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tv   Rewind News  FOX  November 20, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm EST

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of possible voter fraud continue to plague the outcome of elections statewide. new developments in the murder of michael jordan's father. what documents the prosecution must turn over.. and - children in need of a loving family - find their forever homes, just in time for the holidays. i'm ken smith, lets rewind... good evening...thanks for joining are some other stories information about a murder- suicide in granville county.... the court martial of sgt bowe bergdahl will start sooner than expected... and....a raleigh woman is charged with abandoning her two young children... on monday.. new information about a murder suicide involving a granville county sheriff's deputy and his wife. jeremy pearce filed a protective order against his wife in september. he later dropped the claim. the 2 were also involved in a bitter custody battle. police say jeremy pearce forced his way into becky pearce's parents
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police arrived - both were dead. the couple's two small children were found safe in a separate area of the home. friends are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy. "she would always greet you with a big hug and a big smile. she was a christian and she was proud of that." the granville county sheriff says, he placed jeremy pearce on a 30 day paid suspension - but did not say why. he did say -- it was not related to the domestic problems between the couple. the court martial of sgt bowe will start sooner than expected. the judge set april 18th as the start of the military trial. also, the presiding judge says, he would wait to rule about the admissibility of evidence closer to.. or during.. the trial. a raleigh woman is accused of briefly abandoning her two children in the heritage park neighborhood. witnesses tell police, the woman ran after a man and left the children unattended on the sidewalk. the girls are two and three years old. the woman later returned to get the children, but police eventually caught up
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arrested. the children were placed with relatives. she faces 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. her next court appearance is december 12th. the beaufort inlet was temporarily closed -- after a cargo ship ran aground thursday. tug boats helped re-float the ship during high tide and got it to the morehead city state port. the coast guard says no one was hurt and there's no damage to the ship. some hurricane matthew victims say, they still have not gotten the relief help of edgecombe county voiced their concerns friday at the second regional meeting of the hurricane matthew recovery committee. after updating victims on relief efforts . the committee listened to their concerns asking for their biggest needs . and pledging to offer relief . or guidance. jenny hinnant / coneta resident 22 c45 13:50:21 now i'm paying for hotels out of my pocket :25 tomorrow we have to be out of the hotel so whatdo we do :30 i still have bills at my home where i'm supposed to be living but i can't stay in :26 do i pay for a hotel or pay
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better after speaking one- on-one with fema at the meeting. three more meetings are scheduled over the next 2 weeks in fayetteville, greenville and kinston. friday was the day election results were supposed to be certified. those numbers would confirm the winner in the undecided governor's race. but that's not the case. the results in dozens of counties are under review. some challenges were dismissed, wh the bottom line - we still don't know who wins the governor's race. durham county is one of the counties where votes were under review. wral's sarah krueger explains why that challenge was dismissed. that was sarah krueger
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the state is moving forward in finding out who the next governor will be. as we've reported, it could be days or even weeks before we know the results after provisional ballots have been counted. wral's capitol bureau chief laura leslie tells us what the campaigns are saying about this process. republican-led elections boards in wake and five other counties dismissed allegations by the pat mccrory campaign of widespread voting fraud. the campaign declined to speak with us on camera, but said it will appeal those protests to the state elections board. "the evidence of this voter fraud must be taken seriously if we are going to have any faith in our system," said mccrory campaign spokesman ricky diaz. 1247 this is a desperate attempt by a desperate politician who has lost a race. 51 morgan jackson with the roy cooper campaign says even other
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161518 this is a hail mary hit but there's no receiver in the end zone. he's just throwing the ball down the field and acting like there may be somebody able to catch it. the truth of the matter is he's losing votes every day cooper is gaining every day 29 he's dragging this process out in hopes of some magical thing happening and it's just not. 1534 county boards can't finalize their results until they receive data on provisional voters from the state dmv. diaz pointed out that many counties haven't even started to count provisional and "let's be clear: the counting is not complete and there is still no certified outcome," diaz said. jackson says the allegations of fraud are not just frivolous - they're undemocratic. 1449 they're undercutting sort of the electoral process, undermining the process and what voters' confidence is in the process. and that's unfortunate. the governor knows better the state of north carolona deserves better. it's time to concede it's time to move on. 1502 that was laura leslie reporting... the dmv has finished researching
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still likely to take several days to match up the information. north carolina n- double-a-c-p president reverend william barber talked about the election battles around the state. he accused some republicans of being racially motivated in their election protests. ........respect the election. barber also stressed the importance of fighting to protect voting rights for all. it'll be a few more weeks before wake county school board members take assignment proposal. three new schools will soon be opened in the county. some students from mills park elementary could be moved to fill one of those schools, horton's creek elementary. parents are upset at the proposal and say it splits their community. they also say, in time, horton's creek would become overcrowded. school board members say -- they want to look at the numbers one more time before making a decision. it's been 23 years since the murder of michael jordan's father. next on rewind..what a
10:43 pm firefighters from the triangle are helping fight the fires in the north carolina mountains. new developments in the murder
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judge ordered the prosecution to search for documents that it may have been withheld during the trial. the request came from attorneys for dani men convicted of killing james jordan. wral's gilbert baez explains why the judge ruled in favor of the defense. daniel green appeared in front of superior court judge michael beale. he sat quietly but was paying close attention. the defense says james jordan was murdered because he witnessed a drug deal by larry demery and was driving an expensive lexus. the defense contends that demery alone killed jordan and green's only role in the death of michael jordan's father was to help dispose of the body. defense attorney scott holmes says demery's first phone call from
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car was made to hubert larry deese... a convicted drug dealer. the fbi discovered deese is the son of hubert stone. stone was the robeson county sheriff at the time of the investigation. the defense says stone withheld evidence to protect his son. green's attorneys filed a motion to get interviews between the sbi... demery and deese during the time of investigation and up to the time deese requested a deal to lessen his drug sentence. the judge agreed. "the court's order has ordeed look for some documents and we look forward to seeing what it leads to." the defense hopes that it leads to a new trial for green. the prosecution argued that they turned over all the documents they had in the case. but a newly discovered f-b-i text suggests that the state bureau of investigation had planned to interview deese. it's information and an interview never presented in court during the original trial. "and we're hoping that we can get before the court on the issues that we've raised in our pleading. so... we're
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today." that was gilbert biaz reporting.. the judge also ordered the prosecution to get him the criminal investigation file of former sheriff hubert stone. the judge wants to determine if any of that evidence should be turned over to the defense as well. all this has to be done by december 9th... the next court date in the case. we now have 16 wildfires..burning thousands of acres in north carolina. there is - some encouraging news... firefighters at the party rock fire were able to establish and maint hundreds of firefighters are working to protect homes and other structures from the flames. dozens of firefighters from wake county boarded a bus this week- to help battle flames in the west. roughly 60 firefighters will replace crews who have spent the past several days at lake lure. smoke from those wildfires didn't stop area football games this weekend. you can see the haze lingering over the field here at middle creek high school in apex.... raleigh police are investigating what
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of cross link road and herndon village way. the bus appeared to be the only vehicle involved. no students were on board at the time. the driver of the bus was taken to the hospital to be checked out. police will only say, the incident is being investigated as a traffic accident. a cary man is due in court monday on child pornography charges. police arrested 27 year old christopher farinella. he's charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. according to the arrest warrant, police found sexually explicit videos of children between the ages of 4 and 11 in his possession. farinella is being held on half a dream come true for local couples waiting to adopt a child... "welcome the newest member of the family...will. still ahead - the celebration for dozens of children - and couple's who've been waiting a long time for this. and his heart may be 2 sizes too small, but here he had the strength of 10 grinches, plus two. how the loveable villain brought smiles to children with special needs at
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dollar proposal to help the homeless in
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our community. the plan calls for turning an empty building on south wilmington street into a one-stop resource center. the center would offer assessments, job training, showers and laundry facilities. it was chosen because of its proximity to downtown, and it's on the bus line. this is part of an ongoing effort to help non-profit groups homeless community. the raleigh city council will vote on it next month -- wake county county commissioners vote in january. there are more than 100-thousand children in foster care across the country. the average wait for one of these children to be adopted is three years. for close to 40 children in cumberland county, their wait ended friday! wral's julia sims was there as children were united with their forever families. 13:28:20 ladies and gentleman please welcome the latest member of the kirby family. in this courtroom, the rulings
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here, the questions aren't under oath.... but, the answers.... they are so very important. 13:12;17-20 do you know what it means to obey your mama? when you're part of a family you have to do that 13:12;17-20 do you know what it means to obey your mama? when you're part of a family you have to do that right? 13:24:17 do you voluntarily agree to share all your days and nights? your weekends, your holidays, your summers, spring fall and winters? wholehe 13:13:12:51 do you want this to be your family forever? miss webb- do you know what you're doin? yes maam. then i'm signing this right now.. every year, dozens of cumberland county families find their way to this
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different- but, oh so familiar. 13:42:30 it's been almost a 3 year journey but it's been worth it 13:46:30 we werern't quite sure we were going to be parents 13:46:17 oh i just melt- see that little finger right there- she's got me wrapped around it. this is a place where hearts are full and families are made whole. 13:42:50 it's overwhelming to put in words that he is forever ours is just so special to us in this courtroom, on this day... a life sentence, well... it's exactly what you want to hear. 13:20:56 formally, fo julia sims, wral news cumberland county. saturday was national adoption day. since its inception in 2000, national adoption day -- has helped move 58- thousand children out of foster care - to forever homes. christmas is still more than a
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already in town! he showed up at marbles kids museum to visit with children with special needs. he showed them how he gets into character. the hope is to make the grinch a little less intimidating. this is all leading up to a special sensory-friendly showing of the grinch at the dpac. it's a rare chance for children with special needs to attend the theatre. clip 16 58:39-52 they don't have to sit quietly for two hours in the dark, they can move , they can talk, they can leave and come back. we're really just trying to make it very friendly and welcom come and see a broadway show. clip 41 1:06:06-:15 we try to make it so everybody, for that show, everybody can enjoy it and not be overwhelmed by all these crazy colors and lights and stuff. the dpac worked with autism experts to ensure the upcoming show is suitable for children and adults on the autism spectrum. the show is december 3rd at 11 a-m. next on rewind... did you hear the one about a monkey -- hitching a ride on a goat?
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be -- next. wake county school superintendent has moved to the
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superintendent has moved to the head of the class! dr. james merrill was named north carolina's 2017 superintendent of the year. he was recognized for his strategic plan -- which pushes for a graduation rate of 95- percent. this is the second time dr. merrill has received this honor. he was also recognized in 2005, when he ran the alamance-burlington school system. finally tonight, video that is sure to in china -- a baby monkey has really become attached to a herd of goats. the farm owner says for days, the monkey has been riding on several animal's backs. he thinks it's just more comfortable there. there are a lot of questions about where it came from and how it got to the farm. a wildlife protection group plans to send it to a city zoo -- it will eventually be released into the wild. that's all the time we have for
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