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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 29, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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back in court, the man accused in what officials call the most sophisticated terror plot since 9/11 pleads not guilty. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. today najibullah zazi made his first appearance. >> prosecutors haven't revealed any details on other suspects yet, but they are saying zazi did not act alone in what ey're calng an international conspiracy. michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: under heavy security, he arrived at brooklyn federal court for his arraignment on plotting a terrorist attack in new york city, by using beauty supply chemicals purchased out of the state. the afghan immigrant did not speak at the proceeding. his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for his client. >> i'd like to stop this rush to judgment, because what i've seen
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so far does not amount to a conspiracy. >> reporter: authorities suspect that three other people are involved in the plot, but so far there's no additional arrests. he lived in new york for a decade before moving to denver this past january where he worked as an airport shuttle driver. prosecutors also allege zazi traveled to pakistan on for training on how to make explosives. prosecutors say he bought gallons chemicals, includes ace tone and hydrogen peroxide. he checked into a hotel and used the stove to practice mixing the ingredients, and he rented a car and drove from denver to new york city, terrorism analysts call it the most sophisticated potential plot since 9/11.
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>> he was within weeks perhaps of launching his operation. >> reporter: now as prosecutors work to build their case, investigators are scrambling to find the bulk beauty store chemicals, key evidence that could he make or break the case. michelle franzen, news 4. >> his next court hearing is set for december 3rd. convicted beltway sniper john allen muhammad is a month away from his scheduled execution. in a radio interview today, governor tim kaine says he's not yet received a pition seeking his clemency. he also says he knows of no reason why clemency should be granted in this case, mohammed is scheduled to be executed november 10th for the plays of prince meyers, one of ten people shot to death during a three-week rampage that stretched from maryland to ashland. now to breaking news on health care reform, and a defeat
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for the so-called public option. liberal democrats failed in their bid to get a government-run insurance option into sweeping health care reform legislation. that legislation is taking shape in the senate finance committee. the 15-8 vote is a victory for max bachus who chairs the committee. the democratic senator is hoping to push hi middle of the road measure by committee. fedex field will be rocksing tonight, but also a lot of traffic problems. the concert starts at 7:00 and it will be a nightmare for people trying to get there. if you're watching this and have tickets tonight, you may want to head out of the door now. a safe bet is to take metro. metro is going to keep the morgan boulevard station open until 1:00 a.m. for people leaving the concert. let's see how things are moving. ashley linder has her eye on traffic. >> hey, pat, i come bearing good
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news. the entire east side -- the inner loop will be headed toward the bottom of our screen. everybody is moves just fine, no problems on central avenue or 202 or arena drive in towards the fedex field area. this is definitely the time to get to the roadways, but stress, please take metro. you don't want to get stuck in rush hour and this sort of mess headed towards fedex field, but again, right now no major problems to report. pat, back to you. >> all right. thanks, ash. it's an important rule of the road, don't be a distracted driver. about 50 teens gathered learning that lesson firsthand today. they participated in a road test with a trained racecar driver at rfk stadium. they attempted to drive while texting or faced other distraction. the new drivers admit they struggled when they were distracted. >> i went out of the lines, i
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hit cones while you're texting and doing various things that distract you, your life is in danger. you could serially hurt yourself and other people. >> ford motor company and the governors highway safety association sponsored today's test. recent study show driver distraction -- ford and the safety group hopes that the road test will show teens just how dangerous a distracted driver is on the road. well, here's a question for you. which drivers are the worst? a lot may depend on what they do for a living. a british insurance company looked at data to see which occupations filed the most accident claims over the past three years. computer engineers topped the list, followed by sales managers, chefs, students and doctors.
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real estate agents, surveyors, customer service advisers, hairdressers and social workers round out the top ten. researchers said people in those occupations often work long hours and are likely to be tired, stressed out or distracted when they getb hind the wheel. on the flip side, farmers are considered to be the safest drive drivers. smile when you ride metro. you may soon be on can di surveillance cameras. they're getting gran from homeland security to beef up its security system. you have of that -- riders we talked to had mixed feelings about the plan. >> it doesn't bother me at all. it's more secure, and i think we'll be better for it patrons who ride on the trains and
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buses. >> i don't like the idea of somebody watching me when i'm trying to go home or most of the time sleeping. >> metro will also use these new funds to improve gates at the end of platforms and offer additional training to its employees. if you smoke cigars, you may soon be able to buy one in the district. >> and the wisconsin avenue circulator gets its second wind. here's a look at four other stories make headlines in our area today. a 31-year-old man remains in critical condition after being shot by a police officer. he fired off two rounds after he charged and attacked him outside a house in darntown. no charges have been filed who has a long criminal history, including arrests for burglary, robbery and drugs. a terrifying run-in with a bank robber in arlington. he walked into this wachovia on south georgia mason and was waving a gun in the ar. he pointed it at workers and hopped the counter.
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he had his face covered and wore gloves and camouflage pants. the man put some cash in the bag. and they're asking anyone to call 911 immediately. the d.c. council heard public opinions today about making it illegal to sell single cigars. the proposed bill would ban the sale of individual cigars or cigar products that might be used to marijuana use. no decision was made in today's hearing. the next step is to make some changes to the bill, but there's no timetable on when there will be a vote. and there's new life in the wisconsin avenue circulator s. today maid yor pente said after further review and outpouring of demand, circulator bus service will continue. that route was slated to end soon due to budget cuts. well, we could really fall for days like these. we've had another gorgeous one. let's get the fast forecast from veronica johnson in the storm
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center. >> maybe you were on the cool side today, though. that wind was whipping around, but unlike yesterday, the radar is drier today. there's no drops to be found across the area. meanwhile, i wanted to show you the sky. there's a look at skycam and citycam there, as we take our look at visibility satellite loop. the sky looking a lot like wear waves on the pond, these are wave clouds, atmospheres standing waves when it flowing over the mountains on east, a gent up up-and-down motion like waves on the water. pretty cool, huh? leesburg, silver spring, two at 64. high wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour, so heading to the u2 concert will be chilly and breezy. make sure you take along the fleece.
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we'll talk about the possibility of any storms this week. back to you. thank you, veronica. a powerful earthquake has rocked the south pacific island nation of samoa, the 7.9 quake triggered a tsunami warning that sent coastal residents run fog higher ground. it was about 30 miles south of the capital city of apia. the tsunami warning is in effect for much of the south pacific including knew zealand, american samoa fiji and french policy neeshia. an olympic delegation arrived in denmark today with big hopes to win over the committee. chris clack am has more now. >> reporter: 16 months after chicago found out it's a finalist, the decision of the 2016 olympic hostity is only
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days away. delegations from the four candidate cities are in copenhagen in advance of the international olympic committee's decision on friday. chicago's team traveled with a pack of athletic all-stars to give the big some extra olympic flare. at flair. mayor daly promised to deliver for the ioc. >> we're glad you're here, and we know we can deliver a spectacular olympic and paralimpic games. >> what makes chicago so diffent is we're a city of immigrants, our past, our present, and yet many new immigrants arrive this year or next year or the following year. as the city is always changing. >> reporter: one of the bigs x factors for the vote will be president barack obama. after months of speculation, he announced monday he'll join the
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chicago team and his wife for the final presentation friday. >> whether it impacts the race, we don't know. he doesn't know, we don't know, nobody knows. the voters will determine that. >> the presence of heads of state may have had an impact in the past. former british prime minister tony blair and russia's vladimir putin threw their weight behind their country's winning bids. chris clacken, nbc news. now, the other candidate cities including rio de janeiro, madrid and tokyo, chicago throwing everything they've got. i think you want the obamas on your team. >> and i understand oprah winfrey tlb there, too. >> really? add more icing. >> putting the pressure on. when we continue, a mother is under fire from the state for watching the children of her friends every morning before taking them to the school bus stop. plus the rules for credit and credit cards are changing. find out what you need to know
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to make the best of the situation. and some of those tough guys in the nfl will be sporting pink on the playing field this weekend, including washington's own chris cooley. find out about his personal connection to a national cause.
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coming up later, we go on board with an air ambulance team. plus a school bus driver in trouble for the way he disciplined student passengers. where's my car? where's my car?!!!! where aryou?! arghhh... (announcer) dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles give you outrageous comfort, all-day-guaranteed. woah. it's not too far... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's.
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on wall stet today s. stocks closed low er down abouta dozen points. one year ago today, the dow suffered its biggest one-day drop of all time. today there are signs of economic recovery, including some encouraging numbers on home prices. but that's not enough to
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boost consumer confidence. leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: september 29th, 2008, the dow plumb mets an historical 777 points after congress rejected a multibillion dollar bank bailout plan. days later an emergency bill would pass to head off economic disaster. now, one year later, mixed signs of recovery. home prices are more than 13% below a year ago, but for the third month in a row, prices rose from the index of 20 major cities. >> we're pretty good where we are. we've seen seen some small bidding wars where people end of paying agents agents more than the asking price. >> reporter: but not in cities like las vegas, where home prices are still down almost 55% from their peak, and the detroit area reeling from layoffs, and in seattle, one of the last areas too enter the downturn, prices have yet to hit bottom,
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but overall, the newest market report is better than expected. >> there could well be bumps along the road, but it definitely looks encouraging. >> reporter: among those bumps, projected higher unemployment rates, worries about, helped push the consumer index down in september by more than a point after a three-month climb. the present situation index, which measures consumers assessment of the economy also decline close to three points, despite positive housing numbers, confidence considered a leading indicator of spending is raising concerns about the upcoming holiday season and the duration of the downturn. leanne gregg, nbc news. looks like america is getting on the road again. that could be a good sign for the economy. sales of recreational vehicles or vvs jumpeded by 16% from july to august, according to the recreational vehicle industry association. while that's about half the industry's sales rate from 2006,
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it's a 136% surge from january. some analysts say these numbers are a leading indicator of economic health, because an rv is one of the biggest discretionary purchases consumers can make. this sunday a bunch of nfl players from washington and around the country will wear pink cleats for breast cancer awareness. today local women battling the disease were honored at the second annual all-star survivors luncheon. derrick ckery and his wife emma also helped support women battling. jim zorn's wife joy rounded on the the team captains. they ate lunch with the team. they were also given brand-new wigs, scarves and makeup. the ladies will get tickets for the game on sunday against the rams and also a private tour of the park in ashburn. >> i think it turned out really well. i think the ladies have a fun
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day. they're able to get makeup, wigs, and try on jeans, really just have a good day in the middle of a heart time. the event means a lot to cooley coulee. his mother is now cancer free. how is year credit score? thanks to the recession, chances are it took a hit, and obvious it's credit card balances that can do the most damage. there are a few steps, though, that you can take to maintain, even improve your credit score in these tough times. cnbc's carmen wong ulrich has more on today's insider report. >> reporter: even though ward of the c.a.r.d. act went into effect last month, more americans with even the best edit records are seeing their terms change and not for the better. i've even had an interest rate go from 7.99% for almost ten years up to 17.49%. moves like this may make you
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feel like not giving into new terms, but the sacrifice your credit score if you don't pay your balance or make payments on time. so what do we have to do? you can call your lender and try to get the rate lowered, but your chances of success are now small. if you have to carry a balance, try not to agree to settle year account at a lower rate in exchange for closing the account. closing credit card accounts shaves dozens of points off your credit store. instead, shop around for another card to surf your balance too, head to credit unions, online banks and community banks. they offer better rates and terms of our days of having a good, cheap relationship with our lenders may be over, but we still have the power to move our business to the competition. i'm carmen wong ulrich for cnbc. >> tonight at 7:00 on "nbc nightly news with brian williams" your money your head. congress gets back to work. but with the latest developments is a public option still on the table?
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still to come this afternoon at 4:00, a world famous movie maker on the run for 30 years is defying the u.s. government over its rape conviction, and he has high-powered support. always controversial director comes to town today to premiere his lates film.
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deadly flooding spawned by the type fan. at least 240 have been killed, at least 37 are missing. storm forced 600,000 people out of their homes, some 375,000 into evacuation centers. in all, an estimated 1.8 million people have been affected. most of manila is flooded, after getting more than a foot of rain in 24 hours. that's more than the region usually gets in a month. people are now complaining about
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the slow pace of relief into the country. and there's really no letup. it's kind of a one-two punch. >> exactly. another storm coming behind it. pulled this image from saturday, jim. this is when it was over land. this image shows the massive amount of rainfall. when you look at the reds and  color right near mani -- >> 24 inches of rain, again in a 12-hour period, so that was the heavy rains, just south of the storm's track. now coming up behind it is parma. possib it will move north of the philippines, but again days out. speaking of the season, this is the least active hurricane
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season for our atlantic since 1992. only six named storms, the last of which was fred on -- i do believe that was the 12th of august. there's a big low pressure system spinning up here around the great lakes, and every couple of hours or so, a couple -- 12 hours, 15 hours, it spins down one of these ripples, so it's got one passing here this afternoon, this evening overnight period, then another one come up tomorrow. so we'll get the occasional clouds, occasional light showers and the wind. that's what we get with the system. so our wind gusts, 25 miles per hour in new york, 20 in cincinnati, not quite as much wind. meanwhile, as we look at the future cast, partly cloudy sighs during the overnight period, then tomorrow, see that little ripple? it's really the high spots west
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up and to western/central areas of pennsylvania, the high spots of western maryland, so maybe a few sprinkles through the area tomorrow we should be back to sunshine and calmer conditions on they are. again to around 70 degrees tomorrow, so we start out -- sunset at 6:54. like likely so pretty -- partly cloudy day, chilly, 47 to 54, the start for tomorrow mornings. sun's up at 7:03. we check the high only to about 64 to 70 degrees across the area. pat? >> thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, the first doses of swine flu vaccine are on their way to states as governments, businesses and schools are seeing the impact from flu
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cases. >> i ship probably at least three times a week, and i would never have thought of anything like this happening. >> and air service customers were shocked to discover who was behind the mysterious disappearance of their personal belongin belongings.
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welcome back, everybody. at 4:30, i'm jim handly.
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>> and i'm pat lawson muse. terror plot suspect najibullah zazi made his first cord appearance today. he's accused in an alleged conspiracy. prosecutors say there are others involved. zazi pleaded not guilty, a judge orderedim held without bail. chicago's olympic bid team is in denmark vying to host the 2016 olympic games. the group arrived in copenhagen today. former gymnastic champion nadia c com nietzsche is with her husband. and there's mixed news. consumer confidence dropped unexpectedly in september. experts say americans are still worried about the job market. however, home prices are unexpectedly up acro the
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country, climbing for the third straight month. there is growing concern today about the safety of the swine flu vaccine, even from some health care workers, but officials say it's critical to get the shot, because h1n1 is a new virus and our bodies don't have what it takes to fight it. the cdc is telling lawmakers that the virus is unchartered teitory. trac tracy poths has the latest. >> reporter: her mother's urging parents to go their children vaccinated. >> i just can't fathom that this happened to me. >> the university of michigan reports that only 4 out of 10 parents plan to have -- >> i don't want to put my kids at risk. >> reporter: even health care workers are concerned.
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some hospitals are singling out employees who don't get the vaccine. >> if you're going to encourage your patients to get it, i think you need to step up to the plate. >> reporter: but in new york where the state told public employees to get the vaccine or get fired, they protested today. they're worried about 1976, when thousands were stricken with a paralyzing dizzy after taking the flu vaccine. >> there's some concern about whether all the of the hype is necessary. >> reporter: federal health officials told congress today that vaccine is safe. >> no corners have been cut. >> we have safety data from decades of experience with seasonal vaccines which are made in the same manner. >> reporter: h1n1 is now widespread in 26 states, including texas, where one exile district closed. science that this pandemic is now well under way.
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tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> of the 26 states reporting widespread activity, 99% of those cases have been confirmed as h1n1 virus. meanwhile, the flu has sit down an entire school district near houston, texas. all eight campuses will remain closed until thursday. school officials there say 15% of the students were absent yesterday so are 10% of the teachers are sick. health officials have determined that texas is one of the 26 states where flu activity is widespread, and they say more than half the cases are swine flu. not just schools, but area businesses, too, are concerned about how the pandemic will affect them. this morning the greater washington brd of trade sponsored a seminar to discuss the impact swine flu may have in our region.
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about 25% of board members showed up for the seminar to get advice. the message delivered today, businesses need a plan. >> there's little predictable about this when it relates -- the 20% perhaps in your office may be one department at a time or maybe 20% of that department, 20% of another department and right on down the road. to avoid the spread of the swine flu, businesses should encourage telecommuting when workers are sick, tell employees to stay home, create a backup team to handle the work in case the flu hits your office, and place hand sanitizers around work to keep the flu in check. pat? police in dallas believe a pilot may be stealing u.p.s. packages from cargo planes. investigators say the thefts happened early this year, and included high-priced items like laptop computers, ipods, even guns. airport police say pilot brian
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mecirsmith confessed to stealing ipods. >> there's so much merchandise and so much opportunity to take small things and then eventually people get greedy, take more and more and more. >> messer smith flew for a small -- they use high-tech security to monitor employees, but they can't watch them all the time. john travolta may end up back on the stand in the trial of two people accused of blackmailing him. and sarah palin's book is finished early, so the publisher is moving up the release date.
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another breezy, cool evening out there, as we look out over the area city cam the radar today quiet. i think we could have just a few showers tomorrow, very, very light, and mainly west of the area, 69 degrees the temperature now, first-pitch forecast, 65 degrees. we won yesterday, folks, as we took on the mets. the high for tomorrow 69 but tomorrow will be almost a carbon copy for today. beautiful day, then saturday sunday dry, in the mid 70s. back to you. it looks like sarah palin's highly anticipated memoir will hit shelves earlier than
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expected she finished writing her book early it will now show up on the shelves by thanksgiving. e book is called "going rogue" a phrase used in the campaign to mock her and her apparent disagreements with john mccain. coming up on "news 4 at 4:00" roman polanski is fighting u.s. efforts to bring him back to this country. and conan o'brien goes back to work. find out what he had to say about the fall that sent him to the hospital.
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john travolta is expected to return to the stand in a trial surrounding his son's death. a former bahamian senator and paramedic are on trial for allegedly trying to extort money from travolta. so far a friend and travolta have testified that the defendants claismd there was -- however it was found irrelevant. the paramedic is accused of threatening to release the document unless he paid $25 million. the alleged extortion is expected to be heard in court today. roman polanski appears ready to defy the american justice system. papers were filed today, the first step in his legal battle to avoid extradition to the
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united states for the 1977 statutory rape case. >> reporter: he spend 31 years as a fugitive from american justice, now film director roman polanski behind bars in switzerland is threatening to fight -- he's a fighter, his lawyer says. supporters are lining up to defend him, the french foreign minister described his arrest as a bit sinister. and listen to the culture minister. in the same way as there is a generous america we love, he says, there is a certain kind of america which is frightening, and this is the america which is showing us its face. the foreign minister of say they'll appellate to hillary clinton to intervene. actress debra winger says they hope the case is dropped. >> it is based on a three-decade-old case that is all but dead expect for a minor
4:45 pm
technicality. but some legal experts say he's being treated lie any other fugitive from justice. >> i think the day is try to go say just because you run away doesn't an we'll forget about you. >> reporter: most legal experts say it's shaping up to be a long and complex legal battle. polanski's lawyers want him released immediately, argues his arrest was illegal, but the matter is now in the hands of the swiss justice system. we're told it could take up to ten days for a decision, and frankly no one is sure how it will aplay out. donna friesen, nbc news, zurich. polanski was arrested saturday when he arrived in zurich to receive an award from a film festival. tonight's show host conan o'brien is on the job and joking about his stunned accident. take a look. obrian was racing teri hatcher down stairs when he got to the stage, he slipped, fell, his
4:46 pm
head hit the floor and hard. a rerun aired instead of the planned episode. in his monolog yesterday, o'brien told the audience he hit his head so hard that for five seconds he actually understood the plot of "lost." one thing he did not lose, hits sense of humor. >> he didn't. he really took a hard hit. glad he's okay, though. >> we all are. still ahead, a mother is under fire from the state for watching the children of her friends each mother before taking the kids to the school bus stop. we'll explain. >> trouble at a parade when one of the elephants got scared and took off into the spectators. it's the first step toward what could be systemwide surveillance on metro. cameras are being installed. a green update, we update on
4:47 pm
the harvest that was planneded earlier this morning, and andhn join us for news 4 at 5:00. see you then.
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a michigan woman may be living proof that no good deed
4:50 pm
goes unpunished. lisa snide ser a mother of two. she's been watching her neighbors' kids before they get on the school bus so the neighbors can get to work on time. her gesture has apparently gotten her into hot water. the mish gap department of children said if she's caring for children more than four weeks, she technically operating an unlicensed daycare center and if she doesn't stop she could face time in jail and a fine. >> in the interest of protecting children we'll investigate all allegations of or complaints of unlicensed child care. >> i don't agree with this, i said that the children should be able to come into my house if it's raining or there's a snowstorm, and the lady said to me, plain and simple, that tell the parents to buy an embea. >> state representative ban cowley is outraged at what's happened. he's working on legislation to protect people who are simply trying to help friends out. no umbrellas today.
4:51 pm
we have a refreshing fall-like day. guess where veronica is, out soaking it up on the front lawn. >> absolutely. i've got to tell you, jim, hold on, because i want to cue the wind and the leaves. it's been up and down. those leaves already on the ground, fall, those piles will start getting bigger and bigger. let's talk about today's ragweed count. it's up from yesterday, maybe you're sneezing -- there's that wind. the gusts right now at 24 miles an hour, manassas up to 28, close to 30. as we talk temperatures, we're in the 60s. one more day, oop ripple comes through the area tomorrow, and a stronger system for late friday, early saturday. 45 to 53, we're partly sunny at the start of tomorrow, and again partly sunny for tomorrow afternoon with a high at 69.
4:52 pm
i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> all right. thanks, veronica. up next -- a school but driver in trouble for the way he disciplined student passengers. >> and a look at the support system on the ground needed for air ambulances.
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here are some of the top stories making news on the web today. >> children on a mesa, arizona school bus were being so rowdy that the bus driver decided to pull over and turn off the ac. for at least three minutes on a 108-degree day. he refused to turn the ac back on until the kids quieted down. school officials who disciplined the driver and put him on another route are cal it an error in judgment. capitalism, a love story, premieres in washington tonight. we've got the wrong video there. he was busy promoting the movie in the district today. that was not michael moore there. last night he attended a screening tess american film institute in silver spring. now we have a 3-year-old elephant breaking away from a ceremonial elephant procession in india on monday. the animal became frightened when loud bells began to ring.
4:56 pm
six people were hurt, and elephant keeper, trainer and police officers eventually brought the elephant under control. it's been one year since a medical helicopter crashed, king fouling people. since then federal officials have been questioning the safety of these flights. we have an insider's look at one air ambulance team. >> a lot of our decisions are judgment calls. >> reporter: but before any decisions are made, the crew from shestar 1 waits here at the tp ton airport, making sure supplies are stocked and in order and that the helicopter is in good working condition. paul gillis briefs the team on the day's weather conditions. >> actually better than what it was forecast yesterday. >> reporter: then they wait for the first call of the day. they're dispatched from here the
4:57 pm
system's nerve center, where physicians call in to arrange transportation for their sickest patients, usually from smaller outlying hospitals to larger central facilities like washington hospital center. >> it can be tense. you know, when things are going bad, you need to be one step ahead of what's going to happen. >> joan cubelis is a flight nurse. she says moving patients is more intense than most scene flights whismt a helicopter is sent to a bad crash or accidents. >> there are many, many more drugs, medications, sometimes they're intubated and you're try to go work out ventilation issues, blood pressure issues, just their whole dynamics. >> reporter: in fact most of the stars are inter-facility missions, just 4% are scene flights. last year they transported 2,500 patients by air in more than seven states plus the district.
4:58 pm
>> it's really a mix. every day is a new situation. it's a new adventure. you don't know what's in store. >> reporter: for flight paramedic scott williamson, the hearts part is making for a calling and making a decision whether to fly, but with news of recent crashes, flight safety is coming up greater scrutiny as paul gillis decides if it's safe to fly. >> anything from weather too aircraft conditions, sometimes the lines aren't cut and dried. >> reporter: a recent hearing by the national transmission safety board looked at 55 crashes that left 54 people dead and found those incidents could have been prevented with simple corrective actions, but all that negative publicity hasn't shaken the team's confidence. >> they affect you, they affect me and my family. i'm not afraid to fly. i've never been afraid to fly. >> if it's not safe to do it, then we won't do it. >> doreen gensler, news 4.
4:59 pm
medstar hasn't been involved with any of the recent crashes. officials main ta the medstar program is one of the safest in the nation that's news 4 at 4:00. "news 4 at 5:00" starts right now. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00" michael vick with a message for area kids just days after his return to the football field. u2 comes to town tonight. final preparations for the big concert and how to get around the potential headaches. and we find out about an internet site full of discounts that you could pass up. good evening, i'm eun yang. >> more eyes on metro, the transit agency takes the first step towards what could be surveillance of all the system's trains and buses. they're getting ready to


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