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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a crash in johnston county kills a man and gravely injures a woman. what we are learning about the driver and his past run-ins with the law. >> there is a popular wake county principal who died unexpectedly. i'm kathryn brown in for renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie embrace a sticky friday. i have for other choice. we got that little taste of fall yesterday but it is long gone. >> it was just a subtle change but it did feel a little less humid. it was slightly cooler. we are right back in it this
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overnight. take a look at it on the radar picture. we start this about 7:00 p.m. you can see on the radar picture the rain there, some of it still back to the west and starting to move from the triad area back eastward. a lot of roads have dried out pretty quickly. a little wet in roxboro. 73 in 71 in south hill. it is just a subtle change from yesterday but it certainly feels more humid. 74 at 8:00 a.m. a high of 85. temperatures may only climb
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brian, looks like you have an accident. we'll take a closer look at this live camera. people are slowing down as you head around the minor crash. as you come through garner, plan on a 14-minute ride from 4 # up to 440. 4 4 -- from 42 up to 440. the trip from wade to 540 is only taking about six minutes. no accidents and traffic is moving along well on major routes. as you come in from wake forest and rolesville on capital boulevard and 401 southbound,
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other, all clear at this point. i-40 looks good through the south side of durham an over towards chapel hill. the durham freeway looks just fine this morning. road weather index, want to mention this because elizabeth showed us up to the north of our viewing area, along the north carolina-virginia border, we are seeing wet roads with showers. also into mecklenburg county, virginia. clarkville, ch towards south hill. a deadly accident killed one man and sent a woman to the hospital. >> police say the vehicle may have been involved in a string of crimes. mikaya thurman joins us live outside wake med where a passenger is being treated. >> reporter: details about this interstill coming in. we do know that the woman being
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critically injured. she was the passenger in a car which troopers suspect was involved in several other crimes. troopers have identified the driver of that car as 23-year- old robert tutor, jr. during the crash, authorities say he was ejected from the car and found dead in a creek. around 11:00 p.m., troopers responded to a hit and run and domestic situation on 42 and while there, they were dispatched to government road if a single crash. they found a white sedan. troopers say it appears that the driver lost control in a curve and it matched the description and tag number of a car involved in the first crimes. tutor does have a history with law enforcement including charges of dwi as well as drugs.
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. >> thank you. we have a lot more information this morning about breaking news from last night. a high-speed police chase that ended in a crash and sent three people to the hospital. the crash scene was in garner. police say the pursuit began after they tried to pull over this car for speeding. authorities say the man driving the car refused to stop and eventually lost control, crashed and rolled over. he and two female passengers we stolen out of raleigh last week. police say the driver will now face several charges. goldsboro city leaders are holding a news conference to address violence in the community. an airman at seymour johnson foreclosure was shot and killed. that happened last month. they will be discussing the recent surge in homicide and the action being taken to reduce the violence.
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10:00 this morning. the man accused in a deadly hit and run in fayetteville police say was intentional is now facing involuntary manslaughter charges. 39-year-old stoney riley made his first court appearance. they believe he fatally struck justin at kin after asking the man for drugs. investigators say the against riley could still be upgraded. chandler kania, who was underaged at the time, is accused of killing three people one euro ago. they claim his blood was improperly drawn. they contend his cell phone was illegally seized by investigators. the defense also wants to limit
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jurors are allowed to see saying some might be inflammatory. . a guilty plea in a series of fires that killed two people at crime beach. marshall doran set three fires at a condo three years ago. two women were killed. he owned up to what he did there and received two life sentences. county two year ago that resulted in two people killed. a popular local high school principal will be laid to rest today. dr.jane ped richt ck died earlier this week. he came to the system in 2015 after teaching, coaching and serving as assistant principal an principal at schools in virginia.
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new polls have donald trump campaign very concerned this morning. >> trump's reaction after a number of polls show him losing ground against hillary clinton. >> plus, amazing video out of italy. a plane overshoots i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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several new polls coming out within the past 24 hours an they all point to trouble for trump, donald trump. tracie potts is tracking the number from washington and has reaction from candidates on the campaign trail. >> do you want a president would stands for you're fired or one who stands for you're hired. >> reporter: has ark hammer as way at how donald trump does business, several new polls put her into the lead, up nine points in our nbc "wall street journal" poll plus significant leads in michigan and florida. trump down double digits in new hampshire and been pen. >> trumping in trouble with wisconsin. i don't think he helped himself in his own party where his support has been soft by picking a fight with the most popular republican politician. right now, there is a lack of theuvment for him. >> reporter: trump is not
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>> i say mike, you like him? yes. go ahead and do it 100%. >> reporter: now another republican has announced he won't vote for trump. >> it just seems he is hell bent on losing a very winnable election. >> reporter: more trouble for trump. today, he is back where it all started, iowa. today, former president bill clinton will be in the triangle. he will attend two fund rawsers, one in raleigh and the -- two fundraisers. the former president last visited the triang until march. a scare for passengers on a plane from charlotte to d.c. we'll tell you why the plane had to turn around. >> plus, violent storms sweep through new orleans. what a team for the national
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i dare you to tell that is. >> that one gets a 4.2. >> i feel vindicated. >> that is on a scale of one to 10. >> i like the way the locals say hatteras, two sill balances, instead of hatteras. >> they have to be able to tell some way to tell who is from
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they have a lot of who is nots. >> we had a little rain here overnight so it feels very muggy. let's start off with a look at the radar picture. we did have the rain starting down in north carolina and moving northward. ed with a for you showers. notice what is happening on the radar right now. look back to your west. we do have showers across the triad. while those generally are pull be up to the nort there is a little eastward motion to those as well. to see a little rain in chatham county, orange and durham county and person county. ments a little wet in person county and mecklenburg county right now and a few of our other counties near the virginia line. you head over to the east. here is wilson. no rain there and you can see the sun peeking through the clouds and it is nice and dry down nash street. it is muggy and it is warm this morning. our visibilities are down in some places.
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foggy but in term of some low cloud cover that has formed. sick miles in southern pines and raleigh. five mile visibility in rocky mount. that is an indication of low cloud cover that has developed. it will feel on the gray are side this morning. it is 73 in southern pines, erwin, goldsboro and raleigh. not a terribly wide range in our temperatures this morning. yesterday, we had a northeasterly flow helping to dry things out just a pushing right back into our area. we have this warm front to our south and along it, we have a disturbance back to our west. it will roll across the mountains into our area this afternoon. at 11:00 a.m., we could have a little shower up through early afternoon. into the later afternoon, expect scattered thunderstorms.
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and i think tuesday night somed intoing if maces where we had some heavy rain over a brief period of time. that is a possibility again today. yesterday, not last night but night before last, we had earl make landfall in belize with 80- mile per hour winds. wind are down to 40 miles per hour and it is tropical storm. it will just be spreading heavy rain. it won't have any effect on the united states. it will be looking great for rio for this evening for the opening ceremonies. temperatures look good in the mid-70s. they will see clear skies. around here, a little gray today. 85 if you are headed out to the durham bulls game. there might be a little shower at that point and into the weekend, our chance for showers and thunderstorms will be about 30% compared to 40% today.
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don't forget, you can check any time before you head out or check in with greg and mike before you head out this evening. expect it to be fairly pleasant with highs in the upper 80s from sunday through thursday. brian has a look at the roads. minor crash on 40 westbound right around the clayton bypass. state trooper on the scene out there with those flashing lights. try to scoot over into the right lane. i know it might be case, you just need to slow down considerably. 1 minutes from 42 to the beltline split in garner. still nice and quiet around the rest of the triangle. a little bit of a slowdown on 40 westbound as you head from gorman street out to the u.s. 1 interchange. as soon as you clear that, heading towards the 54, chapel hill road interchange and wade avenue looking fine. in durham, we do have an
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construction site has closed ellis road at pettigrew. you will run into a little bit of a delay there. something we'll be watching. right now, not anticipating any big problems because of that. we want to check the road weather index one more tomorrow. over in edgecombe county, picking up a little bit of fog this morning. on the south side of virginia in mecklenburg roads from an earlier shower. investigators maintain that there was no evidence that the man behind a wife attack in london was radicalized. police believe the attack was triggered by mental health issues. frank perry, the north carolina secretary of public safety says staying on top of terror threats is a never ending job.
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as far as active isis recruitment, material support and planning so there is no down time, not here. >> he says a team of local officers and analysts work to chase down potential terror leads. a number of plots have been foiled, he says. he says some of them made public, others not. recent terror arrests have been made thanks to tips from the public. >> defending a $400 million cash payment to iran. he says it is evidence the nuclear accord with that country has allowed for progress on other matters. the president vigorously denied the money was ransom to secure the release of four americans jailed in tehran. the money was delivered in january. that was the same time the nuclear deal was settled and the americans were released. a northern italian airport was temporarily shut down after a cargo plane overshot the
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the dhl aircraft crashed through a perimeter fence after landing. italy's civil aviation authority says the two-person crew was not hurt and there are no injuries on the ground. the airport was closed for about two and a half hours. some flights were rerouted. this is italy's third busiest airport. an american airlines flight had to return to the charlotte airport because of a cracked windshield. flight 1938 was headed to when the crew reported the problem. an airline spokeswoman says the crack was cause the by pressure on takeoff. the plane did not hit anything. when the plane did land, medical personnel met the pilots as a precaution but no one was hurt. lawyers for the man charged in the charleston shootings say he doesn't want to press charges right now over an assault. dylann roof was assaulted by an inmate outside his jail in a south carolina jail. the sheriff's deputy said the
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they believe the electronic door lock on the inmate's cell failed and the detention officers were complacent. a character actor known for appearances on dozens ever films an tv shows including the west wing has died. but probably david huddleston's most famous role was that of a blustery millionaire in the 1998 cult comedy, the big lebowski. he was 85. one woman recording on her cell phone captured a funnel cloud forming. the national weather service later tweeted that a storm survey found mage from an 80- mile per hour ef-0 tornado over awe half mile track. there was a lot of damage caused by the storms. parts of homes and buildings
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damaged. at least two abandoned houses collapsed development minor injuries reported in the area. both of the downed buildings had been slated for demolition. soy the court that delivered a almost every time i go there i see something that reminds me of why i like to shop there. i'll see someone else smiling and walking away happy, and i know that they just got the same great service i always get. i've been shopping at publix well over 20 years now... i always walk away happy. there is always someone
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good morning. i'm kathryn brown. breaking news out of johnston county where a man is dead and a woman critically injured after a crash on government road. investigators are looking into whether the car driven by 23- year-old robert tutor, jr. was involved in an earlier domestic incident and a hit and run. former president bill clinton is campaigning in the triangle today. he will attend fundraisers in raleigh and durham. hillary clinton's campaign says he will not be making any public appearances.
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when he was at raleigh's market hall. elizabeth says it will be a hot, sticky end to the week. >> absolutely. take a look at our roxboro skycam. it is much muggier. we've had showers roll through overnight. still a little wet in roxboro. not wet everywhere but we do have showers back to our west which may begin to spread into the western part of the viewing area here. 73 in raleigh. 74 in fayetteville morning. temperatures are fairly uniform. it stays a little cooler today. a god chance of scattered storms this afternoon. isolated thunderstorms saturday and sunday. a little warmer saturday at . back no the 80s for highs on sunday. we still have this accident in the median on 40 westbound right around the clayton bypass. a minor crash and university see a little bit of a slowdown
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there. we have a report of a stalled vehicle somewhere along 40 westbound not too far from gorman street and we are seeing pretty big delays starting to form on 40 west between south saunders street and avent ferry road. look out for flooding near a construction site on ellis road
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a federal appeals court won't delay enforcement of its ruling striking down north carolina's controversial voter id law. >> the court denied the stay one day after the stay asked that last week's ruling be postponed. attorneys for the state requested that they get a delay as they prepare for ask the u.s. supreme court to intervene in this state. state naacp president the reverend william barber issued this statement. the rapid turnaround in denial shows the seriousness with which the judiciary takes its responsibilities in the case. governor mccrory and those who supported this attack on black and hispanic voters must face reality. they lost. this is a quote from the reverend barb ir. the naacp says the law discriminates against minorities who may not have the proper id to vote. the executive director of the state gop is also reacting to the court's ruling. >> the ruling here is
7:31 am
with discriminatory intent but they could find no discriminatory result. voting by all groups is up. minority groups is up. registration is higher. it is really outrageous to accuse people of having discrimination in their heart when the result was not discriminatory. >> the state has other options to seek a delay. who should be responsible for monitoring water quality the us national whitewater center. that is a question mecklenburg county officials have trying to answer. the center has been closed for aa month after an ohio teenager contracted a bain eating amoeba on the course and died. the county manager said the county should monitor t commission ares may hand that responsibility over to the state though because of the cost. the policy allowing transgender students to use rest rooms that match their
7:32 am
the backtracking comes a day after a supreme court decision to put a temporary hold on a similar request by a virginia teenager. the ncaa is responding to a demand to do something about sexually violent athletes. the board of governors is asking school leaders in all three athletic divisions to consider legislation to deal with athletes accused of sexual violence after receiving a 150,000 people demanding that those athletes be banned from sports. more than two dozen former employees of carowinds are being deported. twenty-seven employees were here legally with visas allowing them to work at the park in the summer. police found them in the parking lot of a hotel where they were living. ten of them admitted to underaged drinking. police did not arrest them but did notify park authorities who fired them. without jobs, their visas are no good.
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sent back home. we'll learn today when the holy name of jesus cathedral will officially become the new spiritual home for catholics throughout eastern north carolina. the cathedral is expected to open in the fall of 2017. you see it right there. this is a live picture. the bishop will announce the exact date on facebook live this morning at 11:30. this is move-in day for shaw university freshmen. more than 600 new students are expected to move to the raleigh campus today, which would be record. shaw had been dealing with financial issues following chains to student aid and grant programs in 2011. the salary reduction program for employees went into effect three years ago but increased enrollment, cost saving initiatives an corporate and and private donations are helping the university restore the wages. a better day for shaw. >> we just saw the live picture of the cathedral. it looks a little cloudy and overcast. >> it is a little gray out
7:34 am
it is making it feel especially muggy right now. because of the rain last night, the grounds crew covered up the baseball diamond over there at the dbap. they are out there doing some maneuvers on it. i've been watching it for the last five minutes or so. they've been moving it around but i'm in the sure what they're doing in the middle. maybe they are going to fold it. there they go. it looks like they are texasing it off and folding opportunity. that is kind of cool to see, >> there is a game tonight so they are prepping for the game tonight. there is a chance there would be some rain during the game tonight f you are planning to head out, can you check the raid or at any time on wral or check in with greg or mike before you head out. this is what it looked like from 3:30 this morning up until now. the rain is over in the triangle. we are seeing a little bit of patchy rain down to our south.
7:35 am
get back to our temperatures. 73 in hillsborough 67 in henderson. 73 in wilson right now. if you are heading out the door, a little gray out there and it will stay that way for most of the day. 81 at lunchtime. we'll see a high this afternoon at 85. brian is here taking a look -- oh that is a different accident. >> yes, this is on 64 at edgemont road. or this is the bridge over 64 not too far from 64 business and rolesville road as you leave zebulon. you can see the right lane is blocked and some activity on the right shoulder. waiting on emergency crews to get on the scene with this accident. we are down to one lane coming outs of the zebulon area this morningment we are already up to an 18 minute reid on 64
7:36 am
business. -- an 18-minute ride. as you head beyond that, no trouble on the knightdale bypass. consider an alternate route out of zebulon as they work to get that dent cheer up. still have the crash in the median on 40 westbound right around the clayton bypass. the good news, it is not really slowing you down. the trip taking about 10 minutes through garner which is pretty good for this day. around the rest of the triangle, pretty quiet. a little bit of a slowdown in the fortify work zone. not really seeing any delays showing up. these may be aling old, these sensor rodings. -- these may be a little old, these sensor readings. as you head into west raleigh and beyond, no delays heading out to the airport and the rtp area. over in durham, ellis road near pettigrew, we have a report of
7:37 am
one lane on ellis road an a construction area. not indicating any big backups. coming up, the cloud of suspicion surrounding the russian team may soon be lift god how many athletes will be allowed to participate in the olympic games at rio. >> the new technology that
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7:39 am
the opening ceremony of the olympic games in rio is tonight. >> swimmer michael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all
7:40 am
flag and leading his nation during the opening ceremony. about 70% of russia's olympic team will be able to compete in the summer games at rio. the international olympic committee's final decision came as russia cut the ribbon on on their team house. the ioc cleared 271 russian athletes to compete. 118 others will not be allowed to participate. this follows a review of doping records. nbc's olympic coverage on wral of the opening ceremony badgemte athletes and lighting of the olympic cauldron all begins tonight at 7:30. wral kicked off its olympic coverage way cool tribute to this year's game. during our morning news, we unveiled an ice sculpture outside our studio. back then, it was 700 pounds. took a day and a half to sculpt. what does it look like right now. let's take a look.
7:41 am
that sculpture. will the ice last for the opening ceremonies? or will it hold out for just a few more hours. give your best guess as to how long it will last and share your ideas on social media with hash tag wral in rio 2016. >> billions of people across the globe will tune in to this olympic game if rio. this year, fans will have an opportunity to get a firsthand experience from the comfort of their living rooms. we learn how virtual realit being learned for the 2016 olympics. >> reporter: for countless americans, excitement has been gaining momentum on the road to rio heeding up to the olympics. now, sports fans can get a front row seat to the games without having to leave the country i don't everything from the opening ceremony to the closing will be captured in incredibly powerful first person video. >> reporter: this is the first
7:42 am
through virtual reality. tom harding explains that seeing is believing it. >> i think it is transformative technology. it allows to you pell le port yourself to the incredible moments, to be there in the center of the action. while vr used to be a limited technology, access is wider than ever before. the samsung headset is relatively affordable at around $100. >> that has brought the experience of what it is like to truly be that the event to a very rg experience it in a completely new an profound way. >> reporter: to see the games in rio, users will need a gear vv headset, compatible samsung device an a free nbc sportsapp. >> might just feel like you're the one getting the medal. virtual reality content will be available starting tomorrow through august 22nd
7:43 am
hours of olympic coverage. one of the best things about summer is tomatoes. we love tomatoes and this morning, brian and lisa are tossing a great local dish together that make the most of those wonderful fresh tomatoes. >> also, new strategy apple the
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as we look at big stones called mountains, we listen to
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jagger. >> that is rio, right? >> yeah. >> countdown clock there. eleven hours to go until the opening ceremonies. >> we heard from renee just a little while ago. it seems like everything is going great. >> yeah. >> very exciting. she said she had seen four mosquitos and that is it. >> four mosquitos in five days. >> you know that is what everybody wants to know. >> the skeeters. she said she is covered in spray. not going light on that. >> if i stand in my front yard fo see a lot more than four. just that time of year around here. it is rather muggy out here there this morning. we had rain that rolled through from the south carolina line up north toward virginia. by 3:45, most of it was up toward the virginia line. we had showers redeveloping back to our west. they are heading to the north. as we get through the next couple of hours, we might see this edging into the viewin
7:47 am
the first ones to seat showers. we are still dealing with a little sprinkle up in mecklenburg county, virginia. we do have a lot of cloud cover that is with us across the area. i was looking at our camera over in wilson. there is a little bit of sunshine peeking through there. a lot of gray sky in much of the region especially around the triangle. 73 is our current temperature. our dew point is at 72. it is warm are and muggier yesterday. we do have alet of these low clouds. -- we do have a lot of these low clouds. no fog out there but we are see august low cloud deck in many places and that is where the gray skies are coming from. temperatures are mainly in the mid-70s except for south hill, virginia at 71. it is 74 in erwin, rocky mount, fayetteville right now. yesterday, we got so excited because our temperatures were
7:48 am
was our dew pointment we are right back into feeling like august this morning. no 60s in sight on these dew points. mainly low to mid-70s so it feels muggy. we should stay in terms of high temperatures fairly pleasant. 85 this afternoon. 91 saturday. the only one of the next five days or next seven days that are likely to be above normal. we had a warm front been stalled south of us yesterday tart to lift northward. we are into a nice flow coming out of the south. it will pump more moisture into our area and bring us a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. we have a 40% chance of that today an any of those storms that develop could produce heavy rain and flooding. wave haylet of that in north carolina this week not -- we've had a lot of that in north
7:49 am
85 for the hue temperature today. temperaturewise, it will be a great day to head out to the bulls game. -- 85 for the high temperature today. before 91 saturday. 88 on zipped. sunday should albright great day to head out to the food truck rodeo in downtown raleigh. ten look great. this is an evening food truck better no matter what but looking at a start time temperature at 4:00 of 88 degrees. a nice looking week ahead next week with the exception of a for you scattered storms. brian is here. a couple of accidents the last time we talked. >> seeing some slowdowns on 64 westbound. we have an accident as you see here from the endmont road
7:50 am
blocking the right lane of 64 westbound. this is just before you get to 64 business. you can see the impact on your commute this morning. out of zebulon, that trip is taking pa minutes. maybe come up with an alternate route. as soon as you get beyond that on 264, it is a smooth ride to 540. but getting there is the problem this morning. an alternate route out of the eastern side of wake county. can you see the big red line indicating the big 64 westbound. consider using 97 as your alternate route. elsewhere, looking pretty good overall. over in durham, we do have an unusual incident on ellis road not too far from pettigrew. apparently a little bit of nodding near awe construction project. it has reduced traffic to one lane on ellis road. but you notice the green there showing no big delays at this
7:51 am
fine northbound from i-40 up to downtown. >> thank you. i know you love tomatoes an your garden is probably bursting with fresh tomatoes. >> we kick this week's local dish off way fresh salad. >> corn and tomatoes. it is august. >> in north carolina, we grow a variety of and even our heirloom tomatoes. so august is tomato month. >> and it is here today. what are we doing? >> we will make a tomato and corn relish that can be a side dish or you can put it on top of fish or chicken or pork, that sort of thing. >> all right. >> it is three ears of fresh corn cut right off the cob. add some grape tomatoes that you cut in half, diced purple onion, freshly diced hall mean quo pepper and fresh cilantro. in you don't like cilantro, i
7:52 am
basil. >> finish it with freshly squeezed lime juice and olive soil an salt and pepper to taste. >> i love this recipe because it is so fresh and all the flavors pop. and that lime juice. >> and the sweetness of the corn. >> uh-huh. >> delicious. >> can't beat that. lisa says she mentioned there, great topping for chicken or fish. look if the link to the printable version on wral. apple says it will start offering up to $200,000 to hackers who report security flaws in the company's software. apple is joining other tech companies that offer bug counties to people would discover vulnerabilities in their computer code. google, facebook and others have long offered such rewards. the goal is to fix the problem
7:53 am
exploiting the flaw or selling the information to others. if you are a fan of mousse south africa game of thrones, head to l.a. next week. a full orchestra will perform a live concert of all game of thrones music at the hollywood palladium on monday. the composer will there be to take questions. the event will include a number of interactive exhibits. you can walk through the hall of face and see the iron throne. costumes as well. the fan tasse thrill er will be coming to an end after season
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7:56 am
bill leslie her with your top stories. a ruling striking down north carolina's voter id will st a federal appeals court denied a request from state leaders in north carolina to set aside the ruling while they ask the u.s. supreme court to get involved. the court had determined the 2013 law discriminated against black voter. this is move-in day for shaw university freshmen. more than 600 new students are expected to the raleigh campus today which is a record. shaw had been dealing with financial issue following chains to federal student aid loan and grant programs in 2011.
7:57 am
elizabeth and find out. >> we had some overnight. we have some that is to our west right now. just patchy little showers that may start to roll in in the next hour or two. take a look at our south hill skycam. there has been rain on the radar up in mecklenburg county, virginia but it looks dry at the moment where it is 71 degrees. 74 at rocky mount, wilson, erwin and fayetteville as well as clinton. temperatures mostly in the mid- 70s now. our temperatures this afternoon remain a high of 856789 we do have a good chance of storms this afternoon, heavy rain possible with those. tomorrow's high, 91. big delays as you leave the zebulon area this morning head down toward knightdale. this is on 64 westbound just before you get to the 64 business interchange. appear accident over on the right shoulder. we did have a right lane blocked so now we have all lanes open. 36 minutes to make the ride
7:58 am
your best alternate route out of zebulon will be highway 97. take that to 64 business. from there, you can pick up 264 on the other side of those delaws. crime concerns in goldsboro next on fox 50. next on fox 50. we'll tell you would is z22sjz zy6z
7:59 am
z22qzz zy6z y22qzy yy6y breaking news. a crash in johnston county kills a man and gravely injures a woman. what we are learning about the driver this morning and his past run-ins with the law.
8:00 am
for a popular wake county principal who died unexpectedly. >> we'll get a break from the heat this weekend but what about the chances of rain? it is 8:00 on this friday morning. i'm kathryn brown in for renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. good morning. it was a deadly accident that killed a man and sent a woman to the hospital. >> police say the vehicle may have been involved in a string of crimes. mikaya thurman joins us eat side wake med where passenger is being treated. >> reporter: details about this interstill coming in. we do know the woman being treated here at wake med was critically injured. troopers say they was in the vehicle which they suspect was involved in a series of other crimes. troopers have identified the driver of that car as 23-year- old robert tutor, jr. during the crash, authorities say he was ejected from the car and found dead in a creek. around 11:00 p.m., troopers


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