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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  March 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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right now on wral news on fox 50 the second battle of the blues match-up does not disappoint. we're live with extensive team coverage on unc's big win. voters in five states headed to the polls today. ted cruz was the winner of the day so far take the tospots in kansas and maine. >> but we begin of course with a huge win by unc, retribution for the tar heels after a disappointing loss against duke at home two and a half weeks ago. i'm ken smith. >> i'm debra morgan. the final spot of the game, a desperate toss by the blue devils. it never came close despite grayson allen's 29 points duke couldn't hold off the tar heels. within minutes unc fans poured on to franklin street, blocking traffic and starting multiple fires. thousands of people invaded that intersection. >> debra, duke was never really ahead in the entire game, but
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kept it within a few points but just ran out of time. a big three-pointer by duke's grayson allen tied up the score only once eight minutes into the second half. >> as for acc player of the year candidate bryce johnson he had a very good game leading all tar heels with 18 points. >> the celebration was going on all night on chapel hill. what better place to cheer on than the top of the hill bar. >> that's where wral's brian shrader watched the game. some excited fans there tonight. >> reporter: it was exciting during the game, so close, and now look at them now more than an hour after the end of the game. everybody is absolutely ecstatic. the party all rolled out on to franklin street right as the buzzer sounded at the end of the game. it was a big party, but then the rain started falling. it looks like everybody came
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erin is a grad student. you watched the game. what was it like? >> it was some awesome. at the end it was a little bit intense, but we always knew they would pull it out. i'm so excited for the seniors, and joe berry, i love you. >> reporter: that pretty much sums up the sentiment here. the game ended about 8:30, and here we are at 10:00, and there's plenty of yelling yet to be done. the score has been settled here at unc chapel hill. back to you. >> brian shrader, take care of yourself, please. live at the top of the hill. great report. thank you. exciting people there. >> very excited. i tell you what, duke fans packed bars and restaurants on main street in durham. take a look. as you can see, every table was full at the sports bar satisfaction. fans showed up at least three hours early to grab a table.
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blue shirts and hats. a few tar heels did find seats with their blue devil friends. >> why not. come out, have fun, enjoy yourself with friends and family. i'm a true dye hard unc fan. >> you can still be friends with these duke fans? >> yeah, they'll love me. >> it's a storied rivalry. >> everybody still hugs at the end of the night. it's been four years since duke lost to carolina at home. the cameron crazies camped out in krzyzewskiville for weeks just to be courtside. here's reaction from julia. >> reporter: debra, certainly nobody likes to lose on their home turf, he is special toll their cross-town rival, but the game, the buildup, and the last
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disappoint. like all duke-unc games, this one lived up to its hype. >> the biggest game of the year! >> let's go duke! >> reporter: students camped out for weeks. krzyzewskiville was in full swing leading up to tip-off. blue devil fans made sure everyone knew this was their house. even carolina fans were impressed with their ear- splitting cheers. >> it's awesome. it's intense, crazy, loud. i have no words to describe how loud it is. >> reporter: and like most match-ups between these two, it came down to the very end. >> we're very upset. i really thought that we were going to win. >> it was great game. it was classic duke-carolina. they played hard but our guys took some free throws down the stretch and closed it out. >> reporter: and the energy in
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jeff gravley is here with sports. i thought the sixth man, the cameron crazies, were going to help them pull off the w. >> the roof did blow off the place when it was tied, but carolina manhandled duke on the boards. bryce johnson and kennedy meek, they were two animals on the glass. they combined for 34 rebounds. duke only had 29 rebounds. that's pretty amazing stat right there. north carolina leaves this building with an acc regular season championship. we spoke with both coaches after the game. it >> we heard about the virginia- tech miami game before the game. we didn't tell the team. we tried to challenge them again that we could win over here and take care of our own business. i keep saying six games, but i can't remember if it's five or six or seven, but somewhere
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we were in charge of our own destiny if we take care of stuff, we don't have to worry about anybody else doing anything, and it worked out it that way. >> i would like to congratulate roy and his kids on the win and the regular season title. they did a great job. they're a heck of a team, and they share the ball. obviously one of the things they do really well is rebound, and they did that at a very high level. and so congratulations. >> reporter: certainly a well tested team to go through the regular season and win the acc championship. it's now on to the acc tournament where duke will enter washington as the number five seed next week. later in sports i will show you one aspect of the game that really helped north carolina win tonight. and it doesn't to have do with
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>> all right. >> interesting, because i thought it had to do with rebounding. >> it certainly was lopsided in that department. jeff gravley, thanks. back to chapel hill and franklin street. a little while ago we showed you video of a sea of fans in the streets, but this is a live picture now from sky 5. you see franklin street completely open, and traffic is flowing smoothly again after the huge celebration tonight on franklin street after the unc tar heels beat the duke blue devils. >> boy, that rain chased everyone away pretty quickly. >> it did. we'll continue with battle of the blues round two ahead. it was the tar heels' first win against duke in five tries. plus, what this means for both teams heading into the acc. >> and what ted cruz says his major victories means for the
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well as meteorologist aimee wilmoth. >> light rain will continue the next couple of hours butt should all be gone by the time sunday gets here.
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and how e: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars!
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woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. let's take another look at unc fans celebrating this evening.
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hundreds of people packing franklin street. of course, there were a few fires. we saw that. it always seems to be a part of the franklin street celebration. the game ended an hour and a half ago, and now that party is over because of the rain that came in. but you can bet a lot of unc fans still celebrating. this is the final game for both duke and carolina before the acc tournament. the first-round match-up tips off on noon. the winner will play duke. it wral is your hoops headquarters. live extensive coverage throughout the tournament. the ted cruz camp has donald trump's gel gat lead in -- delegate lead in jeopardy tonight. he won in kansas as well as maine. in addition, cruz is a dramatic favorite at tonight's cpac
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donald trump is the winner in louisiana. kentucky is too early and too close to call with trump ahead. cruz told a group that his kansas win has washington quaking. >> and the scream you hear, the howl that comes from washington, d.c. is utter terror at what we the people are doing together. >> also tonight, senator bernie sanders in kansas -- wins in kansas and nebraska. former secretary of state hillary clinton wasn't shut out, though. she took the majority in louisiana. the wins put an interesting dynamic on north carolina as politicians make campaign stops in our statement both hillary clinton and donald trump are all scheduled to make stops in the area next week. voters took a stand at the moral march to the polls.
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keep on talking >> naacp president william barton led the march. they say cutting the early voting period by a week hurts minority turnout. among those joining the march was the first african-american elected to congress since 1898. >> reporter: do you think these voting laws are suppressing the vote? >> oh, sure, they're designed for. that but sometimes things that are designed to repress you inspire you. things that are designed to prevent you encourage you. it's like challenges. >> warrenton of one of two dozen locations hosting moral march to the polls. the redesigned s.a.t. has nine major changes. first it is going to go back to the old 1600 scale and doing away with the 2400 scale.
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154 questions as opposed to 171. the essay is new optional. there will also be new vocabulary words and a newly format reading portion. it's been awhile since unc fans have been able to celebrate like this. top of the hill on franklin street. one of the big party places tonight. our coverage of battle of the blues round two continues live in sports. jeff gravley is at cameron indoor stadium with more highlights and comments from both teams. and the scene much more serene here in raleigh. meteorologist aimee wilmoth tells fuss we will see any more
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tomorrow. some very happy tar heels fans tonight. this was the scene shortly after the game on franklin street. it there were several fires started. i think we counted two or three fires, students jumping through the fire, as is customary for them. this event was something that they've been waiting for all season long. tonight it's their night, and you can see they celebrated quite awhile. >> such a big crowd. >> huge crowd. forecasters say people
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expecting more powerful storms as a result of el nio. steady rain fell on northern california as snow covered the sierra nevadas as the first of several storms made their way inland. heavy rains could cause flooding and other problems with heavy thunderstorms expected all weekend long. officials could release large amounts of water from the folsom dam to avoid flooding. that hasn't happened since 2011. aimee is back with us. we have our own round of showers. >> will be out of here by sun game. you have outdoor plans sunday. but the rain is moving in. we can show that you with radar. all these showers moving in from the west and moving to the east. all of is it light rain that's coming down. did it hamper some of the celebration activities after the ball game. a lot of folks started to clear
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started to come down. we'll start down in our southwestern communities. southern pines getting some light rain, heart net county get -- harnett county getting some light rain. also franklin county getting some rain. then as you head towards rocky mount and enfield, some rain there as well. as far as totals they have not been very impressive. less than a 10th of an inch where we have had the rainfall. this is a quick hitting system with some light rain. it will be out of here by tomorrow. a live look at our roxboro skycam. less than a 10th of an inch there. the road is wet there. temperatures at the airport in the 40s. rain at rdu. winds out of north at 5 miles per hour. 46 degrees in southern pines where it's raining right now. 48 degrees in erwin, 47 in rocky mount, so a little chilly outside. we had a lot of dry time today.
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it wasn't until this evening that we started to see showers move in, around 6:00, 9:00. they will continue to move to the east very quick over the next couple of hours. we have an upper level disturbance that's going to sweep through the area. the center of the system is still out to the west. we still have the potential for spotty showers even though this main line is moving through. we still have some showers in western north carolina as well. over the next few hours some spotty showers will still be possible. but this entire thing moving east, that allows high pressure to move in. once this settles in, it just stays here. it will stay off the east coast. it will be warmer next week and dry. should be some really fabulous weather. temperatures are going to warm up pretty significantly. take a look at the rain overnight. some intermittent light rain. by 6:00 tomorrow morning perhaps a few lingering showers in our eastern county. we'll start to see clearing in
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i do think we'll see some sun as we get into the late afternoon hours. we'll see a little bit more of a brighter sky as we wrap up the day. for tonight spotty light rain, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. it will be chilly. it tomorrow our high will be in the 50s. so another cool dawith more clouds than sun to start, then a little bit more sun as we wrap up the weekend. for tomorrow, 57 degrees for the high after starting off at about 40 degrees. by 8:00, low 40s, lots of clouds. it by noon, partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the low 50s. in teaching we should have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. monday is even warmer. 65 for the high. that high pressure system is going to warm us up and will be just off shore. winds flow clockwise around high pressure systems so we'll have a southerly flow. that will start the warming process. look at the temperatures. in the 70s by tuesday. wednesday 74. and then thursday 79 degrees
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the record is 81. so we will get close to breaking some records next week. >> boy, that is warm. >> it should feel good. >> thank you, aimee. two minutes left, right, mandy? >> in spot, we break down the unc win. and we head to the locker room
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it jeff gravley ha another fun one between duke and north carolina. fast s srt by u.n. cr. marcus page strips grayson allen ahead. the heels would battle back, but unc would battle back. unc up eight. at the half we go to the second half, duke living by the three. it is absolutely working for them. north carolina looking for some separation. johnson nails the jumper. he scores 18 points. the heels up six. now, duke makes it interesting. they get within a possession twice in the final 20 seconds. sown what that means. unc has to make its free throws. it they make eight street to seal the acc championship with the 76-72 win. jeff gravley watched this from
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>> reporter: mandy, we saw two all-acc first-team performers in bryce johnson and grayson allen. if you look at the series it's one game apiece. i said, what was the difference besides the score in this game and the one before? they said to a man, when things got tough, so did they. with the regular season championship on the line, north carolina has its lucky charm in the building. tyler never loft at cameron. this group didn't want to waste an opportunity to clinch their first regular season title sips 2012. >> congratulations, acc champions. >> thank you. it feels good. after these four years, three losses in a row here, to come out here, win an outright championship in cameron, i can't be more happier for this group. >> can you describe this senior moment to get to walk off this
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>> man, it feels great. after all we've been through the last four years, it feels great to be able to walk off this court and say we won the acc. >> reporter: how appropriate that senior marcus page scores the final points to seal the championship. >> as soon as i got the ball, the second half left, i knew i was knocking those down. >> reporter: page's roommate bryce johnson scores 18 points with a whopping 21 rebounds. the most lopsided number, rebounding. carolina's 64 to duke's 29. >> we knew the boards was going to be the key. we killed them on it. >> about the end of the day when they were playing volleyball at the rim, we're not getting rebounds, they were getting three or four shots a possession down there just because we couldn't rebound. >> these are epic fights, but that fight also includes rebounding.
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all smiles heading into the locker room. the only disappointment, they couldn't cut the nets after winning the acc regular season. marcus page says, you know what, maybe we'll trim those nets in our mind. carolina wins the regular season. duke will go into the acc tournament as the fifth seed. mandy. >> good stuff, jeff gravley live in durham. there were some other games. nc state already knows it will play tuesday in the acc tournament, the pack wrapping up the season with a trip to notre dame. this one in the first half. abdul malik-abu. off the bench for the irishr matt ryan scores a career high 17, all in the first half. state trails by six at the break.
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barber pulls up for a three. 89-75. seeding for next week almost 70. we do know. this unc is the one seed. duke which announced that amile jefferson is out is the five seed, and nc state will be the 12 seed. for complete seeding log on to our website, virginia playing right now. the canes and the lightning are tied at 3 in overtime. the canes just kept coming back in this one, but alex taking it all the way across the ice for the game winner there on eddie lack. the lightning sweep the season series with the 4-3 win. the duke football team hit the field for the first time this morning.
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period with scotty montgomery now out. there will certainly be some differences in the offense moving forward. the players say it will take some time to adjust. >> it's kind of hard to tell at this point. day one. we'll -- i guess if i start making mistakes we'll find out pretty quickly how they differ in that area. >> i did a lot of good things out here today. we'll always see things on the tape. corrected some of those. but we'll see some things on tape that we want to do better. definitely get to good -- good to get started and get the ball rolling. >> back to basketball i'm betting roy says, hey, guys, we can cut the nets necks weak in greensboro if we win. let's take one more look at how fans celebrated. >> hundreds of fans were out. you can see them cheering in the sea of blue, carolina blue, that is.
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been able to party like this on franklin street. aimee, the rain kind of came in and put a damper on that celebration. >> everyone kind of scurried out once the rain started coming downer. they're kind of wimpy. it wasn't that home. we do still have some rain moving through. this is all just some light stuff that's falling. it will quickly -- this is all moving to the east. but this is a really. >> i meant to say the tournament was in d.c. i'm so used to greensboro. d.c. next week. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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