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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you, district columbia. >> the end of an era. a brief era after a tough campaign. vincent gray is defeated. mayor adrian fenty in the mayor >> ally: primary. we'll give you the latest results. and the results are streamingrom another tough race in prince grge's county. baker is leading for prince george's county executive, but by how much? good morning and welcome backo news 4 today. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 15th day of september, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now. still dark but a nice moing. and jumping jupiter is in the sky to join us today. if you see jupiter jumping, please give us a call. it will replace our lead story. >> bright spot in the western sky. a lot of people saying what is that? it better not b it is jupiter. our largest gas planet the solar system.
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it is certainly bright in the western sky. at this hour we have a clear skies. 64 in washington. just outside the beltway, it's only in the 50s in most locations. 40s in the mountains eastern shore. away from the waters. right ne the tidewater, 60s. thanks to another area of high pressure that's moved in and is in place will give us plenty of suhine today. but a mild afternoon. low humidity. highs reaching low 80s. increasing clouds. small chance of needed rain. drying out onthursday. if it does happen, we'll see a few clouds. sun back in the afternoon. low 80s. nice saturday after that. how ishe traffic? >> a bunch of overnight road work. over on the capital beltway, ince george's county, live picture around green belt. as you travel between i-95 and woodrow wilson bridge moving
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along slowly. lig to moderate volume of traffic at this hour. rush hour picking up a little volume but nothing to worry about. 66 from 123. all the travel lanes are open. light volume from the fair oaks, center vil and beyond. >> thanks, jerry. >> vincent gray has been named the winner of the democratic mayoral primary. >> reporter: what he will talk about is the future and what happens as he contues his campaign. there is still a general election arou the corner. as it stands, gray is the democratic party's nominee.
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he has won most of the vote. there was a celebration a few hours ago as they showed him winning 53% of the vote. gray's support of predominantly afcan-american of t season i city carried the candidate. he woman ward 7 council seat in twur 2004, chairman spot in 2006, and now is preparing to be mayor. >> i know well that he shares our commitment to this city. please join me in applauding him. >> reporr: november 2nd that's the general election. but, again, there could be a write-in candidate between now and then.
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for now there is major celebration for e gray camp. tracee wilkins, live in northwest. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much. ayor adrian fenty left his headquarters without conceding victory to vincent gray. elaine reyes was in northwest washington. any more from the mayor? >> reporter: no,ot yet. but we can tell you the last few people left this georgia avenue building just a few hours ago. we do know mayor adrian fenty is expected to call vincent gray sometime this morning. fenty stayed up late and waited for the final ve count in the norwest headquarters. elected in 2006, he was the district's youngest mayor. as the votes came inesterday it appeared he took mostly white areas of the city while black voters supported gray. constituents have complained of
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his manament style in the past with 90% reporting, fendy, 46% of t vote, gray, 53%. now, what is next for fenty? that's the question. is he going to come in perhaps as a write-in campaign. just a few moments ago we spoke with a spokesperson for the fenty campaign. it's too early to tell. we will have to wait and see. >> elaine, thank you. this morning we want who is poised to take vincent gray's place as council chair. ame brown defeated orange and douglas in pretty much a landslide.
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kwame brown defeated orange and douglas in a landslide. brown walked away with 55% compared to orange's 30% and douglas's 6%. jim graham won his reelection bid with 57% of the vote. harry thomas was also victorious in ward 5. he won easily over mcduffy, hunter and turner with 62% of the vote. and in ward 6, big victory for tommy wells, 75% of the vote. stay with us for more election results. view all t results on 5:06 is the time now. still ahead, tea party members are declaring victory after several big wins. what it cld mean for democrats. after months in an iranian prisoner, an american is released. another cool morning.
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5:09 is your time now. still dark out there. twinkling stars in the night sky. it was a nice, cool, refreing morning when you step out. how is it looking, tom? >> feeling like autumn here in mid-september. and we have a clear sky this morning. still an hour and a half aw
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from sunrise. the bright spot in the western sky is the planet jupiter. constellation orion. it's certainly feeling chilly in the mountains. many locations in the 40s. western maryland and west virginia. we're generally in the 50s. washington, mid-60s. low 60s near the bay. highs with lots of sun today. much of the region near 80 degrees. it will be cooler in the mountains. tonight a mostly clear evening. sun tomorrow morning but clouding up with highs in the low to mid-80s. thursday evening we might have a passing shower late in the evening or prawn. cloudy friday morning, in the 60s. sun back in the afternoon. low 80s. and looks like a nice weekend coming up. saturday should be mostly sunny. lows in the 50s. afternoon highsn the low 80s. a look at sunday and into next
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week with the extended outlook. that will be in ten minutes at 5:21. let's chec traffic now for this wednesday morning. how is it looking, jerry? >> tom, a possible fly in the ointment. florida avenue, word of a tractor trailer broken down in the roadway. looks like it's just past the camera there. it's reported to be in the right lane. heads-up for that as you travel toward northweson new york avenue. picking up a ltle bit of volume. new hampshire avenue. both directions between the american leej bridge and green bet. looking good. >> thanks, jerry. >> 5:11. ahead on news 4 today. >> bash, baker, baker! >> baker is well on his way to become the next prince george's county executive. we'll hear what he had to say just moments after the results
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cake in. no stranger to controversy. this time it was the running back's running mouth that made commentshat he would like to
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this morning it appears as washington will soon have a new mayor. vincent gray defeated mayor adrian fenty in yesterday's democratic party. he will call gray to ncede. fenty said in the past he will not be a write-in candidate. a spokesman told news 4 he's not sure of fenty's plan. baker is in line to replace jack johnson. let's take a look at the number.
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44% of the vote in a five-way race. michael jackson is second with 33% of the vote, followed by samuel dean, levi and henry turner. we can now declare baker the winner with 98% of the vote counted. john has more on the race. good morning, john. >> reporter: well, good morning. a former state said before the numbers came in tuesday night he didn't win on this, his third try, he's done. he doesn't have t won anymore now that he woman the prince george's county race. he immediately started talking to improving economic development and the public school system in prince george's county. at times it was overshadowed by fake ballots. his closest opponent, sheriff
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miael jackson did not concede defeat. >> i think the message is loud and clear. prince george's, it's time to make a good county great. >> they chanted that slogan so many times. with no challenges for the november ection, baker is slated to be the next county executive of prince george's county. back to you in the studio. >> john, thanks very much. in the county executive race, rosenfeld won the republican nomination. 69% to31%. he will face leggett, the first african-american elected to that office and who was unopposed in
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the democratic primary. stay with us for more election results. view all the results on it has been an unpredictable primary season which could signal a rocky general election in november for so-called establishment politicians. another tea party swept delaware. o'donnell won the nomination. even after her own party said she couldn't be ected dog catcher. and in new york, paladino overcome a 48% deficit. so far eight members of congress lost their primaries. today, area transportation leaders will talk about adding toll roads. the planning board will meet to talk a new plan. the boards wants to create a 1650 mile network of toll lanes. beltway, interstates 295, 395, 66, and the george washington parkway are among the roadways
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currently under consideration. specific rates are not part of the current proposal but they would depend on location and time of day. it also includes a 500-mile rapid transit system. the remains of a fallen soldier will be exhumed from his plot at arlington national cemetery. he was killed by a roadside bomb four years ago. it comes at the request of his father who lives in canton, ohio. he said the cent controversies, look with inconsistencies in his s's paperwork, ledim to petition for the 'em exhumation. iraneleased sarah shourd after a year in jail. she was allowed to leave tehran after several days of mixed signals. she boarded a flight and flew to
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amman where she was reunited with her mother. the sultan helped with her release. she said her thoughts were with the two americans she had to leave behind. >> my first priority is to help my fiancee josh fattal and my friend shane bauer. >> bail was paid yesterday but it is not yet clear who paid it. u.s. officials are calling for the release of sne bauer and josh fattal. shourd was with them in iraq when they strayed across the unmarked border. a wildfire continues to burn out of control in northern colorado. strong, gusty winds could pose a probl for the firefighters trying to put out a fire in loveland. it burned more than 700 acres of dry brush and trees and prompted seral evacuations.
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some families were allowed to check on their homes. they believe the fire was started over the weekend by two people burning leaves and tree branches at a home. well, the eiffel tower is open once again this morning one day after it was evacuated because of a bo threat. the scare turned out to be a false alarm. but the threat comes in the wake of a bill currently making its way through the fench parliament. that would ban face covering islamic veils in public and angered al qaeda. no one claimed responsibility yet for t threat. it is 5:20 now. taking a live look outside at the beautiful capitaldome. still dark out there, but a nice, crisp, refreshing morning. real fall like. >> it certainly is. lovely day so far. we'll find out from tom in just a moment what the forecast is goingto be like. but the skies are pretty clear. you can see a couple planets up there. >> jupiter in particular. >> our largest gas planet.
5:21 am
perfect planet to have overhead on the day after election. >> are you talking hot air? >> could be. >> it is a cool morning. it a chilly start. in fact, many locations in the mountains it's only in the 40s right now. 5:21, temperature in washington is 64 degrees. prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery, mid-50s to low 50s. cooler in frederick county, maryland,oudon county, virginia. only near 50 degrees this morning. so quite a cool start there. right near the waters around the northern neck. around tidewater, generally upper 50s to near 60. low 80s. lots of sun, low humidity. some sun in the morning. 60 by dawn. we cloud up tomorr afternoon. low to mid-80s. small chance of a passing
5:22 am
shower. on friday, becoming mostly sunny by afternoon after a cloudy art into the low 80s. 50s in the morning. afternoon highs, low 80s. more of the same on sunday. dry into next week. jerry, how is the traffic? >> we kick it into high gear into town f. you're making the trip in, most of the major roadways looking good. georgia avenue has come out of silver spng heading toward the district. again, very light volume. that's the case on most of the major roadways. 395 northbound, 14th street bridge. again, a very easy lane shift to the right. light vome as well. taking the trains this morning. metro, vre and mark all reporting no early issues. we'll keep you updated. >> thanks very much, jerry. the d.c. housewife reveals something she's been hiding for years. we'll be right back.
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redskins running ck portis is apologize for comments he made about women reporters in th locker room. his remarks came in the wake of reporter inez sainz. an security team is investigating whether she was verbally harassed. everybody has been talking about the sainz saga, including portis on 106.7 the fan radio. >> you gi her a choice of 53 athletes, she going to want somebody. >> portis later released the stament. quote, i was wrong to make the
5:27 am
comments i did, and i apologize. i respect the job all reporters do. it's a tough job and we all have to work and act in a professional matter. i understand and support the team on these issues. redsns also released a statement that reads, the washington redskins have a clear and entrepreneur ambiguous policy about being professional on these issues and we will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it. >> a new book revealed secrets about the white house party crashers from the "real housewives" of d.c. the book by diane diamond says she has multiple sclerosis and that is why she is so thin. it forced them to make an early exit from the white house state dinner last year. still ahead, results are in. looks like d.c. will be having a new mayor. vincent gray defeated mayor fenty in e primary. we'll hear from both of them, straight ahead.
5:28 am
prince george's cunty b drivers go on strike. how long it might last and what's being done to help riders.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ i want to thank the voters of the district of columbia. i am truly humbled that you put your trust and faith in me.
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and rest assured i will never take it for granted no matter what. and we will work every day to continue to earn the trust of the people of our great city. >> a victory for vincent gray after long and heated campaign. the d.c. council chairman defeated fenty in the democratic mayor >> ally: primary. we may have a new prince george's exact executive. >>. >> welcome to news 4 today. wednesday, the 15th of september, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now and see if we see any hint of sunlight. no, not at all. sun is still sleeping, enjoying this wednesday morning. at this hour it is a dark and clear morning. we have no fog around.
5:32 am
we have chilly temperatures to talk about. near 50 in northern montgomery county. loudon county, as well as prince william, right along the blue ridge, only near 50 weather watchers are reporting. south and east, prince george's, charles, st. mary's only in the 50s. fairfax and arlington, only in the low 50s right now. near 60 nearhe bay and the water. mountains, though, low to mid-40s. eastern shore away from the waters, low 5. clear sky thanks to an area of high pressure that's moved in and will be in place with lots of sun. could get showers. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> tom, looking pretty good. so far 395 northbound up from the capital beltway, passing our camera at ed sell rd. in from the north, i-270, no
5:33 am
early worries south from frederick, past route 27 all the way down to the capitalbeltway. >> thank you, jerry. vincent gray and his supporters are celebrating this morning. d.c. council chair defeated adrian fenty in the mayor yal primary. a spokesman for the mayor says he will call gray to concede. tracee wilkins is live where gray is expected to speak later today. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sure they are still celebrating. we know it was a long night when my co-workers from last night are just now leing. yes, it took a while for the numbers to come in. but it is clear that vincent gray is now the democratic nominee for mayor. >> the morning started in a quiet room. then the final numbers came in. gray picked up 53% of the vote.
5:34 am
grashgs democratic party's nominee for the next mayor of washington, d.c. but he started his speech by acknowledging mayordrian fenty. and his supporte did the same. >> despite our differences i know well fenty shares our commitment. so please join me in applauding him and thanking him for his serviceor the people of the district of columbia. >> gray vows to b a uniter. >> the affects were also felt in ward three. when some our students fall behind, the cease-fire community feels it. whethere's a victim in one neighborhood, none of our families feel safe.
5:35 am
that's why we need community engagement and collaboration. >> reporter: vince ept gray came into local politic lat he won ward 7 seat in 2004 and went on to be chrman in 2006. now is preparing to be mayor. barring any major write-in candidate november 2nd the general elecon should be a formality. his campaign is still preparing. that's what he's going to be talking about later on today here at this hotel. tracee wilkins, live this morning, northwest. >> tcy, thank you. mayor fenty, who recently declared himself to be the under dog is yet to officially concede but is expected to make an announcement later today. we continue our team coverage now in the d.c. mayor's race. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. as tracy mentioned, it was a long night. before he left headquarters, he was careful not to say a lot.
5:36 am
he said he wanted to wait until he got the official numbers from the board of elections before he conceded. we know he is expected to call vincent gray sometime this morning. now, fenty stayed late waiting for final numbers to come in. elected back in 2006, he was the district's youngest mayor. and as the votes came in yesterday it appeared fenty took in mostly white areas othe ciy, while black voters supported vincent gray. constituents in the back complained of fepty's management style with 90% of the precinct this morning, gray had 53% of the vote, rather. fenty, 46%. >> take whatever decision the voters have and respond to it. we jt need to know what that is. the only way we can know is with
5:37 am
the board of elections. >> now, agan, a lot of people asked fenty late last night what would his future be in politics, if any. what were his next steps. again, he didn't want tsay too much. he wanted to wait for the fnal numbers to come in. but the question that was asked early this morning, would he consider a write-in capaign. the spokesperson said it was too early to tell. joe, back to you. >> therefore it remains something of a possibility. we'll have to wait and see about that. ee rain reyes reporting live. this morning we want who is poised to take gray's place as d.c. council chair. kwame brown defeated orange and douglas in a landslide. hewalked away with 55% of the votecompared to orange's 30% and douglas's 6%. phil mendelson beat out brown and ray. elsewhere, bramm won in ward 1
5:38 am
with57%, defeating smith and weaver. harry thomas also won in ward 5, winning easily over mcduffy, o'hunter with 62% of the vote. ward 6, big victory or for wells. he defeated robinson with 75% of the with us for more election results. you can view all the results on nbc our time is now 5:38. details about a new plan that could half you preparin to drive on the beltway. a change to parking meters that will end you saving you a lot of change. another cool morning out there. tom will have our full forecast rig after this break.
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5:42 is our time right now.
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64 degrees. capitol dome all lit up. big dayment a lot happening. let's chec on weather a traffic. >> maryland too. students of maryland back to school this morning. we'll have a clear start. we have a clear sky now. temperatures are chilly. any locations in the 50s from the shenandoah valley, atlantic beaches, low 60s in washington and near the bay. mountains, it's only in the 40s. this is rlly quite a chilly start to the day. lots of sun and a blue sky with highs reaching 80s. mid-80s during the afternoon. might get a passing shower tomorrow night. friday, partly cloudy, low 80s. looks like the weekend is starting off beautiful saturday. great weather for all the high school and college games. low 80s. a look at sunday into next week along with what's happening in the tropics. that will be at 5:51. >> making the trip south of town.
5:43 am
not too bad so r thimorning. traffic on the far side, inner loop from oxen hill to alexandria to i-95 interchange, no worries. that's the case on the outer loop as well with travel lanes open. head over and update you and let you know how things are moving here. springfield, virginiaounding the bend, beginning to load up a little bit. h.o.v. lanes, oops. we have a guy stopped there sqezing the right lane. we'll have to keep a watch on that. southbound moving along nicely under a light volume. >> thank you, jerry. >> our time right now 5:43. well, the results are in. baker will likely become the next prince george's county executive. wll hear what he had to say just moments after the results came in. plus, working women are getting paid more than ever before. why isn't it all good news?
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
district of columbia. >> well, it appears as if washington will soon have a new mayor. gray defeated mayor adrian fenty in yesterday's democratic primary. a spokesman for theurrent mayor says he will call gray to conce concede. fenty said he would not be a write-in candidate but told news 4 tis morning that he is not sure of febty's future plans. now to the race for prince george's county executive. we can now declareaker the winner in the race to reple jack johnson with 97% of the votes counted. baker is leading the democratic imary with 44% of the vote in a five-way race.
5:47 am
john is in the newsroom with more on this race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. if wk just scroll up here on the prompter here. that you can so much. before the numbers came in tuesday night he said if he didn't win on his third try he would be done. well, he doesn'tave to worry about that anymore as he won prince george's county executive race. >> baker, baker, baker, baker! >> reporter: he addressed the raucous crowd at six flags last night. this was air hotly ctested five-way race at times was overshadowed by voter fraud and fake baots around the county. jackson believed he was the most
5:48 am
experienced person for the job, serving as sheriff for the past eight years. as of this morning he has not conceded defet. he is excited to get to work and create jobs for the residents of prince george's county. >> i think the people have spoken. and i think the message is loud and clear. princgeorge's, it's time to make a good county great. >> and with no challengers for the november election, baker is slated to be the next county executive of prince georgs county. >> all right. john, thank you. several other big races in prince george's conty, state's attorney angela won that by quite a large margin, 42% of the vote. office o sheriff is up for grabs. right now the current chief is leading. hilton, the brother of the current police chief, behind him
5:49 am
with 31% of the vote. executive race, douglas rosenfeld for the republican noination 69% to 31%. rosenfeld will face isaiah leggett, the first africaamerican elected to office. stay with us throughout the morning for more election ruts. you can also view results at today brings a close to what has been a roller coaster primary season nationwide. incumbents and establishnt politians may face major heat as another tea party candidate swept the primary in delaware. tracie potts has more from arounthe country. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> the tea party favorite who republicans said couldn't be elected dog catcher won th party senate nomination in
5:50 am
delaware. in new york, political newcomer carl palodi overcame his challenger's 40-point lead to become the republican's candidate for governor. >> if we've learned anything tonight, it's that new yorkers are as mad as hell. he'll take on andrew cuomo. and charlie rangel beat five other democrats. and a dozen ethics charges for his bid to stay in washington. >> no matter what they say, i go back to washington stronger than i've ever been. >> in all, five nominees and six more candidates for governor were democrats are hoping to hold on to their majority. >> i'm not yielding one grain of sand. >> local council chair vince gray led adrian fenty by 9,000 votes. >> tonight the people of the district ent aessage loud and clear that they want to bring
5:51 am
integrity and leadership back to the mayor's fice. >> that may be the final word. there's no republican running against him this fall. so far eight members of congress have lost their primaries. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. today area transportation leaders will talk about adding toll roads. the planning board will meet to discuss a new plan. the board wants to creata 1650 mile network of toll lanes. the capital beltway, 295, 395 66 and the george washington parkways are among the roadways under construction. specific rates not part of the current proposal. they wld depend on location and time of day. it includes a 50mile rapid transit bus system that would use the toll network as well. 5:51. ti again for weather and traffic on the ones. >> quite chilly. time for grandma to chop some
5:52 am
wood. >> grandma? >> yeah. grandpa is sleeping. we have a clear sky. it is crisp and cool. in fact, near 50 degrees in many locations. northern montgomery, loudon, frederick. mid-50s in arlington county. weather watchers checking in there. d.c. low 60s near the bay. it is quite chilly, in the 50s. mountains, only in the 40s this morning. mid-50s, low 50s on the eastern shore away from the beaches. and we have a clear sky all around the region as high pressure moved north and west. it will be in place here today. out in the tropics this is an active time. thankfully nothing threatening the united states. we have tropical storm carl drifting over the yucatan into central america. this is powerful hurricane igor. weaker julie farther to the east. both will stay out to sea.
5:53 am
igor, winds 145. east of bermuda sometime on saturday and remaining out to s. tudents waiting for buses this morning,hilly with a clear sky. near 50 in the ruralareas. near 60 in the city. low0s with lots of s. then tonight we'll be clear through the evening and a few clouds by dawn. increasing clouds tomorrow. might get a shower tomorrow night. partly cloudy friday. beautiful weather for the weekend. how is the traffic now, jey? >> starting to get a little on the busy side as the rush hour gets under way. north of town, right side of your screen, outer loop,eft side. inner loop, connecticut avenue. travel lanes are open. just a little bit of volume. told you about the tractor trailer early this morni. there it is blocking the left lane. new york avenue inbound to florida avenue. there is some help behind it, but i haven't seep the towruck yet. not a big backup.
5:54 am
could be a very difficult commute. we're doing pretty well. metro rail and vre are okay. 12 minutes behind schedule. >> thanks very much, jerry. you won't need to carry change to pay for parking in old town alexandria. you can use your credit card, and you may need it since the price is going up. $1.75 an hour. that is a 75 cent price hike. the new devices should hit city streets next year. > talks between a private bus company and the union representing its drivers. service on the bus has been cut in half as drivs continue to strike for betteray and working conditions. news 4's derrick ward reports.
5:55 am
>> reporter: the strike began on money. nearly 150 drivers who worked for viola transportation traded in the bus line for the picket line. at issues, their working conditions. >> wages, job security. >> reporter: the demands are simple. a full lunch hour. one of the big problems are security cameras that have be mounted in the buses. the company put them there for security and safety but the operators say that they aually threaten their job security because those cameras can be app indicated by a quick application of the brakes. >> step on the brakes trying to avoid an accident. most of the time we will get suspeed -- i moon givean given off. >> reporter: 25 routes are affected. service continues but it's sced back. >> we have trained replacement drivers we found from other locations.
5:56 am
some of our supervisory staff have been trained. people have to be certified. right now we have 31 of 60 tha are operating. there will be more every day. >> so far passengers on a number of lines aren't feeling the pinch yet. they prefer the bus over metrobus. >> the other bus takes too long, the j -- whatever it is. it takes too long to come. this one comes a little quicker. >> reporter: what are you going to do if it doesn't come today? >> call my mom. >> reporter: these drivers say they don't want the public to be hurt and they apologize for any inconveniences. they know their place is behind the wheel. but they said they will be here for as long as it takes to get demands met. >> we want to go back to work. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. there's no word on when the negotiations might begin again. the bus serv about 14,000 riders every day. that is roughly 40% of the county's public transportation need. now, rides on the bus will be free while this strike
5:57 am
continues. this may be the best time ever to be a working woman in america. the notorious wage gap is continuing to shrink. women w earn nearly 83% to every dollar earned by a man. a decade ago it was 76 cents. in 1979, it was 62 cents. for the first time ever more women are in the workforce than men. joe quickly points out, why is it only 83%. still 17% behind men at this point. coming up at 6:00, live team coverage of 2010. find out who came out on top in d.c. and maryland. think about the ternet.
5:58 am
growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives.
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now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will contin to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.


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