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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  January 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bone-chilling, teeth chattering frigidly cold temperatures and if that's not enough, add in the battering wind. it is so cold that working, exercising, running erranding, anything you had to do outside today was pretty hard. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. bitter cold tonight. that bitter cold continues akras the metro area and the wind has been making the temperatures outside downright dangerous. people who ventured out today, as you can see, dressed in layers along with big coats, gloves, hats and the wind
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chilled outside, made it feel like 10 degrees today. the wind, wind so -- it's been so intense it's causing trouble for air travelers. arriving flights at dulles of about 90 minutes. the high winds are causing delays for travelers at newark, kennedy, laguardia and boston's logan airport. let's go to chuck bell for the first forecast, chuck? thank, craig, windy and cold weather. not just here in the metro washington area, but all the way up the east coast into as you said, new york city, hartford, providence and boston airport. the doppler radar shows we don't have snow to worry about here but snow showers pick up north of philadelphia and light to moderate snow for new york city. that's the reason for the delays at newark and laguardia and up into portions of boston. temperatures around here in the mid 20s right now with wind chills in the single digits and low teens and it will stay very cold around here for at least the next 12 to 24 hours.
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a detailed check of your seven day coming up. a sad discovery in rock creek late this morning. a driver on the parkway, noticed a car tire sticking out of the frozen creek. rescuers who tried to get to the driver were hampered by the frigid, icy waters. derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. for more on that story. >> reporter: craig, we're on 23rd street. if you look behind me you see traffic on rock creek parkway. that's south of the ramp from p street. on this side of the park subway rock creek and that's where they found the car. the police identified the occupant of the car but want to know the time of the crash and the circumstances of the crash. >> rock creek runs fast and deceptively deep here, deep enough to submerge a car and police say that's what made it difficult to locate the crashed vehicle earlier today but someone spotted it. >> they stated that the vehicles can be hard to find because only one wheel was sticking up out of the water. >> we put people io wet suits,
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if you will and other protective gear so we have the resources available. we train for it but it is very adverse conditions. it's swift-moving water. it's rocky. it's unstable ground. you have a vehicle upside down. >> the victim has been identified as 22 year old joshua cole man, pulled from waters of single digits. the hope of survival and the occupant was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. >> despite the fact it looks like the car was in the creek for quite some time, it's important to note with cold water exposure like this, sometimes we do get the chance of get the chance to get a are you us is expectation. >> though this victim did not survive. >> no telling how long this person was in the water. of course, the longer you're in, the more potential for fatal outcome. but, again, we don't have any timeline there.
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>> reporter: the investigation now turns to how the vehicle left the road. whether another vehicle was involved? and how this accident happened and how it ended up with the most tragic of nclusions? and you see a number at the bottom of your screen. that's the u.s. park police, 202-610-7838. call if y happen to be along rock creek parkway at the time of the crash or sometime during last night when they believe the crash actually occurred. >> derrick, thanks. at midnight tonight, stricter security measures will go into place for travelers flying into the united states. that announcement comes amid reports that the u.s. and brin have both shut down their embassies in yemen because of a newly revealed al qaeda threat. brian mooar with that story tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: beginning at midnight, passengers threeing into the united states from other -- flying into the united states from other country also face tougher random screenings
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incling fum body scans. travelers from seven high-risk countries including nigeria and yemen, will get full-body pat downs and hands on luggage inspection, the latest fallout from the christmas day bombing a tempt on northwest flight 253, a plot allegedly hatched by al qaeda. >> part of something larger from al qaeda. >> on the sunday talk shows, white house counterterrorism adviser, john brennan add knitted the nation's intelligence agency had but failed to connect the series of dots and insists that the system isn't broken. >> there was no smoking gun or piece of intelligence that said this guy is a terrorist. >> we might have had a partial name or an indication of a nigeria but nothing that brought it all together. >> and tom cain argues that the obama administration has been distracted by health care and other challenges. >> it's understandable but not acceptable. >> former cia and nsa chief michael heyden said it's time
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for ordinary americans to make tough choices. >> what's the balance the american people want between their privacy and their security? >> reporter: meanwhile, u.s. and british embassies in yemen have been ordered closed amid new evidence al qaeda is planning another attack. u.s. officials say the embassy threat was not specific but given current circumstances they are not taking any chances. brian mooar, news4, washington. a florida man suspected of gunning down a child in three other family members during thanksgiving dinner has been captured. after a nationwide manhunt. th police caught up at a hotel in the florida keys. hotel workers tipped them off saying they saw the suspect's picture on "america's most wanted" accused of kills his twin sister, aunt and a young cousin. >> it was a huge relief to know that the monster's in the cage. >> it's been an added stress,
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having this policem manhunt goig on. my mom and daughter are on my mind all day long. i wake up in tears. >> the suspect's car, a key part of the manhunt was found in the hotel parking lot. the desperate search for two sisters who have been missing for several days now. local police are worried about the young girl's safety. and the unexpected eruption that sent tourists and residents running for cover. and a costly discovery in some bananas on their way to store shelves. dan? brett favre and the vikings, mr. melvin, riting the ship in a very big way against the giants. the georgetown hoyas looking for a road win. and maryland coming up huge on the hardwood. news4 at 6:00 continues.
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tonight, no sign of two young girls missing from prince george's county. both sisters 14 and 11 years old disappeared almost a week ago. the police say they don't suspect foul play but do say they need help bringing the sisters home especially with the
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bitter cold temperatures out there. elaine ray use talked to the relatives today. >> reporter: 14-year-old roxanne owen and her 11 year old sister, dasia may not make it back to school on monday. >> i'm praying nothing bad has happened to them. >> reporter: they're worried family spent the last few days passing out flyers and driving around trying to find them. richard lee is their aunt and legal guardian. >> if anybody have them, can you, please, bring them home, safely. because we love you. >> reporter: both sisters were together when they disappeared on december 29th after visiting a cousin's house. both were last spotted walking near a shopping center along marlborough pike. relatives tell news4, neither girl has a history of running away and someone knows where they are. >> we're very concerned about the cold. and we're asking the public's assistance, if they are located
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to please, contact the police department. >> reporter: the girls live with their aunt inside this capitol heights home. other relatives, including a younger brother are hoping to see them again safe and well. >> roxanne, i want you to know we love you. basia, we love you and we miss you. >> reporter: in prince george's county, news4. after the break, a grocery store gets way more than they bargained for and some bundled of bananas. and some good news and bad news about this frigid cold snap. chuck's sitting next to me
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protesters gathered outside the white house to show support for the people of iran. the group is calli on u.s. government and other countries to use all diplomatic power to stop the violence against the iranian people. since last summer's disputed president election in iran, protesters have been a target of violence inside the country. heads up, metro riders starting tonight, expect at least 30 minute train delays on several lines because of track maintenance. metro says they're going to perform track work every night through thursday. means that trains will be single-tracking on the red line between medical center and the grove metro stations from 8:00 until midnight, we should note and on the blue line, between stadium armory and addison road measure, from 9:30 p.m. until
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midnight. tonight, police in spain want to know who hid 25 kilos of heroin inside boxes of bananas? a supermarket worker in madrid found a brick of the drugs inside a box of bananas there. the police then inspected all the supermarket's branches and drug sniffing dogs found about 25 packages of heroin. boxes of bananas with shipped to spain from western africa and from ecuador. take a look at this, folks. a volcano erupted today on the french indian ocean island of reunion. not eruption forced the evacuation of several vacation resorts. everyone was able to escape without being hurt. tourists snapped pictures as they waited for a held to want to lift them to safety. the volcano has erupt more than a dozen times in the past three years. back here, the bitter cold, not just here in d.c., heavy snow and frigid temperatures are blasting areas from the north to
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south florida. the sunshine state, they saw temperatures this morning in the 30s. in boston, as you can see, snow is the main problem there and across the midwest, more snow and temperatures that struggle to reach single digits today and chuck bell you put it best at the break. when you walked outside it's like the cold justmacks you in the face. >> old man winner in your face today. >> i think we're all ready for a break from the extreme wind event we've been suffering from the last couple of days. its before very windy and cold since about midnight friday night and winds are showing signs of diminishing a bit but it will probably be after midnight. tomorrow, breezy but not windy. outside on your sunday evening, mostly clear skies. current temperature has slid back to 25 degrees. a cold one in the books for today, for sure. our coldest high temperature since early march. our high today, only 28 degrees.
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and that was after a 16-degree start this morning. so cold for sure. right now, 25 and wind chill down to 10 degrees and our peak wind gusts at national airport saturday and today, 46 miles an hour. so, yeah, the winds have really been a howling around here. temperatures right now back down into the mid 20s and falling fast, especially up across the higher terrain. 23 in frederick, maryland. 20 degrees in winchester. mid 20s in soutrn maryland and wind chills are single digits and low teens pretty much were area-wide with the winds easing up a bit and with overnight lows not getting as far down as last night, we'll have single digit to near-zero wind chills tomorrow morning but not as extreme as this morning. our wind advisory in washington area has expired but winds between 20 and 30 miles an hour and wind chill advisories still go for folks west of the shenandoah valley along the
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virginia/west virginia border. wind chills could drop to 5 below zero. radar shows light snow across the state of pennsylvania. low-to-moderate from new york to portions of new england, part of a very powerful storm system into the gulf of maine headed up to the canadian maritime. the deep area of low pressure moves away and high pressure comes in from the west. the wind will finally begin to ease up so wind chills now in the teens to single digits. tomorrow we'll have wind chills in the upper teens to low and mid 20s. not as bad tomorrow as that billing storm system pulse away. as it does. the moisture will spin westward around the storm and may generate snow flurries and in the west virginia mountains during the day tomorrow, no more than one or two passing snow flakes here in the washington area but the cold weather will stick around pretty much for the next five to seven days so be ready for that. for the rest of your evening
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plans, generally clear skies for now but windy and cold and evening temperatures low to mid 20s. by the time you get up tomorrow morning, an increase in clouds around morning temperatures back down in the teens again with single digit to near zero wind chills. the seven-day forecast is cold pretty much for all the back to work and school week across the area. 34 the high tomorrow with breezy conditions and emphasis, breezy, not windy. tuesday, partly sunny and 35 and wednesday and thursday, mostly sunny with highs in the upper 30s to near 40. still watching out for a chance of snow in the area as we get into the day on friday. so thursday night and friday is a timeframe we'llave to keep a close eye on. >> when is spring here? >> march 20th. >> can't come fast enough. >> thanks. up next in sports, maryland rebounds from a tough loss, plus the hoyas swat away the blue
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high they thought they would be top 25 and they have not. after losing to william & mary, maryland could ill afford another loss. unv greensboro, the ideal rebound game, they were practically perfect from the floor.
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and maryland rolls over the spartans by 34 points. let's go to greensboro, north carolina. with acc play starting a week from today. gary needed his team to show something today and that's what they did. grave vis vazquez making the steal right here and he delivers to fellow senior landon millborn. he led with six assists. later in the first half, adrian buoy sticking with the defensive theme. he's fast and he's fouled. various fishing game for the former christian star. 11 points and no turnovers. maryland never trailed. relentless. the full-court press and gravis hangs and hits. maryland wins, 97-63. they are 9-4 on the season. acc playtarts next sunday against fsu georgetown, already in conference play and already
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2-0, the hoyas down depaul for the eighth straight time. and it was another vintage georgetown effort sharing with ball on offense with four starters in double figures and stifling defense. holding depaul to just 25 points in each half. rose mont, illinois, john thompson, iii, hope you told him to watch this. you don't see a big man running the floor like greg monroe every day. 17 points for the them and then later in the first, greg monroe, we used to have a chant, be aggressive. that's what i want to see from greg monroe. more aggressive than that. he took six shots, made tee of them and ten points. monroe kicks it out to chris wright and he makes it rain. a game-high 18 points for wright. the local kid is not o done yet. second half. wright showing he can do more than just drop long-range bombs.
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georgetown beats depaul, 67-50, the hoyas now 11-1 and they play at marquette on wednesday. the head coach -- >> it's a road win and a road win in conference is important. it's our first road game -- conference game of the year so to come in and get a road win, i thought, was very important. i thought we got a few too many open looks in key possessions but overall, you get a win on the road, that's what you want. >> i have a question for you guys. i think i'm in the minority. brett favre, during the off-season with the last three off-seasons, tired of brett favre or no? >> no. >> can't get enough? >> no. brett favre is fantastic for football. >> i might be on that train. >> let me be the first to admit i was wrong about favre. i hate the constant off and onning over favre but told man put up mvp-like numbers this season, over 4,000 yards passing. over 30 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.
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that's the most important numbers, folks, the fewest of his career. and more importantly, his 40 year old body made it through 16 games. the vikings sitting at 12-4 after treating the giants like snack cake this is afternoon. this guy looked better on the field than anybody in a giants uniform. first quarter, favre working the play action to perfection. asante if i seven okay hauling it in and the beginning of a stellar day for favre. in the second quarr, favre looking for his go-to man. sydney rice. and this put them up. and he's from south carolina so you love him. vikings win with a 8-8 record after starting the season with 5-0. they'll miss the postseason for the first time in five years. minnesota waits for the endf the dallas/philly game to find
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their playoff standing. here are some plays of the day. houston, the texans hosting the patriots. this is something the patriots did not want to see. tom brady to wes welker. welker untouched here, basically, goes down and it looks like a serious knee injury. he would be carted off the field. less than two minutes to go in the game and ariane foster scoots in for a three-yard touchdown one and the texans win 34-27 and cinchheir first winning season ever at 9-7 so it will be very interesting to see how the last games play off. the redskins winning
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