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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  August 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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new developments and what neighbors are telling us. plus, the subject of a wral investigation. years after delays, progress at cherry hospital. and the tropical system at the outer banks is expected to strengthen. what it could mean. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. durham police investigating a homicide. >> neighbors say that the person they found was a child. mikaya thurmond has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: lena and renee, this was initially ruled a suspicious death. i spoke with a watch commander from the police department and she said that the homicide team has taken over the case. it started last night at 7:00 when durham police officers arrived to the 1100 block of
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unconscious person pronounced dead shortly after. neighborssay they believe the young girl was 4 to 5 years old and police are focusing their attention a van in a nearby apartment. it's still early in the investigation and we are working to confirm the identity of the victim and the circumstances. renee and lena? >> mikaya thmo a woman died after she was struck by a passenger train in cary. 156 people were on board the train, and none of them were hurt. it's expected that she stepped in front of the train deliberately to take her own life but investigations are still underway. lawyers filed one last set of arguments over the voter id law with the supreme court.
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rules different from what was used during the primary would confuse voters. it's not clear when the supreme court would rule. a task force looking at reducing opioid overdoses will meet today. they are coming up with ways to promote treatment and recovery. the news conference is at 4:30 in front of city hall. the governor will be on hand for the long-awaited dedication of cherry hospital after construction delays. the opening is more than three years behind schedule and was the subject of an investigation from wral. it will create nearly 400 jobs and serve 38 counties in eastern north carolina. the dedication ceremony at 10:30 this morning and the
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month. we are tracking the tropics and one system is off the coast and visitors and residents at the outer banks are watching closely expecting winds up to 40 miles per hour and 3" of rain and rip currents and beach erosion. the d.o.t. moved heavy equipment into the southern part of the outer banks to be become impassable, something they are not expecting but something i they -- they want to be prepped for. amanda lamb will have reports. and this is a good time to remind you of the wral weather app that gives you instant access to the radar, current temperatures, and future
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play. and elizabeth isn't expecting us to be too bad. >> actually calling this wimpy. [laughter] >> taking it a step further. there is a tropical storm warning for parts of the coast but we're looking at winds just at 35 miles per hour with the storm and thunderstorms around here with winds much stronger than that. so, you know, it's not looking terribly impressive which is a great thing. we love that, and we'll take a closer look in a the wilson skycam, blue skies, looks beautiful and the temperatures, pleasant. 68 in holly springs and 66 in cary and 72 in rocky mount and erwin, and temperatures in the mid-80s and 91 for the high this afternoon. so similar conditions for yesterday and little chance of showers and storms tomorrow, and this tropical system will
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into tomorrow morning. and we have another one we're tracking as well which is not likely to have an impact on the area, either. but a front on saturday will bring us a lovely weekend. more on that coming up. brian, the map is looking busy. a little busy, seeing delays. but good news on the durham freeway and an earlier disabled vehicle around glover road, and it has cleared up and traffic is easing up. let's zoom seeing heavy delays in both directions and it appears this is starting to clear up gradually. a live look at the camera and slow going and the latest sensory reading that the southbound trip from mangum to i-40 is 16 minutes. i have noticed that northbound is getting busier, so the best bet is to consider using 55, the best alternate between
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school to raleigh and we have a report of a crash on wade avenue at edwardsville road with an outbound delay between 440 and i-40 and an earlier crash in apex on lufkin road, expect delays as you leave holly springs heading towards apex on 55. the ride on u.s. 1 northbound from 55 and apex to i-45 in raleigh, slow in spots especially between 75 and tryon and cary parkway's interchange and i-40 and 440 eastbound, looks okay towards hillsboro and wade. the beltline, 440 westbound around the wade i-40 merge, 33 minutes and 540 westbound from capitol to i-40, 22 minutes. back to you. a very personal problem that makes its way into the
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responding to her husband's
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general,
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but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. it's election day, not the big one but today we'll see primaries for several politicians affected by the presidential campaign.
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latest from the white house including a tweet from a trump supporter some might find offensive. >> reporter: debbie wasser man schultz and john mccain fighting for re-election all affected by the fallout from clinton versus trump. >> build strong borders. build a wall. end illegal immigration. >> reporter: donald trump preparing to layout specifics in tomorrow's speech. aides said he will call clinton's plan guaranteed amnesty and going for black voters after a supporter a poladvised for tweeting clinton in back face. >> i loved him. i have forgiven him. >> reporter: clinton top aide huma abedin announced she is
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former senator anthony wiener. >> huma is like family. >> reporter: trump suggested without proof that weeper could have accessed classified information. >> hillary clinton can't afford another scandal. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a federal judge is giving the state department until mid- october to abedin working for clinton at the state department. and indiana governor mike pence is scheduled to speak in winston, salem tonight. the republican vice presidential candidate made two stops in the area last week. there will be protests over his visit. the state naacp launched a
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raleigh. all naacp branches in the state are conducting voter registration drives. >> citizens, stand up. exercise your right to vote. democracy is hard work and it's essential that people be engaged. that's the only way to have a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, to exercise the right to vote. >> last month, a federal requirement and other changes were discriminatory and illegal. he said he is standing up for what he believes in by not standing. why the quarterback for the 49ers sat during the national
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makes you want to listen to the rest of the song. >> he'll be missed. >> h >> and of course, let's look more at kill devil hills. we have to talk about that, too. we're watching the storm sitting off the coast and, boy, it looks quiet there. you don't see a lot of rough surf, some waves there but maybe some rip current along the coast, and we will have the storm brush the coast but neither of these look like
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not even any rain at kill devil hills. >> this music matches it. [laughter] >> it does. >> a stroll along the beach, reflective solitude. all right. let's talk about what's going on here. we'll head out to downtown raleigh, and brian said it's getting really busy out there, and we'll let him talk about traffic in a few more minutes. we caught three school been heavier because everyone has been back to school. 72 is the current temperature, and the sunshine is warming things up nicely. a couple of hours with temperatures in the 60s, and the dew point is at 67, and it's moved up, too. it's a fairly typical summer feeling. 67 in henderson and 69 in south hill and 72 in rocky mount,
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74 in fayetteville. high pressure is keeping things dry for us, true for today and tomorrow. a tropical depression hasn't been upgraded. potentially, the 11:00 a.m. advisory will upgrade that to a tropical storm, and it will brush past the outer banks and out to sea. the best system on thursday and behind it, a beautiful weekend. we have tropical depression 8 here and tropical depression 9 is likely to be a stronger storm than 8. and that's going to zip across florida and out into the atlantic and hurricane gaston, not going to have a big impact on anybody. we do have a thunderstorm warning from morehead city to nags head, but we are not looking at major problems, 1-3"
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out here around cape hatteras, 35 to 45 wind gusts but not enough for damage. we have thunderstorms with stronger wind gusts than that. here's 2:00 a.m. tomorrow, so under 24 hours from now, should be a tropical storm but winds only at 40 miles per hour and offshore. so not a big deal for folks along the outer banks or any other and we don't get any rain out of this system. let's talk about tropical depression 9. it moves across florida late in the week, thursday into friday and it could dump up to 10" there, and then it will stay off the coast of north carolina with winds up to 60 miles per hour. that's impressive but it will stay away from us. i encourage you to keep checking in in case it changes.
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today or tomorrow. finally, thursday, a better chance of storms and toasty at 93. if you are heading out to the william and mary versus nc state at 7:30, you may want to take your umbrella. looking at 82 for the high on friday and kickoff the holiday weekend with gorgeous weather. normally, 86 and highs in the low to mid-80s through weekend with morning lows in the 60s, so it really looks nice for the holiday weekend. lena? >> thank you, elizabeth. dozens of activists plan to deliver petition from more than 600,000 outraged consumers over the epipen price hike. mylan said it will allow a
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the price, $300. the drug has gone from $100 to $600. the drug itself costs a fraction of the price. and a case from a transgender male who goes to school in gloucester county sued over the policy saying he had to corresponds with his biological sex. the court agreed saying that the school board does not have
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ruling. last week, a federal judge said two transgender students and an employee must be allowed to use restrooms that mash their identities at nc state. investigators in the nbi's cyberdivision covered evidence that hackers breached systems they are not naming the states but say states need to be aware of the problem. two cases earlier this summer involved online voter registration. a suicide bomber attacked the embassy in kyrgystan. officials are calling it a
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three people. and islamic state may have mass graves in syria with hundreds of bodies. the associate press has documented a map of 72 of the mass graves. the number of victims range italian prosecutors have opened an investigation against the builders responsible for construct buildings in italy that is thed maximum damage in the earthquake. they will start an investigation into the construction of publicity buildings including schools and hospitals. clear skies ahead for
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fly commercially into cuba tomorrow, traveling from fort lauderdale, florida to santa clara. it will be the first of as many as 110 daily flights by u.s. carriers to cuba. american airlines will begin commercial flights to the island next month. officialssay about 20 daily flights are expected by the end of the year. san francisco 49er colin kaepernick is expected to play against it is san diego chargers. this after causing controversy after refusion stand for the national anthem saying that he wants to bring attention to racism in the u.s. and he will keep sitting until he sees changes. a fight for freedom and what evidence prosecutors say is relevant. >> coming up, the fight for a
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he did not commit. >> and 911 calls released following the deadly officer- involved shooting in raleigh.
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i'm lena tillett. a person was found unconscious last night and pronounced dead. neighborssay they believe the person found was a child, a young girl about 4 or 5 years old in durham. and the outer banks are bracing for tropical weather. the d.o.t. has heavy equipment in place in case the roads become
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something that they are expecting. amanda lamb will have report -- reports in later newscasts. elizabeth? no impacts here, and looking at the rdu skycam, sunshine and no rain but we could use it. on thursday, a front will bring us a better chance. temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. 72 in raleigh and rocky mount and 74 in fayetteville and we'll see a high it will be hot again and it stays hot through thursday and the front thursday will bring us thunderstorms and a cooler weekend with highs in the 80s and sunshine. brian? 8:27, elizabeth, as we take a look at the live commute maps. we have problems in durham, an earlier accident southbound durham freeway has cleared as have the residual delays but northbound, that's still busy,
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mangum. so allow extra time, and slow on 55, so not a great alternate. and 40 out at 54, you can see slow traffic on the eastbound side. just looking at congestion the trip from 15-501 to the durham freeway, 17 minutes according to sensors. lena? >> thank you, brian. a job fair to fill hundreds
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welcome back. it's 8:30. this morning, two raleigh police officers are on leave after a shooting. >> one man was killed and an officer is in the hospital. bill leslie has more. bill? >> reporter: lena and renee, police say that the man shot dead by the old jaqwan terry. and the officers involved, one has been on the force since 2008 and bf burlson since 2009. that officer was shot in the leg. the call came in yesterday morning at 11:30 and they responded to a report of a man
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the radio. you hear officers call for medical assistance. >> i got an officer injured. he's hit in the leg, conscious and breathing. we have the suspect covered, hand still on the handgun. >> reporter: terry was previously charged with a possession of a far to arm by a felon, dwi, an putting the officers involved on adstraightive duty is standard procedure. back to you. >> bill, thank you. a raleigh man who once worked as a santa and magician scheduled to be sentenced on child pornography charges. he pleaded guilty in may in federal court that he produced child porn with children he knew.
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the technician turned it over to police after discovering the images. former district attorney mike nifong is expected to testify in a case of darryl howard who was convicted more than 20 years ago of killing doris washington and her 13- year-old daughter. defense attorneys claimed that nifong never told jurors that washington was sexually assaulted and never revealed that the dna found girl was from someone other than howard. >> someone believes i have relevant testimony today and i'll give it just like anyone else would and tell the truth and people can make of it what they want. >> prosecutors said that gna was irrelevant because it was a drug case, but defense
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raised reasonable doubt. the hearing for the new trial expected to last several days. the durham teen detained for months by immigration officials is sharing his story of deportation. he left honduras in 2014 and came into the country illegally saying that the gangs earlier this month, he was released. >> if it happens in those places, there are many emotion that is you go through in your heart. >> acosta is still fighting to win asylum in the u.s. meantime, he hopes to return to high school. blasting operations begin today at an intersection in raleigh, part of a widening project at mitchell road and
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and 3:00 p.m. and the routine will last about three weeks. this is the anniversary of hurricane fran that made landfall with 115 miles per hour winds and causing massive damage. a new 30-minute show on wral will air thursday at 7:00 p.m. and you can find extra hurricane fran coverage any you can see extra videos of the original storm in 1996 and you can watch newscasts before, during, and after the storm made landfall. you can go to our wral tv app or watch the videos on by entering fran into the search box. i know i look forward to seeing that documentary. >> me as well.
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always do a fantastic job on these things. it's worth watching especially if you just moved to the area. we are still getting used to hurricanes around here. it can be deadly. >> it was eye-opening. we hadn't had a hurricane effect us here in the triangle in decades, and it let people know this is serious and there can be major problems especially when it comes thro flooding is a big deal with the hurricanes. we are not likely to have much trouble with tropical depression 8 off the coast. not even any clouds that way. look at how clear it is. trying to keep things watered down. it has not rained around the baseball diamond, but just trying to keep it clean. it's a struggle. my grass is brown, and it's 72
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forest. if you are about to head out the door for the morning run, temperatures in the low 70s, and the humidity is not terrible. we'll see a high of 90 this afternoon. very little chance of any showers or thunderstorms. thursday will bring us the best chance with a cold front and the weekend looks nice. we'll check that out in the 7- day forecast. lena? >> thank you, elizabeth. it's something many women often overlook until late, our annual checkup. >> dr. allen mask takes a look
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welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc.
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few people look forward to doctor visits, so it's
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it's important especially for women not to delay their annual checkups. as wral's dr. allen mask explain, routine exams don't have to take long. >> reporter: getting ready for an annual checkup. >> check the blood pressure, make sure everything else is going good. >> reporter: everything else includes a breast and pelvic exam and a pap smear. >> vu work responsibilities and life responsibilities and children responsibilities, and we put ourselves on the back burner. >> reporter: they go over more than just a patient's vital signs. >> i will talk about recommendations about calcium intake and exercise and bone health and cardiac health. as you get closer to menopause, we'll talk about that.
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>> there is a lot of preventative things we can talk about in the annual exam. if you don't go or forget to go or feel like your health is important enough to go, a lot of things can be missed. >> reporter: jody makes sure she does not skip her doctor's advice. >> mark it on my calendar and with technology and smart phones i put a reminder on my phone. >> reporter: this year, she gets the prognosis she wants to he it's been going good. >> reporter: dr. allen mask, wral's health team. >> and it's also important for men to see their doctor on a regular basis even if they feel healthy. it's especially important between 40 and 54 when they are at risk of problems such as higher blood pressure and cholesterol and should look at screenings for colon and
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health and life tab on durham's theater has cut their deficit by half a million after finding a definitist is $1.3 million. it's been cut to $457,000. excuse me. a company from nashville took over bookings to increase the ref new. shows will start this fall. sean diddy combs is more than just making music these days. >> how it is hip hop music mogul is giving back in a big way. >> and find out where the top party school in the nation is located. and here are your winning
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don't normally hear michael jackson potential tropical storm but it's like putting a smiling face on. [laughter] >> we can sort of put a smiley face on this in that it's not a storm that will cause problems. it's cloudy at hatteras but the surf doesn't look all that rough. it doesn't look too bad with rip current dangers through the next couple days and through
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that comes offshore for say friday and saturday, and we'll talk about both of those in the next couple minute -- minutes but around here we'll stay dry and take a look at what's happening at the wral gardens. isn't that gorgeous? we have been watering the gardens with several wells on the property, not city water i need to do more watering at my house. my yard looks crispy, and maybe showers, too. but it doesn't look like much relief coming. 72 is the current temperature, beautiful, and the dew point at 67 and nice to see it in the upper 60s instead of in the 70s, still a warm and muggy morning, but not as oppressive as it could be. 75 in erwin and 72 in rocky
8:46 am
high pressure over us, and high pressure systems and sinking air typically keeps things dry today and tomorrow. here is tropical depression 8, and still no name for this one. it will be either hermine or ian. later on today maybe in the 11:00 advisory that we will share at noon, i'll let you and right back here is our best chance of rain with a tropical system off the coast. but this one, it will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms, and this storm, of course, will be tracking away from us. and you can see everything happening in the tropics right now. tropical depression 8 off the coast and tropical depression 9 northwest of cuba and hurricane
8:47 am
avenue the -- i don't have the maps wide enough but off the coast of cuba is another wave we'll be watching. morehead city to nags head, we are under a tropical storm warning. we are anticipating tropical storm-force winds at 40 miles per hour. so 35 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts, not a lot of rain with this, either. here is a look at the track but early tomorrow morning or overnight, it's offshore and not like hey so just gusty winds and emotion and over wash on highway 12, not a lot of rain with this, and maybe 1-2" is all we'll see and it zips on away from us. just a little rain. now, florida on the other hand as this crosses as tropical depression 9, they could see 6" of rain. this storm is stronger, 60 miles per hour as opposed to 40
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now but notice at this point, little of the forecast is hitting north carolina, not expecting this to be a big deal. hot and sticky for the next few days. today and tomorrow stay really dry and look at that. through wednesday, just dry conditions for us, .50" to an inch half along the coast. the normal is 86, and the record, 99. so thankfully, we'll go in the other direction and not end up with any reco, lovely through the weekend with highs in the low to mid-80s and fairly low humidity. lena? >> thank you, elizabeth. pnc arena will host a job fair at 4:00 p.m. today. a list of available jobs is posted online. and verizon threw the switch on a faster network
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to see the lte vance. it's not auto nottic. -- automatic. only 40 devices will support it. apple is set to launch a new iphone next week. 214million iphones were sold st down. they may also offer features for products such as the apple watch or macbook. no word on funeral arrangements for actor gene wilder who is perhaps best known for his role as willy
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young frankenstein. david chapman is serving life for john lennon's murder. he has been denied parole yet again. he has apologized for, quote, being an idiot. he had considered shooting johnny carson or elizabeth taylor but he said that lennon was more accessible. john diddy combs opened a new charter school for 6th and 7th graders in harlem. this is the 5th year with combs donating money to the project, and will eventually expand to the 12th grade. no school in the country throws a better party than the university of wisconsin madison. that according to the princeton review. west virginia is second
8:51 am
illinois. the only north carolina university is wake forest at 14. the survey asked students about alcohol and drug use on campus, the popularity of greek life and hours that they studied. brigham young university in provo, utah was the most sober school for the 19th straight year. and an olympic champion has followed through on the perhaps to visit his class who found his stolen gold medal and visited the yesterday showing off the medal he won in the 1992 olympics in barcelona. the medal was stolen during a car theft in june. chloe found it a few weeks later in a pile of trash on the
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>> wow. >> he is trained, of course, from north carolina where a lot of our olympians train. very famous area. >> a world that you know very well. >> kayaking correspondent. >> try and make a living at that. as we take a look at the a columbine high school soccer player found himself in a foot race with a goalkeeper for the ball and look. [laughter] >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> soccer player/-- >> sticks the landing and makes
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>> life is unfair and the goal didn't count when the referee called him offside. >> oh, what? >> what? >> that's the beauty of sightseeing. it's an emotional rollercoaster. >> i don't think it matters. that was awesome. >> it was great video. a restaurant in upstate new york has a political sandwich menu and the owner is poking fun so i'm going to read all of these. >> the trump sandwich filled with baloney, handle, cheese, and apricot mustard. hillary clinton, turkey, swiss cheese, and bleu cheese dressing, and the owner calls it an acquired case. the gary johnson sandwich, the customer can decide what they want to fill with and sales tax
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party, served in a container friendly for the environment. >> i don't know if they would like the greens, though. >> they will donate $20.16 to the campaign. and quickly, happy birthday to betty lynne who played thelma
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time now is 8:56.
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police officer injured following an officer-involved shooting in raleigh. officers responded to reports of a man with a gun and shot 24- year-old jaqwan terry. one officer was shot in the leg and the officers are on administrative duty which is standard procedure. our weather will be pleasant despite the system off the coast? that's right. it's still wimpy but it may change by the 11:00 advisory so check in with us on our noon news bit of rain right about now. it feels good as you are stepping outside. 72 in rocky mount and 77 in erwin and 69 in goldsboro, hot and fairly dry. 91 and 89 on wednesday with a better chance of scattered storms on thursday and 93. brian? elizabeth, we have an accident on the knightdale bypass between new hope and
8:58 am
shoulder but there are slowdowns coming in from knightdale and a number of minor crashes but the major routes are in good shape. delays on 40 eastbound between 64 and the durham freeway and northbound heading into downtown. renee? >> thank you, brian. today in the news at noon -- >> shots fired. shots fired. >> new audio from the night a deaf man was fatally shot by a state trooper in our next update in someone's hacked all our technology. technology...
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mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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