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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 3:58am-4:28am EST

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[theme music] (male narrator) in new york city.. ...on a street in the east 40s there's an ordinary tailor shop. [bell ringing] [steam blowing] or is it ordinary? the agent's entrance and we are now in u.n.c.l.e. headquarters. the unitededetwork command for law and enforcement. u.n.c.l.e. is an organization consisting of agents of all nationalities. it's involved in maintaining political and legal order anywhere in the world.
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lpha.' [muffled radio transmission] [beeping] my name is napoleon solo. i'm an enforcement agent in section 2 here. that's operations and enforcement. i am illya kuryakin. i'm also an enforcement agent. like my friend napoleon, i go and i do whatever i'm told to by our chief. uh? oh, yes. alexander waverly. in charge of this, our new york headquarters. it's from here that i send these young men on their missions. [dramatic music]
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tommy. tommy. tomorrow night. [s[sw jazz music] [motorbike engine revving] [tires screeching]
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[tires screeching] [gunshots] that's not my brother. what do you mean? this man's dog-tags, his records say he's airman first-class tom blenmama i don't care anything about his records. i know my own brother, and that's not tommy. you telegraph me in seattle and tell me totoly to iowa then show me a stranger and tell me it's my brother! - take it easy, , . blenman. - is that what you're doing?
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then you won't mind if i talk with her. what's going on around here? he imperernated my brother, now he's murdered. tommy's probably in trouble, might even be dead. you expect me sit while you drag through some investigation? - i know you're upset-- - you better believe it, major. i mean to find out about my brother. the best way for me to do that is find out who killed this man. ramatic music] hodd, ms. pruit here. that city fellow just took off like one of snyder's hounds. well, i don't think any harm ought to come to him right now. bide your time. well, we weren't in love or anything but.. for something like this to happen, i just can't believe it. why not? you didn't know anything about that boy. not his background or his family.
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door. what's wrong with dating someone you haven't knowowall your life? well, i mean, at least you don't know what they're gonna say before they say it. is that right? well, now you've seen what that can lead to. - haven't you? - aunt martha, please. now, you know. oh, i don't know. i love to hear about people that i've read about or seen on tv 'and places that i've never been and probably never will be in.' well, tommy.. ...i mean, whoever he was.. ...he'd tell me about all the times he was stationed in panama and west berlin and even new york. did he have any civilian friends around here? mm-hm. none? haha we ever met before? no, no. oh, no. of course not, i.. you just remind me of someone.
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r. [doorbell ringing] - well, come in, clint. - afternoon, martha. jill, i'll be doggone if you aren't a sight for sore eyes. mr. spinner, mr. blenman. - it's a pleasure to knkn you. - how do you do? mr. spinner just bought the land west of ours. now, jill, don't you go makin' me out no stranger. only then, my daddy used to share crop it. i got a little lucky, a wild cat in down oklkloma. well, i just figured i'd just take some more money and buy the old place. you know, sentimental. that new well, clint, was it worth the trouble it took? it's worth every bit of it. you can't get that kinda fresh water outta them pipes. you know they always tell me "if you ain't got a well, you sure ain't got much of a farm."
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comin' out to talk to jill corny. that's me. about that poor, young airman. 'i understand now that he's not your brother.' yes, that true. he's the only link i did have with my brother. um, however, i don't understand what it is that you figured she might be able to tell you. you know i figured it might have something to do with that, uh secret air force installation they have here. don't you? - oh, you mean the s-9. - the what? what it is? well, what it is ain't the secret. they got it buried under one of them sliding concrete slabs right here on this farm. it's what they got it pointed at, that's the secret. i'll bet everyone around here knows what you just told me. everybody knows what i know. we was all right here when they built the thing. young fella, i think you're barking up the wrong tree. maybe.
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rry to have caused you folks trouble, i appreciate.. oh, incidentally, where did he do his skin-diving? skin-diving? yeah, they found a bunch of that, uh,h, what's.. ...scuba equipment in the trunk of his cycle. that's ridiculous, he couldn't t even swim. what do you mean, he couldn't swim? well, he couldn't swim. we went for a picnic down by the lake about a month ago. he wouldnt swim. he was even afraid to try. [dramatic music]
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this man, what's his real name again? ah, edward friedlander, sir. - and d finitely dead. - oh, very dead. it was a matter of his life or mine. i chose his. unfortunate. i always thought you had a very common face. we may have been lucky that he slipped away from us in berlin. if he hadn't turned up in iowa, we mighthtever have known there was something going on with that airforce installation. and you still have no idea what that something is? or who's behind it. no, sir.
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one of the f fest in the world. and you're unable to trace the airman whose identity he assumed? this thomas blenman? no, sir. friedlander's death may force something, though. people he worked for will want to know who killed him and why. they can't afford not to. their stake is too big. that opens up the possibility that they may expose themselves to us. [beeping] the file you programmed has been edited for viewing, mr. solo. thank you, heather. did you get anything out of the girl? what girl, sir? the girl friedlander was dating. but i'm sure she'll be valuable. oh, yes. jill denison. yes, i'm sure she will, mr. sololo [beeping continues]
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i mean in our r ganization, mr. solo. oh, no. heather's been with us almost a year. she usus to a stewardess. she-- never mind, never mind. let's get at it. yes. now, this is the denison farm. 'house, wheat fields, silos.' 'the shadowed area represents the acac acquisitioned' 'by the air force for the s-9 installation.' 'now, this is a aubterranean cross section.' 'concrete roof is camouflaged to blend in with the wheat.' ''it's timed to slide open ten seconds before the launch.' 'the plane is locked in and catapulted at 45 degrees.' 'much like a pebble in a slingshot.' was the imposter ever allowed to enter these underground units? no, he never got closer than walking guard duty top side. the s-9 9 guarded around the clock by air force mps with top security clearance. yet, we must assume the imposter initiated a relationship with the denison girl as a cover
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yes, i'd say so. the plane is launched by radio signal? no, it's pilot triggers the launch. there is an electrical warning system treading from the plane to ground control security headquarters to forestall sabotage, malfunction in countdown, etc. [beeping] yes. (female #1) 'the iowa target area has justt released a police statement' 'to the wire services.' read it aloud, please. 'reference: murdered man who posed' 'as airman first-class thomas blenman.' 'news release quote.' '"police have just revealed that they have found the murderer."' 'unquote.' i'm afraid your slip is showiwi, mr. solo. [dramatic music] 'you meme the murderer was burned to death' 'on this bed last night?' he must've come back here last night after he arranged the murder of that airman. chain-smoked till he fell asleep.
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the man had a police record as a bookie. we found this in his jacket pocket, in his own handwriting. it shows the airman was losing heavily and not paying off. so, as far as you're concerned, the case is closed. when you have a murder, and you find the murderer dead that's usually the case, yes. - what about my brother? - that's the e rforce's problem. - he's one of their folks. - no, he's one of my folks. he's my brother. i'm not gonna let officials bury his disappearance in a cabinet. i'm with the newspaper. you makin' some accusations? you can print that mr. blenman's mad. and i'm not leaving till i find out what's going on. i don't care where i have to look or who i have to push. hodd, ms. pruit here. (male #1) 'is everything done?'
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[muffled conversation] no.
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well, the bookmaker was obviously killed and his records forged to close the case on the imposter. i trust you were appropriately indignant. yes, sir. particularly to the newspapers. i needn't remind you you're inviting an attempt on your life. isn't that the idea? report any such attempts immediately. unless they're successful.
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[piano music] [electronic screeching] [dramatic music]
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[music continues] [boom] [coughing] [knocking on door] - who is it? - jill denison. [sighs]
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please. i had a little accident here. i was lucky i wasn't in the next room. one of those lather shave bottles got too close to the heater and it sort of, uh...exploded. does that make any sense? no, but nothing makes any sense to me. not-not tommy or-or that gambler that they found dead or-or you. me? yes. i mean, please don'n't misunderstand. well, maybe i'm just a country bumpkin, but uh.. ...somehow i can't uh.. oh, i mean, i just can't seem to get it through my head that you are really the man that you say you are. 'does that make any sense?' well, it's an interesting idea. - yes. - oh. i don't think anyone around here's telling
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i mean, he wasn't being truthful with me. jill, , u said something about the police not being honest. well, i just can't believe that the gambler.. ...i mean, the bookmaker that they found dead ever really knew tommy. 'well, tommy wasn't a gambler' well, at least he wasn't that kind ofofambler. what kind of a gambler was he? he didn't bet on horses or baseball or anything. you and him. oh, i know you said that he wasn't your brother but.. there's just something abobo the two of you that's alike. although there really isn't. [piano music] is somomhing wrong? no, no, no, no. it's.. really, it's...just right. what is?
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- oh. - no, no. i'll get it. what're you gonna do? - stick out your tongue. - huh? come on. stick it out. close your eyes. what did you mean when you s sd the smudge was just right? oh, not rerely the smudge. you. clean as a country morning. - now, mr. blenman.. - larry. short for lawrence sylvester. gee, i love that perfume you're wearing. well, i'm not wearing any. that's soap. oh. actually, that's what i meant. oh, i know i'm supposed to say something clever, but i just--
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you make me sort of miss someone i've never met. 'does that make sense?' uh, i wish you wouldn't lie to me, mr. blenman. lawrence sylvester. well, i-i don't believe that you're a salesman in the big city. jill, if you go down the lobby and wait two minutes i'll get dressed, i'll drive you home. 'and i'll tell you all about myself.' ylvester. lawrence. it's kind of late, and besides, i want to. want to what? - drive you home. - oh. yes. well, uh.. [giggling] i'll meet you downstairs. huh.
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i see freud's on my side. two minutes. larry. [pipe music] [music continues]


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