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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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man: roger armand there with the traffic report.
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for those of you who just got up, here's how the other half lives. the immortal glenn miller. [ click ] [ knock on door ] renko: stan jablonski! [ knocking continues ] oh, yes. oh, yes! mmm! gimme some of that coffee! how'd you sleep last night? not a wink, man. i was up at 2:00, up at 3:00. packing. where's henry? we're meeting him at the station house. i said to myself, "get me out of that car. get me out of that job. get me somewhere that matters." come on. we'll take it in the car. "oh, my heart is in the highlands. "my heart is not here. "my heart is in the highlands... a-chasin' the deer." [ laughs ] white man, early 30s, medium-length brown hair, blue windbreaker.
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white male, medium height, 150 pounds, medium-length brown hair, blue windbreaker. there will be a bunch of boy scouts in the house today. the captain will be talking to them at 1100 hours on law enforcement as a career. anyone who would like to attend is -- law enforcement as a hobby? that's in your case, flaherty. welcome. thank you, lieutenant. i would like you all to read and pay attention to the recommendations regarding the carrying of a second or backup gun. you must have the registration and permission in your file, and you must qualify with this gun as well as your service revolver at the range. we recommend the backup gun, and we recommend practice. the life you save may be your own. any questions?
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lieutenant goldblume is not working undercover. for those of you who have kept pace with the developments in your community, sergeant stosh jablonski, metro police retired, is going hunting with several of our colleagues. they're going out to kill bambi! they're going out to slaughter poor, defenseless creatures. hey, if you can eat it, you can kill it. you wanna keep your personal life to yourself, larue? all right. the new rotation figures on the board. officer katherine mcbride, o polk avenue for special duty, is back with us for several days. please show her every kind courtesy. and i thank you for your attention. [ indistinct conversations ] around the corner, get the car gassed -- hey, sarge! ha ha! how you doing? just fine. never better. hey, what's it like on the outside, huh? you miss it? i miss what? police work. worst 30 years of my life. time to feed the kitty. ante up. let's go.
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eat bonbons and buff my nails. ? time to contribute to the hunting fund ? ? gas, oil, condiments ? lieutenant, thank you very much. i'll see you later. i'll be back. gotta have two words with the captain. we gotta pick up the keys to the hunting lodge sergeant, i need a female officer for an undercover slot. i don't have one. can you find me one? you check when the next rotation comes out. i'm jammed up with this. i can't create a female out of thin air. if a guy could, it would make our evenings more interesting. tell you what else you can't create out of thin air -- deer. to kill it, maybe -- sergeant bates, if you would allow me a minute. women bond together as they do to raise their consciousness -- to knit, to sew, to discuss childbirth. that's fine. why do you find it ludicrous that men would do the same? boys clubs? hunting? no girls allowed? it's so destructive. oh, you want to come, sarge? no, thank you. no. then what do you care? hey, mcbride. good to see you. hello, lieutenant.
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what brings you back? light duty couple of days. get you off the street? i knew they had you in soft clothes. you know, i'm sorry you scooted outta here. bounce in, bounce out. yeah, i'm sorry, too. i would've put you undercover here. could've used you. you could pass for anything. listen, where do you strap, by the way, huh? where are you packing? i can't catch a bulge. how are you, kate? i'm doing okay. that's what i'm talking about. this is what i need here. $5 i'd say she's not even carrying a gun on her. she could pass for anything. i got a little detail i'm putting together. e, kate? you wanna go talk? she is talking. she's talking to me. i have to go sign in. okay. take your time. i'll catch up with you. now what did i say? did you see last night's occurrence sheets from the polk? what am i gonna find? she shot a man in a gunfight. i.a.d. pulled her badge and her gun. she kill him? that's right. that is a hard one.
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it's an accident i'm even here today. i just stopped by to drop off the rotation rosters. i'm not gonna order you to do this, but i'm called downtown, and there are gonna be 25 boy scouts here expecting a lecture. somebody has to do it. what about howard? he seems tailor-made. he's jammed up with overtime monthlies. i'm sorry, henry. you'll be through by 11:30. the men are waiting in the car. can't you drive up and meet them? henry. yes, sir. thank you. thank you very much. captain. i'm coming. thank you, henry. ? i'm all gassed up, and i'm ready to roll ? ? let's roll ? lieutenant goldblume, here we go! i'm not going. i'll have to meet you there. i'm gonna be tied up here till 11:30. i'll drive up and meet you there. i'm just -- i'm just -- i'll meet you there. get off on 201. go east two miles to the corner store. make a left. four or five miles,
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oad to the right. you can't miss it. henry, i'm sorry. i'll make it up to you. stan, how are you? captain, how are you? sorry to take your boy. oh, he'll catch up. we'd wait, but we have to get the keys to the cabin. it's all right. i'll meet you there. "i slept and dreamt that life was beauty. i awoke and found that life was duty." henry, since you're here, do you want to stalk the wild requests for overtime with me? i'm standing there with a cup of coffee, guy comes out with a shotgun from under his coat, and he starts to speak. i cannot hear a word that he's saying. next thing i'm aware of, the paramedics are taking him away, he's still jerking like a fish. some guy in uniform takes my gun. all i can think, "guy with a shotgun, what was he trying to say?" i mean, if you want to say something, then speak up. i've got the image of him. all i can think, "i want to tell him something."
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hought comes that i killed him. i think you're still in shock. i'm in what? i'm in something, i don't know. you saw a psychiatrist? oh, yeah, the whole routine. what'd he tell ya? he didn't tell me anything. i didn't tell him anything. yeah, well, it's terrible when something like this happens. what happened to the guy or what happened to me? we could -- no. until they decide if i'm a criminal or not. what? blue pickup, michigan plates. what about it? i think we had the plates on the hot list. wrong vehicle. put it in neutral, my friend. let yourself kick back. just say to yourself, "a man who is only his job, what is he? a machine. not even a machine. a cog in a machine." we are not put on this earth just to work.
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meditate on that for a second. until roll call monday morning, we are not cops but men. men in the woods. men at one with themselves. give me a sandwich. bobby: coffee. you guys think about the problem? i did. stan: tell me. deer breaks cover, runs to the crest of the ridge, we lay low. that's obvious. unmoving. wait till the deer's had time -- right. no, that is what we do not want to do. deer breaks cover, runs to the crest, advantage. bobby: because? 'cause he can't hear you. he's running too hard. the deer's heart is pounding. he's terrified. his perceptions are dull. for one moment, he is playing your game. the deer is running to the ridge. the thing you do -- you run to the ridge. odds are you'll get a shot at him when he comes up on the other side. another thing -- mmm, this stuff's good. deer breaks cover on the flat. now where are we?
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man: please put your hands on the dashboard. put your hands on the back of the seat in front of you. just do as i say right now, please. uh, we're police officers.
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oh. i find an unfortunate aspect of our society of establishing status. uh-huh. yes, there is a certain status structure in any job -- who is the boss, who is the underling -- and a too-close adherence to that structure causes jealousy of those above, and an indifference towards those below... which is why the company baseball team -- i've got to write a talk. well, let me just make this point. you see, i think the fact that you are going hunting
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of the status structure, i -- i've got to talk to 25 boy scouts in half an hour. oh. yes? would you talk to his woman, please? i'm lieutenant goldblume. i'm just -- if you have just five minutes, sir. miss, uh... fletcher. miss fletcher, i have about five -- i'll be brief. i, uh -- many people are struck by the, uh -- by -- b-by what happens in the cities. you -- you think it will not affect you. you -- people cannot stand the stress, and you look at people around you, and you see what happens to them,
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laint? my... my boyfriend won't make love to me. they developed a drill. the thing is never give up the gun. statistics say never give up the gun. so they developed this drill -- i've heard of this. man gets a drop on your partner, gets your partner's gun, you work out a signal. call him by a strange name. say "clarence, give him what he wants." the word "clarence" is the signal. ur partner hears that word, he drops to the ground, you draw and fire. the chances that it's gonna work? the idea is to die on your feet with a gun in your hand rather than go out on your knees. some sucker gets a drop on me, i'm gonna shoot it out right there. my cousin says when you get there, work your way back from the dry creek. three-quarters of a mile back, there's a broken-down stone fence. that's where he got his deer last year. , no, no. that's on us. thanks for the advice.
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y did you pull us over? well, my partner thought you looked a tad suspicious. we've been having some burglaries. i said, "no, they're just going to a costume party." costumes? these are our huntin' clothes. uh-huh. it's always good to show a little class in the woods. stone fence, three-quarters of a mile back, dry creek bed. we gotta pick up those keys. thanks for the advice. always glad to help a fellow officer. [ laughs ] my name is henry goldblume. i'm a lieutenant of the metropolitan police. it might look as if i'm involved in some undercover mission, his for a simpler reason. it's my day off. i'm speaking to you today because you have expressed an interest in law enforcement as a career. law enforcement as a career. now, what does this mean? it means many things. it means a career which offers friendship, loyalty -- from those around you and to those around you --
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service... and as i've been reminded here today, duty. and this is what i would like to say to you. i'm speaking to you not as children but as men because you've done us the favor of coming here today to see the way we live. we are here to enforce the law -- to serve and protect a populace in need of service and protection. it is their will -- and regulations of the department -- that controls our life. the bad cop straining against that will, he bends the laws, he flaunts the rules of the department, and his life on the force will be an unhappy one because this man forgoes the one, the only constant satisfaction he could have --
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it's all locked. we missed our connection. can we catch up with your guy, get the keys? no, he's gone. where does he hide the keys? this is my first time here. you've never been here? the man's my linesman from the old days at the polk. he says, "use my cabin." gentlemen, i think the correct answer here is to break in. we will break in. we will unlock the door. prior to leaving, we will seal the window with wood and leave your friend ample funds to reglaze his window. sap, please. [ glass shattering ] now the thing is to chop wood. chop wood for -- for to heat the house, my friend, for we are in the country now.
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well, we're just gonna have to take the bitter with the better. let's get unpacked. stan, does this mean no chopping wood? man, i may not even go hunting tomorrow. i might just stay right here and order up a deer. well, break out the cards, and let's get into this weekend. [ sighs ] yeah. lieutenant? yeah, catch me later. mcbride. hi. hi. how you feeling? nah, can that. you feel like you look. uh, come here. i want to tell you something. [ indistinct conversations ] [ indistinct voice on police scanner ] i read in the report how you shot that guy last night. i don't want to talk about the shooting.
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you're a hero, but then they treat you like you're a dog. don't look down at me when i'm talking to you. you know what a hero is? you are a hero. what's it to you? what's it to me? what's it to me? two things. one -- some point, i need an undercover female officer. when you spring out of this, i'd like it to be you. two -- i'm a cop. i'm the only person in the world gives a single damn about you, so why don't you pack it away, kid, and stand up straight? . this is one of your own talking to you, and i say i may have to reach out for you soon, so why don't you stand up straight and shrug it off? the i.a.d. -- the i.a.d. is gonna clear you. how do you know? how do i know? because i read the reports. and two -- i see it in your eyes. you see what? i see that you did the right thing. i did the right thing? that's right. then why do i feel the way that i do? you want me to tell you? yes.
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don't turn away. this is a lieutenant talking to you, so you just listen to what i'm gonna say. you just got out of combat. lasted two minutes. doesn't make a difference. you did something that few people in this world do. you stood up to another human being in combat where it was his life or yours, and you're the one that walked away. i've been there, kid. i've been where you've been. secret is it is the greatest exhilaration that it's possible to know. society says you go feel contrite, so you feel contrite, but deep down inside you say this -- "my god, i'm afraid that i liked it." [ scoffs ] mnh-mnh. i'm not done yet. a healthy society, they'd say, "thank you, officer, for doing your duty." you put the thing behind you. not here. here they treat you like a criminal.
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worth of psychotherapy? here, you say this to me -- you say, "norm, i liked it." go on, say it, 'cause you know it's true. norm... i liked it. that's what you think, you dumb fool. you were scared crazy, and you're lucky that you're alive, but you did your duty, and so i say, "good for you." lieutenant? here, come with me. where are we going? we are going to quell the disturbance. i'm supposed -- it's the mark of a gentleman. i am not here. i am going hunting. i, uh -- no, no, no, patrick. really, whatever it is, save it for monday. i was just gonna wish you good shooting. thank you, patrick. hated in the boy scouts... woman's boyfriend won't make love to her... overtime. you shoot them, lieutenant, 'cause they'd do the same to you. goodbye, goodbye. free at last.
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that's the man! that's the man that raped me! he raped me in his office! i came here for help! i -- is no one listening to me?! i want to file a report! two cards. two cards. similarly. two cards for the man, and the dealer takes, uh -- frontin' off, as usual. and time will tell. and, stan, i believe it's your bet. my bet? mm-hmm. all right. discretion being the better part of valor, i will bet, uh -- how much money you got in front of you? $35, um -- that's my bet. $35. [ sighs ]
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come on, man, what is more suspicious-looking than a cop? a thief don't even look as suspicious as a cop. $35. yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm thinking about it. [ door opens ] [ giggling ] oh. mmm. is that your guy? sir? what are you doing?! who are you?! what are you doing here?! don't talk to them. just call the cops. hold on. we are police. hold it. hold it, for god's sake! now... who are you? no, who are you? we're friends of john swoboda. who is john swoboda? is this john swoboda's cabin? it's my cabin. and you are?
4:25 pm
yes, sir. you better give me your names and badge numbers. um, could i talk to you a moment, sir? could i talk with you a moment, please, sir? woo-hoo! hoo! how d you t us out of that? guy had a wedding ring on. woman did not. i thought he didn't kiss her like the two of them were married. us gonna forgive and forget. so if we got the wrong place, how is henry gonna find us? and where is our huntin' lodge? [ car door opens, closes ]
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i just don't know. i don't know what happened to my life. i'm sorry to have embarrassed you. i'm sure nothing will come of it. of course nothing will come of it! the woman's in a room with an open door. he was with this woman for under 5 minutes, i'm on my day off. whatever the thing is, let's talk about it, if we have to talk about it, next week. absolutely. [ telephone ringing ] [ indistinct conversations ] aw, hell. can anybody lend me $20? can -- let's n all rush up here at once. look, people, i'm on vacation. i gave renko my money. i have no money for gas. sorry, lieutenant. [ sighs ]
4:31 pm
[ door opens ] whoo! ohh! working up a chill out there. if you think it's cold now, wait till 5:00 a.m. well, this is the life. i don't care, man, henry, you are missing it. yeah, this is something more like hunting here. thank you. you don't want to drink too much of that. you want to hit the hay. bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, 4:00 a.m. -- get the jump on some sleepy dee funny how things come back. what is it? sitting around here, cleaning the rifles, wood in the fire. hmm. the smell of oil. that's right. [ sighs ] i remember one time -- '69 -- '70? -- we were -- a bunch of us, we were on a ridge about 10 kilometers north... there's nothing to talk about. he's your brother. you tell him.
4:32 pm
'cause 4 times in 6 months -- sir! sir! well, find out. i'd like to cash a check. call me back. sir, sir... yeah, okay. sir, i'd like to cash a check. i don't have an account here, but i'm a police officer. oh, thank god. thank god. i-i was waiting. i was almost held up. no. yes! what do you mean you were almost held up? the circular. the, uh, the bandit. he came in the store. how long ago was this? he's gone by now. i'm sure these officers -- lieutenant. pure coincidence. i just walked in. you boys know the drill. i want you to pay special attention to this man's -- thank you. thank you, sir. fine, fine. sir, if you could just -- before you, uh, if you could just do me the favor. [ indistinct talking on police radio ]
4:33 pm
drive me out of here, and drive me out of here fast. 1943... and we were, uh, we were dropped into yugoslavia. uh-huh. and...we were captured. i never knew you were with the airborne, sarge. well, i was. and i don't know what it was -- pilot got it wrong, intelligence was wrong -- and they -- there was some talk about it. there were 4 of us that they caught, and they told us they were going to -- they tied us up. they were in a barn -- an old horse barn. stone. and we said, "what are you gonna do with us?" and they said that the next day, when they left,
4:34 pm
they left us under the guard of this young kid. young kid? he was just a little younger than us. he must have been 20. and the kid was... he knew they were gonna kill us in the morning. they were gonna kill you? they were an advanced unit of the armored corps. they weren't gonna burden themselves with prisoners. and the kid -- we appealed to him. somebody said one thing they'd like, as it was obvious this was the last time we'd ever have it, was we'd like a drink. so the kid went up to the house. the germans were staying at the house, and he brought back a bottle. we started to drink. [ chuckles ] got the kid drunk.
4:35 pm
, and it occurs to me that -- it occurs to me that every time i would tell it, i would say that we got the kid drunk and we slipped out. the truth... the truth was, of course, we killed him. [ sighs ] somebody's gonna have to die -- them or you. yes, that's true. we knew it was true. you ever sorry you killed him? i'm sorry every day i live. but i wasn't gonna let that man kill me. well... gentlemen, we're going hunting in the morning. i think we should get some rest.
4:36 pm
what is all that junk back there? i asked you a question. i'm going hunting. hunting? it's hunting equipment. that is very interesting. what is that? what is that?! what the hell -- what the hell is that?! a gun. why? i'm a police officer. [ sighs ] i got to pick a cop. all this stuff that's already happened to me -- oh, man. oh, man! pull the car over. look -- [ gun cocks ] i said, "pull over the car."
4:37 pm
take the keys. open the trunk. i think we ought to talk about this. i said, "open the trunk." and when you open it, then get in. no, no. okay. you start digging.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
my uncle was a cop. my dad was a cop. my dad was 2 cops. i would have guessed he was a cop.
4:42 pm
n the family -- some kind of genes. he die in the line? my uncle? pbht. he died of cirrhosis -- big deal. the stress of the job. no. he liked to drink. he'd have been a drunk if he was a crossing guard. my dad died in the line. [ sighs ] i'm sorry to hear that. he was a hero. i have no doubt that he was. he was a hell of a man. how old were you when he went down? 14. hell of a thing. did they get the guy that shot him? no. no, no, of course not, no. and there you have it, huh? you know what i say? you know what life is? no. when you're alive. [ laughs ] hey, i'm a cave man. i don't care. some swell sits in an office all day long.
4:43 pm
ying. not for me. no, and that is your absolute right. but -- but if you've done something -- leave it. katie, look at me. there comes a time when a man -- if he is a man, you see what i'm saying? -- he must decide for himself the way that things are. do you follow? do you follow me, huh? yes. now, you shot that dude last night. he threw done, and you beat him to the punch. an armed robber, and he is dead. now, everyone else in this world is gonna suggest that you went and you did wrong, you somehow misused some right. but you don't got the right to shoot someone. nobody does. what you did last night, that wasn't your right. it was your duty. hey. hey. hey, now. that is a strange idea.
4:44 pm
ze. [ chuckles ] i'll tell you what else. i say that you -- you are okay. okay? they took your piece. you want a hide-out gun? i'll give it to you. you want to borrow 100 bucks? you just ask, it's yours. you want someone to keep a secret for you? norm buntz. hey, we all been there together, pal. i think i want one more drink. who rides decides. bartender... right away. so, uh, tell me about your dad. ahh. give me some of that. [ exhales deeply ] [ sighs ] okay, stand in the wood smoke. it'll hide any city scents that you have on you.
4:45 pm
well, some of us more sartorial types have that problem. [ coughing ] okay, that's enough. ahh, what a beautiful morning. mmm, you said it. i wish henry was here. okay, let's move on. no talking in the woods. you got it. all right. and, uh... and... that's it. now you're gonna kill me?
4:46 pm
kill me? i kidnapped a cop, man. what about if you didn't -- if you didn't kidnap a cop? they -- i know who you are. you know who i am? they want you for those currency-exchange -- what do you know about me? description. description. we don't have your name. what are you telling me? i'm telling you no one has anything. we have an m.o. you lay off... you move off, and i'm gonna let this go. you're gonna let what go? i'm supposed to be hunting. no one knows where i am. nobody knows! nobody saw me get in that car. no one knows where i am. if i go back tomorrow, i can go back and this never happened. you take the car. it has guns in it, food -- take it. i stopped by the road. i'll say i stopped, and you'll have hours. someone stole my car. do you hear what i'm saying? i kidnapped you, man.
4:47 pm
look, what's in it for you? no kidnapping, no federal, no capital offense. you know if you do this, you know they'll find you. i'm saying...go free. whatever it is you want -- what you want to do -- you do it. i'm saying -- i'm just saying leave me here. i'm begging you. [ exhales deeply ] whatever you wanna do, you do it, but i'm saying... this -- this -- this is the right thing for us both. you know that i can't believe you, man. no, you don't -- you don't want to kill me. you don't want to...
4:48 pm
i never saw you. i never saw you. i never saw you. oh, yeah. aaahhhhh! bobby, what is it? aaahhh! bobby, what is it? i stepped on a -- i stepped on a --
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
[ crying ] [ sniffles ] ow!
4:52 pm
my man. i should've looked where i was going. can't look where you're going and look at the deer at the same time. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, man! i'm gonna get tetanus, get a shot, walk with my foot in a cast for the whole time! it's just as easy to set the styles as to follow them. come on, i want to get you to the hospital. no! i'm fine. i'm fine! don't go making a spectacle out of me. let's get the place straightened out, and then we'll head back to town. i'm gonna save this spike, bobby hill -- get it mounted on a big, plush wall plaque, hang it in your knotty-pine den unting trip. wasn't that buck something? 6 points, 190 pounds. 190?! are you guys nuts?! that there was a 10-point buck! over 205, 210 pounds. i got the glass on him. he blotted out the whole sky. and here's still there, babe. he's still there. next week -- when are we gonna all get free time together again?
4:53 pm
oh, man. oh, man. i've never been so sick in my whole entire life. well, that's good. why is that good? 'cause if it's inside you, it's got to come out. can you make it up the stairs? yeah. oh, yeah -- we solved those problems last night, didn't we? [ laughing ] i don't know. i don't remember. oh, what am i gonna do today? i have to go sign in. stay home. look out the window. buntz... yeah? my friends call me norm. norm? yeah.
4:54 pm
ah, i know. i'm glad to do it. thank you. hey, thank you. i'm glad for the company. why did you reach out to me? 2 reasons. one -- i need a woman for an undercover bit. what's the other one? well, everybody likes to be next to a hero. indistinct conversations ] lieutenant goldblume, we didn't expect you till -- well, you know, i, uh... i'd like the form "carrying a backup gun." could you please -- yes, sir. i'm surprised to see you so soon. everything went well with your secret society of hunters? my car was stolen. i never got the --
4:55 pm
t too much. form -- backup revolver, carrying of. thank you. sir, you're gonna have to schedule some time at the range. yes, yes, let's do that right now. i can, uh -- let's do that right away. tell them i can come right down. good morning, guys. hey, you get him already, lieutenant? am i gonna go out that door and see 100 12-point buc strapped to the fenders of your car? he's free to come down -- i'm free right now. they said he was probably still in the area. they said he was probably in the area the whole time. you could've seen him on the street. could've even gotten a look at him. i didn't see anyone. they said, "look at mug books." i said, "if it's gonna help you catch that guy, you bet i will, before he kills someone." and if you ask me, though you didn't ask me, i think that you should have stayed to help.
4:56 pm
you. can someone get me a form, please, for a stolen car? henry... you're back early. i, uh, well, you know. i want to thank you for giving the speech. i think it took a little bit of courage to talk to those kids about some serious stuff. are you all right? i was up all night. well, thank you. lucy: manly nonsense. and there's enough violence in the world. it's only nonsense if it's not your thing, and what's this name-calling? oh, not to the deer, not if the deer is killed. then it's not name-calling, is it? no, no. what about this guy here, huh? what do you think about him? [ telephone rings ]
4:57 pm
[ knock on door ] come in.
4:58 pm
ohh! grab hold of the door. ohh! [ sighs ] uhh! give one last sweep of the area, then head home. we didn't even fire a shot. well, sometimes that's the way it is.
4:59 pm
[ car door opens, closes ] [ engine turns over ] -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
wound. the victim's anthony actee. - he's got one in the forearm, one in the calf. - what do we know about it? nothing to say how it happened or where it happened. he's daddy kool. that's his rap name-- "daddy kool," like with "kool-aid." doc said they're not keepin' him. put him in a private room, 'cause the e.r. was turnin' into a circus. which room? sixty-four. all right. thanks, man. okay. [ sighs ] tellin' me night watch is too tied up to handle this?


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