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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 10, 2010 5:28pm-6:00pm EST

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well, this could be an encouraging picture to some of you who are thinking how much you might like to get out of town as quickly as possible. this is the scene at reagan national airport. they're trying to get things cleared out, but as things stand right now, nobody is coming or going at national airport at this moment. but they're trying. >> cancun is looking real good right now, isn't it? >> it sure is. forget iceland. >> pat, iceland or cancun? which do you prefer? what do crow think? >> i prefer a little cancun. right now. i would love to be on a plane to cancun right now, vance. can you make that happen? can you? what about just like myrtle beach? anyway, we're here. it's hard to tell whether or not it stopped snowing and the wind has picked up and it's just
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blowing the snow around or it's still snowing and it's snowing sideways again. i'm here with jonathan and elizabeth. they're coming out. how was your -- what did you do today, jonathan? >> i snt the first half of the day trying to be productive and working, but cabin fever got the best of us. we had to come out and grab dinner and a beer. >> now what are you going to do? >> go have another beer. and then in a couple hours? >> call it a night and try not to freeze. >> what about you, elizabeth? >> i'm with with him. >> what has this been like for you? >> it's really boring. i'm ready for a florida vacation. >> are you ready for it to stop? >> yes. please stop snowing. please! please! this is too much. i'm moving out of d.c. just because of this. >> let's turn off the snow machine, huh? >> i'm all for that. >> all right. i'm here with jonathan and elizabeth. as you can see, more and more people are coming out as we move closer to the evening.
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i think people are getting a lot of cabin fever. they got to get out and move around. they got to pick up their life, vance. >> i think now that elizabeth is out, she wants to go back in. she is not a happy camper out there today. tell her to go back home. >> this is not a day at the beach here. i'll tell you that right now. >> it ain't cancun. >> we ought to mention before we leave pat, the schools in d.c. will be closed again tomorrow. just so you know. >> which makes sense. >> yes, it does. jane watrel is over in virginia. she's in alexandria. what's happening over there? >> cabin fever is huge here in alexandria. we're starting to see signs of life here. with me is the mayor of alexandria. he's going to talk about what's happening in the city. i know, mayor, you were out shoveling all day today like many of our residents. >> of course. you know, this is the best thing to do so you don't have cabin fever. what i want to stress, i want to thank the city employee whose have been working pretty much
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around the clock. since 7:00 a.m. friday morning when the storm came through and now the second. they just have been doing a great job. and compliment our citizen whose have been very patient and listened to the call to stay in so that they can remain safe and stay off the streets so we can get the streets plowed and cleared. also, i want to make mention of the fact that we have been today -- crews have been out checking on buildings. buildings and schools and everything else for structural -- make sure that they have no damage or anything and that -- if there's a need to remove snow off rooftops, we've been doing that. we've been doing the things that are very important and senessenl in terms of safety. the city government was shut down today. it will be closed tomorrow. public school system was shut down today and will be on thursday. a decision will be made regarding the federal government and metro.
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>> speaking of metro, let's talk about the costs. we could talk about the costs with metro and the costs to alexandria. >> it's very expensive to deal with the -- thesewo very big storms. i saw an e-mail today that came in from metro that indicated that so far we've incurred over $4.35 million in costs sksh s ae would the two storms. likewise, the city government, we're probably five, six times over the annual budget for snow removal. while, you know, the snow is here, we have the responsibility to clear it and make sure that folks are safe. >> and just one final thing. so schools are closed. any decision for the rest of the week or do we just go day by day? >> we're going day by day at this point. again, it depends on streets being cleared, sidewalks, getting to bus stops, safe routes. and the ability to walk. right now, with the cold temperatures tonight, even though the storm has ended for the most part, it's going to freeze up tonight. so it's just going to exacerbate
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the situation. so we'll just deal with it day by day, hour by hour. >> i think that's a good point. you think, wow, people are -- you know, cabin fever. people want to get out and drive. but in a couple of hours, the temperatures are going to dip. >> we want folks to enjoy the opportunity of being home with family and enjoy getting out and playing and having fun. shovel the sidewalks, clear the fire hydrants. if you want to walk around, be safe as you're walking. you know, certainly businesses are open and they're looking for business. >> yes, exactly. thank you so much, mayor. that's the latest here in alexandria. again, we are really seeing a clearing here. it's very, very windy. but at least the snow seems to have stopped. and the plows are out trying to clear the streets. citizens should be seeing a lot of results in the next few hours. back to you. >> thank you, jane. folks are stepping out down around freedom plaza. they're stepping out down in old town alexandria.
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craig melvin is out in columbia heights on 14th street. folks stepping out around that way, too, craig? >> folks are having a blast. they've been hanging out here for hours. i want to highlight the different modes of trsportation that we're seeing. what is your name? >> ryan. >> we've seen a lot of cars today unfortunately. a lot of pedestrians. you, sir, are the first bicyclist. >> i'm honored. i was staying in my bedroom and got pretty bored. i decided to come out and get exercise. >> you realize you're in a blizzard. >> i know, but i love the ski, i love to snowboard. so iind of had that itch to come out. and do what i can. >> this is how you scratch that itch, huh? >> that's right. >> what aboutwalking? did you think about taking a casual stroll? >> it's too boring, too slow. i wanted to start a new sport. >> where do you live? >> right here in columbia heights right by the metro station. >> where are you going? >> i'm working in a hospital.
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>> make sure you don't end up in the hospital. we've got a likealibicyclist an cross-country skier as well. you look like jason, but i don't think that's your name. >> i'm robert. >> where did you start and where are you going? >> i came about ten blocks up 13th street. i'm headed over to irving street and then i'm headed downhill. looking forward to that. >> what is -- what's the -- what's the thing with the skis here? >> nothing, nothing. it's just fun to ski. you can very rarely ski in the city. >> you're having a blast with this. you seem to really be enjoying it. >> i'm delighted, yeah. >> you took at umbrella down because it gave way, didn't you? >> yeah. >> what is your name? >> kristen. >> i'm will. >> craig. >> hey, that's a good name. craig, that's a good name. >> jeremy. >> jamie. >> christy. >> i just saw you folks. where are you headed and where are you coming from? >> i came from navy yard metro and we're headed down the street. >> have you not heard that the district is asking residents to
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stay inside unless you're part of essential personnel? >> i thought we weren't allowed to drive. >> i thought we were essential personnel. >> i want to introduce you to chris. >> ski glasses. that's pretty hard-core. >> when we got here, this chevy corvette like many of the cars on this block was completely covered in snow. then we met this gentleman here who is digging it out. sir, what is your name? >> gregory. >> and this isn't even your c corvet corvette, is it? >> no, it's a friend of mine's. i'm trying to dig it out so it won't put too much pressure on it. >> you're a good friend. >> he's a good friend, too. >> tell gregory to tell his friend to find a garage. you don't put a corvette out on the street in a blizzard. find a garage, my brother! >> jim vance says your friend should be able to find a garage and put that corvette in it. >> true, true. >> he said true, true.
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good luck. i'll let you get back to it. vance, again, the scene here at 14th and irving, the pedestrian traffic here has not let up at all. people still walking the streets. they're going to the cvs, they're getting off the metro. people appear to be stir crazy. they've got cabin fever. they're getting out and about. >> it's no wonder after all we've been through. all right. thank you. >> they are not getting out and about in corvettes. >> thank you, craig. >> we'll be back with morin a moment. stay with us.
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there are heroes all over d.c., and that makes it tough a drive, but all the better for guys who use a little bit of imagination. i think he was trying to do a flip. >> i think he needs to get a little more speed up if he's going to do a flip. i think he hit a rough patch. >> once is not enough. here he's going to go, trying it again. on the streets of washington, d.c., that's "k" street right down there. might be a good idea to stop about now. there you go, my man. >> made a turn. that's pretty good. >> he's got something going for him. >> heir getting out a little bit. let's -- we showed the scene at reagan national airport a few minutes ago. let's find out the situation at our airports in d.c. tara hamilton is on the phone. she's with the washington airports authority. tara, what is the status as national and at dulles ?
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>> i feel like a broken record. day six, our crews are continuing to plow snow and haul it off of the airfield. and they're doing a good job. they've been out -- it's interesting. people have cabin fever. our people have been out for six days. they would probably like to get into the cabin. they've been working hard and i think we're making some headway on getting the airfields cleared. we'll know tomorrow morning what the status will be for both airports in terms of operations. >> right now nothing is getting in or out at either airport? >> no. we have -- the airlines canceled all flights for today. they did that yesterday when the storm was coming through. >> so you won't know until tomorrow at what point you'll be able to get planes up and let some land, right? >> right. we'll know tomorrow morning when we can open and then, of course, the airlines have removed all their aircraft from this region wisely. they didn't want them to be stuck here. so the first order of business is getting the planes back in. so people who have departing flights, we first got to get the
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planes in and then get back on schedule. >> tara, we've seen all kinds of issues with blowing and drifting snow. how difficult is that making it for your crews at the airports trying to clear those runways? >> it makes it more difficult. that's why before this storm came in, we did a lot of work hauling the snow from the first storm away so at least we could start with a clean slate. now we're back at it. >> all right. tara hamilton from the washington airports authority, thank you. hopefully things will improve at both of our airports soon. >> a lot of people are trying to get out of here. bob ryan,accumulation? >> it depends on where you live. that's been the story with these storms. five inches of snow, five inches of snow in madison county. 22 inches of snow in baltimore county. so for -- ined, for folks that were in the bullseye this time, you're still going to be getting
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more snow. across northern maryland, there's the blizzard warning stilin effect until 10:00. visibilities really tell it. you can see, look at camp springs. look at baltimore. down to a quarter mile. why? there's this blob of intense snow again coming north to south. missing fairfax county now, but still for folks into baltimore and i'll zoom in to it for folks also into spots like even prince george's county. boy, you're still catching it unfortately. i'll go right around the district. we'll zoom down. look at the difference between mitchellville andhen alexandria. i know you're getting still snow there, but these are the areas still getting the moderate to heavy snows. not only that but also with the winds and the temperatures in the 20s, the windchills making it feel like it's in the teens. these winds are still with us. the winds will diminish after 11:00, 12:00. these amounts will go up another four or five inches.
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it's possible there could be some spots even approaching 30 inches in northeastern baltimore county. down to the west and southwest, not all that much. we've had here in washington 28.3 inches of snow for the week. for the week. and it is more than we had in the knickerbocker storm. and now we're two inches greater than the previous record for wint er season. 55.6 inches of snow. there's the wind coming in. overnight tonight, we'll continue to see it move off. finally by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, the snow does diminish. it will be breezy tomorrow, but at least it will allow everybody to begin on top of things. i think the winds tomorrowill be, oh, still 15, 20 miles an hour. but still blowing and drifting during the evening. the snow tapering off west to east. pretty much for downtown and spots like falls church and even mclean.
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probably pretty much -- you'll still see bursts coming through. temperatures tomorrow will only be rising from the low 20s into the 30s. here's some good news. temperatures on thursday and friday and even into saturday will be a bit above freezing. we'll let that strong february sunshine start packing things down a little bit. but there's no sign of any really widespread melting. by the time we get into next week, we might see another area of snow come through. i want to emphasize little. temperatures in the 30s. it will still be days if not weeks to recover from what has been our greatest and our snowiest winter of all time. and the snowiest week that we've had. once again, over 28 inches of snow just in waington, which means there are areas for you folks in montgomery county and up to the north that have had more than 45 ins of snow in one week. that's incredible. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >> thank you, bob. we will be back with more in a moment.
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a lot of props a lot of love have to go out to the guys who have been working on the roads for the last several days. many of them 12-hour shifts. a lot of them have not seen their family or had rest at all. ashy linder, how have they been doing? >> they've been doing a great job in virginia. let's take a look at the 95. you make your way southbound. 95 at its length into fredericksburg, you can see blacktop. it's not a trip you want to make. the hov, nobody is using those
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right now. that's because they have been a sheet of ice all morning and afternoon. along 395 and 95, they are shut down. they are doing treating with the flashing lights. they're putting some stuff down to try to fix the issue. big problem out of maryland, however. 95, this is what it looks like at route 32. as you continue southbound, you are going to find that all lanes of 95 are blocked. this is due to three separate jack-knifed tractor-trailers in the stretch between 198 and 212. that's only a mile in between and there's three jack-knifed tractor-trailer. they sent plows up in the southbound lanes but going in the northbound direction. that's how dire the situation was. they couldn't save the tractor-trailers. they're trying to right the situation, but as for right now, 95 remains shut down. you can see the roadway. this is the 14th street corrid r corridor. things have cleared out there. we couldn't see the cross street there for quite some time, but
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14 just continues to improve. but still, it's in your best interest to stay home. back to you. >> all right. ashley, thank you. it is going to end eventually. >> yes. >> it's reassuring to see pavement and -- >> we can depend on that one fact. >> yes. that's right. >> it will end. >> it won't last forever. we'll be back with more. stay tuned.
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we have a heth warning tonight if your power should go out. local hospitals have been reporting a number of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning over the past few days. they say it's because people without power have been using outdoor grills inside of their homes to cook as well as generators for electricity. using any type of appliance with combustible fumes indoors can lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide in the house once you breathe in the fumes. remember, you cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. red blood cells can latch on to the carbon monoxide instead of oxygen and that causes you to suffocate. symptoms include headache, dizziness, weakness and nausea. the cdc says people need to be
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especially careful about going to sleep because you can die before you ever experience any of those symptoms. so the way to prevent that to avoid that, don't use any of those appliances with combustible fuels. don't use a grill or a generator inside your house. doctors also warning that cold temperatures, strong winds and snow-covered roads and sidewalks can have a huge impact on your health if you are not careful. local hospitals have already reported dozens of patients who have come in with broken bones and sprains from falls. heart attacks and cardiac problems are always a risk when it comes time to shovel. but another big concern is for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. very cold air can aggravate the lungs which can trigger than asthma attack. if you can, stay indoors. if you have to go out, wear scarves that cover your nose and your mouth to help filter out the cold air.
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now some sights and sounds of the blizzard of 2010 round two. take a look.
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boy, it was really rough out there today. the second blizzard in less than a week. it caused whiteout conditions all across the metropolitan area today. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler.
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we're not done with this storm yet. snow is still falling across our area. and the high winds are still causing problems out there. bob is in the storm center with more on all of this and when it is finally going to end. bob? >> it's still a few hours before we'll see finally the -- for the


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