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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mr. morton's here. i've got a call on trouble over here. well, there's some sort of a mishap, sir. mr. solo and mr. kuryakin are inside checking it out right now. oh, well, then we better see what they've found.
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trouble. the wall, quickly! where were you when the man was breaking in? a man, sir? we'd better... oh, never mind, stay here, i might need you. the others are after him. they may have had time to get in the vault. well, we trapped two of 'em with the gas.
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someone closed the door on us and turned on the gas. yes, i guessed as much. i caught him trying to open the vault door but he got out through the window. mr. morton, he got away. probably had a car waiting. all right, you can all return to your posts. i'll send some extra men down to patrol the grounds. you'd better get back to your hotel and sleep off the effects. steady as you go, napoleon. a little wobbly, i guess. we'll see you later.
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keep your distance, i don't want him to spot us. i assume we have a reason for following brian morton. what did you put on him when you fell against him? a listening device. it's a sad state of affairs when we can't trust our fellow u.n.c.l.e. agents. it's very sad. it's never occurred to you that whoever broke into the admiralty record building had a very easy time of it? too easy? maybe. he must have spotted us.
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post number one, morton just passed. no one is tailing him. very good. manage your post. cut the engine, i think i'm getting something. sounds like footsteps. he must have stopped. i was beginning to worry that you'd changed your mind. i had to shake off a car that may have been following me. we just lost our bug.
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well, let's cruise. maybe we can spot his car. i can guess why solo planted that bug. my breaking into the safe looked too simple. but if solo suspects you, brian... he can't prove anything. he hasn't even enough to go to waverly on without making a fool of himself. when you develop this film, you'll see that i've lived up to my side of the bargain. i take your word for it. now you want to leave with ms. adams. yes, that was your end of the deal. tell your watch dogs to sit. you've got the plans, krohler. there's nothing else. there's more, much more. you see, you are going to help me capture the submarine itself. you're insane. that's impossible. impossible is the adjective of fools, mr. morton.
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done. only mr. waverly can authorize taking a group aboard that sub. exactly, and you're going to get waverly to issue the authorization. i won't do it. we shall see. i detest violence, mr. morton. but you give me no choice. oh, brian, please. we'll never find him at this rate. well, when he goes back up to town he'll either go to his fiancee's place or his own. okay, one of us can watch laura's pad and the other can wait at brian's. i've got a lot of questions to ask mr. morton,
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you sure, mr. morton? yes, sir. at least one member of the sub crew, maybe more, they're in the pay of thrush. unfortunately we can't identify them. then i shall have to call off the trial run. if you do that, sir, the thrush might make an immediate move. i may suggest, sir, there is a way. it wouldn't look suspicious if you personally took charge of the operations aboard the sub. then if you issued clearances to myself and the group of agents, we could come aboard at the last minute. i see. we can post an agent at each of the critical posts during the trial run. exactly, sir. all right, mr. morton, i'll issue the proper authorizations and meet you on the submarine at sailing time. and thank you.
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u haven't got a chance. get me where the chance is, mr. morton. next step is even simpler. you shall return to u.n.c.l.e. headquarters and obtain several u.n.c.l.e. identification cards for me and my associates. i know what you're thinking. but then... you know what i'm thinking. put your weapon away. that sort of threat wouldn't work with me and you know it. what will work? a bribe large enough to support you and your wife for life? i am no less dedicated than you, mr. solo, just more vulnerable. they're holding laura. so you are the man who tried to get the sub plans last night.
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you delivered them to thrush? i had no choice. they would have killed laura. i thought that if i could get her out of there, i could have had a clear shot at the prolet. and get the plans back. but he anticipated that. he didn't let her go then. then why are you free? krohler wants you for another job, right? a bigger one. the biggest. he intends to capture the sub. mm-hmm, and you're the key that opens the doors. even now i know what will happen to... i can't go through with it, i just can't. can you believe me? oh, we believe you, all right, but you are going through with it. you're going to do everything krohler asks you to do.
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brian morton just passed my post. he's alone in the car. he should sleep for a couple of hours. what are you doing? oh, come on, you don't think there's really anyone hidden in there, do you? where's laura? in the bedroom quite safe and unharmed. you can see her as soon as you give me
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very nice. i'm glad to see that in this case your love is stronger than your loyalty. go, go, my friend, your lady is waiting. hold it. over there. i'll get laura. commander krohler, the microfilm. yes, of course, it's in my pocket if you'll permit me. all right, take it out very slowly. check it, brian. yes, that's my film, all right. mr. morton, you behaved exactly as i anticipated. now i shall be able to deliver not only the submarine, but waverly, solo, and kuryakin as well. you do have a choice.
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well... this should do it. bring the limousine around. how much did he promise to pay you, laura? a million pounds? two million? what makes you think he'll pay off? true love dies hard, mr. morton.
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she's been a thrush agent for several years. a long range investment. yes, but for the past six months, our laura has been playing the part of a girl in love. of course, the entire effort was almost wasted when mr. morton decided to get married and resign from u.n.c.l.e. imagine, a top u.n.c.l.e. man married to a thrush agent. wouldn't you say that that was carrying togetherness a bit far? kill him. kill him, kill him!
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afternoon, mr. morton. afternoon. identity cards please. all seven here. right on. mr. waverly has been expecting you aboard. pleasant sailing, sir. thank you. i don't like it at all, waverly. why is it i have my entire crew assembled on the dock? we'll have the sub cleared and safe in five minutes. you don't know thrush. one unusual move on our part and their men might blow up your ship. captain here. party of seven u.n.c.l.e. agents on board, sir. good. all hands.
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take it, chief. well, we're underway. i'll meet my men, get them stationed. i know you have many questions, mr. waverly. i'm sure your men will fill you in while we attend to some details. put them in there, tie 'em up. sit them down, tie them to the straps,
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we're pushing the channel, maintain speed to seven seconds and submerge to 14 fathoms. you're doing beautifully, captain. keep up the good work. they're in the cruise quarters, and of course they've taken over the radio. i suppose they relieved you fellows of all your concealed weapons. yeah, they didn't miss a thing.
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as soon as the rest of the crew discovers what's happened you'll be finished. in twelve minutes we'll rendezvous with a fishing vessel. they'll send a new crew aboard. if he tries anything, shoot him. there's something very special i want you to do, laura. i want you to kill brian morton. kill him now. but why? there's no reason. simply to prove that i can trust you in the future. you should have shot him in the cottage
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well, you're being childish. perhaps so, but you have the opportunity to prove it. i will obey your order. for your sake, laura, i'm glad. i'm getting it. i think it's time to say goodbye now, brian. parting is such sweet sorrow?
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if your mr. waverly had ordered you to kill me... you'll reaealldo it, laura? i must. ms. adams, it's the nature of the female scorpion to destroy the male after he's loved her, but... oh, shut up! but unlike the scorpion, a human can choose not to kill. i can promise you amnesty if you'll release us. you're right, mr. waverly, i do have a choice,, and i choose to carry out my orders.
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my sympathy, captain, you've had your new command for such a short time. -commander krohler. don't try it. all right, gentlemem, drop your weapons and move away from him. that's enough. watch them. he's been injured. we're close to the rendezvous now. you take over the controls, captain, and bring your ship to the surface. stop it! bring your ship to the surface,
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come on. full speed ahead, let's s .
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yes? mr. solo and mr. kuryakin are here, sir, and mr. morton. send them in. gentlememe mr. morton, good to see you. i had no message you were coming to new york. i wanted to do it in person this time, mr. waverly. what's this? my resignation, i know you're expecting it. oh, nonsense. she was a veryryttractive girl. after all, u.n.c.l.e. agents are only human. mr. morton, you're being transferred
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a few months to cool offff now you must excuse me, i'm catching a plane to paris. i'm to be best man at the wedding of an u.n.c.l.e. agent there. just a minute, sir, but did you try to talk the agent and his girlfriend out of marriage? well, i always do. you didn't really check into the girl's past. well, certainly not. i wouldn't do a thing like that. but, uh... in ms. adam's case, i was suspicious from the beginning. f you in case my suspicions wewe unfounded. ours is not to reason why. ours is but to do and... exactly. into the valley of death. now, if you'll excxce me, i'm still convinced that u.n.c.l.e. agents make terrible husbands,, and i shall continue to tell that to any girl who's foolish enough to fall in love with any of you.
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