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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  February 10, 2010 5:00am-7:00am EST

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back. he spent quite a while digging out after getting stuck. >> stay tuned for "news4 at 5":00. it's coming up. stay with us. say it ain't snow, once again. moth they are nature dousing our area with another round of winter weather. we have live team coverage of the snowstorm, how long it will last, now bad it will get and how all this is affecting the roads in your neighborhood. >>ood morning. i'm joe krebs on this wednesday, the 10th of february, 2010. and here is the latest at this hour for you. another storm will mean that you're going to have another snow day for most of you. all local schools are once again closed. the federal government is also closed for a third straight day. the d.c. o government is closed as well. if you plan to take metro today,
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it is running only underground. there will be no metro bus or metro access service today. also all flights in and out of ronald reagan, washington, dulles, bwi, marshall, have been canceled for the entire day today. >> let's look at what the storm is doing right now. meteorologist tom kierein is in the storm center tracking it all. >> it started with light snow yesterday afternoon and overnight last night. it changed to a brief period of sleet and freezing rain throughout much of the region. in the last several hours it's gone right back to snow. you can see looking at the radar over the last three hours, it has now filled in with snow across much of virginia and maryland and the district of columbia. local view of the radar over the last hour showing to snow coming in out of the south and southeast. the moisture coming in off the atlantic. that will feed more moisture into the storm and we'll see the snowfall rates increase. right now wherever you see the green, right now in montgomery county, they are getting an area of moderate to heavy snow right
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now in central montgomery county. that batch of green right there showing it's snowing pretty hard from near ulney through gaithersburg and rockville to potomac and now coming into bethesda, another patch of green there in ar ling tongue, snowing pretty hard there. where you see the dark blues, that is where we're getting the moderate snow. the light blue is just light snow that continues around the region. now, the snowfall totals overnight, we had generally about three to five inches, higher amounts in the panhandle of west virginia. more on the way. and the temperatures are in the 20s to near 30 degrees. now 31 in washington. so what's falling is sticking. blizzard warning in effect across much of the region just to the north and east of washington, as well as in the potomac highlands of west virginia. blizzard warning means we'll have winds over 35 miles per hour causing considerable blowing and drifting snow. that warning extends to new jersey, southeastern pennsylvania and long island.
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for us snow totals by 7:00 today. eight to 12 incheses today. northeastern maryland, 12 to 16 inches in the northern eastern shore as well. the rest of virginia around four to eight inches. 45-mile-per-hour gusts causing considerable blowing and drifting of the snow. sun returns tomorrow. should be sunny on friday and saturday as well. jerry, how is the traffic? >> tom, the pictures really speak volumes this morning. let's take a live look around parts of the capital area as we check out the beltway just above the american legion bridge, making the trip over in silver spring. this is capital belt way,oute 29 colesville road. aspen hill road at georgia avenue. again, the story is very, very slick obviously. into northern virginia along interstate 66 at the route 28 interchange, same story there. virtually underpassable, particularly the secondary roadways. we'll keep you updated. hopefully we won't have any accidents because hopefully everybody will stay home. >> thanks very much, jerry.
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>> when will we see you again? you tell fenty to plow the streets? >> even president obama is getting questions about when washington streets will finally get plowed. street crews have been working around the clock after the blizzard. that task is about to get tougher with this storm dumping several more inches on the region. let's find out how the roads are looking in d.c. tracee wilkins is standing by ve in the columbia heights neighborhood. tracee, good morning. >> let's go to virginia where many side streets are yesterday to be cleared. news4's kimberly suiters is standing by. >> reporter: we're here on west maple in veienna.
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here people have worked so hard to dig out their sidewalks, clear it for customers, clear it to get into your house, now another layer of fresh powder coming down here. also, you can see in the distance some lights, blinking lights and also some road signs there. someone is talking to tracee, but you're talking to me. hold on one second. these are road signs here, there's a small water main break up the street. that's another thing that people dread. you don't want to lose water pressure. of course, the crews that are having to deal wit. what a nightmare for them. we drove in on route 66. it was just about empty. the only car i saw was a pickup truck that had slid off into the embankment there. other than that, it was absolutely clear. west maple getting a little bit of traffic. i'd say about 50% of it, maybe 60% work crews.
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otherwise it's people getting out and about, mostly in suvs. i did see a post office truck. i know a lot of people are happy to be getting their mail in these storms. people seeming to get around okay, especially with four-wheel drives. i drove in on an suv and didn't have to use the four-wheel drive. right now it's not terrible. the snow coming down a little bit like rain. it's not that driving side ways, hard snow that we had just a few days ago. here comes the cavalry down west maple street. as you can see, not plowing the street, but forming tracks in the street so people are able to get by that way. one last thing before you head out, if you were dutiful and cleared off your car last night, a layer of freezing rain will greet you this morning. so there will be a bit of scraping to deal with. live in vienna, kimberly suiters, news4. back to you. >> let's go back to tracee wilkins in northwest washington with a look at how the roads are
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there. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i was saying what a difference a ha hour makes. we have definitely had an inch of snow here in northwest washington since i first spoke with you. taking a look down at the sidewalk. this is mor than a covering now. this is becoming measurable. in fact, it's also becoming visible. take a look over here outside the cvs, we have workers out here already shoveling the snow in front of the cvs, taking care of some of the snow that was left over from the previous storm. with that walkway being covered, they were taking care of that snow as well. yes, we have digable, measurable snow in northwest. let's take a look out here at the roads. now, i've been seeing plows come back and forth on these roads since we've been out here this morning. i'm going to get out here so you can see what i'm talking about here. with the plows coming back and forth all morning long, still we're looking at very slushy roads here, very slushy roads. i'm sure, eun, you saw this
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earlier that we had the tractor coming through this way. they've been picking up the snow and slush and putting it on the side of the road, but still -- this is the kind of stuff that can definitely cause you to spin out. i've been seeing conditions change since we've been here. the snow is coming down so quickly, so fast, so hard here in this area that we're already seeing a covering on the roads. you look down there, straight down irving street. straight down irving street we're seeing to road is covered. it didn't look like that when we first got here. that's how quickly the accumulations are happening here. we are here at columbia heights metro station. a reminder to folks that they're looking at only underground service for metro. no above-ground service today, that includes buses and above-ground metro stations won't be operating. columbia heights should be fine when metro opens unless they decide to shut metro down. that's poosability. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracee.
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our coverage of winter storm round two will continue right after these brief messages. looking at a live picture of ronald reagan washington national airport where the temperature is 30 degrees.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic at 5:11. 31 degrees in washington. we have snow falling all ak skros much of virginia, much of
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maryland and into pennsylvania. after a brief respite overnight of sleet and freezing rain. now it is back to all snow all around the region. here is the radar over the last hour. you can see the snowfall. as we look at the more detailed view of the radar, the colored areas in dark blue and green, where snow is coming down harder, snowing pretty hard in montgomery county and into loudoun county and panhandle of west virginia. light to moderate snow. here are some of the totals so faur. three inches in washington. nearby suburbs three to five inches. some higher amounts in the rural parts of virginia. beginning to pile up with temperatures in the 20s to near 30 degrees. a blizzard warning to the north and east of washington as well as the highlands of west virginia and up into new jersey and new york city. eight to 12 inches by the time it ends later throughout much of the metro area. now, jerry, somehow the traffic? >> offes go for a sam bling in landover. one area we watch carefully is the beltway around route 202.
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the pictures certainly do tell the story. out in the suburbs, not any better, river road at bradley lane making a drive on the melt way above the american legion bridge. one more stop in maryland, 270 at route 109, hyattstown. this picture of wisconsin avenue as you make the trip not too far from western avenue, big old flakes coming down at this hour. here we go again. eun and joe. >> thanks very much. stay with us. our continuing coverage of the winter storm round two inext.
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5:15 is our time right now. 30 degrees out there at ronald reagan, washington national airport. you can see by the haze on your screen it is snowing heavily out there. a lot of work going on at this hour. plow trucks are on the runways trying to scrape them clear of the snow. as of this moment, all airlines have canceled their flights at ronald reagan washington national as well as all of the other airports. but in the dimness, you can see the flashing lights of the work trucks working hard trying to get the runways open. >> there are nearly 4,000 homes in our area without power this morning. that number could get highers the storm gets worse. pepco is reporting around 2800
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outages, mostly in montgomery county. do min yeah, virginia is reporting 491 outages. bg&e has 500 without power. novak has 280 and smet co-and allegheny are not reporting any problems so far. let's see what the main state highways look like. we have highway administrator neal peterson. good morning. >> good morning, joe. >> what can y tell us is the state of the major roadways in suburban maryland, prince george's county, montgomery county sns. >> we've put down samt and have been plowing to snow coming down. it's been a mix across the region in terms of amounts of snow versus sleet and rain. we will be out all day ng. we are expecting the snow to be picking up. the challenge we'll have is many
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of the roads have highidges of snow from the weekend storm. we don't have anyplace to put a lot of the snow. >> are you running into trouble spots where the snow piled frup the previous storm and the cws haven't had time to clear that and now there's another batch of snow on top of that? >> we're expecting as the snow picks up that certainly wl be a problem. yes may not be able to get all the lanes open that we had been able to get open after last week's storm. >> what is your situation with supplies? i heard there are several jurisdictions that are running out of salt and chemicals to put down on the roadways. how is maryland doing? >> after the queek r wev weeken storm we had been running low. we actually spent the day yesterday and the day before moving salt around to make sure that we had enough to cover the state highways in maryland. of course, we're also trying to
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work cooperatively with the local jurisdictions because all of us right now are very concerned about our salt supplies. >> and how about the equipment and your people? how are they holding up? >> well, obviously we've been working our people very hard over the last five days. they're very tired. we actually had to mandate people going home to get a night's sleep night before last night, knowing they would be out all night last night and all day today. >> we certainly are very grateful for the hard work that they do and that the entire maryland state highway adminiration does. thanks so much for joining us. good luck through the rest of the storm. >> thank you. let's check in with megan mcgrath in buoy, maryland, to get a look at what the roads are looking like that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight we got slushy stuff that came down. it was actually sleeting, and it looked like this. when you grout o this morning you'll find out underneath what
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powder is on your car, a layer of ice that you'll have to scrape off. around 4:00 in the morning you can see we started getting the snow. it's changing back and forth. it started out as big fluffy flakes, looked lik feathers. you can see we got a little bit of that mixed in with finer snow. it's been coming down steadily ever since it switched over at 4:00. you can take a look behind me. this is route 3. we have an suv making its way down the roadway there. road conditions not the greatest. now, the highway itself, they obviously have been hitting it hard out there with the plows and the chemicals and t salt because it's basically clear of the mounds of snow that we have seen since the storm last weekend. but basically what's happening now is since the sleet came down, since the change over to snow, we're seeing a fresh coating on what was probably a road that was in pretty good shape a couple hours ago. we're starting to see quite a bit of traffic out here. we're in buoy. we're at the exxon next to the
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mcdonald's. the mcdonald's is open for business. they're hoping that folks will make their way in here, folks who are out clearing the roads. they've got coffee for those people. here is the real problem. this is where people are going to have a difficult time. the neighborhood streets are still in terrible condition. this access road behind me is covered in inches and inches of slush. it is very, very slick, very, very slippery. unless you've got an suv, you'll have probably pushing that stuff aside. keep that in mind. you won't want to go out and drive around if you can avoid it. let these crews get handle on things. back to you all in the studio. >> i hope that's a hat, otherwise your hair is a mess. >> a small fuzzy animal has climbed on my head. i'm going to let him stay. >> that's a great had. >> i'm going to let him stay. >> i would indeed. many trees have fallen on train tracks forcing local transit agencies to shut down. there will be no marc trains
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running on any line today. vre has also canceled all service for today. amtrak is running limited service on ak sell la express. all northeast regional trains below wash-are canceled. 5:21. time for a check of traffic and weather. >> looks like the snow is coming down in all parts of our region, tom. >> after a respite of sleet and freezing rain for a fewhours, it has gone back to all snow. it is snowing across all of virginia now, into west virginia, much of maryland and into pennsylvania. local radar is showing this snow continuing across northern virginia, out of the south and east and heading to the north and west. and the more higher resolution view of the radar and the color is showing where it's snowing hardest, right now in this dark blue zone and into this zone where you have little bits of green, that's where it's coming down fairly hard. just heard from bob in arlington, snowing heavily now. he halls about three to four
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inches on the ground there. we continue to see the snow falling light to moderately across central shenandoah valley, much of maryland at this hour. now, some of the tote alsz that have come in since last evening, about three to five inches generally around the region. we'll just add on to those totals as the day goes on. right now the upper 20s to near 30. what is falling certainly sticking on the untreated surfaces. blizzard counties all these counties of red, north central maryland, east earn shore with stronger winds as the area of low pressure develops later today. that is also extended into new jersey and southern long island. all this snow coming in, we're beginning to see an area of low pressure here over the ohio valley. that's going to be tracking right over virginia, hiting to coast, explosively developing low pressure and moving up the coast. that will give us very strong winds coming out of the north and east. right now around the region, we have the toted als by 7:00 p.m.,
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we'll get eight to 12 inches around the metro area, more north and east. south and west not as much. jerry, somehow the trachx? >> let's head out and take a live look. want to take you over to massachusetts avenue and goldsboro road. i drove that thing yesterday because a couple folks told me how bad it is. you're right. it's awful. look at the big flakes coming down once again. the trip over in landover this morning, again, lots of snow. the crews are out doing what they can. here is interstate 270 as you make the trip south through rockville. let's head over and see how we're doing elsewhere this morning, headed for downtown, a big icicle on the camera at the 14th street bridge. bw parkway again today, like the last couple days, multiple accidents around 197 and laurel. an accident branch avenue and ser rats road. cars are sliding off the roadway into trees and ditches. it's very touch out there. so don't, don't, don't.
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>> thanks very much, jerry. we are continuing our complete coverage of the winter storm round two. we'll have the latest on all the weather and the information you should know. federal government is closed today, all local school jurisdictions are closed. >> metro is running only underground and no bus service above ground. we'll be right back.
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5:26 is our time right now. 30 degrees. live picture of irving street in northwest washington in the columbia hitsz area. you can look at the snow coming down august most diagonally right now. it is blowing and coming down harder than it was little while ago. one guy is over there with a snowplow on the sidewalk trying to clear a path. some vehicles out and about. it's rough going this morning. be careful if you do dare to head out. >> well, one member of the first family has been found frolicking in the snow. the first family's dog, beau has been playing in the snow-covered rose garden. he seems to be enjoying the snow just fine. >> maybe he's a portuguese snow dog. >> he'll have to be after this. let's go to tom kierein in storm center 4 to find out about the on coming -- sorry, not going to him right now. we'll be back with tom kierein and the traffic right after this. stay with us. hey, ricky, i don't know if you know this,
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but there are creatures from outer space right re in aruba, and they look just like real people. oh, really, i didn't know this. they're always smiling, relaxed, unnaturally friendly. and they'll do anything to lull you into feeling at home.
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it's inhuman, it's a trick, ricky. don't fall for it, i've seen it in the movies. let me get you a drink. oh my god, they got him too. snowing pains. you might be sick of winter weather, but mother nature is not finished yet. these are live pictures of a snowcovered northwest d.c. >> we have a team of reporters all over the area. here is a live look at conditions in buoy, maryland.
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>> let's go to enna, virginia, right now where we're bringing you live team coverage of the winter storm round two. good morning everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it's wednesday, february 10, 2010. many of you will spend another day at home. all local schools in the area are closed to day. the federal government is also closed for a third straight day. the d.c. government is closed as well. if you plan on taking metro today, it is only running underground. there will be no metro or metro -- metro bus or access service. flights out of reagan, dulles and bwi marshall have been canceled for the entire day. >> here is tom kierein in storm center 4. >> we've seen a brief respite from the snow overnight between midnight and 3:00 a.m., it went over to sleet and freezing rain. it is back to about all snow in the region. eastern maryland reporting a mixed precipitation, a mix at
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andrews air force base. elsewhere it is all snow and it is going to continue to be all snow around the region. now t radar in color in the blues is where it is snowing a little heavier. the green is where it's coming down even a little heavier than that. right now as we take a look in frederick county and into western howard county, there are a couple of spots there where the snow is coming down pretty hard, right now just north of ulney and across the howard county line, there's a batch of moderate to heavy snow. another batch of heavy snow across the montgomery county line into southeastern frederick county and into carroll county where they've had up to ten inches of snow from this storm t. wider view of the radar is showing an increase in dove raj of this snow. this is going to just continue as we get into the afternoon hours, early afternoon hours. we'll see it really begin to perhaps taper off a bit. these are the snow totals report, generally three to five
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inch ins the metro area. there is one location in carroll county that had ten inches so far. in the upper 20s to near 30. temperatures will hover below freezing throughout the rest of the day. blizzard warnings to the north and northeast of washington and east of washington, anne arundel, howard county, all those counties in red coming from a developing low pressure system pulling out of the ohio valley that will explosively develop along the coast later this morning and into the afternoon. that will increase our wd and give us snow totals oft eight to 12 inches. could have gusts of 45 miles per hour, signifint drifting and blowing of snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. tom, how is the traffic? >> a live look heading out. take a look at 95 at lorton road in virginia, what traffic there is, and there shouldn't be much at all, is moving very slowly as the pounding question ginns. let's head over to montgomery county and give you a sampling around that area. top side of the belt warks right side is the outer loop as you head west towards colesville
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road. route 29 at the capital beltway. we always stress the elevated road surfaces. bw parkway, particularly tough, a rush of accidents already. an accident 66 gainesville coming off the ramp at route 29. the best advice i can give you is the same advice we've been giving you for quite a few days now and that is just to stay put. let crews clear the roadways, put down the adhesives to the roadway and do the best they can against mother nature. eun and joe? >> thanks very much, jerry. let's go to tracee wilkins now. >> she's in northwest washington near the columbia heights metro station. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. good morning, joe. i would say we have about an inch and a half out here in northwest. when we started, i was saying it was just a covering. we're beyond a covering. this is what it's looking like on the sidewalk. those footprints are not touching the ground. we have over here a gentleman standing at the bus stop. i told him no bus service today, and he said okay, but he's still
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standing there. hopefully he has a ride coming. this is the situation here. metro is only running underground service. not at the bus stops or above ground metro stations either. folks have been getting off at the metro and heading to work this morning. that's the best way to go. the roads are not looking that good. let me take you over this way. remember we were saying earlier they had plenty of trucks coming down here. you remember there was a plow that kept coming up and down the street. take a look at this now. it looks like it hasn't been touched. that's how quickly the snow is coming down on irving street and 14th. you look over this way, you can see how hard it is to walk in this. that snow is coming right at that guy's face and he's coved up. we have a light wind. it's supposed to get a lot worse. this is a nasty storm. you'll have to wrap up if you're coming out in this stuff, put on your best shoes to deal with this kind of snow. we've still got slick spots. we had freezing rain earlier.
5:36 am
there's serious issues for folks who are walking and, of course, driving. we came through a few roads on the way over here. we came through rock creek park. it looked okay. some of the major roads, connecticut avenue, a little dicy. same thing here. i mean some of these roads weren't properly plowed from the first storm just because the sheer amount of snow and also the freezing temperature. no matter how many times you go over it, you're going to have some issues. just be aware of that as you head out this morning, if you're heading out this morning, if you have to go to work. i'm tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> somebody has to tell that guy there's no bus service. i hope you're right, tracee and he has a right coming. >> wait. now he's going to the metro. he's cool. let's see how things are looking in virginia right now in vienna. here is kimberly suiters. >> reporter: good morning, eun and joe. a little while ago you were talking about people walking right in the middle of west maple which is essentially vee
5:37 am
naen's main street. the people wearing dark colors, not such a great idea. you saw body wearing bright orange. we talked to one guy a little bit ago. he was on his way home from the restaurant where he works. let's she you a little more than an inch of snow down here collecting. also quite a bit of ice underneath. you can hear that ice. folks, you're going the face that this morning on your vehicles. take a look at this vanover here. now, we can't get around and show you the ice on this rear view mirror because there's a huge snow pile. but listen. really stubborn ice on the rear view mirror. not so bad here if you weren't diligent and let the snowfall. i said not diligent. if you take a look at the front of this van, i'm not sure this has been cleared off since the first snowstorm. let's see. that's almost a foot, almost a
5:38 am
foot to the car there. there's a lot of work that needs to be done before the party mania van goes out. cars are getting by okay in vienna. we drove out on 66. there was one pickup truck stuck in the snow. other than that, i was the only car out there. out here, you see a lot of utility trucks, a lot of plows. a lot of sand trucks. they're not plowing maple. so it may be what you heard earlier. was it martin o'malley, governor of maryland, talking about the fact that they are just letting the trucks make groove is in th snow that. might be the strategy in fairfax, virginia. i'm kimberly suiters, joe and eun, back to you. >> i would think some people consider that party mania van an emergency vehicle at this point.
5:39 am
they need to get that thing sglout not only will we have to help them dig it out, we'll have to move our live truck. they hav snow not only on top but in front, too. i think we're actually doing them a favor, giving them some heat. >> thanks very much, kimberly. our time right now is 5:39. 39 degrees out there. we're bringing you continuing coverage of winter storm round two. >> i just want to scream. >> had enough? too bad. more shoveling lies ahead. we'll have everything you need to know to cope with the storm. another check of the forecast just ahead.
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good morning. at this hour it is snowing throughout much of the region on the radar. this is mostly snow where you see the dark bls and greens where it is snowing harder at this time. we're getting pockets of moderate snow to even heavy snow near front royal as well as into frederick county, maryland. this will continue already. so far we've had three to five inches on the ground. we'll add several more inches. right now the 20s to near 30 degrees. winter storm warning and blizzard warning out, all the counties in red, stronger winds later this afternoon. all this coming from a developing low pressure center pulling over the appalachians. as it gets off the coast, we'll explosively develop and end up with eht to 12 inches around
5:43 am
the metro area by the time it's over. how's traffic? >> a live look at the pictures. this is 395 at the exit ramp onto duke street. this is the scene of multiple accidents over the course of the last couple days. it's just work crews blocking off that ramp so they can treat the road way. let's head over and see how we're doing elsewhere. check things out if you're heading into the district this morning. here is south capital street headed toward the suitland parkway. be very careful if you're headed in that direction. let's take a look at that time 14th street bridge. that seems to be moving along pretty well right now. agai very poor conditions, not talking about the amount of traffic, just talking about the condition ps have gone downhill big time in just the last couple minutes. eun and joe. >> thanks very much, jerry. stay with us, our continuing coverage of the winter storm round two continues right after this.
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5:46 is our time. 30 degrees out there. we're looking at a live picture of northwest washington in columbia heights. you see the snow coming down hard diagonally even. reminder that there is a snow emergency in effect in the district right now. that means you cannot be parking on snow emergency routes. they will be towed if your vehicle is there. >> let's get the latest at the
5:47 am
airport. tara hamilton with the washington airport authority joins us on the phone. what's it look like? >> unfortunately it looks the way it's been looking for about six days now. we've got the crews working around the clock as they have throughout the region. they've been out all night, again, trying to remove as much snow as possible in anticipation of today's additional snowfall. we have all flights are canceled at reagan national throughou the day today. at dulles international flights are canceled through the early afternoon at least. we're not expecting flights later in the day, but we'll reassess as we get through the storm. >> tara, kind of a blurry picture we see of nationa airport. we see a front-end loader scraping the snow off the ground and putting it into a dump truck. so you're doing more than just plowing. and then what do you do with the snow after you put it in the dump truck? >> joe, that's the fascinating thing about the last six days.
5:48 am
we have been nonstop hauling snow off the airfield at reagan national and at dulles. we are putting snow wherever we can on our property. we've got literally a couple of mountains of snow built at various satellite locations around the facility. and that's one of the biggest time-consuming parts of this, is just getting the snow hauled away. >> tara, we know a lot of passengers had their flights canceled after the first round of storms, possibly recanceled again. what advice can you give passengers if they have to try to make it out of here? >> i think everybody's life has been affected so much in the last six days, travelers in particular. the best we can do is ask them to be in contact with their airlines, probably through the website if possible and see when they might be able to rebook. we know the airlines have been canceling flights in advance and working with their passengers.
5:49 am
so hopefully, eventually people will be able to resume their travels once this weather settles down here. >> tara, good luck with all this. tara hamilton with the washington metropolitan airport authority. let's get an update on the roads in virginia. danny glik with the virginia state police joins us on the phone. we lost him. we'll try to get back with him. let's check in with megan mcgrath, she's in the buoy area, upper marlboro perhaps. let's find out what it looks like in suburban maryland. >> reporter: good morning. we're just off route 301 where it hooks up with route 50. we have an access road behind me that is in terrible shape. in fact, so bad, let's pan over and take a look at those poor folks over there. they ventured out this morning, i don't know if they were trying to get to the mcdonald's or not. they're right at the start of the mcdonald's driveway.
5:50 am
obviously they got caught up in all this slush. we have inches of slush and powder on the road. they're in a regular car. you can see they aren't going anywhere. they've been out with a shovel digging out trying to get out of this jam. they don't seem to be making a whole lot of progress here. not a good idea to be out and about. actually, your biggest challenge are those neighborhood streets. they simply weren't in that great of shape since the last storm. i talked to jim carrey with prince george's county. he said they got to about 95% of those neighborhood roads and did some sort of ploeing. that doesn't mean they were totally cleared out. they hit 95% of the roads. the problem is, it's still coming down. overnight we had a little ice as well. it's beginning to accumulate again. those neighborhood streets not in good condition. and deteriorating conditions on the major roads. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath in buoy. we have lieutenant danny glik with the virginia state police on the phone.
5:51 am
thanks so much for joining us. >> yes, sir. >> what are you finding on the roads as you patrol around? >> the roads are definitely deteriorating as the snow has picked up in the last few hours and the traffic has started to pick up. in the last 20 minutes we've been called to about four property damage, not serious crashes, on the interstate system, but kind of spread throughout 66, 495, 395 and 95. the conditions definitely are deteriorating on the major arteries. >> lieutenant, how are your troopers faring in this weather? they have to respond to emergency calls and they're dealing with the traffic as well? >> to be very honest, with the back-to-back storms, the troopers definitely have worked hard over the last three or four days. as everybody, you get more and more practice, get better at driving in it. the conditions are just as treacherous for them. we ask people to stay off the road as much as possible. >> not to mention the exhaustion factor. i'm sure all your men and women are experiencing that as well. thanks so much for joining us.
5:52 am
good luck out there. 5:51 is your time. time for traffic and weather on the 1s. >> here is tom kierein in storm center 4. >> we saw a respite, went to sleet and freezing rain for a few hours. now back to all snow in the region. where you see the blues and greens, it's coming down a little harder. the green area to the east of front royal, coming down pretty hard right there in clark and warren counties, and right there right along the blue ridge. elsewhere where we have some of the snow falling, we're getting about maybe a moderate snow in the northern part of the shenandoah valley, moderate snow now, montgomery county, loudoun county and into parts of fauquier county, too, they're getting a few bands of heavier snow. now, my colleague, chuck bell, is joining me, meteorologist chuck belichicking on some of the snow totals.
5:53 am
what are we see sng. >> between two and five inches of additional snow. there are places getting more of that. seven inches towards the martinsburg area. five inches into portions of upper montgomery county. a little over three inches of new snow before midnight last night. not to mention the fact it's going to continue to add up as we go in our monthly and seasonal totals here. e snowiest month, 21.8 inches, not close to our snowiest february. we're in second place for snowiest winter ever. >> it's going to continue to pile up. the second place there is at 48.6. as we take a look now at the other totals there for the snowiest winters on record, you can see the snowest one is 54.4. if we verify today, this will end up being the snowest winter on record. e-mail your pictures to
5:54 am we'll get those on the air. right now temperatures in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. what's falling is certainly sticking all around the region. look at all these warnings, counties in red under a blizzard warning, highlands of west virginia, north central maryland, washington, fled rick, carroll, baltimore counties. they could have winds over 35 miles an hour for extended periods of time. blizzard warning also extends all the way over toward the eastern shore. the rest of the region, most of it is under a winter storm warning throughout the rest of the day. now over the last several hours we've seen the snow pick up around the region. and as a result we're going to see the snowfall totals adding up. we'll keep them up dated throughout the morning. getting a spin in the atmosphere, just coming into southern west virginia. when that gets off the coast, it will cause an explosive development of low pressure. as that low then slowly pulls off to the north and east, it
5:55 am
will deeper off long island and whip the entire region with very strong winds which will cause significant blowing and drifting of the snow. i'm expecting about 8 to 12 inches around the metro area and farther to the north and west into frederick county, maryland, loudoun county, virginia, up into the panhandle of west virginia, up to a foot there. even more in northeastern maryland from baltimore, up into the northern part of delaware, up to 16 inches from this storm with deep drifts from that strong wind that's going to being impacting that region harder. four to eight inches for southern maryland through much of the rest of virginia by the time it ends this evening. gusty winds by later this afternoon into tonight. probably have drifting going on tomorrow morning. then some sun back finally on thursday afternoon. we should have a sunny friday and saturday, but still very cold. most of this snow not going away. we'll briefly be above freezing both of those days. as we get into next week,
5:56 am
there's a chance of late more snow, light snow on monday, not looking too bad. jerpry, at this hour, how is the traffic? >> off we go. a little sampling, liveictures of the capital beltway over south van dorn street. the snow is coming down so hard it is blocking the travel lanes and making the lane dividers virtually invisible which is extremely treacherous, not to mention getting on and off the roadways. pennsylvania avenue at 8th street in southeast washington, again as the snow comes down, the roads are getting slick. one more time crews are out treating to roadways. let's head downtown, just wanted to show you this so we can catch our brethd and say, you know, despite everything, it is kind of pretty. >> it is absolutely beautiful. yeah, if you can sit back and enjoy it. even the most confident of drivers can sometimes be no match for this weather. this car belongs to john bower from fairfax county. he has a license plate on his vehicle that says bad weather wagon.
5:57 am
maybe that's a bad weather wagon, it's his four-wheel drive subaru out back. he spent quite a while trying to dig it out after getting stuck in burke. not far from there, this guy was using a saw to cut ice blocks next to a blocked-in car. he says it's the best way to deal with the walls of snow that the plows leave in front of the driveways and sidewalks. where to put it? that, of course, is another issue. all the snow can cause big problems for homeowners. the weight has caused roofs to collapse. according to the institute for business and home safety, most of the roofs that collapse are flat ones like this one in prince george's county. experts say residential rooftops are designed to handle about 30 pounds per square foot. we performed our own test and found out that the snow and ice we received prior to yesterday came out to about 20 pounds. most roofs can also actually withstand about twice that weight. so most roofs should be just
5:58 am
fine. all that snow could also be taking a toll on your mental health. as washington area residents dig out for the second time in a week, you might be feeling more than just back pain. doctors say all the snow can be causing stress, anxiety, possibly even depression. >> these are unique days. they're days that are not filled with work and some of your representing lar activities. people are starting to be more irritable. if you're feeling tearful, if you're feeling sad, you may need to look at some things that the change of routine is bringing out these feelings in you. >> washington hospital center psychologist desi griffin say it is best way to combat snow stress, plan activities, stay connected to friends and family and remember, this is temporary, the snow will melt. >> do like jerry does, sit back and try toe look at the window and recognize the beauty, take a deep breath. don't be surprised if you see a lawn chair or another piece of furniture near some of the snow
5:59 am
banks this week with the snow emergency in effect, those dugout, snow-free parking spots are a hot commodity in the district. some people are trying to make sure no one steals their great spot by blocking them in with chairs or toys, whatever piece of furniture. plus to protect whatever work they did digging their own car out. you could lose that parking space or whatever item those people use to reserve it. in baltimore, for instance, this is a tradition. if you use somebody else's parking space, you will find your car resnow-covered. >> you deserve it if you take someone's spot after they dug it out for two hours. we're bringing you continuing coverage of this latest winter storm. >> all schools are closed, d.c. government is closed as is the federal government. "news4 today" continues now at 6:00 a.m. snow days, another day, another storm. here is what everyone is waking up to. more snow. this is the scene in buoy,
6:00 am
marylandwhere the snow is falling right now. >> let's take a look at vienna, virginia. we can see the snow has covered the roadways out there, piling uplong the side as well. tough going. >> here is the scene in northwest washington near the columbia heights metro station. roads are covered wruns again with snow. the sidewalks are covered again. the crews have their work cut out for them. thanks for staying with us for news4 for this wednesday morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. the days areblendinging to. february 10th, 2010. here is the latest at this hour. another storm means another snow day. for most of you, the federal government is closed for a third straight day. d.c. government closed as well. all local schools are also closed. if you plan to take metro, you should know it is running only underground. there will be no bus or metro access service. also all flights in and out of ronald reagan, washington,
6:01 am
dulles and bwi marshall are canceled for the entire day. as you can see, snow is falling throughout the region. let's get the latest from meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. >> yes, we've got the snow falling. where you see the, dare colors is where it's coming down little harder, right now getting an area of moderate to heavy snow. northwestern fauquier county and across the blue ridge into warren and clark county, now coming into frederick county, virginia. that's an area of moderate to heavy snows at this hour. as we look elsewhere on the radar, a burst of moderate to heavy snow in culpepper county, as well as fairfax county as well. this is just dwropg, area of moderate to heavy snow from mclane over towards reston. in prince george's county, light to moderate snow. lit to moderate snow as well in montgomery county. joining me now is chuck bell who is going to be checking in with all the latest snow totals that
6:02 am
we haveround the region. chuck, how is it looking now? >> we continue to see more and more snow, just exactly what a lot of people don't really want to see is more white stuff coming down. jechbly speaking three to five, six inches of new snow already on the ground as you guys are used to, usually we get our big snowtion on the weekend. if you have a snow report to send in, you can send it to me at if you have a great picture, you can send it to our website, tom? thanks, chuck. chuck and i will be here throughout the morning. stay was. let's take a look at the temperatures at this hour. it is right now near 30 degrees in washington. we're in the upper 20s in montgomery, fairfax and prince george's county, throughout much of the region. it is below freezing. right near the bay at right at the freezing mark.
6:03 am
these counties in red are under a blizzard warning. includes areas to the north of washington in howard and frederick county, maryland. eastern shore, highlands of west virginia, coming from a developing low pressure system swinging out of the ohio valley. that will be dwropg off the coast today. that will be giving us a lot of win. eight to 12 inches across much of the metro area, late less farther south and west. how is the traffic? >> a little sampling around the metropolitan area where it is tough indeed. pictures really prove it all out, making the trip around town, northeast washington is difficult. let's head up to the interchanges around aspen hill in maryland. show you georgia avenue and aspen hill road. wloops. lost that one. let's go back to news 1, making the trip around town, if you're headed out this morning, you better rethink your plans. i think that's really the best thing to say. rethink your plans. wee had multiple accident all over in all jurisdictions this
6:04 am
morning. baltimore-washington parkway, route 5, accidents out to the west, gainesville. so far, no major injuries reported. but it's only i fear a matter of time. so just postpone your travels because the crews can do a much better job much quicker if the roads are completely clear. eun, joe? >> thanks very much. the snow is falling pretty hard right now in northern virginia. >> crews are trying to keep the roads clear right now. they are fighting an uphill battle. news4's kimberly suiters is in vienna, virginia, to tell us what the roads look like out there. >> reporter: good morning, joe and eun. the winds have picked up a little bit out here in fairfax county, virginia, here in vienna, we're on main street. actually west maple as they call it. the plows have been up and down this street. if you take a look at video from just a moment ago, the plow brigade came through, about seven trucks up and down main street. this is the first time since we've been out here all morning, since about 3:30, that we've seen the plows with their blades
6:05 am
down pushing the snow aside. something else we saw, we're about a block away from a starbucks. we decided to go see if we could grab a cup of coffee, they have a sign on front door that reads blame the weather man, not us. sorry, but we're closed due to inclement weather. but that starbucks is going to open up at 8:00 a.m. i want to show you something back here live. even though the plows came through and that's great news for most people, we're clear of traffic right now, all this ugly slush is now blocking our exit. so we're going to have a time getting out of this driveway. that's one of the situations we've been talking about throughout this storm, that the solution is part of the problem. that even though the plows may be coming close to your neighborhood, they may also be blocking you in from getting out. reporting live in vienna, kimberly suiters, news4. joe and eun, back to you. >> that definitely happens. happened in my driveway the other night. >> tom might take offense for
6:06 am
being blamed to all this. >> i think he might. let's get a check on the roads in maryland. >> megan mcgrath is along route 301 in buoy. h how's it looking out there? >> reporter: we're starting to see stack up. if we can pan over and show this car stuck here for about 20 minutes. this is an access road that runs along 301. they were out and about in a regular car. that's not a four-wheel drive vehicle. as you can seerks they got caught up in the mounds of slush covering the surface of these second dare roads. they aren't going anywhere. they are just spinning wheels. looks like some folks in this pickup truck are also stuck. i didn't realize. i thought they were helping the other car. it looks like they're now having trouble, too. that's going to be the situation throughout the day. you're going to have to avoid people who ventured out and got stuck. and getting out of your own neighborhood would be an incredible challenge today. talked to jim carrey with prince george's county, he said they
6:07 am
were able to hit about 95% of the residential streets since that last storm. so not everyone has been plowed. just because they hit you once or twice with a plow doesn't mean it's clear. now we're seeing an additional buildup of snow. we had ice that happened overnight, quite a bit of sleet. there's a layer of ice beneath the snow that is now coming down. we're seeing very sloppy conditions on the road. i talked to a guy out plowing streets. he's a contractor. he says he's been pulling people out left and right. >> we do some snow removal and we do, you know, get people out of ditches and stuff all day. >> what are you seeing with the folks who tha are stuck? who are they? >> just regular old people. they never been through this type of weather before. they're testing it out to see how it is. they're getting stuck and figuring out they can't do it. i don't think they're going to do it no more. >> you've been pushing them out? >> i've been helping them. >> they're in regular cars? >> everything, all kinds of stuff. but not right now because it's
6:08 am
morning. they're about to be out. >> reporter: so a lot of people venturing out. the major road, 301 behind us, is passable although it's starting to get a little treacherous here. but the secondary roads, they are no in good shape at all. you really should stay off them, let the plows do their work. you should also mention that they're conserving salt here in prince george's county to make sure they have enough for the storm. wheel hear a little more about that in the next half hour. back to you all, joe and eun. >> all the jurisdictions are having trouble where chemicals and salt and the rest of it. running out of supplies. >> the crews are tired. >> exhausted. the snow has also been falling fast in the district of course. this is a live picture from northwest washington in columbia heights. a snow emergency is in effect in the district right now. that means all vehicles must be moved out of snow emergency routes. meanwhile, road crews are still working to clear the snow from this past weekend's storm. even some major roads are pretty much still impassable. vdot is asking everyone to be
6:09 am
patient over the coming days while the crews continue to try to clear the t streets. >> more coverage of the winter storm round two with all the local schools closed, federal government is closed, metro bus and metro access canceled, only underground metro running today. >> tom kierein will be back with the forecast right after this. stay with us.
6:10 am
6:11 am
6:12 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. now showing across much of the region. on the radar where you see the greens and dark blues is where it is snowing harder. northern fauk, culpepper county, also some pockets of moderate to heavy know in fairfax and montgomery county as well as howard county. temperatures in the 20s to near 30 degrees. what is falling is certainly sticking on the untreated surfaces. much of the region under winter storm and blizzard warnings. the counties in red under blizzard warnings including frederick, howard, anne arundel counties. sn totals by the time it all ends today, eight to 12 inches generally around the metro area. a little more south and west. a lot of wind late tore day jerry, how is the traffic?
6:13 am
>> see sg believing, i guess. we'll go out to centreville, virginia, along interstate 66. crews just made a pass through, put down chemicals. right now passable, but i fear the on and off ramps are going to be quite stuff. let's go to northwest washington. pennsylvania avenue at the intersection of 21st street in northwest. bottom left-hand corner, that car is going nowhere. notice the right side of your screen. somebody has a certain artistic flare. it looks like one of the pyramids or something. >> isn't that something. thanks very much, jerry. a quick break and bring you the latest on the snow. >> we want to remind you at the airports, no flights are taking off this morning either at ronald rean washington national, dulles or bwi marshall. perhaps some later this afternoon.
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:16 is our time. 30 degrees as we take a live look at ronald reagan washington national airport. a reminder that no flights are taking off or landing at reagan today at all. all flights have been canceled. same with dulles and same with bwi marshall. welcome back to "news4 today." >> let's find out how the roads
6:17 am
look in d.c. tracee wilkins continues our coverage in northwest washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we're out here on 14th street and irving. let me tell you, we have been seeing these conditions getting worse and worse. first of all, let me show you down here on the sidewalk. we are definitely up to two inches in the district of columbia, and the snow just keeps coming down just a few minutes ago we noticed that the wind is picking up out here, starting to really whip around. that's supposed to get a lot worse. traffic is still light. we've only seen a few people making their way into metro. very few people making their way into metro. a lot of people are taking advantage of the fact that this could possibly be another snow day for them and a complete day off of work. take a look at these -- what's going on with this truck and these cars coming down the road. you can see the issue that is you have here. you've got serious road spray. you've got the road still very slushy. it's just coming down so fast. we've been seeing the trucks out here going from location to location, seeing them doing a lot of plowing in the area.
6:18 am
yet still the roads are slushing right back up again. z soon as they clean it off or start to see more accumulation out here. you can see we're getting hit with this. there were roads that were just passable before this storm. now we have all of these issues to deal with. let me tell you, it is really cold. when that wind hits, it's like a cutting on the side of your face, and the snow is blowing. the thick -- the snowflakes are not as thick as they were earlier. they're a little thinner than they were. man, is that wind whipping right w. so roads are not looking good. weather, cold and windy. the snow is coming down quickly. a lot of accumulation in the district. i'm tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, very much. we're not the only ones dealing with all this snow. lori wilson from our sister station in philadelphia is in bucks county, pennsylvania. she joins us with more.
6:19 am
good morning, lori. >> reporter: good morning, eun. good morning, joe. we are definitely getting it right after you guys. this is our second storm in just a few days as you guys know. right now it's like snow. it's a little bit of wet rain. it's been change tlug out the morning. i'll tell you what, you can see the main road ways here in philadelphia, we're just about 20 minutes north of philadelphia actually in bensalem, bucks county. people are getting around. we told people not to be out if you're not essential personnel. government offices have been closed. but people are making it okay. i know right now we're still bracing for the worst of it. what i did, though, is i asked zippie, a guy who has been out here since 10:00 last night to tell mow me how the roads have changed. what have you seen? >> a lot of pen dot trucks clearing to roads. when the snow first started, there was cars all over the place. now that nobody is out, it's mandatory they're not supposed to be out. >> how is this compared to
6:20 am
saturday, what we saw? >> saturday, it's a little bit wetter, thicker snow, not as powdery. >> are you worried about the ice that's come sng. >> i have a salt spreader on the back. >> you're prepared? >> i'm prepared. >> you've been out here since 10:00. how long have you going to be out here zippie? >> until the storm is over. >> you'll be out here the rest of the day till tomorrow. thanks so much for stopping. again, cold, wet. we're dealing with the same thing you guys are. we get it just a little bit after you. we'll be out here for probably another couple days. eun and joe, back to you guys. lori wilson, nbc news. >> lori, thanks very much. we want to thank all the zippies of the world. without them, we couldn't get through this snow. >> he looks experienced in this. let's find out how pepco is dealing with this? they've had challenges to deal with over the last several day
6:21 am
sg. >> bob dobkins joins us on the phone. we still have about 2600 customers out, 2300 in montgomery county. they will work through the day unless the winds become impossible to get theucket up to the line. >> frequently in situations like this you're able to call in help from other neighboring jurisdictions to help you restore power. but it looks like everybody around us is getting slammed with this latest winter storm. are you able to do that? are you able to get help? >> that's the problem. we brought in crews from north carolina progress energy over the weekend to help us out. they're still with us. but to get additional help now, all the nearby utilities are being hit just like we are. so until a utility is confident that they're able to release their crews, that's what we'll have to deal with. we're hoping, though, right now
6:22 am
we're down to 2600 customers, as i said. with the high winds -- the winds that are picking up apparently are going to make things worse now. when we start getting a heavy snow on the evergreens, they'll come down on the lines again and we're concerned about that. that will push up the outages. >> bob, are you getting new reports of power outages this morning? or are most of these just from the last storm from the weekend and people are still working on? >> well, there's -- i'm not certain of the exact number. but not all the 2600 out have been from the last storm. weave had new outages each day for varying reasons. and that continues. >> bob dobkin with pepco. we wish you a lot of luck. thanks for all the hard work you're doing. itould be very rough over the
6:23 am
next several days. >> it's been very rough on the customers. that's why we're working around e clock to get folks back. >> we appreciate that. let's check in once again with meteorologist tom kierein. >> the snow started yesterday afternoon and evening and ended up with about three to five inches before it changed over to a period of sleet and freezing rain. but now back to mostly all snow across the region where you see the greens and dark blues. getting heavy snow in culpepper county, northern fauquier into the northern shenandoah valley. across the potomac into maryland there's just some light to moderate snow there. there's a little batch of moderate snow around mclean, virginia. what's falling is certainly sticking. winter storm warnings throughout much of the gion blizzard warnings farther to our north. all these counties in red under blizzard warnings. highlands of west virginia, howard, anne arundel and eastern shore, strongal winds there later today. eight to 12 inch total amounts
6:24 am
across much of the region. northeastern maryland, a little less south and west. 45-mile-per-hour gusts later this afternoon and this evening when the snow ends. into tomorrow morning the gust also still be quite powerful. now, jerry, how is the traffic? >> a live look around the metropolitan area, around 270 near shady grove road, authorities have been dispatched to check on the reports of an accident over there. if you're headed in that direction, heads up. let's take a look at the xwelt way north of town around colesville road, making the trip on the inner and outer loop not bad. here is the district at 16th and alaska avenue in northwest washington. watching a bunch of pedestrians walk down 16th street possibly going to walter reed. the sidewalks have not been cleared obviously yochlt view to watch out for pedestrians. we've had a rash of accidents. in addition to the 270 accident, multiple problems on the bw parkway, multiple accidents on i-66 and route 15 and 29. that kind of tells the story.
6:25 am
>> jerry, thanks very much. 6:24 now 30 degrees. we'll be right back with the latest on the snow coverage including the fact that all the local school systems are closed. all flights are canceled out of reagan, dulles and bwi. there could be flights later this afternoon. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle?
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6:27 is your time. 30 degrees. this is winter storm round two. a live look at the white house. it's a lovely scene out there. >> we do know of at least one four-legged enjoying the snow, that is the first family's dog, beau obama. he seems to be enjoying the winter mess just fine. >> many lawmakers and staff members on capitol hill are getting a long break because of all the snow. the u.s. house of representativehave canceled the recorded votes for the rest of the week. because of the presidents day holiday next week, most members aren't expected back on the hill until february 22nd. 6:28. another break ahead of us. >> another word from firefighters, please clean the snow around fire hydrants and check your down spouts so there is room for melting snow water to run away from your house.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
this latest storm has shut down washington again. here is the latest at this hour. the federal government is closed now for a third straight day. the d.c. government is closed as well. all local schools are also closed for the day. >> if you plan on taking metro
6:32 am
today, it is only running underground. there will be no metro bus or metro access service. all flights in and out of reagan, dulles, bwi marshall are canceled for the entire day. >> good morning, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is wednesday, february 10th, 2010. we'll get right to tom kierein for the latest on the storm. >> good morning. the snow started lightly yesterday afternoon and picked up in intensity overnight. we had a period after midnight of sleet and freezing rain. now back to mostly all snow across the region right now snowing pretty heavily in northern fauquier county, north ern shenandoah valley. batchless of heavy know in culpepper county. a batch of heavy snow in fairfax and montgomery counties. the lighter blue areas the snow is not coming down as hard. joining me now in meteorologist chuck bell. he's been keeping tabs on all the snow totals coming in. we appreciate it, chuck.
6:33 am
>> plenty of new snow on the round already and already starting to get in reports from our weather watcrs out there. if you have a snow report, you can send to it me directly at brian out in ridge, west virginia, in morgan county, 8 1/2 inches of new snow there. he noticeed the wind was really starting to pick up as well, 10 to 20 miles an hour. already six to nine inches of new snow in the high spots. already about four to eight inches of new snow. already two to four inches of new snow as you go through washington southbound. there's a lot more snow on the way. those winds are reay going to start to pick up later today. right, tom? >> that's right. here is the scene in buoy, a live picture. you see the snow is coming down harder. there are big, fat flakes coming down. these are the temperatures around the region. upper 20s to near 30s. now 30 degrees in washington,
6:34 am
just got a report out in wreft earn maryland, eric county is reporting nine inches on the ground. bob in arlington reportinghree inches. greg in rappahannock, three inches. blizzard warnings all those counties in red, frederick, anne arundel, points north and east will get the heavier snows. about eight to 12 inches generally around the metro area by the time it all ends this evening. then strong winds gust over 45 perhaps this afternoon overnight tonight. now jerry, how is the traffic? >> off we go into maryland, along interstate 270, general vicinity where authorities are looking for an accident. heading toward the american legion bridge, the right side the outer loop, left side tinl ner loop. it is just purely miserable. massachusetts avenue and goldsboro road, treacherous conditions this morning. switching gears, take a live look at east capital street, tough sledding, you need to be
6:35 am
sledding this morning. you heard work crews saying we can get the job done faster and better. >> thanks, jerry. this is a live look at the roads in maryland where the snow has been falling fast overnight. state officials are asking people to stay off the roads so the plows and salt trucks can get through. the faster they can do that, the faster you can get on the roads safely. >> megan mcgrath is live in buoy. >> reporter: this is route 301. we saw a couple plows going by. they are out there. they're clearing the roads. we co-continuing rather to see the snowfall and we're seeing, disabled cars out there. a truck -- the access road that parallels route 303. another car that was stuck. they managed to push themselves.
6:36 am
this access road is covered in inches of very heavy slush. now, 301 itself, it is passable. they have been out here treating it. however. it is starting to become snow-covered. you can see another plow is coming by us as we speak here. actually two plows. they're definitely out here in full force. but so is the traffic. we're seeing two tractor-trailers coming, looks like they're safeway trucks. the grocery stores got slammed with all this snow. so the trucks are definitely needed. but they're having a tough go of it out there. starting to see snowy conditions out there. we had quite a bit of slush that occurred overnight. and then around 4:00 in the morning turned over to snow. we've had consistent snow ever since then. we are expecting several inches of accumulation. we talked to jim carrey with prince george's county, a spokesperson for the county. he described the roads that he's seen so far this morning, their
6:37 am
conditions. >> this morning i went to forestville, around route 50, there were two lanes that were open at that point, coming out here to buoy to talk to you, the lanes were being covered back up with snow again. it's been unfortunate because we've been working very hard to get into all the neighborhoods and get all the streets passable. and this new snowstorm has made it a lit more difficult. >> reporter: they had to pull the heavy equipment out of the neighborhoods. they only have small apparatus out there in the neighborhoods, still working on the residential streets. they had to scale that back. they're trying to tackle the bigger roads. if you don't have to be out, stay home and enjoy it. enjoy it from your armchair. back to you all. >> thanks very much, megan mcgrath reporting live. >> let's find out how the roads are looking in d.c. news4's tracee wilkins continues our live team coverage.
6:38 am
>> good morning, eun, good morning, joe. the wind is really picking up out here. the snowflakes a are a little smaller. they are definitely whipping around. joining us is pete with d.c. fire and ems. thanks for coming out. how are the roads looking to you? >> they made real good progress overnight. the main roads are in great shape. it's been a challenge for a couple days. the fire rescue crews have been out and about. challenge for us to get some places. i think we're up to the challenge today. >> let's talk about calls. what have you been seeing coming in? >> a pretty quiet night. we've take ten last day or so to recover, replenish, restock. now we recall people, we have a good plan in place, additional ems units, additional firefighters, loaded up on our -- our initial apparatus with enough personnel if and when we do have a fire. it could be a real problem with the wind and the cold temperatures. of course, firefighting in this type of weather is difficult anyway. we use water to fight fires.
6:39 am
it freezes. it makes things a little more difficult. of course, most of our calls are ems related. it's also a challenge for our ems folks to get down the streets. we have four-wheel drive vehicles. we have a partnership with d.c. national guard. i think we're prepared. we had a good plan in place for the last storm. i think we have sa better one in place for this storm. hopefully we're up to the challenge. but we want people to understand to stay prepared. hopefully they've taken a look at their emergency kits. stay informed. listen to channel 4 and others. stay informed on what's going on. we expect tough weather coming up later today. stay safe f. they k stay at home. that the best advice we can offer. >> reporter: thank you so much, pete. we know pete has to say stay tuned to channel 4 and others. but you know just channel 4. we'll be out here all day giving you the latest updates and also this weather. starting to stick even more to these roads. as much as the snow is coming
6:40 am
down, that's how much is really accumulating. tracee wilkins back in northwest. >> that's what pete meant. >> that is at he meant. we'll take a break right now. 6:39 is the rhyme right now. 30 dprees. a reminder metro rail is running underground only. no bus service above ground. 
6:41 am
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6:43 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. continuing to snow all across the region. as we look at the radar, the green is where it's snowing harder. a band of heavy snow in culpepper county, moving into fauquier and rappahannock. that stretches across the blue ridge into warren and clark counties. also getting light to moderate snow in washington and southern montgomery county, northern prince george's county. we have temperatures beginning to drop. it's down to 28 in washington. all this snow is sticking. we have winter storm warnings in effect today. all the county ins pink. counties in red under blizzard warnings later on. as we take a look at the snow totals by tend of the day, it looks likes we could have eight
6:44 am
to 12 inches around much of the metro region. quite a bit more northeastern maryland. a lot of wind kicking in this afternoon and evening, gusting over 40 miles an hour. we've been hitting the traffic cameras hot and heavy. here is a live picture that shows you exactly what happened at 45th and mass avenue near american university as the snow continues to fall, road conditions are very, very poor. maryland, we'll take a look. this is i-95 at route 32, the northbound side, only one passable travel lane and extremely poor visibility. eun, joe. >> thanks very much, jerry. our time right now is 6:44. 30 degrees out there. a reminder all d.c. government offices are closed. the federal government is closed and all schools are closed. >> metro is only running underground trains this morning. all bus and metro access are canceled.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
-- not plowing as frequently. we've seen them at least twice in the last hour. i showed you last time we talked that kind of slushy stuff that the plows were pushing up here and clocking us into to driveway where we're parked. now there's a light layer of powder on top of it already. so you can see it is accumulating. let's take a look at video we shot about 15 minutes ago. not a whole lot of people out here today in vienna, va vachlt one woman decided it s a good time to jog with her dog. and we talked to her -- we're seeing her jog? yes. jogging down west maple. she said this is something she and her dog do every day without fail. she said the dog was the only one in the entire family enjoying the storm. let's listen in to what she had to say. >> i'm running my dog who likes to run every day, at least five
6:49 am
miles on the railroad trail which is now covered until spring. >> why do you say that? >> because there's at least two feet of snow, a few cross-country skiers and dog lovers have been on it. but it's not packed down enough. >> how would you describe conditions today? >> stay at home. >> there's a lot of ice underneath the packed snow on the road. definitely stay at home. >> what's the jogging like? >> it's difficult, but on the side roads it's not bad. she's learned how -- the dog has learned how to walk very slowly for an old lady like me. >> reporter: not such an old lady and in great shape. i want to show you the ice she's talking about underneath this snow. take my ice scraper down to the ground. a thick layer of ice on the ground, a bunch of snow on top, and many of you will encounter that on your cars this morning if you do have to get out. reporting live in vienna, kimberly suiters, news 4. joe and eun, back to you.
6:50 am
>> kimberly, thanks very much. on the telephone is angela gates from metro. thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> i understand that trains above ground are not running today, or do you anticipate it's possible they will be running a little later today? >> well, currently, as you've been reporting, we only have underground metro rail service and no service for metro bus or metro access because of the poor road conditions. we'll be monitoring conditions throughout the day to see what kind of service labels we'll be able to provide. really we're going to be focusing our efforts on clearing the above ground tracks in an effort to have service available tomorrow. so in all likelihood, above ground service probably will not be able today. but we will be doing our best to get back in action as quickly as possible. >> and often you run the trains on the aboveground tracks to keep the tracks clear.
6:51 am
have crews been working overnight to make sure you pretreated some of the tracks? >> yes. our crews have been working around the clock literally for the last several weeks with all of these snowstorms. so they've been working to clear the tracks. again, once the snow reaches a certain level of about eight inches, it makes it hard because we have to remove that snow and then come in with the deicer trains and polishers to keep the rails clear and free of ice. that becomes difficult when the snowfall is heavy and there is significant accumulation. we've been working. we've been been storing a lot of our rail cars underground at strategic locations where we're able to do that. so we're able to save some of o our trains. we don't have to store them in the rail yard. that should help us have more cars available to service when we're able to go back to full service. >> angela gates with metro. thanks so much for joining us. good luck clearing the tracks so you can get the service running
6:52 am
by at least tomorrow. 6:51. time for weather and trafficing to on the 1s. >> the snow started lightly to moderately yesterday afternoon into the evening hours. after midnight we had a brief period of sleet and rain. now back to all snow across practically all of virginia, maryland, eastern panhandle of west virginia, now snowing into pennsylvania as well. as we take a look at the closer view of our local radar, where you see the green is where it's snowing hvily. heavy snow in fauquier county. that stretches up into rappahannock county, western loudoun county, eastern panhandle of west virginia and southern jefferson county as well as in clark county, they're getting heavy snow. that's just also heading off to the northeast, about to move into frederick and montgomery county. southern montgomery county, northwestern washington getting some moderate to heavy snow as well. now, as we take a look at the temperatures around the region, it is certainly cold everything is sticking, and the snow is sticking as well.
6:53 am
chuck bell joins me now with all the latest totals. how is it look sng. >> yeah, indeed. lots of new snow totals coming in. if you have a total you want to report, chuck.belle@nbc.m, you can send me an e-mail there. peg in maryland, a thin coat of ice right now. that will be changing over to snow there. as we get toward places like arlington, kathy has five inches. ? lub bucksville, shannon reporting five inches. generally speaking three to five inches from d.c. southbound. in the pennsylvania border we had nine inches reported by keith in pennsylvania. there's two pictures that best describe the difference between this snow and the snow from 100-plus years ago. this is how we're dealing with it in 2010, blame the weather man, not us, starbucks is closed. if eastbound february of 1899, the last time we had this much
6:54 am
snow was twinter of 1899. this is what northwest washington looked like in the wake of the blizzard. no cars obviously, just horses and shovels. tom? >> great shots, chuck. let's check the view at reagan national airport. there's a live picture. the visibility is down. and it is snowing moderately to heavily there now at reagan national where the temperature right now is at 28 degrees. so that snow is certainly sticking. temperatures as well in the suburbs, down into the 20s in montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george's county, in the 20s around the region and below freezing. we have wantder storm warning in effect form about all of northern virginia. the county ins red under a blizzard warning later today and tonight, winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. eastern shore, anne arundel, howard, frederick counties and maryland. that blizzard warning stretches up into new jersey and into long island as well. all the other counties in pink under a wrinter storm warning. this storm is having enormous
6:55 am
effects over a wide area. we've got circulation coming in off the ohio valley into the central appalachians. when that gets off the coast, it's going to develop low pressure explosively. that will increase our snow amounts, too, up to 12 inches by the time it all ends by later today around the metro area. higher amounts farther north and east. lighter amounts farther south and west. 45 might be gusts later this afternoon and this evening into tomorrow morning, causing significant drifting of the snow. sun is back thursday, friday and saturday. how is the traffic? >> we'll let the pictures tell the story. this is springfield. we're afraid of the fly-over ramps. they will ice up first. crews have been treating them as quickly as possible. we'll go to maryland along i-95, looks so desolate. this is near route 32, on 95 northbound near 212. beltsville, roword of a vehicle stuck in the roadway. only one lane gets by here,
6:56 am
pretty serious crash. the roads are also covered with snow in maryland this morning. >> news4's megan mcgrath is joining us from buoy. what are we seeing now, megan? >> reporter: you can see the snow is still coming down. we've got rather large, fluffy flakes coming down. we're starting to see things begin to accumulate here. we had slush and sleet overnight that came down. everything was coated first in ice. and then we started to see the snow. you can see through the intersection there, 301. weave got a snowplow and a small contractor coming right behind him. we've seen a lot of activity in terms of plows being out. they've been plowing as well as laying down some of the salt and th chemicals there to try to get a handle on all this. we're starting to see it stack up here. really those secondary roads in the neighborhood are not in good shape at all. what they are told by the county is they got basically 95% of those residential streets taken care of after the last big snow.
6:57 am
5% still hasn't been touched. they had to pull a lot of their big trucks out of those neighborhoods to put them on the main roads with the this new event. we're starting o to see accumulation. take it easy out there. because of this developing weather story, we will not be joining "the today show" right now. >> our live coverage of another blast of winter weather will continue next at 7:00 a.m. stay with us.
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