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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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we began with the deadly bus crash the end it with the death of six elementary students in chattanooga, tennessee. the ntsb plans to arrive tomorrow to help law enforcement figure out what happened and why. >>reporter: a tree split a school bus almost in half, the
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crushed. >> multiple children lost our lives today. >>reporter: the children on the bus all from a elementary school. >> taking care of the children injured is our number one priority. >>reporter: police say the bus driver survived and is cooperating. the bus has a box that collects data and records video. will help shed light on the circumstances. >> we have suffered a great loss today. everyone in our community, this has been one of the worst days we have had in hamilton county.>>reporter: many lining up to donate blood. hours later parent still wondering if their children are safe. >> these are families that do not know the status of many of
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children.>>reporter: as families are left to grieve and investigators left to figure out what caused the crash. >> our thoughts, prayers, and efforts are with the families and others impacted. >> chattanooga police say the bus driver is cooperating and schools will be open tomorrow. counselors will be on hand to provide support. police have made an arrest in the mu police say otis mccain gunned down the detective while he was writing a traffic ticket yesterday morning. the capture followed a nationwide manhunt that included the fbi and us marshals. coming up, how investigators track down the suspect. a tsunami warning has been lifted. tonight we are getting reports
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this is the same area where a nuclear power plant was destroyed by a salami in 2011. -- a tsunami in 2011. temperatures are expected to dip below freezing tonight. we will tell you just how cold. >> we had a cold start this morning and another is expected tomorrow. this is wh southfield, 59 in fayetteville. with full sunshine it was a chilly day. the temperature really hasn't budged over the past three hours, off to the east we see 33 in greenville, 38 in southern pines. overnight we are expecting to be in the upper 20s to about 30 tomorrow morning.
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day tomorrow, by 3:00 we are still in the 50s. as we get closer to our holiday, temperatures really do warm-up. there is a chance for rain and we will tell you about both coming up. we are monitoring a situation that has a major impact on your morning commute. crews are working to repair a water main break near wake avenue. we are keeping and i on the update. >>reporter: they are working on this as quickly as they can. if you were caught up in this mess earlier this morning there is a good chance you could be caught up in it during tomorrow morning's commute. that is why we want to tell you here is a live look at the work that i was talking about underway as we speak. we are told the problem could stretch into the evening
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water main break is to blame here. it is a busy area and the way many get into downtown raleigh. traffic in the other lanes, it is not impacted. here is what the scene look like earlier today. you can get another good look at what the crews are up against. as for the water main break, crews are continuing to work on repairs. at last check it until tomorrow evening at 6 pm. not only do they have to repair the pipe, there is pavement that needs to be replaced. your best bet is to try to avoid this area. that is what police are asking us to pass along. if you know anyone who uses this way make sure they know as well. the durham police department will get body cameras. city leaders voted to spend the
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dollars to purchase them. we were at the meeting and lots of mixed opinions.>>reporter: some in the community, even some on the council were very opposed. worried they are not in the best interest of the general public. the durham city council voted on monday night that the durham police department will get body cameras. while the majority supported, two councilmembers spoke out in opposition. >> i think the money could be directed to other issues that would be much more substantial and making our community safe. >>reporter: right now, some say public access is too restrictive. >> what are we doing as we are buying the cameras and collecting the videos and we have to supplicate ourselves to
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>>reporter: two resident spoke out, both opposing the purchase. >> there have been studies showing mixed data. while they have decreased violence in a number of communities, they have increased and others. >>reporter: the police chief confident that despite imperfections in technology and law body cameras will have a positive impact. >> there is no perfect program. these cameras provide of transparency and the power and authority to help support the city of durham. >>reporter: the funding council will purchase up to 530. no word on when they might be purchase. a popular cab driver in raleigh murdered on election night was remember tonight. friends gathered to honor the
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police are still searching for his killer. investigators released surveillance photo of a person they would like to question. a teacher is back on the job after being suspended for making a racial comment. the superintendent says the woman was talking to students outside of class when she referred to another student as a person who does their best to please white people. an update on a deadly accident this morning. police say a man was hit while crossing the road. he was taken to the hospital where he died.
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it happened near shannon drive. he was rushed to the hospital. no charges have been filed. as we wait to see who will be named as governor the campaigns are taking two very different approaches. were cooper's office is moving ahead naming three key members of a transition team. meanwhile, governor pat mccrory's challenging the vote count more than a third of the state. one out of four election protest about friday will move forward. the board of elections made the decision this evening. all four were filed by the same voter, john postell. tomorrow evidence will be heard on his claim that some provisional ballots were counted when they should not have been. two of his other protests were dismissed. the governors hurricane
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communities. they stopped in fayetteville updating local leaders are recovery and asking residents to reach out for help. they are telling local government agencies they need to make quick decisions on long- term recovery plans. the mayor says the city is not issuing building permits for homes with 50% damage. tomorrow night join us on a mission to reunite a soldier with his missing purple heart. 10 years after watch the man returned the purple heart to his thankful owner. and mother trying to come to grips with the loss of her son tonight.>> he would do anything for anyone. >> still to come, how she learned about the death of her son. a police cruiser chasing a suspect barely misses a group of teenagers. where the scene played out.
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the body of a soldier found dead in his barracks last week will be fun home to alabama
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repair technician. army investigators are trying to figure out how he died. >> i did not get a call. i saw the army man coming to my door. my heart sunk, because i knew what they were going to tell me. >> funeral services are planned for friday afternoon in adams bill. sexual assault campuses are a serious problem. a new lawsuit aims to bring transparency to who is accused and punishment. >>reporter: the lawsuit is over what is considered public record. officials have refused to hand over some details and cases. a coalition of outlets has sued to change that. the lawsuit claims information such as the name of the accused , the assault committed and
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committees and the details are not made public. federal law allows the release and the cases should be treated the same as they would be in the regular course system says an attorney. >> why should the treatment in terms of protecting the identity of the perpetrator be any different just because it happens within the jurisdiction of the campus police as opposed to the share or city police? >>reporter: and a statement officials say they have a responsibility to protect the right of their student mac -- students. now, it may be up to a judge to decide. communities reopened to the
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fire crews have been fighting the fire that is burned nearly 7200 acres since november 5. more than 900 firefighters are on the job. extreme drought are fueling about a dozen wildfires. the fire was one of the largest and is now 45% contain. bit you pay too much on your propane bill? how about that for a credit this homeowner contacted us to spread the word on safety. what she did tomorrow at 530 tomorrow at 5:30 pm. on a night like tonight you cannot imagine going outside without a coat, but there are plenty of children who do not have one. wral kicks off its 28th annual
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children campaign. donations can be made by going to and searching the keyword: coats. >> each year we try to do better than the year before and we pretty much have done that. >> when i was out for the chinese winter festival i needed my gloves. i could've done well with a we are going to be cold tomorrow morning, but as the week goes on we warm-up. by thanksgiving day you might want to wear those shorts again. tomorrow we have increased fire danger, the state asked that you please refrain from any burning. we are watching a system out west that could bring a little light rain and sprinkles.
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especially in the morning. quiet out there, it has been that way since 8:00 this evening. the dewpoint still in the teens. relative humidity at 33%. there are some 30s out there, 33 and wake forest, we brought down the view, lots of 30s down these. 36 and roxborough and bottom line is it will be cold. dress appropriately, it will still be chilly tomorrow afternoon. high pressure still continues to have a cold air transit. as long as the highs are off to our west we will still have a northerly flow. low pressure sitting across new england and the difference creating a strong wind field.
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west we have the cold air here, to the backside it is warming up and there is our next dorm system. we have rain across the plains and that system will try to make its way to the ease. once it makes its way to the deep south it will likely fall apart. let's take a look at the future calf, we will call it your travel forecast. we will see where the worst weather will be. there is our storm system wrapping up like the last. making its way to the upper midwest. if you are traveling to minnesota during the day on wednesday, you are likely to see some snow. wednesday the front starts to move closer to the ease. so by the end of the day in my chest and up being mostly cloudy. i noticed there really isn't a whole lot of rain, it is pretty
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during the day wednesday and into thursday, our cloud cover tickets. by thursday morning at 4 am there may be a little light ran around and during the afternoon it starts to shift out and we start to see clearing skies. overnight, upper 20s to about 30. we have 27 this morning. it is cold, you will see that when you step out. and your forecast at lunchtime in the low 50s. warmer than the 54 we had this afternoon. here is your seven day forecast, 60 on wednesday, mostly cloudy but no rain producing clouds. 69 on thanksgiving, friday 69. a big shopping and football day. 64 at lunchtime, 69 at the
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so travel should not be all that bad across the state and it might rain a bit thursday morning. it was a big hit in 2015, organizers hope it will be bigger and brighter this holiday season. coming up, details on the lantern festival. dennis smith junior leaves
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and see state lost its first game of the season nc state -- loss is first game of the season last night. ben smith junior playing well in the first half. second-half, is nail. it is really the smith show tonight. they get the wind and are now off until saturday. north carolina opens up at the maui invitational tonight.
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oklahoma state, tonight's game kicks off at oklahoma state, tonight's game kicks off at 7:30 pm. nc state has to win saturday if they want to go to a bowl game. dave doerien opens his news conference talking about how >> there have been a lot of opportunities that we have not capitalized on. no one here has turned on each other or gotten negative. we are scarred, angry, motivated, i think more together than ever. i want our fans to know we know you want better results and so do we.>> meanwhile, unc looking for his ninth win of the season. the question is about the
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he says he isn't really sure and wants to focus on the guys he knows won't get another shot. >> i am not thinking about that. i am thinking about it is our last game with the seniors who for sure already know. i know my decision, but i know i have brothers who we have to make it count for. >> th thomas shirk a fifth year of availability. he will likely battle with daniel jones for the starting job next season. the women hosting marilyn eastern shore, first-quarter spencer takes the bucket for 10 points, six assists and five rebounds.
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. and arrest announced in the shooting death of a san antonio police detective. we have the new details on what was a violent weekend for law enforcement across our country. >>reporter: police say they have a man who shot and killed one of their officers. >> we arrested ,31 otis tyrone mccain.
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this is also the person we believe is responsible for the cold and calculated murder of detective marconi. >>reporter: the victim was ambushed while sitting in his squad car writing a routine traffic ticket yards from police headquarters. police say the government pulled up, got out and shot him. >> i think the uniform was the target and the first person who happened along was the person targeted. >>reporter: sunday was incredibly valid across the country, four officers shot in four separate incidents. in st. louis and officer has been treated and released after being shot twice in the face by a government who pulled alongside the officers vehicle and opened fire. the suspect was later killed in a shootout with police. to other officers were shot in sanibel florida and outside kansas city, both suffered non-
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meanwhile, san antonio is mourning the loss of one of their police officers gunned down in a cold letting -- blood it killing. police say a woman effective pregnancy and killed a woman so that she could still are baby. after the sixth day old baby was taken she has since been found and reunited with her father. officers arrested a 33-year-old . they say she knew the baby's mother held in dallas. a convenience store clerk bought back when a man tried to rob him. him had a metal pipe and try to hit the clerk. the clerk would not go down and at one point he grabbed the pipe. the robber has yet to be caught. surveillance video capture a close call. a group of kids
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look how close his police cruiser came. it was hit and spun out of control right near the kids. take a look here in slow motion. look how close it gives. that officers vehicle barely hit the kids. and arrest has been made and -- in the college statue. the suspect is said to be cooperating with police. a strike as chicago airports will not happen before thanksgiving. workers say they now plan to strike next tuesday. they want the public support and do not
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a lawsuit, three customers claimed the chain lied about the calorie count of a burrito. chipotle has push the product as one of their healthier products. in the sioux the plaintiff say the calorie count is more like 700. if you like icicle copy you will need to say some extra change for your next visit to starbucks. they say prices have gone up $.10-$.30 this month, about 90% of the menu change in price. nine landmarks with historic significance to our african- american community will soon be land -- nominated to the national registry. the nominations are a part of work
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service. the north carolina museum of art set a new attendance record when about 10,000 came out to celebrate the opening of a new art park. the fact that it has so many people come to the art park makes it the best event ever hosted. the new expansion includes new gardens, laws, and walkway. plenty of people stop by to visit. came out to see the traveling bunnies. snoop dogg is using his celebrity to do some good this thanksgiving. coming up how he is giving back . plus, why the new owners of
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breaking news, kanye west is in the hospital. several news reports they he admitted himself the cuss he is exhausted. the rapper canceled the rest of
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left the states after 30 minutes and performed three songs before going into a tirade about beyonci, jay-z, larry clinton, the radio industry and mtv. dave chapelle will release three comedy specials courtesy of netflix. all will be available on netflix sometime next year. for the third year in a row's new dog handed out turkeys. -- snoop dog turkeys. time for a look at what is trending. >> you know what people come up with to serve as a guinness world record always amazes me. this guy says he wants beat the current world record for the longest bungee jump to dunk a cookie.
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pro. -- go-pro. >> you have to be spot on with that aim.? i hope they measured well. >> good >> i do not know where they, with this stuff. now to some super cuteness, these twins are in the crib hanging out. watch carefully.
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>>[ laughter ] you have a twin brother, did you guys ever do anything alike? >> we probably cry together. >> i am sure. did you guys ever dress alike? >> until we got old enough to ask them not to be back then i became blue and my brother became red. >> i smell a drawback there's a picture. >> i have those. >> if you would like to see these again i have them posted on my facebook page. a list of possible cabinet members is growing, coming up
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and what he wants his first task to be once he takes office. take a look at this area of low pressure, it has developed
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more meetings today as donald trump tries to decide who will hold office. >>reporter: the candidates parading through trump tower selling themselves, not just to the president-elect. >> i am not competing with anyone. i think i am the best person. >>reporter: scott brown wants to r the oklahoma governor was a little more low-key. >> i was offered a position in the initial meeting.. he also interviewed repair he who was liking donald trump to cancer. >> i think he has been doing a
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different people who he has seen over the past few weeks. >>reporter: the transition team created and distributed this video outlined the legislative agenda. >> [ clip playing ] >> i have asked my team to develop a list of actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. >>reporter: as he prepares to take over the white house there are growing concerns about his interest. whether it is possible to separate the president and first family from the name that is their brand. donald trump says two of his first agenda items will be pulling out of the trance pacific partnership. a fight over a muriel could be over. it is painted as a tribute to the armed forces one year after 9/11.
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the weekend part of it was painted over. the hotel set water was leaking into the building where the paint was peeling and that is why the new paint was needed. they offer the artist to return and try to return what is left. this weekend the chinese lantern festival returns. we got our first look tonight. they will have dozens of displays for the next couple months, even dragon is back and is phenomenal. all of the displays were created stretching silk over wireframes. a have performances every night on the stage. it opens friday to the public. it is $15 for adults and rectangular. we went out there and got a sneak peek last night. it is just like a wonderland of
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>> a wonderful asset to have this time of year. >> this is an ancient tradition that dates back centuries. >> all of this was shipped over from china in 14 containers. it was brought here, set up, all handmade. >> more clear cold weather will be perfect mac it is cold out there now. take a look at this video of snow we have to share with you from syr some places saw up to a of snow. although schools were closed, warnings in effect until tomorrow morning. let's take a look at your weather desktop, we will start with your satellite picture and we will try to get to all of these tropical tabs. take a look at the satellite picture, low pressure sitting across new england, high pressure sitting across the
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up. we are going to delve into what is happening out west, that is our next dorm system making its way in tomorrow and there will be one main cold front traveling to the east in the coming days. there is rain and there will be more snow for places like minnesota over towards nebraska, south dakota, north dakota. taking a look at the rainfall potential, getting over there towards vancouver. over the next five days between half an inch and three quarters of an inch. of course you see where we are down into florida there is nothing. the climate prediction center says at the end of november and beginning of the summer there
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there could be a greater percentage of rainfall in that area during that period from november 28 through december 4. we will watch to see if that occurs. there is tropical storm otto. these are the latest that's and it is intensifying. earlier today it was stationary and now it is moving south. it is expected to make its way to the west. here is the forecast. wednesday evening 80 miles per hour and continuing to make its way to the west. perhaps making landfall in nicaragua. heading further spout , taking its way and weakening into a tropical storm. on friday heading into the pacific ocean. for us we expect another cool day tomorrow, lots of clouds on wednesday. there could be a little rain
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the majority of thanksgiving day could be dry and mile. if you are heading to the lantern festival the weather will be dry that evening and throughout the weekend. a permanent plaque marks the official starting line of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we will have that coming up.
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instagram is getting in on the live streaming game. it will be similar to what is done on facebook live. the company is also adding an explorer tab. and a lot of people will be eating turkey on thanksgiving one of the big vias parking lot in north raleigh this week. people are starting to come in to pick up holiday orders. expect extra traffic. a world record marked in nnesota. 664 musicians turned out at the mall of america to be a part of what they hoped would be the
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ensemble. they had to play a piece of recognizable music for five minutes to break the world record set in japan in 2013. input months together to put together the big ring. it also launched the salvation army's red kettle campaign in that area. after the countdown comes the christmas celebration and parents. the city's mayor was there champion. paris is in the running to host the 2024 game. macy's is in the holiday spirit and unveiled their famous holiday windows. this year's theme is believing the magic. look at those. there is also some interactive windows
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buttons on the glass that measure how much you love the holidays. a permanent plaque now marks the official starting line of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the city of new york unveiled a plaque today. even santa was on hand for the big event. macy's celebrates its 90th parade later in the week. it all starts at 9 am. >> i am excited for the parade. is always so much fun. 20s in the morning, it should be 60 degrees by wednesday. >> dank you for watching. for weather and traffic every
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? lights, camera, action ? i had to stop. i was absolutely broken inside. >> support for selena after her emotional on-stage revelation. i'm liz hernandez. we're breaking down a night of intense reaction including gigi's melania moments. >> i love my husband. >> i can tell offended. >> the president-elect is demanding an apology. >> i heard. >> was it the right time and place for mike pence to hear those words? straight from the cast of "hamilton," i'm natalie morales. you may be surprised to hear who besides president-elect trump has a problem with it. >> how is colin? how is he doing? >> there's someone missing from our family. >> it's kate plus seven for now. new problems with her ex.


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