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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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that's been turned over to us because it involves a semi-celebrity. you guys are handling it. the man's estranged wife has filed a reporthiof chil. ogan? yeah. i read his s srts column every day. he's my hero. you want off? no way, captain. no. mrs. logan brought the little girl into child services since spending the weekend with the father. the psychologist feels the girl has been molested. now the caseses ours. when can we meet them? theyeyl be here at 8:00 tomorrow morning. i just can't believe it. don't believe it until you've got a case. this is real dicey. an over eager cop can misreaeait.
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don't worry, it's great. i gotta get home. call me lalar? yeah, i'll see you later. hey, peggy. hey, b bo! hi dough. you okay? yeah, sure. ( doorbell rings ) we're having steaks. good. oh, hey, i brought this. thanks. jackie, you met dorothy. tom hanson, jackie garrett. hi, tommy. i don't really go by "tommy" but you can call me hanson. this is an informal get-together.
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how do you guys like your meat? rare. burnt. okay. jackie, dodoou like working for the d.a.? it's hard work but t u can really do some go. jackie, you know hanson is a cop. really? i don't want to sound like a jerk you don't like it? music means a lot to me. and this derivative guy drives me crazy. when i listen i want real r & b. like what? t-bone, king, muddy waters-- i'm easy. hey, jackie helped me build this case. really? working with doug is great.
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plenty don't. a major bust came in last year. we had a pound of c ce in a locker and an idiot undercover cop totally mishandled the evidence. i couldn't even file. that was you? you busted that kid in piedmont? steaks are up. i worked for months. you nitpicked my case to death. you needed a solid case. i caught him. you didn't intent to sell. i got to go. i don't think this will work out, guys. thank you. i'm sorry. something wrong with the wine? mrs. logan and molly. this is officer catherine fitzgerald and officer douglas penhall.
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hey, molly. how are you? hello. it's very nice to meet you. is that your teddy bear over there? no? i think he's following you. shh. mrs. logan: when i picked her r that night, she seemed a little strange. how? i figured she'd had a busy weekend. jeff is always taking her a million places. penhall: what did you and your daddy do last weekend? we went swimming. you went swimming? wasn't it too cold to go swimming? my daddy's friends have a pool in their house. inside? what did she s s happened in the nightmare?
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ad little whimper. penhall: hey, molly... can you show me what happened with you and your dad? i don't want to. okay, we can talk about something else. who's your favorite person in daycare? you cited infidelity in your divorce suit. can you tell the circumstances of his extramarital affair? extramarital affairs. he didn't have just one. show me again how it@eappened? penhall: did you read our report? yeah, but i didn't finish. lookoklike a doozy.
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the prosecutor will have a time on this. you'll need an admissionono. i'll get it. okay. all right. don't pick him up until tonight. it's friday. i'll get his bail high. you'll have him all weekend. let's get that warrant. hey, pal. how are you? this is doris. nice to meet you. we'll talk later.
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good evening, mr. logan. cocktail? sure. whwh will you have, doris? a very dry gin martini. sounds great. i'll have e e same, jim. hey, jeff. i'm in the back. op stop by before you leave. okay, georgie. great man. gave me my first job. dresses like a bum let's people use him and he could buy this town. yes. would you stand up and step away from the table? what's this about? please stand up. mr. logan, yoyore under arrest for child molestation. what? you have the right to remain silent... wait a minute. anything you say... logan: what is this about? you have a right to an attorney. if you cannot afford an attorney... excuse us, excuse us.
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give me details, huh? i want to know all ababt the pervert. luchek, you are the pervert. hey, nice work, puppy! thanks, steve. hey, penhall. did you have to bust my favorite sportswriter? you've made a big mistake. i didn't do it. will you take a polygraph test? believe me, i want to help clear this u u but i think i should speak to my lawyer. if you're so innocent, why not take the test? if you pass it can only help. i'll take it. i just want to talk , jeff. to my lawyer first. he didn't get back to you.
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well, he's an exexriend now. people do not like to be associated with child molesters. in a million years i would have never figured you for a bowler. actually, i'm not. i kind of got set up on another blind date. worse than me? bowling nerd. bad news. when he's not picking his nose he's picking elsewhere. i'll make you a deal. you get me out of this i'll push your next dicey case thrgh. this is a lot to ask. come on. i'll be there in a minute.
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you take a long time in the bathroom. i'm not housebroken yet. jackie-- this is highly irregular. who's with the kids? they're alone. don't cheat on me on my bowling night! didn't i say that? yes. would you excuse us? sure, i... thank you. i can't believe you did that. i'm great in bowling alleys. i just can't catch criminals. what do i do with you? we'll take you to county. you know what will happen when the brothers find out you're a child molester? any way you look at it, you're a dead man.
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e system will go easier on you if you cooperate. work with us and a lot of very angry police officers will be more inclined to see you're treated fairly. out of here! i didn't do it. this g g ain't talking. he's desperate. he'll hang on till bail and his lawyer will make mincemeat of that kid. the hell is he! i'll get him into that polygraph and he'll beg to sign that confession. you've done a great job at this "bad cop" routine but watch your step. are you backing down? we should let him go. maybe get a date with your kid sister. don't give me that crap! i want him, too. when i ihink of what he di want to puke! i'm sorry.
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you handle it your way. i'll talk to mrs. . gan again. maybe she has something more for us. hey, penhall. hanson. you okay? yeah, i'm fine. i got a tough one. been up all night. what's up? i was... just wondering what was going on with you and jackie. no, we just work together. i think she's got a little thing for me.e. are you two...? us? no. i would never cheat on dorothy. although i have noticed her legs. yeah. woululit bother you if i took her out? you guys? i don't understand. you didn't get along. you argued...
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but ifift bothers you i wouldn't do it. no, no. go ahead. you sure? sure, i'm sure. go ahead.. all right. she's got nice legs. fayou failed every question on the polygraph except for your name and address. now, i'm tired and you're tired. talk to me. i don't know what to tell you. tell me what happened with you and your daughter. i don't have the right words. everything i tell you is a lie. then tell me the truth. come on, jeff, i juthen help me.lp put a gun to my head.
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you can get therapy. i need to talk to you. i was asking her about the weekend. i noticecean inconsistency in her story so i pushed her on it. she broke down. she told molly what to say. but he failed the polygraph test. because you scarar the crap out of him. because some angry woman lied about him? we had the information right in front of us. this is a vicious custsty battle. we should have dug deeper. i broke the man. he's ready to confess to something
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when i heard what happened, i tried to bail you out but it was too high. i couldn't raise that kind of money on the weekend. did you try paul? he never got back to me. this is a terrible thing. yeah. jeff... jeff, i don't know how to say this. what, gene? you don't know how to say "you're fired?" come on, gene, you can say that. just say, "nobody in this building
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that we've been friends for 11 years." just say, "you're fired." you can do that, gene. how cocod you be so irresponsible? i screwed up. what can i do to change it? don't just say, "i screwed up." the man'n'life is over. tell him you screwed up. think you'll get a b br? i've busted my ass making perfect cases for you. i don't need this crap! watch how you talk to me. i'm your boss because i'm smarter than you not because i got lucky. you aren't the golden girl around here anymore.
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hey, feel like a beer at the bowling alley? what's wrong with you? you just drop into offices without calling in?alley? can't you see i'm busy? fitzgerald, i got an open spot on a conspiracy crew. you're perfect for it. i've got a lot of paperwork here, captain. well, penhall can handle it.
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er: am i missing something here? i've had my car repossessed because you idiots had a computer malfunction and now it's on my t.r.w.?! you must be out of your minds! iok. penhall. listen, i heard about your problem. i'm sorry. you want to share a six-papa i wish i could. i'm teaching a self-defense class tonight. stop in tomorrow, okay? okay, all right. call me. okay, i'll call you brmorrow.
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i hear fitz is practically running that conspiracy team. for the last six years anantime i had a terrible day i went to bed comforted by the knowledge that i could wake up to logan's column. you took that away from me, penhall. you ruined my life.
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remind me of that mistake again and i'll tear your tongue out!
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to skid row? sorry, it's been a rough couple of days. i'd call it more than that. you made a major screw-up. yeah, i've been reminded of that screw-up every second of every day.
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penhall, when you came in here last week you were the golden boy. star bust-- you bragging like the cock of the walk. you don't think they were waiting for you to take a fall? great guys. some of them are and some of them aren't but they're all great cops. and they handled their first big screw-up a lot better than you. what do you want me to do? you got a lot to think about. doug, it's 3:00 m the morning. are you okay? yeah, i'm all right. i need to be alone.
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( knocking ) penhall. can i talk to you, captain? sure, come on in. umm... you need anything? some coffee? something to drink? no. i need answers. yeah, i know you do. i just don't know if i've got the right ones.
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some cop. i want to protect the public. turns out they need protection from me. you were trying to protect the child, penhall. that's a good thing. you just made a mistake. you know... my father... kind of... abusive. and... i loved him but sometimes i wish somebody would have stopped him. all, it took years to pass effective child protection laws.
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i don't understand how this whole thing is supposed to operate. i mean... one lie and your whole life-- it ain't even worth h dime. our lives aren't measured in money. in some ways, we'd be better off if they were. @the currency we trade in is reputation. everything we do depends on it. unfortunately, in our world a lie holds too much power. what will happen to logan? i don't know. it will be tough. he's in n d shape. bad shape? his life is over. i'm sure he's not ready for party time but you don't know what he's made of. terrible things happen to people. all the time. but they survivi.
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i owe that man. don't try to pay it back.. you're not ready for that. i know. i went to his place. i couldn't face him. time. it heals. it's going to hehe logan and it's going to heal you.
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rrrrrr what are you doing here? i need to talk to you. no. please, it's important. why not kick the door inin i'm not kicking the door in but i'm not leaving, either. then come in, storm troooor. i can't stop you.
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no. i was hoping you'd handle this better. you were hoping i'd handle it better? i'm sorry to disappoint you but you took my best in that jail cell. you cops get jealous when somebody has a successful life? you saw me at a ball game with better seses than you? no, i... you were a hero of mine. i'm touched. can't you understand that i was trying to protect your daughter and that i made a mistake? oh, now you've really put it in perspective for me. you're just a conscientious guy doing his job protecting the world from evildoers.
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mistake but i was trying to do the right thing." i really wish i could change things for you. you do? let me tell you something. i doze off for a couple of hours at a time on the couch. when i wake up, i smile because i thinkk the bad dream's over. then i remember: the nightmare begins when i wake up. afraid of everybodyywho. mostly i just lie here. you should live inside my shoes. everything's all rotted and crazy. just the way you made it. you got to... you got to pull yourself together.
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you're the tidy bowl man? my life's a toilet that you need to clean up? look what's left-- garbage. a stupid cop like you steps into my life. now it's all garbage. get out... of my apartment. get out. officer penhall, you're being very naive. he's tainted. you know how people are. he's been known as "the child molester." can you print a retraction and let everybody know he's innocent? i already have. nobody cared. people love marrying a celebrity to a scandal. they don't wanttto . look, officer, i'll do anything i can to help jeff. give this thing some time. i'll talalto some editors in other cities.
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penhall: how could youul? you loved that man once. how could you do that to him and to your daughter? i didn't mean for it to o ppen. jeff and i have had a very bitter break up. we both want sole custody of molly. it's become very hateful. so you used your own daughter to get back at him? she did have nightmares. i hated d ff so much i wanted to believe the worst. i diea't realize i was putting words in molly's mouth until your partner made me reconsituct it. so what are you going to do now? i can't put his life back together for him. i wish i could. mrs. logog, you are very lucky my department is so embarrassed by this case
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and theyey bring you up on charges for that lie. now... i suggest that when this custody suit comes up that you find a way to settle it that's easy on molly. hi. hi. i think i owe you an explanation. no, you don't. my behavior was inconsistent yesterday. oh, no, it wasn't. you're always a bitch. it was inconsistent at the bowling alley. you were almost nice. nice? no one's described me in that fashion before. probably neverergain. i admit i'm guilty, but with an explanation.
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a case i should never have filed. you screwed up a case? all right, you're getting to me. i'm filing bad cases, going bowling and acting like a goofball. and dripping in my car. i'm sorry. drive us to a coffee shop. i'll buy you some waffles. i don't want any w.fles. drive to a florist, i'll buy you flowers. i don't want flowers. drive to my apartment, i'll let you make love to me.
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yeah. i'm with peggy. you need anything? no.
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back in the kitchen. ( giggling ) ( sniffs ) ( pounding ) jeff.
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turn the gas on and sit here. listen to it hissing then i turn it off. i don't want to die. my life is terrible, but i can't end it. you shouldn't enit. now, leave me alone. i can't, i've been searching for something to help you. i didn't realize it was something that was already there. what? your daughter. part of your life is over. i can't pretend that it isn't. you'll never be the toast of this town again
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you and elizabeth and your partner made everything i do with my little girl dirty. i'll never be able to hug her in public without worrying about some watchdog like you dragging me off to jail again. that's bull. do you think your daughter cares what the rest of us say? she needs yoyo there's nothing i wouldn't give to change what happened. there's noththg i wouldn't do for you and your little girl. if you needed money, it's yours. i'd get two jobs. if you needed to punch my face in, i'm right here. i don't want to punch your face in. i want my life back.
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some of it can't come back. there's nothing anybody can do about that. but the best part of it is still there for you. what can i give her? everything inside of me isiso... twisted and hateful. i have a debt to you i can never pay back. if you want to hate me forever, okay. but love your daughter.
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i have been very patient with you people but we're talking about my credit rating. i haven't missed a payment in 15 years. your com malfunctions and i've got a black mark on my t.r.w.w. i'll call you back. i want to come back. are you sure? you're a fine cop, penhall. i'd love to have you back. but don't do it because they ran you out of major crimes. you're better than that. they didn't ran me out, captain. i just want totart over. it all means a lot to me to help kids out.
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can you figure it, neulin? i saw him. he beelined right through here. all we're at is collecting that 10,000. that slope there, about 300 yards--


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