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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 8, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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delays for delta airlines because of a systemwide average. we are live at international. a developing story in raleigh where police are investigating a deadly shooting by a home charged withur good monday morning, everyone. it is 7:00. i am monica rubber check
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chance of rain today. it will likely be the best chance all week. we still have some lingering showers from yesterday across o they started south near fayetteville and lifted northward. the heaviest rain so far has the from oxford to henderson up into, virgia. -- mecklenburg county, virginia. we and northern upshift through halifax. from raleigh southward we are not seeing and the happening. in durham and 74 in cary . it is 70s in goldsboro and 76
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the clouds will hold our temperatures down with storms redeveloping?? as early as lunchtime. we will show you futurecast in a few minutes. ryan is check the roads. we have some good news on the northwest side of raleigh. the accident that was blocking the center left lanes of 540 westbound has now moved over to traffic is now flowing freely with some heavy congestion right from the accident. not a terrible ride from l up to i-40. a delay free trip with 13 or 14 minutes. those backups are adding just a little bit this morning. let's update your 40 westbound drive times for wake county.
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confined to the clayton bypass. after wade avenue it is still a free with the trip to the airport a five-minute ride. checking the rest of the triangle, it is pretty quiet overhaul. the symbol in durham is where glen road remains closed from where it was washed out and it is closed between bundy and club boulevard. held -- heading elsewhere through durham is looking good. let's take a look at the road weather index. the i-85 corridor between the oxford area also i-95 in spots we are seeing some wet roads. back to you. now to the breaking news. delta airlines flights grounded across the globe because of a systemwide shutdown.
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mid is at rdu this morning. >> reporter: lots of people. a number of passage have discovered the outset ticketing line is actually shorter than the inside line. so these very few passengers that are here are actually being able to avoid that longer line inside. we t(can give you a glimpse of m through those sliding glass doors. here are some video shot one hour ago of those lines. passengers were aligned along the interior of terminal 2 here at rdu. some passengers?? have complete embrace the moment and others are increasingly frustrated because they are missing connections and also several plans. right now delta is having to
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-- writes in -- write in each person. a lot of frustrated passengers here at rdu. >> thank you very much. a-rod family is in disbelief after a man fired a shot police say killed another man. okra into 911 calls this is just the man used a shotgun to shoot and kill 20-year-old kouren thomas on single leaf lane. chad copley was charged with murder. he fired a shotgun from inside his garage and then killed thomas was outside with his home. coming up you'll hear portions of the call that led up to the shooting. there is a search for a second man involved in an armed
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jesse maclaren and another man wral rapper two men working on tile inside. maclaren was shot after a scuffle. he is charged with robbery and possession of a firearm. police are still looking for the second man. the presidential candidates preparing to deliver speeches on the economy this week. they both plan in detroit. as tracie potts tells us, one member of the bush family is now saying yes to donald trump. >> reporter: the scent of jeb bush is going public to support donald trump. -- the sun of jeb bush -- the
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to support donald trump. >> our country is losing its companies and jobs. our trade deficits are massive all over the world. >> reporter: trump is expected to focus on taxes, energy, and trade avoiding the tpp. hillary clinton's running mate said he will vote against it. >> we cannot have a deal that cannot be enforced. >> reporter: his numbers don't add up. >> of coursno numbers add up. particularly in the media. >> strong foreign-policy. >> reporter: clinton's economic speech thursday also in detroit will focus on the big jobs package she has promised. and an economy that works for middle-class families. a new post poll puts her eight points ahead of trump but they are even on who voters trust to deal with the economy.
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washington. >> donald trump is using a former apprentice contestant. he said, row semantical to campaign for him in charlotte yesterday. she appeared in the first season of the apprentice. she was joined by his daughter- in-law laura trump who is from north carolina. a marriage is the focus of a federal court hearing in asheville. the judge will hear a motion to dismiss three couples playing tax dollars are being spent on what they call it is committed -- a discriminatory law. turning to the couples have no standing to challenge the law. a new case for a local attorney who fights for those who claimed they were wrongly convicted as to court in wilmington today. chris numa hopes to free johnny small.
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was convicted of killing a store owner in wilmington. the winners who drove the getaway car has since recanted his testimony saying he lied about small but his involvement. other local talent diversity the world stage of the olympics. find out what sport and when. another group of russian athletes have now banned -- have now been banned from playing hurricane earl causes devastation in mexico. the community cleanup and the new storms that to slam the
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2016 summer olympics. on the schedule we will have gold medal events in the u.s. men's domestic team will come in in the all-around final. 100 meter backstroke in the women's 100 meter backstroke and breaststroke. >> so far the u.s. is a lead with 12 in china follows. italy and japan are tied followed by australia. former duke all-american fencer will make her olympic debut today. she'll compete in the women's
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to compete in the summer games. >> because they will be on a / wral morning, noon, and p zo7newscasts ?f]?like noon and 4 pm will air on fox 50. russia is banned from the paralympics. the head of the committee said the decision was a huge burden ? sports in the blanket ban is a contrast to an earlier decision by the irc to our individual sports to decide. russia's #t>?per olympic team finished first at the winter games. these fight against the 0lcflorida. ntinues qrl?in >> the possible new tool that could help provide the strut -- spread of the disease.
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[ music ] i don't know too. -- tune. do you? >> i don't. but it is a rollover pulled the covers back over your head tune. >> [ laughter ] it is going to be gray for a little while this unchtime we may see a few peaks of sunshine. this afternoon we are back to a
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it has been the third wettest summer so far. let's take a look at what is going on around re. there is some of ain stl hanging around. it hasslow moving with flooding and make issue all summer. we continue to have that potential for later this afternoon as well. right now there is hardly anything go on south and west of raleigh it is nice and quiet. finally starting to see this some heavy rain from oxford to henderson really starting to weekend -- weaken. we have patchy rain from tarboro back to the west for rocky mountain without a hold lot of rain overnight in wilson. it is lifting northward and we will continue to push on up into halifax where the rain is still on the lighter side.
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you can see the's showers lifting northward just a little bit as well. then everything down south is on the quiet side. we should have a break through sunshine -- through the afternoon with sunshine. it is muggy with 73 degrees in the dew point up to 79%. the visibility has been upended down viewing area. and then 1.5 miles in fayetteville. a three-quarter mile visibility in southdale. most everybody in the low to mid-70s this morning except for south hill. where is all this rain coming from? have a stationary front and it is sticking around through tomorrow before it begins to
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then we have another date with the same weather pattern. at 11:00 we already see a few showers down south. they become more numerous into the evening. possibly some lines of storms developing. not likely to have a lot of wind damage, but some heavy rain could produce isolated flooding. they move on up north toward virginia. look at this tiny cluster sitting off the coast of the hurricane center said it will probably not develop in the next day or so. maybe in the next days a 20% chance of development. nothing to be concerned about. 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms for this afternoon. tomorrow it goes down to 40%. after that, a keeps on dropping to 30. by friday, a 20% chance of showers and storms.
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up to 90s for thursday, friday, and saturday. brian is here this morning and has been busy for you, it seems. >> inhouse. we have in the past 15 minutes or so seen some improvement. it was blocking the center and left lane and it has now been moved over to the right shoulder. i just want to give you one last update on the travel time. we are delay free from capital boulevard out to icon of 40 i-40. stay in the left center lane on the right shoulder. let's check those 40 westbound trikes -- drives. there is a slowdown. gardner taking 15 minutes, but it is call -- all clear the on that. the ride is taking just five minutes or so with the exception of the crash we should you on the camera at
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flowing freely around the triangle. we have 64 business all clear leaving knightdale looking good so far. in durham nope trouble on the german freeway. if you are leaving the chapel hill, the ride from 54 to the german freeway is -- durham freeway is delay free. an american professor was abducted five gunmen carried out the kidnapping and australian professor was also -- also taken. the men were in a vehicle near american university. their names have not been released. documented communities in two luskin states are digging out from deadly mudslides as a result of heavy rains. 39 people are known to be dead. on the other side of mexico the
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the year -- javaier. shook this is the pilot fire it is in the san bernardino mountains and it started yesterday afternoon growing 10 mi.2 and a couple hours. this morning the red cross is working to help them. efforts to target the mosquitoes that spread the zika virus in miami. crews spent the weekend praying insecticide on the zika so a travel warning remains in effect. federal authorities have approved testing of genetically modified mosquitoes designed to stop the spread by mosquitoes >> reporter: reducing the population. shook we are learning more about the boy who died in kansas city. caleb schwab died at schlitterbahn waterpark.
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drop and reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour. authorities are investigating. the park is closed today. stuck the air balloon that crashed in a texas did not see the power lines ahead of him according to a source inside the investigation. they believe he was trying to sent to a break in the clouds but didn't notice the lines. the balloon caught fire and when down killing all 16 people on board. it is the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. a gas station in cary is the subject of robbers. a 10-year-old's selfless gift to others on his birthday. >>delta airlines is having serious problems because of
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i am monica laliberte with your top stories. gay marriage is the focus of a federal court hearing in nashville. a judge will hear a motion to dismiss a lawsuit involving magistrates refuse to officiate at same-sex marriages. three couples call the law allowing magistrates to opt out is commendatory. delta alliance says all its flights were grounded due to a
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were down everywhere and hopefully it won't be much longer. several were affected including the website. we will have a live report from rdu international coming up on fox 50 in two ms. first we are checking the forecast with elizabeth gardner. they are lingering at the virginia plan this morning. you can see it from wilson county northward of the i-95 corridor. even though we've had some rain at xb dry at the moment with temperatures exactly what you would expect. 73 in raleigh and 74 in or when, they bill, rocky mount, and wilson. it will likely climb into the mid to upper 80s and a chance again tuesday going down a little bit into the upper 80s. brian?
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it looks pretty good overall. we do have an accident right around aviation parkway. all lanes are cleared now with an earlier back up starting to work itself out. we are picking up some delays bill gardner on westbound. allow a little extra time. also in holly springs traffic signals are malfunctioning. the deadline today for the board election next on today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day.
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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good morning. delta airlines flights worldwide remain grounded because of a major system white network outage. >> this is cousin some headaches right now at rdu international where wral's mikaya thurmond joins us with more. at least the line behind you seems to be a little bit shorter, >> reporter: passengers here are getting comfortable. many are choosing to read, scattered their phones, and call friends. the city delta ticketing counter outside of rdu. people are lined up here as an alternative to being inside for the people -- lines are even longer. you can see the lines lighting the interior of terminal 2
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world. many delta ticketing counters are now having to manually check in a different passengers. in number of them tell me it is causing some major headaches. >> i don't know what we are going to do if we miss the flight. we will have to turn around and just go home. >> reporter: this is causing issues for everyone we have a picture from atlanta. hartsfield-jackson international is the largest international airport. as you can see, this is delta's lines that are there. delta issues also here in raleigh. does is asking all passengers to go online and check for delays for you got here. those winds will be a problem by the time you are right. mikaya thurmond reporting mike.
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and he has his first court appearance today. police say the suspected shooter is a white man inside his grudge when he shot and killed a 20-year-old black man outside his home. before mikaya headed to the airport, she filed this story. >> reporter: it all started around 2:30 am sunday morning when a homeowner reported a bunch of hoodlums in the neighborhood. >> i'm on neighborhood watch. it is 1:00 in the morning. there is something going on. they have firearms. if i were you, i would send the police department. >> reporter: the situation had escalated. >> we have a lot of people outside of the house yelling and shouting profanities.
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warning shot. >> somebody was shot? >> >> i don't know if they are shot or not. i fired a warning shot. they do have firearms and i'm looking out for my family. >> reporter: a warning shot and now someone was at. it got to be 20-year-old kouren th chad copleywas arrested. 30 say he fired a shotgun from inside oankilled home. >> that was mikaya thurmond. right now cogburn is being held without bond. friends and family have taken to social media to share why he was murdered for no reason. cary police need help find
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it was on east jackson street yesterday morning. no one was hurt. here is a look at the suspect from a surveillance image. he escaped with an undisclosed amount of money. the suspect was armed with a small handgun wearing a black ski mask and dark pants. anyone with information should call cary police. a federal judge wants to know how the county will hold elections this fall after the was declared unconstitutional. the state board introductions held an emergency section last night. the state board appointed white house. the state party executive director. it is time to check your forecast and elizabeth is telling us it is going much
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these days you just program it into your phone and it tells you where to go. but i still love the skill of reading a map. of course the radar tells you where the rain is. we still have some out there. we did have a happy sell -- heavy cell northward. it is a mostly to the north. we had a bigger virginia with some fairly light rain at the moment. we also have a line develop from rocky mount eastward toward harborough and out of the viewing area. nothing dangerous about these accept some water on the roads. taking a look at temperatures it is exactly what you would expect. 73 in apex and 73 in roxboro.
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temperatures for the morning time. lunchtime we should see a mix of clouds and sun and 81 degrees. we may start to see some thunderstorms develop. you can tune into mike maze who will get you ready for the evening to meet because it is likely to be a bit wet care. and brian is here helping you with the morning commute. north of the i-85 corridor, it has been pretty wet. you can see green where we are seeing what roads -- ads this morning. as you head between county on i-85 and also the corridor in spots between roanoke rapids down toward rocky mount and wilson. give yourself a little extra time.
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at dry conditions. over in parts of orange county we are starting to see some wet roads. pretty quiet over all. over at aviati parkway. overall, major routes are looking fine out of wake forest it is lookintrip on 540 e still looking good. re closed right now between bundy because of the wash out. use 85 as the alternate route until th cleare also looking good on us-1 through cary. on parkway, you do need toyou can through the area. back to you.
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uncontrollable movements that can be annoying to others. >> fidgeting at workcould have a positive impact on your health. new, spectacular video from nasa.
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it is something that maybe your mom told you to stop doing. fidgeting. it is a nervous habit that might actually be good for you. can that is shows us how it can help you stay healthy at work. >> reporter: sitting at your t sk a computer for
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not good for your help. reduced blood flow could lead to cardiovascular disease. did you know that a nervous is can g the blood flowing again? researchers say fidgeting could lead to better health. >> people sulted in an increase in blood flow. >> r healthy young men and women before and after three hours of sitting. research surprisingly found fidgetingincrease blood flow enough to rent a decline in arterial function. >> we believe any type of leg movement will be beneficial. >> reporter: good news for this student nathan who is a constant register. >> as long as you are not bothering other people, why not
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>> reporter: but they say fidgeting is no substitute for walking and exercise. >>?? brabson situations where w are stuck in the airport, it is a good way to preserve function. >> reporter: any movement is better than no movement. i am can't status reporting for nbc news. the university of missouri is doing a study on fidgeting and it was recently published in the american journal of physiology. gas prices continue to drop. the e price drop six cents . it is $2.16 a gallon. analysts say the declines are d the reason is crude oil prices vestrength in. the average price is $.55 lower than it was a a warning for all of us about
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skimmers. police in dallas, texas found the devices in four different stations. they all use bluetooth technology. investigators say the technology is so advanced the the utes can hack into computers from anywhere and steal your bank card information. out of the weekend record for a new moving coming up. the superhero movie that may have foundhe attract huge crowds. how one 10-year-old's
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of hazy out there. >> do think so? >> yeah. hazy and gray. we need something to help us get out the door. well, we are already out the door when we are trying to help you out. >> it is muggy and warm, but we are in the mid-70s now. we did have some showers and storms overnight still a little thunder a little closer to greenville. we take a look at what is happening of the 85 corridor earlier where we had a band of heavy rain which i started to weaken a little bit. you are going to run into some rain in southfield, virginia. as you head east of tarboro,
7:47 am
really starting to strengthen away from our viewing area. still northern rocky mountains with some rain earlier that is pretty much over with selfless of the triangle pretty quiet. here is a look at the radar picture. you can see all this rain lifting northward moving slowly and that will be what we will see this afternoon with slow- moving rain in the same place problems. there may be some isolated pockets of heavy rain causing flooding. in some places the ground is still saturated. here is a look at the roxboro skycam. we may end up with some sunshine around lunchtime. they could start as early as lunchtime. 73 is our current temperature
7:48 am
have been watching the visibility southwest of the triangle. still a quarter-mile visibility in southern pines. even in fayetteville. it is 70 in southfield with everyone else checking in in the low to mid-70s right now with a stationary front helping to produce the showers and thunderstorms we saw overnight. expect another round of the south carolina line through the day today. about a 60% chance today with a 40% chance tomorrow and wednesday through thursday 20%. into the weekend our chance of rain does go down. temperatures will go up as our chance of rain goes down. 86 for our high this afternoon with 75 this morning.
7:49 am
thunderstorms during the afternoon. we have a 40% chance of showers and storms later in the day. most likely we will not see too much of that. a nice treat late thursday night, early ready morning. this meteor shower is one of the bigger meteor showers we will have. 100 and 200 per hour. right now it looks like it should be fairly clear for us late thursday nig morning. our weekend forecast looks pretty good with upper 80s and low 90s. we have brian here checking the roads this morning. the accidents are mostly cleared up but on the northbound durham freeway we have an incident starting off in downtown durham. we will scoot down toward the
7:50 am
it was blocking the lane for a little while but not hit has moved over to the connector works out on 147. we are seeing some slow traffic and it is hard to tell if it is due to onlooker backups as people look at the flashing lights or if perhaps from when we had that left lane blocked. right now between ellis road and briggs avenue looking at some significant delays. nothing to affect your overall commute badly enough to consider an alternate, but we will have to watch and see if these develop. if they do, you would want to consider 55 as your alternate. it is looking fine over in raleigh with things quiet over by the airport. we have the minor accident right around aviation parkway. there are no delays toward lake
7:51 am
airport all clear. back to you. jaw-dropping plasma on the some service. nasa is said a silver flow can cause this to happen it is called cornell rain. if rapidly cools as it falls. they are cross fro particles. most of us like to get gifts for her birthday but a 10-year- old wilmington boy is giving away the gifts he gets. gone robinson is collecting shoes instead of gives. in three years he is already given 600 pairs of shoes to kids from the organization gunner's >> it just makes me feel better
7:52 am
>> words cannot describe how proud we are of him. it was his idea. >> robinson is collecting shoes until next monday. his family will then get them to the kids who need them for the new school year. players were in cleveland to compete in the yo-yo competition. it is not as biggest basketball but it is still pretty big. events were held fferent skill lels routines were included. an exciting we can for three wins -- at the zoo. look how cute they are. they are rory, isha, and amira. they were named by zookeepers, the buffalo community, and a donor. the latest movie to be
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breaking records. "suicide sqad" is already breaking out the competition. a shattered the opening record for august. matt damon's spy flick jason bourne ann dropped to number two bringing in $23 million. it is followed by a comedy about parental this behavior in "bad moms". that movie will pull in $14 billion expected today. you are a great mom, monica. i will tell in japan, dozens of giant yellow pikachu's took over the streets in the colorful pokimon parade the popularity of the game made thousands show up. who have the latest on delta airlines and the computer
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today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen... ...for more reliable energy every day. so no matter how much you do, we're always here....
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i am bill leslie with your top stories. a raleigh man accused of murder will have his first court appearance today. chs charged thwi murder. he used a shotgun to kill 20- year-old kouren thomas on sunday on single leaf lane. authorities say he fired a shotgun killing thomas who was outside his home. wake county's board of elections is facing a deadline to respond to a federal court order. a federal judge wants to know the best way to hold elections this fall giving the county's election maps were declared
7:57 am
day, elizabeth. >> the best chance of rain will be today and it eases up through the no of the week. arent we have some showers lifting northward toward virginia with a few of those in the area mainly up around virginia on up into the coburg county. take a look at what is going on with temperatures. it is somebody in southfield and 75 in goldsboro and erwin mid-80s this afternoon. we have a few breaks maybe around lunchtime with a good chance of afternoon and evening storms. 89 on tuesday and wednesday. in durham we have some problems on the durham freeway on the northbound side near briggs avenue with some slowdowns in the median. right now it is not addingtomuch
7:58 am
best to stick with what we are seeing on the durham freeway. a major outage this morning for delta. we are live at rdu to see the impact and to learn the to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50 we are following breaking news worldwide and right in raleigh. delta reporting a systemwide
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we have a crew at the airport with just in information from delta. plus, police are investigating a deadly shooting by homeowner in raleigh charged with murder. reaction as the candidates prepared to lay out their economic plans. this for joining us, everyone. it is 8:00 and i am monica laliberte. >> and i am bill leslie. breaking news. delta airlines experiences system issues. >> what a mess. huge headaches right now at airports across the world and right here at rdu international where wral's mikaya thurmond joins us with more. i understand you scott an update from delta. >> reporter: i can tell you delta has announced within the last few minutes the are beginning to issue waivers for those passengers impacted by this flight delay. i want to give you a live look at rdu.
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