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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 14, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that's about average. i've been talking to voters and poll workers throughout the day here, and ironically, they told me many of them, the same thing that adrian fenty told the crowd at a debate two years ago. if he loses this thing tonight he has no one to blame but himself. what a difference four years makes. >> adrian fenty four years ago, on his way to what would become one of the most lopsided wins for d.c. mayor in history. the then 35-year-old won every precinct. voters seemed eager for the change in energy he promised. his style and personality, have overshadowed his performance. >> you get to be above everne. and he forgets the little people. and the little people are those who have less than us. you can't forg them. because you know what, they're going to rise, and today they're going to rise. >> he's disconnected. even fenty sporters
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acknowledge that that's become the perception. but not necessarily the reality. >> we all have dierent personali personalities, but we have to look at the facts. the city's better four years later. whether you look at crime, whether you look at educaon. whether you look at development. >> reporter: neil timmons agrees. >> he's done a pretty good job over the course the last few years that he's been mayor. that's how they're attacking him, he's detached. so what? so's everyone else. that's the best you can do? he's going to do a good job. >> reporter: style or substance, performance or personality. for som voters, it was pretty tough to sit trough it all. >> a bunch of none sense, but i listen to the facts. most of the fact than the drama. just look at the facts of at they can do for d.c. >> now, if as every poll has
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suggested, adrian fenty does lose tonight. it would not be the worst fall from political grace, so to speak. you may remember, back in 1990, sharon kelly rode the wave change as well. four years later she was ousted. e only picked up 13% of the vote. most experts expect the incumbent mayor will do much better than that. i was getting the polling numbers a short time ago, i asked a fenty supporter to describe the mood inside the campaign. his words,otmine, pathetically sad. craig melvin, news 4. doreen, back to you. >> thank you. vincent gray is fenty's challenger. he's energized in the finality hours of the race. to sherwood is live with more on that. >> you know, vince gray too months to decide whether he would even run for mayor. tonight he stands on the verge
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of maybe being the next mayor. >> reporter: here in multicultural mount pleasant, campaign wkers were fired up for their candidate. last april, 67-year-old d.c. council chairman endedonths of speculation, jumping late into the mayor's race trailing in campaign cash. organization and name recognition to adrian fenty. today gray voted early in his homeward leading in every public opinion poll this year, and hoping to close the deal with democratic primary voters tonight. >> we brought a skpan, but we set out from the beginning. the polls are all oer the place, some days 3 for 1, some days 5, some days 17. we haven't paid attention to that much we paid attention to the kd of campai we wanted to run. >> turnout tuesday was lighter than what we expected.
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a campaign ev gray supporters say has been more marked by voter irritationith fenty's personalities than enthusiasm for gray's. >> this may be one of the most important elections in the history of the city. i think it will speak to who people see is able to bring the city together. we've run on a campaign of one city. representing the people all across the city. the city needs to be brought together at this sge. >> as gray tour eed the city tuesday, his campaign workers say they sensed a victory. the battle isn't over until the polls close tonight. gray will hold an election night party at the washington court hotel do on new jersey avenue near the capital. he's hoping will be a victory party. >> thanks, tom. our team coverage continues with allegations of voting irregularities. some polls opened late because of confusing instructions given to election workers. john iffen joins us from
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southeast. one of the areas where voters reported problems. >> just to be clear, for voters planning on coming to the polls tonight in the nexthour or so. the problem has been fixed. however, earlier the confusion caused voters who have come here in southeast to get trned away. now, fenty and gray supporters are worried some of the voters may not have returned to the polls. those are votes that may not be counted. >> i think it's a bunch of -- i don't want to say the word. >> clarence atkins was frustrated after being told his polling stion in southeast was not letting people vote when the polls opened at 7:00 a.m. the problem, workers were given incorrect instructions from the d.c. boardf elections. workers were told to look for three seals on the ballot box which signifies it was not tampered with. however, there were only two. workers didn't know what to do. >> this is common across the country when you institute new polling equipment, have you to
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train poll workers and t them set up for one day. >> reporter: after about 15 minutes, harris elementary was up and running. it took sherwood about 30 minutes to clear up the confusion. in total, about 15 to 20 sites had this problem, but all but two opened up anyway, taking paper ballots. >> it doesn't bother me, because i was still able to vote. whether it was paper or the machine, it didn't matter to me as long as ias able to cast my ballot. >> every voter that has voted with a paper ballot can be rest assured that ballot has been counted. >> reporter: some of the poll watches at these he locations were not happy about how the d.c. board elections is ruing this primary. >> this is a disgrace. >> this is a fiasco. how does this happen? how do theynot check this the night before? >> reporter: the gray campaign has made an official request to
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have the polling sites' hours extended. the d.c. board of elections says that will not happen. the sites will clo at 8:00, and the first set of resul will start to trickle in around 8:30. reporting live from southeast, back to you in the studio >> thank you. election officials say voter turnout in prince georges county was low today so far. they also say that maybe because the county had had early voting for the first time. this year. prince georges county is the site of one of maryland's most closely watched elections this year. five candidates are in the running for county executives. we'll have more on the election there's coming up in our next half hour. in montgomery county, voters are alsolecting a county executive. leggett is running unopposed in the democratic primary. douglas rosenfeld and daniel boback are running in the republican primary.
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nine democrats are running to fill four positions, and four gop candidates also in the race. we'll have continui coverage of all the races in today's primary right here on nbc 4. when the returns come in, we'll have results throughout the night. you canlso find election results on our website six people including a child were injured when a metro bus crashed into an suv this afternoon. it happened about 3:00 at seventh and washington avenue. the child is expected to be okay, the intersection was closed for a short time, but it has since been open. dutch police said they arrested and fined a u.s. airline pilot today r being drunk in the cockpit. he was pulle from the passenger jet just before the takeoff. he had a blood alcohol content slightly above the legal limit in the nether lands.
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the arrest followednnan anonymous tip. authorities didn't identify the airline or pilot. he's a 52-year-old captain from new jsey. no arrests have been made in the murder of a local businessman in south florida. the body of samuel del bracco was found by police in his home in a gated community in pompano beach, lorida. a friend called police and asked them toheck on him. so far the 60-year-old's death remains a mystery. he was the chief executive officer of pci communications in alexandria. he often travelled between his home in alexandria and his home in pompano beach. police are not releasing the cause of his dearth at this time. a sports reporter sexually harassed in the new york jets locker room. now, redskins running back clinton portis has something to say about that. one of the three american hikers detained in iran for re than a year is now free.
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a manknown as the civil rights photographer now being accused of spying on the civil rights movement for the fbi. new drug resistant super bugs are popping up across the country. another great day out there for today. and theweather continues to be nice. some any rain in our forecast? i'll break it down for you. three tropical systems in the atlantic basin. coming up in spts, the saints running back reggie bush making a difficult decision about his heisman trophy. the chiefs shock the chargers if a monday night monsoon. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 or the hundred-thousand mile powtrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, th're trading up.
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iran released the only woman ong the three hikers detained for more than a year.
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after several days of mixed signals, she was freed from prison and allowed to leave tehran. a few hours later, she arrived in oman, where her mother was waiting for her. the sultan of oman and the swiss embassy of tehran helped negotiate her peace. her thoughts are with the two americans she had to leave behind. >> my first priority is to gain my friend's freedom. they don't deserve to be in prison any more. >> iran had demanded $500,000 bail for sarah showeryrrah shou. the bail was paid, but it's not clear who paid it. showered was hiking in iraq last summer, when the three strayed across iran's unmarked border. a newspaper in memphis, tennessee is reporting that a noted civil rights photographer was in fact an informant for the fbi. his name is ernest withers.
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many his most important events are preserved for history because he captured them on f m film. those events include the moments that immediately followed the assassination of dr. martin luther king, jr. withers told the fbi about the workings that movement's inner circle. he's also accused of informing on people who supported the cause. withers died back in 2007. his daughter says the family denies the allegations and will fight them. nfl officials are looking into whether members of the new yo jets crossed the line and harassed a female reporter. on saturday, the reporter from mexico's tv teca said she felt uncomfrtable. she told her story on the "today" show this morning. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: a popular spts reporter from mexico's t tv azteca.
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now, ines sainz is part of a sexual harassment complaint against the jets. she's glad the nfl has agreed to investigate. >> i preferred that the nfl make the adjument, becaus they have all the pieces together >> it started at the jets practice saturday, where some players and coaches allegedly threw footballs in sainz direction. later in the locker room, the reporter says she was subjected to catcalls by the players. on her twitter account, she posted she was dying of embarrsment. she chose to ignore it, but a fellow reporter noticed the behavior, and the associatn of women in sports media learned of the allegations and asked the nfl to investigate. woody johnson has already called sainz to apoloze, and the nfl is interest vowing players and witnesses. >> they're taking it seriously, and the issue is proper conduct in the workplace. >> we want to have an environment here where everybody's comfortable. >> sainz has also come under fire.
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publicly being accused on internet blogs of dressing provocatively. she responded posting this photo on twitter of the outfit she wore to the jets practice saying it was not inappropriate. >> doesn't matter whether she was wearing skin tight jeans or see through lingerie, none of that is license to commit sexual harrisment, period. >> reporter: she has no plans to change the way she dresses. instead, she's calling to make changes in the locker room, so the situation doesn't happen again. michelle franzen, news 4. >> clinton portis spoke out on the issue on a radio broadcast this morning. we'll hear what he had to say coming you later. ed fda is discussing possible restrictions on some over the counter cold medication. a stapl of fall may be more expensive this year. wll tell you why the price of pumpkins may begoing up. >> doug returns with a look at our full forecast.
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heavy volume if you're traveling southbound on 5. delay leaving the beltwa continuing down to newington. and then slowing in quantico. if you're traveling in maryland, it's heavy on the beltway as well. we had an earlier accident. it's been cleared, but the volume remains. you'll find yourself slow between the george washington parkway. out loop delays from river road to the dulles toll road.
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this is terriblenews, pumpkins are one of the main attractions of fall. but this year's crops could be coming up short. too much rain in t west is causing their crop to rot. even bees have opted to stay in their highers and away from
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pumpkins. >> theve seen a lot of rain out there. >> it's -- >> we haven't seen it. >> we have a few more weeks before it's time to go pumpkin shopping. >> i just asked you guys if yo know a good patch i can go to. >> a lot of places around here to take kids. >> the one i go to is right off route 7. >> i know the one, i don't know if that's still ther >> it's probably a high rise now. >> the rain continues to get out there towarded high plains, it also comes with big time storms. look at this, a storm in nebraska, caused a lot of rain. they saw flooding in this area, a possible tornado as well. the same storm system is the same o that gave us our cloud cover duri the day today. you can see outside right now, we're dealing with some of those
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clouds. most of them moving off to the south nd east. clouds as a result of that. the big time storm system in the middle of the country, luckily that thing is dying out. that's good news. right now, the high temperature today was 84 grow low this morning, 65. another great day. still nice today even with the high clouds. average high temperure this afternoon is 81 degrees. currently, 77. winds out of the north at about 7 miles per hour, out in manassas right now, 77 opinion winchester 91. same thing with hagars town. as we move off the eastern shore, sasbury coming in at 77. other side of the chesapeake, 79 degrees. the clouds are coming from the west. look at this stream clouds right re, and then they come right into our area. during the afternoon today. to the south, plenty of sunshine, to the north, more sunshine. this was actually also a frontal boundary. these clouds are moving right along with that front. 77 to the north that front. to the south, richmond coming in
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at 88 degrees. raliegh, north carolina 83. south of the frontal boundary, the front will continue to move on down toward the south and east. this ar of low pressure will continue our very nice weather. we're going to have to watch out for our next sto system. the rain associated with this, mostly to the north. so if you live to the another, mae hagerstown, maybe frederick. maybe baltime, a shower frida night. most us should remain on the dry side. this does not have a lot of moisture associated with it. something that does ha a lot of moisture. hurricane igor making its way toward the west-northwest. winds of 145 miles an hour, it's actually incross in strength, it's still expected to come close to bermuda in five days. if you have interest in bermuda. watch out there, also, a new tropical storm has developed. that is carl. making its way toward mexico. we're going to wat out for that as well.
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here's hurricane lia. became a hurricane last night tropical storm karl making its way toward parts of mexico. we have a lot going on out there. hurricane igor, the strongest of those storms, look at that eye right there. any time you see that, you know you're talking about a major storm. it continues to intensify. could be clse to category 5 strength again by the 11:00 advisory. 71 to 79 degrees tonight. it'soing to be a nice evening to get out and about. clearing skies, a cooler start tomorrow, 55. some areas, even in the low 50s. 59 in the city. tomorrow your forecast is looking good again. mostly sunny, high clouds, 78 to 82 degrees, as we move on through the next four days, a high of 86 on thursday. some areas could approach 90. 80 degrees, charlottesville, 80 on your friday. 30% chance of showers. most of us should remain dry. saturday, sunday, monday dry and
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nice. can i say my job's a little on the boring side right now? it's a good thing for most people. >> it willchange, don't worry. >> yeah, coming around october 17th, a pretty good storm. >> thank you, doug. coming up tonight. a deadly natural gas explosion is raising new concerns about aging pipelines in and beyond california. a pentagon worker who was arrested for kidnapping her children may have to wait to learn if she'll have to go back to jail. arlington national cemetery planning to exhume the body of a soldier after dozens of graves were found unmarked and mislabelled. what you can expect if the maryland governor's race is a rematch between martin be o'malley and bob ehrlich. i'll have a report ahead. coming up in sports, two teams make big statements in an nfl monday night football
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doubleheader. also, clinton ptis says a
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get backo work.
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and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people arwondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna et its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lis here. i'm gonna be hereuntil .
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polls will not stay open late this evening, despite some voting problems this morning. the issues were reported in up to 20recincts out of 143. the board of elections blames confusing instructions given to poll workers. two precincts opened late, all polls will close at 8:00 tonight. >> d.c. voters are deciding whether mayor fenty wil serve another term. thmayor is trailing vincent gray in most of the polls. both candidates voted using paper ballots. >> voters are choosing the county's next leader. five democrats are in the running to be county executive there. >> nearly 900,000 people -- voter turnout has been surprisingly low today. dar spencer is in the county now. she has more on all this.
6:31 pm
darcy? >> reporter: it's primary day in prince georges county, voters are going to the polls to elect executives. >> i thought it was my civic duty to vote. so many people have suffered and died for me to have the privilege to vote. >> i'm looking for the next county executive to continue with the work that's begun, but just to get our county healthier economically. get our schools healthier. i'm really looking for somebody to come on and continue to move our county forward. >> voters are choosing candidates to lead thecounty government's, states attorneys office, the county council, and sheriff's office. voter turnout has been extremely low. as of 3:00 this afternoo only 8% of voters had had gone to the polls. traditionally, a primary would see at least 12%. >>e're thinking at first a lot this is due to the fact tha we had the early voting for the first time this year. then again, we're also
6:32 pm
antipating maybe a larger outcome coming out during the rush hour period. >> reporter: whoever wins the democratic primary could become the next county executive. theepublican party did not feel the candidate. baker, jackson, dean, levi and turner are on the democratic ballot. >> i know for me personally, with kids school aged schools are important, in terms of that vision. property values. foreclosure rate, police. >> it's important to me because of the economy and everything that's going on. health care, education, the foreclosures. and i just think if i don't get here and vote, then no change will happen. >> the polls will remain open until 8:00 tonight here in prince georges county. rerting live from upper marlboro, darcy spencer, news 4, back to you. >> thank you. it's been a five-way race between demrats for the state
6:33 pm
attorney's seat in prince georges county. the front-runner is angela ossobrook. if e's elected she would be the fivt fema first female coun state's attorney general. circuit court clerk peggy mcgee and assistant state's attorney joseph wright. two candidates in the race for prince georges coun sheriff had ties to the police department. melvin hyde was the county police chief from 2003 to 2008. and rapheal hilton is is the broer of the current police chief. also in the running for sheriff are former d.c. patrol officer edward cheeks. danny hall. upper marlboro's police chief,
6:34 pm
d darryl morgan and lewis wood, jr. today in maryland, voters are voting for governor. the front-runners are martpen o'malley and bob ehrlich. a third candidate, brian murphy is also running for the republican nomination. chris jordan joins us now with more. chris? >> in maryland there are substantially more democratic voters than republicans. some say for republican bob ehrlh to win back the governor's mansion he has to attract moderates, disaffected democrats and independents. ehrlich opponent is endorsed by former gop vice presidential candidate sarah palin. will there be a palin effect in maryla maryland? bob ehrlich took a picture with his team of volunteers in baltimore. he accompanied his parent who is voted in their home precinct. ehrlich cast his vote in the
6:35 pm
early voting. ehrlich's challenger is brian murphy, who voted with his wife and then joked with reporters while waiting for her to finish. >> i hope she'not debating whether she's voting for me. >> reporter: murphy got international attention after receiving the endorsement of sarah palin. >> couldn't be any better, to be honest. when you walk in principle, you never walk alone. >> maryland governor toured polling places around the state. the o'malley brown slate h two sets of challengers on the primary ballot. but barring an upset in either party, it appears likely that november's election will be a rematch between o'malley and ehrlich. >> this is an important election, and this election is going to determine whether maryland continues to forthahead and comes out of this recession or whether we slip back. i thk for that reason, you're going to be seeing a big turnout. >> local supporters are hopeful
6:36 pm
ehrlich will do well here too. >> i think definitely, he has a winning chance, a very gooding chance in my opinion. because i think for a couple reasons. i think he's a good man. and had a demonstrated record whichas remarkable when he was govern before, and i think that the people ofontgomry county are ready for a change. >> oh, magli currently holds a slim lead over ehrlich in recent polls. doreen? >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. >> we hope you'll stay with nbc 4 for continuing coverage on all of today's primary elections. we'llring you the results as the returns come in throughout the night. election results will also be available on nbcwashingtocom. the remain of a fall soldier will be exhumed from his plot at arlington national cemetery. heath warner was killed by a roadside bomb four years ago. the exhumation comes at the request of his father scott
6:37 pm
warner. he told the washington post that the recent controversieies at t cemetery as well as inconsistencies in his son's burial paperwork led him to petition for the exhumation. the exhumation will take place tomorrow mourning. a woman arrested for kidnapping heryoung children was in court today. she wants to regain custody. last year, amy west, a former pentagon contractor failed to turn over her young sons to their father for visitation. she was arrested and served seven months in jail. she lost custody her boys. >> the judge ordered that i pay child support at my salary of 75 k a year, even though my attorney argued at the time there's noay i could do that while i was in jail. >> under virginia law she could be sent back to jail for failing to pay child support. the judge decided to continue
6:38 pm
her case in two weeks. coming up on news 4, regulators are considering putting over the counter cough and cold medicines behind the counter to curb drug abuse. >> an archaeologist in norway has discovered a treasure trove of viking think about the internet. growing, evolving, litally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorr could bring. at at& we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to proct users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing,
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welcome back. we've seen another great day across the area. they just continue to come, don't they? more and more fantastic weather across the region. look at this as we pan across the skylinethere off in the distance. the tidal basin be in the potomac, we move over toward the runways at reagan national. what are we having out there? temperature wise we're sitting at 77 degrees right now. beautiful. sterling coming in at 78. manassas 75. 78 up toward frederick, 80 in
6:42 pm
upper marlboro, going to be another great day on your wednesday. the four-day coming up once again in a minute. >> thanks, doug. there is growing concern amg health officials over a new super bug that resists nearly all antibiotics. the centers for disease control sa three cases have popped up in california, illinois and massachusetts. officials say super bugs carry a gene that makes the infection drug resistant. the bacteria causes stomach and urinary infections. u.s. patients who are infected all receivededical care in india. that's where the problem is widespread. doctors say they expect that bug to spread globally. but the risk of getting the infection, they say, is low. in the not so distant future, you may have to have a prescription to buy common cough and cold remedies. an fda panel is considering tough new restrictions on those medications, in response to the growingumber of teenagers using over the counter cough
6:43 pm
products to get drunk. the issue is the ingredie in some cough syrups. an overdose of dex could lead to irregular heartbeat, seizures, even death. emergenc room visits related to dex abuse, jumped 70% between 2004 and 2008. the majority of the cases involved teenagers. here we are, the day after monday night football -- two games on monday night football. that was interesting. incredible. i loved watching the ravens, we have those highlights coming up. ray lewis still has it. it's another nfl player who's the buzz of the town. clinton portis apologizing for comments he made on a radio show today. reie bush has a little more space left in his trophy case tonight.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
every now and again something happens, especially in sports. where it occurred to me, actually, george michael -- there's some things that happen, you ought to keep your mouth shut. let other people talk about this. >> you agree? >> in fact i just told him that,
6:47 pm
lindsay. >> go ahead and talk about it. >> i think clinton portis is having one of those days. clinton portis says he will no longer be doing interviews, because of a firestorm he was involved with today. he's not a stupid guy, but he made one ben headed move today. it's ironic, there was a huge article in the post about portis, ad how he's changed his ways being a leader, staying away from controversial firestorms. tonight he's gotten himself back in the limelight because of what he said in the radio. the 207 topic was harassment claims against the jets involving ines sainz. she's made the network tv circuit this morning because of complaints she was harassed in the locker room. she felt uncomfortable saturday ithe jets locker room, as she was waiting with two co-workers
6:48 pm
to interview mark sanchez. the network called her to apologize. the topic of female reporters in the locr room was the buzz on the radio today. here's what clinton port i was said on the mike weiss show that's causing a stir. >> you put reporters in the logger room, seeing guys walking arnd naked. all of a sudden, you see a nice woman in the locker room. i think many would want to say something to the woman. for the woman, they're making so much -- you can't interact, you can't be involved with athletes, you can't talk to these guys, you can't interact with these guys. you put a woman -- you get a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. somebody got to be -- is she going to want somebody? i don't what kind of woman
6:49 pm
wouldn't if you go in there with 53 men. i know you're doing a job, but at the same time, i see somebody worth talking to, i'm sure they'd do the same thing. >> he should have kept his mouth shut today. he said, i was wrong to make the comments i did, and i apologize, i respect the job that all reporters , it is a tough job, and we all have to work and act in a professional manner. i understand and support the team on these issues. the redskins released a statement, they said the redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy about being unprofessional on sneeze issues. we will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it. clinton portis wants to clarify tonight that he was not saying it acceptable, but what he was trying to convey he's surprised that instances like ines sainz don't happen more often. if you hve a choice of 53
6:50 pm
athletes, if you know portis, you know the way his mind works, he's so honest about everything. i truly believe he was saying, if you have a choice, he knows i'm going into the locker room with 53 athletes. honestly, it's out of context. and this is not popular, but i'm saying it was way blown out of fro portion. >> and you're keeping your mouth shut? >> wise move. >> like george michael once said. >> moving on. the harassment claim just thetip of the iceberg for the jets right now.jected to be sup bowl contenders. they were featur on "hardknocks." the jets offense could not get off the ground. we're at the meadowlands, rex ryan in a war of words with his former linebacker ray lewis, you knew this would be a high intensity game. ravep s running back and jets
6:51 pm
defensive lineman sean ellis getting in each other's faces. wright throws the ball at ellis. second quarter, here we go, the jets up 6-0. ravens trying to get on the board. joe flacco looks for anquan boldin. tiptoes down the sideline, he stays in bounds, cuts back acro the field. weaves his way toward the ravens end zone. k crumartie eventually pushes out of the end zone. sean green givers the ball right back to the ravens. gre runs into his own offensive lineman. dejuan landry covers theall that would set up a ravens touchdown. the jets down 10-9 and they're trying for the win. here's jets quarterback mark sanchez. he takes his time. throws in the direction of tight
6:52 pm
end dustin keller. ray lewis, oh, my god, take a couple looks. he queen hits it. levelled him, doing what he does best. for 15 seasons, the ravens be the jets in a sgfest 10-9. saints running back reggie bush has decided there is no longeroom in his life for the criticism unless there's no more room on his shelf for the highest honor in college football. bush said today he's had rfeiting his heisman trophy. bush won that trophy in 2005 while at usc. since then he came under scrutiny for improper benefits he received while at usc. the ncaa passed down hvy sanctions for improprieties on bush's time at southern cal. shortly after the ruling, new athletic director returned the school's replica of sh's heisman trophy to the trust. he becomes the first player in
6:53 pm
the 75-year history of the award to give it back. very interesting. >> he won it, though. >> he did. you cannot take that back from him. >> it will not be taken away. >> absolutely. >> he was the best. >> glad you kept it zipped. >> that's all i had to say about that. coming up, inspections begin after a natural gas line explos
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
pieces that damaged pipeline from last week's deadly explosion in california are on their way here to washington now for analysis. they're from the neighborhood in san bruno, california, not far from san francisco, where a gas line rupture sparked a fire that killed four people. and destroyed 40 homes. leanne gregg has our report.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: gas station security video of last week's gas explosion in san bruno. and from the air, a view what's left, the company that owns the gas line says it will provide $100 million to help families affected by the blast. >> this has been a tremendous disaster, and we want the people here to know that we're doing everything we can. >> pacific gas and electric has started inspecting all its natural gas lines it as ordered by a state regulator. there's concern abo aging pipelines beyond california. >> this is a national safety issue. in many local communities, because of a lack of lcal rules and regulations, neighborhoods have grown and sprawled over these high pressure pipelines. >> pg&e claims its pipelines are safe. critics say they should have replaced the lines in san bruno earlier. pointing to a company memo that reads the likelihood of failure of this location is unacceptably
6:58 pm
high. more than half the homes in america are heated by natural gas. officials hope what they learn in san bruno will help prevent future disasters. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> the company that owns the pipeline is pacific gas and electric. it's reviewing its tape recorded customer calls to determine wage there's any evidenc to support reports that residents smelled gas in the days and weeks before that explosion. one more check on doug's weather forecast. >> this check still saying nice weather out there. the great weather i think will continue in the next couple days. take a look at that shot. temperature sitting at 77 degrees, that's also the heat index, because wore not dealing with much in the way of humidity. that will increase a little during the day tomorrow, especially during the day thursday ahead of another frontal boundary. that frontal boundary could give us a slight cnce of a shower early on friday. most of us will remain on the
6:59 pm
dry side thursday. high temperature arou 86 degrees. archaeolosts in norway say climate change contributed to the discovery of some viking artifacts. sciensts came across the artifact when is a glacier started melting and retreated 59 feet. so far they have found bows and arrows, hunting stick and even an old leather shoe that's believed to be 3400 years old. some artifacts are from the iron age, 1500 years ago, others date from the viking air remark about 1,000 years ago. scientists carved a cave in the glacier and found ice layers that are believed to be 6,000 years old. >> there's a bittersweet story. all these things we're finding because the glaciers are melting. that's our badcast for now. "nightly news" is next. >>on our broadcast here tonight, the pay gap between men


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