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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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well, that's good to see that our reputation stretches all the way to new jersey. hell... you're all legends in high school football. thanks. we work very hard. i hope these boys can contribute. yearh, well i'm certain they will. now like i said, they're brothers. one's a half back and d.b. and the other's a line backer and tight end. there's one more thing i should tell you about these boys. there the best i ever coached, but thery are a little... unique. unique? weird. drug problems? no, no. just a bit strange. i can't explain it. coach, if these boys can start, i don't care if they are in drag. oh, no. they've never done that. uh, that we know of. i appreicate the call and good luck with your season.
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so, i hear you boys want to play some football. maybe. maybe. together: maybe. one, two, three. together: one... two... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... okay, break it up-- offense, defense. rickman: blackwood. listen up, dennis. no, i'm doug. don't make that mistake again. i'm sensitive about it. take the right inside, doug.
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ready. break. break. 0-twenty... 0-twenty-one... down. set. hike. booker: what the hell's your problem? that's the way he hits his brother?
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can't take it? i'm making you look good. you don't think i could have run through you? no, i don't. excuse me, gentlemen. my office. now. you're toast, pal. what do you got, harry? personal highlight films. all these parents taped the games guess who they isolate. their kid. what a great idea. fuller: good work. i want every tape of that accident. you got it. okey-dokey. you two want to tell me what's going on? there's nothing going on, sir.
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he's a hell of a coach. taught me more in one day than in two years at my school. they didn't teach cheap shots at your school? that was a clean hit, dennis. i put booker in there so you wouldn't hurt anybody. i don't need you injuring some high school kid or your partner in your quest for glory. well, i've got to go all out if i expect not to get hurt myself. you shouldn't go crying to the captain. i can take anything you can dish out... excuse me. i thought there was no problem. there's not. rickman is a great coach. he teaches you to stay in the game mentally and physically. he's a winner-- who wins. but at what cost? i want to know how far he'll go to win.
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that's typical. nobody between the coach and the player determining if he should play. a guy knows when he's hurt. you ever play hurt? sure. why? because i didn't want to miss a game. exactly. the kid wants to play. the coach wants him to play. the doctor's caught in the middle. teddy was injured that week yet he started saturday. penhall, get close to the vukovich kid. um, you want me to talk to him? i mean, couldn't ioki check him out? look, i know it's uncomfortable but it might do you some good.
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how you feeling, champ? we just wanted to stop by and let you know our thoughts are with you. thanks. i got somebody here who wants to meet you. blackwood. i'm doug blackwood. i just transferred in to augustana. i wanted the chance to meet you. i wish this could be under better circumstances. maybe i could come back some time and you can tell me how to stop dexter hector? yeah, sure. mrs. vukovich: enough about football. thank you all for coming.
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got a minute, coach? sure. it was really nice of you to bring the guys by today. i just wanted to say... i wanted you to know that i understand that this was a terrible accident. i appreciate that, jack. teddy was a hero. these boys know it. i'm thinking about naming a special award after him. we've got a kickoff club banquet coming up. i'd like to establish an award that embodies courage and all-out effort.
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uh-uh-uh. no one's around. you said we should keep this secret. i changed my mind. in my office. so what? so you were pretty good at playing mr. cool and distant at your place of business. they already know. oh, okay. i have to drop by later. for a big hello. that would be fine. but right now we're in your office at your desk. and you don't have the nerve. get rid of this. excuse me.
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i was just clearing my desk. tom hanson, councilman davis. hi. glad to meet you. have we met before? i'm at jump street. you tried dismantling the program. i hope that won't affect your vote come november... officer. saw you over at the courthouse today. yeah. you holding out on me? you'd be the first to know about my love life. penhall would be the first to know. you'd be the second. blowfish would be the second. set. hike.
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down. set. hike. ( whistle blows ) i think i'm hurt, coach. that's enough for today. that's it. three laps and out. you have some personal problems with your brother? my brother's a little delicate. here you go. feels better. think i'll be able to practice tomorrow?
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we'll make that determination later. how you doing, doug? not bad. you know, i always wanted to be a linebacker. really? really. the heart and soul of a football team. know what bear bryant said a linebacker ought to be? yeah. i love it. i want to talk to you about something i feel is very important. if you give 110% out there you will not get hurt. i guarantee that. you only get hurt if you don't go hard enough. it's up to you. it's your responsibility. i understand.
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is the difference between pain and injury. pain is a suffering in the mind that goes along with the discomfort. we all feel discomfort now and then. but what makes us really tough what makes us true soldiers is overcoming that feeling. an injury is damage. real physical damage. the mind can't overcome that-- only the body can through treatment and healing. i don't think i'm injured. you're playing with a fine group of men out there. you don't have one brother on that field you have 44. they've played in pain together. they've spilled blood together. you're a part of that spirit now. yeah. i understand. whether you play or not is strictly up to you.
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rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr we can make a case against him. hance. who taught him to play that way? jackie... she's got it in for the game. what do you even understand about it? i understand it's about pummeling the other players so you feel a little better about yourself. oh, please. i understand it's a brutal and dangerous game. a game that produces emotional as well as physical cripples. but it's never boring. jackie: this is true.
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now that was exciting. well put. ioki: captain. you'll want to see this right away. another personal highlight tape? fred hennessy junior. fat freddy? fat freddy. ioki: this is rickman and the doc-- arguing. right before rickman signalled teddy no soundtrack-- great. captain: but one person knows what they were saying. fat freddy. you want a piece of advice? nope. too bad, you'll get it anyway.
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i know that. so what are you? living out some fantasy? maybe. hey, i was a good ballplayer stuck on a bad team, with a bad coach. now i'm getting this rush. i'm feeling good about myself. i know what winning lookslike. but i want to know what it feels like. it's just football. have some fun. hit somebody. you don't understand, either. no, i understand. i think it's a crock. where's that great moment? think about it... is it when you win? right before you think you're going to win? right after? it's kind of fleeting, don't you think? these coaches smile and congratulate you.
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who really benefits here? the player or the coach? i got to play. if you've got some ghosts you'd better deal with them. or they'll haunt you for a long time. nt any advice. how's your leg? better. you've proven you're a very special player. i want you as captain of special teams. really? really. i need leadership out there. i need somebody who embodies the spirit of special teams.
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i'm your animal, coach. show me. you better call for a fair catch. never. down. set. hike. what the hell was that? kicking team, here. right now!
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( whistle ) break it up. hey, that's it. hit the showers. now they're ready for wyndsor high. hey. hey. you okay? yeah. how come you and your brother always fight?
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i know. i'm going to visit teddy. you want to come? no, i don't think so. i know what you mean. you were playing when he was hurt, right? no, i was on the bench. look, blackwood, i got to run now. yeah, sure. mr. vukovich: got a visitor, teddy. i'll be down the hall if you need me, son. is it okay if i sit down?
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not bad considering i can't even go to the bathroom by myself. i got a tube running down my leg. i don't even know when i go. what the hell are you doing here? i wanted to pick your brain. see what you know about dexter hector. you got the job, you figure it out. no. you can stay. you're the first guy from the team to come see me alone. really? people get spooked, you know.
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did you want to play that day? i always wanted to play. soldier's always ready to fight. but you were hurting. yeah. because... you know, i'm hurting. and i don't know if i can tell the coach i can't play. was. i always pictured myself in a chicago bears uniform. since i was six years old. number 51, man. dick butkus. he retired when i was two years old.
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you're a cop playing high school football? for a good cause. i don't want to talk about teddy. you heard what was said. i can't. what would my father say? what about coach rickman? or teddy vukovich? he's in a wheelchair for life. i've thought about that. you don't understand what i go through.
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do i look like a football player to you? my father holds six ncaa records. i've been hearing about those records since i was eight. so stand up to your father. we're talking about a guy who's paralyzed. forget it. you want to nail rickman do it without me. i didn't hear a thing. come here. it's important you don't tell anybody about me. or my brother. don't worry. i just want to be left alone. i'm not telling anything to anybody. rickman: as soldiers, you fight together. you sacrifice for your high school, your coach and most of all for your fellow soldier.
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it has never been more manifest than in the situation of teddy vukovich. teddy vukovich would rather die than let a teammate down. he gave his life for this team. that's why this game today is dedicated to him. i spoke to teddy this week. stop dexter hector. beat wyndsor. that's what he said to me. that's what he wants. that's what you all want. you have the power to give him what he wants. you have the power to give him what he wants.
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put on that uniform he was your brother. you fought with him. you bled with him. and now you share his pain. i know you don't want to let your brother down. i know i wouldn't. all right, let's do them where they live... david arnott, augustana student radio back with you live as the augustana bulldogs take the field for the start of the second half. this ballgame is all tied up, 10-10 between the conference rivals
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could you put that thing down and grab some food? penhall said not to miss a thing. evidence. can you believe this? what did i miss? four minutes, 44 seconds left in the fourth quarter. augustana pinned deep in their own territory clinging to 17-13 lead. goal line special. goal line special. let's stop them here. ready, break. augustana, with its defense sets up to stop wyndsor. second down on the augustana four-yard line. wyndsor sends beech right, elias to the left and in the backfield, dextor hector... hold them. go blackwood. sherman takes the snap. hands off to dexter hector up the middle. stopped by doug blackwood at the line of scrimmage for no gain on the play. you all right? yeah, yeah.
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s-u-p-e-r. super duper, that's what we are. third and goal for wyndsor. a field goal is no good. doug and dennis blackwood, recent transfers doing a hell of a job here in the second half. down. set. hike. sherman takes the snap. pitches to dexter hector sweeps right. he's going all the way. oh, he's nailed by blackwood inside the one-yard line. that makes it fourth down with less than a yard to go with one minute and 40 seconds left. this may be the last chance for wyndsor high. if they don't score here augustana should be able to run out the clock. break. break. a minute 33 left in the game. fourth and goal. wyndsor high coming up to the line.
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block for me now. hike. and he's nailed by the blackwood brothers. augustana has the ball. first and ten. from their own three-yard line. ( groans ) it's too soon. no, i really hurt my leg. it's no bull. really? yeah. we really did it, didn't we?
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no more. that's okay. you did one hell of a job, son. augustana with the ball. dixon breaks a tackle at the five. he crosses the 15, the 20, the 25... fumble! it's wyndsor's ball on the augustana 35-yard line. the snap is to dexter hector. sweeping left on the first offensive play. no time outs remain for wyndsor sherman takes the snap fakes to dextor hector, drops back... elias is open on the left side. elias catches it. he's stopped at the five-yard line. wyndsor marching back down field-- the injured blackwood sorely missed. time. blackwood... get in there. i can't. i'm hurt.
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blackwood has decided to take himself out of the game. he's through today. you can carry on without him. how many of you guys are hurting, huh? you're all hurting. how many of you guys are taking yourself out of the game? just blackwood here. your brother was right-- you're a wimp. get your team on the field. you get back out on that field
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and the injured doug blackwood is coming back into the game. break. break. time, time. ( whistle blows ) augustana has called time-out and doug blackwood is coming back off the field. what's he doing?
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i'm talking to you. i've given you an order.
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freddy told me everything. doc wanted teddy out, period. rickman insisted that he goes back in. he overruled the doc. you were right and i was wrong. i owe you a big apology. we can make this case. we got a case. captain, i see what you were saying. d the doc has no power over rickman. so we've got this guy. did somebody die? yeah, our case, doug. i take it this is your undercover officer. doug penhall, councilman davis. oh, the... councilman davis.
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your assignment's over. i've talked to the chief and the d.a. i'm ending this farce. you can't do that. i can't? rickman is a hero in this community. i went to augustana. i'm proud of this man. if i knew you would do this i'd have ended this... he sent a hurt player... you're involved recklessly. massive liability could hit the school district. you won't do a thing to stop him? what i'm going to do is give him an award. may i have your attention.
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he turned us into winners, into soldiers, into warriors. coach rickman encouraged me... no, he made me play at 110%. if you play at 110%, you won't get hurt. i didn't play at 110%. coach rickman taught me to punish the other guy. but i didn't realize i was actually punishing myself. ( chatter ) the human body is not meant to be a battering ram. yesterday, i played and i was hurt
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( crowd boos ) teddy's in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. ( crowd boos ) who are you? i'm your wake-up call, pal. coach rickman does not care about your kids. he cares about winning. ( crowd boos ) penhall: we all love football-- and we're training them to be killers. a win-at-all-costs coach may be what you need but it's not what your kids need. all right, i'm out of here. i'm going. you may not get nailed for this
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ladies and gentlemen, that young man is a close friend of teddy vukovich. he's understandably very upset as we all are about teddy. tonight we will be dedicating an award in teddy's honor-- one embodying courage and bravery. but now, i'd like to introduce the man who brought us here tonight coach of the year for the third year. coach lyle rickman.
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hose people. it was scarier than leaving the game. yeah. it's really good to hear you laugh. yeah. yeah. i know you will.
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