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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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press conferences, showing some humor when a siren interrupted. >> yes, i'm looking forward to working sirens, ems as well. >> reporter: all the city unions backed gray as much as the city's old guard establishment. graysaid his zpil consensus building would not mean all talk and no çóac. >> we have much work ahead of us to bring the city together. i'm going to work hard to try to earn the confidence of those who may not have voted for me. >> reporter: afterthe november 2 general electric, gray won't take office until january 2. time to form a government but not too much time. jim? >> it was wards two and three that fenty won. so safe to say, he will have town halls all over the place. >> he has to talk to the people in wards two and three. he wants them on his team and he said he will go out and meet with them. >> thank you. meanwhile, mayor fenty
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conceded the race to gray in a phone call early this morning. fenty took questions from report betters his lossñi and aboutis future. aaron gilchrist joins us with more on that part of the story. many said the writing was on the wall for mayor fenty week ago. he even publicly acknowledged his missteps. and he made it clear that he sees no future in politics in washington, d.c. showing all contrition he portrayed in the final days of his campaign, d.c mayoradrian fenty gathers his companions in his headquarters to concede defeat. >> i respect the process. i'm a c. citizen. i will support vincent gray and whatever he thinks going forward. >> reporter: fenty won an overwlming majori of votes in his first run for mayor. this time despite the progress he highlighted in his campaign, less than 50% of primary voters wanted to keep him in office. >> we made a lot of tough political decisions.
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a lot of political decisions cost us political popularity. there are other thing that probably were factorsn the race. >> reporter: late in the game, he also acknowledged atxd some called personality flaws and an unwillingness to follow the advice he was given. today he said he would believe analysis for another time. and he addressed the future which may go no further than his remaining 105 days as mayor. >> it is unlikely that i'll ever be in a position as high profile. probably not even in elected office in d.c. it is almost guaranteed 100% that somehow some way i will continue to give back to my community. >> reporter: but there is still the question of fenty's school's chie. in 2007, michelle rhee brought with her tough reform is that. some couldn't swallow. will she be part of a gray administration? does she want to be? sheaid she'll think about it. >> obviously talk to the mayor. he is the one who brought me into the system to begin with. i'll speak with the chairman and then i think weill make the decision that we believe ishe
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best path forward for d.c. public schools. >> we also asked chancellor rhee whether she thinkit hand caps the fenty campaign. we'll have more reaction coming up at 6:00. >> all right. aarongilchrist, thank you. the tea party movemnt dealt a staggering blow last night in delaware. long time congressman mike castle lost the republican primary. he was considered the strongest candidate in the race to replace the senate seat vacated by vice president joe biden. castle never lost a race before st night. and main stream republicans have portrayed his opponent christine o'donnell has erratic. >> this is a very unpredictable political season where anything goes. >> o'donnell's win is seen as another signal the mid-term elections will be especially rough for candidates considered members of the washington establishment. stayñi with us for our continui coverage of the primary results coming up at 5:30, we'll look at the races i maryland and what prince george's executive
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nominee rash dlern planned. scott warner said he was concerned his son was buriedn the wrong spot in the wake of the scandal that found many of the graves were unmarked or mislabeled. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: in america's hollowed ground, spot 60 is the final resting place for those who died in iraq. private first class heath warner was buried here in 2006. four years later, his family is at arlington to make sure their son was in the rht plot. >> it was honoring heath and make sure that he had the dignity that he was buried where we were told he was buried. >> reporter: they said they got worried in the wake of the scandal that broke in june. investigators found oh 200 graves that were unmard or mislabeled. arlington officials exhume the
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marine's body and the warners were able to identify their son by his distinct tattoo. >> it is a japanese kanji and it means kill evil instantly. he was a freedom fighter and it was in his heart. he had a greater love for everyone else than himself. >> reporter: this is the second time a service member has be exhumed at arlington due to a family request. the first one was a few weeks ago. when the widow of an army staff sergeant wanted to be sure her husband was buried in the correct grave. arlington officials discovered the staff sergeant wasburied in the wrong grave. and that tw other plots were also mismarked. official say after 6,600 graves may be affecd. >> we'll continue to work with an family that calls arlington cemetery to make sure they're confident as we go in and fix these processes. >> reporter: they sni family should have to go through pain of a second burial.
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>> we did this for him. aware so sorry that we had to th.ñr hopefully we can bring the dignity and the honor back. >> reporter: jane watrel, news4. the warners are having their son reburied at arlington national cemetery and are calling for fedal measures to create a panel of family members to help provide feedback to correct the cemetery problems. whave some breaking news. out of prin george's coty. chopper 4 over the scene off benington drive in kettering. there are reports someone was shot in the chest and now police are searching for the gunman. we will bring you updates as we get them. a montgomery county police officer was involved in a two-car accident this morning. police say the officer was in a marked cruiser. a post office delivery truck was also involved. details are not clear yet about the cause. the officer was taken to the
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hospital with minor injuries. a man is behind bars for sexually assaulting a woman he met online at armony. >>reporter: it began as an internet encounter. it turned into an abduction and sexual assault. it happened in this well tailored townhouse community. police say this man used the ternet to befriend a woman who he later held captive and victimized. >> the person may seem like a nice person on the other end of the phone, the other end of the computer. if you don't know them, you have to assume foul play could be involved. >> reporter: according to t sheriff, this goes back to june. that's when they stay suspect john swan ens met the victim on the dating website
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he lured her to his house in south riding and health her against her will and sexually assaulted her here. there's fear there could be more victims. >> in a situation li this, itñi the same as someone has been ammed them don't want the embarrassment of being scammed so they don't say anything. that's how these perpetrators continue to get by with their crime. if anyone is familiar with this person, we would like to hear from them. >> reporter: word of the sex crime most unselling to the people here. >> i think of this as a family block with kids playing. not somethingçó like some crime like that ting place. >> i think it is horrible. hey ought to put these people away. it is horrible, what's going on. >> it does mark the community like this. you wouldn't think of something like that happening. i guess it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: some advice from the sheriff. when you go to meet someone for the first time, don't meet them at their place or your place.
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meet them at a public ñiplace. it's much safer that way. back to you. >> a frightening story. pat, thank you. let's shift gears a b and take a look outside. the weather is getting cooler and more comfortable every day. >> lots of blue skies. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the conditions to tell us how long this will stick around. >> this is probably a perfect day in my book. perfect,the low 80, plenty of sunshine. that's what we're dealing with. take a look and we'll show you. all the sun across the ñiarea, e or two little cumulus clouds here and there. it is just gorgeous. the current temperatures, 85 degrees. humidity only 30%. winds out of the south southeast at six miles an hour. gorgeous across the region. 84 in sterling. 84 inearned, lenardtown at 79. the great weather continues and it will tonight as well.
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by 9 clog, clear skies, 75 degrees. then tomorrowmorning, around 5:00 a.m. 65 degrees. then 67 by 7:00. there are some change in the forecast. i'll show you those coming up. and my fll forecast coming up a little later on. >> still ahead, we'll tell you why parents may want to give their kids more time to hang out in front of the computers. >> plus, justice caught up the two iminal. fighting the flu. are you ready for this? a new vaccine that's being tested in our area that could give you lifetime protection against all strains of the viru
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a fast forward through headlines. d.c.'s next mayor said he will spend the next several weeks working to bring the city back together. they acknowledged there were thousands of resident who did not vote for him but he announced plans for a series of town hall meetings to share his plans and their residents' ideas. the family of an ohio marine killed in iraq arrived at arlington national cemetery to exhume his body. scott warner was concerned his son heath was buried in the wrong spot in the wake of that scandal that found many of the graves unmarked or mislabeled. it was determined from distinctive attas that he was buried in the proper grave. a sout riding man is being held without bond for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman he met in the online dating website eharmony. they say he met his victim in june. police say he health her against her will and sexually assaulted her. >> it was tough coming into work today. >> and not going right back out
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the door. >> we were just talking about. this we want to you stay watching us right here. in the next half-hour, a shower is coming over. you've got to make sure you watch the rest of the forecast. that's right. >> not a meteor shower so don't run outside. >> that's right. more great weather throughout across the area. this is a time where it is fairly boring to be a meteorologist. but at least the tropics are fairly active. just look at that. just gorgeous conditions. a great day to get out and about. a great day to watch the television and then take a look out your window. but stay indoors. watchus. 85 degrees. the dew point, 50 degrees. the temperature around the rest of the region. 88 toward charlottesville, 87 in wincster. yaif ithe district. i think we'll see warmer temperature as the frontal boundary starts to approach the region. no clouds across the area. look at the entire east cot. high and dry today. it will stay like that over the next couple of hours until at
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least tomorrow afternoon. we will see the boundary move very close to the area. a slight chance of a shower, maybe a thunderstorm late. i think the best chance will be to the north of the city. toorrow should a nice day, jl though i think it will be rather breezy. the front moves through on friday and guess what come in behd it. another area of high pressure. that will giv us even more great weather for the weekend. a couple things going on. active tropical i can, karl made its waéi onshore. this hurricane igor. this is hurricane julia. igor is the one we're talking about. both are category 4 storm. igor with winds of 134iles an hour could come very close to bermuda. that's the only impact on land. for us, it would only be some rip curnts. for us tonight and this evening, mostly clear and pleasant. tomorrow morning we're looking at a beautiful morning. a gat one to get out and about to start off your day. 59 to 64 degrees with that 6:50 sunrise.
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it has moved through the day. increasing theloud cover, increasi wind. winds out of the southwest.m(5". there's the next four daysñi showing a high of 82 on friday. and then beautiful on saturday and on sunday. highs in the low 80s. >> a nice weekend. >> it doesn't get any better. >> thank you. with the return of fall comes the return of f season, of course. most of us still remember last year's h1n1 outbreak. >> withi the past two week, a lot of health clinics and drug stores are offering the flu vac. and we have an update on a new type of shot. > hi, wendy, jill, starting this year the centers for disease control says everybody is six months or nnder should get their annual flu shots. but someñi gsay that could chan. they are developing a new kind of flu shot that could give lifetime protection against all strains of the flu. at could eventually make theñi seasonal flu vaccine obsolete.
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>> so the flu went from kat to sarah to david. >> chevy chase mother jennifer emmett makes sure her children get their annual flu st. when the h1n1 virus started spreading last ñiyear, the seasonal flu vac couldn't protect all three of her children from getting sick. >> it's pret hard on a family of five of kids this young. they're so on top of each other. and it is, when someone brings something home, it is almost impossible not to have it spread through the family. >> now refers at the national institutes of health are trying to develop a new type of flu vac. one that could ma those annual seasonal flu shots the thing of the past. >> insteadof you having to get a new vaccine every year, we would like the develop a vaccine where could you get a shot, one or two or three times when you're very young and would it last you a lifetime and protect against the vario different strains of flu that would you encounter. >> reporter: he is the director
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ofaccine research. he said this ne type of universal flu shot would be similar to the measles vaccine that's children get now. that's c)jz could t now. provide a lifetimef protection. that would give vaccine makers, doctors and patients, some major advantages. >> when you have sittions like we did in 2009, the h1n1 virus, we essentially were blind-sided by that virus with a better more broad universal vaccine, we wouldn't be in that potion. >> reporter: seasonal flu vacines only protect against the three strains of the flu most likely to be circulating in any given year. world health organization scientists mke decisions about that. and as many of us know from last year's pandemic, they don't alwa get it right. >> despite that influenza changes yearly and is a moving
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target for our immune system, there are part of the virus that can't change. >> reporter: that's how the universal flu vac would work. it targets specific genetic structures that all flu virus have in common. kit then stimulate the immune system to attack and prevent you from getting sick. parents like jennifer say that could make things a lot easier in their busy households. >> it would be nice to not have to worry as much about the flu. the other parents that bothered our parents and we don't even think about. it is great. >> it would be nice, wouldn't it? remember last year allñr that struggle over the h1n1 vaccin waiting in line. they've tested it on animals and they've had good results. they're beginning to test it on humans. if that goes well, you could see the vaccine at your doctor's office in as little as fi years. it is still unclear whether this vaccine would be able to work for people who have already had
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seasonal in a shots or been infected with the flu. but this is a few years off. wendy and jim, i hope this won't encourage people to postpone getting the flu shot this year. it is not too early now. people at the station were having flu shots today. did you get yours? >> i rolled up my sleeve today. i got mine. we have another shot at it in a few weeks. coming up, parents ma want to think twice before complaining about their kids spending too much time on the computer. why researchers say it is actually good for them. cell phone video rolls, capturing a meter maid on a wild rant. even though darth vader can read minds, he miss that had this store has surveillance cameras. now the police force is searching for the robber.
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robbers drive a ploik into a bank but crash making their getaway. darth vader holds up a convenience store and a meter maid man in florida loses it. it is all caught on tape. these are stories that make you say. emloyees in west palm beach were no doubt surprised when two people rode a motorcycle into their lobby. it was an arm robbery. they ok off but their get-away was not very smooth. y carjacked a woman and kept going. they were arrested a few hours later along with a bank employee who police say helped them pull off the crime. lukas film may not be too happy about this. in michigan, guy put on a dth vader's mask and pull out a butcher knife to pull off a robbery. he did get awayith cash.
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police are hoping they can catch him. they got his face before he put his costume on. >> you pennsylvania -- i don't give a [ bleep ] about the job. do you see what that says? volunteer. you don't even know what the [ bleep ] that means. >> pennsylvania what? a parking attendant went on an angry tirade against a couple in south florida over an expired meter. the couple reported them on their, him on their cell phone. that's when he reallyit it. the man, byhe way, is no longer patrolling the streets and writing tickets. that's what happens to volunteers. with that kind of mouth! >> anger manage many scho. here we come. next at 5:00, it's been a closely guarded secret. now michaely salahi is talking about her private struggle with a debilitating disease. >> reporter: this is chris gordon in prince george's
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county, maryland. yesterday's primary election created a change at the top levels of government. a new county executive, a new prosecutor, and councilmembers. i'll have the report ahead. targeted twice in one day. hear from the people health hostage in their own home for hours and how it all unfolded.
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we're looking at another fantastic day across the area today. i was going to saysplendid. whatever you want to say. splendid, fantastic, amazing. it is just gorgeous. plenty of sunshine, temperature of 85 degrees. humidity at only 30% so it feels wonderful. 87 in winchester. charlottesville, virginia, at 88 degrees. annapolis at 75. as we look tough the day tomorrow, a little bit warmer. high around 87 in washington. 86 in warrenton. 85 toward frederickburg. another great day tomorrow. a slight chance of rain. i'll update out when that will happen coming updi my forecast.
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>> thanks. a 9-hour stand-off in prince george's county is over. the suspect has been hospitalized after shooting hielf. >> it all began in the 8600 block ofñi richboro road in capitals heights, maryland. some of the eight people held hostage spoke about their ordeal withnews4's john schriffen. >> reporter: a terrifying ordeal for family members of this victim who say they were inside the house when the gunman storm in. we're learning at one point,çó eight people were being held hostage. this stand-off with police finally ended nearly nine hours later. after the suspect turned the gun on him. family members of the female victim were emotional after a two-day stand-off finally came to an end. prince george's county police say it started around 10:00 tuesday night in this house at the end of the road. he said he was inside when the gunman stormed in. >> my uncle tried to put him out of the house. he got mad so he hit him with the gun and closed the door
5:32 pm
back. >> iamehome with my girlfriend. the guy held everybody hostage. he eventually let us out of the house but he took my niece upstairs. >> reporter: rice that his niese is the exgirl of the gunman. >> mad because of the relationsh. >> reporter: all night police sat up outside with a command center set-up pleading with the gunman to let the hostage go. police say it eventually ended around 7:00 this morning when the suspect in the upstairs bedroom turned the gun on himself. >> it is not unusual in this situation for a barricade to last this long. time is on our side. >> reporter: the 18-year-old victim was able to make it out of the houseokay. as for the gunman, police e not releasing much information about him. only saying he is in the hospital. very critical condition. reporting om capitol heights, john schriffen. news4. the company that operates the metro access service has authorized an independent investition into i
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practices. they subcontract with metro to operate the service for disabled people, unable to use bus or rails. recent four metro access drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting passengers. investigators willook at the company's hiring and training practices. they already conduct background checks and operates a 110 hour training program for new employees. with more on decision 2010 in montgomery county, one-term koing wan lost her re-election bid for one of four at large council seats in tuesday's democratic primary. she was edged out by the newcom newcomer. in the race for executive, douglas rosenfeld. he will now face the executive in november. there will be a rematch.
5:34 pm
million maland ehrlich will face off, theyñi faced off in the la race in 2006. there are a lot of new faces in prince george's county politics. the county will have a new county executive. the new state's attorney and five different memrs of the county council. chris gordon joins us with a look at what all this meanor residents there. >> reporter: hi. a clean slate caused by term limits. it is so unusual to have this many t elected officials leaving at once. so as a result of yesterday's primary, they have new nominees for the county council state's attorney and the office of prince george's county executive. >> reporter: he health his fit news conference since winning the race for prince george's county executive. since there is no republican challenger, the job is his and these are his priorities.
5:35 pm
>> education, economic development and public safety. one of the thing we'll do is reach out to the public. so everybody can buy in and come on how we change this. so the next part of the phase of the campaign from this point to november is actually going out tthe public i public form and letting them comment on these issues. >> reporter: angela is the first female state's attorney elected in the county. she wants to crack down on handgun crimes and domestic abuse. >> i started in this office in 1997 as t first full time domestic violence prosecutor ever hired in the office. i have watched over the years. and unfortunately in our communicate, domestic violence still persists and it is a tremendous problem. not just for the adults. i've watched the impact that it has on the young people. the children in the household who watch it. >> reporter: there are nine members on the prince george's county council. term limits remove five of them. as a result, the majority of
5:36 pm
councilmembers are now new to the job. >> fresh ideas, new perspectives, different priorities. and so it will be a wonderful opportunity as well as a challenge. new councilmembers have a challenge. a new learning curve, so to speak. we're will that many of them are community aivists so they know their way around the issues. and vice chairman harrison says the council looks forward to working with the new county executive to make prince george's county the kind of a community that people really want to live in. we're live in prince george's county. back to you in the studio. >> okay. thanks, chris. you can see all the primary results on a d.c. fire truck crashed into a meo bus in northwest d.c. this morning. it happened here at 14th and madison near rock creek park. the fire truck was responding to a pedestrian who was struck by a
5:37 pm
vehicle on 13th and madison. all 18 people aboard the bus and four firefightersrom the truck were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. smoke caused two metro stations to close today for about an hour this morning. service on thred line in gallery place chinatown d metro stations closed around 10:00. investigators say debris caused the smoke. still ahead, new study about kids and computers says it is a good thing to leave them in front of a monitor. it could help them in school a in life. plus the fight against fa the fda is deciding whether to approve one weight loss drug and pull another one off the market.
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tonight wednesday's child tells us he ishoping to find a permanent home. he is bright and he loves to cook. >> boy, does he. barbaraharrison invited him to spend some time with professional chefs in pentagon city. tonight she takes to us meet cody. >> reporter: hi, cody. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: great. so good to see you. i hear you like the cook. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: we have a treat for
5:41 pm
you today. we're going tthe ritz-carlton and you'll get to cook with the chefs. they were waiting for us. and inside the chef william rogers and executive pastry chef dallas. they're real chefs, huh? how can y tell? >> the hat? >> reporter: right. they invited us to follow them back to the kitchen where they had the apron and the hat. he said he would like to be a chef. the social worker said cody has talked about becoming a chef. he was excited to have a chance to cook today with real profsionals. she also says after eight years in foster care, cody at 15 is anxious to find a permanent adoptive home. >> he wants a family to stay with and have the stability. >> put two shrimp in here. >> reporter: cody is doing well in school. how do y like school?
5:42 pm
>> i'm really good at school, actually. i used to do really bad in school but now i'm pretty good at it. >> he's been on the honor roll the last couple of semesters. he's looking forward to another successful year. what got you motivated to do fwhl school? >> well, i just got my act togetherism didn't like school and then i wanted to do good. >> reporter: have you had to move veryoften? tell me what that is lik >> very hurtful. i don't like to keep moving. when i was little, i always had to keep moving ad everything. but most of it was fault. because i kept messing up. i don't want to mess up anymore. >> reporter: cody is trying hard to do well in he go these days. he hopes an adoptiveamily will be proud of him someday. cody got some goodies to take home to remember this day at the ritz-carlton. his dream is that this delay lead to his fding a family to lo him.
5:43 pm
>> do you have room in your home or your heart for cody or any of your wednesday's children, please call our adoption hotline. 1-882 adopt me or logon to >> chef's outfit was a good fit for him. she is no stranger to controversy. the white house controversy back in the news. she said she is struggling with a
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the great weather continues. we've seen nothing but sunshine over the past couple days. we' see more of that as we move through the evening hours and into the day tomorrow as well. there are some change out there in the forecast. the current temperature, 85 degrees right now. the dew point around 50 degrees. winds out of the south southeas at 6 miles an hour. theyl switch out of the southwest tomorrow. that will help to warm us up. look at the number. 88 in charlottesville. 84 in sterling. tomorrow the number will be even warmer. maybe some 90s. 87 degrees is what i'm going for in washington. maybe a slight chance of a shower late in the day but most of us should remainn the dry side. more nice weather on friday, saturday and sunday. thank you. turning now to sports, dan joins us now with some candid comments
5:47 pm
from the redskins head coach mike shanahan. >> candid? >> he is not great. he h something he is thinking. about he will certainly -- >> whats he thinking about? >> he has been thinking about a lot. the good news is that this is a fun week. for the most part coming off a win. if a redskins organization is going to be resurrected, it is not about donavan mcnabb or any one player. the savior if there is to be one, the man they call the mastermine in denver. the redskins head coach also carries the title of redskins executive vice president. and he has the final say on all football-related matters. shanahan also a bit refreshed after being fired in denver. >> coach, you took a yar off before you came here. what did you do? >> good question. you kind of did some thing you've never been able to do before. and you have anywhere from80 to 100-hour weeks and then nothing
5:48 pm
to do. and you have some free time. it's something that i enjoy. get a chance to read a little more,work out a little bit more, sleep a lite bit more i never thought i could sleep. when you don't have something on your mind, you can sleep more than you thought. >> did you find yourself actually decompressing om all those years of coaching or did you find yourself studying the game more? maybe looking at it in a different perspective? >> well, i think initially you have a chance to do some things you haven't done. minutes time with the family, do thing you normally wouldn't even think about. i was able to do that at first. and then a couple months late when you're getting ready for football season, igot a chance to spend time with different coaches. go visit some camps, and do the thing mo coaches would lake to do if they had free time. >> does mike shanahan learn anything from going to these? when did you learn the most? >> i think any time you go to pro camps, went to pittsburgh's
5:49 pm
camp. you like to look and see what other people do. especially team that have been successful. look at the way they do it compared to the way you do it. i went to the university of florida for a few days, watchi a college program and seeing how they did it relative to on the feel and off the feel and how they ran the college program. i think those thing always help you. >> how sure are you about this job? because you accepted it. and daveñi snyder has not been able to find the guy to win consistently. joe gibb took it two times in four years. he hasn't been able to find that guy. what did he say to get you to come here? >> number one. one thing you know, dan has great bag. and whenou have someone that has passion in what they do, you have a chance to do something special. not only does he have that bag but he's backed it up financially. and i wanted the challenge.
5:50 pm
the same challenge i had when i went to denver. a lot of people said the same thing. here's a team that the s 8-8, 7-9 themselves haven't been very consistent. they're 26th on the defense. 15th on offense. it will be the end of the head coaching career. i really felt like it was a great challenge. something i was looking forward to doing. it took a little bit. it took a few years. i wanted to have a couple winning seasons. >> looking forward to having winning asons here. he said he wanted to end his career here when a new head coach comes to town. i believe they want to say they all want to end their career like that. during that year off, he said he wanted to learn to do some thing he hadn't done before. he had never sent an e-mail or a text message before last year, if you can believe that. >> really! >> he said he had people who would send e-mails for him. he took a pirate class. >> to learn to send an e-mail.
5:51 pm
>> i'm sure it was a little more than that. maybe his son kyle taught him how to send text messages. he's aware of how many people you have followng him on e-mail and tech message will. >> i'm pretty sure he's not a big fan of twitter. >> he sould be taking a class in french. >> i'll tell him. e-mailing in french. anorexia rumors have been floated about michaele salahi who stars in the real house wives of d.c. a new book that went on sale today reveal the secret of her slenderness. the book is written by the former tv reporter and billed as a quote tell all. it was written withhe salahis' cooperation. in the book, michaele discloses she has multiplesclerosis and she said that is why she is so thin. weight loss, however, is not a typical symptom of ms, according to the national multiplesclerosis society. advisers to the food and drug administration voted to take controversial diet drug
5:52 pm
meridia off the market. the drug has been sold in the u.s. for more than a decade n t it has been linked to higher rates of heart attack and stroke in patients with heart disease. tomorrow, the advisers will consider whether a new diet drug should be approved. and doreen gentzler joins us with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> hello again. coming up at 6:00, u.s. state department official are using twitter to try to persuade the president of iran to release those two american hikers who were still being held on spy charges there. scar waird winning actor denzel washington come to d.c.ith a message for students. we'll tell you about that. and proof that a mother cannot resist an abandoned baby. wait until you see this. those stori and more coming up. >> which one is different? >> wait until you see. thank you. still ahead, we've got a story the parents may want to check out.
5:53 pm
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high school in northeast washington hosted a group of high schoolers from philadelphia who competed in an international engineering competition. the visiting teams designed and built a 100-mile-an-hour car in the progressive insurance automotive x-prize competition. the team gave tours of their cars and talk about their challenges competing on a world of stage. good for them. if you think kids are wasting their time and withering their brain by playing on the computer, listen up. it may not be all that bad. >> kristen dahlgren has the results of a study from the university of maryland. it shows those hours on the computer may actually have a positive effect on kids. >> reporter: if you've ever
5:57 pm
worried about the hours your little one spends doing this, a new udy says computer time, even playing game, may actually be productive. >> they're learning how to use it. they're learning to get information, answer questions and develop strategies. >> reporr: the study by the university of maryland looked at preteens. in many cases, link told hours at the computer with an increase in test scores. african-american boys saw the biggest jump with more access to home computers than ever before. >> it is really striking. >> reporter: their reading scores were up four points. girls' scores also increased and the study found white girl saw beer social interaction the more they played on the computer. the only group who didn't see improvement was white boys. th a slight decrease in test scores and increase in violent tendencies. >> as they get older, there is more concern about the more aggressi games. that is more in the video
5:58 pm
consoles. >> reporter: so caution for parents. not all games are created equal and there can be too much of a good thing. >> i think the parents really need to look at what exactly in term of the media diett is that their children are doing. >> reporter: but it seem in the right combination, child's play may he kids win in the classroom. nbc news, washington. >> this does not apply to television. the screen that kids still spend most of their time in front of. >> and not video consoles like x-box or playstation. only your home computer. that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. a local woman claim she was sexual assaultee assault by her eharmony date.
5:59 pm
a virginia state trooper dies during a training exercise. >> we begin with a tough task for an incomingmayor. unifying the district after an election that was deeply divided along racial lines. good evening. >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty lost his bid for a second material to council chairman vincent gray with 100% of t precincts reporting, gray got close to 10,000 more votes than incumbent adrian fenty. gray took the first step today toward timing tensions. >> reporter: vincent gray walked out to meet the media. reaching out immediately to the largely population that didn't vote for him assuring the city he is an aggressive reformer, too. >> to earn the support of those people who did not vote for us in yesterday's election. let me assu everybody also that we're not going to be turning back any clocks o


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