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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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that you think about. it'g we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we caneed everyone on a budget. at giantwe know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials, like top round lonn broil, $1.99 a pound, and healthy choice entrees, 5 for $10. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money, and that works for me. only with your giant card. people like that just can't get away with this type of stuff. >> five soldiers chase down a
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suspected hit-and-run driver, took his keys andinned him down until the police arrived. >> the soldiers were on their way to dinner when their training kicked in. >> reporter: i'm out here live in laurel. the army privates are in training to become journalists, pr specialists and graphic artists. these young soldiers were called upon to do something else. >> all i saw was what looked like a tire being blown out. i realized it was a female rolling. and just scream. >> reporter: after witnessing the horrific hit-and-run accident heidi davis and the four other soldiers in the car sprung into action. this private was behind the wheel. >> i was somewhat angry. i felt it was my duty to get him, make sure he doesn't get a i way. >> he and the soldierses sped
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off in pursuit, trapping the suspect in the dutch county farmer's market. >> i was worried if he had a weapon. i told him to put his hands on his head and pat the guy down. >> we were in civilian clothes. i bet he knew we were soldiers. he was pretty compliant. the thought of five people on him. >> reporter: they held the suspect at bay until the police arrived to make the arrest. >> we don't recommend everybody to do that. we appreciate them assisting the police department. they did a nice job, nobody was hurt and more importantly they weren't hurt. >> the soldiers say it was crazy. credit what they learned at ft. immediate. >> the drill sergeants taught us how to act under high intensity situations. >> reporter: do you feel like a hero? >> no.
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>> reporter: why not? >> i just don't. it was my duty to go get it and stop it and help everybody out the best i could. >> reporter: as for the two victims involved in the accident, ages 29 and 14, they are still in the hospital. they are in stable condition. the suspect allegedly involved in this hit a-and-run was arresd and has been released. authorities are trying to find his identity and charges are pending. >> thanks, john. the police do not plan to charge the parents of a 4-year-old child who was killed in an atv crash over the weekend. investigators believe the child snuck away from his family saturday night and took the at v-out for one more ride. police say his parents let him drive the vehicle earlier in the day. the boy crashed and was pinned in a creek on the family's property. the state of maryland has no age limit for operating atvs on
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private property. >> neighbors of one northern virginia community say enough is enough after a child was nearly hit by a bullet in the middle of the afternoon in manassas. jackie bensen spoke with police. >> reporter: the bullet that went through this window barely missed a toddler, a little girl according to neighbors. it was broad daylight when the grassy area behind an apartment complex became a war zone. two groups of men exchanged gun fire. >> some officers heard the shooting because they were in the area already. when they arrived everybody was gone. they started knocking on doors, ask if everyone was okay. >> reporter: under arrest lucious randallman, he is 25 years old. also under arrest 22-year-old gary williams gibson, he lives on garnett court in manassas.
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police say they found gun, ammunition and drugs. both men are charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. >> the detectives of the violent crimes took over the investigation and worked through the night and by this morning arrested two men. >> reporter: the apartment complex is filled with children. neighbors say this violence is part of a lon simmering problem. >> i mean, it's not good. i'll tell you that one. they need to take it somewhere else, i think. i know it has to be people not from around here. >> reporter: the officers came from this prince william county substation established in an effort to fight crime in this apartment complex. in manassas, jackie bensen, news 4. the battle over health care reform is not done yet, not by a long shot. republicans are still trying to
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find ways to block the plan. the plan would cover millions of americans who currently are uninsured over the next several years. individuals who do not buy insurance will face penalties as will large employees who don't offer insurance. democrats are trying to convince voters that passing health care reform was the right decision. both sides believe their view best represents their constituents. >> today's vote answers the prayers of every american who has hoped deeply for something to be done about a health care system that works for insurance companies but not for ordinary people. >> democrats may have won their vote last night but they lost the argument and they've lost the trust of the american people. >> the president will sign the health care reform bill tomorrow. >> once that bill is signed virginia's attorney general will file a federal court challenge. republican ken cucinnelli says the legislation is unconstitutional. >> it is too much of an
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overreach from the pow ter constitution grants to congress and the president. it is too far. never before in history has the federal government ordered anyone to buy anything. >> virginia recently passed legislation that bars residents forced to purchase health insurance. several other states plan to file similar lawsuits. there are explosive new accusations about the final moments of michael jackson's life and the treatment he received. according to court documents on stained by the associate press, dr. conrad murray is accused of stopping cprr on jackson in order to hide drug vials. he is said to have delayed calling an ambulance. conrad murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. still ahead in our broadcast -- >> mayday!
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>> a new report finds firefighters did not have the proper equipment or training when arriving on the scene of a gas leak that turned explosive. a driver ran down a pedestrian in front of a police officer and hit the accelerator. >> some walter reed patients that are uniquely paired with rescue dogs. we had showers and our first spring thunderstorms. the weather system is yet to move through. what can we expect tomorrow? i will have your forecast. coming up in important, the georgetown women try to advance to the sweet 16. the maryland terps want to move past the tough loss to michigan state. the hokies and huskies down to the wire.
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mayday! >> federal investigators say bad ventilation, insufficient training contributed to injuries from a building explosion in prince george's county last may. eight firefighters were hurt when they responded to a gas leak in a strip mall in forestville and the building exploded. the fire department's equipment didn't function properly. the firefighters weren't properly trained for this kind of situation. the group's report suggests reviewing the standard safety guidelines. rene bouman will spend the rest of her life in prison for
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killing two of her adoptive daughters. a judge shed tears as he sentenced bouman to two life terms without the possibility of parole. she was convicted of murdering the two children. their bodies were found in a freezer in 2008 after bouman's third daughter escaped from their house in calvert county. that child is now in foster care. bouman kept collecting government subsidies for the other girls even after they were dead. thieves stole tens of thousands of dollars from bank custer ins in alexandra by skimming money from the atm. the skimming device was up for one day at the whovia in the bradley shopping center. a technician noticed the device, it reads the financial information when cards are put into the machine. about $60,000 was taken from numerous accounts. wachovia is reimbursing the
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victims. a report on a program that pairs soldiers were local rescue dogs. the first thunderstorms of spring. will there be more to come? >> we'll final out what the recent warm weather m
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some wounded warriors from walter reed are turning to
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canines. the humane society pairs the soldiers with rescued dogs. jim handily has the story. >> reporter: michael knows a thing or two about patience and perseverance. he received head wounds and lost an arm in afghanistan. now he is passing on his wisdom to abused and abandoned dogs. these dogs are an important part of his road to recovery. >> it helps give you the peace of mind. you get to play with the animals. it helps them become more social. >> reporter: they come three blocks to train these dogs and get them ready for adoption. the soldiers get certified in dog training. >> vocational skills come from the program. this is a serious training program. they learn about animal behave,
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how animals learn. they can come out of this program with a great foundation to go into a profession with animals. >> some things are tricky. other things it is like any other. >> reporter: lawrence went through rehabilitation at walter reed for injuries sustained in iraq. >> i had to learn everything from scratch. >> reporter: during that time he completed the six month dog tags program, learned obedience training and how to read body language and deal with aggressive dogs. he adopted rescue dogs himself. >> it is based on interaction. for dogs you want them to do what you are asking them to do, command or not, and try to enjoy it. i was an intelligence officerico doing analysis was my thing in the army and it is doing the same thing here. analyzing behavior. >> reporter: there is something about man's best friend that helps these warriors come back emotionally, too. >> dogs have the unconditional
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love that most of us are aware of so being able to get connected with a pet that is not going to judge you for anything, they just accept you however you are. >> it makes it go by quicker and easier. it is something to look forward to. >> good girl. >> in washington, jim hanley, news 4. for more information go to and search humane society. veronica's got our weather. looking good out there? >> it is right now looking good out there. the rain we had today, those thunderstorms, those are long gone. they are off of the radar right now. boy, at leaste had the rain to help take down the pollen count. the last couple of days, the pollen count has been running 300 grains per cubic meter. gorgeous evening with mostly cloudy skies.
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high temperature was 65 degrees shortly after 2:00. we started out at 59. 0.53 inches of rain. since the beginning of march 2.25 inches of rain. the temperatures are mild. 53 degrees in the district with the wind out of the south at eight miles per hour. that wind has been varying from a south easterly direction to by tomorrow afternoon it will be more out of the west and help us to clear out. once this rain ends and the rest of the storm moves through. 53 in the district. prince george's county, 57, 55, a stack from areas around fairfax, maclean, manassas to culpepper. 55. not too bad. dropping to the 40s by tomorrow morning. the radar is quiet right now. let me show you off to the north of the area where some of the
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heaviest rain has been, lifting through northern new jersey and new york and down to the south and west. believe it or not, snowing in the hawaii elevations. asheville, north carolina, since about 2:00 today they have been getting snow, around roanoke and bristol. today's thunderstorms as a result of the strong march heating and the cold temperatures aloft. 55 degrees was the temperature in fredericksburg, virginia. 52 in highland lakes new jersey where two inches of rain fell. 33 in asheville, north carolina. that system is spinning through our area tomorrow morning. upper level low system so we could see showers from sun rise to noontime. if this low makes its way into southern new england. as it moves away we are going to get wind, too. could see gusts around 25 to 30
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miles per hour. your morning cloudy, a few scattered showers. sun is up at 7:10. the wind will pick up tomorrow. the skies will clear about noon or 1:00. the high tomorrow near 60 degrees. the best day out of the work week looks like wednesday with lots of sunshine across the area. 63 on thursday. partly sunny. cooler for friday. 50 on friday to a weekend with highs in the low to mid 50s. that is if you are looking that far ahead. this rain should be clearing out about noontime tomorrow. looks like cherry blossoms might be blooming early. >> this truck driver said he didn't know he hit that car stuck on his bumper. and in sports, gary williams wants to use yesterday's loss to michig çóçóçóçñçñçó
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[ bird calls ] oh, look! [ click ] hey, man, that's a keeper. [ bird calling ] oh, it's flying away.
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got it on video. what! i did it again. i love this thing. nature and me. the new zs series from lumix. with 16 times intelligent zoom and hd video, it's a keeper. talking to lindsay, it's been a long time since uconn has been in the nit. you expect to see them in the final four. >> exactly. they are one of several teams left out. they are one of the big names. when you look at virginia tech, the hokies haven't been to the big dance since 2007. they are the first acc team left out of the tourney with ten
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conference wins since 1985. so they are trying to get back in. they will take what they can get. the nit may not be the ncaa tournament but a win sure feels just as satisfying. the virginia tech hokies tied the most wins in a season at 25. hudson had 25 points. the hokies defeated uconn 65-63. they will host rhode island on wednesday in the quarter times. future hokies' cheerleader trying to will on virginia tech. malcolm delaney to victor davila for the dunk. davila with eight points. 16 seconds left in the game. the hokies down by one. nice execution. hudson makes it a one-point lead. 27 points in the game. seth greenberg saying, come on guys. uconn has a chance. great hokies' defense. walker recovers. hokies can't take a shot.
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bell gets a rebound. seth greenberg, look at that relief. a 65-63 win over uconn. the maryland terps are trying to get over yesterday's loss to michigan state. gary williams, by the way, held a meeting at 4:00 this afternoon to talk to the team. last night he told them after the game how proud he was. this group rallied so ferociously to come within a second of making the sweet 16. to spokane, washington. the terps gave themselves life. they did not want to come back east. michigan state, they inbound quickly. this isn't going to happen. right? oh, man. to corey lucious. no one could believe that thing went in. as time expires michigan state breaking terps' hearts everywhere. gary williams says there is logic in not getting over it too quickly. >> i want to feel it.
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to get ready for next year or whatever. you have to, unfortunately, you don't do it as much with the wins as y should but with the losses i think you can really gain why you coach. you know, this is part of it. you have to get knocked down once in a while and you get back up again and hopefully it makes you better. as a coach, you can get better. >> gary williams also said he is good friends with tom izzo. he sd after the game tom and he were talking and he was saying, buddy, it hurts for me, too. they are such good friends. >> izzo was saying it hurts for him, too? >> yeah. >> not nearly. >> and also we have in other news, georgetown lady hoyas are trailing to baylor. 37-24 in the second half. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. a driver hits a woman and
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the search is on for a driver who hit a woman crossing the street near atlanta, georgia, and sped away. a police officer witnessed the whole thing. it happened on friday. the driver actually apologized to the woman and then drove away. the officer got out to tend to the victim. that victim is said to be recovering at home. >> wow. well, then you've got this.
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police in england are taking a second look at this accident. it occurred in january. the tanker clipped a car on the highway andoth vehicles locked together. the truck pushed the car at 60 miles an hour. the trucker saying he didn't know the car was s
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the world famous cherry blossoms on the mall will break open earlier than expected. the park service expects peak bloom between april 1st and 4th. that is


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