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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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welcome to news 4 today. it is cold out there. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell to find out how much we'll be shiveringing today. i expect a lot. hi, chuck. >> hi, there. yes, we'll have to start looking for better sue words to describe weather. plenty of ice out there. don't go out on the ice. it's nowhere near thick enough to support any substantial amount of weight. the camera starting to shake thanks to those strong northwesterly winds. our temperature has now gone up 2 degrees. we're now at 18 here in nashville at the nashville airport. 17 in fairfax county, 16 in manassas. winds have lowered the windchill factors down into the subzero range in many readings. minus one in fairfax county, minus 1 in frederick, maryland. windchill advisory goes until 10:00 this morning for the western suburbs. our forecast today is a chilly
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one. temperatures barely getting up boo the mid- and high 20s for high temperatures this afternoon, eun, and windchills will stay in the teens all day long. check of the seven-day, coming up. >> i'm just cold, thinking about pinpoint. >> chuck bell, thank you very much. as chuck said, be shoo you are to bundle up if you have to go outside at all today. here's a live look at the district, where temperatures probably won't get out of the 20s today and the winds will make it downright unbearable out there. poor elaine reyes is braving the elements in dupont circle. >> reporter: if you have a hot drink and wearing ski pants like i am, it's not so bad, but it is brutal. any part of exposed skin is feeling it. we're on dupont circle, 18 degrees -- oh, it went up a degree to 19. it's been 18 for probably half an hour now. we haven't seen a whole bunch of people just yet out and about,
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but most everne's bundled up. and as you and chuck mentioned, it is the wind. i don't know about you guys, but i feel like i heard the wind at my house 4:00 yesterday afternoon until i left the house this morning. and it is certainly what everyone is feeling. be sure to cover up those hands, your head, your neck. because, like i said earlier, it feels like needles are just poking through your skin. be careful out there. eun? >> elaine, thank you. you've got your layers on, your ski pants on? >> reporter: i do, the long underwear, the ski socks. you cannot play around when you're out today. even got the hand warmers in the bag. >> excellent. you are prepared, elaine. thank you very much. in other news now, wizards' star gilbert arenas says he will meet tomorrow with authorities to discuss his decision to keep guns in his locker at the verizon center. arenas is finally speaking out about the controversy.
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he isn't commenting, though, on reports that he and teammate javaris crit javaris javaris crittenton pled guns on each other last month. he says this whole story has been thrown out of proportion. >> even during something like this, i'm going to make fun of it. some people say i'm not taking it seriously, but why be depressed at home? >> arenas does admit that he used bad judgment by bringing guns into the verizon center wizard's locker room. the nba bans players from possessing firearms at the facilities or when traveling on league business. there's no word yet on whether the league will suspend or fine arenas. the wizards weren't able to put the distraction behind him last night and they lost to san antonio. derrick ward was there. >> reporter: according to published ports, on december 12st, wizard's all-star guard
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gilbert arenas and teammate javaris crittenton were having wordsover a gambling debt when words were exchanged. some fans find it hard to believe. >> i'veñi been going to wizard' games for 30 years. i hope it's not true, that's all. >> seems like a nice guy andñi hangs out with little kids. you don't think that a person who would hang out with little kids would pull a gun on somebody. >> i think it's a big joke. arenas is a jokester. and the whole team revolves around arenas. so if he's a joke -- i can'tñi y it that it was serious. >> reporter: it's serious enough that the metropolitan police are investigating and working with the u.s. attorney's office. arenas said he indeed have guns in his locker in a lock box and those guns were not loaded. he also said he turned them over to security, because he no longer wanted them in his home around his children. >> they are stars, i understand they have protection, or need
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protection or whatever, but i don't understand why he would need them in the stadium. >> reporter: and if the allegations of some sort of armed face-off prove true -- >> hopefully that's not the case. because athletes get mad at each other and blow it off. >> we need to keep the shooting tonighfloor, not the locker room. >> reporter: the family of team owner late ab pollen released a statement, saying the fact that guns were brought to the verizon center is disappointing and shows extremely poor statement. the statement goes on to say that guns have no place in a work environment and steps have been taken to see that nothing like that happens again. new today, a man has become the district's first homicide victim of the year. police say he was stabbed in the chest of 1700 southeast. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. this is the first homicide of the year in the district, but the fifth from new year's eve. no word on suspects or a motive.
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services will go on todayñit a southeast washington church where shots rang out on new year's eve. dozens of people were inside new life praise temple ministry on naylor road southeast thursday night when someone fired several shots into the building. no one was seriously hurt. police have not figured out who the gunman was, but they say it appears the church was ñitarget. police in princ george's county need your help in finding two sisters missing for nearly a week now. 14-year-old roxanne owen and her 11-year-old sister deja walked away from a friend's house last week and not been seen since. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police right away. we are following a developing story out of yemen. the u.s. and british embassies are closed over threats from al qaeda. the threats in that region have escalated since the failed christmas day terror plot.
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president obama announced tt al qaeda's branch in yemen was behind the attempt to bomb a plane head for detroit. today, british prime minister gordon brown says his country will work with the u.s. and yemen to help fight terrorism. >> yemen has been recognized, like somalia, to be one of the areas where we've got to not only keep an eye on, but we've got to do more. so the counterterrorism cooperation is working harder on the intelligence effort. >> it is not clear how long the embassies plan to remain closed. to sit down with his intelligence and national security chiefs to try and figure out how the failed terror plot got by them. mike viqueira tells us how president obama is linking al qaeda to the attack. >> reporter: president obama revealed for the first time what many had suspected since the attempted bombing on christmas day. al qaeda was behind it. >> it appears that he joined an affiliate of al qaeda, and that
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this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with those explosives, and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says that the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab made his al qaeda contacts and received his training in yemen, a country recked by poverty and an ongoing civil war, now fertile ground strongholds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> there's really a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorists and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them from operating. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face-to-face meeting with top officials, set for tuesday at the white house. among the attendees, director of national intelligence, dennis blair. homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, as well as leaders of the tsa and the national counterterrorism center, all formed in the wake of 9/11 attacks and all created to avoid just the kind of human
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and systemic failures that almost led to añju)áuspj catastrophe in the skies over detroit. >> they should all be in the hot seat. i mean, this is ludicrous. i think there should be some action taken to correct this. there was a lack of accountability in the system. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, a warning from a top counterterrorism official. al qaeda continued to refine their methods to test our defenses and pursue an attack on the homeland. in the face of republican charges that mr. obama has de-emphasized fightingxd terror the president hit back. >> along with our partners, we've disrupted terrorists' financing, cut off recruiting chains, inflicted major losses on al qaeda's leadership, thwarted plots here in the united states, and saved countless american lives. >> and that was mike viqueira reporting. some scary moments for passengers on board an air berlin flight. it skidded off the runway at an airport in western germany today. the pilot tried to abort a takeoff because of a technical problem. the plane braked, but slid right
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off the runway because of snowy conditions. no one was hurt and the plane wasn't even damaged. passengers were able to board another plane and take off for their destinations. heads up for metro riders. expect at least 30-minute train delays starting tonight due to track maintenance. metro will be performing track work every night through thursday. trains will be single tracking on the red line between medical center and grovener metro stations from 8:00 p.m. until midnight and on the blue line from stadium armory and addison road metro stations from 9:00 p.m. until midnight. metro is giving 42 stations a facelift over the next year and a half. the cleanings and new paint jobs are part of metro's new station enhancement program. since 1991, each station has been touched up every four years. the makeovers include installg or repairing signs, refinishing bus shelters and benches and touching up bronze surfaces like railings. it is now 9:10, caught on
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tape, what sent an elephant running through a crowd of people. a dramatic scene on an icy pond. how rescuers were able to pull a family dog to safety. and how long will we have to endure this bitter cold weather?
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a dramatic scene caught on
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tape. a desperate fight to save a family dog trapped in an icy pond. a relaxing new year's day turned terrifying for a family. their dog escaped the backyard and fell through the ice. but this story has a happy ending, thanks to rescuers. >> reporter: this 65-pound basset hound appears to have nine lives. perhaps her name indicates an extra edge with survival skills. >> angel is our little -- she's our firstborn. she's the oldest. >> reporter: becauseñr this droopy-eyed 3 1/2-year-old dog spent new year's day fighting for her life. >> i was up in the kitchen, and all of a sudden i just started hearing yelling. i looked out the window and saw angel right there, just treading water, trying to get out. my husband said call 911, call 911! so i ran back in the house, and i was crying, i think. i was just hysterical. i'm like, i don't know if you're
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allowed to call 911 for dogs, but my dog is in the lake. >> reporter: this is camera phone video of the rescue. in the middle of the screen is angel, body half submerged treading water and that's two fredericksburg firefighters in the boat. officer thomas evans was the first responder on the scene. >> fire guysame in, had a little boat, put the boat in the water, they had a hard timing to that ice, but they did great job getting in there. they're the heroes. >> i have two children and it was like one of my children were out there. it was terrifying. it was terrifying. >> reporter: angel is doing just fine after her icy adventure. she's playing around like nothing ever happened. her owner says it's her curiosity that gets her into trouble. >> this is not the first time she's done something like this. she did it last year when the pond froze over, but it's almost like a child. and they are part of the family and i was just scared, that's all. >> angel's owner tells news 4 she hates water and never goes near the pond in warmer weather. they believe she escaped the
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backyard to get to a nearby dog park. >> the smell of camaraderie. >> just a reminder, not only to not go on the ice, but make sure you bring your pets inside. >> yep, it's very cold outside, especially if you have a spoiled animal like i do. nicholas is not interested in employment, or cold, unfortunately. a complete check of a very chilly check of your forecast for th
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>> chaotic scene after an elephant broke away from a religious procession in india. the elephant was startled yesterday when the gate made a loud noise from being opened. combined with the noise from all the people, two people suffered minor injuries. keepers managed to control the animal before it caused too much damage. india is home to nearly half of the world's 60,000 asian elephants. and elephants are protected and endangered species there. he probably wasn't hurting anybody. i think he just wanted to get away from the crowds. >> scary. >> yeah. >> i like elephants at a distance, like, in africa, distance. >> they're great -- >> great to look at. >> they're great animals. and if you go to the zoo, do the bath hour and cute tricks. >> but you don't want to get mad at you. give them the peanut and go.
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>> if they're charging, get out of the way immediately. >> absolutely right. we have something a lot of people are trying to do also, get away from the cold. last plane to miami, unfortunately, already left. so you're stuck here for the rest of the day. >> i'm waiting for april now. >> that's the official warm-up plan, it's called springtime across the area. outside, there's a look at the runways at ronald reagan national airport. the camera shaking in a gusty west wind right now and it is a bone-chilling sunday morning. if you're headed out for sunday services, bundle up or think warm thoughts and stay at home. 18 degrees, our current temperature at nashville airport. a west wind averaging 20, but gusting to as high as 40 miles per hour. has lowered our windchill down to 2 degrees above zero. did a little checking, last winter, washington dropped down below 20 degrees only 13 times for the entire winter. today is day number one below 20 degrees. we'll see how many we have this winter. 18 in washington. 16 in prince george's county.
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20 in annapolis, 18 in baltimore and frederick. 13 in martinsburg and winchester at 16 degrees. 37-mile-per-hour wind gusts in frederick. 36 miles per hour at andrews air force base. a very windy morning. it's lowered the windchills down into the single digits above and the single digits below zero. luckily for us, no winter weather coming our way, there's a little bit of snow across new york city. providence, hartford, and boston. if you have flights taking the shuttles up to the northeast, there are likely going to be substantial delays going northbound. temperatures this morning, in the teens along the eastern seaboard, but single digs out to our west. 6 this morning in covington, kentucky. that's just on the other side of the river from cincinnati. windchills, single digits here, 15 below in chicago, the current windchill there. all this wind is being caused by a combination of impacts. a vigorous ocean storm in the gulf of maine and a very large
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sell of arctic high pressure ross the upper midwest. that tight pressure gradient has increased that west-northwesterly wind around here. it's going to be around all day long today. the winds will not really start to settle down until after sunset this evening. so be ready for a chilly day, bone-chilling day outside today. with windchills staying around 10 to 15 degrees all afternoon long. winds ease up just a bit tonight. tomorrow, as some of that moisture from that big ocean storm gets pulled around to the backside of that, we may have a chance for light snow flurries or light snow late monday night into early tuesday morning. doesn't look like it's going to be a big deal, conversational snowflakes as we like to say. tuesday, wednesday, thursday will be dry, and there's a little chance of more sutantial snow coming in on friday. we'll keep you posted on that. not a repeat of the blizzard, i can tell you that right now, but nonetheless, worth watching. >> and we'll be watching you. thank you, chuck. the wizards were not able to fight off the distraction with a win last night. they lost their fourth straight
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to the spurs. here's your sports minute. >> good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with the wizards,ñr who were trying put all the distractions aside last night. gilbert arenas hit a shot from half court to end the first quarter. he finished with 23 points. but tim duncan and the spurs pulled away down the stretch. duncan scored 23 as well. thwizards lose 97-86. they've lost four straight. capitals on the road in los angeles, taking on the kings with the game tied at one in the third quarter, eliot scored the game winner. the caps fall 2-1. college hoops, george mason take on old dominion. sophomore ryan pearson led the way. george mason improves to 7-6 overall. virginia tech playing seeton hol in cancun. check out many atkins, out front all by his lonesome. throws it down. the hokies go on to win it 103-94 in overtime.
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it's their ninth win in a row. and the redskins py their season finale today in san diego. have a great day. a wacky preview of 2010 and an up close look at the natural world. here's joe krebs now with this week's "kidspost." >> this week on kiss"kidspost," dates to know and queen of snow. tracy grant, good to see you again. >> good to be here. happy new year. >> se to you. it seems like the new year is all wrapped up, but really they're just getting started. "kidspost" knows lots of kids get calendars as holiday presents, but every year we like to point out some of the lesser known holidays. so we do that in monday's "kidspost." for example, february 7th to 13 is jell-o week. eat as much jell-o as you can.
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and march 17th through 13th is celebrate nor name week. we celebrate tongue twister day, no socks day, and haunted refrigerator night. >> yes. october 30th is haunted refrigerator night. >> remind me of that in october. next, we have some really good pictures from some very talented kids. >> this is an amazing contest run by the national geographic to celebrate 2010 as biodiversity year. and these are the winning photographs, which we will publish tuesday in "kidspost," and one of the winners, purina kuhndu was from washington, d.c. her photograph was taken at the national arboretum. but there were 2,900 entries from kids in 99 countries, all between the ages of 8 and 16. and so it's a really nice way to look at nature through the eyes of kids. >> they are very talented. and finally, a fairy tale comes to life. >> that's right. the snow queen, the hans
9:26 am
christian anderson classic is being presented as a puppet show. two shows today and next week. >> sounds like a lot of fun. for more, visit or and click on "kidspost." that is "kidspost" on tv for this week. i'm joe krebs. 9:26 is your time now. 17 degrees. a multimillion dollar jewelry heist. the clues the thief left behind that could help investigators figure out how he pulled it off. help for your new year's resolutions. how to lose weight by controlling your cravings. and another busy travel weekend. the changes you'll notice at the airport.
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wizards and bullets. gilbert arenas speaks out about reports he pulled a gun on a teammate. why the basketball star says he is not nervous about his upcoming meeting with authorities. deadly shoot-out. a teenager killed after stealing a police car and leading authorities on a high-speed chase. the chilling words he used to taunt pursued him. and cold start here. a tip for you today, dress in layers. chuck will tell us if this blustery weather is coming to end.
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good morning, everyone. and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. if you've been outside, you know it is a bitter cold morning. >> i drink a lot of coffee and tea. >> cope moving? >> and just try to get a good companion. >> good advice on this cold and blustery day. meteorologist chuck bell is in the normst stecenter with all t latest on this frigid forecast. >> good morning, eun. good sunday morning. find your favorite companion and snuggle up for the day. no doubt. hopefully they're warm blooded, but it is a day fit for nor man nor beast in the great outdoors. 18 degrees in washington right now. 16 degrees in bowie, maryland. 20 in annapolis. 18 in new market, maryland. 17 in hagerstown. 15 in charles town, west virginia, where the current windchill is a balmy 1 above. winchester and front royal, windchill there is are between 3
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and 5 below zero. a very windy a cold day today. these winds will be out of the west and northwest. 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained with gusts up near 40 miles per hour. so windchill advisories remain in effect until 10:00 this morning. and just because the advisory goes down, doesn't mean it's going to get all that warm. highs today will stay in the mid- to high 20s and windchills will remain, about 8 and 16 degrees all morning long. >> thanks very much. guns in the locker room. gilbert arenas is speaking out about allegations he pulled a gun on a teammate at the verizon center. the team's star says he'll meet tomorrow with authorities about their investigation into the case. arenas also said he used bad judgment in deciding to bring the weapons to the arena. he claimed reports he and teammate javaris crittenton got into an argument last month are being blown out of proportion. arenas says his primary concern right now is his performance on the basketball court. >> the nba does their job and
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from there -- >> how nervous are you about this decision? >> i'm not nervous at all. >> even if the nba does not suspend arenas, the wizards could try to void the remainder of his six-year $1 million contract by invoking the morals clause found in it. a virginia teen is dead this morning after leading police on a high-speed car chase that ended in gunfire. it started friday when officers say they tried to pull over 18-year-old kolgy epport. albermarle, green, and virginia state police all went after it. during that high-speed chase, epert taunted authorities through the police radio. >> y'all are trying to [ bleep ] kill ñime. there's no way y'all are going to get this [ bleep ] car back. i stopped my [ bleep ]. >> the teenager crashed the police car, got out, and then started firing at officers and deputies.
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police fired back and killed him. all the officers are on paid leave. investigators are still trying to figure out why the teen started shooting. a nationwide manhunt is over. the florida man accused of killing a child and three other family members at thanksgiving dinner is sitting behind bars this morning. u.s. marshals arrested paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys late last night. the 35-year-old is charged with killing his twin sisters, 79-year-old aunt and 6-year-old cousin at a family gatheri in jupiter, florida. the 6-year-old victim's parents appeared on the "today" show this morning. >> i wake up in tears and the tear last for about an hour and a half, two hours, and so the grief is great. the manhunt definitely added a lot of stress to us and our family and the fear of thinking that perhaps he would strike again. so it made it extremely difficult. but now we can at least rest knowing that he's behind bars
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and that we can focus on the grieving process that we need to go through. >> police credit the tv show "america's most wanted" for the tip that led to merhige's arrest. investigators believe a broken rail signal is to blame for a train collision that killed one of the train's conductors and injured at least four other people inorthwest turkey. the trains collided head-on today about 250 miles south of istanb istanbul. the country's rail system has been plagued by problems in recent years, including poorly maintained trains and tracks as well as a lack of barriers at road crossings. airport security is as tight as ever in the wake of christmas day's failed bombing of a northwest airlines flight. but do you know what to expect when you're flying out of town? nbc news's jeff rossen has some of the answers. >> reporter: uncertainty in the air and now on the ground too. from secondary screenings of carry-ones to additional pat downs. holiday travelers who flew out before christmas are facing a
9:35 am
whole new set of challenges today. >> there's longer lines, there's more security, there's a requirement to put your baggage through the x-ray machine sometimes twice. >> reporter: the christmas day terror plot aboard a northwest jet approaching detroit exposed a hole in airport security. how did umar farouk abdulmutallab sneak explosives inside his underwear? >> we've known for some time the capability to detect explosives at the checkpoint is a vulnerability. that's what got exploited and that's what we've got to use technology to improve upon. >> abdulmutallab snug smug ld the explosives through checkpoints in amsterdam and nigeria. on monday, homeland security officials will travel to major airports around the world to review screening procedures on flights bound for the u.s. the solution some say may be these high-tech full body scanners. security screeners can literally see everything.
9:36 am
right now there are 40 full body scanners in use at 19 u.s. airports, including albuquerque, las vegas, miami, san francisco, tulsa, and salt lake city. and now the tsa has ordered 150 more to be placed this year. newark liberty and boston logan are likely candidates. >> it's a necessary evil, i guess, for me. >> for the security of hundreds of people, i think that it should be acceptable to be able to view a body like that, just to make sure that we're all safe. >> reporter: the rules change from flight to flight. some airlines have disabled the in-flight entertainment. others have. some won't allow you to use the bathroom within an hour of landing. others will. >> expect the unexpected. a lot of these security regulations are in the hands of pilots and in-flight crews. >> reporter: getting up to speed on the new normal. >> people are well aware that, you know, this is coming. >> reporter: just in time for the holiday trip home.
9:37 am
jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. police in tokyo are working around the clock to find the person who stole more than $3 million worth of watches from a store. the thief smashed several showcases in the basement yesterday and made off with about 200 luxury watches, including some rolexes. investigators sa the criminal made off with about $3.2 million worth of jewelry. they believe he or she drilled into the store from an adjacent building. authorities found a 20-inch hole in a concrete wall. 9:37 is your time now. a year of success, we'll look at the children who are starting 2010 with a new loving home.
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when 2009 began, some of our wednesday's children shared a special wish, that it would be the year they would be adopd. and for some, that year came true. some children are beginning 2010 in their new permanent, loving home. >> i hardly recognized you. who are all these people with you? >> here's my dad, zane. >> hi. >> and this is andre, my brother.
9:41 am
>> my mom. sierra. >> they saw her on wednesday's child, when she was just 7 years old and fell in love. >> a family that's loving and accepting for who i am. >> like the johnsons felt about kim. >> kim was in a group home not far from here. >> the johnsons decided what they really wanted was to have kimberly in their lives forever. it was six years ago that we first met these guys to go swimming. they've grown up quite a bit, and this time, they had someone with them who had seen them on television. >> i was watching the tv and i called the next day to family services and i have him today. >> and we went skating. >> reporter: it was four years ago that we introduced you to lorraine. >> i had seen lorraine on wednesday's child a few years ago. i remembered lorraine saying that she wanted to sing in church. >> reporter: the majors saw lorraine and felt they had room in their home and their hearts for her. >> our family is about love, anyway, so we might as well
9:42 am
share it now, while we can. >> reporter: nasir was only 5 when we first met her as a wednesday's child. you look so beautiful today. >> thank you. >> reporter: back then, she loved to dress up. and today at 11, her favorite costume is the one she wears for cheerleading, coached by her mother, patience. >> i'm glad that a higher being saw fit that i should be her mother. i feel like i'm blessed. she adopted me. >> reporter: happy kids, each who had a dream to find a family. >> well, i always had, to, like, go from place to place and i didn't feel, like, loved. >> i wasooking forward to having a family that i can be with for life. >> i finally have a home. >> and i tell you, it's been very rewarding, for me. >> reporter: rewarding for the kids and the parents too. >> it really added to our life, to have kim in it. >> reporter: happy endings and new beginnings for all.
9:43 am
barbara harrison, news 4, for dnday's child. >> and as you think about your hopes and dreams for the new year, consider whether you have room in your heart for a foster child. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. we'll take a break and chuck bell will be with back with your forecast.
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this fairfax county shell station changed someone in our area's life forever. one of the three winning tickets in the virginia lottery's virginia new year's millionaire raffle was sold at the center shell station in burke, virginia. the winner has not come forward yet. the two other lucky people bought their tickets in richmond and yorkton. darn. >> that would be a great way to start the new year. an extra 1 million bucks. >> you've got three kids, you must have a lot of money. >> in my dreams, right. oh, cold outside today. bundle up the kidos if you're headed out for any activities today or bundle up yourself if you're going to be the one going outside, but it is going to be one of those very january-like days out there. a very strong west-northwesterly wind is going to keep the windchills down near 13 or 14
9:47 am
degrees, all afternoon today. basically, a repeat performance of yesterday, only we're starting out even colder. outside, the camera's shaking in the breeze out there this morning. lots of ice alongside the potomac river, 18 degrees, our current temperature, with a west wind, averaging 20 miles per hour, but gusting to near 40 miles per hour at times. the windchill at a balmy 2 above right now. last winter, dropped to below 20 degrees only 13 times. this is likely going to be one of the top ten or 20 coldest mornings of the winter. temperatures around the rest of the area this morning, all in the teens to near 20 degrees. 20 in quantico, 20 in annapolis at the naval county. 20 in st. marys county. but still in the mid-teens out north and west of town. 15 in martintown. check on the thermometer, from lynn in virginia, george sent this in. they're up in the blue ridge. 9 or 8 degrees. i guess if you're an optimist,
9:48 am
that's 9, if a pessimist, that's 8 outside. winds are still gusting to between 25 and 40 miles per hour, all across the area. these are wind gusts, 28 miles per hour in annapolis, 38 in frerick, maryland. windchills, single digits above and below zero. it will be a cold day outside today. hot chocolate is the drink of chike for your sunday afternoon. no snow around here, but you can see a few snow flurries now backing down into northeastern pennsylvania. that's part of big piece of energy going around the major low pressure area in the gulf of maine that's drawing all that cold air down. the windchills are 15 below zero in chicago right now. and the combination of low pressure east of maine and high pressure out here to the west of chicago is going to keep those day long today. so windchills will stay very, very chilly indeed. cold air will be the rule. and as that big storm pulls away, a lite piece of energy is going to wrap around the backside of it and might be able to riwring out a little bit of
9:49 am
light snow late monday night, into the early hours of tuesday. kids gng back to frostburg state university, it will be snowing there. so for today, partly sunny, windy and cold. high temperatures only between 25 and 30 degrees. the all-important seven-day forecast, it's going to be cold around here for the next seven days. so be ready for it. today, mostly sunny with clouds moving in later on this afternoon. you can check it out here on the old seven-day forecast. cloudy skies around for tomorrow afternoon. again, with a chance of a flurry late in the day. today's high, 2 with the howling winds. tomorrow, only 32 for a high temperature with a chance of a little light snow or some snow flurries, late tomorrow night, early tuesda2;ñ then the sunshine returns late tuesday afternoon and sticks around for wednesday and thursday. and another chance for some winter weather rolls in on friday. that one does need to be watched, but i can tell you right now, it will not be a repeat performance of the big blizzard. >> i think we're done with blizzards, right? >> oh, no, they're fun. >> says chuck.
9:50 am
9:49 is your time now. 18 degrees. have you resolved to lose weight in the new year? of course, you have. we'll tell you how to keep on track by contr
9:51 am
9:52 am
will be happening in the week ahead. starting tomorrow, speed cameras will start catching drivers in princeçó george's county. the devices have been installed in at least 50 school zones. drivers can expect a $40 ticket if they get snapped. on tuesday, president obama will meet with top security officials to discuss their investigation into christmas day's failed attempt to blow up a flight bound for detroit.
9:53 am
the president has been on vacation with his family in hawaii, but has been in contact with his advisers about their findings up to now. on thursday, the bethesda man who had bomb-making materials in his room will learn his fate. he faces up to ten years in prison after he pled guilty to possession of an unregistered obstructive device. police searched his home in 2008 and found several weapons. he was just 18 at the time. up next on news 4 is the chris matthews show followed by the "meet the press." let's check in to see what the shows are working on for this week. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, happy new year. we'll look at what barack obama's resolutions might look like. how's he going to fight the story lines critics are using against him? how will he fight the suggestions that he's too cerebral, an egotist, and too worried about the rest of the
9:54 am
world than our own country? plus, some big predictions for 2010. all coming up at 10:00. and for a look at what's coming up on meet t"meet the press," h david gregory. >> a new year and new fears about terrorism. how safe are we here at home? we'll talk live to the president's top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan. than an exclusive interview with the former director of the cia, michael hayden, and former secretary of homeland security, michael chertoff. plus, our political roundtable weighs in on the year ahead for the obama administration. it's all this morning on "meet the press." do you find it hard to lose weight because you're always hungry? well, hunger is natural. it's the body telling us we need fuel, but too often we take advantage of that urge by eating too much of the stuff we wendy rieger has more on how to rein in the appetite. >> my two kids were saying i needed to lose weight.
9:55 am
>> reporter: pamela found herself at 228 pounds, too much for her 5'5" frame, then she got control. how did she do it? >> walking through the right door with the right mind-set. >> reporter: the right door was weight watchers. it's had great success with a basic formula, eat less, move more, get good habits, and get support. >> weight watchers does teach us about how important it is to take care of ourselves first. >> reporter: margaret bell is a weight watchers manager in alexandria who lost $30 pounds. and she knows weight loss is all in your head. >> am i hungry or is this just an impulse? >> often it's an impulse triggered by boredom, stress, or habit. so we have to stop before we eat. >> getting into tune with the fact that this isn't something i plan for. >> reporter: that isn't easy, especially when you're
9:56 am
surrounded with glorious food. stay ahead of your hunger. when we're starving, we eat the bad stuff and we eat a lot of it. >> it is about forethought and planning when you go to the grocery store. what do i need to set myself up to succeed. >> reporter: and that means arming yourself against the inevitabletemptation. it's 2:00 in the afternoon and i'm hungry, there are cheesecake brownies up in the newsroom and a vending machine filled with salty and sugary snacks. i already lost eight pounds, i don't want to put it back on, so i thought ahead and bught in my own oatmeal with fruit and my agava nectar, which is a low glycemic, so i'm good to go. buffer zone. know your food so you will choose items that will fill you up for less. did you know this bowl of grapes has the same calories as this hand full of raisins, or you could eat four cups of popcorn for the same call release as one little bag of pretzels. >> i cut out after-dinner
9:57 am
snacking. i use a smaller plate so it looks like more. i got a dog and i walked it. >> reporter: don't think gaining control of our hunger is just for the overweight. it's critical of all of us as we age, because our bodies simply don't need as many calories. whether we do it with support groups or on our own, it all starts in the same place, our head. wendy rieger, news 4. >> here's a problem, though. as much as i like oatmeal, i know it's good for you, compare that to a cheesecake brownie, i don't know. it's just not the same. >> it is the way it is. we have a little staff change announcement to make. this is your last weekend morning with us. you're goingo moving over to the weekday mornings. barbara harrison will be focusing on a new segment, washington connections, and doing a little bit more with wednesday's child and you're going to move over to the weekday mornings to free her up some time to do that. we'll miss you terribly. >> i'll miss the weekends. thank you so much for allowing me into your homes every weekend. it's been a privilege. and thanks to all the people who work on the weekend mornings.
9:58 am
see you monday morning. have a great day. >> i'll see you next weekend.
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