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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 16, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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are next with news4 at 6:00. a virginia judge set an execution date for a d.c. area sfiper john allen muhammed. >> there is information now a man being called person of interest in the murder of a yale university student. >> new speed cameras that use lasers are pk r being put up on a busy montgomery county road. after months of rangeling, we are getting a clearer view how health care reform in the united states might look. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. the senate finance committee has come out with a detailed bill that does not include the so-called public option and so far has no republican backing. >> reporter: good evening. up here on the hill tonight, a lot of liberal democrats say they don't like it either, but the moderate democrats, the committee chairman that worked for wix to craft this compromise says this is a middle of the
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road bill that can pass. the democrat's point man in the senate on health care max baucus from mant says he's got his plan. >> every american can find quality, affordable coverage. >> reporter: in the $850 billion democratic bill, everyone must buy insurance, with fines for violators and subsidies for people with lower incomes. there would be no income tax hikes. instead fees on drug and insurance companies. employers who don't cover workers would reimburse the government for coverage. there would be no exclusion for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime benefit limits, no one can be dropped from coverage. there would be no public option, but more people covered under medicaid and nonprofit, private co-ops to help people get coverage. >> this is a good bill. >> reporter: but the gop leader slammed it. >> while getting r of the government plan would be a good start, the democrat bills we've
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seen would grant the government far, far too much control over the health care system. >> reporter: the three republicans who negotiated with baucus don't buy it so far. nearby mark alex told law makers he is fighting his insurance company, being his sick daughter's medical manager instead of just being her father. >> reporter: baucus says his plan will do that. just republican vote might do it. but that's in the senate. the bill without the public option is certain to run into tough opposition on the house side. live from the hill, steve handelsman, news4. back to you. >> thank you, steve. tomorrow, the president will hold a health care reform rally at the university of maryland in
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college park. that event is scheduled to begin 11:00 in the morning. it is free and open to the public. >> a judge has now set a date for the execution of convicted sniper john allen mohammed. mohammed was sentenced to death for his role in one of the shootings that terrified our area in 2002. a virginia circuit court judge decided to schedule november 10th as the day mohammed will be executed. pat collins is in prince william county with more on this story. pat? >> reporter: it's hard to believe it's been seven years. october 2002, the sunoco station in manassas, a man is over there pumping gas when he is shot and killed by the snipers. a conviction in that murder case sent john allen mohammed to death row. and now an execution date. >> it's been a long time coming. a lot of people are very interested in his execution. i heard from victims today and they are pleased perhaps the end
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is near for the person who took away their loved ones. >> reporter: sniper john allen mohammed now has a date with death, november 10th. mohammed is set to be executed in the commoealth of virginia. paul ebert is the prince william county prosecutor who put mohammed on death row. >> i don't take any pride in obtaining the death penalties for anybody. i often said the death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst, but mr. allen falls in that category. i said that from the get-go as i said he caused a lot of problems, a lot of heartache to people from which they'll never recover. >> at the time there was a lot of anger. i wouldave killed him with my bare hands then, if i could have. you know seven years go by and it's different. you can't hold all tha anger all that time. >> reporter: that is paul. he is one of the surviving victims of the snipers. he was attacked outside his
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restaurant in clinton. you were shot five times? >> yep. >> reporter: you were on the edge of death. >> yeah. i was close, pretty close. >> reporter: it was one of the most horrific serial acts of violence in the history of washington crime. october 2002. everyday people doing ordinary things shot and killed for no apparent reason. a cabbie pumping gas. a man mowing the grass. a woman leaving a home depot store. ten people killed. four people wounded in a series of random sniper attacks that terrorized the washington community. if you could say one thing to mohammed before he died? >> reporter: i'd probably say
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god bless you. i hope in the next life -- >> reporter: has this been a hard struggle for you coming back here? >> sure. sure. >> reporter: john allen mohammed is 48 years old. he had an accomplice, lee boyd malvo who was a teenager at the time. he's doing life. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting from manassas, thank you, pat. president obama says he has not made a decision on whether to commit additional troops t afghanistan. earlier this year he laid out a strategy to counter the rising threat from the taliban insurgency. yesterday, the chairman of the joint chief of staff told congress it's likely more troops and more resources will be feeded to carry out this strategy. >> there is no immediate decision pending on resources because one of the things i'm absolutely clear about is you have to get the strategy right
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and then make determinations about resources. >> president obama's comments came as we learned that three more u.s. military personnel had been killed in southern afghanistan. military officials say those troops were killed in a roadside bombing. 22 americans have been killed in afghanistan so far this month. election officials in afghanistan announced today incumbent president hamid karzai obtained nearly 55% of the votes in last month's presidential election. normally that would be enough for karzai to avoid a run-off with the top challenger, but the election hasn't been certified because of investigations into voter fraud left more than a million votes in question. a commission backed by the united nations is looking into the matter. now there is a new controversy. the top american official at the u.n. mission left afghanistan sunday because he disagrees with his u.n. boss how to handle the fraud allegations. he is expected to return to kabul in the near future. u.n. officials have declined to be specific about the nature of the disagreement.
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vice president joe biden is in the middle of a three-day trip to iraq. today several rockets were fired toward the u.s. embassy in the heavily-for the tie fed green zone. last night two civilians were killed in a similar attack. the vice president was n injured. today the vice president met wi several iraqi leaders to talk with them about trying to reach political compromise. disputes between the country's three pager ethnic groups are still causing continuing tension before the new elections scheduled for january. u.s. officials want the problems resolved before combat forces, american combat forces finish pulling out of that country next summer. >> the whole purpose is to see how we can be helpful, if we can, in helping them resolve the outstanding political issues they have to resolve internally. >> the vice president says general ray odierno feels they
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will be able to handle their own security when u.s. leaves. today vice president biden joked with iraqi leaders they couldn't get rid of him because he keeps coming back. district officials want answers about the maintenance and repair ofire hidants. a hearing came in response to a massive fire that destroyed the northwest d.c. home of peggy cooper. firefighters said water pressure at fire hydrants in the area hindered their efforts. derrick ward has more on the story from northwest d.c. >> reporter: one of the burning issues is could anything have been done differently? the house and contents were completely destroyed. what emerged today is that is an issue of water pressure. that gets into the thorny and costly issue of infrastructure. firefighters arrived at the scene of this blaze within five
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minutes of being called. already 80% of the first floor was engulfed. the nearest working hydrants were on the same street but couldn't supply the water needed from the main. >> it could not be used. hydrants manufactured in 1934, produced just more than 600 gallons of water per minute combined flow. >> reporter: fire fighting standards say you need almost three times that water pressure for a fire like this one. the search for a sufficient hidant took almost 40 minutes when a wasu manager arrived with updated maps. >> the topography, narrow street width and lack of cross streets that would have provided easier access for vehicles seemed to have contributed to this unique situation. >> but there was no plan.
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theres with no specific plan for this neighborhood in recognition of these unique characteristics. chain bridge road, thi portion of chain bridge road had not been the subject of that type of review. >> reporter: the water and sewer authority is actually ahead of where they expected to be in replacing and tagging those hydrants that don't work. the thornier issue are the eight-inch wer mains. they are all over the city. a wasu authority testified here today if they were where they need to be they would be into the game. with the current level of funding, it would take another 300 years to get that job completed. live in northwest, back to you in the studio. >> derrick ward, thank you. coming up on news4, new information about a man being called a person of interest in the murder of a yale university grad student. >> president carter says congressman joe wilson's outburst during the president's health care speech was based on racism. >> new details today about the
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pilot of a plane involved in a deadly mid-air collision over the hudson river. >> new speed cameras that use laser now being put up in chevy chase. >> what's ahead in weather. >> a lot of clouds and it's much cooler. we'll see a few sprinkles. >> the terps still trying to figure out how to get an easy win this season. so are the redskins and jason campbell. as for mr. sellers, he is coming to the mike with authority, preaching accountability in practice today. police in ne
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connecticut, just wrapped up a news conference. raymond clark has been named a person of interest in le's murder. meantime, the medical examiner has determined that she was strangled to death. kris clacken has our report. >> reporter: police say by the end of the week, 24-year-old raymond clark will earther be charged or cleared in the murder of yale graduate student annie le. >> we have a lot of evidence from the crime scene. we'll be looking at that to see what matches and what doesn't. >> reporter: le's body was found sunday stuffed inside the wall of a basement lab of the research building on the yale
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cam pes where she and clark worked. connecticut's medical examiner said she died of traumatic asphyxiation. last night calling him only a person of interest, clark's apartment was also searched. his car impounded. before being released very early wednesday morning, hair, saliva and finger nail samples were taken from him. >> we are going to narrow this down and do it as quickly as we can. >> reporter: police say they already have 150 pieces of evidence, questioned 150 people and previewed 700 hours of security video, to include video of le last tuesday, the day she disappeared outside the building where her body was discovered on the day she was to be married. kris clacken, nbc news. former president jimmy carter blames racism for a republican congressman's very public outburst against president obama. it was one week ago mr. obama was interrupted during a joint
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session of congress. he was speaking about health care reform when south carolina congressman joe wilson loudly shouted out, "you lie." yesterday mr. carter told nbc news the incident was motivated by racism. >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely-demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he is african-american. racism in this nation still exists, and i think it's bubbled up to the surface because of a belief among many white people, not just in the south, but around the country, that african-americans are not qualified to lead this great country. >> mr. carter added that he is grieved and greatly concerned that some americans hold such beliefs. there is a new prime minister in japan.
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the japanese emperor formally appointed the newly elected yukio? hatoyama today. it ended a half century ruled by japan's conservative party. wall street had a good day today, the dow jones average soared past 9700. it was a 108-point gain there. the nasdaq picked up 30 points. s&p gained 16. production was higher than expected last month, thanks in part to the cash for clunkers program, which had automakers ramping up their operations to meet demand for new cars. coming up on news4 at 6:00, a welcome center on 66 officially shut its doors today. we'll hear from drivers about that. >> astronomers found a planet outside our solar system that is not made entirely of gas. >> we'll get another check on the weather forecast.
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astronomers made a new discovery. it's a planet outside our solar system where, if there were people there, they might be able to stand on solid ground, except there aren't people there and probably won't be for some good period of time because it's hot. the rocky planet is the first evidence that any of the hundreds of planets outside the
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milky way are not gas but solid. it's probably not a place you would want to be though. the surface temperature there is 3,600 degrees. it's an estimated 500 light years away, just a stone's throw. scientists say it's similar to earth in size and make-up. it gives confidence there could well be more planets out there capable of sustaining life. >> and there are still lots of mysteries. >> that was an earnest rendition. clear. >> cooler today than we thought. >> how do you forecast? just looking at the change in the wind direction. we had a northeasterly wind. could you smell the ocean out there today. also aren't these lovelies? having a cool day, too. temperature outside today was
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quite a bit below what it was yesterday. yesterday we were in the 80s. today's high 77 degrees. the average now is below 80 degrees, folks. in four weeks our average high temperature 69 degrees. a lot of clouds out there still. that will be the story overnight tonight. with the low clouds, that ocean moisture, maybe a few sprinkles by tomorrow morning. outside, our current temperature here in washington, 73 degrees. northeasterly wind. the one plus for us hay fever sufferers, the ragweed pollen goes down because we get ocean air. temperatures to our north. caribou, maine, 57. there is a frost and freeze warning out for much of new england. you can see how the cool air dropped the temperatures around the east coast at the same time. poor folks in south texas. yesterday 103 degrees. that cool front that moved through late yesterday has sagged to our south. that's the reason we had that northeasterly wind. we will continue. we've been on the edge of any moisture here and there. you can see there have been a
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few showers. there is one popping up for you folks around damascus. you are getting one lonesome shower. another in st. mary's county. all of this moving off to the northwest, to the southeast. nothing heavy. later on tonight there will be a few more. here is where the heavy rains are. yesterday there was record amount of rain in little rock, arkansas. well over three inches of rain. you can see rain showers, too, down around virginia beach. most all will be staying to our south. camp springs this was late yesterday and overnight. it's only 70 degrees. 1/4 inch of rain. at ocean city, there is that northeasterly wind coming off the water. the water is warm, considering and worrying about tropical weather, i don't see anything. let's go around the world. i'll show you a super storm. look off africa into much of the atlantic. reasonably clear. no sign of any more developing tropical weather. there is the area of heavy rains
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around arkansas. much of the pacific is quiet. if you look close, you can see the eye. that is supertyphoon choi-want. it's a category 5 storm. it will curve and stay off the east coast of japan. winds are 200 miles per hour. in india, the monsoon rain settled down. much of africa is dry. we will not be dry overnight tonight. there will be sprinkles with that northeasterly wind. the moisture coming in off the ocean. it's more likely to be seeing some sprinkles, rain showers, low clouds. out around parts of the blue ridge tomorrow. as we go through the next couple of days, high pressure begins to get more dominant. we'll see drier air and sunshine for the weekend. cloudy, cool for this evening. when you get up tomorrow morning, we'll still have that northeasterly breeze. as a matter of fact, i think it will pick up a bit. during the mid morning to early
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afternoon, will be a bit breezy with that northeasterly wind. 15 to maybe 20, 25 miles per hour. a lot of clouds around still. there may be some sprinkles. we may see some temperatures tomorrow only around 70 degrees. next seven days, then we begin to dry out a bit on friday. some sunshine coming back. right now saturday and much of sunday looks fine. low humidity. temperatures into the low to mid 70s. another bit of a pattern change next week with warm moisture coming our way from the south. next monday, tuesday and wednesday, may be a bit on the wet side. the weekend looks good. >> and that typhoon sounds scary. >> 200 miles per hour. coming up tonight, new speed cameras. we are talking lasers coming to parts of montgomery county. >> there are credit card scanners installed in d.c. area taxi cabs. >> a small plane down near some railroad tracks today. >> and a push to tax sugary drinks.
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a look now at some of the stories making headlines
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tonight. >> the senate finance committee proposal for health care reform was unveiled on capitol hill today. the legislation doesn't include the so-called public option. right now the bill doesn't have any republican backing. the ecution date for the convicted d.c. area sniper john allen mohammed is set for november 10th. he and a person named lee boyd malvo went on a the shooting spree in 2002. ten people in the area were lled. lee boyd malvo was a teenager at the time. he is serving a life term in prison. the new haven medical examiner says 24-year-old yale graduate student annie le died of asphyxiation. experts say the evidence showed she was probably strangled to death. investigators are awaiting results on dna samples they collected from yale lab technician raymond clark. he worked in the building where le's body was found on sunday. he has been released from custody now. coming up at news4 at 6:00, a welcome center on 66 in virginia shuts its doors.
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we'll tell but a cat found more than 2,300 miles from home after three years. and we'll tell but a woman who left money to 200 people in the town where she lived after she died. >> in montgomery county, new speed cameras are being put up. these are equipped with lasers. they are being installed on connecticut avenue south of bradley lane. authorities say the cameras will allow them to target specific drivers. they say currently drivers are able to get out of speeding tickets because the cameras can't single out which car in any given picture is speeding. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: it's a small town of roughly 720 homes. anyone familiar with connecticut avenue knows chevy chase's main throw fair has big city problems. >> i have personally seen dozens of almost accidents, not even counting the ones i've never seen. >> reporter: despite installing radar cameras to catch speeders,
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up to 1/3 of drivers have gotten off scot free because of the dense traffic until now. starting friday, these laser speed cameras will come online designed to catch anybody speeding in any lane. the chief insists the new cameras are needed. >> your standard lane is 12 1/2 feet wide. we get a lot of traffic, approximately 30,000 cars a day in a 24-hour period. we get trucks and buses. the lane just -- the road can't handle the volume. >> not everyone is excited. many people believe motorists only drive the speed limit near the cameras, then hit the gas once they pass by. you say they slow down temporarily. >> just like when they come down to chevy chase village. they slow down at the country club and speed up after. >> reporter: the chief takes issue with that saying if you don't speed, you don't get a ticket and has posted other cameras on connecticut avenue to
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catch those who speed up. >> you are still getting 55, 60 miles per hour. we are going to move the portable cameras to other sites, but until we get a good handle on the problem on connecticut avenue, we want to target where our major problem is. right now it's connect avenue. >> a high-tech tool aimed at getting drivers to slow down. some taxi cab customers will soon pay using their credit cards. the barwood unveiled a new fleet with credit card scanners. a woman had to be freed after her clothes got stuck in a metro escalator late this afternoon. this is video in northwest d.c. rescue officials say the woman was wearing loose clothing which became caught in the moving escalator and pulled the woman down.
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fire and ems crews were able to cut the woman free. she was taken to the local hospital and shes expected to be okay. >> another rest stop in virginia has closed down. the welcome center on i-66 in manassas closed overnight. it's one of the series of rest stops closed in virginia as officials try to save money. kimberly suiters reports. >> reporter: these are the last truck drivers to rest here at the welcome center off 66 in manassas. they likely settled in before midnight before the exit closed indefinitely. there are no specific announcements here regarding the shutdown, just street markings of a 32-foot gate to come. inside the center, the familiar threats are gone. the furniture looks like it's next. in the suggestion box a few choice words that can't be shown on television. expressing disploesh at the decision to close. a "keep virginia green" sign still stands with perhaps new meaning.
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get the state budget in the green and out of the red. >> i pulled over this morning because i needed to tie my straps down. they were loose. it's a big violation. i found this closed and now i have to park on the side of the road where it's quite dangerous. >> when we looked at closing these rest areas, we saw some of the rest areas are 20 miles apart. we tried to keep them at least 120 miles apart, about a two-hour gap in between. >> it's sad, especially if you are traveling with a family. it's going to make it more of a challenge and more difficult for travelers. >> reporter: so the arguments range from a dangerous to discomfort argument. it's going to be uncomfortable for drivers who have to go two hours without stopping. if the money is not there, there is not much the state can do about it. closing rest stops will save $9 million and virginia is looking at over a $2 billion budget shortfall. kimberly suiters in manassas,
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news4. 19 of virginia's 42 rest stops have been closed. another area costs about $500,000 a year to operate. a former d.c. police officer is one of 12 suspects facing charges after police broke up a drug ring that operated out of southern maryland. federal and local drug agents say the operation moved large amounts of powdered cocaine and crack through prince george's, charles, st. mary's and calvert counties. search warrants yielded guns, cash, cars and jewelry. the feds also seized a home. they say they'll go after any proceeds that may be hidden among friends, family, properties or businesses. >> catch one drug dealer and send him to jail, he can be replaced very easily. the organization can go on. if you prosecute the entire organization, if you uproot that and take the money in capital, you can make a big impact on drug dealing. >> police say the dealers operated from november 2006 to september of this year.
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a big announcement at one area hospital will bring a brighter future to sick children. children's national medical center in northwest announced a $150 million donation from the government of abu dabi. >> we are liberateded because frequently you are taking care of one patient at a time, thinking one day to the next. this allows us to think big, change things for families all over the world. >> the gift will be paid out over five years with the money dedicated to research, facilities and an endowment. coming up tonight, new information about a mid-air collision involving a helicopter and airplane over the hudson river. >> a push to tax sugary drinks in this country. >> and we'll report on a woman who left inheritance money to 200 people in the town where she lived.
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good evening. bob ryan storm center 4. a few more showers out there. for folks out in montgomery county, these are moving off, not anything real heavy. the one around damascus getting stronger now. they do have sprinkles and showers. with our temperatures into the 70s, you can see that northeasterly breeze we had. that will kp us cloudy with more showers overnight. as you are heading out to school tomorrow morning, might need the umbrella. light sprinkles, drizzle, a little on the chilly side near 60 degrees. after that, i think we begin to
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dry out. right now the weekend, especially saturday looks fine with a lot of sunshine. i think sunday, too. more rain coming next week. back to you. >> thank you, bob. >> the pilot of a plane involved in a deadly mid-air collision read back the wrong radio frequency. national transportation safety board says the air traffic controller gav the plane's pilot the frequency for newark airport. the pilot read back the wrong frequency. an air traffic controller tried to reach the pilot later but didn't get through. the single owe engine plane and a helicopter collided over the hudson river and nine people killed. a man survived an awful crash at the heyward airport today. the twin engine plane hit the side of the building. the pilot was the only one on the plane. the lottery in bulgaria is under review tonight. that's because the same numbers were drawn two weeks in a row.
6:42 pm
the lottery over there is called a tantalizer. last week the numbers that came up were 4-15-23-24-35-42. this week those same numbers came up again b in a different order. the numbers are drawn in front of a studio audience and independent inspectors, however, the government appointed a special panel to look into the matter. the chances of the same numbers coming up two weeks in a row are 1 in 4 million. it pays to help people. you can consider the story of 86-year-old jeanine vermant. she decided to leave her money to people in her hometown. she left about $410,000 to 200 different people whom she says helped her later in life. that means each person got about
6:43 pm
$1,800 in cash. it took a year to divide up the money because she only listed the people by their first names and job titles like the bus driver or the nurse. >> it could take a week just to read the will she hand wrote, apparently. if you think tv is one of the only places to see talented hip-hop dancers, more people here are flocking to a d.c. dance studio to learn and show off their moves. >> you can do it. it's all about the challenge, baby. >> reporter: derek brown teaches the class and says in the past few months his number of students skyrocketed. >> in my hip-hop class i can get anyone from the college student to the mother of two. all age ranges, all races, all sizes, it's just they're here for the love of dance. >> tonight craig melvin shows us more about what's drawing an increasing number of washingtonians to the hip-hop dance class and how the class is
6:44 pm
getting national attention. that's tonight at 11:00. coming up, a cat found more than 2,300 miles away from home. >> dan what's in sports? >> this is really cool. one little girl catches a baseba baseball. it was very, very funny. we are going to show you that. one of the more popular redskins gets a contract extension. plus jason campbell feeling confident. and he should.
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6:46 pm
there are some guys on the redskins you might want to get to know because they've got some
6:47 pm
cash. >> we've got new contracts to talk about. hopefully a win to talk about as far as the guys are concerned. they did not play well. after a day off, redskins back on the field to get ready for the rams. one of their captains, a mike seller gets a two-year contract extension that includes a $600,000 signing bonus. sellers was elected to team captain. he was surprised because he is one of the biggest pranksters, he was certainly honored. being named captain is something he takes seriously. after that loss to the giants, he wants good nigh to play angry. he is preaching accountability. >> i'm focusing on as a leader, you know, everybody stays quiet when something happens. even if i mess up, i want to be cussing you out. get on me. i need that just like everybody else needs that. it has to happen. the way things are going now, something has been gone unsaid, that's part of it. you've got to go ahead and
6:48 pm
knuckle up. this game is not forever. if we don't win, none of us will be here. i like my job and i like where i'm at. i don't want to go nowhere. >> he's not going anywhere any time sn because he just signed that contract extension. >> despite the sky is falling mentality on sports talk radio and around redskins nation, their quarterback refuses to get down. here is a week one stat for all those jason campbell haters out there. his quarterback rating 93.6. that puts him 12th out of 32 quarterbacks in the festival, sandwiched between peyton and eli manning. his numbers were padded a bit because of that last drive against the prevent defense. did he have some mistakes. his interception in the second quarter he threw and was already three yards past the line of scrimmage. then there was the biggest play of the game. 37 yards for the touchdown. the game as a whole, although he is staying positive, did take a
6:49 pm
while for campbell to digest. >> you wake up monday morning and read the papers, you watch the tv, you might as well put a pill other over your head and pass out. everody here is just saying you are done. what you have to take is sometimes you have to take it for what it is. understand we were in the same situation last season. it's just a game. it's game one. you improve from it and move on. it definitely doesn't define the rest of your season. >> back in the day they used to send fan mail to players. this day they send e-mails. one fan sent him an e-mail calling every player on oat fence practically every name in the book. cooley penned the e-mail up on the bulletin board to get player reaction. he proceeded to write the g back, too. >> i wonder what he said?
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>> we don't need that, believe me. >> it's something he doesn't want to repeat on the air. >> sad news. naac president myles brand died today after a nine-month battle with pant crattcreatic cancer. he was 61 years old. they want to know how they will honor nolan carroll. the best way, win. something the terps did not do last year against middle tennessee state. terps taking on ncsu again this weekend. this time it's at home. st year down in tennessee, scott's 63-yard touchdown run probably the only real highlight of the game for maryland. the underdog blue radarers shocked the terps, beating them 24-14. maryland has yet to play a complete game this year, getting blasted by cal and jmu in overtime. barely beating jmu in overtime, rather. they remember that loss from
6:51 pm
last year. >> i think our kids want to win this game for last year. if they don't, i don't know what's going through their veins, you know. we've got to have a good week of practice and get ourselves ready to go and get better. >> you want to take each time, but this one is one we need to get now it was a big game for us last year. put a hurting on our season a little bit. it's another game. it's very important for our season and our team. >> maryland trying to get it going. this weekend at home against mtsu. now phyllis. good news is that the buzz saw the nationals ran into last night won't be on the field again. clint lee, 20-3 after all-star break over the last two seasons. there is a reason phillies traded for cff lee. top of the first, facing justin maxwell. lee struck out the side in the
6:52 pm
top of the first and nine batters total in a complete game effort. nationals' pitcher not quite as lucky. in the bottom of the second facing carlos ruiz with bases loaded sneaks this one past ryan zimmerman into left field. that would clear the bases. ruiz ends up with a double and phillies take a 4-0 lead. in the fifth. this is my favorite part of the game. jason worth with the foul ball. check this out. dad makes the great catch. little girl is there. he says, here, take the ball. enjoy it and she throws it right back out on t the field. a very funny moment. the dad actually talked about today on our new "daily connection" show. >> last night when she threw the ball back, my first reaction was, oh, my gosh, there goes the ball. she seemed a little startled, taken aback by the attention she got from the crowd. i wanted to make sure she knew she didn't do anything wrong.
6:53 pm
>> so sweet. that must have been overwhelming for her. >> that's where they are playing with the ball. >> right. >> thank you. >> coming up on our broadcast, we'll hear from people who believe taxing sugary drinks could help pay for health care reform. >> there is a cat from an island in the south pacific found on mainland australia after being missing for three years.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
a tax on sugary drinks could soon help pay for health care reform. the idea is to tax soda and juices to help pay for the health problems they may cause.
6:56 pm
tracy potts reports. >> reporter: a group of doctors, nutritionists and economists says a penny an ounce tax on sugary drinks could raise almost $15 billion a year for health programs. >> it's only fair that people consuming these beverages help share the cost of the diseases they are putting upon themselves. >> reporter: but are these sugar-sweetened beverages really to blame for diabetes, heart disease, obesity? some studies say yes, others say no. an author of the popular youth health guide says we need a definite answer. >> there have not been the randomized studies to show and that have shown definitively that cutting these out makes a huge difference. >> reporter: take arkansas and west virginia, for example. the beverage industry says they have sugar taxes and some of the highest obesity rates in the country. >> the sale of regular soft drinks has been going down over the last ten years, 9%. at the same time the obesity rate has been rising.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: experts pushing the sugar tax believe it will cut consumption by 8%. it would bele levied on manufacturers. >> this ke fut out 10%, 20% of sugar in the beverages. that would be wonderful. >> reporter: the beverage industry insists there are already plenty of choices. i'm tracy potts, news4. a european firm is pitching a new guide to teach beverage makers how to do a better job marketing healthy beverages to children. >> let's getn update, veronica. >> some damp weather out there for a little while longer. overnight into storm montgomery we've got overcast skies. we take a look at city cam and on radar we are dry inside of the beltway right now. dry conditions all the way up into southern montgomery county. for northern montgomery county, there's one or two showers making their way south from mount airy to mascus.
6:58 pm
we've got wet weather coming ashore around glenn burney, annapolis moving east. the front is south of the area. we are going to stay under an east and northeasterly wind. there will be damp conditions around. not just for the overthe night, but first thing tomorrow morning. i think we'll have some of that drizzly weather, showers coming through the area. getting the kids off to school early tomorrow morning, 57 to 63 degrees with a few sprinkles across the area. sun's up tomorrow 6:51. there is a 40% chance of showers with a high of 72. just 70 degrees on iday. at least friday we've got sunshine back across the area. mostly sunny skies for friday. still a bit on the cool side. the weekend still looking dry with highs in the low to mid 70s. coming up tonight at 11:00, the university of maryland getting ready for a visit by the
6:59 pm
president tomorrow. the fbi offering $1 million for stolen paintings ripped off the walls of a house. and we'll show you some new video of supreme court justice sonia sotomayor on the dance floor. the owners of clyde the cat sure would like to know where he's been for the past three years. now that they are together again. clyde's family lives on the australian island of tazmania. clyde lived with them until he took off for parts unknown three years ago. his journey involved a plane or a boat because he was finally found more than 2,300 miles away on the australian mainland. a veterinarian there found an identification chip under clyde's skin and contacted the family. they aanged for clyde to be flown home. his owner was so happy to see him again this morning, she burst into tears. she and her mother and daughter say they feel very lucky to have their kitty home again. there is clyde.


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