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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2009 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news, police staking out a connecticut hotel where the person of interest of a murder of a grad student is staying. nbc news learned an arrest is imminent now. we're standing by now. you're paying for what? you won't believe where some money anies when you pay extra fees and taxes on airline tickets. the investigation of a nbc news investigation leaves you
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outraged. and catch and release did the little girl who caused the foul ball caught by her father ever get it back? we'll tell you today on get it back? we'll tell you today on september 17, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today," i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. i want to begin with a live shot of the super 8 hotel where ray clark, where the is staying at this moment. >> we're told there's unmarked police cars. they expect to arrest clark any moment. we're expected with a news conference with more details about an hour from now. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. i just spoke with new haven police. i'm quoted to the spokesperson. we expect to arrest ray clark the yale lab technician the person of interest in this case, only pen of interest according to police. there are published reports that police now have a dna match between ray clark and victim, annie lay. police said the only way they would make an arrest if they had that dna match. as you mentioned. news conference scheduled in about an hour. we'll of course follow that for you. we'll learn the cause of death exactly how annie died. she was choked to death. overnight police descended on a hotel 30 miles from yale's campus. reportedly inside yale clark as the person of interest in the yale murder case. he remained under 24-hour surveillance. >> the police department is pren on scene, rendering assistance
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to them. as long as they're in town. >> reporter: after taking clark into custody police collected dna samples and released him and compared to dna from the crime scene. >> you don't need lots of different pieces of physical evidence. if they get one compelling piece of physical evidence, dna, blood, hair, that very well may be enough. >> reporter: clark's lawyer said they're committed to, quote, proceeding appropriately with the authorities, but police said clark wasn't talking. >> he invoked his rights. at some point, he may be willing to answer questions but at this point he invoked his rights. >> reporter: ray clark worked in the same building as the victim. clark cleaned the animal cages. now we're learning more about ray clark's past.
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police tell nbc news clark was involved in an domestic dispute in 2003. at one time, the male did force her to have sex with him. the report said charges were never filed. now clark is engaged to another woman set to be married in 2011. they live together. on her blog the fiancee defended him against rumors he was cheating with a woman at the lab also the rumor of a fling is the most stupid thing i've ever heard saying he's a bit naive, doesn't use the best judgment. definitely not the best judge of character but he is a good guy. has a big heart and tries to see the best in people all of the time. wesley has known ray clark since the first grade. >> hot blooded american kid, good looking kid. all the girls liked him. >> reporter: according to year books clark played baseball in high school in connecticut and
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was member of the asian awareness club. >> club promoted tolerance of asian cultures. i suppose it's a little ironic that the victim in this case was asia asian. >> live pictures from connecticut. where producers tells we're told from the reporters at the super 8 hotel there's unmarked police cars making sure he doesn't go anywhere. we've confirmed with new haven police that an arrest is imminent. there's a news conference scheduled. owner note, now reporting that police can put ray clark in the clock in the room with anie lei. they used the swipe cards to follow ray clark around the building. any time they go anywhere it was
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tracked. they have him going into the room, her going in and only him coming out. >> jeff rossen, thanks very much. for six months ray clark lived in a home in new haven. an marie goodwin lived in that house. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you just heard ray clark is expected to be arrested any moment now. when you first heard his name as one who new his home. what was your reaction? >> it didn't surprise me, he was a strange bird. he definitely was. he was the type of guy that i didn't want to talk to. i kind of formed a friendship with his girlfriend. i tried to talk to her. he was very controlling over his girlfriend. he didn't have a nice word to say. like when i tried to talk to his
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girlfriend, he would be like "let's go, hurry up. >> that doesn't necessarily make somebody a murder, an marie. you said he never physically abused his girlfriend but you were worried about her. why? >> just from my life experience, i could tell when somebody's controlling, his eyes are the -- i mean eyes are the window to the soul and there's just nothing there. he kept his dogs locked up upstairs all day long. and he's helled at my children. and i addressed him and he just tried to stare me down. i didn't like him. i didn't like him from the day i met him. and when -- it didn't surprise me when i herd heard it. i was could just tell he was controlling over his girlfriend and any time h tried to talk to me, he would say, let's go, hurry up. >> did you ever have -- >> i didn't know him that
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well -- >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> no, you continue, i'm sorry, you didn't know him that well, but -- >> i didn't know him that well, but what i did know of him, was that he was -- i did hear them yelling upstairs, mostly him yelling at his girlfriend. they were scheduled people. went to work, came home. they never had any family at their house, any friends at their house. >> do you know why they eventually moved away p-annmarie? >> no, i don't. i know that he didn't like the apartment. and it was a tiny apartment. they lived on the third floor, not the second floor. i know i've heard that. i live on the second floor. >> all right. annmarie goodwin -- >> they have two pitbulls, they are mean an mas. i heard them yelling, barking
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and crying all day long, he abused his dogs. >> i appreciate your perspective. he's not been charged at this point -- >> oh, no, i'm not saying that. >> i understand. >> absolutely. >> annmarie goodwin, thank you so much. we're bringing in pastor smith, consoling annie le's family. knowing the family as you do at this point, what do you think your reaction will be to this news that an arrest is imminent? >> this will be wonderful news to them. it's such a terrible thing to have lost annie as they have and not know who did it, that adds to the grief. there's always that longing, who would do such a terrible thing to annie. and i know this is wonderful knows to them. it's also part of the process of closure. >> have they ever harry the name ray clark? he did work in the same lab as
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their daughter? >> not that i know of. yes. >> how have they been handling this? it's overwhelming. >> it has been. imagine someone giving a call and knocking on the door, telling this such a terrible thing happened to your loved one. but as i got called in to be a spokesman the other night. i am amazed at the love of that family. that's one reason i am willing to speak on their behalf. pulling together during such a time you have these moments where you kind of lose it, grief overwhelms you. other femmes of the family will come to the aid of that member and comfort. it's really worked, i think, in pulling them much -- i wouldn't say closer together but real continued to enhance their closeness as a family. >> i would imagine the response of the community helped them. >> that helped so much in the process.
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candlelight vigille that was held. expressions on the media, what individuals have said, and compassion for the family. all of that plays a role in helping them deal with their grief and loss. >> pastor smith, thank you so much for coming at this time we appreciate you being here. >> thankyou. >> first, natalie morales at the news desk with a check of the morn's top stories. >> good morning, meredith. today president obama tauts health care reform a day after the reform was introduced. chuck todd in chicago. does the white house have the votes to get bill passed? >> that's what this is about. in many kays the it's really politics of the pass when it comes to health care debate. the president is doing one-on-one lobbying. yesterday senator rockefeller is critical of the program
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introduced. he was called into the white house for a meeting to take his temperature and, frankly, for the president to say, hey, you're not going to get everything you want but i need your support here. now we're learning that the white house reached out to the massachusetts state legislature. they need them to change the law so the goff another can apoint a replacement for the late senator ted kennedy. that's how important every single vote is. that's why it's a one-on-one lobbying effort by the president. >> chuck todd at the white house. thank you, chuck. also it appearances the white house is abandoning a controversial bush administration plan that cause aid rift between u.s. in russia. another deadly day. suicide car bomb in kabul killed at least ten people, including six italian soldiers. federal agents searched an apartment of a denver man expected to have links of al
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qaeda. he's been uchbd surveillance for some time. the search linked to several raids of several residences in new york. california in investigating probe whether the garridos are linked to two other kidnappings and mary travers has died. she was 72 years old. it is now 7:13. back over to matt, meredith and al. >> "pop the magic dragon." >> our condolences. check of the weather, mr. roker. >> that's right. talking about the low pressure system down in the southeast. will not go away. take a look at 24-hour rainfall totals. over eight inches in parts of arkansas. nashville picking up two inches of rain. there's the low pressure
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starting to retro grade moving back to texas, bringing more rain all of the way into raleigh, north carolina, rainfall ao#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o# we've had areas of moderate to light rain moving through over the last couple of hours. it continues mainly to the west and north of washington now. it is continuing to move southwest toward the northeast. temperatures are cool. we are in the low and mid 60s. now, 65 in washington. for the bus stop forecast, this morning, you need an umbrella. temperatures will be holding steady in the 60s with more passing light showers through mid morning. cloudy this afternoon and that's your latest weather. matt. >> thank you very much. now to iran and new calls for the release of three u.s. hikers who have been detained there jins sul. we'll talk exclusively with their families in a moment.
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first ann curry in the iranian currie is in tehran with a interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad. ann, good morning to you. what's on the agenda in terms of your discussion with the president? >> reporter: this comes at a very critical time. our interview begins in ten hours. this is president ahmadinejad's firstnterview to any news organization in the world since last june's election which drew attention as you know because of the outpouring of protests. results coming at a critical moment as iran agreed with negotiations for the u.s. in what could lead to the first substantive talks for the two countries in 30 years. president ahmadinejad also coming to new york as you know next week to speak to the u.n. general assembly to ask the president about tehran's nuclear program, crackdown on protesters and also about the americans
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held in iran including the three young hikers who strayed across the border from iraq more than a month ago. so far iran only shade the case of shane bauerer, sarah short is under investigation. hopefully we'll get clarity today. >> we'll look at that exclusive interview on president ahmadinejad tonight on "nbc nightly news" now to the u.s. hikers. alex vitale is brother of josh. nicole lee and the cousin of sarah shourd. as a group, it's been 48 days. we know the united states and iran don't have diplomatic relations. any release to get information is done through swiss departments. what are you hearing? what's going on? >> well, we have some
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communication through the state department with what's going on with the swiss diplomats. they're being very communicative and letting us now what they're doing. but we get -- other than that, the information is very limited. >> it's hard to get information. do you know whether the swiss diplomats have been able to have a face-to-face meeting with your relatives and friend? >> we've not been granted counselor access. no one has gotten to speak with them. >> in terms of information right now. compared to when they were taken, 48 days ago. how would you rate the information you have now versus then? >> we don't have much. families are extremely concerned. we want them home. josh, shane and sarah to come home as soon as possible. >> family members wrote a letter to president ahmadinejad delivered today through various channels. i want to reed aouple excerpts and get your comments. part says mr. president we implore you to bring shane,
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sarah and josh with you when you visit to address the general assembly of the united nations nothing would delight us more than to embrace or children and expression gratitude for the kindness of the iranian people. >> are you worried you're providing him a public relations victory that is going to generate an awful lot of controversy in this country? >> this case is really not a political case. this is a humanitarian case. what we've asked is a humanitarian gesture that is very much in the spirit of the united nations of peace and friendship among nations. >> any other concerns at all on your parts? >> there's no concern on a political level. this is our family. public relations is something that we're not concerned about. we just want our family home. that's the point of the letter. >> what should people know about the three young americans? what would you want people to
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know about shane, sarah and josh? >> it's hard to sum up. if people want to learn more about them. visit the website free the >> we got testimonials from friends and families explaining who they are very clearly. they're dear to us. extraordinary people. if you go to free the you can get information on them. >> ann is going to ask him about the fate of your relatives today. i'm sure you'll follow that closely. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> it is 7:19. here's meredith. >> have you ever thought you got a grt deal on an airline ticket and the surprise jump ps after taxes and fees are added on. nbc looks add somewhere some of your money is going. tom costellos at reagan international airport with more. good morning. >> the airlines say 30% of your
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airline ticket is made up of taxes and fees. what you may not know you and i are paying to service only private airplanes. in other words airports you an i will probably never see or use. it doesn't matter where you're flying, those bargain airline tickets have a way of getting pricey, $300 ticket can jump to $365 once you add federal local taxes and fees. a chunk of that money goes to build and maintain airports for private planes. "usa today" says $1.2 billion will go to airports that offer no commercial service airports most of us never use. it's outrageous to think customers on your flights are being asked to support airports that will never see a commercial flight. it is tax policy gone awry. >> airports like williamsburg, kentucky which just got a new
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5500 foot runway for two to three flights a day but not a single commercial flight. stafford county, virginia. an hour from d.c. an its regional airports, with about 55 ivate flights a day. no commercial service and queens city airport in allentown, pennsylvania where just a handful of small planes come and go every day. many practicing touch and goes at a controversial airfield. more than 200 acres of prime real estate near downtown allentown. if sold off it can generate millions of dollars in tax revenue and millions more for the school district. >> for this land to sit here for the benefit of 40 individuals, 40 private plane owner, i think is an outrage. >> reporter: an outrage, says the mayor because five hours away is lehigh valley international airport which offers both commercia and general aviation. so would it make sense to
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consolidate both airports? no, says the airport authority. allentown needs both and it's athird far away. >>s it he' about balancing the system. you have to have facilities spread out over the region. >> reporter: should airline passengers pay for thousands of unused airports that don't offer commercial service? private pilots say yes. whether a american flies or not it's to everyone's interest to see all airports are safely main inthatted. >> reality they don't have the money, they can't generate the money don't have a lot of traffic, a lot of them are small cities that themselves don't have the money. >> reporter: government said we need this national system of aiorts but the question remains should airport pains pay for all of it or should all be shared as a general tax burden. that's up to congress and, guess what, every member of congress hasll of these small airports in their backyard. much more on this morning's "usa
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today." >> all right, tom costello, thank you very much. still ahead the dad who caught the foul ball and watched his daughter throw it away. the whole family is here for an exclusive interview. here they go. plus we'll welcome jenna bush hager to our family. what you don't know about the former first
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coming up a doctor gives a blind come back her sight using one of her teeth.
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good morning. welcome, everyone. i'm barbara harrison. it is 7:26 on this thursday morning. in the news at this hour, president obama is taking his plan for health insurance reform to college park today. he will beholding a rally at the university of maryland at 11:00 this morning. the event at the university's comcast center is free and open to the public. seating will be first come, first serve. the candidates for the next virginia governor face off today. the debate with senator creigh deeds and bob mcdonnell. recent polls show mcdonnell with a slight lead. it will be moderated
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clear and cool. scattered showers. they will be with us for another couple of hours. cloudy, highs near 70. a small chance of anned additional spinkle. increasing sunshine on friday. highs, upper 70s. should be a delightful weekend, saturday and sunday. mid 70s for highs. how is the traffic, jerry? 270 southbound, a lot of backed up traffic beginning near route 80 to germantown and beyond.
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just an example of what we are dealing with the wet pavement. no big accidents. wilson bridge, okay, southeast corners and northeast, picking up a lot of volume. barbara? ? we will have another update at
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7:30, on a thursday morning. the 17th day of september 2009. got another chilly one here in the northeast. but we're hoping the sun could poke its head out a little time soon. warm these things up. these people don't seem to mind. we thank them for stopping by. meanwhile. matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. wee happy to welcome jenna busch. you mow her as former first daughter and students know her as miss jenna.
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now she's new contributing correspondent. >> we're going to embarrass jenna by showing you, a side of her you've never seen before. >> very cute. she likes a costume. >> she does. wednesday we show you the cute scene at a phillies baseball. the girl throws away the only foul ball her dad ever caught. there it goes. we're here for an exclusive live interview coming up. >> a reminder, al and i along with aforementioned jenna bush hager. will be live at the new billion dollar cowboys stadium. we'll take you on a tour, see if owner jerry jones will let us have fun with the world's largest high definition tv. plus famous dallas cowboy cheerleaders join us and a lot more. today at cowboys stadium calling it eighth wonder of the world tomorrow morning on "today." let us begin with something that sounds a little like science
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fiction. a blind woman regains her sight thanks to one of her death. we have more. good morning. >> she had a rare disease called steven johnson syndrome. her body stopped producing moisture. her eyes were dry and corneas began to score. eventually as she went blind this is what her world looked like. she was going blind. doctors didn't know what to do. here in miami a group of doctors t decided to try something never done in the united states before. >> kay thornton has good reason to smile. >> okay. >> blind for the past nine years, the 60-year-old just got her sight back. >> when you can see again, it's amazing. >> but it's the operation, the first of its kind in the united states that is mind-boggling.
7:33 am
doctors at the bask and palmer eye institute. exact traed a tooth. drilled a hole and fitted it in a plastic lens then inserted the tooth in her eye. you heard that correctly. they put the tooth in her eye. >> i thought it was the silliest thing i've ever heard of in my life. take a tooth out of my mouth, put it under here, right up under the eye, let it incubate. they were going to take it out. put it out and put it in your eye and you'll be able to see. >> and as hard as that was to believe, now -- it's true. >> her lon-time companion, rick brewster. when she got blind he had dark hair, a dark beard. when they took off her bandages,
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he was at her bedside. i said oh, my god he's totally silver now and it shocked me. dr. perez was the pioneer of this procedure. >> of all tooth you chose -- you chose -- >> the eye tooth. >> i hear they're calling you -- >> the tooth fairy. >> i hrd that yesterday. >> why does it work? >> the mouth has similar characteristics to the eye. it's wet and if you put the tooth and bone of the tooth everything integrates and becomes a living unit in an area that used to be dead and scarred. kay said she can't wait to see her nine grandchildren at the swimming pool screaming, look at me, mimi. look at me. >> they know i can't see, i say okay, baby, mimi's watching. you know, what am i going to say? >> and now? >> i'm going to say, i can see you. >> and indeed she will.
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her vision is 20/60. here's some encouraging news. the doctors at bask and palmer are now working with the d2'u@)5zez defense to see if the same technique can be applied to soldiers and marines who have been blinded in iraq and afghanistan. meredith and matt. >> medical research is amazing. who would have thought put a tooth in your eye and you can see again. >> thank you very much. let's head outside and get a check on weather from aol. >> that's an amazing story. let's take a look. nice folks here. who have you got? >> oregon. >> ann curry's home state. >> who doesn't love ann. >> happy birthday to you. >> let check your weather. we'll show you what's happening. we have roller coaster temperatures, tuesday. in the 80s in washington. cold front moves through and, bam, all of the sudden the temperature drop. 10 to 20 degrees cooler today.
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60 in boston. 64 new york city. toasty in the southwest. temperatures 90s, 100o#o#o#o#o## cloudy and cool on this thursday morning. good morning. as we look at the radar, southwest to northeast flow carrying rain across virginia and into maryland this morning. we have a couple other areas of rain moving into fauquier county. that will move into the metro area here in another 45 minutes. temperatures are now in the low to mid 60s. highs today only near 70. remaining cloudy. a small chance of an additional light shower or spinkle this and that's your latest weather, meredith. >> al, thanks very much. now the trip to the ballpark one family will never forget. we showed you what happened wednesday. longtime phillies fan caught his first ever foul ball tuesday night.
7:37 am
he handed it to his 3-year-old ughter, emily, and she, well, she threw it right back over the upper deck railing. while, the family is with us, exclusively. steve, his wife, kathleen. 3-year-old emily and 15-month-old cecelia. how are you? >> we've played that video over and over. it's so funny and sweet. are you surprised? >> she got good hands. that's why she caught the ball. >> by ul after attention? >> very much surprised how much it's been over the last day and a half. >> i think it's great. first time you get a foul ball. you take a little bowl, high five a couple fans around you and d hand it to emily. would you have any idea she wouldn't know what to do with it? >> looking back, she gets a ball from dad, she's going to throw it. at the time i was excited to give it to her. >> your first reaction, was this
7:38 am
moment of disbelief. i think you're mouthing the words, oh, no. >> my first thought, was, can i see it? i've waited so long to catch a foul ball. and over the edge it goes i didn't think i would ever get it back. >> what was so sweet how you immediately embraced her. >> yeah. >> i think she was a little startled by my reaction. i just wanted to let her know it was okay. >> we all learned a lot about your husband by the warmth of that embrace. although i have to mention that al yesterday questioned wetter it was purely a loving embrace or wetter he was squeezing the life out of her. just to set the record straight it was purely loving. >> very loving. >> how come you threw the ball. did you want to throw it down, or -- >> yeah. >> you have a good throwing arm, emi emily. you really do. >> do you have fun at the phillies games. >> yeah. >> what's your favorite part.
7:39 am
>> all of it. >> do you like the food there to do you eat the hot dogs? >> i eat hot dogs and cotton candy. >> wow, your parents let you have all of that? how much fun is that. >> you didn't get to keep the ball, steve, right? >> the phillies brought up another ball that they gave back to me and emily which was really nice. i don't know what happened to the original. >> they wanted each of you to have a special jersey. bring them out with your names on them and the date 09 to remember the day by. >> very cool. >> and there's one for everybody. and there's also this ball here, this is yours -- oh, no, that's not yours, that's emily. >> that's for em. >> it's a phillies jersey. and this ball was signed by jason who hit that foul ball. there you go. you can keep it in tt glass or give to emand she can throw it.
7:40 am
>> emily, have fun. it was great meeting you. >> good catch. really good catch. and nice throw. up xt, what you don't know about the newest member of the "today" family, jenna bush hager right after this.
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back now at 7:43. it's a very special morning here on "today." we're welcoming a new member to the family. jenna bush hager. >> a lot of ways she's a
7:44 am
familiar face. after all she spent eight years in the white house. there's a lot you may be surprised to learn about the newest contributing correspondent. >> i want candy. >> hey, hey. >> smile, jenna. >> well, president bush, george dad was vice president in 1981 when barbara and jenna were born. for their whole lives, somebody in their family has been in politics. >> these are our two west texas twin granddaughters, jenna and barbara. >> i always expected jenna to be a teacher. she loved, even as a little girl, to line-up her dolls and play school. >> hi, daddy. >> jenna was a very amusing child. she was the first one to learn to crawl out of her bed. >> come on, baby. >> then she would run into our bedroom like, it's jenna. >> jenna and i are twin, i'm 1
7:45 am
minute older than her. >> i think she's bossier. >> jenna is definitely the bossier twin. >> i think i'm probably bossier. i hate to say it. >> it would seem, i think, to outsiders that they had a pretty extraordinary childhood. in fact we made an effort for p hip to have an order childhood. >> our grandparents gampy and ganny were vice president. >> they had this big swing. >> they were always ganny and gampy. >> we went campaigning and dressed up on at plane. jenna was juicy fruit, i was a vampire. >> they trick or treated the press at the back of the plane. the press was a little unprepared.
7:46 am
>> it was sad. no one hat candy with them. we had a few certs and a piece of gum. >> to me i feel our childhood was reallyfun. we went to maine, boat rides. our parents took us on family bike rides. as soon as we learned how to ride a bike. growing up was a typical childhood. >> and we're going to do a nice show -- >> jenna did really like to be the center of attention. jenna wanted voice lessons too. >> i wanted to be on broadway and do shows and scenes. >> jenna loves me, that's her karaoke song. ♪ i would do anything for love >> then it ramps up. >> singing was not her thing at all, but she thought it was. >> george and i, of course, thought they were really talented. >> i always thought i was fantastic. i still think i'm a pretty good
7:47 am
singer. nobody else does. >> their grandfather and i can't sing either, so it's all right. and their father is worse, so -- >> george and i made a very conscious effort to keep our girls out of the spotlight. they were the ones that chose to run for office. and they, i think always were aware that it was a special privilege for them. >> we also got to meet many heads of state and heroes, really, of ours. people even say so now you're going to be on tv? tell me my story makes me uncomfortable but talking about other people doing extraordinary things, is amazing. >> henry an i got married about a year and a half ago. we're not counting months now. >> she is natural. >> bubbly. >> jna is definitely an extrove extrovert. she's probably the funniest person i know. >> she's bright. >> i think that's one of her
7:48 am
most enduring qualities there's no pre tension. >> she's the kind of person peopleove to be around. >> i love teaching. i worked in inner city baltimore for most of my career. >> i moved a lot in america to work for unicef, many living with hiv/aids or faced abuse in their homes. >> i taut twice a week. i changed by my experience as a teacher. >> kids don't care who your parks or grandparents are. as soon as they get to know who you are as a person, that's what matters to them. >> one year, for dr. suess' birthday she dressed up as hat in the cat. >> they would say there's the book lady. >> i would say i really miss her. she was a good teacher.
7:49 am
>> so my plan is work for the "today" show and teach. i'm going to be a reading resource teacher and work for the "today" show as correspondent. i think it's going to be a really cool experience to do both. >> i was on a "today" show for "honor story" a book i wrote and i came back with my mom to talk about a book we wrote "read all about it." >> they read to us. they weren't watching television. they turned the tv off but did watch "today" show. >> that's when associate producer jim said you would be great on our show. i'm super excited. i didn't think he was for real but i guess he is. >> good luck, jenna. >> i wish her the very best on the "today" show. >> i know you're going to do a great job. >> and we do welcome you, jenna, to the team. nice to have you. so much of that was sweet and
7:50 am
great. we just want to talk about meatloaf. >> we'll never talk about meatloaf again. >> you say you have a good singing voice. >> is this the way you welcome me? >> how about the smackdown from ganny. >> ganny is tough but she's wonderful. >> she's the best. but to change the subject if i can -- >> as i possibly can -- >> i'm thrilled to be here and one of the great parts is that now i'm not ever again promise, part of the story, in that i get to tell terrific stories about people doing wonderful things. like -- start tomorrow, by the way, we're taking you to dallas. you'll tell us a great story there. >> doing a live web shot today. >> exactly. >> by the way, you don't have to tell your folks to pick us up at the airport but we are coming for dinner. >> secret service. >> we expect you in some kind of
7:51 am
costume tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> welcome back right after this. >> great.
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just ahead, susan boyle's first trip to the u.s.
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good morning everyone. i'm barbara harrison. it is 7:56 september 17th, 2009. we have breaking news. let's go straight to jerry edwards in the news 4 traffic center. what's going on, jerry? an accident over on the capital beltway. this is the outer loop of the beltway, very close to university boulevard. several vehicles involved in an accident on the outer loop at university boulevard. right now, only the far right shoulder gets by from time to time. we are jammed from at least college park inner loop, significant rubbernecking delays. authorities are headed for an accident near old georgetown road. be careful if your headed over there. >>. >> crime is on the rise in the metro stations in montgomery county, mostly due to thefts, we understand, with i were up 40%
7:57 am
from 2006 to 2008. officials say the most common crime is thefts from vehicles parked at stations. police are encouraging people not to leave items like gps devices, stereos and laptops visible in their cars. budget cuts may soon leave some d.c. public school teachers out of a job. school chancellor says that up to $40 million may be cut from the school system that would likely lead to layoffs and bigger class sizes. he hasn't said home of the syst's 3,800 teachers would have to be let go. 900 were just hired over the summer. the washington teacher's union president says the cuts will be devastating.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. cloudy and cool. low and mid 60s. scattered showers moving across virginia and maryland. another band of rain moving into washington by 9:00. then, later on today, cloudy. a small chance of an additional light shower this afternoon with highs only near 70. increasing sunshine on friday with highs, upper 70s. mostly sunny saturday, partly cloudy sunday. coming up on "news 4 at 5:00," president obama back on
8:00 am
we are back at 8:00 this thursday morning, september 17th. 2009 with a winning moment from last night's season finale of "america's got talent." another highlight of the evening, susan boyle's first ever trip to the u.s. we'll have more on that in just a moment. i'm meredith vieira, matt lauer and al roker, important information on heart disease. >> we'll be joined by dr. nancy, she celebrates fact and fiction,
8:01 am
the leading cause of death in this country. >> where are we today? once again, we are live at an unnamed location. we need you to take your best guess. take a look. do you recognize this? >> it's foggy looking even. >> interesting. >> maybe this video clue will help you. >> i have a very strong guess which i'm not going to share with our viewers. >> last time you guessed i was right. >> you blew it. >> if you want to guess, head to the website, "today" and enter for a chance to win 25 thousand much not bad. >> let's get a check on the top stories. ann is on assignment in iran,
8:02 am
natalie at the news desk. >> police in connecticut closing in on raymond clark as the investigation continues into the murder of yale grad student annie le. jeff rossen is there with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. new haven police confirming that they expect to arrest ray clark, the lab technician who worked in the same building as the victim, annie le. there's published reports that police have a dna match between ray clark and annie le and there are other published reports that they can put him at the crime scene with le as the last person to see her alive. what you're looking at is live picture tour from cromwell, connecticut, a super 8 motel where police believe ray crk is staying, unmarked cars inside that parking lot staking out mr. clark and we're told a news conference will start
8:03 am
momentarily where they could, again, could announce an arrest. natalie we'll keep you posted. >> jeff rossen in new haven. thank you. >> former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital, undergoing elective surgery to deal with lumbar spinal stenosis, common cause of low back pain and normal effect of aging. white house is scrapping a controversial bush plan to install permanent missile defense systems in europe. instead obama administration wants to rely on smaller portable defenses. asian and european markets higher today. cnbc's trish regan at new york stock exchange. what are we lookin at? >> we're looking at volume, how many shares are traded. we've seen an uptick, what it's showing more and more investors on the sidelines suddenly getting into this market encourage bide bullish signals. i want to point out fedex came
8:04 am
out with earnings, earned less than half what it did and oracle did not have good results last night. some bear signs as well. >> tresh regulish regan. let's go outside with a check on the weather. >> where are we today is brought to you by comfort suites and other fine choice hotels. >> and good morning. we have got a living little doll here. who is this? >> this is samantha. >> where are you guys from? >> right here in manhattan. >> she's very happy. >> yes, how are you, sweetie? let's check your weather, she what's going on. for today, our pick city, dallas, texas, heading down there tomorrow. we got our live show from cowboy stadium. nbc 5. showers and storms, 79 degrees, record highs in the plains today. beautiful in the pacific northwest. rip currents and coastal flooding into the northeast. wet weather along the gulf
8:05 am
coast. tomorrow more wet weather around the southeast. western half of the country, we have cool weather along the great lakes. these ladies are from bishopville, south carolina home of lizardo#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o#o## good morning here we have a cloud cover and cool temperatures. low and mid 60s now. on radar, showers passing to the north of the washington, .25 of an inch there. another band of showers coming into fauquier county, into prince william and fairfax and washington in another half hour to hour. temperatures around the region will hold steady low and mid 60s for another couple of hours. small chance of additional shower this and that's your latest weather. matt. >> up next, heart health facts that could save millions of lives. we'll talk about that with dr.
8:06 am
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"today's" heart health is brought to you by abbott, a promise for life. back now at 8:09 with a special series taking health to heart today. heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the u.s. in a moment dr. nancy snydide s can share facts, first one pan's frightening story. >> because of my age, i thought i was more or less invincible. i led a fairly clean life style, don't drink, don't smoke. i'm active. my family doe have a history of heart disease on my mother's side. i'm guilty of ignoring that. >> coming home from doing laundry, in the middle of a flight of stares, i felt a
8:11 am
flight pain in my chest. reach the top of the stairs the pain became for acute. i told my wife i was having pains and she immediately called 911. once the paramedics arrived. they took my vitals. it was expected i was having a heart attack. the staff discovered a had a blockage in one of my blood vessels in my heart and died to perform a an geo placety and placed a stint. in the hospital i had an epiphany of sorts. i saw my family in a different light. i knew i could stay alive and healthy so i could see them through their lives. i'm see my cardiologist on a regular basis. so we're going to keep monitoring my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. my wife is very aggressive about chaining my diet and changing my physical activity i'd like to be
8:12 am
with my wife. i have a deeper appreciation for my family. and dr. nancy, good morning. >> hi, meredith. >> he points out how little we know. fact or fiction much first an asprin a die is the best prevention for heart disease? >> not the best. i said for everyone to take it. we know people at risk should take it. high blood pressure, cholesterol, not for everyone because of bleeding. this is one thing while i think it's great check with your doctor. >> use baby asprin? >> one a day. >> thin people shouldn't worry about heart disease. >> another myth, remember jim ficks, lean, runner, dropped dead, fix. if you're skinny and smoke you're at risk. if you're skinny and had a family history you're at risk. we know obese people have a
8:13 am
higher risk but still be skinny and in trouble. >> high blood pressure has no stops. >> true, it's a silent killer. imagine a garden hose with lots of water pressure. when you have high blood pressure it happens to your arteries. blood pressure no higher than 120 over 80. try to keep it lower. >> how do you know? do you constantly monitor? >> this is something starting age of 20 should get checked everyyear. >> heart disease can start in teenage years. >> true. we think we can start in 4 or 5 years olds. every time you eat unhealthy kid, you put out fatty streaks. we know on the autopsies of children who die young from accidents we can see heart disease developing in 5, 6, 7-year-olds and absolutely by teenage years. >> good nutrition early on? >> all of the way through life. building blocks start when you're young.
8:14 am
>> all heart attacks accompanied by severe chest pain? >> huge fiion. we know women it's extreme fatigue, exhausted. feel like you are drinking icy cold air. doesn't wait for the chest pain. intuitively if any of these things could be happening to you, think heart attack. call 911 then chew an asprin while picking up the phone. >> thank you. >> next joel mchale tells us what to expect on the nbc comedy community right after this. . statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease,
8:15 am
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in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. "today's" entertainment
8:19 am
brought to you by local authorized mercedes-benz dealer. >> joel mchale quick host of "ease the soup" now leads the cast in nbc comedy "community" plays a fast-talking lawyer who heads a tutoring group. >> waste trying to not say this. i think that group may be untutorable. why don't you and i study over -- >> dinner? >> or drinks. >> i think we should prioritize and study first then go to dinner. and if they really prove to be untutorable, we'll slip out early. >> oh, they will be untutorable. >> hey, joel, good morning. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> we're going to do this quickly, because you told me you do have to go to the bathroom. i don't want that to become a problem in the middle -- >> i want to wave to the thousands of people that have shown up. >> they're here. behind you. >> is this interview fodder on
8:20 am
"the soup." . yes, i say there's 90% chance -- >> will they make fun of me? >> tell me about this show. you play a guy that's not that nice? >> no, he's a dui lawyer who has been thrown out of law, he lied about having a law degree. >> he forged it? >> said it was from columbia, actually the country. he said it whas to get a real degree and he's in a study group with a bunch of people he doesn't want to be with. >> having not seen the pilot this group of misfits that come together. it sounds a little, stop me -- st. elmo's fire with adults? >> yes. i would, yes, agree. i don't play the saxophone like rob lowe. >> the people who learn from each other. even though in the beginning seem to be completely unrelated. >> that's right. evy chase, one of the students, a retired guy who has a moist towelette company.
8:21 am
the cast is terrific. >> you look at some individuals on this. you're working with some great comic actors. >> you have ken join from the hangovers. the arrested development or directing them. it's nine to screw up. >> your sense of humor is well known to a lot of people. you write a lot of what you do. >> you guys write a lot of stuff for us. >> all of the stuff on "the soup" is funny except you fail to capture the genius of our show. >> you get four hours a day. if we can make "the soup" four hours -- >> do you watch every morning? >> there's a person on our staff who watches four hours every day. >> "today" show dedicated person? >> they commit suicide after a while and then we hire another person. >> how many have you gone through? >> up to 60. they come out of college. >> by the way, can you promote yourself enough on the show? you're shameless. >> i am, yes.
8:22 am
you're talking about community 20 times for the last six years. >> i'm like seacrest in that way. i want people to watch it. we're -- nbc's number four. so we got a good thing. >> that's easy to say when you're sitting on the show. >> i think it is true. it's one of those things i will promote anything. >> you got a really nice review, by the way in "the new york times." >> yeah, you did. and you can't buy that. although perhaps -- >> i did. >> i'm not sure. i got him soup see shirts. >> you have a movie opening. >> "the foreman" you get to see a fat matt damon and he looks way better than me. >> this is what some have called and what you call a break-out week for you. >> it is a break-out week. which means it will be pretty depressing. >> you have this show, a movie coming out. major movie. what else are you going to do? >> why the way are you staying with the soup as long as you're a huge star? >> i am as long as you are on
8:23 am
the air. as long as willard is broadcasting we will be there. yeah, i'm going to stick with it. i love doing it. they are all my friends there. i think it's the best writing staff ever. i have great fun. it's just a curtin and a camera. that's good times. >> you pointed out we're fourth. we need you badly. >> there's the picture. >> and series premiere of community is 9:30, 8:30 central time. >> there's ken in the corner. that's actual size. >> matt, thank you. "america's got talent" unemployed chicken farmer and country singer kevin skinner but another who delivered the night's most memorable performances. nbc's leigh cowen was there. >> reporter: she started out softly but the scot who once said she had never been kissed, soon had a u.s. audience on her
8:24 am
feet. >> susan boyle, britain's overnight sensation, did it again. >> i didn't think that i had so many people who admire me so much. ♪ i dream that love had never die ♪ >> everupable. she's come a long way. people call the makeover one of the most memorable style moments of the year. wild horses, a rolling stone's standard is the first single of her first album. also the first time she's ever been to the u.s. >> it's fantastic. >> yeah. what's your favorite part? >> all of it. all of it. i like all of it. >> yeah? >> reporter: we caught up with her back stage where she was candid about what struck her most in her performance. >> my father passed on. and these things come up.
8:25 am
>> you felt her there? >> i felt her there. i felt her tonight, actually which was nice. >> reporter: these season's judges credit the worldwide susan boyle praise for making this year's "america got talent" so popular? why is she the most downloaded person in history? beuse everyone wants to feel good. this year's winner was barbara padilla a woman who overcame breast cancer and had that beautiful voice but just like susan boyle. she didn't win. a self-proclaimed chicken catcher, ended up america's favorite. >> kevin skinner! >> reporter: it's not just talent, it's unlikely talenthe show likes the most. ♪ wild horses >> reporter: and apparently so do the fans. >> the love i felt was
8:26 am
overwhelming. >> reporter: humility, rewarded. for today, lee cowen, nbc news, los angeles. and breaking news out of connecticut, moments ago about ten police boy, take a look. starting off with lots of clouds on this thursday morning as we see the national cathedral in the background. a little damp. early morning and overnight showers. meteorologist, tom keer ron is going to have the forecast. for now, 8:26. 65 degrees. i'm keith garvin. in the news for today, the candidates for the next virginia gofr face off today. the debate between creigh deeds and republican, bob mcdonnell, polls show mcdonnell
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. cloudy and cool around the region. we have some rain coming in in about another 45 minutes to half an hour. temperatures around the region in the low and mid 60s. 65, washington. upper 50s around the blue ridge and shaen an d and shenandoah valley. drying out friday into the weekend and warming up as well. highs in the 70s, tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. how is the traffic? improving news. not great. the accident outer loop at university boulevard, completely to the shoulder. lanes are opened. jammed from greenbelt to 95.
8:29 am
southbound will be tough. authorities were checking for an accident on 270 near montrose road. 395 packed in tightly. an accident at 12th street. on "news 4 at 5:00," president obama is back on campus. young voters help get h
8:30 am
8:30 on a thursday morning. 17th day of september 2009. stepped outside to say hi to the nice people liningur closet all morning long. thank you for sticking it out. chilly on this thursday morning. you know what?
8:31 am
we got to get used to it. fall is on the way. five minutes. out on the plaza. matt lauerer, meredith vieira. natalie morales and al roker. coming up meal or no meal. three food experts. onele challenge. prepared dinner for family of four. 25 bucks or less. we'll see what they came up with in just a bit. >> good. >> also ahead -- also coming up we're showing you fashion staples. everyone loves the "it" handbag. we'll show you what we need this fall for accessory. >> also this morning we're hearing arrest has been made in the case of yale anniversary graduate student. murder of annie le. ray clark was the person of interest in that case has been arrested. bond has been set. we'll have much more on that story coming up. >> all right. on a lighter note. changing gears a little bit. let's bring in bill hager,
8:32 am
ladies and gentlemen, ""saturday night live"." >> cloudy with a chance of -- >> so you got the weekend update thursday p coming up. >> that's right. tonight we have ""saturday night live"" weekend update which we did last year. >> it was great last year. have you finished writing it or writing it to the end? >> we are still writing it. >> as the summer months go by, you guys aren't on the air. are you chomping at the bit watching these news stories saying god, why can't we be on air right now. >> it's always funny too. annie and i will text each other saying i had my first snl nightmare. no cue cards. >> i think that will be prominently displayed. >> amy polar will be sitting?
8:33 am
>> yes, and season opener with megan fox and u2. >> "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" open this friday. >> yes. >> it's a wonderful children's book. you're wonderful -- >> thank you. >> he's amazing. >> actually, i stole a line from tina fey, what the what? >> it kills. >> and good luck. nice to have you stop by. >> get a little plug here, "saturday night live" weekend thursday kicks off nbc's comedy premiere night tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. bill is sticking around to talk to hoda and kathie lee what we've been talking about the movie "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." >> supporting role.
8:34 am
>> first let's get a check on the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by -- >> "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." check out the fun when it stores into theaters everywhere tomorrow. >> joel, have you gotten a chance to see "cloudy with a chance of meatballs yet" >> not yet, have you? >> have you seen "the informant" with matt damon? >> we both have movies to plug. >> matt's bigger right now. >> that's right. >> he gained 300 pounds. >> and unbelievable. you're hear to do weather with me. >> this is a dream come true right now. i can't believe i'm doing this. >> let's put up the maps and joel mchale will do the weather. >> it's going to be mild over one of the great lakes and raining on most of -- is thatry langua shirr langua tri lanka.
8:35 am
>> is that smoke? >> sunday -- look at that. congratulations, midwest. it's going to be warm, i think. >> where's willard. >> he can't bail you out mchale. you're on your own. >> hey, everyone, enjoy your weather. >> i must point out your parks are over here. >> mom and dad, they're really disappointed by what happened here. there they are.o#o#/#o#o#o#o#o## good morning. here, we have a cloud cover. our temperatures are in the low and mid 60s. a cool morning and rather wet where you see the blue on radar. we are getting light rain here in fairfax, loudoun county. we will have light rain moving through. our temperatures will hold steady in the low and mid 60s. later on this afternoon, cloudy.
8:36 am
that's your latest weather now a dream come true. >> now willard scott. willard. >> good evening, dr. frank fields has finally come back to television. god bless you, my son. >> joe mchale. we do not have a career without you. >> you have done more nice things for me. you've made me a household world. god bless you. i appreciate that. good luck with the show and everything. are you speaking everything? for all of friends happy new year. >> and a happy smukckers year. everybody loves smucker's and everybody says so. >> orville, how about that, vanderlip. auburn, california.
8:37 am
he's related to john chapman. do you know who john chapman was? johnny appleseed. how about that? god bless. we have elijah miller. what a strong name. freedom, pennsylvania. i know that town. 103 years old. sharp as a tack. we wish him a happy, happy, happy birthday. dorothy schelz of catonsville, maryland. right down the road to us. retired assistant for a bank president. and won an award for typing skills. i don't know if that's going out of skill but some people can really type. ivory ross lambert. 110 years old. attended church every single week, loves to cook and john andrus of wayzata, 100 years old built the andrus learning center
8:38 am
to help children. wish him a happy, happy, happy birthday. finally ethel alderson of duarte, california. ethel alderson, retired postal worker. happy, happy birthday. that's it. now back to new york city and exciting, exotic meredith. >> coming up next, we'll find out who can make
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now at 8:40. this morning in today's kitchen, meal or no meal. we asked experts to plan an entire meal on a budget of #bbbq michael la monaco.
8:41 am
and donna. new york times columnist mark bitman latest kitchen express. meredith ax and natalie here to do the judging. let's get goal, first of all we wanted something under $25 that tastes good. everyone wants macaroni and cheese. was it a big challenge to find something that looks good for 25 bucks or less? >> $25 is a tight budget for four people especially if you shop seasonally, locally, use your farmer's markets that's what i do. >> what is on the shopping list in. >> main course chicken brazed and butter nut squash and carrots. cri cidar vinegar. and fresh poached pair was cinnamon spiced cream. >> let's talk about the chicken dish. >>. >> i browned the chicken. took that out. chicken is well browned.
8:42 am
s it ready to go in. this is a dish with lots of flavor. there's a little sugar and balance o the sugar i put in apple cidar vinegar. i put my chicken in and it needs brazed. i have chicken stock an it will braze. >> how long does it take to cook? >> a 30 minute dish. it's fast-cooking dish. >> your total bill for the shopping you did, 24.54. came within 46 crepts way to go. >> donnatella what's the name of your dish? >> i have beefj$ meatballs, my sister and three kids. you're a busy mom. you want to have kids that really like to -- my sister is always struggling to get her kids to eat vegetables. spinach in the vegetables. meatballs easy to make, she comes home, doesn't have to fry
8:43 am
them. the more you look about value, you buy fresh ingredients like tomatoes from the can. it's less expensive. very easy. come home, make the meatballs, saute the onions, deglaze it with tomato paste. sauce for later. >> bread crumb or what? >> that's dessert. a surprise for dessert. i want to tell people. your total shopping bill, $24.21. >> she came in under you lamonico. >> judges, you paying attention? >> hello, bitman how are you? >> what's your dish? >> in honor of your presence we're doing chick peas. this is a side dish, but still, the main dish i brazed pork. we've browned and brazed pork chunks with string binges and
8:44 am
some pilaf. chick peas are fried until crisp, a little cumin, salt and lemon. for dessert, frozen peaches in a blend are or food proser, sorry with yogurt and sugar, that's it. >> i was thinking when i look at the line-up. as minimalist, you might have had an advantage. you're used to doing things simple and that sort of thing. >> i can't speak to whether i have an advantage or not. >> you cheated. >> by the way, can i give you mark bitman's shopping total. what was yours, 24.50 -- something. >> 24.21. >> ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen mark bitman coming in at $19.13. >> he cheated. >> he cheated. >> he cheated. >> can we get a camera over to our judges here for a second? folks, have you started tasting? >> no, not yet. >> start doing that, what we'll
8:45 am
do is take a break and when we come back our judges are going to render their
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back with results of meal or no meal challenge. dinner for family of four for 25 bucks again. now the moment of truth our judges, ready to render their decisions. let's get the simple stuff out of the way. when it comes to meals, meredith, meals or no meals in. >> meals. >> natalie. >> meals. >> al? >> all meals. >> let's break it down. let's get to the nitty-gritty. what did you like, what didn't you like? >> i've been doing detox and eating healthy.
8:48 am
i thought michael's was the healthiest. no butter, just the olive oil. i thought everything was delicious all excellent. >> natalie. >> i have to agree with meredith. i love the flavors. donnatella, i appreciate you tried. i try to incorporate it with my kids too. >> for a family of four. >> and bittman, but my son would never eat bulgar. >> i think this is in everybody's family's wheelhouse. paa, donnatella and chicken. >> we have a little indecision. i hear a phone ringing. this could be the banker. hello. hi. how are you? >> oh, he looks remarkably like alfred hitchcock. >> go ahead, banker, what's on your mind.
8:49 am
>> okay the. banker is saying he thinks the pasta is a very, very interestinidea for kids. go ahead. >> okay. but for adults, he says he has to say that he likes the cinnamon that has been placed in the chicken. takes it to, i think in his own words, that was a new level. once again, banker if you give me the final decision. thank you very much. >> he got a lot to say. >> stop talking. >> okay. he doesn't stop eating, either. >> so the banker has made a decision not to down play the roles of our three perfect judges here. we took it out of your hands. ladies and gentlemen, michael is the winner of our winn meal or o meal challenge. >> it's a deal. >> thank you very much. great to have you here. bittman, as always, nice to see you. >> all great meals.
8:50 am
>> i don't care what the banker says. take that to the
8:51 am
some may not have twitter but masters of engaging people in public debate.
8:52 am
michael j. sandell is the water of "justice what's the right thing to do" your class one of the most popular if not the most popular. you believe philosophy was just as relevant today as it was in the says of socrates, why is that? >> socrates and aristotle didn't argue about bailouts, health care and same-sex marriage. these are the political debates. just beneath the surface are big questions of justice, of political philosophy. >> you can apply those debates to issues that are relevant today essentially. >> yes, who deserves what? who has a right to what. what are obligations. these are the questions dealt with. we argue even though we may not realize it. >> i know your goal is engage citizens, be part of the process. you like to test students with
8:53 am
hypothetical scenarios, we present a few. first up a runwa trolley speeding down the track. if it turns one way it turns one person if it turns another way it hits five people which way should it turn? >> what do you think? >> i guess you think the way that will hit just one person and save the fives of five others. >> that would be the right thing to do. >> presumably? >> because numbers count. >> presumably five lives versus one. >> can i try a push? >> sure. >> would it matter to you who that one was? >> if it matter if it's osama bin laden or star pitcher for the redsox? >> you would probably think twice if it were the star pitcher for the red sox. >> or the child of your closest freb. that raises the well, numbers have to count, lives saved, injustice, but what about our
8:54 am
relationship to that -- the people we're dealing with. do those relations enter into justice? think about citizenship, do we owe more to our fellow citizens than we do to citizens of other countries? stimulus package had a buy american requirement. is that just or prejudice? this is a big question of justice. >> let's look at another hypothetical. four sailors are starving at sea. they decide to kill one and save three. should they be tried for murder? that's like the other one. >> this really happened. if you were the judge, would you sentence them to murder? >> i think you have to try them for murder, i'm not sure i would find them guilty of murder. >> why? >> because of extenuating circumstances. >> they had to do it. they were starving, three lives versus one. >> again it's numbers. again who is that one, if they have any say in it, no. >> whether the competing
8:55 am
values -- we trade off lives even for convenience, never mind more lives. how many people die in traffic accidents every year in the united states? it's over like 40,000. it's for the convenience -- we sacrifice 40,000 lives every year if you think about it for the convenience of driving automobiles. so sometimes numbers count, but they don't count quite as much as convenience. >> right. okay. one last one. you inherit a valuable flute. should the flute be kept, given to a world-class musician or sold to a collector? >> wheat the moral debate there? >> sell it t to a compose ur who musician in the world. will not use it or greatest >> i would give it to the musician so it continues through the year. >> aristotle agreed with you. he said justice is a matter of dessert, of honoring excellence, the best flute player. in a way, these
8:56 am
when you step outside, you will be greeted by lots of clouds, a little bit of wind and wet roadways. we get a great shop of the washington monument and the 14th street bridge and the jefferson memorial. 65 degrees today. it's 8:56. an apartment fire in northwest washington had residents tying sheets together to try and escape the smoke and flames. it happened on the third floor of the five-story building. firefighters rescued some residents, via ladders. 15 residents were treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. one adult and two children were taken to the hospital. president obama is taking his plan for health insurance reform to college park later this morning. he will beholding a ral at the university of maryland at 11:00 a.m. the event at the universities
8:57 am
comcast center is free and open to the public. seating will be first come, first serve. weather and traffic are next. stay with us.
8:58 am
cloudy, scattered light rain
8:59 am
across northern virginia about to move into the district of columbia and fairfax county. for the rest of the day, cloudy, highs near 70. mid 60s right now. a small chance offers an isolated shower. how is the traffic, jerry? with the pavement drying out, still heavy and slow 66 to the beltway. no intense sunshine. all volume. headed ford jo untown, packed in tightly to the 14th street bridge. an earlier accident has been cleared. young voters helped get him to the white house. will students back his health care reform pitch. complete
9:00 am
we are now backith more of "today," thursday morning. 17th day of september, 2009. it's a bit of a gray day in the northeast. it doesn't seem to bother any of these people. some gathered about 5:00, 5:30. we're out with norah o'donnell who continues to help out despite everything she was warned about. back for a second day here in the 9:00 hour. did you have fun yesterday? >> i had a great time. >> i was watching a lot in my
9:01 am
dressing room and saw a lot of laughing going on. >> that dauf -- that's a sign of maria menounos. >> coming up police in connecticut made an arrest in the murder of the yale grad student annie le. now the chief suspect is ray clark. we'll have much more on the story coming up. switching gears from the financial files. ever thought you would like to be your own boss, perhaps the boss of you. we look into what goes into the starting business especially in the economic tough times. we meet two young women making a go at it. >> do your kids ever do that thing when you're arguing? >> y're not my boss -- you're not the boss of me. >> speaking of kids, you heard of ninja turtles. coming up tortoise and hare.
9:02 am
we're talking about a special turtle. there he is. he's name is lucky. he's still going strong after he had two legs replaced. we'll get the whole story. >> what are those thins up front? >> coasters. little coasters. he's got a girlfriend too. >> what's her name. >> unlucky. >> all right. plus i hear you guys are looking for a new member of the "today" team. >> we are. today's kid reporter. >> if you got a youngster that likes to report the news, we want you to give a shot and go to the website. "today" send a tape, between the ables of 8 and 12 and report on any story they like. the submissions should be mailed to today's kid reporter, 30 rockefeller plaza new york, new york. official rules on >> that should be fun. look forward to meeting some young people. before we go further let's go inside. natalie in the news desk while
9:03 am
ann on assignment. ann is reviewing iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. you'll see it on "nightly news" this eing. >> as we've been reporting an arrest has been mayed in the killing of grad student annie le. jeff rossen joins us from new haven, connecticut. jeff, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, natalie this happened a bit ago. earlier this morning police pulled into a super 8 hotel around 30 miles from yale campus. that's where ray clark arrested for this murder of annie le. is now in single custody with a single charge of murder. you see the police arriving at the hotel. here's a yale lab animal technician who worked with annie le. there's no evidence of romantic relationship. they would not discuss anything about the motive. they collected close to 300
9:04 am
pieces of evidence. and a $3 million bond has been issued. they also say they do not have any other suspects. it's lieutenant important to note that at the moment that ray clark is being arrested. police held a briefing with reporters. take a listen. >> we don't have any suspects of suspects at this time. we have a lot of evidence we have to analyze. literally hundreds of pieces of evidence to go to the lab. this was not a street crime. not a domestic crime which is often what we have. it was a workplace crime. >> yale's president sent out a message to all of the students and faculty earlier this morning reassuring that there has been an arrest. he said this is a place of workplace violence and there was nothing in mr. clark's past, he said that would indicate he would be involved in any crime like this but said yale will redouble its efforts to keep students and faculty safe. robin. >> joining us is clint van
9:05 am
zandt. we know they've been watching clint for some time. during the news conference you heard from jeff ross and police, they said this is not a case of street crime but workplace violence. we know the method she died, she was choked to death. what does this tell you about this man? >> i think it says what we see, many times in cases of workplace violence, natalie. these people work in proximity to each other but appears that something happened in this professional relationship. allegedly e-mails passed between the two, where mr. clark indicated he was upset at the way the victim, perhaps, had handled mice, that he was responsible for within that laboratory. whether the handling of a mouse actually led to a murder or not, is something that we still have to see, but that appears to be what police are telling us. >> yeah. police are saying they have over 300 pieces of evidence that they're still looking at.
9:06 am
they set bond at $3 million as jeff rossen was reporting. we know that they were making sure they had a dna match. does it sound the case against raymond clark is pretty much sealed? >> well, i think it's a developing case. you know, natalie. there was a time we used to follow footprints in the stand to find a suspect. today those are electronic footprints. authorities able to follow the electronic key cards of both the suspect and victim in this case throughout the entire building and in specific rooms in the lap. you can put two people in a room with the key card, and only one goes out, that's pretty good evidence that they were together, then of course we have dna, hair, fibers, fingernails, clothing. e-mails that we talk about all make up over 300 pieces of evidence in a case that will continue to grow as the evidence is examed. >> all right. clint van zandt, former fbi profiler, we appreciate the expertise this morning. thank you. >> former vice president dick
9:07 am
cheney is in a washington, d.c. hospital this morning. he's undergoing elective surgery to deal with lumbar spinal stenosis, a lower back problem. another deadly day in afghanistan, this morning a suicide car bombing near the u.s. embassy at american military base in kabul, killed 16 people. no word if americans are among the dead. president obama awards the first award, posthumous to. singer chris brown does 10 days of community service. he cleared brush and debris at police horse stables in his home state of virginia. now seven minutes past the hour. let's go back to al for a check of the forecast. >> thanks a lot, natnatalie. we have the folks from the shield foundation. >> today they kick off the
9:08 am
national campaign giving 50 homes to wounded and disabled veterans. louis and his family are first recipient. we'll be giving it to him this evening at the director's guild red carpet event. >> thank you. let's check your weather and see what's happening. it's raining in the southeast from texas, florida and georgia and tennessee, anywhere from one to almost nine inches of rain over the last 24 hours. low pressure system just won't quit. actually sliding back into texas. spreading that heavy rain as far east as raleigh, north carolina# light rain here in washington now. and elsewhere, across northern virginia and in maryland, north and west of washington, getting some light rain in montgomery county and fairfax and into louden and fauquier and prince william. heading off to the northeast. temperatures holding steady in the mid 60s around washington. cooler west and north. upper 60s, southern maryland
9:09 am
near the bay. highs only near 70 today. that's your latest weather. natalie. >> al, thank you. and today, we begin a two-day series called today's entrepreneurs. how many times you dreamed of being your own boss but wonder if we really have wh it takes. we meet two youngsters pouring their passion and personalities into their idea. >> 27-year-old jodi snyder and her younger sister, danielle knows that starting a business takes more than a dream. >> we have vision, passion. that only gets you so far. >> it also takes a lot of hard work. >> will you print out two copies. >>pend creators of danny-jo jewelry you see there's nothing they don't do. from sourcing raw materials, to
9:10 am
managing production. >> i love this one. >> to selling their line. >> this one's a littleless. >> how many hats to each of you wear. >> too many. i would say. >> and they run their entire fledgling business out of a one bedroom apartment they share. >> not a lot of -- >> this is the pantry. >> but don't let their slight frames and tiny headquarters fool you. these girs mean business. >> if you really want to do something. find a way to do it. no one else is doing it. how can i do this that's creative and we'll get some kind of buzz or attention. >> a lot of brands, either focus on rough and edgy, or very soft, feminine and dainty. i don't think there's a brand, at least in my opinion that nailed the policy later. >> a collaboration of personal styles and substance. >> what about your personalities that think allowed you to have the success that you've had so far? >> probably jodi's determination
9:11 am
and my willingness to not take no for an answer. >> rates that help them secure 60 sales accounts in the first yearen aa half, including the contract with bergdorf goodman in new york. >> getting to know their customer and bidding a longtime relationship. >> reporter: if these two 20-somethings sound like they've been in business for year it might be because they listen closely to those who have. >> you have a mentor, find people who have been there, done that. >> reporter: weathering the biggest economic downturn in recent history might have less to do with expert advice, and more with something simple. their bare bones approach. >> very easy for us to be nimble and accommodating. if something is not working switch it quickly, we can whip something up on the spot.
9:12 am
>> after projecting a profit in 2009, nimble and quick seems to be, woulding. >> what is the hardest lesson you've both earn willed so far. >> just making sure you took enough time for yourself is important. >> live, eat and breathe your business at the enof the day if you're not enjoying it, you shouldn't be doing it. >> they started the country with about 50 thousand of savings and family loans, on track to make a profit by the end of the year. when we come back gene chas ski is here to help you with your business. but first, these messages. seeing the whole picture. thee ask your doctor about trilipix. statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and ise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart
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9:16 am
we're back with more "today's" entrepreneurs. if you of thought of starting your own business. good morning, jean. >> you saw the two sisters invested quite a bit of starting their jewelry business. is there a rule of thumb. how much initial investment you have to make and how much cash you have to invest. >> we talked earlier there have been incredible successful business started to $5,000. if you can make sure that you have enough capital to keep yourself in business for six to 12 months. i think you're doing okay. you got to know you may not have money coming in that first year, you want to have enough to sustain you. >> that said, we start turning a profit this year. give yourself a cut-off as to when you actually start making money. >> again i think a year is a really good measure. you have to see the numbers moving in the right direction. doesn't necessarily mean you're
9:17 am
turning a massive profit. if you show a potential investor that you will be turning a profit in the near future. at least you're able to keep yourself going. that's just the rule of thumb. >> as we saw in their story they're nimble and quick. they're able to react because they've been able to keep their business small. they hire interns rather than paid people. does that help in this economy. >> absolutely. cheaper you can keep yourself going, the better off you'll be. it's not that there are interns willing to work for free in the fashion business there's so many talented people laid off or come out of school and haven't been able to get out of jobs. they're looking for something to put on their resume so they get the next job. willing to work for you, three months, six months, even longer for no money. >> you have to consider the product you're selling too in the marketplace. they have a jewelry design business which there are a lot of jewelry designers out there. they have a different product, how important is that?
9:18 am
>> so important to go out and see if there's an appetite for other people to buy whatever it is you are looking to make or sell. otherwise there's so many people who are the best blogger. they're the best baker. it's not enough anymore. if you're not able to actually sell it, then it's not work, it's a hobby. >> they kind of tested the market before that. they did that well, doing it in college and dabbling in it. >> this is not a time to quit your day job. not in this recession. spend your weekends, moonlight. see if you make money and then shift gears. >> jodi talked about importance of having a mentor to get people to help them out a lot. how important is that? >> professional business advice is available for free. if you go to service corps of retired executives you find people willing to help you for free with accounting, writing that first business plan, pretty much everything you need they're
9:19 am
there for you. >> that's the key, to keeping yourself organized too. we saw jodi and danielle struggling with that. but that's the next step. >> pay for the help you need whether it's accounting, whatever to get you the next step. you do whatever you can yourselves right now to keep it cheap. >> jean chatzky, thanks so much. we'll look at two business grads who got into the men's fashion business and the turtle lucky who was mauled by a wild animal has a new lease on life. we'll tell you why and how. and explain his feet or ws. right after this.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
last july, sally pines missing box turtle returns home without his front legs. sally guessed he had been attacked by a raccoon and took her to a veterinarian. we have sally with her turtle. along with the veterinarian. >> describe the story after you first found lucky after they were injured. >> he and his girlfriend lovie live in our yard a nice enclosed pen, pretty much turtle heaven. we came home to find they were outside the pen. we found the girl she were okay. we found him, his legs were missing. oh, my god, poor thing. we took him to emergency and they cleaned him up. then we found dr. jeram. he was just wonderful. took great care of him at north
9:24 am
park. >> did you fear the worst for lucky, given both his legs were mauled off? what was his prognosis. >> i didn't know. i thought this will be awful for the turtle. dr. jeram said they live through all kind of attacks. >> they put the furniture sliders on his legs. these are temporary right now. >> we're think ig this is what we'll permanently do. >> how does love i have feel about the sliders? >> that's the girlfriend. >> she's not interested much in all of this attention. she just burrows. like turtles do. >> good to see he's doing well. >> there's a little fun that got started for him. this is crazy. >> thanks for sharing. huh? don't worry, it tastes great. froot loops now with 3 grams of fiber. it makes your tummy happy so it can absorb the good stuff you need, which your mom is gonna love.
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tough stains right in front of your eyes better than the competition! it even outperforms the others on these dried-in stains! impressive! finally, this is perfect! (alistair) trust resolve power. kind of hazy out there. we have clouds above us, rain overnight and perhaps some more coming today. we will talk with t kierein about that and check with jerry on the travel. 9:26 is the time. i'm barbara harrison. students are lining up outside the comcast center at the university of maryland right now for president obama's latest speech on health re form. he will beholding a rally at 11:00 a.m. the event is free and open to the public. seating, first come, first serve. we will take a
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning on radar. we are picking up more light rain coming out of virginia heading into maryland and the district of columbia. the radar is showing a few sprinkles now here in washington where you see the light blue is where it is light rain in loud den county and fairfax. that's continuing to head toward the metro area. temperatures around the region in the low to mid 60s from the blue ridge to the bay in the eastern shore. a little bit cooler farther to the west. remaining cloudy the rest of the day. highs in the upper 60s to near 70. increasing sunshine on friday into the upper 70s. jerry, hows the traffic now? >> we are still looking at heavy traffic out there. good morning. residual delays from a beltway crash. still backed up getting past university boulevard.
9:29 am
generally, delays before college park. trip to the wilson bridge, doing okay. coming up on
9:30 am
♪ and as if you might not know, the things that are world famous dallas cowboy cheerleaders. one part of the family they call america's team. team has a home sweet home, bigger than anything to come before it. a billion dollar 3 million square foot state of the art stadium. world's biggest hd television stretching from 20 yard line to 20 yard line. we'll be broadcasting there
9:31 am
tomorrow on a special edition of "today." i'm al roker along with natalie morales and norah o'donnell. you've been left holding the back, norah? >> i need a new bag. of course the perfect fashion accessory. >> a man purse? >> a man bag. >> the perfect accessory and necessity and favorite indulgence for all of us women. see some men really do like them. and so if you're looking for what's hot this fall. bobbi has the scoop. >> there's a new show coming to late night. actress mo'nique is taking on the big boys with her talk show and her new movie "precious" earning huge reviews. the buzz behind this movie is unbelievable. >> that's right. do you guys like steak? >> love it, how can you not? >> we'll help you make perhaps
9:32 am
the best steak going from a guy who has written the healthy beef cookbook. that's right. >> so it's going to be healthy, i guess. >> first what's cooking with the forecast. >> i get it. you're unbelievable. let check your weather and see what's going on. as far as today, we have record highs in the plains, that continues in the southeast, flash flood warnings. then tomorrow, beautiful for the western half of the country,o#o# good morning. we still have more rain coming out of virginia heading toward washington and into maryland. it's light rain. that is continuing to move off to they southwest. should be coming into the metro area in the next half hour or so. we have had a few sprinkles over the last half hour. temperatures around the region still holding steady in the low to mid 60s from the blue ridge to the atlantic. cloudy the rest of the day.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> come on, norah. >> she's not like a laugh bag. when she laughs, come on. >> we're coming up. we'll tell you about the bags, right? hottest bags. >> best purse for fall. canelp . doing it with bank of america can help save a lot more. up to 20% cash back from over 300 online retailers with our add it up program. just sign up and use your bank of america debit or credit card when you shop online. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops.
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is a bag of interesting.
9:36 am
love that music this morning on bobbie's style buzz. this year it's all about bold, beautiful colors, texture and metal hardway and bobbie thomas
9:37 am
as a little bit of everything. this is so much fun. you've been copying stores, chevrolet shelves, even the runway. a lot of interesting stuff. let's start with the class is. >> it was exciting. designers on the runway. they went back to basics. this fendi peek-a-boo bag is spotted on runways. look at all of the bags on our price point. >> you had viewers help you pick them out, right? >> it's funny, i asked you to help me hunt for handbags. it was fantastic. we had so many people sharing what they like and favorites. it's fun to incorporate what you like. i love that. >> let's talk about colorful bags, that's what you can use, of course. >> i do do want to point out. all-day boggers loved this. $39, really great buy. >> i like that. colorful, other big trend. how do you wear a color like
9:38 am
this in the winner with a black outfit. >> what you have on is great. color adds to the basics you see in the winter. we're breaking the rules. i have something on the blog. i like they picked this, cops in lots of bright colors. >> how much? >> $99. this is one celebrities are scooping up. and so many discount department stores. they had so much color. moments, t.j.maxx all of these on my article on the website. bianco. dsw have great clutches. add pop of color and chanel set the tone with candy-colored bags. >> the other, i'll take this with me now and sort of keep that -- >> see the orange works nice. nice fall color. we also have texture. it was like the tough biker chic look. >> this tough category are the bad girl bags.
9:39 am
if you like something like that, that's lace, floral and feminine. >> if you add a little edge. you'll get me in trouble. >> this is a pick again. excited this is by laichle and rachel roy. this bag is only $40. >> i loved that. these bags from bakers have sequins. i like this hype clutch. >> this is over $100 but a classic bag you'll have forever. the jewelry to your dress. >> and this oversized bag, $50 at express. i love these, this is a great way. >> studs are here to stay. >> then of course texture. >> this is too hip for me. i wish i could wear a bag like this. i think it's so cool. >> what i love about this, add interest to an outfit. this bag right here. it's the classic iconic bag. they have lots of great weaving
9:40 am
techniques, set the tone -- >> this is more expensive. >> it's an investment, this plu bag is really on trend. i love this right here from rampage. approximately $100 with the pleating. >> great. urban outfitters, $60. in general you look for something like this big buddha bag. stay with the neutral color, you don't want to add crazy sparkle and studs when you do texture. addsnterest to your look and soft pastels are really pretty. >> i've learned a lot. thanks for the bag, i appreciate it. >> everything on i've done a lot of home work. check out the viewer picks and these. >> p coming up monique giving the boys some back talk but first these mess ans. an unstoppable foam that penetrates the toughest clogs and pummels them away.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
comedian actress adding a new title to the already accomplished resume talk show most. mo'nique will host the show. in addition she's also receiving rave reviews for her new rule in the film "precious." mo'nique it's good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> what made you decide to do a late night show. a lot of people have tried. >> yes. >> you know, the morning time just wasn't -- >> you don't want to get up early? >> i couldn't do it. i couldn't do it. late night, i love a party. i love a good time. i love noise and music and people just dancing, having a lot of fun. >> that's like this show. >> i get that, i get that. >> what better to do it at late night. >> uh-oh, what's happening here? >> oh, no. >> hold on a sec. >> oh, no.
9:45 am
>> what was it? >> what the -- what? what's going on? >> your husband is your co-executive producer? is he watching all that? >> yes, he gave me that note. baby go over there and sit next to them. it works. >> he's willing to give you up for the show. >> listen, baby. >> so funny he'll be at cameras, everybody watching him, watching me. he said listen, that's my wife, i know here, she's all right. >> what's different about your show, besides mo'nique which is enough, obviously? >> what i believe is different is community, unity, it's a show totally for us. it's black entertainment television. you'll get a chance to see our stars. >> you don't have to be black to watch -- >> baby, listen to us, you can be from mars, it's for everybody. >> listen.
9:46 am
nanu, nanu. >> you were a little unaccustomed to this. at one point you launched into your stand-up. >> okay. you've been doing this for a long time, so you know. i'm a stand-up comedian. i had guests on that show that day. singing group silk. they were very sweet. audience had laughed at a joke i said. baby, i turned around in my chair and went right to the stand-up stage. i forgot that i had guests. i forgot, yes. >> well, i tell you one thing that may make us forget about your stand-up career is this performance in "precious." co-executive produced by tyler perry. by lee daniels. tell us about this. >> lee daniels called me up, i said i have something that could destroy your career. i said sign me up. when i read the book "push." i said what is this?
9:47 am
it was devastating. it was, oh, my god. what's happening here? it's a movie about ill literacy, molestation, hiv and aids. cruelty, mental illness and also a movie about triumph when you see this young lady, gabby, she's absolutely amazing. she plays precious, some people think it's a documentary and not a movie. >> you play her mom? >> let's take a look. >> i don't want you to sit there and judge me. >> you shut up and let him abuse your daughter. >> i did not want him to abuse my daughter. >> you allowed him to hurt her. >> she told you what i did to her -- who else was going to love me? >> it was a very, very honest and powerful movie. >> yes. >> after each day of shooting, i
9:48 am
would think ud you'd be drained? >> well, you know, lee daniels was so brilliant, the moment he said cut, we play. the moment he said cut, we played and yet when we left we were supposed to be drained that's when you know you leave it all on the mat. we didn't take it with us, we left it right there. >> there's oscar buzz about this movie. and about your role in this. that must be pretty heavy stuff. >> you know what, baby, any buzz is pretty heavy stuff. the image award is heavy stuff. s.a.g. award. >> it's gotten all these awards. >> hey, baby, we had no expectations. lee caught us all in, set us all down. we all knew our positions. we didn't say, oh, no, this is going to be oscar, this is an image award. we say baby we'll give you what you're asking for. the night he said cut. he said monique, you gave me what i needed. i won my oscar right there.
9:49 am
that brother took a chance on me when normally no one would take a chance on me to play that type of role. not gabby but he did. we're appreciative of that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next a recipe that will get your mouth watering.
9:50 am
9:51 am
all right this morning, in "today's" kitchen. chef richard chamberlain, if you try to duplicate your favorite steak you got some health. . he owns the award-winning chamberlain steak. glad to have you. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> we are making a flank steak
9:52 am
in >> yes, in my steak house we use expensive equipment but i want to show you ho to do it at home. >> and very budget friendly. it's not an expensive cut of beef. >> my wife loves it. it's lean. healthy. this is where the magic comes in. this is where the magic comes in a little bit of olive oil, a little weight on top. helps to rest it against the heat and evenly brown it. it's going to be really beautiful. >> let me ask u-why do you use the iron skillet as opposed to a regular frying pan. >> great question. riern holds the heat and you put the cold steak down and the heat holds the flavor. >> so that pres it down -- >> even kicking. that's how we do it in the steak house. >> you are making a tomato jam? >> tomatoes and garlic pair
9:53 am
great with beef. it's just natural. >> put it on the beef, this is toma tomatoes, garlic, conion. >> this helps balance the tomato, a touch of sugar. reduce by half and it will be ready. >> how long do you cook it for? >> reduced by half. >> senator raw is a chef. >> i'm learning. >> i'm going to finish this with lime juice and cilantro. we have a great steak that's alwing it to rest. resting is really important. it allows juices to stay in so they don't run out on the cutting board. >> and flank steak, it's a tough steak so you can't cook it too much. it's a lean steak. >> perfect. it's very lean, perfect medium is the best way to eat it. it's teper as can be when it's like this. also a great steak to marinade
9:54 am
if you like to marinade things. >> how long do you cook it to get it medium? >> depending on thickness three to five minutes on each side. see i get against the grain. that helps with w tenorness also. >> this is just right. we love it that way. >> you serve it with a great salad? >> we have a tomato jam, which is, again, just a flavor explosion, when you have beef. >> flavor explosion. we love explosions around here. >> yes. >> an we paired it with a nice ar aarugula salad. eat the beef with arugula, it's a pepper steak feel. >> you add this to really any cut of steak, filet, t-bones. >> that's right we have t-bones. filets. >> that's amazing. thank you so much. it's delicious. it's so easy. >> five minutes or so.
9:55 am
voila. it's done. >> like a chef in your own home. >> it's lucky, you have the real thing at home. >> coming up we have first date mistakes. kathie lee and hoda take you behind the scenes at fashion week. i love that. >> first a check of local news and weather.
9:56 am
9:57 am
a look at the bridge there shows where most of us are seeing across the region, clouds, clouds, and lots of clouds. meteorologist, tom kierein is going to have your forecast in just a bit. 55 degrees. 9:57. i am keith garvin on thursday, september 17th. in the news, four people are hurt, including two children and a firefighter after a fire ripped through an apartment in northwest washington. the fire broke out at around 7:00 this morning in the 5600 block of 13th street northwest. firefighters say people were hanging out of the windows of the ve-story building ready to jump when they arrive. they rescued a number of people by ladder, including two kids who were taken to the hospital. one firefighter was also taken to the hospital with what is believe to be heat exhaustion. none of the injuries is believed to be life threatening. students are lining up outside the comcast center at the university of maryland for
9:58 am
president obama's latest speech on health care reform. he will beholding a rally which is supposed to start a little more than an hour from now. the event is free and open to th public. seating will be first come, first serve. time for a check on the weather with meteorologist, tom kierein. more rain about to move in the metro area. a wet morning across most of northern virginia and central maryland. later on today, the temperatures will climb out of the 60s to just near 70. a small chance of an isolated shower this afternoon. warming up friday into the weekend. how is our traffic? 95 northbound, heavy and slow. looks like an incident there on the shoulder as
9:59 am
10:00 am
hi, everybody. it is thursday, september 17th. it looks like it is windy out there with a chance of meatballs. >> i knew you were going to say it. >> it is. >> guess who flew in to see you? >> not a meatball. >> my sister, hannah. >> she is not going to be on. >> she can be on. >> hoda, we'll find here. >> get a shot of her.
10:01 am
there is a camera right next to sarah. >> we are cutting back at nbc. >> hair out of the face will be helpful. >> one more shot. cue it again. camera two. >> give it up, hoda. when it ain't happening, it ain't happening. >> we have a big night. >> we do. we do. you have no idea what it is going to be like. we know the tal sent going to be there. >> it is the vh-1 diva awards there is great talent jordin sparks, lee owna lewis, jennifer hudson, kelly clarkson. >> the younger generation. >> cool duets. >> duets with the seasoned performers, martina mcbride. stevie wonder. i love him, but nobody can figure out what stevie is doing
10:02 am
in the middle of this estrogen. >> you've got your dress? >>. i've got my dress. donald deal saw me yesterday. i said do you have anything rock 'n' roll. he did a miracle with one of those. >> he did? >> it is the middle of fashion week. you have been to donald's with me. it is a pos tahj stamp. >> what is it called, a sample size. it is finally. >> it is a sausage. >> you have to wear three pairs of spanx. >> i'm wearing a dress you can't wear anything at all underneath. nothing. kidding. >> hello. speaking of divas, last night on "america's got talent." >> what happened? >> guess who stole the show? >> susan boyle. >> susan boyle.
10:03 am
she is singing "wild horses" from the rolling stones. ♪ or treat you unkind ♪ wild horses ♪ >> i want to hear her do a disco number. >> you know what is funny about her -- >> it is fun. >> she is astonishing. it is funny, when you heard it it is gee whiz, how can someone be that great. i'm equally impressed. who won? >> a country singer named mr. skinner. kevin skinner. 35 years old chicken farmer. only in america. tiny town in kentucky. >> he was up against a breast cancer survivor. >> i liked the little old lady that was the comic. >> this show is the ticket. i know you are going to take
10:04 am
some time off because you are busy next week in l.a. i. >> i'm with my daughter, cass, shooting for disney. >> piers morgan is here. >> he gets a breather and has to work with you, ba dum. >> she is 107 years old. she is looking for husband number 23. she had 22. >> she married four years ago to her latest one who is 70 years younger. >> she is worried herusband won't come home after his drug addiction treatment. in kuala lumpur. >> even in kuala lumpur. >> please show her again. thank you. >> when i heard about this, i
10:05 am
thought this could end up being the story of your life. honestly, it could. >> whose life? can i tell you something funny -- >> here you go. >> that is ridiculous. >> waiting for number 23. >> okay. i have to give you that one. i have to give you that one. >> it worked. >> my mom sent me the e-mail of that woman who said what is wrong with us? >> you look good. you look beautiful. for 107 you look awesome. >> jenna bush. >> we have all fallen in love with jenna bush. she is a doll. >> she had her first day at school. >> and she stole the show. >> there was a piece in the 8:00 hour. it was her sister, her mom and her grandmother all talking about her. >> and gammy. >> they say she does better than
10:06 am
anybody is karaoke. ♪ i would do anything for love then it ramps up. >> singing is not her thing at all. but she thought it was. >> george and i, of course, thought they were really talented. >> i always thought i was fantastic. i still think i was a good singer. nobody else does. >> their grandfather and i can't sing so it's all right. her father is worse. >> that is what we have always loved about barbara bush. she tells it as she sees it. >> the more you know jenna bush the more you like her. some people the more you know them the less you like them. she is a doll. >> she is charming. talk about charming. did you see this the other day? this daddy in the stands. his name is stephen. at the phillies game. catches the ball.
10:07 am
yeah, baby. who gives it to his daughter who says, daddy, you have to give that back. this is the best part. he thinks, how fabulous is my daughter. he is father of the year. >> guess who is with us. >> he just happens to be here. >> daddy and emily. >> they gave you the ball? >> they gave us a ball. >> i heard you got more than one. >> this morning they presented us with a signed ball from jason werth. >> have you caught one before? >> this is a first. i have been going to phillies games for a long time. always wanted to catch one. just thinking don't drop it. >> you hand it to emily. >> i give it to my little girl. >> look how much she loves her daddy. >> she threw it over the side.
10:08 am
what did you think? >> oh, my gosh. this is the first foul ball. >> is she used to playing catch. >> yes. >> they hit it very high. >> very high. >> did you like throwing it back? was that fun? >> it was. oh, my gosh. >> what did you think about the attention. it must have freaked you out. >> it has been surprising. i thought maybe we would get on the late local news or something. >> you'll probably get your own reality series out of this. >> okay. >> you do onehing in life and get your series. >> steve and emily, thank you. bye. bye. >> bye, darling. you have a beautiful daughter. >>let's check in with sarah. >> i'm falling in love with her little sister. she is pulling her dress up for us. vicki wrote in, poster boy for
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
that is "saturday night live" star bill hader. cloudy with a chance of meet ballto the screen.
10:13 am
>> the story is about an inventor whose latest creation makes food fall from the sky. did you read the book before? >> yeah. i read it when i was a kid. it was in every classroom with clifford and those things. yeah. i was a big fan of the book. >> the movie is quite different. you had to flush it out. >> we had to flush it out. we did a direct adaptation of the book it would be like a five-minute movie. it is short. they had to flush it out and invent my character. >> so when you do these animated movies is it you in the booth and you don't see other actors or you interact? >> one day anna farris and i got be in the booth together. >> it is more like acting. >> exactly. you are reacting. other than that it is me alone in the booth and you do each line a hundred times.
10:14 am
it islike, hey, how's it going? hey, how's it going. then we move on to the next line. >> she is eating. >> they had cheeseburgers on this day and it was awesome. >> it is fun. so creative. >> how was al roker. was al roker is a big rock star? >> he was. >> what was he role? >> he played a weather man. he is a weather man and he gets, like, i have been to a bunch of screens and he gets three of the biggest laughs in this movie. >> does he really? >> i wasn't allowed to talk to him on set. >> or look him in the eye. >> "snl" is gearing up. >> weekend update special tonight. >> the next six weeks that will be on? >> yeah. "saturday night live" next week with megan fox and u2.
10:15 am
>> how is that going to be? how got the hots for megan? >> no. >> listen to his laugh. >> it is funny. my whole family has this laugh. my wife the first time. >> that would be a skit. >> yeah. yeah. >> she doesn't like getting together with the family. >> oh, i'm going to go away. >> or at least separate you all. >> what new roles are you going to be playing this year? >> i have no idea. >> really? >> i don't know what the show is until it kind of happens. >> and it morphs as the week goes on. >> yeah. >> that's about you. what is going to happen to us. >> hoda is nervous because the lady that played her is gone. she is terrified fred is going to play her. >> i like fred. i'm worried about kenan. >> this is a good one. that is what you are wearing
10:16 am
now. >> you know people just hang them in my closet and i put them on. yes. slap you five. so funny, that bill hader. >> even though you weren't dind kathie lee. we have a gift for you. >> i didn't write those sketches. >> if you had your favorite thing to fall from the sky what would it be? >> pork buns. >> what a coincidence? >> no? >> yes. >> from mama fucos. >> please explain these. these are the pork buns. they have simply got the pork. super spicy sauce. >> only because of the dress i have to wear. i can't eat anything today. >> just take a tiny bite. >> where it is from? >> mama fuco. that is hot. eat on that side. >> no one told me.
10:17 am
>> okay. >> no. go ahead. that one is fine. >> why didn't you tell me, bill. that was not very nice. all right, bill, you did it. >> get ready. >> not into it? liking it. >> how much fat is in that? >> cloudy with a chance of meatballs opens friday. catch bill on "saturday night live" tonight. >> are working family happy. find out what a new survey revealed after this. >> don't take that bite.
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
there are more women in the workforce than ever before. are they happy about it? >> not according to a new survey. 4,000 women were polled and found 63% said their job is a paycheck. that's it. one in ten can hardly find anything to love, nothing about their job. i can find two things. amy bright field is an editor at
10:21 am
women's day and a career coach. it is dire out there. >> it showed the emotional toll the economic situation is taking on us. we worry about the monetary toll. it is the emotional toll that this survey showed. >> women are upset. 69% say they are upset because they are not getting paid for what they're worth. this is an age old problem. >> go to, which is a great website resource and check out what you're making based against the industry standards. >> but what do you do? >> these days it is keeping the job you have not asking for more. >> people don't want to rock the boat. they feel trapped. >> i think the nation has been hijacked emotionally. the cover of "time" magazine is talking about 15 million out of work. wn you turn on the news you are bombarded about unemployment. the fact is you may not be in danger of losing your job.
10:22 am
when i looked at this survey what i thought was sad is people emotionally people stuck, they feel desperate and feel like they have no choice. >> here is the other thing, that many people are unhappy at a huge chunk where they spend their life, think of the alcoholism that will result, child abuse that will result. >> we did a story that people are already having trouble sleeping. they are not sleeping now because they are worried. i know the minute my head hits the pillow my brain starts going. >> 47% of women worry about losing their jobs, 15% fret constantly about it. 61% don't have an updated resume. we are scared but not planning. >> we see this all the time. you complain about your body but you are eating ice cream. one of the most important things to realize is there is good news here which is if you have a job you are more employeeable than somebody who is unemployed. employers when they are
10:23 am
interviewing people, if you have two candidates you like and are equally qualified. you take the one employed. >> psychologically you think they are better. you are in a less desperate situation. people are frozen and don't want to look at their resume, they are afraid. what other job could i have? >> it makes it real when you update your resume. >> big brother, 41% feel their company spies on them, 31% aren't so sure. 80% of women admit surfing on the net. i work long hours and sometimes you have to pay your bills online at work because you are busy. >> paying your bills is different than social networking. >> you are doing personal things that are not work related. >> what do you do? >> stop it. talk to the hand. >> big brother has been around a long time. you can't do anything you don't want anybody to see.
10:24 am
somebody can go back and see everything you are doing. a lot of us are chained to our desk more. if it is lunch hour and you are doing some things it is okay. you should not do anything on the computer you wouldn't want anyone to see. >> wouldn't want them to read. >> i call my mother every morning. >> you are not on the computer. >> i call my mother on the nbc phone every morning. sorry, i do. >> 70% of women don't want their children following in their footsteps. >> this i found most profoundly sad. you are talking about people who show up at a place they don't like. >> we have to run. >> thank you both. we are going behind the scenes of fashion week. >> oh, this was fun.
10:25 am
10:26 am
thousands are gathered in college park waiting for the president to speak at the comcast center. health care reform is the topic. many in the crowd this morning were met by a small group of protesters. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. we are following breaking news out of connecticut. police say they now have the person responsibility for killing t yale university student.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
how do i look? we are back on this thursday with more on "today." if you have stuff to strut, you know you do, it is the week in new york to do it. >> it is mercedes benz's fashion week. we were lucky enough to score a couple of front row seats with susie yalof schwartz as your guide. take a look. >> and ladies, off. >> most people go through the front door during fashion week.
10:31 am
special people go through the back door. this is the backstage of max azria. as you can see it is -- >> controlled chaos. >> total chaos. >> we have salad. >> what are you texting? ho are you talking to? >> my boyfriend. >> which one of you are in this picture? >> here. >> do you get nervous before the show? >> no. i'm fine. i'm a professional. >> good luck. >> this hoda and kathie lee. this is max azrria. >> his clothes have adorned angelina jolie, rihanna and now us. >> max, what do you think of our -- these are yours? >> i know i'm short. you want old and short women to buy your clothes, too. >> it is okay. >> you are not supposed to say
10:32 am
it is okay. you are supposed to say no, you're not. >> we enlisted hannah backstage to show us how to walk. is the walking part difficult? is it difficult for us? >> i don't think so slopgs you feel confident. >> we tried it again and again. >> how gooz was it? >> good. confident. >> it wasn't pretty. >> with the clock ticking it was time for the models to do a run through. >> i don't want chins down, confidence exuding. >> while they rehearsed we went to a lounge. >> this is where the celebrities go when they come early before they go to the show. hang out. have a glass of champagne. >> we might have to do that. >> i think we should try it. >> no dancing in public though at the show. >> says who? >> never look too sheap at the fashion show. >> we have to have attitude. >> here is to looking and
10:33 am
feeling fabulous. >> susie, this is where we are going to hang. >> we've got the look. >> we got it. >> once backstage you never know who you'll run into. >> hello. and then it was show time. here is the front rowand here is the runway. ♪ new york these streets will make you feel brand new the lights will inspire you ♪ ♪ let's hear it for new york >> it was so fell in love with him, max and luba. >> "glamour" susie schwartz is here with us. >> that was quite an education. >> you made such a hit backstage. everyone loved you and it was so much fun. what did you learn.
10:34 am
>> you told us the rules, the rules for sittin along the runway, don't cross your legs. >> we broke them all. >> two, don't dance. >> hoda can't not. >> you don't want to look too happy when you are there and you don't want to trip the models. >> you say see the editors you never want them to know what you are thinking. >> we don't want them to see what dresses we like because we don't want them to take the same dresses for the magazine. >> what if they do? >> one dress in a collection like this can travel around the world 50 times. we get five hours with it. >> when you see those dresses who are you thinking about buying them? regular, everyday people? >> that is what is great about max azria, you can afford them. we saw slashes. you could actually wear that. there were looks both of you felt you could wear. >> one. the new line with miley cyrus.
10:35 am
>> that's right. >> thank you, susie. >> up next, things get hairy arnd here. we'll explain.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
to survive in the wild you need to know how to adapt. there you go. adapt. >> here with the world's most
10:39 am
successful species is sea world/busch gardens julie cardenas. >> can we give him a fish? >> sure. you can try to give him a fish. >> this guy has teeth. >> we have marsupials right here. they are successful in the southern hemisphere. a lot of people don't realize the marsupials took over. this is a sugar glider. take him. >> you can take him. >> here is another one. >> oh, my gosh. >> hoda, feed him a worm. >> just give him something. give him something. >> oh, hoda. >> someone get that. get that. >> he's fine. >> leave him there, hoda, it is a fashion accessory. >> i don't want you eating my sugar glider. >> i'm not taking your worms.
10:40 am
i'm sorry. this guy is nasty. >> give him a fish, hoda. >> hold it in my hand? >> i'm going to pick him up. >> this is really fun, julie. >> he was rescued. he is just three months old. try with the other hand. all the way in the beak. >> i can't do it. someone else do it. you do it. >> give him a fish. somebody. >> i like watching you give him a fish. >> this segment is -- >> come on. thk you. >> there we go. see, he puts his mouth, there, you see. he swallowed that whole fish. >> he likes you, hoda. >> you can feed him another
10:41 am
worm. >> this one? >> downing this stuff. this guy was rescued. >> oh, hoda. >> you're okay. >> thank you. >> all right. i'm learning nothing. give us some information. >> the sugar glider is what you have on you. from australia. >> okay. >> new guinea area. they are animals that some people have as pets though they definitely need specialized attention and care because they do have specialized diet. we are feeding them worms. they won't eat each other. they are from th same area. the cuscus has the pouch. they are both nocturnal. they are out now foraging around. they are all arboreal as well. it is great to have this activity because this is what they love. >> they like each other.
10:42 am
>> good. >> oh. >> get this one. >> oh. >> here. you can put him back in the baskett. >> i'm going to wear one of those to the divas tonight and see what happens. >> they the fly 150 feet in the air? >> what? >> they glide. they don't flap. >> show us what is down here. >> okay. we have our baby alligators. >> can someone take that. >> these guys hatched out three weeks ago. you can leave him here, david. >> this guy is all right? >> look at that. look at these. hold these guys. they are tee weeks old. got to hang on. >> what is it? >> a baby alligator just hatched out. here hoda. come on. >> you wouldn't see him if he waughed on me. >> alligators are successful species in this country after being endangered in the '50s and '60s. you remember that, right?
10:43 am
>> yes. >> i can't focus on what you are saying. >> julie, thank you so much. >> julie, is it over? up next, the mistakes that will keep you from getting a second date. hoda should know. right after this.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
we're back with "today's" relationship. and the moves you make could keep you from getting a second date. >> a topic you know a lot about. how about kissing. are you one to pucker up on a first date? >> it depends. >> who is on the other side of those lips. some people think it is a first date faux pas. sarah haines took to the street to hear what you had to say. >> we are talking first dates. what is a first date no?
10:48 am
>> don't talk about yourself. >> don't be too pushy. >> don't kiss. >> don't have sex. >> don't be too clingy. >> don't put your cards out. >> what is something else you shouldn't do on a first date? >> make the girl pay. >> it is not expected the girl to pay. >> it is good for the girl to have money if the guy doesn't have enough. >> who pays? >> the guy. if the guy asks and we split the bill, we're friends. >> who should pay on the first date? >> i'm a traditionalist. the guy should pay. >> we split! >> do you believe people should kiss on the first date? >> no. >> we didn't. >> should you kiss on the first date. >> sure. why not. >> do you kiss on the first date? >> no. >> kissing is okay. i would tell her go ahead and kiss. >> do you believe people should kiss on the first date? >> i think the kind of person he
10:49 am
is he would kiss on the first date. >> did you kiss? >> yeah. >> was it just kissing? >> pretty much. >> something is lying in that group. you lie. >> we are here with patty stanger, author of become your own matchmaker and ian kerner. okay. help us out. is kissing onhe first date a no-no? >> it is great. no sex. kissing yes. >> my wife still gives me a problem. i kissed her on the cheek. she thought it was quaint but we are married and happy and i saw her as somebody i liked. she wasn't a hookup. >> that is not the kissing we are talking about. >> i know that. >> that is lovely to kiss on the cheek. can a woman think that the man is not into her. >> that is what she thought. >> gay. you were a gentleman, where are
10:50 am
the gentlemen? >> they are not being raised. >> you see a woman is this going to be a hook up or do i like her and want to go further and want to have a relationship. >> what about paying the bill? when the check comes it is a no-brainer? >> yes. whoever asks the person out should pay. in the gay world two men, two women. who asks out, pay. >> women don't offer to pay. we know we are going pay. we are thinking maybe you don't want to be obligated. >> that happened to you recently. >> the bill came in the middle of the table and nobody reached. i can only wait so long. >> you go to the bathroom. if he doesn't pay you say thank you for much for asking me out
10:51 am
to dinner and have stash cash, $100. >> you are tough. >> i'm tough. >> what are the big dos and don'ts. >> two drink maximum. it is nerve racking. >> no blackberries. unless you have kids or there is going to be an emergency. it is disrespectful. >> wouldn't you say off the bat, the babysitter is with my children, if they call i need to get it. >> put it on vibrate. >> what are the other noes? drinking? >> no sex. some people have sex and fall in love. but enjoy the thrill ofhe chase. >> some peek talk about and they are exs. they ask you -- sometimes they ask you, are you dating anyone. did you just break up. you say i did just break up. >> you say, he was a nice guy,
10:52 am
not for me. let's talk about you. men always want to talk about themselves. >> what if they don't ask you about you? they are on and on. >> guys become insecure on dates and become overcocky and do all the talking. >> we forget they get nervous, too. >> we do get nervous. >> it takes three dates for a woman to know. >> to know what? >> if he is the guy. we heat up slowly. they are microwaves. we are ovens. they scan you, yes, no. >> physical chemistry. >> he may not be your physical type. he is funny and charming. >> a restaurant is a great way to know something. >> you learn about manners, if they are good listeners. you learn a lot of things in a tiny two-hour dinner.
10:53 am
>> lunch is good. lunch is great, right? i have someplace to go. >> you say no. >> no. drink are in addition, lunch is an interview, dinner is romance. >> there is no pressure. >> i'm not her target audience. >>he
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
all right, miss sarah, what is happening on facebook? >> people talking animals and first dates. >> sometimes they are the same thing. >> depending who writes you out. diana writes i'm 56, if i want to kiss, i will, no sex peck on the cheek. the guy should pay. >> what about the animals. >> kim says i have to defend
10:57 am
hoda. i love animals but birds flapping in my face freaks me out. >> thank you kim. >> tomorrow we have the emmy previews before the big weekend. >> fun gadgets for your pet and ambush makeovers. >> have an awesome day, everybody.
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