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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 15, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we're going to be moving full speed ahead. >> reporter: it was early wednesday morning when vin send gray claimed victory. >> thank you, district of cumbia. >> reporter: the 67-year-old chairman of the d.c. council said he would meet this week with michelle rhee to see if they can work together. but it is wadely expected she'll leave. only the timing being uncertain. gray supporters say gray's deliberative style won't substitute f action. >> we ran a campaign in five months. we put it together. we ran it and we won. so if that doesn't show you how quickly we can put something togeth and pull it off, i don't know what will. >> not everyone agrees any elected official makes. it is a more inclusive process. >> i know people are excited. the kids are in early school care. and they think michelle rhee created preschool. he got it done three years
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early. >> reporter: zbra a democratic nominee and faces on a general election formality november 2 when he'll be free to start putting his own government together. we have much work to do. to bring this city together. i'm going to work hard. i will try to earn the confidence of those who may not have ved for me. >> reporte the d.c. party hold as traditional unity breakfast tomorrow morning. it will be the first chance for gray and fenty to stand together united. >> three things come to mind. immediately, one, he didn't immediately go with marion berry when white voters were diseverybody chanted with him and his favorite comments, get over it. at least that's one mark in gray's favorite. >> wouldn't it be fair to classify the divide as much along class lines as racial lines? >> it is certainly part of it. this electionasically was an anti-fenty election. gray took advantage of that.
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there were so many people of all races and classes who were upset with this. dismissive. so gray did take advantage of that. >> finally, are you convinced that fenty will not register and run as a republican? >> i believe he will not run in the november election. however, i'm not ruling out that he could run for the kwame brown at large seatn the council once brown becomes chairman on january 2. there will be a special election. and fenty would have enough support to be a strong contender. if he decides to do it >> he would not likely want to go from mayor to councilman. they have one called marion berry. why not have two former mayors on the council? >> i can think of a couple good reasons. >> i would say don't rule it our even if the mayor does. we're all tired. we'll take some rest and maybe come backext week. >> okay. thank you. speaking about mayor fenty'ó future, he spoke out today about his future in sxolt about michelle rhee. and we'll have a special report on fenty's fought in the next
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half-hour. also, we'll brk down a number of other primary resul. we'll take a look at the tea party delegate and races in prince george's and montgomery counties. a man in south riding, virginia is behind bars for sexually saassaulting a woman tt he met on eharmony. it happened at the suspect's house in loudoun county. pat collins talked to peoplen the neighborhood who are alarmed about that arrest. >> reporter: a sex crime in thir well tailored community in south riding. people, most upset. >> they ought to put these people away. it is horrible, what's going on. >> think in this block is a family block with kids playing. not something like, some crime like that taking place he. >> reporter: police say this man used the internet to befriend a
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woman whom he later held captive and victimized. >> the person may seem like a nic person on the other end of the phone. if you don't know them, you have to assume that foul play could be involved. >> reporter: accoing to the sheriff, this go back to june. that's when they stay suspect john swan evanset the victim on the dating website july, they say, he lured her to his house here in south riding. and health her against her will. and sexually assaulted her here. there is fear there could be more vicms. >> in a situation like this, the same as someone has been scammed them don't want the embarrassment of someone being scammedo they don't say anything. that'sow these perpetrators continuing. if anybody is fwam this person, we would lake to hear from them. >> reporter: some advice fom the sheriff. when you go to meet someone for the first time, don't do it at their place or your place.
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do it in a public place. it's mu safer there. i'm pat collins, news4, loudoun county. >> officials at eharmony say they have reached out to the loudoun county sheriff's office to offer help. they said we are deeply saddened to hear of this terrible incident and our hearts go out to the vict. we also immediately closed mr. evans' sxkt notified all of his matches not to community with ñi him. the company that runs metro access is taking some action now after four of its employees have been accused of sexually assaulting customers. mvransportation has authorized an independent investigation into its hiring and training practices. the company subcontracts with metro to operate the door to door senses for the disabled who are unable to use regular services. the already conducted background check for the traing program for new employees. a d.c. fire truck crashed
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into a metro bus in northwest this morning. that know happened at 14th and madison near rock creek park about 10:00 this morning. the fire truck was responding to a pedestrian who had been hit by vehicle at 13th and madison. all 18 people on the bus and four firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the virginia state police are mourning the death of a trooper who died during a training exercise. trooper mark barrett was 41 year old, a member of the search and recovery team. he died during a diving exercise in lake ana. no word yet on the exact cause of death. the trooper leaves behind a wife and two children. co-workers say diving was his passion. the family of a marine from ohio who was dmild iraq in 2006 were at arlington national cemetery today. to exhume his body. scott warner said he was concerned his son was buried in
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the wrong spot. all of this in the wake of a scandal thatound hundreds of graves were unmarked or mislabeled. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: in america's hallowed ground, section 60 of arlington national cemetery is the final resting police for those who died in iraq. private first class heath warr was buried here in 2006. four years later his family is at arlington to make sure their son was in the right plot. he is so missed. and our family, even after going on four years, this transition from being a family of five to four, we still don't have our arms around it. >> reporter: the warners say they gotworried in the wake of the cemetery scandal that broke in june. investigators found over 200 graves that were unmarkedñi or mislabeled. arlington offials exhumed the marine's body and the warners re able to identify their son by his distinct tattoo.
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>> it means kill evil instantly. heath was a team from fighter. e was a freedom fighter. he had a greater lov than everyone else than himself. >> reporter: this is the second time a service member has been exhumed at arlington due to a family request. theirst one was a few weeks ago when the widow of an army staff sergeant wanted to be sure her husband was buried in the correct grave. arlington officials discovered the staff sergeant was buried in the wrong grave. and that two other plots were also mismarked. officials say up to 66 hundred graves may be affected. >> we'll continue to wo with any family that calls arlington cemetry to make sure they're confident as we go in and fix these processes. >> reporter: the warners say no family should have to go through the pain of a second burial. >> he did this for him. we're so sorry that we had to do this.
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hopefully we can bring the dignity an the honor back. >> reporter: jane watrel. news4. >> heath warner was reburied at arlington. his family plans to seek federal legislation so that the remains can be moved from arlington to a cemetry near the family home in canton, ohio. coming up, actor denzel washington came to washiton to help boys and girls get inspired. the red carpet has been rolled out in downtown d.c. for a big movie premier featuring michelle rhee. a gunman stormed into a home and took eight people hostage. officials finally announce ad date for when the blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico will be permanently seled. oh, doug, what's ahead in the weather? >> are you loving this weather? there is more of it to come. but there is possibe, possible one little fly in the ointment. i'll show it to you coming up.
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in sports, the natiols leave atlanta in grand style. kyle shanahan getting ready to face his old team. plus, how can you contain this guy? running back foster right now. the leading rusher in the nfl. think about the internet.
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bp's fractured oil well could be sealed forood this week. government officials say the reli well that crews have been digging all summer should be fix within 24 hours. then thell do what is call the bottom kill. pumping in mud and cement to seal it once and for all. they say that should happen by sunday. today's primary results reflect an unpredictable primary season.
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the newcomer carl paladino won the gop nomination for governor in new york. but the biggest win for the tea party candidates came in delaware where sarah palin backed christi o'donnell, won the gop primary r the u.s. senate. she will face off against democratic county executive chris kuhns in november. in maryland, senator barbara mick you will can i seesly took -- mick you willsky took the nomination. she faced six challengers in the primary. mikulsky is looking to win her fifth term. he opponent won the gop nomination. he took almost 39% of the vote in a crowded ten candidate race. in montgomery county, one-rm councilwoman lost her reelection bid for one of four at large seats that were up for grabs in the democratic primary.
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e was edged out by the new koerm and incumbents. the four republican candidates for the at large council seats ran uncontested. a number of new faces in prince george's county politics. the county will have a new county execuve. the new state's attorney, andñr five different members of the county council. chris gordon has our report on this. >> reporter: baker's first order of business of a winning the race for prince george's county executive was to meet with school superintendent william height. to understand baker's commit many to education. >> i'm sitting down at a high school, to establish how important oçó education is. not just a campaign slogan. it wasn't just rhetoric. we begin with t thing that will turn prince george's county and make it a great county. >> reporter: the former executive wayne occury a close adviser to baker.
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>> i think there was a period when we felt like we were not advancing in the way that we could have been in the way that in decades past, we did. i think that a lot of people have invested a great deal of enthusiasm and faith in ensuring he can get us back. >> reporter: and language will succeed her former boss, state's attorney glen ivy. as the county's p prosecutor, she wants to be known as tough and fair. >> i've heard from citizens all over this county they want to send a message. that prince george's county is not the place to commit crime them value their quality of life themselves feel it is important for their children to play in a safe place. to attend schools where they are safe. >> reporter: the wholesale change and the top positions nr prince george's county was created by term limits. and it presents both challenges and opportunities. >> believe that the incoming councilmembers and county executive will have a great working relationship. and that we wil be able to mov
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forwardñi with presenting princ george's county in its best ñi light. >> reporter: new people in public service at the very highest levels of government. who see it as a new beginning in prince george's county. chris gordon, news4. coming up, police in florida are trying aew approach to curb prostitution. if you get caught, they'll send a letter to your house. a squirrel purring like a ♪ ♪ [ male announr ] givingp cigarettes can take more than willpower alone.
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a mother cat in missiippi is getting quite a bit of attention for an unlikely new addition to her family. emmy the cat has apparently adopted a baby squirrel as one her own. the squirrel fell out of a nest in the tree and landed in the yard of its owner. emmy immediately began nursing it, alongçó with her kittens. while officials think the
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squirrel who has been name rocky is so tame that it will have to be a pet fm now on. rocky's ownerelieves it already thinks 's a cat. he said it even purrs like the other kitten my goodnes >> that must be strange. >> that must be strange. >> i love that story. it's one of those things you haven't seenbefore. >> right. a beautifulday to be outside. >> we've seen a lot of these. i asked you and you never answered me. you said this is almost perfect. >> i can't imagine. >> i don't know. >> go ahead and say it. >>i can't say that. you know? >> can you just say it is the perk day? >> like what is the best moment ever had? it's always the next one. >> it can always g better. because saturday could be even more perfect for you. we'll see more great weather over the ne couple days. if today you're not sure if it is your perfect day, maybe
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friday, maybe saturday. we've got a lot more of these. take a look at this. this is down toward the waterfron ? along the anacostia river. my parents went to bladensberg high school. i want to thank the high scol for bringing them together and then helping to brg me into this world. i don't know if they played at this park. it looks like a fairly new park but i have to tell you, beautiful down theretoday. look at those kids throughout on that slide. temperature outside into the 80s across the area. they hit a high temperature of jik degrees. the average high today, around 80. it we'll be even warmer during the day tomorrow. nice and warm and nothing but sunshine out there. aicture perfect day. no matter what you wantedto do outside. 83 degrees, the current temperature. only 37%. winds out of the south at nine miles an hour. those winds will start to shift more out of th south southwest. with that they'll start to get rather breezy during the day tomorrow. and i think temperature could be up there around the upper 80, maybe 90 degrees tomorrow in some locations. especially down to the
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southwest. around 84. quantico, sameeal for you. 79 degrees, annapolis at 75. i expect you to be well into the 80s tomorrow as well. with that southwest wind. right now, not a cloud in the sky fromboston, all the way down toward north rolina. it is just gorgeous out there along the entire mid-atlantic, along the entire east coast. it will stay that wayovernight. wat what ppens here. by tomorrow morning, we see a warm front starting to move through the area. maybe some cloud cover tomorrow morning. and then later in the afternon, we'll see the southwest winds kicking in. that will bring in some very warm air. our frontal boundary, a cold front will bring through a chance, the possible of an isolated shower. mostf us will remain on the dry side. one or two of us may see a shower. that will bring some good news. we need the rain. high pressure moves back in and eates more beautiful weather. tropical i can, very active. this is tropal storm karl. made its way on shore yesterday
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with 65-mile-an-hour winds. this is igor, julia. both category 4 storm right. now amazing. it is the fist time sinceçó 192 we've seen two category 4 storm in the atlantic at the same time. we'll focus on igor. show you what will happen. i think it is the only one that could affect land. where will it affect? the possible is bermuda. if you're thinking about going to bermuda, you may want to think again. we could s some rip currents if you're think] about going to the beaches. your forecast, the rest of the evening looking good. a very nice evening. mostly clear and pleasant. 73 to 78 degrees. tomorrow morning, a great start. a few clouds potentially tomorrow morning. we'll call it mostly clear with the temperature between 59 and 64 degrees. át our way through the day tomorrow, more cloud cover in the afternoon, become breezy with winds upwards of 15 to 25 miles an hour. i've got83 to 87. something tell me it could be little warmer than that. 82 on friday and then it could be jim's perfect day on saurday. 81, low humidity.
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why not continue on this great stretch of weather? 70s on monday, tuesday, upper 70s and then 80 on wednesday. >> why not? looks great. >> doesn't it though? just the perfect time of area. >> almost. coming up, premier night in d.c. for a documentary featuring michelle rhee. >> the future of rhee is uncertain as the may speaks out about his plans down the road. mançó has confessed to knowingly infecting at least 20 beam the hivvirus. >> we'll introduce you to the first living soldier to be awarded the medal of honor since the vietnam war. coming up, kyle shanahan getting ready to face his old team. anotherormer terp getting big in atlantic.
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i feel like i've put everything into it. i was fully pepared and excited to serve the city for four more years butt wasn't to be. >> d.c. mayor fenty reacting to the polls yesterday. thre will not be a second term for him. the final number gave chairman vincent gray the victory in tuesday's primary. >> today mayor fenty talk about what may have led to his loss and what is next for him and the city. aaron gilchrist has our report. >> reporter: adrian fenty's campaign stewards applauded to acknowledge loss in the democratic primary. minutes before he cal his opponent to offer congratulations and concession. >> i will the chairman who i've known for some time now, that he can look forward to my support as he makes his way through the rest of the general election
6:30 pm
process. >> reporter: fenty lost the primary by fewer than 10 percentage points despite the record of progress that he tried to focus his campaign on. >> in addition to tough decision making, i think there were some real concerns about our recnt enge. . >> reporter: he tried to address an image problem late in the campaign but critics say the election was lost. he is not planning a writing campaign for the general election. in fact when he leaves office in 105 days, that's it'll. >> it is unlikely that i'll ev be in a position as high profile. probably not even in elected office in d.c. but it is almost guaranteed 100% that somehow, some way i will continue to give back to my community. >> reporter: while his future sounds certain, his education chiefs may not be. all along michelle rhee supported the man who brought her to d.c. fix the school system where she herself has said students are getting a crappy education. rhee' reform may have helped do her boss in. >> i know this had an impact on this election. at the same time, i'm very
6:31 pm
confident that the mayor knew at the outset that this would be, you know, pt of what we would have to deal well. >> reporter: rhee plans to sit down with fuente and gray in the coming days. >> i want to make sure that this district is set up for success. and that our children have the best opportunity to really learn in the excellent environment. >> reporter: an environment that she was not willing to say would or wouldn't include her. aaron gilchrist, news4, washington. waiting for supman is the title of a documentary that examines public education in america. >> the movie from the director of an inconvenient truth features d.c.xd school's chancellor michelle rhee. craig melvin is at the newseum in northwest washington. a lot of people are awaiting this. >> reporter: to be honest with you, it is like access hollywood out here. the museum has roled out the red carpet. they are expecting a host dignitaries. we're told all sorts of d.c.
6:32 pm
powerful elite wi be here. congressmen, senators michelle rhee also expected to be here, as you mentioned. one of the stars of that movie. it is, as you mentioned also, brought to us by the same director that brought us an inconvenient truth for which he won an oscar. in ts particular movie he looks at public education in this country and all of its shortcomings. he looks at it through the eyes have five students and so call reformers. one of the reformers, scho chancellor michelle rhee. take a look at a snippet from the movie. >> you wake every morning and you know that kids are getting a really crappy education right now. >> so you think most of the kids are getting a crappy education? >> i don't think they are. i know they are. >> michelle rhee featured prinentlthroughout this movie. lots of folks talking aut the movie. lots of folks as you might imagine here in washington, d.c.,still talking about what happened last night in the
6:33 pm
mayoral election. coming up at 11:00, we'll get reaction to the movie. we will also hear from folks about the mayoral election as well. all that and lots more. for no we're live at e museum. >> thank you. oscar winning actor denzel washington is helping to launch a new initiative to tacklet he high school droout rate. he is partnering with the boys and girls club of america. it is calling over american to intervene in the life of a young person. washington isan alumni of the boys and girls clubs. he said something a club employee said to him when he was 9 helped to make a differce in his life. >> and he said to me on my way out the door, he said young man work the smarts he had, you can do anything you want to . it was maybe a small thing to say. i never forgot it. i'm 55 years old. i never informing that. i was like, wow. i never even thought of that. ian do anything i want to do. reporter: it is estimated with 90% of children involved with the boys and girls clubs get a high school diploma.
6:34 pm
>> metro is taking steps to address the recent rash of suicides in the system. a $250,000 program will be decided tomorrow. the new program would train bus drivers, train operators and station managers to detect and prevent potentialsuicide attempts. the program is based in part on a similar program in canada that includes information learned from mental health experts. at least 15 people have killed themselves on metro property since the beginning of last year. a 9-hour stand-off, a hostage stand-off has ended. it happened on richboro road in capitol heights. at one point, eight peopleere held hostage there. the ordeal ended this morning when the suspect shot himself. he was taken to a hospital in critical condition. ne of the hostages was injured. one of the hostages told news4, the gunman was upset about a
6:35 pm
break-up with a girlfriend. coming up on news, the u.s. state department is putting appreciate our iran to release the american hikers held captive
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welcome back to a butiful day today. just about ñrperfect. there you go. i think there are oneoo many clouds out there. other than that, it would have been just perfect. look at the shot right now. just gorgeous all across the area. current temperature, 83 degrees. a dew point o 54. winds out of the south at nine miles an hour. an incredibly comfortable evening. a great one to get out and about. look at the rest of the number. 83 in sterling, 81 manassas. down toward lenard town at 78ñi
6:39 pm
degrees. tomorrow will be warming up. going for a high of about 87in washington. fredericksburg, 86. some areas may flirt with the 90-degree number. it will be a little on the warmer side. a slight chance of a shower although i think most of us will remain on the dry side. the four-day forecast. a little bit later on. >> see you soon. thank you. an idaho man who is hivñi positive has confessed to having sex with a number of people and not telling them about his condition. police say michael admits to having second with about 20 people he metn the internet and in local parks. he was already in jail on an unrelated charge when he admitted to the crime. so fa he faces one felony charge but police are looking for other victim. police in florida have come up with a novel way of dealing with prostitution. anybody caught soliciting a prostitute will get a letter
6:40 pm
sent home detailing the offense. they're doing it in daytona beach. that letter explains the circumstances of the arrest. it includes a brochure discussing sexually transmitted diseases. police are hoping thathe threat of humiliation and embarrassment and probably more might cut down on prostitution in that city. dr. frances kelsey is considered a hero in the medical community. 50 years ago she was a drug reviewer at the food and dg administration. she refused to approve a drug callthal i hadded my because she was concerned about its safety. thalamide was used to treat morning sickness.ñbp3 c1 it had been approved in more than 20 countes. she requested further study. eventually the drugçó wasñi shoo called severe birth defects in children born overseas. dr. kelsey s widely praised for avoiding similar tragedies in the u.s. she is 96 years old now.
6:41 pm
she was honored today by the food and drug administration.çó >> there are an awful lot of federal workers who do good work every single day. >> and go unheralded. >> unherald. all their working life and who do just heroic stuff. what's up? afternoon baseball. and it was a good afternoon. >> let's hear it. >> they were loving it. the houston rning back, aryan foster probably going to present a pretty big problem for the redskins. plus the offensive coordinator, he know them all too well. will it help?
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> these texans, they have a football team there. >> it sounds weird when you hear it. the texans might be better than the cowboys. we're not used to that. this franchise has never made
6:45 pm
it. last ye they had it. heñi passed for over 4,700 yard. and andre johnson, the best receiver in the nfl, had over 1,500 receiving yards. here's the crazy thing. the texans opened this season by beating the colts 34-24 in perhaps the biggest win in franchise history. the quarterback and e receiver tandem of schaub and johns hopkins, a nonfactor. the offensive load carried by a little known running back known as aryan foster who is the leading ruer in the nfl. it has only been one week but foster is putti on a show. foster was anundrafted free agent out of the university of tennessee two years ago. coming into the season, he had 257 career rushing yards. sunday, he explod for a texas franchise record 231 yards and three touchdowns. he is a big back. 6'1" and 227 pounds, and he is a very decisive runner. once he sees the hole, he is gone. foster adds a new dimension to
6:46 pm
the offen and he will surely be a main focus of the redskins' defense. >> he has that one cut. he is really good at it. and seeing the hole and making that cut and getting up the field. so we have our workut out for us. >> you know the funny thing about it, he is in the same draft class as me. we train together in arizona. and he did not get drafted. and i know what tape of worker he is and the way he worked and the way he carried himself. i knew he was going to be something special. he knew he ad a chip on his shoulder when everybody passed him up. so i knew when texas got him, i knew he was rely going to open some people's eyes. you started to see it last year. this year you see it with the colts. we've got to do a good job, maintaining his run and trying to keep him to a minimum. to where we can get shot
6:47 pm
throwing the ball and hope any create some pressure. he said during that sound bite, he reminds you of another one. >> that straight up kind of thing. >> and the long strides. >> powerful strides. >> moving way faster than you think he is. >> it didn't look like he was running faster but he is. >> the guy you just heard from was brian orakpo. the other member of the redskin' defense will be stopping by kyle shanahan's office this week erhaps to pick his brain. why would the defensive players want to quit their offensive width? last year, shanahan was the offensive coordinator in houston. he clearly know the stngths and weaknesses of the texas offensive personnel. kyle shanahan spent four years. the last two seasons he was running the offense. the new offense in washington has some work to do after failing in offensive touchdowns against the cowboys. but it has to help going against aouston defense that shanahan is very familiar with.
6:48 pm
>> they know what i like. they know what i don't think is good that they do. vice versa. we've gone against them every day for four years. we know how to attack each other. it is more of a, there is no secret about what we would like to do against each other. >> i think they have a really good understanding of the defense. what would work in the defense. and we'll just be sponges and enjoy everything they have for us. >> it has to be an uusual situation. >> we're not using any of that. that's not how you play the game. you play the game, you just watch the film. just prepare. we don't do thing like that hear. >> we're going to definitely have some type of advantage as far as know what they li to do. they will know what we like to do. it will be the same. whoever comes out. that la guy wa lorenzo alexander. when was the last time you s four guys in a group of sound bit and the coach was the youngest looking person.
6:49 pm
>> you're right. >> isn't that crazy? >> you' not used to seeing that. >> no. kyle shanahan is 31 years old. his third season as an offensive coordinator. the nationals have an afternoon game and a spark from an unlikely power source. maxwell had nine careerome runs but three were grand slams. the latest today against the atlanta braves. we start in the top of the second. no sre. justin maxwell gets a fastball. he was waiting on it. maxwell, dare i say, houses this one. a grand slam. thinking, i like that back. they take the 4-0 ñrlead. 4-2 ts. cruising along and that is filled to change up. ends the inning. six strong, gave up two run and struck out six. like a new man since he has been call up from the marijuanas. this is joel peraltaa. a fly ball into shallowcenter.
6:50 pm
nyjer morgan loses it. arave at second with no outs. three batters later work the ouxts sean burnett is pitching. he gets martin prado. facing brian mccann. another very good hitter but not hear. the nationals beat the braves 4-2. they take two of three from atlanta. just the second home series loss of the season for the braves. all right. this just out. you guys are familiarñi with cu scores. yours are off the charts. >> i don't know about that. >> cue score. populary poez. lron james is the sixth most disliked figure in sports. his positive rating dropped more than 40% since he left cleveland for mmi ranking higher than lebron on the most disliked figures in sports list, michael
6:51 pm
vick, tiger woods, chad ochocinco and terrell owen who's are both receivers for the bengals and kobe bryant. kobe bryant, a little bi@ú surprise. that probably dates back to wn he had some legal problems in colorado a few years back. we do have more nuggets for that. the heisman trophy trust met today themselves decided the trophy given back by reggie bush will remain vacated. in the nfl, eagles quarterback kevin cobb fails his concussion test he won't be able to practice until fridayt the earliest. it looks like making vick will get to start this weekend. speaking of detroit, the former terp quarterback shawn hill used to play in san francisco. he will start for the lions this weekend. he replaces the injured matthew stafford. >> who made up that list? w did they ask? >> they're called t q score
6:52 pm
company. >> i wanted to know who they asked. you don't like it? >> no. i don't like it. >> shows you how quickly thing change. >> tiger was not onhat list a year ago. >> thanks. coming up, we'll tell you how they're using twitter to essure i
6:53 pm
words alone aren't enough. my job is to lisn to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is tlistenand find . that means working with restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by t spill. we've paiover $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know peopleare wonder- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family stillives here.
6:54 pm
i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
6:55 pm
sarah shourd is the american hiker released from 30s iran yesterday. she said she cannot enjoy her freedom until her two ameran companions are also freed. the state department is also increasing the pressure on iran. andrea mitchell reports from tehran. >> reporter: sarah shourd is a free woman after flying out of iran onçó a private jet owned b the government of oman in the persian lf which also put up
6:56 pm
the money for her bail hefrl fiance shane bauer and their friend josh fattal remain in prison and iran says they are going to be tried on charges of espionage. despite their claim they were innocent hikers crossed an unmarked border more than a year ago. >> i feel myself i have a huge debt to repay the world for what it has done for me. my first iority is to help my fiance and my friend to gain their freedom. they don't deserve to be in prison anymore. >> reporter: the u.s. government is challenging iran's president to releasehe two men. in fact, he gave crowley the state department spokesman has tweeted challenge to write the two men to fwlork the president comes to new york for the under general assembly next week. president mahmoud ahmadinejad is planning to come to new york and deliver a major speech to the u.n. general assembly. that challenge on social media tweeted by the spokesman is the
6:57 pm
latest tit for tat between the united states and iran. back to you. >> andrea mitchell reporting. "nbc nightly news" is following that story and we'll have any new developments on nightly news. >> still ahead. nothing has changed. take a welcome out there. the only thing that has change here is the camera viewer. now looking at the national cathedral. looking at the blue skies. it will be a gorgeous night. the sun will be going down in about the next 20 minute still 83 degrees currently at this moment. the dew point around 54. that makes it quite comfortable. here's the next four days showing a pretty nice day tomorrow. i think we'll be warming to 87. some areas may be warmer than that. it will be breezy tomorrow and a slate chance of a shower. maybe 20% to 30%. the best chance to the north and west of washington. 82 on friday. 81 on saturday. sunday looking good as well. and so does next week. most of next week still looking good and dry. with we need to see somerain.
6:58 pm
if you get more days like this, not bad at all. >> no complaints will. thanks. back on october 25 in the year 2007, army specialist salvador was a 22-year-old kid who signed up for the army because he heard a recruitme ad on the radio while he was mopping the floor at a subway restaurant. now he is the first living war fighter to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam era. on that day in 2007, he was stationed in the valley in afghanistan. his squad was ambushed by the taliban. the americans were outgunned and outnumbered. the specialist had taken cover when he realized his team leader was wounded and in harm's way. he ran back out into the ambush. the enemy fire. army ofcialsay he prevented a dying soldier, a comrade, from being carried away by taliban fighter and he saved the life of a
6:59 pm
second soldier. he says he is in his words, just mediocre at his job. he said he saved the pace for his fellow soldiers. >> my most enduring impression of both deployments in afghanistan are the quality of people that continue to be put to afghanistan and go to afghanistan time aer time after time again and how they are willing to do something most people won't do. >> reporter: he has since beenñ promoted to sergeant. that was his wife sitting there with him. by the way, he says the metal is in his words, a huge, huge honor. he said it is also bitter sweet because many of the soiers he would like the share it with are no longer with us. we salute him. >> we hope to see you again for news4 at 11:00. on our broadcast tonight, shockwaves through the gop.


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