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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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off and the fed has launched an investigation into problems with the automaker. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handley. more on that in a bit. we begin with that winter weather out there this week. the storm moved out early this morning but residents all across our region woke up to a fresh coat of snow. parts of maryland, d.c., and virginia saw between four and six inches of the white stuff. road crews got an early and busy start this morning plowing highways and neighborhood side streets, too. however, many schools did cancel classes today giving students another snow day. >> and now there's talk of another major winter storm brewing. veronica johnson is tracking the forecast from the storm center. hey, veronica. >> hey there, jim and pat. the next storm system, though, not quite like this last one. it's going to be a major storm for us with much, much higher snowfall totals and a bigger impact on our area. as far as this storm systems it ended way early this morning,
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most of our snowfall amounts were between four and five inchs& from ashburn at five inches to four in fairfax, four for the district and annapolis, five. the radar looking quiet, but we've seen sprinkles across the area with mostly cloudy skies. sprinkles just around northwest d.c. and now up into montgomery county. so winter storm watch will be dry overnight. winter storm watch from fridayñ morning through saturday. so weáwu a dry day tomorrow. we're talking about the storm system starting to develop riday late afternoon and for the evening. there it is. you see that low-pressure system spr spinning around western texas. they'll get amounts between three and six inches. for us, an 80% chance that will be a major storm system for us. for saturday, probably even sunday, too. a 70% chance that this storm system will begin from noon to
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4:00 p.m. on friday. 40% chance that we'll get between 12 and 24 inches. remember that last big storm we had around december? well, this one could rival it. i'll have more details coming up in just a few minutes. >> wow. those are big numbers there, veronica. thank you. > snow pws have been hard at work all day long. and if you're headed out on the roads, you'll notice many of them are clear. but notñi everyone has weathere this latest storm the same. news4's megan mcgrath has that part of the story. >> reporter: no trouble? >> no. i drove all the way from west virginia. no problems at all. >> reporter: but in some residential areas, things got a bit challenging. roads like dean drive in mclean, completely snow-covered. many a driver had a tough time making it out of the neighborhood to the larger roads. >> very slippery. it's not comfortable to drive in this sort of weather. >> reporter: has a plow gone through? >> i think once.
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and then it covered again. so there's a lot of ice. >> reporter: no question, it is cturesque with snow covers trees, power lines, everything. no need to clear this playground, though. like many jurisdictions, fairfax county canceled classes. while the kids got to sleep in, many adults weren't so lucky. they say the snow shoveling thing is getting old. >> usually we have one big snow. but to have three substantial ones in this period of time and beginning of february doesn't bode well. >> reporter: but it's all a matter of perspective. for the snow removal contractors, these are lucrative times. >> we keep busy. if we don't do other things, we're doing -- we have a tow truck business also. so if we can't tow, we can plow. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. we're expecting another big
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storm on friday and into saturday. m megan mcgrath, news4. while many kids were out, d.c. schools did hold class today. the forecast of more snow this weekend is changing plans for construction on chainbridge road. this is the second time the bridge work has been postponed because of dbad weather. the district was planning on closing the bridge to work on concrete and painting. when it does, there will be no access to it from the district or arlington. weather permitting, work is now scheduled to start friday, february 12th at 8:00 in the evening and finish up on monday february 15th at 5:00 a.m. a second weekend of work will take place from february 19th to the 22nd. be sure to stay with news4 and for the latest weather developments coming up right here on "news4 at 5." we'll have live team coverage of this latest storm and prep is under way for the next round. it could be a huge one coming up
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this weekend. a çóstartling statement tod to drivers from the transportation secretary. stop driving those toyotas that are under recall because the possible sudden accelerator. ray lahoud later said he misspoke, that drivers should take their vehicles to the dealership if they're concerned. tracie potts joins us now from capitol hill with the latest on this ongoing saga. >> that was a shocker as we were listening to him testify today. he literally said stopñi drivin those cars, park them. but as you mentioned, he went back and corrected it. his office corrected it almost right away, that you should take the cars in and get them fixed. now, the other big issue that toyota is dealing with right now is the fact that there is a new problem out there. we have heard reports more than 100 reports according to toyota's pr department itself of problems with the 2010 toyota ius. the popular hybrid that toyota makes.
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apparently, brake problems in that car. now, toyota says they're checking the problem out at this point. we haven't heard from the government. but, of course, this comes on the heels of just -- it's reall been just a few days ago now that we first got word from toyota about this problem with its accelerator. the good news with that is dealerships are now startg to get those parts in. they're starting to train mechanicsñi on how to fix the stuck accelerator, but the government is not convinced that the fix -- they're still looking into electronic prlems. >> all right. tracie potts, thank you. police today have made an arrest in the murder of a woman and her 8-year-old son in prince william county. 47-year-old natalia wilson is charged with two counts of murder this afternoon. 41-year-old slavka naydenova and her son, paul wilson, were killed in a homeñi in the hillendale section of dale city on monday night. police tell us naydenova's husband found their bodies when
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he returned home from work. investigators say the suspect is married to the child's biological father.çó the woman accused in a crash that killed two people in prince georges countsy free tonight. she's accused of runningçó over two men monday night in the delphi. police believe alcohol was a factor in this crash, but the driver has not been charged yt.t news4 has learned the suspect has faced charges of dui and driving with a suspended license within the past 18 months. news4's pat collins will have the latest on this investigation, what the victims' family members are saying now. that's corp'g up right here at 5:00 tonight. today president obama met with sene democrats for more than an hour. he urged them to keep pushing his agenda, but some of the senators pushed back. lawmakers who were up for worried. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: five days after he took on republicans atñi their
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retreat, some democratic senators took on president obama and his leadership in the economic crisis. >> many people across the country candidly look at us and say, well, i don't know if the democrats are willing to take this on. you know, they think we want to tax too much and spend too ñimu. >> reporter: the president pleaded not guilty. >> there's no doubt that we've lost trust. part of it was just bad timing. bank bailout, recovery package, and it all kind of merges together into just this blob of spending. >> reporter: some in the room face reelection battles. blanche lincoln of arkansas, barbara boxer of california. but they disagreed about how the president might help. less partisanship? >> reach out to republicans, but to push back in our own party for people who want extremes. >> reporter: or more partis partisanship? >> what you're doing now is really important to the folks that i represent. because you're showing that fighting spirit. >> reporter: fight is the new obama tactic on health care and
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jobs. he slammed republicans. >> we extend a hand and get a fist in return. >> reporter: but the new obama jobs plan, tax credits for companies who hire new workers, got slammed by two house democrats. >> i don't know anybody in business who hires an employee because they're going to get a tax break. they get nothing out of this jobs tax credit. >> reporter: the president under fire from his own party. but barack obama told democrats today the lesson from massachusetts where his party lost ted kennedy's senate seat is not to do nothing. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. and the republican who is taking senator ted kennedy's seat, scott brown, could be sworn in as early as tomorrow. brown was expected to take the oath of office february 11th, but nbc news has learned that his lawyer is asking massachusetts officials to certify the election now because there are a number of senate votes coming up before the 11th.
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president obama and his national security team are also focused on homeland security. u.s. officials disclosed their level of concern about the possibility of another attempted terror strike. on capitol hill, top intelligence officials were asked about the likelihood of a new terror strike in the near future. >> in the next three to sixigh ? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. panetta? >> i would agree that. >> mr.ñrçó ñrmoehler? >> agree. >> there's news about christmas-day bombing suspect. they've already gotten useful intelligence about him and his family persuaded him to cooperate. some lawmakers have been critical of the decision to keep the suspect in the civilian court system rather than treat him as an enemy combatant. iranian officials say they've launched a new research
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rocket into space today. iran's president, mahmoud ahamadinejad says that iran can defeat the west in the battle of technology. there have been concerns that the techlogy developed for iran's space program could be used to launch long-range missiles and warheads. according to iran's state tv, the rocket carried a mouse, two turtles and some worms. there does not appear to be a scientific reason to launch those animals into space. if the goal is to test the life support system that humans could use, a better choice would have been to send a monkey. >> all right. "news4 at 4" is just getting started. fiery rescue. >> up next at 4:15, how three children now fighting for their lives managed to escape an early-morning apartment fire in southeast. then at 4:30, police make an arrest and file charges in the case of a missing baby, but ty believe the killer is still on the loose. and at 4:45, the super bowl is always a big draw for
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football fans, but we're going to take a sneak peek at the game's other big hit.
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three children are in the hospital after an apartment fire. firefighters found the three young children in the bedroom here at a home in the 1900 block of nailer road southeast. tracee wilkins has the story. >> it's just sad. the babies, they were all unconscious. i don't know if they're okay. >> reporter: this morning d.c. firefighters were called to the 1900 block of nailer road in southeast for a fire in a second-floor apartment. >> they were able to find three children in a bedroom. they were all unconscious or semiconscious. the kids were 5 years old, 2 years old and 6 months old. >> they pulled out two kids. they werlike unconscious. and there was a lady screaming.
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it just sounded to me like -- because she was standing right there at that door. it just sounded like she was in another apartment or something. because she wasn't with them. >> reporter: fire spokesmen say the father of the three kids had left for work. now they're trying to sort out if a neighbor or anyone was watching the little ones when the fire happened. >> there were no adults inútse apartment at the time, but we're still sorting out the relationships. >> reporter: investigators are also looking into whether there were working smoke detectors inside of the apartment building. the father is now with the children at the hospital. while the children did not suffer any burns, they were still hurt but are expected to be okay. >> they're symptomatic of what would be smoke inhalation. so they were in various stages of consciousness. two wereñi unconscious, one was semiconshsh. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news4. coming up tonight on "news4 at 5," chris gordon talked to
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the firefighters who rescued those children. a 71-year-old silver spring woman has been located. judith ann sternburg disappeared yesterday morning from her home. family members were very worried because she suffers from the early stages of dementia. sternburg, though, was located in westminster county and is said to be fine today. we're waiting to hear word whether a group of american church workers held in haiti will be charged with child traffiing. the group is mostly from idaho. they are being held on accusations they tried to take 33 children to an orphanage in the dominican republic. they said they thought they had all the pauperwork they needed as well ashe spermission from the surviving parents of the children. but the haitian government say that members of the group knew right. >> may have been deceived by someone coming to us and saying the parents are dead, please take our child because we're taking them --çó we have a
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beautiful place for them to go. >> the group insists they were doing the right thing, that they just wanted to pep thehelp thes the senate is now officially condemning cyberattacks against google in china. last night, senators approved a resolution that urges china to investigate and explain theñ@ co e-mail attacks. google has threatened to pull out of china because of the cyber attacks and because of censorship issues. according to google, hackers in china tried to access the e-mail accounts of human rights activists who have protested chinese policies. the hacking has not been tied to the chinese government. chinese officials deny involvement in the internet attacks. when we come right back on "news4 at 4," we'll get the latest on the jackson death investigation. the new details we're now learning about the possible charges against the pop star's doctor and how soon charges will be filed. and a warning for anyone with a smart phone and the new way crooks are targeting your personal information. and the washington region is
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getting ready for the census. there are some thi
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members of the d.c. council
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launched an effort today to make sure all people are counted in this year's census. data collected for the census which happens every ten years, of course, is used to determine how much federal funding communities get for things like hospitals and schools and emergency services as well as social programs. >> somewhere i think three, $400 million, you know, nationally that would be distributed as a result of the counts that will be taken as a part of the census. and while there's not necessarily new programs involved, there are continuing programs that have a profound impact on the jurisdiction like the district of columbia to be able to -- to function. >> soon special teams of census-takers will fan out across the streets of washington. they'll be targeting what city officials describe as hard-to-reach groups like immigrants and the homeless. of course, we're counting today our inches. they're really adding up. >> they are. >> but the winterscape was so beautiful this morning. >> it was. this was the kind of snow, a
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little wetter thanhe last one, real easy to make a snowman. same thing with the next storm system we're going to get. this last one over night gave us four to five inches. the next one, we could easily get between 10 and 12 inches. i'm thinking in many areas, even more than that. 41 is the temperature now. we've had melting out there. the wind out of the west at eight miles per hour. when you look at the season, pat, hey, add an another four that we picked up overnight. your seasonal snowfall now at 28 inches. on the radar, the only area that's getting light snow coming through pennsylvania. we have been in a warm sector. we've had a few sprinkles through the area. 41 the temperature now. 50 degrees down south in raleigh, north carolina. westerly wind now. we're going to get a wind shift out of the southeast by the time we get to the end of the week and see that next storm system begin riding up the coast. look at tillman island. 39, the temperature. still snow on the ground. it's going to be a while before we get rid of a snow on the
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ground because once we get the next round, we're talking about real cold air that will be sticking around. 47 in san antonio, texas, with over 3 1/2 inches of rain. this massive storm system orgazing right here over texas. low pressure will quickly be making itsñr way east to northeastwa northeastward. heavy rain through texas, lubbock anda around amarillo. three to five inches. okay, so they've got to get their advisories out around tennessee and kentucky for snow. already, the national weather service has issued them here where they start friday early and go right through saturday. major impact. most of the impact, there will be snow across the ohio valley. in the dark blue, that's where the major impact will be. southern pennsylvania, down through northern and central virginia as well as west virginia. high impact area with that heavy snowfall coming in. could even be flight delays for saturday and sunday.
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here's the next 48 hours. really don't have to worry about anything tomorrow. sunshine in here. the first flakes probably start falling between about noon and 4:00 p.m. on friday. then it's moderate and heavy snow that comes our way for the overnight friday where we'll pick up the bulk of our snowfall. friday night. not much probly happening after about late morning on saturday. so let's stick with this evening right now. cold conditions. temperatures dropping from the upper 30s to the low 30s. by tomorrow morning we're clear, sunny and cold. we start out between 24 and 27 degrees. then by the afternoon tomorrow, back up into the 40s. so more melting. tomorrow, dry and quiet. things get going on friday. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. the high, 35. snow starting between about noon and 4:00 p.m. but most of it comes friday night. then saturday, we're left still with some light snow. maybe an additional two to four inches for saturday. we get the wind, too. temperatures stay between 25 and 30 degrees going into the first part of next week. at least until about wednesday
4:26 pm
of next week. real cold. no melting anymore. this is it. the big send-off today for tai shan. tom sherwood is all over this story for "news4 at 5." this was the last view that anybody got of him today. >> yeah. he's been a great tourist attraction for the city for the last five years. he's leaving tomorrow morning. that's going to be in that crate. he'll be heading to china tomorrow morning. if you didn't get to the zoo today, you don't see him again. >> 4 1/2 years. >> 4 1/2 years. the parents might go back at the end of the year if something isn't worked out with china. >> and he goes back with fedex in a crate. >> he'll be in a big crate with a lot of stamps on it, i guess. a lot of people are tearful over this. >> sure. >> they've had their kids come there and see this animal grow up and they're very sad about it. >> all right. thank you, tom. we'll look forward to that at
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5:00. don't forget, we're on facebook and twitter, too. go to the site and search "news4 at 4." there is much more ahead. coming up new at 4:30, searching for gabriel. we're learning new detailed involved in the case of a missing baby. also, the amazing video of the duggar family and how the family went from reality tv stars to real-life heroes. and the excitement over the ads set to hit the air waves during sunday's super bowl. hey, ricky, i don't know if you know this,
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and welcome back, everybody. i'm jim handley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. some of the stories we're following now, police have arrested nutatalia wilson for t murder of a woman and her son. slavka naydenova and her son, paul wilson, were killed on monday. investigators say natalie wilson is married to paul wilson's biological father. police have released a woman accused in a crash that killed two people on monday night because she's not been charged yet. investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash which left two men dead monday night. the suspect has faced charges of dui and driving with a suspended license within the past year a a half. three young children are in critical condition after an early-morning apartment fire in washington. firefighters say the children's father was at work at the time of theñi blaze. investigators say the father
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asked a neighbor to check on them and she found smoke in the hallway. the children suffered smoke inhalation. our top story this half hour, new developments in the disappearance of that arizona baby. 8-month-old gabriel johnson has be missing now for about a month. >> the scottsdale woman arrested and charged with custodial interference has now been released from jail. it could be a setback for police who were hoping that the second arrest would help them find the lost boy. >> i am innocent. god is with me. >> reporter: tammy smith is now under arrest. arizona police have charged her with three felonies including custodl interference in the case of 8-month-old gabriel johnson. the baby hasn't been seen since december 26th when his mother, elizabeth johnson, says she gave him away to strangers in san
4:32 pm
antonio. police don't believe smith was involved in the disappearance, but said she did mislead investigators and they say she was in contact with elizabeth as she drove from her home in arizona to texas where the baby was last seen. >> tammy was wking with her in order to -- in order to provide a place for her potentially to go. and just some help along the way. >> reporter: police say the relationship between smith and johnson goes back months when tammy and her husband first agreed to adopt gabriel. but when logan mcqueary, the baby's father, refused to give up custody, tammy smith pressured him as johnson drove to texas with baby gabriel. after johnson was arrested, smith smoke openly to the press. >> i think there's a l of people to investigate, and i haven't heard that they're investigating the few people that need to be investigated as deeply as jack and i have been. >> reporter: her attorney tells nbc news smith never intended to interfere with anyone's
4:33 pm
custodial rights and had only tried to convince johnson to bring baby gabriel back. late tuesday night, her husband spoke out. >> she will walk out of that jail. she will be completely exonerated from this. she will be apologized to and this will all be behind us. >> reporter: police say they're no closer to finding baby gabriel. >> we're less and less optimistic that gabriel is still alive. >> reporter: nbc news. >> as she was leaving jail today, smith told reporters the charges levelled against her won't stick. michael jackson's family wants harsher charges brought against the doctor stemming from the singer's death. investigators say prosecutors expect to charge dr. conrad murray with involuntary m manslaught manslaughter. officials say the charge would carry a maximum four-year jail sentence. the king of pop died back in june from an anesthetic overdose. dr. murray maintains that he didn't give jackson anything
4:34 pm
that should have killed him. a texas mother confessed to killing her two young sons. police in san antonio went to the 22-year-old woman's home yesterday after getting a 911 call. officers say the woman was calm when she told them, quote, i just killed my babies. >> wordsan't describe the scene. it was unspeakably sad. >> the 1 and 3-year-old boys were stabbed to death in their beds. cameras were rolling as a homeless man fought off a robber in oregon. take a look as the hooded suspect tries to grab some cash, practically right out of the hands of the gas station clerk. but then a good samaritan jumps into the action, tackling the would-be tleef. the suspect fights with the man, kicking him. as the fight continues outside the store. police still haven't located the suspect since the incident happened last month. the homeless man is expected to be just fine. from reality tv stars to
4:35 pm
real-life heroes. for two members of the famous duggar family, josh and john duggar helped save a young girl who was injured in a car accident. they noticed the girl and her grandmother pull into the parking lot of their used car business. the little girl was unconscious so josh called 911 and john performed cpr on her. paramedics arrived a few minutes later. the duggars say they don't see themselves as heros. >> i don't believe in coincidences. i believe in divine intervention. i think god really had us here at that time to help matty. >> matty is now in critical condition at a hospital. the same hospital where the duggar newest sister was born back in december. just ahead on "news4 at 4," speaking out. >> what michelle obama has to say when she goes one-on-one with nbc news. plus, why a prominent medical journal is retracting a research paper about a serious
4:36 pm
childhood illness. and we'll introduce you to america's newest skiing superstar.
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one of the u.s. olympic ski team's biggest hopefuls thinks this could be her year. lindsey vonn has had a stunning world cup season so far and she is ready to compete in the olympic pine events. >> i'm crossing my fingers i'll have little bit of luck. hopefully i'll come home with a medal. >> that crash there during a training run four years ago in torino left her injured and unable to compete, but she says it was a turning point in her life. a lot of eyes will be on her. >> oh, yes. a lot of eyes are on the weather today. veronica johnson is in the storm center with the very latest. what's new? >> what's new? well, at least folks are still a little excited, i guess, about this winter, right? a lot of people are saying, you know, i love snow but i'm starting to get just so tired of it, having to shovel it.
4:40 pm
bob and sharon, they sent in this image to us, this picture that they captured out on their deck of the snow this morning. on average we pick up between four and five inches during that overnight storm. the way it's looking with the next storm system, it will be a major storm. could be paralyzing in part. 10 to 12 inches is what we'll see on average from this storm system. again, those amounts could change. those are just early totals there for you. but by tomorrow morning, 28 to 27. and throughout the day tomorrow, it will be dry. so a cold start, below freezing. then we'll see more melting taking place as we get up to a high temperature of 42 degrees with sunshine. it's not until perhaps after about noontime friday that we see the first flakes. and then the storm system. the major storm will get going for friday night on through saturday. i'll have more coming up in just a few. >> we'll see you then. thanks. when we come back on "news4 at 4," a consumer alart. >> a warning today about a new
4:41 pm
scam going around and it could start at your own mailbox. plus, what you need to know about your smart phone and why your personal information is at risk. and the super bowl is always a big draw for football fans, but it's in the commercials that
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
the super bowl is always a big draw for football fans, but
4:44 pm
for millions of americans, the commercials are as much fun to watch as the action on t field. and this year's crop of ads could be just as controversial as they are entertaining. kristen dahlgren has a preview of what we might see on sunday. >> reporter: like in years past, super bowl advertisers will pull out all the stops. but this year may turn the traditional ad game upside-down. some of the biggies like pepsi are passing on the super bowl. >> this is going to be great! >> reporter: leaving room for some newcomers to the field. small companies like who turns to an old favorite. >> reservations under griswold. >> we really couldn't think of a bigger stage to try to launch this brand with the u.s. consumer. >> reporter: 2010 may be best remembered for controversy, not comedy.çó
4:45 pm
florida quarterback tim tebow will discuss his mother's decision not to have an abortion in a spot for focus on the family. cbs is catching heat from pro-choice groups who say the network sold out on a long-standing policy not to air ads that take a side on controversial topics. >> new select 55. >> reporter: but it is not all sober subjects this year and some things will still look familiar. >> when you're older than most of the fans and coaches and owners, it's tough taking orders from people. >> reporter: doritos is letting fans vote for their favorite amateur ad. >> it's a miracle! >> reporter: hoping lightning strikes twice. one of last year's entries was named most popular commercial of the games, earning a $1 million prize for its maker. so buckle up. this year's spots will likely take things right to the edge. advertisers hoping that super bowl magic will turn them --
4:46 pm
>> no. >> no. >> reporter: into the game's big winner. kristen dahlgren, news4. >> 100 million people are expected to watch on sunday. cbs says it sold out all of the ad time. >> which ones will we be talking about monday? when you're using your cell phone, make sure you're not getting phished. that's with a p-h. crooks have started offering applications for smartphones. instead of giving you access to banks, it draws your account information and other data from your phone. google says it pulled 50 apps from its app store in december because they were phishing sites. to avoid this, download the app directly from the bank'sñi webse or call up the bank's website in a browser window. one bad job interview and your name could be çóblack-list. the "wall street journal" reports some recruiters and employers say they remember job-seekers who don't do well on
4:47 pm
an interview or write false resumes. once you get on their black list, it's tough to get yourself taken off. you can call a reference checking service to see if an ex-boss was unfavaborable to yo still ahead, the candid conversation you don't want to miss. >> matt lauer sits down with first lady michele obama. and autism and vaccines. it surrounds a well-known doctor that believes that two are linked. and don't forget you can always check us out on twitter and facebook. we're always posting updates and breaking news, too. you can find us on both sites by it hard to breathe. but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function.
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a new nursery school opened in china today, but the babies who attend this school are a little different. 16 panda cubs born after a deb stating earthquake in 2008 started nursery school here. the little cubs were born to 13 different mothers and they're all between 5 and 8 months old. that earthquake in '08 damaged a lot of a preserve in china. nursery school is where baby pandas learn to socialize with other pandas and become very independent. and they get lots of bamboo and
4:51 pm
popsicles and they get to eat. >> yeah. they would like the snow we've got. >> they'd love it. >> veronica is outdoors in the repinant remnants of it. >> a lot of gray skies. it was warm enough and we've gotten some of that melting today. kind of slushy as it hangs on the bushes behind me. we'll get more snow, a lot more snow, coming up friday late and through saturday. 10 to 12-inch amounts will be coming for the weekend. and then another weather system for tuesday next week. we'll have another day tomorrow where we'll see temperatures push up to 40, 41 degrees. after that, a very cold pattern will be setting up for the weekend and through next week. so it's going to be hard to get rid of the snow. 23 to 26 degrees early tomorrow morning. the kids will have to bdle up. tomorrow, we'll have nine throughout the area. here's a look at that storm system.
4:52 pm
its impact on so much of the country. indiana, ohio, moderate impact there with travel delays. not just in the air but also on the roads. the high tomorrow, 42. system starts producing its first flakes between noontime and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. a major storm system for the area coming up friday night through saturday. >> all right. don't let our guard down. thanks. after the break on "news4 at 4," times are tough and people are looking for ways to get more money. >> coming up, we've got a warning for you about a check scam out there that could save you hundreds,
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
first lady michele obama's style and glamour often land her in the news, but today we're lunnilun i learning more about the woman behind the world's most powerful man. mrs. obama sat down with matt lauer for an exclusive interview yesterday. she talked about her firstxd ye in the white house and the way she's approached her very public role. >> i approach this position like i approach my life. i try to be as authentically me as i can be.ñr i've said this before. it's easier toñixd maintain it. so what people have seen over the course of the year is really miqelle. and i find a level of comfort in thatçó role.
4:56 pm
>> coming up tonight on "news4 at 5," we'll tellñi you what mr obama has to say aboutñr the fit daughters,ñr malia and sasha. now we've got important news for your health.ñi dentists are sounding the alarm about oral cancer. and the culprit isn't tobacco but a common sexually transmitted virus, hpv, the human papilloma virus. it can cause cancers of the mouth. dentists say more and more young people are walking into th!q% offices with lesions and most often the viruses spread through oral sex. both men and women are at risk. >> they need to know that a lot of different behaviors have consequences of becoming infected. e-5"yrjuáspv save you life by talking openly about ñiv and oral cancer and the connection between the two.@r(t% >> the most common symptom ofñi oral cancer is a sore in the
4:57 pm
throat or mouth that bleeds easily or doesn't heal. dentists can detect oral cancer as an early stage, but surveys show as many as 75% of dentists don't screen for it during routine cleanings. the controversy over autism and vaccines is reemerging and it surrounds a well-known doctor who believes the two are linked. today, a british medical journal retracted a 1998 research paper written by dr. anthony wakefield, claiming vaccines could cause autism. the jonal's editor pulled the article after a medical panel decided wakefield had violated basic ethics rules in his research. wakefield is being accused of accepting research money from the lawyers of parents seeking to sue vaccine companies. he couldn't be reached for comment. a warning for consumers. a new scam is going around and it could start in your own mailbox. bob hansen spoke to a woman who
4:58 pm
almost lost thousands of dollars after finding a check in the mail. >> reporr: the letter is real and so is the check. and so is the emotion that stephanie mcfarland felt when they arrived in her mailx. >> i was hoping and it got me going. >> reporter: it got stephanie thinking that a prize for $9,851.80 could actually be hers all because she was a good customer. >> walmart, sears, home depot, safeway. all the places i shop on a daily basis. >> reporter: there was a catch. she first had to cash the enclosed $985 cashier's check. >> i read the letter. i needed to cash the check, deposit it in my account and mail them $900. >> reporter: why would you do that? >> to cover the tax. >> i don't know someone out there that could use a few introdollars. >> reporter: cheryl says these check stamps claim victims every
4:59 pm
day. how do they work? it's all about you cashing the check and then wiring the money back to the person who sent it to you. the problem is this check is a fake. >> basicallyhey wanted me to cash the check, mail them $900 and then by that time, my check would bounce, i'd be out the money and they'd have $900. >> if you take that money and spend is somewhere else, you're on the hook for that money. >> reporter: fortunately, stephanie did not cash the check but she was tempted. >> oerkh, easily. i fell for it the first 15 minutes. that's "news4 at 4." "news4 at 5" starts right now. tonight, the snow is melting, but get ready. another winter storm may be on the way, folks, and this time it could be another big one. hold on. hello, everybody. i'm gyp


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