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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 3, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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we just plan on being here, regardless of who believed in us or didn't. we believed in ourselves, that's for sure. this is the type of team we won, a team that can run the football and play great defense. here we are. so we're built for this time of year, and this is our time, and we'll see what happens in these playoffs. i don't believe we backed into anything. we're going to try to prove it. >> you talk about a dominating defense, 71 yards of offense, they had zero passing yards. why such dominance? >> well, first off, i think it's a great team effort, the way we ran the football and controlled the ball, it doesn't matter who's over there on offense, but our defense is coming around, these guys, you knee, this is our defense. anybody else it's a new york jet defense, and we're awful proud of our guys. >> you told me if we gets in the playoffs we could be a dangerous team. how do you see the rematch next week playing out? >> exactly, you know, usually in
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the playoffs, you've got to be able to run the football, you have to play defense. that's what we're built for. again, we believe in ourselves. we're not through yet. >> all right. rex, thanks very much. we appreciate it. well, it's finally nice to have an offensive lineman for postgame, that's for sure. sanchez was not sacked, a tremendous rushing performance. why were you able to dominate the bengals? >> i think it was the prep our guys put in, our running backs running hard. i think 257 yards, that's something awesome and we're real proud of that. >> what enabled your rookie quarterback to play with such composure? >> we told him let us handle things, we'll take care of it, do your job, he took it to heart and he did a great job. >> nick, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> bob, it is the fourth time the jets have clinched a playoff berth in the meadowlands. you can see it.
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they're going crazy here. >> nice job. get yourself someplace warm. the windchill was around 5 degrees by game's end. the jets have booked a home. the jets and bengals meet next saturday. that's the early game on nbc. the saturday wildcard doubleheader begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern. the other afc wildquad is baltimore at new england on sunday on cbs. san diego and indianapolis get the byes, of course, so let's bring in tony dungy. how do you see it, tony? >> well, bob, i think it's going to be an excellent game. really because of the injury to wes welker, i think baltimore has a shot in this game. they can run the football, which is new england's weakness. baltimore will have to defend randy moss.
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and that makes it a little bit easier. i think it's going to be a great game. baltimore had a chance in the regular season, they kind of self-destructed, so i think it's going to be baltimore with a great shot, but new england does have tom brady. >> as we said earlier, you made half the point i was about to reiterate. they of course have tom brady. even though he's beaten up a bit, he will play. and bill belichick can game plan for a single game. i don't know if the patriots could make it through to the super bowl, but in a given game, not just this one at home, but if they manage to win it, in a given game, i don't think anybody looks forward to facing them. >> no, new england is a great football team and they've got that big game experience, but it's going to be difficult without welker. he was so much a part of their offense and keeping the chains moving. now they're going to have to rely on kevin faulk, and some
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other guys, but they still have bill be bill belichick and tom brady. saturday night is another rematch, the cowboys and eagles, cowboys beam thismt. al and cris will call that one, cowboys looking for their postseason win. the other wildcard is green bay at arizona, packers won 33-7 today, but kurt warner barely played. the saints and vikings get the byes, so tony, let's talk about the packers and cardinals. i don't know how much we can take away from today's game. >> i wouldn't read very much into this game at all, bob. it looked like arizona was saving some things. they felt there was a chance for this rematch to happen. you're going to see a completely different offense. they got hot in the playoffs last year, i think they can do the same thing.
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kurt warner, the big game experience, they're going to have to put points up, because green bay is playing outstanding offensive football. >> all right. tony, we'll look forward to talking with you again on saturday. let's look at some key injuries that affect playoff teams. peter king confirmed earlier that wes welker is out for the postseason with a torn mcl and acl. that is a devastating loss, at least potential for the patriots. dominique rodgers-cromartie was spiked in the knee and left the game, but they are confident he willlay next week. they're not so sure about anquan boldin who aggravated a left ankle injury. they will not know his stat until later. he could be a gametime decision. there's nick mangold greeting the fans here, and the whole team came back out. look at this scene. almost certainly, i guess there's a scenario by which the jets could perhaps play another
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game here. almost certainly this is the very last game played at giants stadium and glorious one for the jets who against all odds are on their way back to the playoffs. check out tomorrow for the morning aftermat. profootballtalk on
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what a way to end the giants stadium era, rex ryan out there along with the team, being saluted by the fans and ging them a little love back. jets came into the game as a ten-point favorite tonight, because they had everything to lose and the bengals had very little to lose. reality is back, though. bengals are favored by four, the opening line next week in cincinnati. >> let me let that sink in for a minute after what we saw tonight. they do get cedric benson back, some of their defensive linemen back, and they had all better show up. >> that's the opening game of the doubleheader. tom hammond will be there. we'll be in arlington, texas. philadelphia against dallas.
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>> love it. >> we've talked so much about it, we did the first game, in their head to head this year, and dallas wins again today. dallas very hot and philadelphia had been hot until today. >> and really during one stretch, you would have said the philadelphia eagles liked like the hottest team in football. to see them shut out today in dallas, pretty amazing, really, when you think about how much points this team has scored with deshone jackson, jeremy maclin, all the great threats they have, and today the cowboys had the answer. >> going to be a lot of fun. short week for us, but be sure to tune in next week for the wildcard doubleheader right hire on nbc. football night to begin at 4:00 eastern. jets/cincinnati to get it started, philadelphia/dallas in
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the nightcap. until then al michaels, cris collinsworth, andrea kremer, our entire sports crew saying good night from giants stadium. captions by vitac
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the redskins lose again. bringing a dreadful season to a welcomed end it looks like it will also be marking the end of the zorn era.
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word today that jim zorn is out. good sunday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. rumors of jim zorn's demise started early in the year and intensified when his team could not find ways to win and he was stripped of pl-calling duties. tonight, the question is no longer if he's out, but when. dan will join us now and i guess the subsequent question is, who's next, as well? >> it seems like forever. redskins in the air as we speak and there's a chance that jim zorn is being relean kwished of his duties somewhere over nebraska. but his monday regular press conference scheduled for 12:25 at redskins parked. i would be shocked in the redskins make zorn answer all of the end-of-the year questions before they fire him. that would be cruel and unusual punishment. he'll be out in the next 24 hours and mike shannihan appears to be his replacement. the skins finished like they
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started, with another loss. there's jim zorn and defensive coordinator, greg blache. blache could be on his way out as well. the skins led and then billy bollock hits mike toll vert. and afterwards zorn was asks if he expects to be fired. >> i have no indication of that and i would not even comment on that until, you know, it's -- there's a lot of things imsure, out there as far as stories and there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off-season schedule and until i'm -- until it's told that on any other effort, i'm getting ready. >> zorn handling it pretty well. no indication of that, at least directly from redskins' management i'm sure is what he's talking about because the indication has been written all
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over the walls for quite some time. more on the redskins and jim zorn coming up in sports. lindsay czarniak has a complete report. >> we'll be wack. meanwhile the other big story. the bone-chilling cold. a dangerously low temperatures coupled with the strong winds are making it downright unbearable out ere. meteorologist chuck bell is standingy in the storm center with more on this. chuck, how cold is it going to get tonight, buddy? >> another night in the deep freeze. not as cold as last night but that will be a of very little consolation. temperatures down in the low to mid 20s across the area. 20 in martinsburg and 24 downtown and 23 in southern maryland. current wind chills back down into the single digits and low teens across the area. so, a very cold night. gusty winds gradually diminishing between now and daybreak. breeze in tomorrow but not as breezy. morning wind chills to get your day started in the single digits and the c isn't done.
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a complete check of the weeks ahead coming up. back to you. >> man, that's cold. thank you. most of us try to stay inside when the weather is as bitter cold as it's going to be tonight but some are duty-bound to brave the elements. derrick ward has more tonight on those who are used to intense heat, how they deal with the other extreme. >> reporter: we've all got that huddled hunkered down look in our face, with the arctic air refusing to relent, some of those most affected are the firefighters. and it's an issue of fire and ice. >> as far as putting the fire out, not too many problems but our clean-up and trying to go back in service sometimes can take extra time. >> reporter: and the water that's so vital to putting out the flames becomes a hazard as ice on the ground. >> a lot of times what we'll do is call for additional yun nilts that we may not call for when temperatures are not this cold. we'll call for extra help and
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rotate our firefighters to a rehab area where they can get warmed up and make sure that they stay safe. >> reporter: and one instance today the call didn't involve fire at all. a pipe supplying water to the sprinkler system burst at the hotel, possibly from the cold. it shut down the holiday inn in springfield. >> it was a massive amount of water that leaked down into the electricalystem and to the wiring. >> reporter: a handful of guests were shuttled to other hotels and firefighters led guests to their rooms using flashlights for their belongings. in instances where there are flames, the high winds can fan the flames and spread them. while they trained and experienced most of the adversity the cold can bring, some simple advice. >> layer up. something like this, don't go out if you don't have to. stay inside and stay warm. >> good advice if you can llow it. if you can't get used to it. its not expected to get much above 38 degrees for the rest of
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the week. and kids return from winter break this week but bitter cold means some will get a slightly longer vacation. charter in d.c. will be closed tomorrow for students. meanwhile, schools in clarke county and frederick county virginia are starting one hour late. berkeley county schools in west virginia, two hours late as well as, grant county, hardy, jefferson, mineral and morgan counties. for more information go to and we'll have any updates starting at 5:00 a.m. a passer by led police to an overturned car in rock creek this morning. the driver was still inside. he died. the passer by spotted the wheel of 22-year-old joshua cole man's car in the creek late this morning. fire officials say the car was submerged in five or six feet of water find south of p street on rock creek parkway. >> an unwitnessed event as far as i know. no telling how long this person was in the water and, of course,
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the longer you're in, the more potential for a fatal ouome. we don't have any timelines there. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out why the vehicle left the road and if another car was involved. u.s. park police want anyone who saw the accident to give them a call. the u.s. and british embassies in yemen remain closed tonight. officials shut them down after some new intelligence surfaced about an al qaeda attack. the white house, white house calling the threats to americans quote, active and ongoing. security is beefed up around the u.s. embassy and employees have been evacuad. the american government has stepped up funding to fight terrorism in yemen and offshoot of al qaeda is believed to be behind the christmas-day bombing attempt over detroit. meanwhile, international air travelers face tougher security screention because of terror threats to the united states. the tsa has a new policy that will go into effect in about 11 minutes.
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midnight, passengers flying in from 14 countries, mostly in the middle east and africa, will be patted down and have their luggage searched. all international travelers will see an increase in toes random screention as well, including the use of those controversial body scan machines. we're following the developing story as well. related to air travel, a security breach shut down one of newark's airport terminals tonight. agents are looking for a man who entered the terminal without going through a security checkpoint there. the terminal stopped all take-offs and delayed landings as well, wch stranded thousands. you're looking at pictures that passengers posted on twitter. all of the passengers from the secured section have to be rescreened. that's causing massive delays and those delays are expected to continue for a while as well. still ahead on the broadcast, two young sisters have bee missing for nearly week. tonight, their family pleased
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for help. also, who really benefits from class action lawsuits? we're going to take a look at a huge settlement against ford and we'll look at who profited the most -- po connected the most cash. and a disturbing
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an image of hate directed at president obama is found in the hometown of another president, a doll, with a rope around its neck was found hanging from around the side of a building in plains, georgia, southwest georgia. it is also president carter's hometown. the doll had a sign bearing president obama's name. secret service is investigating. a prince george's county family is pleading for the safe return of two missing sisters tonight. 14-year-old roxanne and 11-year-old dasia owen both disappeared last tuesday.
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police don't suspect foul play but are concerned because of the girls' ages and the cold weather. relatives believe someone out there knows something about what happened to roxanne and desia. if you've seen the girls, you're asked to contact the prince george's police department. nearly a decade since ford was sued because of numerous rollover accidents involving the ford explorer. a group of lawyers sued ford saying millions of consumers were hurt financially because the rollover problem diminished the value of the cars. after seven years of wrangling, owners would get up to $500 to buy a new ford. so far, only 75 users have used them. the attorneys that filed the lawsuit wracked up legal fees about $25 million. the lawyers point out they donated $900,000 of that money to auto safety research. we're not the only ones feeling this cold snap.
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it's unseasonably chilly for maine all the way down to florida and we could be in for a little relief soon. chuck's got the work-week fo
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the bit cold is not just a problem here in d.c. heavy snow and frigid temperatures from maine to south florida. francis has more. >> reporter: a state which normally basks in sunshine florida felt the freeze. nighttime lows in the tampa area hovered in the 30s prompting some folks to seek shelter and others to lend a hand. >> i'm glad to help out. i have a warm house. they don't. >> reporter: in jacksonville,
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daytime temperatures maxed out in the low 40s. a stroll outside was no work in the park. >> at least it gives us an opportunity to use our fireplace. >> reporter: farther up, in charlotte, north carolina, post holiday shopping was weather stripping and faucet covering. >> i've been here 40 years and this is one of the coldest winters. >> reporter: the winter blast also attacked the northeast, boston got a double whammy of snow and flooding. powerful winds and high tides created massive waves that crashed against sea walls. winter didn't show any mercy for the midwest either. in minneapolis, firefhters battled not only blazes, but snow-covered high drants and arctic conditions prompting a second alarm. but in cleveland, life trudges on. >> not hard dealing with the weather as long as you dress properly and dress in layers and good hat. good boots and you're ready to go. >> this cold has been around for
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a while and it looks like it's going to be around for a while. >> everyone's been in duck and cover mode. since saturday morning. it's like entirely too cold to go outside. the holidays are wrapping up. we'll stay inside ant out of the cold. if you spent your weekend inside, way to go. right choice. next weekend? also looks cold and windy. so you know outside right now it is a very frigid night here in washington. and all across virginia, maryland, up and down the african-american seaboard it's pretty much cold every where east of the rockies. temperatures for a high didn't even make the freezing mark. 28 in washington after a 16-degree start this morning, our coldest morning since the first week of march. currently, 24 and wind chill of 10 and peak wind gusts at 46 miles an hour both yesterday and today. exceptionally windy weather across the mid-atlantic and up and down the eastern seaboard and current temperatures are already on their way down to the
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low and mid 20s. single digit wind chills out there early this evening. those will still be out there first thing tomorrow morning so the weather service issued a wind chill advisory from the western suburbs to the shenandoah valley and off to the west of the west virginia panhandle and portions of western maryland and the wind chill values will be in the single digits above zero. snowfall? a little light snow, especially far northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. most if not all of the snowflakes will dry up before they get to washington though it will still be plenty cold. current temperatures and wind chills won't be much improfrd as we get through tomorrow. not as bad of a d but wind can chills in the high teens and low 20s as opposed to upper single digits. the big area of low pressure over the gulf of maine moving away but that sets the stage for high arctic high pressure to come in from the


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