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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 22, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50 a plea deal any deadly crash on i-40 during a winter storm. plus an update on the largest healthcare providers. cooler and less humid? is is a dream? no. it is a monday. elizabeth gardner will tell us how long it will ask thanks for joining us i am lena tillett . >> and i am bill leslie. i can almost hear the angels singing this morning with a news about the weather. >> there is more of it to come. over the weekend it looks like
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it is about to be september, so there is more and more of this cooler and drier coming. it would have been nice to have had this over the weekend. are wilson skycam is looking -- our wilson skycam is looking beautiful this morning. lake forest has 65 and 69 in holly springs. temperatures this morning have fallen into the 60s and the dew points have dropped into the 60s . still officially at the airport it is 70 and in rocky mount it is 70. the cooler drier air filtering into the southeast. we will end up with the same thing later on. close to 70 this morning as you are heading out. it will be almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we will talk more about are hotter weekend on top and mikaya is here checking out
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it looks nice all morning, elizabeth. no accidents to report up until now. things are looking good. i want to take a look at the durham freeway. this is 147 at alexander. you can see things are looking good. things are clear on ellis road as well and over on mangum street things are clear with the entire drive over to mangum street, it will take you just six minutes, which is perfect for a monday morning. taking a look at the commute map around the triangle we are seeing green. things are good in clayton with a little bit of bread in their said stars -- red in our sensors. raleigh and cary good as well. overall now things are looking good. durham does have a road closed,
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bundy with no issue to report now. let's take a look at those live drive times. we are seeing some delays with yellow meeting a heads up for drivers in the area. 501 northbound is also showing delays there. it will just take you 12 minutes. bill and lena? a man accused of killing enter a plea deal to me. >> we are talked about marshall durham. wral's julia sims is live with more. >> reporter: bill and lena , this case is one of two of which he was involved in the span of 10 months. investigators say he tried to
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2014. the hit two men on the shoulder of the road. doran is accused of killing winston-salem man's who had stopped to help a driver. prosecutors say doran never stopped after he hit them. later that same year, doran set fire to several carolina beach condos killing two women. be avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and arson. after the crash officers say they found doran hiding in some woods nearby. they also say he had been drinking. he will be in court later this morning and we will bring you the latest. bill and lena? >> julia sims and raleigh,
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11:30 pm saturday night on reservoir street. police say someone opened fire on the street. 211-year-old boys and a 16-year- old were hit. one of them was seriously injured and the other boys have been released from the hospital. the neighbor did not see where the shots came from. >> i just heard pow pow pow people running around. >> police have not released any information about a motive work one of the 11-year-old boys remains in hospital in serious condition. fayetteville police have a suspect in custody. gunshots rang just before 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon on ryan street. the gunshot victim was threatening to drop his suv into the house.
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and at last report the matter was shot was in critical condition. investigators want anyone was near the accident to give them a call. a raleigh man accused of animal cruelty is in court today. he faces a felony cruelty to animal charge. at last check he was in the wake county jail with bond set at $3000. fayetteville victim told detectives she was walking to a car at the plantation apartments near santa fe drive on saturday morning in the attacker pushed her to the drive. the victim could only give a description. blue cross blue shield of north carolina is catching up on claims after a technical glitch last week. the issues affected the ability
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through. the insurance company says it has been working with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to keep them informed. [ music ] we are sad to say the 2016 summer olympics is now in the history books and the u.s. has a lot to boast about. they leave with 121 medals china taken home 70 -- taking home 70. changing course on a major issue to get more votes. >> the controversial issues donald trump may change his position on as hillary clinton steps of her attacks. the change that could
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[ music ] donald trump's campaign may be shifti immigration. it comes as hillary clinton continues to label trump as insulting. edward lawrence reports from washington. >> reporter: after meeting with newly informed hispanic devices, donald trump may be rethinking his stance on deporting illegal immigrants. >> we need a fair way of dealing with 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.
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went on to say his position is to be determined as he considers policies that would help hispanic businesses grow. >> i believe that it donald trump's upside is far greater than hillary clinton's upside. >> reporter: in a new app hillary clinton questions whether trump regrets any offensive comments. her foundation will no longer take foreign donations should she become president. >> the steps being taken are impressive a that planning is taking place. >> reporter: this is a highly contentious race. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> today tim kaine will make a personal appeal of the our increasing convention in las vegas. the father of kaine owned a
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tens of thousands of people gathered in charlotte for the city's pride parade. >> awesome. >> record crowds showed up for the event totaling more than 200,000 people marching with flags and posters as others line the streets. this is the first pride festival since the passage of house bill 2 requiring transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their per certificate rather than the es identify. record-breaking flooding hits another seven state. coming up, we will tell you where they are cleaned today and when the president will toward what damaged areas this
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[ music ] did you know the monkeys have a reunion coming up next week? >> i did not know that. were? >> [ laughter ] i don't know. >> at least i'm the producer said that into my ear. [ laughter ] there is a limit of my knowledge about this big reunion. we were just told september 16. los angeles. >> cool. probably cannot see it around here. but that's cool. they had some good tunes. >> i don't know that they did
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>> right. they were a made-for-tv band. all right. the weather is good be very good for us coming up over the next several days. then people get back into some heat over the weekend. let's take a look at what is going on heading over to southfield this morning were indisputable. however, in other spots we have a nice little breeze you can see the flag flying at the clone a theater likes to play with his group. bill, we need to find out when you are playing. 68 is our current temperature at the airport with the two points dropping in the lower the number the less muggy it feels. 61 in roxboro and 63 in south hill right now. 74 degrees in fayetteville. the us to watching the cooler
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we haven't quite made it to the southeastern corner of our viewing area. i look at this at 4:30 am when we started our newscast and we didn't have this kind of a change. they are dropping nicely with 10 degrees cooler in south hill than it was yesterday and six in rocky mount. that is the difference that you can feel. what we can really feel the drop in the dew point. they have been in the low to mid-70s for the last weeks and now they are dropping into the 60s. especially low 60s with raleigh and south hill. you can see the big difference. it is all thanks to this cold front. at my house there was a number of strong storms that developed yesterday. all of that is over and we will see the high pressure keeping things dry for us continuing to final in the cooler, dryer air. this could change a little bit
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but we will see how that all plays out. none of these systems are likely to affect us over the weekend. as fiona dressed to the north, there could be danger -- trips -- drifts to the north there is nothing to worry about anymore. we watch this late last week with a 40% chance of development and in this new one with a 90% chance in development. amy over the weekend. are 40% chance of development is maybe going with the computer model wants to bring it near the caribbean islands and then maybe off the coast of florida by early next week. the other one which has a better chance of development, its current potential track could be into the north atlantic, which would be a much better thing. the tropicaractive. it is that time of the year.
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talking about -- eye on that one talking about it a lot with dew points dropping into the mid 50s. 88 degrees for tomorrow and our morning lows cooling off with 62 compared to the normal of 68. we do see some hotter weather coming back for the weekend. it should stay dry with the seven-day forecast having no rain in it. we will see hotter temperatures into the week but we are about to head into september, so we should see some 80s shortly. mikaya is here taking a look at the roads for you. we are having now two reports of accidents within our triangle. i want to take a look at the live commute map. over in raleigh this is near old ball road. you can see sensors are showing
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this past 440. we are also getting a report of an accident in the clayton area on 70 near east main street. coming to keep in mind. the good news with this is our sensors are showing grain, which means it is in great showing delays for drivers in the area is something to keep in mind if you are headed down 70. over on the durham freeway are live commute map showing and alexander is all clear as well as one for seven at ellis road. we are also not seen any trouble spots at mangum street. the drive is just about seven minutes. aside from those two accidents, things are looking clear. in chapel hill we are seeing some delays northbound but nothing too much to worry about. we will check on your rtp track times in just about 15 minutes.
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the white house after vacationing on martha's vineyard. he will head back to louiana tomorrow where he will tour the flooding devastation. about 3200 people were made in shelters. the heavy flooding destroyed or damaged 40,000 homes. officials are setting up a temporary bus system to help people in and around baton rouge. a series of storms brought record-breaking rainfall and flooding and pounded the austin area and to the south. high waters have been sweeping through the streets and across the bridges keeping traffic in effect for areas this morning. an investigation is under way in texas today after a train derailment. it derailed in roanoke, texas seven some cars into it's great. union pacific said 26 cars
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no one was hurt and according to police there is no threat of some hazardous materials leaking. the suicide bomber was an islamic state soldier as young as 12 years old. at least 51 people were killed when the attacker detonated his explosives amid a wedding party. the group maintains an army of child soldiers which it calls cop of the -- cups caliphate -- cubs of the caliphate. afghan forces are working to drive out the caliban. afghan troopers launched a new operation yesterday after capturing the district. the taliban is branching out from its traditional strongholds in the southeast of the country to the peaceful north. the militants want to fit the
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it is now easier and cheaper to fly between the u.s. and mexico. countries agreed in december to open aviation market until today a small number of airlines limited to one route. airlines can now fly any route as long as they want. american, delta, and southwest have awful -- have already this year. a large section of the ellison river is closed today. biologist are trying to break the spread of a parasite that has killed tens of thousands of fish. the park service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week. 83 miles of the yellowstone river is closed. the summer travel season is winding down.
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find some last minute travel deals. we will tell you where to look. plus what attorneys for
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the time is a 7:26 and i am lena tillett. blue cost blue shield of north carolina is catching up on a backlog of claims after a technical glitch late last week. the issue affected the ability to process claims property. a spokesman says teams worked to catch up on the backlog there also working to fix the problem. a man accused of killing two good samaritans to stop to help a standard driver will be in court today. marshall doren is expected to
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his already serving two life sentences. he killed two women there. is a little bit cool j, elizabeth? track absolutely. mid-80s by this afternoon with dew points drops feeling a lot less humid. you can already feel that as you step outside. lots of sunshine as we look across our backyard. the beautiful catholic western boulevard. indisputable this morning. 63 in south hill and 74 in fayetteville. the cooler air is filtering in from the northwest heading into the southeast. our temperatures this morning are 86 degrees and 88 tuesday and wednesday. mikaya? we are now looking at a report of two accidents right now. the first is in the area of raleigh at poole road and old
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delays and that is something we are keeping our eye on their. we have an accident on east main street on highway 70 just within the last 15 months or so. we have seen delays starting to build. we did get a report of an accident of south saunders street with injuries. a man accused in a crash
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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>> we are coming up on 7:30 pm. a man accused in a crash that killed three people over the weekend has his first court appearance today. police say he was driving when he crash on highwoods boulevard. we have julia at the justice center. >> reporter: good morning, bill and lena. we have the car of jaciel espino-montes filled year-old was driving along the highwoods boulevard in raleigh when he swerved over and hit a light pole and then a tree. 21-year-old nelson velazquez an 18-year-old thomas rim area and 22-year-old paul batista diet. they are still in disbelief and the tell us they remember the
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>> when he walked in he said it is fine and my son will be fine. nothing is wrong with my son but as soon as he saw the man with the bible, he had a bad feeling. >> reporter: espino-montes is charged with three counts of felony along with driving while impaired. he is being held on a $750,000 nd he is expected in court later this afternoon. we will let you know what happens. >> what a sad story. julia sims, thank you for the update. police are searching for a driver who crash on i-40 and then ran from the scene. he overturned at hammond road in wake county about 8:30 pm last night. there is no reports of anyone hurt. there is another motion in fort bragg in the case of bowe
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martial for desertion. an attorney for bowe bergdahl suggests the court may address a defense claim that inner fence -- interference from john mccain may cost bergdahl paper trail. he is accused of leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009 and was held for five years until the u.s. government one his release -- won his release. today is the first official day of the fall semester at east carolina -- university. they will welcome its new chancellor cecil stayton. he previously stored -- served as the president in georgia and the vice chancellor of extended education for the university system. east carolina alumni will welcome staton tonight at 6:00. stuck college students in the weekend settling in for a new semester.
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within 4200 students expecting 8300 expecting 8302 holder belongings to campus. there was also a new student publication at carmichael arena. nc state welcomed back its students with a block party on hillsborough street . it is called packapalooza featuring food, exhibits. students and their families were invited to join in the fun. that sounds like a lot of fun as you are packing your things and moving on to your dorm. >> yeah. you have always got to have a little bit of that. >> at college. [ laughter ] everybody is going to be celebrating the weather to -- too. i had to take my century soccer tournament yesterday afternoon.
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take a look at our wilson skycam. temperatures are warming to not as high as they were. 68 in apex. we have not seen a huge drop with dew points dropping already. it doesn't feel as much as it did yesterday. expects temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s this morning. we will continue that trend for today before temperatures warm up a little bit i will express for that will be an mikaya is here with a couple accidents. they have just been popping up within the last few minutes, elizabeth. you are seeing quite a bit of red on the live commute map. this is on the old poole road. they happened about one hour away from each other on poole
7:35 am
but delays are caused for backup two 440. the of the accident we've been watching is on 70 at east main street. this has no injuries but it has been causing delays up and down 70s. it is something we will continue to monitor. on the live commute map things are looking good. i will send it back to you, bill and lena. >> mikaya, thank you very much. rock rangers are working to learn who inj endangered sea turtle. they found the green sea turtle on the beach yesterday. it was believed to have come onto the beach sometime before too late a nest in the sand. the evidence found at the scene indicates a motor vehicle run over the turtle which had to be euthanized. biological technicians were able to salvage eggs found nearby and
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summer isn't over yet. kids and adults are counting down the days to the first day of school and labor day. coming up, how you can still find a deal on the last two weeks of summer. check in the importance of making a key decision early in your career and how can have an effect on your mental health years down the line. >> pick three numbers eight, six, and nine. pick four numbers eight, nine. carolina cash five numbers , cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback.
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are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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you probably don't want to hear this. the last chance for a summer vacation is coming up. however, this year it looks
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>> the last two weeks of the summer vacation season are upon us. it will culminate were record travel because of travel bargains. >> affordable airfare is making it is advantageous for travelers to get away. >> historically low gas prices are saving the most. but that is not the only way to save. . seen in the past couple of seasons. >> reporter: don't plan on using frequent buyer miles. labor day weekend is another blackout period. all the cnbc's kelly grant says you had better be using them somehow and soon. >> you might never use those points at all just because they will expire if you are not actively participating in
7:40 am
frequently changing terms. >> because they have changed everything around, suddenly you need even more to get there. >> reporter: labor day flying this year, resolved to earn instead of burn reward miles. it might be cheaper anyway. chris kraken, nbc news. >> the average price of gasoline is up over a half a cent analysts sa oil prices are causing retailers to mop up the prices. the averages $.54 lower than it was a year ago. the diesel price is $2.35 per gallon. hyundai and mitsubishi are recalling cars. hyundai is recalling 64,000 in
7:41 am
shift out of park. meanwhile which vichy is recalling 2015 models of the outlander sport and 2016 models of the outlander and lancer. that recall affects more than 82,000 vehicles. if you want to be mentally fit in your 40s get a good job in your 20s. that is a new finding in my study in ohio state university. those who were unhappy and dissatisfied with employment were more worried, had depression, and were likely to have trouble sleeping by the time they reached their 40s. there also are likely to report emotional problems. a blast from the past will take the stage one last time. >> coming up, and the monkeys will have one final concert in
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[ music ] by nsync playing ] goodbye to the hot weather. red, elizabeth? >> see you later. we will see it later. [ laughter ] >> it is a weather the morning. it might hit you in the head but we are getting toward september and we really have
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it is coming. a little hint to the fall for the next few days. let's take a look at solar farm five. our high temperature this afternoon should be almost 10 degrees cooler than yesterday with temperatures in the 60s right now in some cases. the key is the dew point. it is down in the 60s it feels better than the 70s. it really is just downright refreshing. we afternoon and for the next several days in the future. 61 is our temperature in roxboro and these temperatures will start to warm up a little bit. we never made it to the 60s but the big change will be a big 24 hour temperature change. it is eight in south hill and 7 degrees cooler and raleigh. still haven't seen too much of
7:46 am
southward. you should start to notice a bigger difference later this afternoon. no 50s yet but 61 in roxboro and raleigh. we are seeing 60s for site will also. you will start to feel the change due to the front which produced some thunderstorms by my house. the big change now comes behind and it is the cooler and drier air. the tropics have gotten really active. we have three systems out in the atlantic to talk about. tropical depression fiona is not likely to strengthen anymore. it was downgraded over the weekend and it will drift of pure toward bermuda. it may help to increase our rip current danger over the weekend. it should be too big of a deal.
7:47 am
development coming off of the coast of africa with a 90% chance of development. interestingly enough, the one that has a 40% chance of development it doesn't take you to an area that we are really th interested in. maybe toward the bahamas off of the coast of florida. it only has a 40% chance of developing. that we are watching very closely. this one has a 90% chance the computer models with this take it out into the atlantic. of course neither one of those may be written off at the moment , but we will keep checking in through the week. neither one of them will impact anywhere during this week. 86 is our high temperature for today feeling much more pleasant this afternoon. yesterday it was so sticky and hot with mid-to upper 90s. are
7:48 am
and it should feel a little bit like fall. 88 for tomorrow and wednesday 80 degrees looking at fairy dry conditions the wednesday night with no -- staying dry into the weekend. 94 saturday going to 92 on sunday. we have some refreshing warnings in our forecast. mikaya is here with a lot in seven wake county, especially. i want to start by looking at those live drive times. this is 401, 55, taking 22 minutes. 401 4012 u.s. one is 19 minutes. just a lot of issues we are seeing. we have a number of accidents that have popped up and this
7:49 am
saunders street near granite street. we are seen delays so that is one of the issues we are seeing. another is two accidents on poole road near old poole road causing issues both in the lane being affected as well as those onlooker delays backed up to 440. they are keeping an eye on an accident on 70 at east main street. they are maintaining and not causing too many delays for drivers. you are seeing some spots of red but not necessarily tied to any accidents in particular. area is looking good our window and clayton. you can see we are having a few issues. we will check back in in just about 15 minutes. bill and lena ?
7:50 am
bringing heavy -- heavy wind gusts up to 40 miles-per-hour. visibility was down to a quarter of a mile or less. this is at the phoenix sky harbor airport. took some of the pills taken from the estate of prince were counterfeit drugs that included fentanyl. l.a. two dozen were falsely labeled as the watson 385 identifying mix. but at least one of them tested positive for fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. autopsy results showed prince died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl. tests did not show fentanyl in the system properties death which means he wasn't a long time abuser of the drug. the canadian rock band
7:51 am
hip concert ever because the senior has been diagnosed with brain cancer. they broke into o canada. it was a big deal with justin trudeau attending the concert. the man behind most of the boy bands from the 1990s has died. lou pearlman the backstreet boys and o town. the cause of death is not immediately known. "suicide squad" is hanging on to the box office and is expected to go on top for the third straight weekend making $21 million since friday. the domestic total is now more
7:52 am
good enough for the fourth best movie of the summer. the animated flick such as party 's second -- "sausage party"'s second. the final numbers are due later today. they are likely to help with some are calling the biggest flop of the summer. the remake of "ben-hur" which cost $100 million to make but only made the weekend. the monkees will reunite with mickey dylan's september 16. they call it a perfect match for the 50th anniversary of the tv show. they will take the tour overseas while mess with --
7:53 am
book. the first published collection of the place of william shakespeare our display in idaho. hundreds lined up to catch a glimpse in the hallway here. it is published seven years after shake her staff. 18 of a large place are known today only because they are included in the 1623 publication. macbeth, julius caesar, twelfth night. into september 21 then back to washington dc. a young boy decides to ditch the idea of gifts's first birthday. >> we will show you how he is giving back to his neighbors in
7:54 am
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7:56. item bill leslie with your top stories. a man accused with a deadly weekend crash in raleigh is due in court police believe jaciel espino- montes was driving impaired yesterday. there is another motion hearing in fort bragg in the bowe bergdahl case. he is the searching facing a court-martial for desertion. and attorney suggests the court may address the claim that interference senator john mccain could cost him a fair trial. elizabeth, i feel the
7:57 am
yesterday. >> you can really tell the difference when you open the door. it will continue through the afternoon and for the next several days. getting into the weekend, it looks hotter. our apex skycam looks beautiful. it is looking pretty with not a cloud in the sky starting to feel the humidity. it is 68 in raleigh and 65 in south hill seven for fayetteville, 73 clinton. not a big drop from yesterday. 86 today and 88 tuesday and wednesday. mikaya ? i-440 has an accident with raleigh police having just arrived on the scene. it involves what appears to be at least two or three vehicles in our left found laying
7:58 am
marching over. the live drive times are a mess. you want to avoid for a one north if possible. >> mikaya, thank you very much.
7:59 am
? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50 a plea deal today in a deadly crash during a winter storm.
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glitch that created a backlog for one of the state's largest healthcare providers. >> cooler and less humidity. elizabeth will tell us how long this pleasant weather will last. thanks for joining us i am lena tillett. >> and i am bill leslie. him and accused of killing two good samaritans is expected to enter a plea deal today. >> marshall doran is already serving two life sentences. wral's explain. >> reporter: bill and lena, doran is charged with two felony accounts. this case is one of two he was involved with over a span of 10 months. investigators say when doran try to avoid a truck that spun out in december 2014 he actually hit two men on the


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