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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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knockout blow. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. at this hour we've already seen a few inches of snow and are expecting a whole lot more. for the first time in history, the federal government will be closed for the third straight day tomorrow. all the major school districts will be out, as well. so will the d.c. government. let's go to bob ryan for more on what's coming our way. >> unfortunately, we are already getting a wet snow. we had a bit freezing rain mixed into the south. now it's pretty much all snow and a winter storm warning through until tomorrow afternoon. right now on doppler, you can see areas of moderate snow for folks in montgomery county. this is going to be a bit of a storm that is moving more off the coast so the heaviest snows will be more up toward baltimore, north eastern maryland. all of us are going to be seeing nasty winter weather tomorrow morning. we already had over three inches
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of snow. right now, we are in the second biggest winter snows that we had since back in the 1800s. this is the second, now the second snowiest winter we ever had. right around washington, count on six to eight inches of snow by morning. blowing and drifting as the winds increase. that is a big range. that's the nature of this storm. some places west and southwest, you folks towards stafford and down toward harrisonburg, about five or six inches. north eastern parts of maryland, howard county and northern parts of prince george's county could be some areas of 20 inches by the time it winds down late tomorrow. i'll give you details and the timeline when i join you in a few more minutes. >> thank you, bob. getting around on the slick city streets is vital for emergency vehicles. some fire trucks have snow chains and others are relying on backup with firefighters with
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shovels. darcy spencer with more on the effort to navigate the d.c. roads. >> reporter: hi, jim. it has been difficult for these emergency vehicles to get around. take a look at the roads and conditions they are in. now they are getting help from firefighters driving around in four-wheel drives. the district fire department's community service unit is backing up ambulances and helping on emergency calls. the workers are making sure residents get the help they need as this new round of snow makes it tougher for emergency vehicles to get around. >> the ambulances are getting stuck on some of the streets. we are taking these four-wheel drive trucks out and helping pull them out with humvees and along with trucks, as well. >> reporter: heavy wet flakes began falling this afternoon. >> it took me about two hours to dig my car out yesterday, but i haven't taken it out on the roads. i think they are running out of places to put all the snow.
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>> reporter: main commuter routes were covered with a fresh layer of snow. some streets have still not been plowed. >> i think we are winning the war and losing a few battles. i understand the frustration because there are streets we have not gotten to. that could be for a number of reasons, iluding the fact some streets are narrow or hilly. >> reporter: residents prepare for round two of the winter weather. >> got to get a gallon of milk. a little snacks. gold fishes, cranberry juice. >> reporter: at this hardware store, people looking for shovels, sleds and other winter items were out of luck. they could place an order online. >> he go to that goes to our supplier who delivers it the next day. >> reporter: a snow emergency remains in effect in the district. people must remove their
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vehicles from the snow emergency routes could get towed. if you don't have a place to put your car you can park at the dc usa parking garage in north washington. darcy spencer, news4. back to you. the fresh snowfall tonight significantly slowed down drivers and pedestrians from northern virginia. visibility took a turn for the worse in clarendon. before 7:00, roads were too slippery for some cars to handle. for some neighborhoods, the new snow comes before the plows ever arrived to clear out the snow from the first storm, and for already-angry homeowners, some comments sent them over the edge. jackie benson has coverage in maryland. >> reporter: this is rockville pike behind me. this has been plowed aozens of
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times since friday. there are some who have not seen a plow one time on their streets. >> that's what they did. that big snow bank right there. >> reporter: residents in camp springs say they got really angry, to put it mildly when they listened to remarks by maryland and prince george's county leaders this evening. >> 90% plus of all the roads in prince george's county, all the neighborhoods are open. i have been told that by midnight tonight, we would have made a single pass through each neighborhood. >> reporter: howie courttill look like this and snow from the next storm is starting to fall. >> we have a guy here with a heart condition. he was able to get out to get his medication today. we've got elderly people on the street. we've got people with young kids. >> reporter: there is plenty of anger to go around. throughout the maryland suburbs,
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many people remain without power, more snow means they could wait longer to have it restored. shoppers at this costco were spared the frustration. the shelves were well stocked. people were buying food by the mega cartful. >> i have two boys. they eat a lot. i have to keep up my girlish figure, as well. we have something healthy here and snacks here and things we can have fun with. >> reporter: as for the resident of howie court, they say there is one up side. >> it's all family now. we are all family. i love you. >> reporter: and we asked the residents to call us if by any chance that midnight deadline is met that the county executive promised f the street. i have not heard from them yet. back to you. >> keep us posted. thank you, jace benson. metro decided to scale back
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service tomorrow. trains will start running 5:00 a.m. but only to underground stations. there will be no metro bus or access service because of the weather. authorities will monitor conditions throughout the day and change service as they feel appropriate. the weather was having a big impact on air travel. all the flights have been canceled in and out of national, dulles and bwi tomorrow. if there are any changeso the plan, the airport's authority will announce them in the morning. passengers are being told to get in touch with the airline before they go to the airport. still ahead on news4 at 11:00, a live look at the roads in virginia behind the wheel. >> reporter: we've seen plows to deal with thnew snow andld snow. details behind the wheel. a new trend in the area? furniture over the roadways. >> the first dog makes his own
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fun in the snow. >> how about sports? >> coming up in sports, wizards go for one more win before the all-star break. george mason meets overtime against vcu. who issas come from behind.
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all this snow means a long hiatus from law makers or capitol hill. most aren't expected on the hill until february 22nd. private businesses are getting hit hard. places like home depot have seen a rush of customers. hotels have been full of people who are refugees from power failures, but almost all other industries have been crippled by
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people not being able to get around. the parking lot at potomac mills was empty today. >> the start of this year, we were looking at a good start of january. second part of january wasn't so great. now here we are in the beginning of february with two big storms. this is not the way to start a business year. >> economic experts are worried about the impact on workers who are missing so many days of work. you dig yourself out of a parking space and you don't want anybody to take it. what folks do as they have done for many years, they take their lawn furniture, toy, whatever you can find, you put it in the space. the district, of course, that's illegal, but nobody seems to enforce that too terribly much. still to come tonight on news4, bob is back with the latest on the storm.
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we are looking at junctions i-66 and 50 in virginia. things looking clear there. for a better look we go to julie
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carey in fairfax county. >> reporter: i'm on gallows road on lee highway and route 50. the road's not all clear here. it is getting clearer because of what is ahead of me. two plows working this road right now. we've got precipitation coming down now. this has turned slushy. you see the plows working along the edges. we have seen a whole complement of plows tonight dealing with the new snow here t others dealing with the old snow. cued up and ready for round two. these plow drivers know the drill by now. even though they worked 12-hour shifts, some relish more snow.
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>> i love snow. i love it. >> because? >> it's fun for me. it's intimidating, but we had a lot of practice for it. >> even as the plows are preparing for new snow, other equipment is still tackling the original two feet. this fairfax county neighborhood outside the beltway w liberated tonight. vdot sent in a front-end loader to clear the street. >> i was worried when it's not plowed out there and we are expecting, what, 12 to 16 more or whatever? that's a lot of snow piled up. >> this is a good sight tonight? >> yeah. >> the once-shoveled driveways are already blanketed by white.
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>> that along with the plows on the road, we are all going to have to get back out into the driveways and sidewalk tomorrow with the shovels again. the scene on gallows road tonight, slick and slushy. fortunately, not a whole lot of traffic. people seem to be staying in once again. back to you. >> you've done yeoman's work. take the car home now, all right? >> will do. even the most confident of drivers can sometimes be no match for this weather. this car belongs to a gentleman named john bower. he is from fairfax county and sports the license plate "bad weather wagon" on his four-wheel drive subaru outback. he spent quite a time getting out from being stuck. we saw an unconventional approach for snow removal. he used a saw.
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where to put it though? that is an issue. >> we know of one four-legged animal enjoying the snow. the first family's dog bo obama has been out playing in the snow covering the rose garden at the white house, having a good time. the rest of us are worried to what's going to happen overnight. >> time-out, time-out, give us a break, nature. this one for us in washington and especially the western southern suburbs, nowhere near what the impact of the blizzard. you folks in howard county, columbia and into baltimore, philadelphia, it could be over 20 inches again. we are getting a respite, a break, a little bit of freezing rain. our temperature outside right now in washington, 26.
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our total amount of snow made it the second winteriest weather. it is beginning to wind up off the north carolina coast. as it moves, it will be more to our north. on the other hand, we are also going to get a lot of strong winds around that. there is doppler. you see some of those areas getting mixture in. you folks in montgomery county still getting snow. on the other hand, you can see breaks in parts of charles county. nonetheless, as this sto continues to fill in and intensifies along the coast, we'll get one of those
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wrap-around situations. not too far from the south beings fredericksburg, culpeper, you'll be on the south side of that. tomorr and middle part of the day will still be snowing. a very tight gradient for this one. heaviest snows to our north. overnight tonight, here is a time line. as the wave above us comes through, there may be a period of heavy snow even in the washington area. it will be tapering off culpeper toward manassas. tomorrow afternoon, maybe lingering flurries or cloudy skies. those are the areas that will end up with 20 inches. six or seven, some spots to 14. on the other hand from manassas, dale city, south five, six
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inches, maybe ten into the mountains. still a period of moderate to heavy snows tomorrow morning. main thing about tomorrow, we'll see the winds increasing. unfortunately with the wet snow we have and some of this rain and sleet, and with winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour, i'm still afraid we'll be looking at power outages. we do get a eak. sunshine coming back. once again, heaviest to the north and northeast of washington. northern suburbs. lesser amounts west and southwest. nowhere near the tremendous amounts of snow we had in the blizzard, nonetheless, six to eight to nine inches, to some spots 12 inches in montgomery county. we don't need anymore. >> thank you, bob. what had the white house press corps laughing today.
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wizards lost a lot of games, but they're in. >> they are keeping it very close. the last game before the all-star break. february 18th is the trade deadline. it is likely it will be a different looking team. carom butler could end up in dallas. wizards were stranded south by a blizzard. since saturday they've been hanging out in charlotte. because they can't fly home tonight, a lot of the players are heading to vacation spots directly from north carolina. as for the game, it went down to the wire. we are in charlotte. bob katz' managing partner michael jordan front and center. wizards down by two. great ball movement though. they get it around to mike
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miller. mike miller makes it look easy. drains the three. wizards take the lead 92-91. wizards could not stop raymond fellson. tied at 92 points. felton. this is impressive. like a break dancer. works his magic. hits the fadeaway 12-footer with 1.2 seconds left. he can't get the shot. wizards fall 94-92. their record 17-33 at the all-star break. to college hoops. tomorrow night's terps game has been postponed until february 13th. number seven georgetown escaped the snow tonight. chris wright 16 points in the first half. pink gorillas. hoyas trying to overcome an eight-point deficit.
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chris hall goes in for the layup and foul. gives the hoyas a one-point lead. wright 16 points in the second half. greg monroe dribbles into the lane. dishes for the layup. monroe, 12 assists on the night. just over a minute to go. providence pressing the hoyas. join clark over the top to monroe. monroe had 12 points. georgetown wins 79-70. to fairfax. mason meeting overtime against vcu. luke hancock drives to the basketball. up and under for that reverse layup. mike morrison gets the long rebound.
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george mason wins at home. >> iove people who let you know they're happy. up next, the white house press secretary.
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the government i haiti says at least 230,000 people were killed in that massive earthquake last month. among those killed was u.s. air force major kenneth borlin from
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alabama. his remains were found this past weekend at the hotel montana in port-au-prince. "the comfort" continues to treat patients from the mainland. they have seen 60 helicopter loads of patients each day. first lady michelle obama launched a nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity. >> let's get this done. >> part of the goal is called the let's move campaign. part of the goal is to make fresh produce available in every neighborhood to pass tax incentives to grocery stores to move into underserved areas. they provide school luncheons to cut out more fat, sugar and salt. >> i wrote down hope and change in case i forgot. >> that was white house press
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secretary robert gibbs taking jabs at sarah palin. palin called president obama is a charismatic guy with a teleprompter. >> good times are rolli ing dow in new orleans tonight more than usual. tens of thousands turned out to honor the super bowl champs in a parade today. it went through downtown. players threw beads and signed shirts, caps and footballs from aboard the 12 floats. chants of "who dat" echoed throughout the streets. >> i bet that was a boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
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by signing up for other things - like homeowner's or renter's insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually - exec: with all due respect, if i was tiny and green and had a british accent i'd have more folks paying attention to me too... i mean - (faux english accent) "save money! pip pip cheerio!" exec 2: british? i thought you were australian. gecko: well, it's funny you should ask. 'cause actually, i'm from - anncr: geico. save even more with our new multi-policy discount.
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bob ryan storm center 4, latest winter storm redeveloping off the coast. this will have the major impact from baltimore into philadelphia and new york city. by tomorrow morning around the general washington area six to eight inches of snow, maiy blowing and drifting. early tomorrow we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >> that is our broadcast for now. [ cheers and applause ]


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