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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 3, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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of snow, but what is on the way could be a very different story. >> yes, indeed. as a matter of fact, there's every indication this will be a major storm. as a matter of fact, because of the threat and even though it's about a day and a half away, already there is pawia winter s watch out for the area. later on, philadelphia will add to that. you can see these watches now beginning to expand into west virginia, north carolina. the storm itself right now will beñ2hát)eading wintry weather u through the dakotas and nebraska and kansas. there's where it is taking shape in texas. so it's still a long way away. from everything indication, it's going to be one of those storms, a south tracker moving through the south and then off the coast. this one coming closer to us than the one yesterday. and#fie similar in some aspects to the d.c. snow that we had where we had in some areas 15 inches of snow and more. so here are the odds. i think right now 80% chance that this will become a major
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east-coast snowstorm. 70% chance that it will begin noon to 4:00. there is less than a 50/50 chance that we could be looking at more than 12 inches. there are some similarities to this storm as it's developing to the february 1983 storm. folks out in the blue ridge especially remember that. that was one that produced 36 inches of snow in the blue ridge. and especially for parts of loudoun county, was a crippling storm. the possibility, a lot can change over the next day and a half. but from this point it looks like it will be a major snow-producer for much of the area. back to you. >> thanks, bob. a lot of people will be hunkering down and staying inside if the storm does come as bob suggests. some public services will be increasing their staffing. jane watrel is in northwest d.c. now with more on this. jane? >> well, hey, jim. if all this holds true, this will be the third snowstorm in a week. and that is causing a scramble
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everywhere from hospitals to medical clinics to public services. digging out this morning was relatively easy. as t$inches of snowfall melted away. but with a strong possibility of another snow emergency looming, places like george washington university hospital are bracing for the aftermath. >> we see a lot of injurie in the -- in theñi morning because whatever has been on the ground has frozen and people are just not aware of how well the surfaces are treated. >> reporter: area utility companies that deal with electrical power lines are looking at how their crews might have to deal with friday's anticipated storm. not just the snow but possible high winds. >> this snow could be wet, similar to what we had this morning. the trees sag, the branches sag, our power lines sag. so we had heavy snow on the lines and then the winds start blowing. we could see power outages.
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>> reporter: as of right now, metro has work scheduled on the red and orange lines over the weekend, but will take a look at its entire system as e storm draws nearer. >> we said before if the forecast is eight inches or more of snow, that does impact our above-ground service and we may be forced to go to underground service only. buses would also be impacted as well based on the road conditions, depending on the road conditions. we could face a situation likeñ we did in december where we pulled the buses off the roads. >> reporter: frpeople are getti ready with an eye toward the storm. >> we make a commitment that even in the worst of snow, our staff somehow manages to get in. if they can't get in, the staff that here stays. this is true of every emergency department in the region. >> metro says if you're planning to use their transportation system over the weekend, check the website as early as tomorrow. i'm jane watrel.
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jack to you, jim. there are new issue s facin toyota this evening. the government believes problems with accelerators in cerin vehicles could be electrical in nature. that would make the problem more serious and more costly to fix. meanwhile, there's word of brake problems in the hybrid. >> reporter: toyota has a new problem. more than 100 reports that the brakes on its new prius hybrids don't work. the company is investigating. on the gas pedal recall, the transportation secretary turned up the heat today, promising to call japan to hold the company's feet to the fire and offering surprising advice to owners. >> if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it. >> reporter: minutes later he explained. >> what i meant to say and what i thought i said was if you own one of these cars or if you're in doubt, take it to the dealer and they'll fix it. >> reporter: dealers are getting repair parts now, optimistic they'll work. >> this really solves a lot of
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the issues. the concerns that people have. i think this will really negate any concern. >> reporter: but the government is not so sure. despite toyota's assurances, transportation officials are still investigating whether electronic system failure or interference might cause the celerator to stick. >> we're looking at these complaints to see what they are. and we will work with the car manufacturers. >> right now, we are starting to perform the pedal recalls. >> reporter: owners are anxious get their cars inñi after blaming accident like this on toyota's sticking pedal. now, toyota has said they're on top of this, that their customers and safety comes first. the government has a different opinion. secretary of transportation ray lahoud said today and has said in the past that they had to make a trip to japan and talk with officials there and use some persuasion to get toyota to take these issues seriously.ñi live from capitol hill tonight, i'm tracie potts. >> this story is getting bigger
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every day. today at least one dealership in the metro area received the new part to fix the accelerator pedal. technicians started learning how to install the steel shim to the gas pedal. the repair takes about 30 minutes. they're hoping toyota can send more parts daily. toyota owners who are driving the recalled vehicles are encouraged to call dealerships ahead of time to make sure there are enough parts to accommodate demand. there are new details tonight about the woman that allegedly hit and killed two men on the side of the road in prince george's county.xd investigators there think she was under the influence of alcohol. one of the victims was ray lacayo. he was exchanging information with a second victim, a man named justo rosario jr. on monday night after a fender-bender. as for the driver this was not her first brush with the law.
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pat collins has more on this story now from our newsroom. pat? >> jim, we're not using her name because she hasn't been officially charged. but we're learning a lot about her history. the woman emerging as the suspect in that double-fatal crash is out of police custody. pending the completion of the investigation. that's notñr comfortable news t the family of one of the victims. >> she's out, right? she's describing around somewhere. is she drunk? you know? >> reporter: you have to wonder, don't you? >> everybody thought she wasn't ever going to get out again. they thought they'd build ahnmw jail, put her in it. >> reporter: two people dead. the alleged suspect in the case is out. >> right. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> in all of these traffic fatalities, the police department has to do an accident reconstruction report. takes about six weeks to do that right. we have to make sure we have that before we bring charges.
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>> reporter: the riggs road scene today. unremarkable, but what happened here monday night will have lasting impact. too men exchanging information after a ñrfender-bender struck d killed by a wan driving a cadillac. dead, 34-year-old roy lacayo and 30-year-old justo rosario. sources say the woman behind the wheel appeared to be drinking. the 30-year-old woman suspected as the perpetrator in this double-death accident is no stranger to the maryland coast system. these are just some of the records that we pulled. the records indicate that on october 24th, 2008, she was arrested on the beltway near connecticut avenue and charged with driving under the influence. reading further now, it indicates that on january 27th,i 2009, she pleaded guilty to the dwi charge and was sentenced to
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one year supervised probation. now look at this. november 13th, 2009. the 1600 block of st. cammillis drive. she's arrested for driving with a suspended license. she's supposed to go to court on that charge next week. now, i talked toñr the relativef the woman today. he said this is a terrible and tragic accident. he said the woman driver is very remorseable and fearful that this will cause her to be separated from her 5-year-old son. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. police have made an arrest in the murder of a woman and her son in prince william county. 47-year-old natalia wilson is charged with two counts of murder. 41-year-old slav ka naydenova ad her son, paul wilson, were killed on monday night. police say naydenova's husband
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found their bodies when he returned home from work. according to investigators, the suspect is married to the child's biological father. coming up on the broadcast tonight, aig is about to distribute $100 million in boses even after receiving billions of dollars in bailout money from the government. some democrats have tough questions for president obama today regarding the economy. authorities say the man accused of trying to blow up a commercial flight on christmas day is talking to investigators. a haitian judge questioned members of an american church group who were arrested trying to leave haiti with 33 children. the capitals just can't seem to lose these days, playing great hockey. çóçóçóçñçñçó
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heres -- aig is about to give out $100 million in bonuses to its employees. the company still owes the government for $180 billion in bailout money. aig says it is obligated to make the payments because of a previous contract. tim geithner says the government can recover that bonus money through a bank fee included in the president's new budget.
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geithner says the bonuses are in his words an outrageous failure of policy. stocks snapped a two-day rally to finish lower today. the dow lost 27 points. it closed at ,270. the s&p dropped six points. the nasdaq managed to pick up one point. prompting the losses today was a disappointing outlook from the company pfizer that sent health stocks lower. and the jobs report showed plans to lay off more employees. >> today president obama met with senate democrats for an hour. he urged them to keep pushing his agenda, but some of the senators pushed back. lawmakers who are up for reelection this year are worried and they let him know. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: five days after he took on republicans at their retreat, some democratic senators took on president obama and his leadership in the economic crisis. >> many people across the country candidly look at us and say, well, i don't know if the
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democrats are willing to take this on. you know, they think we want to tax too much and spend too much. >> reporter: the president pleaded not guilty. >> there's no doubt that we've lost trust. part of it was just bad timing. bank bailout, recovery package, and it all kind of merges together into just this blob of spending.çó >> reporter: some in the room face reelection battles. blanche lincoln of arkansas, barbara boxer of california. but they disagreed about how the president might help. less partisanship? >> reach out to republicans, but to push back in our own party çó for people who want extremes. >> reporter: or more partisanship? >> what you're doing now is really important to the folks that i represent. because you're showing that fighting spirit. >> reporter: fight is the new obama tactic on health care and jobs. he slammed republicans. >> we extend a hand and get a fist in return.xd >> reporter: but the new obama jobs plan, tax credits for companies who hire new workers,
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got slammed by two house democrats. >> i don't know anybody in business who hires an employee because they're going to get a tax break. they get nothing out of this jobs tax credit. >> reporter: the president under fire from his own party. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. president obama brought up massachusetts where democrats recently lost the seat held by the late edward kennedy. mr. obama said the lesson from that is not to do nothing. the nation's top intelligence officials appear to share an ominous view of the terror threats facing the u.s. right now.ñr on capitol hill yesterday, senator dianne feinstein asked the intelligence officials if it is likely that terrorists will try to attack the u.s. in the near future. >> in the next three to six months, high or low? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. panetta? >> i would agree with that. >> mr. moehler?
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>> agree. >> in the meantime, there is news about the christmas-day bombing suspect. his name is umar farouk abdulmutallab. he is talking to interrogators and they received useful information. some republican lawmakers have criticized the decision to keep him in the civilian court system rather than treat him as an enemy combatant. today attorney general eric holder said he is the one who madeñi that decision. holder also said he talked with the headed s of other governmen agencies at the time and nobody raised objections. three u.s. soldiers were kid in a roadside bomb today. the bomb hit a convoy. a pakistani soldier was also kill along with three girls who were inside a nearby school at the time. at least 100 other students were injured. much of the school was flattened by the blast. the americans were part of a
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group that trains pakistani soldiers to fight militants. a u.s. military helicopter has crashed in germany. nbc news is reporting that three people on board were killed. the helicopter wentñr down in a wooded area northeast ofñr hanhm in germany. it had been raining and snowing all day, but it's too soon to tell whether the weather was the cause of that crash. no word yet on the identities of those on board. there is late>x+ord today from haiti that a judge there may decide as soon as tomorrow whether a crime was committed or to drop charges against ten american missionaries there. that group is being held on suspicion of child trafficking. they were trying to take 33 children from haiti to an orphanage in the dominican republic. today secretary of state hillary clinton made her first comments about the case. she called it in her words unfortunate. a pastor who says he gave the group permission to move the
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children says the group acted with a good heart but that they didn't complete the required paperwork. meanwhile, hundreds of haitians protested for food today in that country's capital, port-au-prince. demonstrators say corrupt officials are keeping some of the aid from reaching the streets. they say they're forced to pay to receive what is supposed to be free coupons. the world food program isñr distributing the coupons to people to exchange for bags of rice. help is flooding into haiti, but transportation bottlenecks and isolated violence are keeping it from reaching the victims quickly. coming up on "news4 at 6," we'll hear from d.c. firefighters who were able to rescue three children from the burning apartment today. we'll tell youñr about pupps that survived being left in temperatures as low as 31 degrees. bob will be back with another check on the snow that could be headed our way.
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these puppies were found abandoned in a park in canada on tuesday morning. when youxd factor the windchill the temperature there was about 24 below. that's cold. two women found the dogs and took them to a shelter where they are currently up jj adoption. it probably won't take long. >> i would think not. >> they are cute as they can be. >> they are cute and don't you
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know they were huddled together. >> keeping each other warm. >> we'll be needing to huddle together. >> going to be a lot of family bonding saturday, sunday, monday maybe. >> as if we haven't had enough already. >> this is still some uncertainty with this. the track, as we all know. but it's looking like a big one. and the december kind of snow, too. this morning, it was beautiful. here we are in february. you can see with that sunshine, we did have some melting. our high temperature today, we made it up into the low 40s. our low temperature, 30 degrees. matter of fact, when it was snowing yesterday, our temperature didn't really -- it was about 33 degrees. outside now, some clouds out there. the clouds will beñi breaking u later on. our current temperatures are right now 40 degrees here in washington. look at the cold air to our north. temperatures into the teens. warm and humid air to the south. those are the ingredients for
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making another big storm. you can see already there are winter storm watches out all the way from around us now into kentucky. those will be spreading westward over the next 12 hours.çó winter weather advisories out for the mid-part of the country. there you can see that storm beginning to take shape now in texas. the jet stream has been strong to the south. it's associated with that ocean and the ocean atmosphere interaction. the el nino. with a moderate el nino, often times we do get storms tracking to our south and then coming up the east coast and that's what will happen with the cold air to our north. it sets the stage. look at the radar. i can zoom in and we can tap that and you can see what's going on right now around texas. moderate rains. st. angelo, texas, they've had an inch -- over an inch and a half. 1.7 inches of rain, a record. at the same time on the west side, up to colorado, new
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mexico, snows already breaking out there. look at texas. 3.6 inches of rain in some areas of the suburbs. on the north side of that storm, here's the cold air setting the stage. 25 degrees in eerie, pennsylvania. overnight tonight and tomorrow, no problems tomorrow. a lot of big high pressu. cold air is in -- coming in on us. we will see a lot of sunshine. and more melting. so that cold air, though, sets the stage. here comes the storm beginning to move by late tomorrow through mississippi, alabama, tappi the moisture to our south. then as that moisture runs into the cold air and that storm really begins to intensify, by tomorrow night and especially during the day on saturday, it sets the stage for continuation of moderate snows. this will be a close one. one of the close ones as we get into the coastal storms because it may bring in enough moisture to cause snow to mix with and change to some sleet. maybe even to some rain for you
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folks as you know, southern maryland and especially lower eastern shore. on the other hand, the areas to the west, loudoun county and the blue ridge with the big coastal storms, montgomery county, frederick county, maryland, everything sets the stage for a big snow-producer. tomorrow morning, there will be temperatures into the 20s. a refreeze. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. nice day. that will be the last sunny one we'll see for a while. more melting. temperatures into the low 40s. then the snow begins. the way it looks right now, perhaps as early as mid to late morning to perhaps as late as mid-afternoon to the rush hour on friday. that could be slippery. then it really picks up friday night into saturday. believe it or not, with this pattern, while we get a break, there could be another storm next tuesday. >> wow. >> this is really -- >> one storm at a time. >> this is a pattern we had back in the '80s. remember, we had a couple of -- a number of back-to-back storms. >> if it starts on friday
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mid-day, when do we think the snow will stop? >> late saturday to saturday night. there will be -- it will be one of those periods where we get light snow and moderate snow. and the snowstorms are not one huge mass. there's a lot of small-scale features in them. if you're -- it could be 15, 18 inches. >> so put some wood in, break open the liquor cabinet, chill out. >> and stay tuned to bob. >> yeah. get to know each other pretty well. >> thank you, bob. coming up, we'll report on the psychological affect all this snow can have on people across the area. d.c. firefighters able to rescue three children from a burning apartment building today. today was really tai shan's last day at the national zoo. and we'll tell you about changes in the advertisements during thi
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we take a look at the stories making headlines tonight. transportation secretary ray lahoud today said people should stop driving their toyotas that are under recall because their gas pedals can stick and cause unwarranted acceleration. lahoud later said that he misspoke and that drivers should take their vehicles to the dealership if they're concerned. toyota is also getting complaints about brake problems
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with its prius hybrid, which is not part of the recall. prince george's county police have released a woman accused in a crash that killed two people monday night. she hasn't been officially charged yet, but investigators believe she was under the influence of alcohol when it happened. and court records show she's faced charges of dui and describing with a suspended license within the last year and a half. natalia wilson has been arrested for the murder of a woman and her 8-year-old son in prince william county. slavka naydenova and her son, paul wilson, were killed in their home on monday. investigators say natalia wilson is married to paul wilson's biological father. coming up in this half hour of our broadcast, we'll hear from d.c. firefighters who are credited with saving three children who were trapped in a burning building this morning. today was tai shan's last day at the national zoo. and a man stranded on the
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frozen north sea. he was saved by a woman looking at the beach by way of an internet camera. the winter weather is beginning to take its toll on some of us in the d.c. area between all the snow we've already gotten and what may be coming this weekend. a lot of people are feeling very ready for spring. news4's elaine reyes reports. >> reporter: some people can't get enough. >> everything looks beautiful. it's peaceful, it's quiet. lots of fun. >> we love it. and we -- it's wintertime. it might as well snow as much as it can. >> reporter: plenty of others, not so much. >> i'm totally over it. i'm from the d.c. area. we have not had snow like this since '96. >> reporter: to date, the d.c. region has already seen double its average nearly snowfall with more to come. >> it's like you scrape off your car and then three days later it starts snowing again. and then it's just snow on top of snow and then ice and snow. so i'm just not a fan.
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>> i don't like to stay outside cleaning knowing that it's going to get dirty again in a few hours. >> the kids are enjoying having the day off, but it gets tireme shoveling out. >> reporter: dr. norris, a psychiatrist at george washington university, talks snow psychology. >> what the snow means for the average person here, one, an increased demand on your already heavy day or whatnot that you may or may not be -- likely are not -- you're ill-prepared to deal with it. most people feel comfortable with the occasional day or two. when it starts to get into weeks, that becomes a bit of a struggle. >> reporter: dr. norris adds for busy people, it's frustrating to reschedule life events around the snow because it's a control thing. >> if it's a snowy day, if it's a bad day, you know what my favorite thing is? take time. just slow down. take extra time. if you can, reduce the work load. make sure you're finding enjo
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enjoyment and then you'll be able to navigate the winter doldrums. >> reporter: it's advice that some are considering as they prepare for more clearing and scraping this weekend. >> oh, my gosh. what can we do? we have to just go along and enjoy it. >> that's true. >> not only are they enjoying, they're certainly preparing for this weekend. we stopped by a local hardware store. they ran out of all their shovels yesterday. got more in today. but expect to run out by tonight. reporting from bethesda, elaine reyes, news4. >> dr. norris points out that there is a psychological condition associated with bad weather. it's called seeçó ed seasonal a disorder or s.a.d. we're hearing from the firefighters who rescued three children from a burning apartmentbuilding. it happened in southeast d.c. those kids are in critical condition but they are alive. chris gordon has our report.
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>> reporter: this video was taken by d.c. firefighters responding to the alarm at 1920 nailer road. they arrived at the scene in rescuing three young girls with little time to spare. >> it was lucky that we did get there within two minutes to find these kids. >> reporter: the fire broke out at about 6:00 a.m. in the kitchen of the second-floor c d condo unit. what firefighters didn't knowñit the time was that three children were in a bedroom left alone by their father who went to work after asking a neighbor down the hall to check in on them. when the neighbor went to the apartment, she saw smoke. thisñr video taken from a hallw camera in the building shows firefighters çóinside. the neighbor using a key to open the apartment door. firefighters running inside and rescuing the three little girls who were all suffering from serious smoke inhalation. they were rushed to a waiting ambulance. >> sometimes people take the
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statement of seconds do count as a cliche, but in this instant, it really mattered. it's what really counted here. >> they're all alive today. we're just going to hope for the best for them. ultimately that's the best outcome. >> reporter: at the firehouse of engine 15 and rescue squad three. larry schultz gathered all of those involved in the rescue to >> this is certainly something that doesn't happen often, if ever, in most people's career. and you guys ought to be able to cherish the moment a little bit because if it was successful what started as tragic turned out ally, really successful. >> the three little girls are in children's hospital listed in critical but stable condition. and most importantly, they're expected to pull through. in southeast washington, chris gordon, news4. >> the fire department says thir rescue is an excellent example
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of how community fire stations can respondq(ickly and save lives in emergencies. a republican senator from utah has filed legislation that would prevent the district of columbia from recognizing gay marriages. senator bob bennett filed the bill in the senate to force a popular vote. a similar measure has been filed in the house already. the bill to allow same-gender marriage passed the d.c. council last year and is awaiting a review period in congress before it takes effect in february or early march. d.c. alphas have been assured that the democratic leadership in the house and senate would block legislative effort to delay the same-sex marriage bill. members of the d.c. council launched an effort to make sure everybodyñi is counted in this year's u.s. census. special teams of çócensus-taker will fan out across the streets of washington. they'll be targeting what officials describe as hard-to-reach groups like immigrants and the homeless.
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data colleed from the census which happens every ten years is used to determine how much federal money communities receive for things like hospitals,çó schools, emergency services, and social programs.xd by this time tomorrow, one of the national zoo's most popular animals will be settling down in a new home. tai shan, the giant panda, is leaving for china tomorrow morning. hundreds of visitors turned out for his last day on exhibit here. tai shan was born at the zoo almost five years ago.ñrñi he's being sent to china to become part of a breeding program there. he will be missed. >> kind of sad to see him go, but neat to see that he's going to go and be part of something bigger in china for the panda population. >> i followed a lot of the animals here at the zoo, but i've never seen anything like the draw that tai shan has been able to create. >> well, they need to bring another one so they can bring more people to the zoo.ñi
6:39 pm
>> tai shan is scheduled to leave the zoo in a fedex cart about 9:00 tomorrow morning. he'll go to dulles airport for the flight to china. tai shan's parents will stay at the zoo until the end of the year. >> sad to see him go. coming up, a mouse and two turtles were on board a rocket that iran launched into space today. there's a little more wear and tea on his face. >> he's cute. >> i'm not bad-mouthing yourñi husband here. >> hey! >> we'll have more on what t the stress of the job on her husband. we'll tell you about the controversy surunding one of this year's super bowl host: could switching to geico really save you
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director (o/c): cuuuuut! rabbits. elmer: wabbits director (o/c): rabbits. elmer: wabbits. director (o/c): rabbits with an "r." elmer: aw...this diwector's starting to wub me the wong way. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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yesterday's snow, that pretty snow, four, five, six inches for folks in southn maryland. maybe some sleet, snow kind of thing this weekend. look at this. what a pretty one. how about ready for florida? not that snowman. but the youngsters are. there was about five, six inches of snow. our temperatures still above freezing. as we go through the nighttime we'll see the temperatures, though, get below freezing. any of the wet spots early tomorrow morning will be a bit slick. tomorrow, we'll see temperatures once again more melting. but as that storm that i'm watching in texas now comes in, especially by friday afternoon and friday night, everything still looks like añi major snow-producer for us and gusty winds on saturday. after that, believe it or not,
6:43 pm
still in a stormy pattern for next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you, bob. we'reñr hearing from michel obama today about life in the white house. police department obama spoke with matt lauer about the spotlight that's grown brighter during the president's first year i office and how the pressures of the job are affecting him. >> if i were to hold a picture of your husband up from 16 months ago, let's say, and i would hold the picture up next to it of today, the obvious truth is the job has aged him a little. you look at his hair. it's grayer. >> yeah. >> there's a little more wear and tear on his face. he still looks good, mind you. >> he's cute. >> no, i'm not bad-mouthing your husband here. >> hey! no. >> when you look at him, do you notice the toll that it's taken physically on him? >> you know, no because i see him every day. i mean, it's the kind of thing you see your kids every day. you don't notice that they've grown two inches until you stand up next to them and go, what happened to you?
6:44 pm
you know, i tease barack all the time because the gray issue is interesting because his mother, his grandfather, they were allñ completely gray. so he was going that direction anyway. >> matt lauer will have more of his interview with the first lady tomorrow morning on the "today" show.çó officials in iran say they launched a new rocket today into space. it's a research rocket. president ahamadinejad says that the lunch shows that iran can beat the west in technology. according to the state tv, the rocket carried a mouse, two turtles and some worms. defense experts say there does not appear to be a scientific reason to launch that wildlife into space. if the goal is to test a system that could sustain human life, experts say a better choice would have been to send a monkey. well, hi, dan.
6:45 pm
what's coming up in sports? >> we just have a streak. not that kind of streaking, but streaking like the capitals are winning. they just keep going, man. ralph is pretty happy with his 2010 signing class. and greg williams, remember him? he's getting ready for the super bowl, trying to figure out a way to stop peyton manning.
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it's been said for quite some time even before he came here that greg williams was a really clever guy when it came to coming up with defenses. he seems to think he's a pretty clever guy.
6:48 pm
>> yeah. as a coordinator, he's one of the best. as a head coach, he had a mixed bag of success in buffalo. it's funny how things work out. two years ago this time many thought greg williams would be and should be the new head coach of the redskins and said williams was passed over for jim zorn. but what happened to williams? hi first he went to jacksonville. then he landed in new orleans. and now the saints are in the super bowl. since sean payton wanted williams so badly, he took $250,000 out of his own pocket to lure williams to the big easy. it proved to be worth it. the saints are playing in the super bowl for the first time. now payton might want to put a muzzle on williams who has talked about his defense delivering some remember-me hits peyn manning. >> i'm not going to apologize about it. i do believe that. i believe that our defense has
6:49 pm
to play tough. they have to play aggressive. it's a message we always want to have out there when we step on the field and play defense. we're not going to apologize about being competitive, nor about being aggressive. that's how the game is supposed to be played. this was a solid foundation. gary gibbs did a great job here along with sean payton and mickey loomis establishg the right kind of people. we brought a different style of defense, a different attitude of defense. that's been my m.o. of wherever i've gone. these guys have bought in ñiwel >> i'm thinking about the matt lauer interview with president obama. he looks better, greg ñiwilliam than he has in years. it's amazing what winning does for just the natural glow. >> yeah. he's been eating some good new orleans food, too. >> yeah. >> people in washington, they lighten up. it happens sometimes. >> yeah. it's amazing. it's done wonders for him. a lot of cross-pollination in the super bowl, too.
6:50 pm
peyton manning grew up in new orleans where his father was the star quarterback for the saints back in the day. but reggie wayne grew up in new orleans as well. wayne says the thing he remembers most about the saints was the brown paper bags that the people wore over their heads. wayne had 100 catches for 1,200 yards and ten touchdowns during the regular season. since wayne grew up a saints fan, you can only imagine how many ticket requests he's getting. he also went to the university of miami where the super bowl is being held. he's getting hit up from all directions. but if you're a saints ç991ñ yo might want to cheerñi for reggi. >> they've got a decision to make. absolutely. absolutely. you've got a decision to make. but the -- the closer you are, you know, in my family, you know, honestly allñr of the immediate family are colts fans, you know. you know, but the friend part, you really find out who your
6:51 pm
real friends are, you know? but like i said, it's understandable, man. you just -- i've heard all year, you know, i want you to do good, but i don't want y'all to ever have to play the saints because i have to go for the saints. but that's how it is. that's really -- that's really pushing me to have even a better game so i can have something to brag about when it's all over. >> the funny thing about reggie wayne, he played his college ball at miami so he's got his friends from new orleans who are coming and rooting for the saints and reggie is getting them tickets and then they say, hey, where should we go in miami? can you show us around a little bit? he's got a game to get ready for. it's crazy. >> can i get back to you on that? >> yeah. give me a week, okay? >> monday maybe. >> exactly, after the big game. and after a big win for the colts maybe. the nhl record for wins is 17 in a row by pittsburgh back in 1993. the capitals creeping on that record a bit. they have now won 11 straight, setting a new franchise record.
6:52 pm
they don't look to be slowing down anytime soon. last night's win due in part to the stellar play of goalie jose theodore. uz between the pipes. hetopped 41 shots. best save of the game in the second period. look at this. he makes one here, then stays with it on the rebound. the diving stick save. that is just phenomenal. theodore has been playing his best hockey in years. later in the third period, semin winds up but his shot is blocked. very careless work with the puck here by boston because semin stays with it,ñiñi fuembuáju we have another goal. catches up 3-1. they add one more on an ovechkin empty-netter. this is boston's eighth straight loss. washington's 11th straight win. the caps' conference lead now,
6:53 pm
ten points over new jersey. they will be going for win number 12 in madison square garden tomorrow night. all right. it was signing day for high school football players all over the country. several local kids making their college scholarship dreams come through by signing on the dotted line. many of them going to areañi schools. virginia tech hauled in a stellar recruiting class. virginia did well and maryland, remember, they only had two wins last year. their class is ranked 37th by here's thoughts on this year's signing class. >> it got better as it went along. i think, you know, when there was a delay, whether we were going to be here or not, i think that that hurt us in the beginning. but i think once we got going, you know, it was just a matter of a lot of hard work by our staff. i think we were able to get a very good class together. >> the one thing all the college recruits look for is stability.
6:54 pm
they want to know the guy that recruited them is going to be there. they had no idea at marylan if he'd be there or not. >> thanks, dan. coming up on news4, a man stranded on the frozen north sea. he was saved by a woman watchin
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the super bowl is always a big draw for football fans, but the commercials are just as interesting as the action on the field. this year the ads range from entertaining to controversial.
6:57 pm
kristen dahlgren has a preview. >> reporter: like in years past, super bowl advertisers will pull out all the stops. >> six more weeks of football! >> reporter: but this year may turn the traditional ad game upside down. some of the biggies like pepsi are passing on the super bowl. >> this is going to be great! >> reporter: leaving room for some newcomers to the field, small companies like homeaway.comturns to an old favorite for its first faro lau into the big game. >> we couldn't think of a better time. >> reporter: 2010 may be best remembered for controversy, not comedy. florida quarterback tim tebow will discuss his mother's decision not to have an abortion in a spot for focus on the family. cbs is catching heat from pro-choice groups who say the
6:58 pm
network sold out on a policy that said not to take a side on controversial topics. the network rejected an ad from gay dating site man crunch. >> when you're older than most of the fans and coaches and owners, it's tough taking orders from people. >> reporter: doritos is letting people vote for their favorite amateur ad. hoping lightning strikes twice. one of last year's entries was named most popular commercial of the game, earning a $1 million prize for its maker. so buckle up. this year's spots will take things right to the edge. advertisers hoping that super bowl magic will turn them into the game's big winner. kristen dahlgren, news4. >> 100 million people are expected to watch on sunday. cbs says it has sold out all of
6:59 pm
the ad time. germany has been hit with some of its most severe weather in years. last week, a man almost died there but he was saved by a woman who was miles away. he was visiting the northernmost part of germany when he decided to take a walk on the north sea. that water is frozen right now. while he was out walking he became disoriented from the snow and the ice and the cold. he was lost, had no idea which way to go. for the first time that day, he did something clever. he got out his camera and he used the flash in an effort to capture someone's attention. in the meantime, a woman on the other side of that country wanted to see the sunset over the north sea. she logge on to her computer to look at a web cam picture of that area. she spotted the flashes from the lost man's camera and called the cops. >> wow. >> they went out and they found him. they say he could easily have frozen to death orçó


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