. you okay? yeah. [ sighs ] wow. look... gs. whatever you say, clark kent. tina... yes, captain? good collar this morning. thanks. no, thank you. [ clears throat ] there's an allegation from sonny cappelito's lawyer that you slele with cappelito to make the arrest. just tell me -- true or false? cappelito said that? true or false? that slob? false.
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i i lt like a beetle turned over on its back -- 14 arms flailing around. oh, totally uncoordinated. [ sighs ] it was like a -- a fright reaction. come on. you were terrific. in grade school. step, step, jab, back -- oscar mandel's gym and workout. toughen up the wimps. you were never a wimp.p. you know, actually, you're right about that. i was just a... an ordinary, smart kid. i even had hair back then. mmm. good dogs. they're all beef. no, maybe they're all meat. mind if we stop at the dry cleaner?
4:34 pm
you know what i think about? i wish that you had stuck with the d.a.'s office. whoa. why? so you wouldn't have to argue with me? no, not at all. i just like working with you. i think we work really well together. donon you? hmm, we do. well, maybe we ought to go out, start a private practice. irwin..... what? frank's suits. norman, you said you wanted bail jumpers. i made inquiries. how did i know lambrachis was mixed up in this crap? and on what occasion did you inform me this was pass-along information, huh? n-norman, all information is pass-along. hey, 12 names from one scale with a b & e sheet three pages s ng. anything out of line here, genius? i mean, does this raise any flags in my drug-fried associate's fathead? listen, norm, we're gonna pop lambrachis calm dowow yeah, we better pop him, sid, 'cause i'll tell you,
4:35 pm
all right, norman, listen. i wanna go on record with this. you did not inquire my source on this. oh, shut up, toad brain. norman, please. come on. don't -- don't -- don't -- don't compare me to a reptile. shut up! amazing day, huh? it's had its surprises. [ chuckles ] i meant the weather. amazing weather for october. yeah. if it stays nice for the weekend, we're going up to lake kearn. frank's brother has a boat up there. martha's... the woman i'i'seeing -- martha -- marty. i like the name martha -- nice, old-fashioned. joyce... what? [ sighs ] what's wrong? nothing. [ chuckles ] nothing.
4:36 pm
i just wanna say... i just wanna say, i don't wanna start a law firm with you. [ chuckles ] actually, i do. but that's not it. i'm getting divorced. my life is kind of free again. before i know ititi will probably be getting remarried. but somewhere in here, my heart has got to say something. for once in my life, it has got to say the truth. the dodgers belong in brooklyn. just kidding. [ chuckles ] actually, that's true. but that's not it.. [ chuckles ] irwin, are you okay? [ chuckles ] joyce, i've had a crush on you since i don't know when. or i do know when -- since the day i met you.
4:37 pm
us to run off to south america together, but... i don't know what i expect. but i have to have you know. and i have to know something. do you have feelings for me? i mean, like a crush. if i say... "i love you"... i got to ask. right? i got to ask, "what's in your life?" [ chuckles ] these are my conditions -- no meetings s ich i cannot be free to attend, no attacks on my command.
4:38 pm
not riding together, fights in the locker room, daily insults suggesting you are not in command. we've got to get this stuff in the open.n. ray, i think all stan's saying is, "don't handcuff him going in." and i say, "don't cuff me." you think i will not address these problems? you know you're showing a lot of attitude demanding this, demanding the other? you want me to go to daniels, say, "ray says 'no'"? are you threatening me? you're going to tell the teacher -- ray, stan, listen now. the ingredients are simple. stan goes in, collects a list of complaints, es, not just both parties, preps a meeting where stan can attend, but ray prprides. but i shall present the reintegration proposals. reasonable? [ sighs ] that's it. remember, the goal here is reintegration without further incidents. [ door opens ] excuse me, f fnk. mr. weller on the russo arrest is back. thanks, howard. [ stan sighs ]
4:39 pm
tomorrow morning. you're a stubborn man, captain. tomorrow, we attack the problem. short clock, ray. lit fuse. may i? oh, put those away. they belong to officer russo... so does this. and don't tell me they could belong to anyone, captain. we wouldn't want to do forensics on these panties. but ask officer russo, would you, if she's got a butterfly tattoo on her upper-right thigh? ask her. then give me a jingle. [ door opens, closes ] come on, officer hill. don't bebehy. that ought to do it, ben -- the bulldog edition. aren't you going to put the thing where we're like two fielders going for it at the same time, and i defer to him? i defer to him.
4:40 pm
what happened? oh, a couple of kids with butcher knives shoved me in here, took my $80, and, uh, when that wasn't enough, they, uh, they threw my book up in the air. we doing anything? sectororlert's out, but he doesn't want to drive around. right. thanks. you know s sething... this is my fault. it is, huh? well, yeah, i mean, i fit the profile of the typical victim. look at my clothes, they way i walk around like i'm lost, daydreaming. you know what the last thing i was thinking before they hit me? i'm yelling at this jerk editor, uh, "you claim to have read the fourth chapter? that is a boldfaced lie." transit police notified? yeah, transit and housing. how'd it go downtown? [ sighing ] oh. he said this one was a little too private. uh, you know, "send me the next one." yeah, "next one" -- five years. na tell you this.
4:41 pm
i am not gonna be a victim again. look... i punch a hole in my pocket, right? and i jam my hand down in there, looks like i'm packin' a piece. come on, steve. let's get some band-aids for your cuts. [ sighs ] they threw my manuscript down, and it is my fault, you know? it is my fault! you know, sidney, this first bunch i gave you was a lost leader -- 10 bucks an address. m handing over wanted felons. you're hananng over wanted nobodies, fred, which i happen to be splitting the take with you on. don'n'make me herniate! i get 20 a head and what else? you see, you haven't been equally forthcoming with me. what the hell's that supposed to mean? you got a lot of toys around here, fred. these alalfor your personal use? or could it be that you gave me those addresses so that you could rob those guys places when they were inside? you're sick, sid. you got bolts loose.
4:42 pm
ause you could wind up in a cage yourself. that's stupid. don't misunderstand me. i didn't mean it as a threat of arrest. i was simply proposing a split of profits which -- okay, i can see you're opposed to. this is a bad situation, fredede. stop it, you moron! you think i'm a two-bit snitch like you who works on 10 bucks a pop, huh?! this is a bad situation, freddie! police, freeze! i'm trying to freeze, police! frfrze, police! you police, freeze. [ laughs ] you don't think i'd shoot him, huh? get two goons for the price of one? of course, i'd shoot him. go on, ask him. sid, you finally prove yourself to be the kind of scum i like to shoot? yes. come on, lambrachis, this is stupid, huh? a gun against a knife? who do you think you are? hmph! now get rid of the knife. come on.
4:43 pm
come on! come on! you know what ticks me off, freddie?! i paid you good money, and you exposed me to the disdain of my co-worker! somebody's gonna do you, sid. well, unh-unh, freddie! whoever it is, i'm sending them on you! you laugh, but someone's gonna do you! somebody's gonna do you, man! ha ha, freddie! hi mom... just checking back to see how you're doing. i'll be alright.
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interview with agent tim farrow, . there's no booby traps in it? i can use it? it's yours. so...we're done. we're done. joyce... irwin... what you told me before... i never suspected, never knew. anyway... even if i go get married to martha. or we'll start a law firm. [ chuckles ] but if we do, no affair. ah-ah-ah -- no matter what. my old mentor, mcreynolds, always said, "your pen's here, your pencil's there." [ laughs ] [ chuckles ] ] you're going to need, mr., uh, crespos tomorrow? jury selection rest of the week.
4:48 pm
irwin... you were terrific today -- with that guy, the escaped prisoner. oh, pshaw! [ laughs ] anyway... you're a good man, irwin. [ sighs ] i got to go up to hill street. it's none of my business, but, uh... i won't tell frank. damn! what? his suits. uh, frank, ray calletano called. he said,d,gracias, compa?ero. is that what he said or is that your translation? actually, he said, "tell frank 'thanks.'" uh, captain, listen, i got this robbery strarahtened out. i'm notifying the headhunters. what the hell was going on?
4:49 pm
assing them on to me, and the burglar would then go in. could we be a little more careful with our snitches now? believe me, this guy is on probation. captain furillo? officer, come on in. i'll wait for iad's verification of findings. if they close it, i'm satisfied. mr. weller came back, tina. his client says you have a tattoo of a butterfly on your right-upper thigh. this client's quite a pig, isn't he? he also presented underwear sounds desperate enough. do you have that tattoo? [ chuckling ] come on. you can tell me yourself. but if the answer's no, i'm gonna have the matron verify. melvin? yes, captain? will you locate mrs. bridge for me, please? right away, captain. this is getting a little weird. ou didn't sleep with sonny cappelito.
4:50 pm
[ chuckles ] the idid was for me to turn him on enough that he would talk to me. now everybody's shocked -- "you didn't sleep with him?" i take i iyou did. are you telling me, captain, with all the woman cops going undercover to catch guys, that they never sleep with them? is that your understanding? that they sleep with the suspects and then lie about it? if it doesn't go to trial, it doesn't come up. answer me. i don't know what people do! yes! sure! of course, they do. and that's what you were planning to do. he truth. do you want to hear this, captain? yes, i guess so. i want the case dismissed. captain... this is the amtrak burglary -- dismiss the case. get cappelito out of here!
4:51 pm
l the truth, then. lawyer asks, i say, "yeah. sure i slept with him. why not? so what? what was i supposed to do?" did you ever have a case go to jury trial? no. then you don't have any real idea how a lawyer can put a policeman on trial instead of his client. not exactly. do you have any notion of what a jury would think of a cop who slept with the defendant? maybe they'd think, "at leasasshe's honest." for openers, they think she's a cop who went against policy. "she cut one corner, maybe she cut a lot of others." captain furillo, i'm just trying to do what you said. kick 'em. that's all i want... and your report on my desk by 9:00 a.m. [ door slams ] norman... i have received a death threat.
4:52 pm
[ sighs ] i found it under my door. hey, norman. norm... norm... can we talk privately, plplse? [ sighs ] [ toilet flushes ] so, what do you want, a bus ticket? no, i don't want a b b ticket. i like this town. i like this line of work -- which, by the way, i happen to think i'm quite good at.. tective custody. so, how about michigan avenue? oh, ha ha! i could stroke out laughing, norm. come on, sid. one lousy death threat, huh? i mean, these guys that got robbed are low rent. they ain't gonna off you. i'll s sd a patrol by your house. oh, great. that's not going to point the pointer at yours truly? so what the hell do you want, huh? norman, i need 24-hour, round-the-clock protection. yeah, well, how are you gonna get it? well, i was thinkin', on a temporary basis, of course,
4:53 pm
move in with me? yeah. get 'em while they're hot! exploits of robert hill! what page? i don't know. i haven't looked yet. right. you got it. the bite of bengal, 8:30. okay. high school chum? in one day, he gets his manuscriptptejected. then he gets robbed of all his dough. and i still look at him and think he's the one who took the right path. i mean, he gets s bbed, he thinks it's his fault. he's not a jewish fellow, is he, henry? no, howard, he isn't't cappelito's gone. he's history. we'll get him again. do you want me to transfer, captain? do you want me to quit? uh, to be honest, i'm not sure where you're headed. for now, i just want your report on my desk. i don't know if i can work for you. i don't know if you can, either. i'm sorry i disappointed you. tina...
4:54 pm
you're pretty inexperienced in some areas. maybe. but i'm not a hypocrite. the department set me up to use my sex, and then when i use it... you all freak. i cannot believe a atory as big as this one where a police officer catches a little baby falling out of a high window, saves the baby's life -- they don't have nothing more than two-column inches at the bottom of page 37? what am i gonna do about that? you didn't have a picture. gonna start carrying a polaroid in the unit. tell me about it. i captured an escaped con today. nice going. uh, bring youruremo book and all accompanying paperwork tomorrow. irwin... franan you and joyce done? done. i'll be there till midnight, but she's done. frank, joyce called while you werereownstairs. kyoto at 7:00 is fine, and, uh, you got taken to the cleaners,
4:55 pm
norm... the captain's looking a little country club there, isn't he? the guy's good at what he does, but he dresses like a real loser.
4:56 pm
look, we're gonna have one rule, all right? you feel a need to pass any gas,
4:57 pm
hi. hi. sorry i'm late. it's okay. what was that message? here. a suit? two suits? what is it, my birthday? from mccauauy's -- not bad. frank, remember just after we met something that happened? something that happened? to yr suits? at the dry cleaners? four of your suits were burned? oh. sure. this time, all of them. all my suits? except these two. wow. they were stained, anyway. [ laughs ] how was your day? fine. irwin caught a crook. and we're finished. "i live a crooked life. "my body goes in one direction, heart another.
4:58 pm
we're much closer." [ chuckling ] if nototooner. [ sighs ] larry bird. [ thud ] swish! threrepointer. [ telephone rings ] hello? hi, martha. [ siren wails in distance ] officer, this is nonsense. woman: squad 47, clear for code three. sorry. stan williams was coming. i wanted you to be here. it is racist. what happened? mahoney and rich failed to back up brown and freeman. freeman gogoshot. man: now you people get here. that don't change nothin'. man #2: nobody backed him up!
4:59 pm
lletano: hold it, brown! hold it! hey, stop it! stop it! brown! rich! stop it! [ indistinct shouting ] it's all blowing up. stop it! stopopt! -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
mornin'. hi, bobby. you got me through. i'm glad you showed up.


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