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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure! >> here's romance! >> here's o. henry's famous robin hood o othe old west... the cisco kid! ??
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>> morning, peggy. >> hello, dan. >> you look worried. having troubles? >> nothing i can't handle. >> why, miss conlan, this is quite a surprise. won't you sit down? >> this is not a s sial call. i just came here to tell you that you don't frighten me. you don't frighten my father, eieier. >> i'm afraid i don't quite understand what you mean, >> you know exactly what i mean. evererince my father refused to pay your gang of hired gunslingers and outlaw protection, you've threatened us. first you rustled our cattle, then you set fire to our barn. >> now, just a minute! >> but whoever tried to shoot my father last night was a bad shot! >> those are very strong charges, young lady, and you can't prpre any of them. >> i know i can't, but i do know that manville was a peaceful town before you and your gang of hoodlums came here to offer us so much protection. >> we're protecting the citizens of manville. and d erybody in town, except your father and a few of his
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of being a member of the association. >> they have a choice of either paying you or losing everything they own. now get t is straight- dad won't pay you. you're not gonna run us off. and the next time e have an accident on our ranch, i'm gonna
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>> you know what that girl said to me? >> no, but i can imagine. she's quite a little spitfire. >> i don't see anything funny in this at all. she's liable to carry out her threats. >> calm downwnvic, i'll take care of it. boys, come in a minute. i want you to pick up that conlan girl and take her to the cabin down by y ogun ridge. wait there till you hear from me. >> right, boss. >> what's the idea? >> i want you and one of the boys to go and call on the girl's father. i don't think you'll find it too difficult to persuade him that, if he loves his daughter, he'd better join our association. >> now, why hadn't i thought about that?
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>> so i see. maybe we should join her, pancho. >> no, no, cisco, no se?orita. no, no more girl. let's st right here and rest in peaces, eh? >> all right, pancho. ?? >> she should be a ang any minute now. >> yeah, i'm in no hurry. personally, i'd rather handle a rattler than that conlan gal.
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>> oh, cisco, ain't this better than chasing se?oritas, huh? so nice and peaceful. no trouble. >> (gunshot) >> that t rl must be in trouble, pancho. >> always say a little trouble. wait, cisco. >> let go of me! >> be still, you little wildcat, or i'll really fix ya! >> you're big heroes, aren't you? two of you against a girl! >> why, you! bates, bring a rope!
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did you ever see them before? >> no. >> get down. >> hold it. wait till they get closer. >> look out! ambush! >>oo a hole i imy sombrero. >> you can start worrying when they shoot a hole in your head, pancho. >> pobrecita, me sombrero. >> hold your fire, pancho. you's just wasting shehes. >> but- but they have spoiled my sombrero. look, the wind gonna whistle through the holes. >> let's get outta here. >> that's right! run, you cowards! >> you haven't seen the last of
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>> (spanish) i'm gonna make them buy me a new hat if they ever see me again! >> pancho, get the horses while i see what became of the girl. >> oh, girls, girls, girls! they're nothing but trouble, especially when cisco get mixed up with them! >> here, miss, let me help you. >> thanks! you two certainly came along at the right time. i'm pepey conlan, of the flying arrow ranch. >> my friends call me cisco. >> you mean cisco kid? >> s?, se?orita,a,nd i'm pancho fernando -- jr., with a hole in his hat. >> m mbe it is better that pancho and i see you home. and on the way over, you can tell us what happened. >> thanks. i certainly appreciaia that. >> pancho, find her horse.
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?? >> get out of my house! you're not welcome here, and you know it! >> now, that's not very neighborly of you, especially when i came to do you a service. >> i know why you're here. you've been here before, and my answer's still the same! you won't get a cent outta me! >> well, it's all right with me if that's ththway you feel about it. but, uh... by the way, where's your daughter? >> peggy? what do you mean? >> oh, i heard some talk that you might never see her again. >> so, that's why she hasn't come back yet. if anything happens to my daughter, i'll kill you! >> and you'll kill the only man that c c help you. you see, if you were to join our association, it would be our obligation t tsee that no harm came to your daughter. do i make myself clear? >> what's the matter? >> those horses in front of the house--one of them belongs to
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>> maybe it is better if we left our horses here and went in the house through the side door. >> all right, i'll sign up. >> very wise decision, one that you'll never regret. now, if you'll just fill out this application and a check for $500... >> five hundred? last week you said it would be 300. >> that was last week. >> why, you lowdown-- >> now, just remember your daughter. sign here. >> just a minute! >> so, you're the man i've heard so much about. you sell protection, huh? >> that's putting it rather crudely, mister. >> don't mister me. my name is cisco. >> cisco kid? >> yes. you've heard of me? >> why, of course. >> you also heard that i hate nothing more than extortion and the men behind it-- you, for instance. >> now, see here, i-i sell legitimate protection. >> legitimate, huh? kidnapping a girl and then trying to force her father to pay-- is that legitimatete >> that's not true.
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and you're going to get it, mistst. and you're going to get it the way cisco pays it off. ?? >> look, boys! cisco. ?? >> come on! >> good boy, pancho! >> get out, you and d e rest of your kind! clean out of the country! there'll be no more protection monenepaid out if i have anything to say about it. go on!
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here, se?orita. here's $10 for you for the man who break the picture with his head, and $10 for me to fix the hole in my hat. andale! >> i want to thank you boys very much for what you just did. >> ah, that's nothing, se?or. what cisco don't like, pancho don't like twice as good. >> do you think he and his men will really clear out, cisco? >> i don't know. tell me, how did such a situation develop here? isn't there any law around? >> well, it's like this, cisco. things started happening all of a sudden-robberies, holdups-and then after three town marshals were killed, why nobody wanted the job. >> who is responsible for the organization of this association? the man who left here? >> it wasn't organized, cisco. the association was brought in
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gambling casino in town. >> i see. you know him well? >> now, wait a minute, cisco, if you think that he's mixed up with these crooks, just forget it. he's as honest as the day is long. >> i think pancho and i will take a look around town, eh? >> yeah, and i go look for a new hat that don't got some old holes in it. >> see you later. >> okay.
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>> cisco means business. if you're gonna sit on your hands and do nothing about him, i'm clearing out. >> who said i wasn't gonna do anything about it? >> then why don't you order the boys to go out and get him and his pal? >> my dear vic, why should the mountain go to muhammad? i know cisco's reputation very well. and unless i'm badly mistaken--and i don't think i am--he'll be riding into
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?? >> take over, pancho. >> go after him, you lunkhead! hurry up!
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>> cisco, why you stop me from shooting? i could kill him dead. >> yes, and it would've brought the rest of em swarming about >> well, i didn't think about that. >> it looks like they dodot want us to poke our noses into this protective blackmail of theirs. >> cisco, pancho can tata a hint. let's take our horses and went. >> not yet, pancho, not until we find the real brains behind this blackmail. >> don't you know who it is? it's that fellow who's selling protection. >> pancho, i said the brains,
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>> i couldn't find 'em down there. >> did you look in there? >> no. >> hey, cisco, what are you looking for? >> shells, pancho, empty shells. >> hey fellas. well, we've looked high and low, and they just simply disappeared. i think that-- >> i'm not interested in what you think. i want them found if you have to turn the whole town upside down. >> i tell ya we've looked
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>> hey! look, cisco, look! >> what was that? >> sounded like something fell in the gold room. >> hey, you think somebody hr that? >> we'll soon find out. >> get the boys to surround the place. get upstairs and have a look around. cover that back room. >> put your gun away, pancho. ??
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>> get up there and smoke 'em out! let's get him outta here. >> we are trapped like pigs up a tree, and it's all my fault. >> they haven't got us yet, pancho. look, i have an id. them downstairs. now, listen... >> give them another blast. >> mister, don't shoot! i am coming out!
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come down wi your hands up. where's cisco? >> cisco didn't was with me. i'm all alone by myself. i climb up the back. ?? >> he's not up here. i'll look in the other room. >> all right, bring him over here. >> oh, here...
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>> he's not up hereranywhere. >> well, it looks like you're gonna have to tell us where he is. >> don't rush me, se?or, or i will forget what i'm trying to tell you. you see, cisco, he say to me, "pancho, this is what i want you to do," and when i ask him why, he-he say-well, i don't remember. >> you don't remembebe eh? >> no. >> perhaps we can help you to remember. give me thatatun. put him over in that corner. i've always heard that the cisco kid would come a-runnin' whenever his pal needed help. >> that is right. cisco always come running when pancho needs the help. >> well, his pal needs help
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gonna like it because you spoiled his wallpaper. >> are you ready to talk now? >> pancho is always ready to talk now. >> then where is cisco? >> didn't i tell you before i don't know where cisco is? >> all right. >> you're gonna wreck up this place and lose the poker chippies. between your e es. one, two... >> can y y take that? this is a rapid punches.
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punch, punch, punch.
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>> where you're going, mister, they don't charge for protection. it's all for free, including room, board, and even clothes. >> well, cisco, thanks to you and pancho, manvle won't have any more trouble with those protective blackmailers. >> (gunshot) >> what's the matter, panchoho >> nothing is the matter, cisco! only, see, the ones that shoot a hole in my hat, so pancho put a hole in each of their hats! >> oh, pancho!
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?? >> good-bye, amigos! >> see you soon! ??
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?? man: please, please. help me! man: please! man: please! where are ya? here.
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frank. what happened? m-mr. gilman. better get... into town... they need ya... frank who did this to you? mr. gilman. hurry. (weakly. (mumbling quietly) frank? frank! ?? trackdown
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ays. when he'd left, porter had been like any other small town. .
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?? blake: hoby! look out! (gun shot) who is it? blake yedor. in the bank. blake: hoby! yeah? we can cover you from here. where are they? in the saloon. one of them's on the second floor.
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(gun shot) oh, thank goodness you're back. we're in real trouble, hoby. did frank get through to you, hoby? yeah, i found him on at topple road. did he come back in with ya? (sighs) no, doc. we're gonna have to send somebody back after him. oh, no. now what's goin' on here? well, it's the hasting's gang. yesterday morning they rode in and they... well, they just took the town right over! yesterday morning? oh, it's been quite a session. and we've been here all night, hoby. all right, now. from the beginning. what's happened? well, you've heard of will hastings and his bunch, hm? everybody in south texas has. mhm. well, they're across the street at tenner smith's place. the whole bunch? i counted six. there could be more. no, that's all. just six. well, it's enough to make it count. been breakin' up things, beatin' people up. doc: 'parently, just for the fun of it.
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oh, they're guns on the street, but nobody's usin' 'em. what do you mean? henrietta: just that. judge henry's got a bunch down at the hotel. ralph's got some at the back of the saloon. t dare shoot back. well, why not? they hurt him? we're not sure. what do you mean you're not sure? well, last night he wasast one of the windows and... look like he's tryn'a get away. well, that's the last time we saw him. (laughing) lee? yeah, will?
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what are pilgrims up to? ah, not much. uh, someone just rode in. lee: joined the bank crowd. yeah? who is he? i dunno. looks like might be the town law. yeah, well keep eye on 'em. you got it! got a nice little town here. you know that, boss man? how long you planning on staying? till the rest of the boys get here. that all right with you? hey, you want a drink there, boss man? huh? , he's to the town of porter. it wasn't nice when they should've (indistinct). (laughing) that's a corker, will! hey, how 'bout that, boss man? ain't that a corker? yeah, yeah, a real corker. hastings! hoby: will hastitis!
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somebody in the bank, will. hoby: hastings! who is i i hoby gilman! head. talk! ah, not this way. i wanna see ya. you got words? use 'em from there! well, what do ya got to lose? i'll give you my word. none of my people will lift a gun. don't go for it, will. don't trust him. nah. no, i'd like to hear what he's got to say. guthrie!
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all right, ranger. i'll talk. i'd keep him in your sighgh, but no shooting unless he starts somethin'. hoby, maybe-- henrietta, i got to try and talk him out of there i don't know any other way to go 'bout it. will: ranger! i got your gambler friend here! you gimme trouble and he dies. you understand? i gave you my word! anything happens, i don't wanna see him alive when i get back. cover the lawman from the tiny steps on the street. any bad move, drop him. you got it! right, will. i want you outside first, ranger! you got a better idea?
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all right, anybody in thee s. i gave hastings my word he'd be safe out here. he's holding tenner smith a hostage. if you start anything, tenner'll answer for it. ?? hastings, come on out. your gun belt! drop it in the street!
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so you're the law in town, huh? how long do you figure to be in porter? well, that all depends, mr. gilman. on what? well, see we're expectin' some more of our boys, uh. they were supposed to be here yesterday, but i guess somethin' must'a held 'em up. well when they get here, what then? we'll ride on. you see, we're on our way south totooin up with general diaz. i hear he can use some good fightin' men. so we figure we juju trot down to mexico and give 'em a hand with his war. hastings, i want you to get these saddled tramps together and ride out of porter right now, you hear me? doesn't seem you're standin' in the right place to be tellin' me what to do. will: we'll stay as long as we like. and anybody tries to chew w us is gonna get their objection shoved right down their throat. and you better believe it. i do. i found the man your boys beat up on at topple road. well, that wasas shame.
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otherwise now,w,idn't we? what about tenner smith? the gambler? oh, we'd like to keep him with us. he makes the saloon seem a little more cheery. all right, hastings. i'm 'a give you five minutes to say good bye to the town of porter. hoby: and about mr. smith, you lay a hand on him, and i'll strip p e skin off of your back. i'll braid it into a rope and haha you with it. (gun shot)
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your bright friend just blew it. you know that, don't you, gambler? it wasn't hoby. well, he was standin' in front of him. come one! let's kill him! hoby: hastings! hastings! i had nothin' to do with that. you heard me tell 'em! hoby: now, don't take it out on tenner. it wasn't his fault. then who do i blame, ranger? huh? will: tell me that! you can walk out, will. i give yououy word. open the door and nobody'll try to stop you if you leave now. hoby: how 'bout it? but you can't promise that. not-not after what they've done. what about frank? you're not just gonna forget about him. tenner is ststl alive. i promise him a move and try to deliver it to try and get him outta there. all right, how 'bout it, hastings? what'd ya say, will? let's just-- let's take him up on it, huh? i toldldhe rest of the boys we'd wait here till tonight. they're not here by dark, we leave.
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e. but'cha said! boy, you just haven't got any sense at all, have you? none at all. he's the only thing that's keepin' them across the street. will: anything happens to h h and they'll be down on us so fast will: : wouldn't know what hit us. so just back off and stay there. i'm gonna kill him before we leave this town. guthrie: i s sar it. will: i'll give him to you as a present when we leave. right now, put him back in the office and get him outt'a the way. oh, come on. let's go! come on! ?? well, this is going just about far enough. it'll be dark in an hour. doc, when the light goes, move some kind of cupboard in front of the building here. right now, check down at the e tel. tell 'em we're gonna try to make a move. and, uh, make sure that they got that end of the street bottled up. and that they're takin' their directions from here.
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blake. now you go find ralph. tell him what we're gonna try to do. and have him round up every man he can find. i want a ray of guns around that place. now, blake? yup? now, i want it clearly understood that hastings and the rest of 'em are gonna have the chance to o lk out. what if they don't take it? well, we offered it. you check with the judge? yeah, he's gettin' readadnow. what's the plan? lock 'em in. let 'em know we're not kiddin'. anything new out on the street? no, uh, i sent a telegram to austin. and i told 'em what we were up against. they offered to help. lotta good that'll do us. yeah, that's what i told 'em. what about the rest of the gang? any word on them? yeah. 30 of 'em hit lamesa last night and drove the town right into the dirt.
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trailed 'em as far as big spring and then lost 'em. 30 of 'em? and just lost 'em? well, it can happen, doc. (stretches) i don't understand it, hoby. what makes a bunch of youngstete go off on this kind of a toot? well, doc, if i had the answer to that, i'd bottle it and save the world. well, we'd'detter get back to the bank. what's 'a matttt? somethin' goin' on. what'd ya think? well, they're comin' for us.
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maybe they'll still let t . huh, will? ask 'em! tom! will: tom! tom: yeah? yeah, will? will: bring the gambler out here! (gun shot) (gun shot) what happened? he's gone. (sighs) (gun c ccking) welllli guess we can go in now. all right, load 'em up boys. we don't have to go to mexico for a war. hoby.
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(gun shots) (screaming) (gun shots) (sigh of relief) well, mr. smith, i've seen you land in a room with more grace thth that! but never with more relief, mr. gilman, to be sure. well, what about this hastings and his group? the whole bunch ofofem. how many are there? six. mhm. they all downstairs now? they were before i leftft mhm. all right. let's go get 'em outt'a there. ?? how 'bout the back? i just checked with ralph.
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hastings! hoby: will hastings! back off, ranger! you're in bad trouble now, will. you tell me about it! if you wanna get killed, you're goin' about it the right way. what about the others? maybe they want a chance! they'll stand with me! what now, mr. gilman? tear it apart. (gun shotsts (gun shots) e shooting went on for an hour. several of the men of porter were hit. and there seemed to be no lessening of fire from the saloon. it began to look like a stalemate.
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(gun shots) well, mr. gilman, we can't shoot 'em out of the place. maybe we can burn 'em out. not my place. it's a mess, but at least the walls are standing. there must be some way. if they can't breathe, they can't shoot.
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(gun shot) (coughing) (coughing) how do i know? they got us. they got us for sure. we can't stay here much-- (coughing) longer... you got any ideas how we get outt'a here? i know how i'm gettin' out. you move for that door and i kill ya. (coughing) guthrie: ranger!
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ya hear me, ranger? we wanna give up! how many are there? three. altogether, three! come on out! guthrie: don't shoot! please, don't shoot! (gun shots) (gun shots) there they are, ranger! come on and get 'em! you wanted 'em? come on and get 'em! it's just hastings left. he's mine. tanner, don't!
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ahhh! (gun shots) he was dead when he hit the floor.
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the shooting started at 6:30. at 7:45, it was over.
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beats me how a thing like this gets started. youngsters, every one of them. not one over 23. hardly out of school. yeah, somewhere along the line, they managed to pick up a pretty good education. it just doesn't make sense. why, mr. gilman? where do we find the answer?
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? that's him. don't let him get too far. ? put your hands up, and take your last breath.


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