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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 2, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the former mayor of violating conflict of interest laws. >> that report was completed by washington attorney robert bennett. it focuses on contracts that barry gave to his ex-girlfriend and other associates. jane watrel is outside the council chambers now in northwest d.c. she joins us now with more. >> jim, this damaging report was eight months in the making. it's on its way to the u.s. attorney's office for a possible criminal probe. by a 12-0 vote, the d.c. council came down hard on marion barry. while the ward 8 council member recused himself from voting on his fate, he did not sit silently by. >> that's not justice. that's not due process. you expect this in russia or iran or someplace. not in america. >> reporter: the former mayor was stripped of his committee chairmanship and censured.
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an investigation revealed that barry allegedly awarded contracts to a girlfriend and associates, taking kickbacks in return. council members said very little during this special meeting. >> in my opinion, what we're doing now to one of our colleagues -- let me just state that i -- i support the recommendations. >> reporter: barry claimed he was singled out and called the sanctions against him an injustice. >> the report reduced marion barry, 40 years of service, to a petty thief. reduced marion barry, 40 years of service, to a selfish hustle. and i think that's wrong. >> the definition of censure for the d.c. city council is that it's a punitive action which serves as a penalty imposed for wrong-doing. but it carries no fine or
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suspension of the rights of the member as an elected official. censure should be used for cases in which the council determines that the violation of law on policy is a serious offense. in this case in the -- in the report, in the resolution, they say that marion barry, meaning the council agrees that marion barry had a gross failure to meet the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. afterwards, marion barry told reporters that he didn't care that he was stripped of his chairmanship because he says it will give him more time to spend with the people of ward 8. reporting live in northwest, i'm jane watrel. back to you, jim. >> thanks, jane. a change at the top of metro. the transit agency is expected to appoint richard saurels as general manager. he's the former chief of new jersey transit. the appointment is expected to be announced at thursday's board meeting and would be for the next six to 12 months. he would lead the agency as it
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faces crucial safety and money issues. some parts of this area could see snow overnight. veronica has more on this. >> that's right, jim. another weather system for us, but with a low impact on our area for the overnight and tomorrow morning. right now we're seeing on radar some light rain showers across the bulk of the area but there are a few neighborhoods and some counties like montgomery county and howard county. gaithersburg, ellicott city, damascus, too, light snow being reported. so the air in the neighborhoods there, cold enough for a little bit of snow to start mixing in. this is a storm system that's developing south of the area. around eastern georgia where atlanta, peach tree city getting some snow. winter storm warnings are in effect for northeastern georgia, for areas of south carolina, the mountains of north carolina and raleigh, north carolina, where two to four inches of snow will accumulate. that's a lot more than what we get here. by tomorrow we'll look at snow. temperatures around freezing
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with a little bit of sleet. roads will just be mainly wet. for tomorrow morning, light snow, light sleet mixed together but with little or no accumulation. i think on some of the grass we might see a half inch. there could be a little more further north. more details in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. today the u.s. postal service said it needs to cut delivery one day a week if it's going to keep workers paid and the mail moving. the agency is expected to end this year $7 billion in the red. >> the problem is we just don't mail things as much as we used to. years ago, everyone in this country would get six pieces of mail a day. now it's four. in a few years it's expected to go down to three. today the postmaster general said he's got a plan. you'll get your mail but only five days a week.
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>> we really need our mail six days a week. >> reporter: delivery may end on tuesdays or saturdays to avoid price hikes and layoffs. >> we need to reinvent, redefine and reinvigorate the value of mail to business and households. >> reporter: the agency's in the red due to mandatory $5 billion a year payments for retired workers' health insurance and this. e-mail and online billing. big companies told postal consultants -- >> we'll get rid of the bills and invoices in the next three years. >> reporter: but mail is still big business for advertisers. >> direct marketers really, really want a robust and fiscally sound postal service because without that, we lose a major, major marketing channel. >> reporter: federal law prohibits closing post offices just to save money, so the postmaster is asking congress for the okay to move services to pharmacies and grocery stores.
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>> we can provide people access seven day as week. >> what they're doing right now suits me. >> reporter: more places to send mail but perhaps soon less coming to your door. but not right away. this is not a done deal. the postmaster wants to pitch this idea to the postal commission next month. i'm tracie potts. >> thank you. some good and some bad news for automakers today. some new recalls were announced. in the meantime, the industry reported an upward tick in sales. jay gray has our report. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> reporter: on a day when the numbers were good, the news again was not. >> we will not rest until these cars are safe. >> reporter: lawmakers continued to press toyota over problems with sticking accelerators. again questioning executive from the automaker today. at one point during a heated discussion, telling transportation secretary ray lahoud he's now charged with, quote, cleaning it up. >> the toyota recall situation
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is very serious and we are treating it seriously. >> reporter: even as it's apparently getting worse. toyota recalling another 1.6 million vehicles now to repair potentially leaky oil hoses. executives say the latest recall is a maintenance issuend not a safety problem. general motors is also recalling more than a million compact cars because of a power steering problem. the u.s. models affectred the 2005 to 2010 cobalt and the 2007 to 2010 pontiac g-5. even though the weather is not cooperating across much of the country, auto sales actually showed a strong increase in february. today ford announced a 43% jump over the same month last year. hyundai was up 23%. gm, 11.5. chrysler, .5%. >> these numbers are very good compared to last year, but last year was the -- the first quarter was a raving disaster. >> reporter: a disaster that continues for toyota on the heels of all the problems and
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bad publicity, sales dropped 8.7%. trying to stop that slide, dealers have announced a new buyer incentive program. >> they'll beef up the sales this year with all the money they're spending and try to protect their turf. longer term, they'll have issues. >> reporter: looking to hold on to their increased market share, u.s. automakers are expected to announce a new round of rebates an0% financing as well. jay gray, nbc news. >> auto executives at ford and gm say they don't have the figures to back it up, but they believe their companies are definitely seeing a benefit because of the problems that toyota is having. president obama is following up on last week's health care summit with a letter to lawmakers. the president wrote that he was open to several republican proposals that came out of the health care summit. one of those ideas is cracking down on medicare for fraud proposed by tom coburn. coburn says he's not swayed by the president's words and that he still favors starting over on
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health care reform. the president will give another speech on health care tomorrow at the white house. one member of the u.s. senate continues to hold up a spending bill that he says isn't paid for. that's senator jim bunning, a republican from kentucky. he's blocking a $10 billion spending bill that would extend unemployment benefits among other things. he says he is not opposed to the bill itself but that he doesn't want the cost to add to the deficit. despite pleas from democrats and republicans today, bunning is holding firm in his position. >> let us either vote on that or withdraw your objection. >> is there objection? >> there is. i object. >> objection is heard. >> the block has forced 2,000 federal employees into furlough. it's stopped more than 40 highway projects. senator mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate, says he's working with democrats to
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set up a vote that would pass that legislation. two years ago the supreme court struck down d.c.'s handgun ban. now the city of chicago may be next. chicago has outlawed guns since 1982, but the court's d.c. decision led to an immediate challenge of the law in chicago. the question is whether the earlier decision affects only the district or whether it can bepplied nationwide. a majority of the justices will say chicago cannot ban handguns in the home. the court's ruling, thou, is still months away. coming up tonight, people in northern virginia reported hearing unusual explosions near their hoses today. aftershocks test the nerves of the people of chile after this weekend's deadly earthquake. a crackdown on human trafficking has led to three arrests in montgomery county. a bill that allows same-sex marriages in the district goes into effect tomorrow. how couples and businesses are preparing.
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coming up in sports, the nationals are eager to put 2009 behind them. and will the capitals be wheeling and dealing at the nhl trade deadline? and ft. washington native joe hayden tries to impress a potential employer at the nfl co
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strong aftershocks continue to rattle the people of chile. amateur video shows the ground
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shaking and increased waves in the bay during an after shock this morning. food is scarce along the chilean coast. the country's president says hundreds of tons of food, water and other necessities are going to be arriving soon in the region. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in santiago today on a mission to offer moral support and supplies. mark potter has that story. >> reporter: secretary clinton has come here to show u.s. support for the chileans in this time of crisis. after first hesitating to ask for international aid, the cheans changed their mind after realizing the scope of this disaster wp the secretary brought with her satlite phones and a technician. the u.s. promises to do all it can to help the chileans. some search and rescue teams are standing by in the u.s. uncase they're needed. >> one of the reasons they've asked me to continue my trip is to assess whatever else they
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might need and immediately to begin the process of providing it. >> now, the two biggest problems facing the chilean government right now are the distribution of aid, food, water and shelter and security. particularly in the town of concepcion in the hardest-hit earthquake zone. there people have been complaining loudly about the slow pace of distribution. yesterday, some looters set fire to a marketplace there and also broke into homes and businesses. police used tear gas and water canons to try to quell those crowds and also troops have been sent to that area. 10,000 troops as the president here has complained about what she called a pillage and the criminality there. the government here is promising to speed up the aid response as it struggles with a situation of security. mark potter, nbc news, santiago, chile. >> a group of 40 retirees enjoying a vacation at a camp
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ground in chile was swept away by a tsunami that was triggered by the earthquake. the group tried to get to higher ground, but it didn't help. the tsunami came in three waves. only five of their bodies have been found so far. dozens of people were killed. hundreds are missing after heavy rains in uganda caused landslides that buried entire villages. at least three villages have been wiped out on the uganda/kenya border. it's usually dry between rainy seasons. yesterday there was a seven-hour downpour. the bbc reports at least 100 people were killed in the mudslides. ugan uganda's disaster minister says 300 including at least 60 children are missing. there is a legal setback for those two american missionaries still jailed in haiti on
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kidnapping charges. a haitian judge held a hearing on the case today. he's not ready to release them. he did not explain why. the judge said he would probably let them go. laura sillsby and charisa coulter face charges for kidnapping. eight other missionaries detained with them were released last month. it appears increasingly likely that five young men from our area will face terrorism charges in pakistan. today prosecutors presented the case against them to a judge. the charges include waging war against pakistan. the defendants are muslim americans from northern virginia. they were arrested soon after they reached pakistan in december. a senior police official said they would be deported. defense lawyers say the men were on their way to afghanistan and had no plans to stage attacks inside pakistan. the next hearing is set for march 10th. coming up tonight a bill that would allow people in virginia to carry concealed guns
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into bars. and we've got our forecast coming up. stay tuned. tomorrow morning, more winter weather is headed to the washington region. we'll have any delays and an updated forecast with weather and traffic on the 1's. hello, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs, we're also giving away a free trip to new york city and a trip to rockefeller center. to enter, go to and search 30 rock. we'll announce the winner in the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> start your day with "news4 today," we'll see you in the % [ male announcer ] don't like to settle?
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hundreds of surfers in lengland raced to catch a rare wave today. researchers say it's a natural nunomen in. it is formed on a river during a combination of tides. rising water is funneled up the river and forms a wave that moves against the current. it can reportedly travel a distance of about 25 miles. according to british newspapers, experts predicted that today's wave would be larger than normal. and they were right. it was the largest in several years. surfers who were able to hang on reportedly road the wave for
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about ten miles. now, that is cool. >> that is cool. looks like a surfer traffic jam, though, crashing into each other. >> what a great way to spend a day in february. or march. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> wow. >> veronica? >> have you ever seen anything like that before? >> only the big wave pools that they have at the water parks. that one just -- >> that ain't the same. >> that one just goes on and on. well, we are talking about wintry weather around here for the overnight period. a little bit of snow already reported in neighborhoods, but it's not sticking. let's check out the temperatures from todayhere we did have cloud cover around. those rain showers didn't move around until the afternoon. there's a look at the gray sky. today's high, 43 degrees. unlike yesterday's 50, cooler. and tomorrow we should get up to a high of about 40 degrees. the average nhigh now is at 51 degrees. no advisories tt we have to
6:23 pm
worry about. you have to go down to southern virginia, spots like roanoke, southern virginia, lynchburg and danville. and roanoke rapids. nose are the blue-shaded counties. meanwhile, there are pink-shaded counties. that's where the snow is really going to accumulate. winter storm warnings posted there in raleigh-durham and ft. bragg. ashville, north carolina, could see two to four inches of snowfall. it is snowing there and has been snowing the last couple of hours as well as spots further south where it's been around 34, 36 degrees. richmond is at 36. raleigh and atlanta, georgia, has been cooling down from out of the mid-30s to the low 30s here the last couple official hours. damascus, it's 34 degrees. here are the neighborhoods that had light snow reported with the rain mixing in. arlington, virginia, at 34 degrees. your wind pretty light, too. up in howard county, 34 degrees. as we cool, about another two degrees or so, we'll see more of
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that. the mixing with snow showers and then changing over to all snow showers. maybe even sleet by tomorrow morning. meanwhile, for the foothills and for the high spots west, accumulation of snowfall during the overnight period. even for part of the day tomorrow, too. the storm, as i said, is down south. really low pressure just off the coast of georgia right now. it's going to be making its way east and northeastward off the coast as opposed to running directly up the coast as a strong nor'easter. we're still going to get wind out of the storm throughout the afternoon and evening tomorrow. so here's the futurecast over the next 48 hours. little bit of light rain here for the overnight period. then transitioning to light snow and sleet by tomorrow morning. so when you wakeup, take a look out the window tomorrow morning, could be anywhere from a half inch to an inch on the grass, but i think the roads are going to be wet. then through the day tomorrow, a little bit of light rain
6:25 pm
transitioning for the afternoon. again, windy conditions. same thing for thursday. could start the day with snow showers. i think skies on thursday will be partly cloudy by the afternoon. so for your evening forecast, light rain. i-81, light snow. temperatures drop from out of the low-40s to the mid-30s. right now, for tomorrow morning, again, can't see any delays out of this. little accumulation but definitely kind of a conversational type event for us with a low impact of the storm. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. most neighborhoods, 29 to 34. then the other good news with this system is that it will be warm enough during the afternoon that i think it's all going to be liquid precip. 38 to 41 degrees as we transition over to light rain by the afternoon. here's a look at your four-day forecast. we're not going to hit average temperatures after tomorrow. 52 is the average high.
6:26 pm
we stay on the chilly side throughout the day. with wind it will feel more like we're in the mid-30s tomorrow. so a little accumulation with this storm system. not going to be a big deal for us getter around. after that, a warming trend for the weekend. some beautiful sunshine coming our way for saturday and sunday. highs in the low 50s. hopefully we'll see all the rest of the snow melt before we get any big string rains coming our way. >> sounds pretty reasonable. i think we can handle it. a lot of people in loudoun and fairfax county say they herd explosions this morning. that's coming up. same-sex couples will be able to apply for marriage licenses in the district starting tomorrow. a nasa scientist says the earthquake in chile could result in shorter days here on earth.
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back now with our top story. same-gender couples will be allowed to afly marriage looisances in the district
6:30 pm
tomorrow. barring some last-minute intervention, that bill becomes law tomorrow. couples and businesses in the city are already preparing for the weddings. john schriffen has our report. >> it's incredibly exciting. >> reporter: aaron and christopher have been together for 14 years. they have been waiting for this day for most of their lives. now that it's almost here, it's time to decide how to celebrate it. >> i think we want to do something that's pretty traditional but with our own little twist. have a real ceremony with all of our closest friends and family here. >> reporter: the gay and lesbian chamber of commerce says this could mean a boom for local businesses. >> according to the williams institute, the looks like there's going to be $52 million in revenue generated in tourism and retail. >> reporter: one local jeweller has come up with special wedding bands for the occasion ranging in place from 1,000 to $3,000.
6:31 pm
>> it's more symbolic than anything. there's nothing different about the rings. they're platinum, they're gold, there's diamonds. it's a symbol to say we're open, we're here for the community and we have the rings for you. >> reporter: over at the rits carlt carlton, the staff is preparing for events. the hotel's goal is to make it easier for couples by providing photographer, caterer and venue all in one. >> we really want to work with people's budget. i would say probably realistically you'd be looking at 150 range to 250 per person all increasing for the event. >> it's great to feel like such a mainstream part of everyday life. it's just nice. and knowing that there are businesses out there that want to support you makes you want to support them, too. >> couples will first have to come here to superior court and apply for a marriage license. that whole process begins tomorrow morning starting at
6:32 pm
8:30. if you're hoping to be one of the first people in line, the court office doesn't open until 7:00 a.m. john schriffen, news4. >> theourts are also preparing for a rush of couples tomorrow. people may have to wait longer than usual to get their marriage certificate. a man was sentenced today for his role in a street race that left eight people dead in prince george's county. darren bullock's vehicle drove into a crowd that gathered to watch a race two years ago. bullock pleaded guilty last month. he was sentenced today to 15 years in prison. his parents continue to defend their son. >> it's not racing. he was exceeding the posted speed limit. which by itself was wrong and that's what he took responsibility for. >> we're sorry for the families that have lost loved ones. but we have lost, too. he's never been in trouble like this before. >> a judge meanwhile set an
6:33 pm
october trial date for tavon taylor. he is accused of racing against bullock when that deadly accident happened. a jury was unable to decision to a verdict against taylor. he was convicted of reckless driving and speed racing, but that's not punishable by jailtime. several people have been arrested as the result of a crackdown on human trafficking in montgomery county. three men have been arrested in the past month in separate human trafficking cases. in each of the cases, the suspect is accused of using the internet to help their prostitution business. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: suspect number one, rodney hubert. 34 years old, brooklyn, new york. the comfort inn, silver spring. it's alleged that hubert used three female associates to bring a 1 5-year-old girl to this hotel. there they took provocative pictures of the girl and
6:34 pm
advertised her services on craigslist. last day in town for cherry, the ad said. and police say sex clients beat a path to the hotel room door. how did police learn about the prostitution activity at that comfort inn? >> by hotel employees. >> reporter: what did they see? >> they saw lot of foot traffic going in and out wf oun room. >> reporter: when police went inside that room? >> fay found a 15-year-old engaged in a sex act with a male. >> reporter: rodney hubert wasn't at the comfort inn that said. he said he couldn't leave his wife. suspect number two, deangelo bynum, 24 years old, washington, d.c. according to court documents, he used facebook to try and recruit a min into adult work. he asked for pictures and sexy outfits, said he usually tries out the girls first.
6:35 pm
but when he showed up to meet his recruit, that teenage girl turned out to be an undercover cop. big surprise. >> he met the police department. and he was placed und arrest. >> reporter: case closed. >> yes. >> reporter: suspect number three, araj abbas, 32 years old, germantown, maryland. said to be the son of an afghan government offense. police said he would set up prostitutes in the homestead suites and other hotels around the area, advertising their sexual services on the internet. >> he is the master of internet escort sites. >> reporter: but you got him. >> that's correct. >> reporter: the internet has taken the business of prostitution off the streets and put it behind closed doors. but the cops say it's making it easier for them to track what's going on. >> with the blatant advertisement of prostitution, you're just fish in a barrel now to us. >> reporter: upon conviction,
6:36 pm
human trafficking carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail. if a minor is involved, 25 years. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >> police regularly monitor many websites looking for possible illegal activity. a bill that would allow concealed handguns to be brought into bars is on its way to the governor's desk in virginia. it passed the house of delegates in virginia by a vote of 72-27 today. it allows people to carry guns into bars but forbids them from drinking. opponents argue that bringing firearms into places with varying degrees of sobriety will come to a tragic end. governor bob mcdonnell is expected to sign the bill. people all over northern virginia were startled by loud booms from prince william to loudoun county. people were calling to report what they said sounded like
6:37 pm
explosions. turns out it was, in fact, explosions. it was explosive training at quantico marine base. officials tell us the sound from those explosives traveled further than normal today because of cloudy conditions. they say the overcast increased the noise and vibrations because the sound was bouncing back from the clou. coming up, a nasa scientist says the earthquake in chile they end up shortening the ength of the day here on earth. a guy lost a $54 million deposit on a house. and there is a guy in australia who decided he'd take a little nap while he was stranded on a cliff waiting to be rescued.
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outside right now, just a little b of light rain. we're already getting reports of light snow. it is not accumulating but it is all comes from a storm system that is down south. you can see the rotation right there at the end of this loop. it's just between the border there of south carolina and north carolina where most of the moisture now north of jacksonville, north carolina. some heavy rain and thunderstorms on the outer banks. it's been snowing down south. not only atlanta but charlotte, norl. ashville, north carolina, getting some snow. we're likely to see light snow
6:41 pm
here perhaps mixing in with sleet at times during the overnight period. but with very little accumulation, we're in the 30s now. there is a couple of neighborhoods still with ratings now at 34 degrees where that snow has started mixing in. by tomorrow morning we'll start out right around the freezing mark. a lot of spots. so there will be some snow and sleet to start our day. again, just some wet roads. very low impact storm for us in the high temperature tomorrow, up to 40 degrees. should be all liquid with little trouble getting around. by thursday, some clouds still hanging on. friday and the weekend, more sunshine with highs up to 50 degrees. real nice weekend coming our way. >> sunshine sounds good. thank you. we know the earthquake that struck chile over the weekend was in the top ten of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded, but a scientist at nasa says the quake changed the earth's rotation slightly and may have shortened the length of
6:42 pm
our days. it was a magnitude of 8.8. it is the seventh recorded quake in history. richard gross works at nasa in pasadena, california. he and his colleagues worked up computer models to determine the effects of the quake. an earth day was probably shortened by more than one millisecond. he says he's even more impressed that the quake changed the earth's axis by about three inches. the figure axis is the axis around which the earth's mass is balanced. it is not the same as the north/south axis which is earth spins around at a speed of about 1,000 miles an hour. got all that? >> do you want to go over that again? what? there's a billionaire in russia who is poorer today. $54 million poorer. that was the deposit on a house
6:43 pm
that he lost. the man put down more than 54 mil to buy a house in 2008. it is a 20-acre estate overlooking the french riv area. it's an area are the highest property values in the world. the man had agreed to buy the property for $529 million. but he didn't sign the final contract by the deadline date, which in french law means he forfeits his deposit. he appealed, but the judge ruled, nah. the judge ruled in favor of the seller. electric cars aren't really known for appealing to drivers who have that need for speed, but gm is out to prove that its new chevy volt can offer great mileage and still be fun to drive. tonight, we take the vt on a test drive.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: can a guy who drives one of these and one of these, can that guy be happy in one of these? >> i'm a muscle car guy. i've been all of my life. i am interested in what you got zero to 60. >> reporter: the volt is gm's all-electric car. it can go 40 miles on a charge, butts a sedan designed for the american family. not a lot of musthral. >> i expected to come and get into my grandmother's buggy. i expected no power. i expected no -- you know, m minimal control. >> reporter: but the chevy volt will burn rubber, not petroleum. hit it, vance. >> and i did. >> wendy's full report on the chevy volt and we'll find out what vance really thought about that ride. did you even fit in the car? >> actually, i did. >> because several of those could fit in the truck that you drive. >> true. but it was quite comfortable.
6:45 pm
i'm not going to blow the report, but it's on tonight at 11:00. suffice it to say, i was pleasantly surprised. you'd like it, too, i think. >> do you think so? >> i don't know if i can see you driving down the street in one of those. >> you can see me driving in a little -- no, it's aice car. i don't know if i'd buy one, but it's a nice car. >> that's cool. >> we're talking capitals. a lot of guys with anxiety today. their futures are at stake. the capitals, will they be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline? and joe hayden auditns for nfl scouts. and the nationals gearing up for grapefruit league play.
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6:48 pm
so we just went through it in the nba with the trade deadline. and now here we are in the nhl, right? >> the players are saying don't do anything with me, you know? the capitals are sitting pretty. the trade deadline is tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. right now is a time of anxiety. nobody wants to leave this capitals team. bruce boudreau was asked if he thought the general manager would be active at the trade deadline and he said he didn't know that the guys were upstairs. he couldn't get into their offices. they were going over deals. meanwhile, the players are on their way to buffalo for tomorrow night's game. some are worried they might not come back as a capital.
6:49 pm
the capitals are doing so well because this team has unbelievable chemistry. the capitals' last win, february 7th, capping that 14-game win streak. george mcphee knows it's risky to mess up that kind of chemtry. thought could this roster be better? they'd like to keep this team intact. younger guys like eric fair say they don't want to see their phones ring for the next 24 hours. one thing to give them a little comfort, mcphee says he won't get overanshtioxious. he understands the risk involved. >> it's almost like drinking to excess. there's going to be a hangover. you know, if you go crazy and give away young players, the hangover is the next summer when you don't have any picks for the graft and you've given away young players. i don't want to do that. we've got some terrific young players. and we want to be a good team for a long time. if there's something here that makes us better, i'd consider
6:50 pm
it, but i like where the club is right now. >> it can be an anxious time for guys. there can be changes. you know, kind of the -- the evil necessary of our business at times, if you will. but it's no fun. especially if your name is brought up a lot in the rumors. a lot of guys have been through it, but you have to deal with it. but we're on a good team like this. nobody wants to go anywhere. we believe we have a real good chance to accomplish some neat things this year. >> brendan morrison certainly shares the sentiments of a lot of his teammates. this team could use some beef on defense, but they're at the point where they don't want to mess up that chemistry. if it ain't broke, don't fix it today at the nfl combine, it was the final day for ft. washington native joe hayden to impress nfl teams. he didn't get the results that many expected. he clocked a 40 time at 4.57 seconds. then 4.6 on the second.
6:51 pm
it's surprising because experts expesed him to run as quick as 4.4. hayden will help that he impressed in other areas. he's protected as a top-ten draft pick. this is an opportunity he's been waiting for his entire career. some mock drafts saw him going seventh overall. locally, he was a star at friendly high school in ft. washington, maryland. he played quarterback back then. tied the record for touchdown passes with 80. last year at florida he had 57 tackles, four interceptions, three sacks. he says trust me, i can be a jack of all trades for your team. >> somody needs to -- i feel like i can fill in spots. i can do a lot of other things as far as -- i can do -- i could do any kand of special teams. wherever they need somebody at, i can do it. >> there you go.
6:52 pm
joe hayden hoping that he impressed enough to go high on the draft. if you were hoping to see steven straussburg in a nationals uniform on opening day, do not hold your breath. today, nationals manager jim riggleman was nice enough to tip his plans for the young superstar saying, quote, it's just more challenges to pitch in aa or aaa in april than it is in spring training and march. we get a better read. meanwhile, the nationals are preparing for their first spring training game on thursday. for the nationals, in that sun, hope certainly springs eternal as they embark on their 2010 season. the nats are coming off a back-to-back 1 00-loss season. with solid additions to thro roster and a new attitude. they're expecting change in players like willie harris. he said, enough is enough. let's start winning. >> we've made a lot of changes here in the front office, scouting and as far as our ball club goes. we just go out and play ball.
6:53 pm
me personally, i'm sick of losing 100 games. i want to be here when things get better. >> i'm indebted to that -- the players of '09 who are still here and '10 that, you know, for me to get the opportunity to manage this ball club, if they didn't play hard, then i wouldn't be here. so, you know, they played hard, they played with intensity, they agonized over the losses. i appreciate that's the way it was. at the same time, some guys had some really good years and that those people are still here and with the additions that have been made now as we move on to the near '10, i think everybody in the room should feel good about -- we've had a lot of additions with not many subtractions. >> jim riggleman knowing this is when the rebuilding process could pay off. every time i see willie harris i think of pickles because he used to work at a pickle factory. he would stack pickle jars. it had a connection to his father. he told me that last year. now anytime i see him, he loved it. he said that's where he got his
6:54 pm
work ethic. >> we all make connections in different ways. >> yes. moving on to basketball news -- i know, that was bad. anyway, makes you hungry. gilbert arenas actually today talked publicly for the first time selling the associated press that he'd have no problem playing for the wizards again. arenas' sentencing date remains march 26th. to college hoops. the hoyas ranked number seven just three weeks ago have now lost 4 of 5 games. a big part of what they're missing is their leading scorer, austin freeman. couldn't even travel with the team to west virginia because of severe flu-like symptoms. john thompson trying to do what this lady did, juggling his lineup. austin freeman didn't make that trip because of the flu. hoyas in the game. thompson feeds vaughn in the post. finishes with the dunk. the game tied at 5-5. still in the first half, the
6:55 pm
hoyas were keeping t ining it c despite some turnovers. thompson nailing that three. georgetown only down five. the turnovers would be too much. thompson careless with the ball. kevin jones steps in the passing lane and the mountaineers take it the other way. the dunk. west virginia capitalized on 14 first-half hoya turnovers to take a 17-point lead into the locker room. second half, west virgin with good ball movement, wellington smith feeds kevin jones for that lay- lay-up. the hoyas turn the ball over 20 mes. they fall in morgantown 81-68. not the kind of season they want to be having right now. >> you know, that young brother was trying to make the combine. i couldn't help watching him and hearing about his 40 times. i don't think it's -- a couple of months ago, he turned 50 years gyear
6:56 pm
years old anden a ran a 4.6. hayden, step up there, my man. >> these teams that are looking to draft, they have to think about that and say what can this guy do for us? what do we know he can do? >> they're all so fast. >> thanks, lindsay. coming um, a guy who was trapped on the side of a cliff while the rescuers were trying to reach him. he took a little nap. i love economics study group.
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find out what caused one congressman to compare president obama to a cast member on "the jersey shore." police say a world-renowned m model is on the run after being in an accident this afternoon. last week a guy in sydney, australia, had too much to drink and so he decided to go climb on to a ledge on a cliff and watch the sunrise. seemed like a good idea at the time. at some point, the guy sobered up just enough to realize he'd ma made a really big mistake. he was stuck hundreds of feet above some rough seas. fishermen spotted him and called for help. the dude up on the ledge hadn't sobered up all the way, so the only thing he decided to do was he went to sleep. one can only


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