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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 21, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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criminal charges have been niled connection with an alleged terror plot. a plot some officials are calling the most significant since 9/11. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we'll have more on that story in just a moment. but first this afternoon, two deaths are now blamed on the severe flooding that continues to cripple much of the southern united states. thunderstorms have dumped record amounts of rainfall in parts of georgia and tennessee. >> and more rain could be on the way. jay gray reports. >> reporter: driving rains continue to fall across the south, where storms over the last several days have created dangerous and deadly conditions. some of the worst flooding is in georgia, where the raging current has claimed at least two lives after drivers were swept from roadways overrun by water. >> evybody's in their homes, hollering and screaming. i have carried people out of their houses. >> reporter: are forcing many to higher ground. in some areas the water's
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beginning tory. rooftops. >> where are people coming to get them out of there. old people in their homes still. >> reporter: emergency response teams have been stretched to their limits. high-water rescues continue around the clock. in tennessee family members tried to save a man who bet $5 with friends and relatives that he could swim across the rapids. he was swept away when he could no longer hold onto a garden hose they were using as a lifeline. as the struggle against the floodwaters continues there is more disturbing news, forecasters in the region expect at least one more day of heavy rains. jay gray, "news4." search for a killer this evening in the murder of a florida family. police want to talk to the husband of a maples, florida, woman found dead over the weekend. she was killed along with the couple's five kids. the bodies of she and her children were found saturday night in maples. the children ranged from 11 months to nine years.
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investigators are trying to loca locate. jean demass told the papers believed his wife was seeing another man. a criminally insane killer has been recaptured in washington state. phillip paul slipped away during a supervised field trip on a state fair. he's serving time in a mental institution for the murder of an elderly woman back in 1987. officers acting on a tip located him over the weekend about 180 miles from the fair. it's not clear if the getaway was planned. the hospital is now being scrutinized for letting paul go on that trip. he'd escaped once before. the commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan has delivered a blunt and at times bleak assessment of the war. "washington post" obtained the document. in the report mcchrystal warns
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that he needs more troops went next year and that without them, the war is likely to end in failure. likewise the general says a new and genuine counterinsurgent strategy must be rapidly implemented one that emphasizes protecting the people of afghanistan rather than controlling the territory. >> well, i haven't changed my thoughtst all. i think this effort is all about protecting afghans from all kinds of harm. and so we've got make every effort to do that. >> general mcchrystal's report also says that while the situation is serious, success is still possible in afghanistan. he has not formally requested additional troops yet but white house officials say president obama has seen his report. the president has said he plans to decide on the next strategy for afghanistan before committing any new resources to the war. the man suspected of murdering a virginia pastor and possibly three other people made his first court appearance today in prince edward county. 20-year-old richard mccroskey
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was arrested saturday during his court appearance, he was assigned a public defender and he was ordered to remain behind bars. there's a preliminary hearing set now for january. mccroskey is charged in the murder of niederbrock. not yet been charged in those deaths. the bodies were found on friday in the home of a college professor here in farmville, virginia. authorities say mccroskey talked about the thrill of killing in rap songs that he performed on the internet. cleaning up the water main mess in maryland. >> and laying the groundwork for the new annie kostya line inest. >> a look at stories making headlines in our area today. a person remains in critical condition after a serious wreck in prince george's county this morning. it happened in the 8800 block of central avenue and capital heights. police say a car collided with an suv. then caught fire.
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the driver of the car was trapped and had to be rushed to the hospital. the suv driver was not injured. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. traffic around i-95 in the wharton area is about to get a whole lot worse for some commuters. the virginia department of transportation is temporarily closing 95 early tomorrow and wednesday. traffic will come to a halt in both directions for 30 minutes at a time between exits 161 and 16 that's around lorton road and route 1. new signs are being put up in those areas. it will be weeks before repairs are completed up in baltimore county, after that massive water main break flooded at least a hundred homes. a six-foot main broke friday in dunn dullk rushing into the streets and wash away part of the highway. that roadway will remain closed for several weeks now. 70 of the flooded homes have been deemed uninhabitable. some that are not destroyed are
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still without power today. officials say it'll be weeks before they know what caused it. the district is one step closer today to getting its trolleys on track. construction crews began lane tracks for the ana costa street car this morning. drivers will notice the work in south capital streets. d.c. officials had hoped to have the street car running by the end of the year but the project has hit a number of delays. they now expect part of the anacosta line up and running by 2012. so ways off there. and now to the terrorism investigation, charges that were filed today. they are against three men. an afghanistan-bourne father and son in denver, and another man in queens, new york. >> court papers say one of the suspects admitted to being trained by al qaeda but he denies being involved in any plot. all three are charged with lying to federal prosecutors now. here's leeann gregg with the latest. >> reporter: in federal court in den vercthe central figure in a
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terrorism investigation and his father after both were arrested over the weekend. 24-year-old zajibullah zazi, an airport shuttle driver, and 53-year-old mohammed zazi, immigrants from afghanistan, have not been charged wit terrorism, but with making false statements to investigators. zazi told "the denver post" "it's not true, i have nothing to hide. religious leader ahmad afzali also appeared in court. for allegedly tipping off zazi's father about the fbi's interest in his son. then denying it. his attorney says he's no terrorist. >> my client is not a risk of flight. he has strong ties to the community. he's not accused of anything actof terrorism and there's no reason to keep him in jail. pending his trial. >> reporter: earlier this month the younger zazi drove to new york carrying a laptop computer. court papers say the computer contained images of handwritten notes with instructions of how to handle explosives and make bombs.
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after three days of questioning in denver, investigators say zazi lied about where the bomb instructions came from, but admitted traveling to pakistan last august and receiving lessons in weapons and explosives at an al qaeda training camp. authorities have found no explosives or specific information on time or location of an attack but they believe new york was the intended target. charges against the three suspects carry a maximum penalty of eight years in prison. government officials say more charges could follow as the investigation continues. leeann gregg, nbc news, denver. >> now federal officials say that these charges will be increasing pressure on the suspects and force them to cooperate more with the investigation. pat? more than a dozen students in texas have quite a story to tell. their school bus dove off a road and into a pond this morning. all of the students were able to safely get off of the bus through the emergency exit in the back of the bus. none of them were seriously
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hurt. although five were taken to a hospital as a precaution. this particular group of students may had been better equipped to handle this situation than most because they're all members of a swim team. police are looking into whether the driver of the bus suffered a medical problem. well, we hope you enjoyed it, the last full official day of summer. veronica johnson has our fast forecast now from the storm center. so this is it, veronica. >> well, at least so far as the calendar goes, astronomical summer -- or astronomical fall, we're getting ready to move into. 80 degrees the temperature right now out there. the warm nest seven days. don't have the sunshine around, across the area as we did over the weekend. clouds advancing, increasing. you can see them over elkins but where is that rain, right? well, it's still far off to the west and in west virginia right now, and it's coming. we still think we'll have dry, overnight temperature.
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78 also in leaseburesburg, virg. and temperatures dropping off to the mid 70s later tonight. we'll see clouds increasing throughout the area. by midnight, pretty overcast. down to about 69, 68 degrees. so on your fast forecast, that's it, more cloud cover moving in and it is also going to be churning rather humid for the next couple were days and rain to talk about in a few minutes. i'll see you then. jim. >> voronic athank you. a win is a win no matter how ugly it looks, however today more problems for the redskins' offense. offensive lineman randy thomas will miss the rest of the season because of a torn tricep. the redskins' offense struggled to find the end zoneesterday if you watched in their home opener again the rams. the team barely came away with that 9-7 victory. head coach jim zorn on the team's best weapon, shaun suisham. >> i thought shaun suisham did a
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nice job. i mean he stepped up and kicked the field goals. who knew that the three field goals at that time were going to be it? we didn't. we were hoping 21-whatever. and didn't happen. >> no he didn't. up next for coach zorn and the redskins, the detroit lions, who haven't won a game since, get this, 2007. lindsay czarniak will have a live report on the team coming up right here on "news4" at 5:00. so you'll want to stay with us for that. yesterday's home opener were first time redskins fans had to deal with new rules out at fedexfield. tailgaters now face limits on where they can set up their parents. no matter when fans arrive, tailgaters in need of more than one spot are shuttled to the back of the parking lot. this frustrates a lot of fans who used to get to the games early in the morning just to get a prime spot. >> it's kind of a little frustrating to a degree because we've got a longer walk. >> we should had the same spot for ten years. >> ten years we've the same spot and all of a sudden they changed
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the parking lot on us. >> they don't like it. some fans say the old tailgating rules were fine. didn't need to be chang but some team officials say the large tailgating parties infringed on fans who had smaller parties or who were just going to the game to watch. again, lindsay will have a live report from the park coming up here on "news4" at 5:00. make a day of it. a lot of people do. >> yeah, and tailgaters need room. >> they do. >> you can't confine thom a teeny-weeny space. >> yeah you have to spread out. >> need room for the barbecue grills and all of that stuff. "news4" at 4:00 continues this afternoon. a new book coming out about the john edwards' affair. an insider says edwards wanted him to claim the baby, what's his. what are the chances you or someone you love will suffer alzheimer's disease or dementia? there's new information today that scientific predictions may be wrong. and for some, what's old is new. in their efforts to get healthy for life, remember?
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the body of slained yale student annie le is now back near her family in california. meanwhile, prosecutors continue to build a case against a fellow yale lab worker suspected of killing the young woman and hiding her body. jeff rossum has the latest now from new haven. >> reporter: good afternoon. police are still looking for a motive in this case but without a confession from ray clark they about may never get one. but experts say that's okay, it's not a problem if prosecutors have strong enough, physical evidence in this case, i.e., dna matches and blood
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matches which according to published reports, the experts say they don't need motive. they don't need to convince a jury why he did it. just need to convince the jury that he did it. ray clark for his parts has gone silent sit failing a jail cell right now in a high-security prison in connecticut. he's stopped talking to investigators even as investigators and cleaning crus spent the weekends here at yale university. the university business goes on, in fact the research lab, the building behind me that was the scene of this crime, has reopened. though the basement where all of this happens is still closed, as police gather evidence. annie le's body, meanwhile, has been moved to her family's hometown in california. and the family has set up a private funeral service for next saturday at a church in el dorado hills, california. but once again, investigators still searching for motive in this case. there have been the questions, of course, did ray clark get territorial over the mouse
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cages? it could be that, it could be something else. investigators are still checking. back to you. >> now, the family of annie le's fiance is also planning a separate memorial service in her honor this week. it'll be heldalt synagogue in long island. annie le was set to be married on the day her body was discovered. it's an ominous forecast about the health of the world's aging population. a new report suggests that more than 35 million people around the globe are living with alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia. that's about 10% higher than what scientists had predicted. just a f years ago, barring a med cam breakthrough, the number is expected to double every 20 years. much of the growth will be fueled by longer life spans and population growth especially in developing nations. experts also predict that problems associated with alzheimer's will likely have a significant impact on the world's economies and on health care systems.
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for some folks, what's old is what's new when it comes to their workout routines. remember grade school and recess? sure you do. hopscotch, jump rope and dodgeball. in "get healthy" this afternoon, they call it the new recs workout. >> that's what i'm talking about right there! >> reporter: recess is making a comeback among adults. >> squat. >> reporter: in this east dallas park, grown adults are sure acting like kids again. >> find a different way to get out of gym. >> reporter: recess is a new fitness class from the founders of the movement dallas. >> oh my gosh it's a little bit of everything p last week we did hopscotch and ran indian sprints. it's a nice break from the stairmaster, elliptical. >> reporter: like follow the leader. >> i am impressed no one's screwed this up yet. >> reporter: red light/green
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light. >> overhead, good. other arm overhead. tommy! oh, come on! >> reporter: but unlike the recess that you remember from elementary school that lasts abou a half hour, this one lasts an hour and you have to pay for it. >> it's $15 drop-in fee and then from there the prices go down. >> reporter: and the instructors promise your heart rate will go up. >> my pulse is racing for sure. it's definitely a workout. it's definitely harder than recess ever was. >> to see this story and any "get healthy 4 life" again, logon to the website and search, health. i love dodgeball. >> yeah i remember that. >> and jump rope. >> yeah all of the basics. >> yeah. >> yeah jumping jacks. >> it makes perfectence. >> it does indeed and it's cheap and easy. coming up, more customers are turning to the web to find discount coupons for prescription drugs. we'll tell you what you need to know before you print one out and head to the pharmacy. and you know who won the emmys, of course.
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we'll go backstage to hear what they said after the awards show.
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what did we zoev get this weekend, veronica? >> i know, it was fabulous. sunshine, nice temperatures, hopefully you got a chance to get out. >> oh, outdoors, tennis, the works. >> tennis, hopefully you won. >> i did. >> well, we all won in the weather department. but believe it or not some return of 80s and a little a little bit of humidity. >> northwest of atlanta. powder springs, georgia, and with 20 inches of rain looks like, what they had over the weekend. two deaths were reported there. one woman drowned when she drove her car through a road that was washed out. and what do we always tell you in storm center4, turn around. don't drown. if you know the water's high,
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why take a chance? temperatures across the area rit now, let's put them on very quickly. around 80 degrees throughout the viewing area today. our winds today have been out of the south across the area and so far as moisture goes, we're okay. most of that rain is now the leading edge moving toward central virginia right now down through western carolina. down through northern georgia. the weather system down through indian athrough eastern missouri right now. we'll see high pressure move off of the coast so those clear skies that we had, yeah, now the clouds starting to move in. still dry tonight with just a few showers anticipated tomorrow. all of the green that you see down here, folks, these are flood advisories and flash flood warnings for areas of northern georgia, and northern mississippi, and even into eastern tennessee. so our radar right now is awfully qut across the area.
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next chance of showers coming our way, tomorrow afternoon. this is snow that you see on the peaks there. peak 9. 52 days until ski season opens out there in breckenridge in colorado. snow there, that's next front, okay? so some moisture will start moving north ward -- northward. moving into mid 80s where more humid air. starting tomorrow. two days dew point temperatures in the 60s. so the next 48 hours, what you can expect around here, increase in clouds. tomorrow morning, still think we're dry. a few showers move through the day tomorrow. not many, really. and a chance for more scattered showers coming our way on wednesday. so we're partly cloudy. we're warm. 74 to 77 degrees for the evening. start the day off tomorrow you might notice that humidity that's in the air tomorrow, temperatures not too bad. not cool anymore. 59 to 64 right in town. sun's up tomorrow at 6:56. for the afternoon, getting close to 80 degrees again.
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in the mid 80s coming up. jim, pat? >> all right, thanks, veronica. here's some good news for our neck the woods, the district is among the best cities in the country to raise a family. that's coording to a new study from children's health magazine. >> the magazine ranked 100 cities. resechers looked in more than 30 factors, like crime rates, education, health care and concern for the environment. buington, vermont, was rank the best city and detroit the worst. >> orlando, you know home to disney world, and miami were ranked near the bottom of the list. some families say the quality of life in those cities has dropped dramatically in recent years. and here in our area, d.c. made the top 20. it was ranked 17th in the survey. richmond, virginia, came in 55th. but baltimore was ranked toward the bottom the list. it came in in the number 83 spot. >> hm, so a little mixed bag in the region. >> yeah. we've got much more ahead when we come back. he's already admitted to the
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affair but so far john edwards isn't claiming the child born do a former staffer but that may be about to change. after years of trying to add to their family, a couple turned to in vitro fertilization to help them become parents. well, it worked, and then the unthinkable happened. doctors told them ray mistake in the lab. the baby isn't their's and have to give the baby back when he is born. >> tests are back on the flu vaccines for children. some children will need, four, count them, four shots.
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welcome back to "news4." it's 4:30 now. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. a look at the top stories following for you at this hour. criminal charges have been filed against two men in denver, one in new york, in connection with a terrorism investigation. court papers say one of the suspects admitted to being trained by al qaeda in handling explosives, but he denies being involved in any plot. officials say they did not have any specific times or targets in their investigation of possible attacks. severe flooding is triggering deadly conditions in much of the southern united states. in some areas the water has reached rooftops. two drivers died in georgia. one of the hardest-hit states when their cars were swept away in rushing floodwaters. record amounts of rainfall have fallen there and in tennessee. a school bus plunges into a
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pond. this is dallas, texas. this is the swim team aboard. 18 students were on board at the time. all escaped safely. investigators are trying to determine exactly what went wrong. clinical trials the h1n1 vaccine are offering new clues about its affect on children. it looks like some youngsters will need just one shot to protect them from the virus, while others will need two. tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: early results from pediatric trials of the h1n1 flu vaccine show most children, 10 and older had a robust immune response to the low dose of the vaccine. >> which tells us that this vaccine is acting very similarly to what the seasonal flu vaccine acts like in children. >> reporter: that means likely just one shot or nasal spray for kids 10 and older, but probably two for those under 10. >> they need a little extra,
4:32 pm
little nudge to the immune system to respond. >> reporter: scientists won't know for sure until more results come in in a few week bus they urge parents, once vaccine is available, don't delay. >> give them one and then keep your eye on the information. you may need to bring them back. >> reporter: some doctors say they're still waiting on both the h1n1 and the seasonal flu vaccine. >> we're hoping they'll be able to get both. >> reporter: that's the good idea with the shots. the cdc says getting flu myth for the regular flu and the spray on the h1n1 on the same day could make one or both less effective. until the vaccine's ready, school nurses are taking temperatures and isolating students. on the front lines of a pandemic that's just getting started. here in washington, the department of health and human services surveyed states in local areas to see if they're ready for pandemic flu. what they found, most have done something, but none seem to be fully prepared. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> experts say it's no surprise
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that older children may need just one dose of a vaccine because the older you are the easier it is for your body to fight the virus. in less than two weeks, an ohio woman will give birth to her fourth child. but it won't be hers to keep. carolyn savage became an unexpected surrogate mother after learning the fertility clinic mistaken implanted her with the imbrio of another couple. she and her husband sean would not accept the clinic's offer. the biological couple after its born. during an appearance on "today" this morning, the couple discussed what's been a heartbreaking experience for them and how they're preparing for the birth. >> i think in the beginning we were really scared of that moment and it's still scary. we're trying to mentally frame it in a positive way. trying to look at it as a gift for another family that eight
4:34 pm
months ago we didn't know. and look at it like that. i think that's the only way we're going to get through it. >> now the savages have three other children. two sons. ages 15 and 12. and an 18-month-old daughter who was also conceived through in vitro. the child carolyn is expecting now is a boy. the couple says they have a cordial relationship with the baby's biological parents and say they only want a moment to say hello, then good-bye when he's born. >> i simply cannot imagine having to do that. >> what are the odds? that's suc an unusual are. >> yeah they have a really healthy attitude good for them and the couple of the biological parents that is. still a head on "news4" at 4:00, it's to put your best feet forward when both feet hurt from your shoes. >> we don't have to -- hey, but some women have found ways to ease their suffering in those high heels. we'll hear what they're doing after the break.
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weome back, veronica johnson here. hey, we mark the fall equanox tomorrow. why some folks of you are saying hey it's the last day of summer. boost equator 5:19 marking the fall equamox and us meteorologist we go by meteorological numbers. clouds increasing.
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some showers across the arena tomorrow afternoon. so early tomorrow at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. think that we'll still be dry across the area. with just some cloud cover. 63 to start. let me show you our "7-day forecast" now because we will see high temperatures tomorrow into the mid 70s. a little cooler than today. but then back into the 80s. know that the next two days you'll notice the humidity across the area. so 30% chance of showers tomorrow. 40% chance for wednesday and still wet through thursday with slight chance for some more scattered showers. we should be drying up by friday. and for the first part of the weekend. for many women wearing high heels this is just part of the daily wardrobe, but while those heels look good and also lead to serious foot problems. so what's a well-dressed woman to do? brittany glazer offers a few tips. >> reporter: it's the sound of
4:39 pm
fashion and for jennifer wellis it's also the sound of pain. >> i can wear them all day but then the next day the balls of my heels will be hurting. >> reporter: like nearly half of women in the u.s. surveyed about shoe choices jennifer falls into the category of putting up with the pain if it makes you look better. >> i like to wear high heels because it gives me more height taken looks better with the clothes that i wear on a daily basis. >> reporter: whether it's stilet stilettos, block heels or wedges, says when you consistently put your foot in unnatural positions, pain will ensure. >> with high heels you put more pressure on the forefoot area and the ball of the foot so a lot of people will get a lot of what we call metatarsapial. a ball on the foot. >> reporter: long days in heels have left jennifer with foot cramps and pressure on the balls of her feets. >> when your toes are in this position up all day like that you put a lot more pressure on the ball of your foot right here and that's you will have a lot
4:40 pm
of of that pain. >> reporter: the trend of pointy heels has told more women complaining of toe pain. >> the inside wil have toe problems or cause an ingrown toe nail. >> reporter: can be more severe like osteoarthritis and stress fraktdu fractures. since high heels are not going out of style anytime soon there are some changes women can make to ease the pain. >> types of inserts, padding, different shoes, varying the height of the heel is usually a good option. >> reporter: even when the discomfort jennifer says she's not changing her fashion staple. >> i'll continue to wear high heel shoes because they look better with certain outfits and for the height. >> dr. green says women should abide by the three-hour rule. and that means if you are going to be on your feet for more than three hour, just opt for lower heels with plenty of room in the toe area of the shoes. nothing worse than being in a pair of heels all day. >> can't relate.
4:41 pm
but they hook good on you guys. >> they look great. make your legs look great but they can be miserable. >> all right. i believe you. don't want to learn it firsthand. coming up on "news4" at 4:00, after the awards, before the parties. we'll hear how hollywood's reacting to last night's emmy's winners and losers. and a tall tale from reallife. the world's smallest man stops by the today show. if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot,
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one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, protection that helps save lives. if you have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding you should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk, tell your doctor before planning surgery or taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. some medicines that are used to treat heartburn or stomach ulcers, like prilosec, may affect how plavix works, so tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs ottp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. if you take plavix with other heart medicines, continuing to do so will help increase protection
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against a future heart attack or stroke. feeling better doesn't mean you're not at risk. stay with plavix.
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did you see it? lots of familiar faces picked up emmys last night. the tv industry honoring many of the shows and people who have won in the past. mark barger has a wrap of the winners and what they said backstage. >> "mad men." >> reporter: it was a night for incumbents at the emmys. "mad men" took best drama for the second straight year. one of several repeat winners. >> completely historic for a basic cable show to win one of these, much less two. and the company that we were in, it's even more amazing. so we're just shocked, surprised and incredibly honored. >> reporr: bryan cranston made it back-to-back wins for best actor on his work on "breaking bad." >> i was allowed to get in the room and after 30 years as a working actor and then do "malcolm in the middle" for seven years and now this is just a joy and a dream. >> reporter: glenn close furthered the feeling of deja v you have emmy as secd best
4:45 pm
actress. >> i said i've been evil because corela is literally the devil. >> reporter: right. >> the so what interests me is people who -- othereople might consider they're behaving badly and then you want to figure out, why. >> that was a nail-biter. >> reporter: "30 rock" rolled to its third straight win as best comedy, star alec baldwin won his second in a row as best actor. and backstage, he teased of potential guest for the new season. >> mccartney. >> paul mccartney. >> we want mccartney to come. we're working on it. >> wouza. >> reporter: one of the night's new nners, best supporting actress as thes president on "24." >> i am gl i don't have to did a play on that stage but just now dawning on me that there were probably millions of people around the world watching. >> reporter: another first-time winner was jon cryer, best supporting actor for "2 and a half men." >> i still cannotelieve it.
4:46 pm
that's why they keep remarking that it's heavy because it reminds you that you actually won it is because you are carrying this load the restf the evening. >> reporter: but it's a burden, the winners are happy to bare. mark barger, nbc news. >> that's on tonight. >> it is. that's on with "heroes" on our network. >> that's one of your favorites. and "the office." >> the debut. that's my must-see tv night. still ahead, first look at the new digs to help speed air travel in our area. and when you think golf, you think tiger, right? well, not fox. one man set up a camera to captain a particularly sly thief. coming up tonight on "news4" at 5:00. >> i'm wendy rieger. find out if the city council will support mayor fenty. the redskins fallout.
4:47 pm
we're live at redskins park with reaction after fans booed the season opener. food for thoughts. liz crenshaw will explain everything that you need to know before you sit down to dinner.
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passengers at washington dulles airport may notice changes when they travel next time. the airport's authority has completed the first phase of a
4:50 pm
majorxpansion project for the inrnational arrivals. this new addition adds more than 200,000 more square feet to the existing international arrivals building. it will allow customs and border patrol to serve about 2,400 passengers an hour. nearly double their current capacity. this first phase of expansion will be opened to the public later this month. pat? let's get a look now at the weather. it's purchase afternoon to spend outdoors where we find veronica. >> that it is and i think that all of us have autumn on our mind, jim and pat. ready to pull out that autumn clothing but hold on, wait a while, because this week temperatures mainly in the 80s and a little humid, too. hey, let's pan up to the sky because we do have some partly cloudy skies. yeah, the rain's held off, well off to the west of the area, but showers this time tomorrow. temperatures across the area right now are into the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. there's the map. 80 here. let me show you the trend for this week because we're going to
4:51 pm
cool down a little bit into the 70s tomorrow but then back up into the 80s and know that we've got two days too where we'll have to deal with a bit of humidity so the trend for this week. getting schools -- getting kids off to school tomorrow? no rain as of yet. we'll see a high temperature tomorrow again up to 76, 77 and then after that into the 80s the rest of the workweek. jim, and pat back to you. >> thanks, veronica. an insider story about the john edwards' affair including an an astonishing claim about the young child in the middle o it. many folks are turning to the internet to find discount coupons for prescription drugs but something that you should know before you print out and
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
here are some of the stories making news on the web today. a number of drug companies are offering coupons to cut the cost of prescription prices, like up to $50 off for a 30-day supply of lanesta or up to $20 off prescriptions for ambian cr. many times, though, the generic drugs are still cheaper than the name-brand and some insurers and employers are lowering co-pays for generics. >> a gentle giant stopped by the "today" show this morning as he was honored as the world's
4:55 pm
tallest man. there, he comes into your picture, towering over the show host, meredith vieira and matt lauer. he says heose his 8'1" stature to a problem with his pituitary grand that caused to grow uncontrollably. is from turkey he's so tall he wears a size 22 shoe and his hand can devour a coke can. >> a colorado man caught up particularly sly thief. one that swiped about 80 golf balls from his putting green so he grab aides camera expecting to catch kids in the act, no kids. he caught this a hairless fox in the act. the fox takes one ball, then comes back for another ball and sometimes tries to grab two at a time. wildlife experts say foxes are very playful animals. think that fox is just collecting toys to pass the time away. sports bloggers are buzzing about a football game incident that has nothing to do with football. some last night's cowboys/giants
4:56 pm
game. after a new york player picked off tony romo, the pass that is, the camera cuts to cowboys' owner jerry jones doing what you just saw him doing there. the night only got worse for jones. the giants spoiled the opening of his state-of-the-art billion-dollar stadium beating the cowboys 33-31. >> did it in his brand-new home. former presidential candidate jo edwards has admitted publicly that he had an extramarital affair with a campaign worker. now, according to some reports, he may also be ready to admit that he is the father of the woman's 19-month-old daughter. nora o'donnell has more. >> reporter: it's been two years since john edwards denied reports of an extramarital affair with rielle hunter, a woman hired to produce campaign videos for the then-presidential candidate. >> it's false. it's completely untrue. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: fast forward one year to this admission.
4:57 pm
>> in 2006 two years ago i made a very serious mistake. i would welcome participating in a paternity test. i'd be happy to participate in one. i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine. >> reporter: and now new details from a former aide to mr. edwards, andrew young, whose book proposal was reviewed by "the new york times." in it, young says he helped set up private meetings between mr. edwards and rielle hunter during the presidential campaign and that edwards asked young to claim responsibility for fathering her child. >> thank you. good to see you. >> reporter: like off the campaign trail has been no less turbulent for john edwards. in may he acknowledged being part of a federal investigation into whether campaign funds were paid illegally to rielle hunter. something edwards has denied. last month rielle hunter testified before the grand jury. even bringing her child with her. >> it's good to see. >> reporter: you elizabeth edwards, meanwhile, appeared
4:58 pm
live "today" in may of why she decided not to leave her husband after he admitted to having an extramarital affair. >> i guess all sorts of reasons but the big reason is that i promised i was with him for better or for worse. this was a lot worse than i had ever expected. but i thought you know, that meant something when i said it. >> reporter: john and elizabeth edwards were last seen together publicly at a memorial for senator ted kennedy in august. coming together to pay their respects, even as so much attention continues to be focud on their personal lives, and whether john edwards is in fact the father of rielle hunter's child. >> i wish for it to never be an issue, but if it becomes an issue, that's just another thing to deal with but it's not -- that's not like a further betrayal that i need to deal with. >> that was nora o'donnell reporting, and that does it for "news4" at 4:00. stay right there. "news4" at 5:00 begins right now.
4:59 pm
tonight at 5:00, deadly floods. the heart of the south dealing with rising waters and massive evacuations. school cuts, a budget lesson that hits home for a major local district. what's for dinner? you may know what you're cooking, but do you know where your food really comes from? and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for jim handly tonight. we begin with our top story, where traffic could be even worse than usual along the i-94 corridor. the virginia department of transportation will intermittently close in the overnight hours of tomorrow and wednesday. those closures will happen between exit 161 and exit 163 springfield. you're look at a live picture of the mixing bowl in springfield. traffic there could take a big hit once these closures begin. julie carey is live to tell us about this. >> reporter: i-95 buzzing


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