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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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bikers revved their engines today to honor veterans with a barbecue cookoff at the rate raleigh. you could eat all you wanted for $5. all proceeds will benefit the veterans. a culinary eventa culinary event to showcase some good food. the event also included a culinary competition. some of the winning restaurants included cleveland market the annual event is a fundraiser
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rockefeller center is looking festive. the christmas tree a 95-foot tree from new york rolled in on a truck today. the lighting will be november 30th. you can watch the special on our sister station. it feels like christmas outside. >> it does, tonight is our first freeze. it is going to be very cold tonight. a freeze warning in effect for just about everywhere except for the mecklenburg county. temperatures will get down into the mid-20s to lower 30s. certainly a very cold start to sunday. temperatures are already below freezing in roxborough where it is 28.
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38 in fayetteville. already very cold out there and we still have several hours before the sun will rise. here is a look at where we stand as far as when we compare right now to this time yesterday. we are about 20 degrees colder in many locations. 230 colder in irwin. this is some arctic air coming from canada thanks to an area of high pressure. camera,a quiet night with clear skies. the wind is currently call him. they were a bit blustery this afternoon. the dew point is at 29. humidity at 82%. here is a look at radar. no rain for us today and that is very unfortunate for the mountains where they are dealing with all of those fires. they will not get any relief
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may be a little rain tomorrow night but most of it will be over eastern north carolina. high pressure settling in from the north. it will be cold tonight. anywhere under this high pressure area you will be cold. we will have a little bit of rain tomorrow night and monday but unfortunately it does not look like the mountains will get very much of it. here is radar tonight, keep an eye on the mountains and also this is 8:00 tomorrow morning, dry but plenty of sunshine. as we get into the afternoon some showers are possible. also keep in mind the air is very dry right now so it will take time for the atmosphere to moist in up and for the rain to reach the ground. 6:00 a few out -- 6:00 a few
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11:00 tomorrow night notice the mountains not getting much of anything. monday morning some showers certainly possible. the system continues to pull away to the north and we will have clear skies monday night. that is something to keep in mind when it comes to the super moon. temperatures tonight are going to be cold. it does not matter where you freeze tonight. at 8:00 temperatures are up to 33. lots of clouds in the morning. high of 61 tomorrow. clouds continue to come in from the south. eventually we will get rain tomorrow night. 61 for a high tomorrow. tomorrow night and monday night we have the potential of seeing a really neat super moon. this is the closest the moon
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sunday you may have a better chance of seeing it. monday clearing so, i think everyone has a good shot of seeing it just after sunset on monday. 55 for 55 for a high on monday with early showers. 60s and 70s through next saturday. >> that is great weather for the christmas party next saturday. we have had many upsets today. let's start with georgia. next in sports north carolina
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nc state got the win it needed to keep hopes of a ball game alive. it was a close one. finley hits kelvin harbin. this kid can play. he goes in for the touchdown. syracuse has that highflying offense so really big play to answer here from mahoney makes it 21-17. perfect pass. dayes to the rescue.
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the most. dayes with over 100 yards today. they break the four game losing streak with the victory. >> huge us that -- huge upset today. clemson leading pittsburgh in the 4th quarter. watch james conner. he made his way to the end zone. can they hold on? no. six seconds to play. a 48-yard field goal attempt is good. the number 2 team loses 43-42. >> wake forest on the road in louisville. they have played very well in this one. top 12-10 in the 4th quarter. radcliffe giving the cardinals the lead. right now louisville is pulling
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>> georgia tech trying to help north carolina in the coastal division. raleigh native marshall making everyone proud. he takes off for 56 yards. georgia tech gets the win 30- 20. the hokies still in control of the coastal. tar heels very happy about that one. >> the boys will break down an exciting day of football tomorrow morning on the "local -- on the "logan -- the boys will break down an exciting day of football tomorrow morning on
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you can catch that tomorrow morning. >> north carolina central got the win today also. they have a chance to get to the championship next week. >> one thing we talked about the entire season is overcoming adversity. we overcame a lot of adversity. at the end of the day we are putting ourselves in a position to win the championship. >> the eagle basketball team oakland today at marshall losing 81-69. they will play monday night at ohio state.
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1st half jefferson with the give and go for the dunk. he had 15 points. nice effort by the senior. jackson in the corner for three. 21 points for the freshman. 2nd half. look at grayson allen. that is why he is one of the best. duke is 2-0 getting the win today. the coach not too worried about the injuries on his bench right now. >> right now we have to be this team. we can't think about who we could be. the focus has got to be how to win right now with this team. because it -- i can't give you a time. i don't anticipate these guys playing on tuesday.
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witha big win beating wofford. >> hurricanes and capitals in raleigh. capitals up 1-0. the 19 year old gets his first goal. look at him flying in there. victor rask makes it 4-1 in the 2nd period. cam ward excellent internet tonight. hurricanes win big over washington. >> i feel like it has been coming for ts we have been down in quite a few games. we have been quite found exactly what we wanted but tonight was what we needed every night. >> nc state women's soccer team they are in double overtime right now. >> wow!
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? ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah... ? (doorbell rings) oh, thank you, god. hey, you busy right now? why? what's up? hey, michael! come on in, sweetness! leaving your friend standing out there like a jehovah's witness. wipe your feet-- we just vacuumed the rug. oh, we did? boy ain't touched a vacuum cleaner and i ain't gonna tell you what he was doing with it. can i get you some iced tea, maybe something harder? if you don't drink on saturday night, you got nothing to talk to jesus about on sunday morning. i'm fine, nana. i just came by to ask carl something. what you want? listen to him. "what you want?" trying to act all gangsta and everything.
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about my will-do's and won't-do's in the bedroom. wait, you actually have won't-do's? thank you so much for this. she's a cosmetologist. and just to clear up any confusion, that is not a russian astronaut. not that she couldn't be one if she really applied herself. i work at several different funeral homes around the city. funeral homes. yeah. d people. i thought that was the symphony. i didn't say a word, and i had a wonderful time. so, what you're saying is, you apply makeup to the recently deceased. tell him about the time you got really baked and made that 80-year-old woman look like the drummer in kiss. (laughs): oh, yeah. one time, i got really baked
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what a great story! yeah, it's so much better when she tells it. you know, uh, carl and i have been partners five years, come november the eighth. has it been five years? pretty impressive, huh? nice single guy, same job for five years that's not court-mandated. and not to embarrass him, oh, now, don't be bringing that up. these girls don't need to know all about my heroics. you gonna tell the story or not? well, first time was an armed robbery at a liquor store. the owner was on the ground, out cold, and while i was checking his vitals, the perp came busting out of the storeroom, gun in hand. oh, my god. what did you do? i didn't have time to think. but this guy came out of nowhere like a ninja.
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cuffed the guy, barely even broke a sweat. what was the second time he saved your life? last year's oktoberfest. they were selling two-for-one bratwursts. me and three guys in lederhosen had to link arms and give him the heimlich. wow. you are a real hero, officer carl. oh, no. little bit. (people gasping) michael jordan just walked by. sweet lord, it is. that's jordan. i love michael jordan. i don't know what it is about bald, black men. they're just so sexy. (quietly): thank you again. michael jordan's a punk-ass ... damn, they seemed to really be hitting it off. yeah, tough break. poor guy.
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aw, geez, you really want to open that can of worms? i mean, i'm a good-looking guy, i'm in top-top physical condition. you're a dreamboat, but it was michael jordan. come on, i'd run off with the guy. can i tell you a little secret? then it's not a secret. i guess maybe i am a little jealous of you and molly. i understand. don't worry about it. vaya con dios. i've seen the way you two look at each other, and... i just wish i had something like that in my life. you'll find that, carl, i know you will. well, sleep tight. you know, my dad left when i was very young. as dads will do-- you learn, you grow. good night, carl. i don't know what i'd do if i lost you as a friend. is that what you're worried about? you think me dating molly is gonna change our friendship? that's never gonna happen. i appreciate you saying that. from the heart.
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she gave you the green light? yes, she did. and you still took the time to talk to me? that is so sweet. get out of the car! right, right. get it done. you need a couple of condoms? that crazy sister slipped me some when i shook her hand. out. out! i'm going, i'm going. (tires screeching) i love you, man! love you, too! joyce: intruder! (loud bang) oh, my god, mike! uh, i-i know this is bad, but... i'd like to point out,
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oh, mike, i'm so sorry. me, too. i thought the most painful thing i was gonna have to do to ... was sit through that symphony. you're gonna be fine. you just need to get your skull x-ray'd. okay. can you talk to your mom? i don't mind the occasional fat joke, but i take exception to having my skull caved in.
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(male narrator) previously on hell's kitchen... the teams faced their first major palate test when they had to identify the surf and turf proteins - used in a dish. - pair up. decide your order. (narrator) heidi and ryan's decision to pair up... me and ryan. (narrator) had some of the other chefs fuming. you don't want to mix it up? shaina, if you don't have a strong palate, you shouldn't be in this competition. (gordon) wrong! (narrator) the red team lost a ton of time... - come on, ladies. - wrong! - and frog legs. - no! (narrator) when shaina and aziza were unable to identify squab. i don't know what squab is. i'm gonna research squab. i'm gonna google it. wrong! cut that burger in half. let's see it. (narrator) the blue team's decision to pair stronger palates... it looks like a scallop. (narrator) with weaker palates... - scallop, venison. - scallop, venison. whoo! (narrator) proved to be a smart strategic move.


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