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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 3, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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rse than dingy clothes. now that she's seen the light, will sandy choose cheer? surprisingly bright, at a new lower price. off the top the snow is moving out this morning after dumping a fewish chs on the washington area. many of the main roads are just wet. but side streets are snowy in many places. good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm kimberly suiters in for joe krebs. thank you for waking uperly with us this morning. the federal government is open this morning with an unscheduled leave policies. there are several schools either closed or delayed. in virginia, alexandria schools are on a two-hour days. closed, prince william, manass, loudon county,
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frederick, cull per per. >> in west virginia berkeley, grant, hardy and jefferson county schools are closed. mineral and morgan county schools are also closed. time to check in with tom kierein because we need to find out if this beautiful snow is going to melt on the side streets today. >> it stuck to all the shrubbery and the trees. many of the roads and the main roads are just wet, a little slushy in some areas. radar showing a few lingering flurries in prince george's county, southeast washington. elsewhere we don't have any precipitation. the storm is over. these are some of the snow totals, generally around three, four inches around the metro area. a couple inches higher farther to our west and north. really st of a low to minimum impact storm. right now 34 in washington. so that's good news. it's melting there. many of the streets are above freezing, the road temperatures. so they're just wet.
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wu v but the air temperatures are in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. we'll have breaks in the clouds. actually i s a little bit of the moon coming through. the clouds are beginning to break up. we'll be partly cloudy with highs in the low 40s. more melting tomorrow, too. but a major storm coming in it appears. a much more potent storm friday afternoon and evening and into saturday. jerry, how is the traffic? >> we're doing actually very, very well. let's start with prince george's county on the capital belt way. generally speaking most jurisdictions just wet roadways this morning. that being said, do be careful. there are still patches of ice. no doubt about that. it could be very, very slick. over all the crews have done a spectacular job. inner loop and outer loop around 202. no early issues to report. the drive around i-270 and northbound i-95 as you begin the commute, all travel lanes are
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open. be careful. lots of road spray. lots of sand and salt on the roads this morning. eun and kimberly, good morning. >> good morning. how was your commute? >> it wasn't bad. >> the roads that weren't plowed, i wouldn't want to drive on them. we are out all over our area checking out the conditions in your neighborhood. >> let's head to tracee wilkins who is keeping tabs on things in largo this morning. how is it looking where you are? >> it was looking good coming down central avenue just basically wet roads, a few spots that maybe the plows missed. but things are looking pretty good. we're on mpt la vin ch yeah way. this roads between harry s. truman drive, right near 202. roads were looking good frnlt then you got into the side streets, the areas where there are neighborhoods, it doesn't look add good as the major roads. the folks will need to be
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careful as they're leaving out. by and large, you know, pretty good considering the amount of snow we got last night. as tom said, we're seeing the snow sticking to tree limbs, it does make for a picturesque kind of scene. be careful and make sure you take your time on those roads. there are some traces of slush in the turn lanes, et cetera, the center of roads. you can see prince george's county still has the plows outputting down samt all over the area. it looks like there's been a plow here through this road as well. again, be careful. look out for what you're driving through this morning. i'm tracee wilkins live in largo. back to you in the studio. the streets are also snow-covered in virginia. >> that's where megan mcgrath is continuing our team 4 coverage. >> good morning. we're in downtown mclane. this is chain bridge behind me.
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we had a plow come through a little while ago. we still have slush in the center of the roadway and slush even in the lanes themselves, not a ton, but a little bit. enough to make you want to reduce your speeds here. although keep your eye out for these big spots here like this where the plows have come around the corners and perhaps have not gone down the center of the road. we have an accumulation of snow and slush here as we make our way into the neighborhood streets. this is corner lane that you're looking at right here. it does not look like we've seen any kind of a plow through here, not at this point. you look further down the lane there and it is very, very snow-covered, very slick. we have a car coming through here right now. when you hit the neighborhood streets, you definite lit want to take it easy leaving your neighborhood. you'll probably encounter some conditions where you'll see a lot of snow and slush because the plows haven't gone through. they're corns traeting on the major roads. and the major roads look very good. highways, any major streets that you're driving on, you're
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basically going to encounter wet pavement out there. they were pretreating, out there in full for yesterday plowing and overnight. they look very, very good. we have a contractor coming by here. another contractor up the road there who is using one of those snowblowers to clear off a sidewalk here. a lot of people out and about this morning clearing o the snow. in terms of the drivers, you know, give yourself a little extra time. i had an issue on suitland parkway where i got stuck behind three plows. two side by side and one in the rear and i could not get around them at all. they were doing about 25 miles hour. that added probably another 15 to 15 minutes to my commute this morning. you'll see the plows out there. they're definitely in full force. give them enough room and be respectful of them so they can do the work and clear the roads so everybody can get to work this morning. by and large, not too bad. the neighborhoods, that's going to be your biggest challenge here today. back to you all. >> we're glad you got to work
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safely. thank you. the district is also covered with a fresh blan xet of snow this morning. trucks have been plowing and treating the streets overnight. d.c. mayor adrian fenty reminded residents if they're traveling the snow, be prepared, take extra time and think about alternate transportation. if you use metro, you may have to adjust ur plans this morning. metro rail is expected to open at 5:00 a.m. and operate on a normal schedule. metro buses, however, different story. they will be only traveling on emergency snow routes. the main road ways wre the stleets are passable. metro access is offering regular service. some trips may be delayed due to poor road conditions. authorities believe slick roads are to blame for a tanker truck overturning in rockville. the accident shut down the road and sent some diesel fuel leaking onto the roadway. the driver, however, was not hurt. 4:37 is your time. 33 degrees. we're just getting started on
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this early edition of "news4 today." >> most of the snow has moved out. it looks like rain -- no, thaels not rain. those are all the trucks out on the roads, right, clearing the roadways. it is beautiful outside. we have just now heard that loudoun county schools are closed today. we'll have a full update of cool closures coming up.
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you're taking a live look at mclean, virginia right now. you can see the main road there, chain bridge road is clear. megan just mentioned some of the side roads are slushy. so take precautions. the federal government is open with an unscheduled leave policy this morning. there are several schools either closed or delays. in virginia alexandria schools are on a two hour delay. closed, prince william, manassas
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city and loudoun county as well as lark and culpepper. frederick, orange, page, rappahannock and shenandoah county schools are all closed to day. >> in west virginia, berkeley, grant, har dee and jefferson county schools are closed, mifrn ral and morgan county schools are also closed. it's 4:41. a check of the forecast with meteorologist tom kierein. looks like the snow is moving out of the area. but not for much longer than that. >> probably the next snow we'll see won't be until friday. the storm has ended. lookinat radar right now, the radar showing it's snow-free. that is it. the storm is over. total amounts ar rountd washington around thr to four inches as well as the nearby suburbs, prince george's, montgomery and fairfax county. a few of the high spots might have up to five to six inches. most of the location haves been three to five inches. temperatures around the region are at or a little above
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freezing in washington, in prince george's county, montgomery and fairfax as well as arlington, shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. here is the view from space, the radar over the last six hours showing the storm has pulled far to the east. later today we'll have the sunshine back, should get up into the low 40s. that will warm things up to cause quite a bit of melting. a lot of water and road pray into the afternoon. tomorrow snow melting. another storm moving in friday and into saturday. could be quite a big storm. that's the way it looks with the weather. now the traffic. how is it looking jerry? >> if you can look at what's left, the dulles airport is pretty quiet as far as accident department goes. we'll be watching the dulles toll road very carefully this morning. right now it appears everything is in pretty good shape. a lot of road spray. so make sure you have plenty of windshield washing fluid.
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you will need it. if you're headed to or out of the district on 395 or the 14th street bridge, no worries. right now it does appear the travel lanes are open. the biggest issue, sidewalks and the neighborhood streets. make sure you clear off your car before you head out this morning please. we've just heard that fairfax county schools are closed to day. important for people to know getting ready for school this morning. you don't have to in fairfax county. a startling warning this morning from the cia, why they believe we could see a terror attack here in the u.s. in a matter of weeks. our live team coverage of this winter weather continues. here is something to think about. this is nothing compared to what we could get this weekend.
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welcome back. it's 4:45. a live look at largo. you can see the snow is trickling down a little bit.
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it's a very pretty scene outside. the secondary roads are covered. this one looks a little icy. main roads pretty much clear. just dealing with wet, slushy snow out there. the federal government is open this morning with an unscheduled policy. several schools are closed or delayed. again, fairfax county schools are closed. alexandria schools are also on a two-hour delay. also closed to day, prince william, manassas city and loudoun county as well as culpepper, frederick, orange, page, rappahannock, shenandoah county schools all closed today as well as spotsylvania schools. >> in west virginia, berkeley, grant, hardy and jefferson county schools are closed. mineral and morgan county schools are also closed this morning. in maryland many of the main roads are looking good. but things could be dicy on the side streets. news4's tracee wiins continues our team coverage. she's checking things out in
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prince george's county this morning. good morning, tracee. >> good morning. we're out here between harry s. truman drive and 202. this is a god example of what 's looking like on side streets. as you can see, we've got some snow here and some slush. that's pretty much what we've seen in most of the side streets that we've taken a look at as we drove through this way. we came down central avenue. on those main roads it was basically wet. let me show you some video of what it looks like up here on 202. again, wet roads. as everyone is saying, it's so true, you're going to is need your windshield washer fluid and your wipers working. it's going to get very messy. this is not a dry snow like what we had earlier. this is very wet, very slushy. that's what you'll be deemg with as you drive. now out here in largo, wve got some light flurries coming down, a little snow started back up here, but very light. looks like it's just hanging only a little bit here. just a beautiful snow last night.
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back here live you can see how beautiful these trees are and the neighborhoods are. you know, it was so pretty coming down. now we've got to deal wit. what you'll be dealing with as you drive out this morning, wet roads, slush, the secondary roads don't look as good as the main roads. but you should have a fine commute as long as you take your time. tracee wilkins, live this morning in largo. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, it seems pretty quiet out there. anyone out trying to clear their cars? a lot of snow that's accumulated? >> yeah, like over here you can see where the cars are covered with snow. nobody is out here yet but us. we're looking forward to getting some company. i'm sure the people are going to be waking up, are they right outside your door. yes, we are. tracee, thanks so much for the update. >> accurate description, very pretty, now we have to deal with it. local airports are keeping tabs on the snow, too. crews were getting ready last
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night at reagan national airport. you'll want to check in with your airport before heading out to make sure your flight has been been canceled or delayed. this morning the victim's families are speaking out after a suspected drunk driver killed two men in al dell fi maryland. roy lacayo and justo ross sar i don't were exchanging information after an accident when another driver plowed into them. >> we just lost a hard-working man who was happy all the time. at 4:30 this morning we get a phone call that alex is dead because of a drunk driver. >> she didn't think about anybody else except her. i think that's someone cruel. >> police have not yet charged the driver. the state attorney's office say charges could take several day. an arrest of a woman and
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her 8-year-old son. natalia wilson is charged with two counts of murder. police say she killed slavka nad naydenova and her son. the suspect and victims new each other. a terror warning from the cia. the intelligence agency says al qaeda may attempt an attack in the next three to six months. cia director leon panetta says they're deploying operative to carry out attacks from inside the country. al qaeda has clean recruits with no trail of terrorist contacts. the man accused of trying to blow up a flight on christmas day is cooperating with authorities. they say abdul my tall lab has been talking about his contacts in yemen. the fbi reportedly per swuded his family to convince the young
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nigerian man that he'd be treated fairly in the u.s. courts if he worked with federal agents. today aig will be dishing out another round of bonuses. the payouts will total about $100 million. aig came under fire last year forgiving out bonuses when a taxpayer bailout was keeping the company afloat. this year workers agreed to smaller bonuses to get them a month earlier. aig will use the savings to help pay back the government. 33 degrees. have you looked out theindow yet this morning? it's gorgeous out there. we have more snow while you were sleeping. >> it is a thick, fluffy snow cling together the branches and the power lines i noticed, i hope everybody has power this morning. this is a live look outside in mclean, virginia. many of the roads are just wet. side streets are rather snowy. weather and traffic coming up. plus. >> oh, my gosh, i'm totally through with all the snow.
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>> here, here. do you feel the same way? you're not going to like hearing that two more storms could be headed our way.
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4:54 is your time. 33 degrees. this is mclean, virginia right now. u can see cars passing by on the main streets very well. a little slush out there. the side streets are a different story. a little more problems on the side streets throughout our area. live updates throughout "news4 today." the federal government is open with an unscheduled leave policies. in virginia fairfax, prince william, manassas city and loudoun county schools are all closed. alexandria schools are on a two-hour delay. also closed clark, culpepper, frederick, orange, page, rappahannock, shenandoah and spotsylvania county schools all closed. >> in west virginia, berkeley,
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grant, hardy and jefferson county schools are closed. mineral and morgan county schools are also closed. today is your last chance to see one of d.c.'s most popular attractions. tai shan, one of the national zoo's three giant pandas is leaving for china. today is the last day for visitors to see him at the zoo under an agreement with the chinese government, he was only on loan as part of a breeding program. tomorrow he will travel by fedex along with his 2-year-old female panda from the atlanta zoo. schools are closed. maybe a lot of kids will head to the zoo to get his last visit before he leaves us. we'll miss him. >> indeed. you need to dress like tai shan this morning. we have another cold day. the overnight storm that came through is now off to the east and gone. around our region it left in its wake about three or four inches around the metro area. radar showing there is no more
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precipitation falling here all around the region now forhe most part, the storm has ended. maybe a lingering flurry. the totals this morning, generally around four inches from prince george's county into montgomery, lington, fairfax and in the district of columbia. farther to the west we've had generally around three to four inches, central shenandoah valley, three to four inches. some of the higher spots have had five or six at the most. most areas had about three to four inches from this storm. let's take a look at the temperatures now. it's in the mid 30s in washington. that's good ne. we're just at 34 now. near 30 in prince george's county, montgomery and fairfax. air temperatures near 30. road temperatures are right around the freezing mark. a lot of the roads are just wet this morning and a little slushy. so that big storm that did come through on saturday, certainly no comparison to the minor storm that came through overnight, leaving three or four inches. now the cloud cover breaking up a little bit.
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the extent of the storm, now moving into the new york city area, southern new england. there may be minor flight delays from boston, providence, hartford, perhaps into new york city. that's going to be exiting. this afternoon we'll have highs reaching the low 40s and sunshine back from time to time. a few clouds coming through. a lot of melt together day, more melting tomorrow. could have patchy ice around tonight. watch out for that. on friday into saturday, looks like a major storm coming in with accumulating snow beginning friday afternoon and continuing, maybe heavy at times friday night into midday saturday, tapering off and ending saturday afternoon. sun back on sunday and monday. yet another storm maybe on tuesday, it doesn't look like a major one. how is the traffic? >> we'll take a live look along i-270. southbound, the left side of your screen, getting past shady drove road. i have reports of activity on the northbound side.
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i have yet to see anything blocking. rockville on gude dee drive, that stretch is closed, an overturned truck. authorities are detouring traffic. not affecting 270. wet roadways. be very, very careful out there. eun and kimberly? >> we've jt learned that montgomery county schools are also close this morning. two big school systems, montgomery and fairfax, loudoun county as well. many of us are getting tired of shoveling, stocking up and changing our plans. there are others enjoying the snow. >> you're not doing any shoveling, eun. for some businesses all this snow is turning into a lot of extra cash. jackie bensen explains. >> reporter: this winter's seemingly endless snowfall has been very welcome by those helping local transportation departments with treating and plowing the roads.
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one of those businesses is merry field garden center. >> we're able to keep our guys busy and we're not putting s down or doing much planting right now, but it's great to give our guys work and give them some opportunity to make some money. >> reporter: those cleared roads are important to drivers who pappa john's pizza in merry field. when it snow ts, a lot of people stay in and order pizza. when the first flakes started falling, phone lines lit up. employees are expecting a busy week ahead. >> we've already had our dry runs twice this year so far. yes, we are prepared. >> reporter: lots of snow means more people are drawn to ski resorts. >> the season has really been great. we got off to a fantastic start probably the second week in december, a 20-inch snowfall. you got the same thing down there. it just got things started in an unbelievable way. >> reporter: but many people who do not plow snow, deliveriz


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