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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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not condone that type of activity. and of course appropriate disciplinary action would be expected in the event that inappropriate behavior does take place. >> not clear whether it's a firehouse or a frat house. >> reall my goodness. and still under investigation. stay with us, everybody. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. we learned new details in the deadly john cop minutes shooting. he was from northern virginia. >> good morning. lcome back to news 4 today. >> it is friday, september 17th, 2010. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 67 degrees. another cool, freshing morning after much needed rain came down overnight. tom says we still need more. >> yeah, we sure do.
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mos of the region we just tamp down the dust. farther to our north about 30 miles, a good amount of rain. half an ih in many locations there. this morning now the sky is drying out again. partly cloudy. good morning. starting off friday morning with mildemperatures i the wake of the overnight rain. in the 60s shenandoah valley, through much of virginia and maryland. # 1 at washington. mountains of western maryland, west virginia, upper 50s to near 60. the moving color is rain that came throug in a couple waves yesterday overnight and last night. exited north and east. getting heavy downpours in southern new england. highs reaching low 80s. mid-50s. great day for outdoor creation and fun. sunday, partly cloudy, mid-80s. dry into the first part of next week let's check traffic on this friday morning. ashy is with us. how is it looking, ashley?
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>> good morning. breaking news. we have the beltway shut down. shout down for a better part of the overnight hours between connecticut avue and 355. a hazmat spill. the headlights indicate that all lanes are rpened. you will still see towards the top of your screen still police activity for connecticut avenue. a coupe emergency vehicles pep erred along the shoulder. nothing that's really going to add too much time to your commute. all is quiet and dark along route 7. 28 cutting across the center of your screen with no problems to report. voume on the increase from springfield to newington. express lanes from humphreys to springfield. no problems along 395 as well. back to you. ashley, thank you. >> thanks very much. the world famous johns hopki medical center turned into a
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locked down crime scene when a gunman barricaded himself in a hospital room. paul partis shot a doctor who was caring for his mother. then he turned the gun on himself. hisrother says his sibling likely shot their mother because he thought she was suffering. megan joins us from arlington naked with more tis morning. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, joe. this standoff began with the shooting of a doctor and ended when the gunman fatally shot his mother in the hospital bed and turned the gun on himself. today we're learning more about what may have i motivated 50-year-old paul partis to take some violent action. their 84-year-old mother had health problems. she recently had surgery and would probably never walk again. the brother believes partis thought their mother was suffering, didn't want to see
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her live like that, and when the doctor delivered badnews, he snapped. they lived in arlington. neighbors say it's hard to believe that a son who took such good care of his mother would ultimately take her life. >> he lived with his mother until she took ill. then he stayed at the hospital with her. it's really hard to believe. it's so hard to believe. >> every day come home a take her to the doctor, every day. i guess he took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believee shot her. oh. i can't believe this. this is crazy. >> reporter: the surgeon who was shot, dr. david cohen, is expected to be okaying expected to survive. john hopkins has hundreds of unarmed security guns. sometimes they hold hand-held devices for patients considered to be high risk. there are more than 80
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entrances. back to you. >> thanks very much, megan. we're following a developing story out of prince george's county where a teen is dead after being shot in hyattsvile. he was near basketball courts and atetic fields on nichol street street when he was shot at 8:00 last night. no word on whether police have a suspect. weekend traffic alert. chain bridge will be closed all weend so crews can perform structural work under the bridge deck. there will be no access from d.c. or arlington. that includes pedestrianing and bicyclis because the sidewalk will also be closed. traffic on canal road will not be affected except or from heavy traffic. use american leej yon, key, osevelt, 14th and memorial
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bridges. it will open at 5:00 a.m. on monday, e 20th. the next closing will happen in a couple of weeks. >> we're keeping a a close watch on three hurricanes this morning. hurrica carl is strengthening and is now a category 3 storm. hurricane igor could reach bermuda by the weekend. it could bring dangerous rip currents to the delaware coast. and nasa has released more video of storms this morning. you can see how large they appear from outer space. residents and tourists from already started preparing for igor's arrival. they're trying to board up windows and pack up outside belongin before bad weather arrives. the gulf oil disaster could be coming to an end as crews are close to completely sealing off the blown-out well.
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the next 12e7 is to pump mud and cement into the blown-out well from the bottom. the well cannot be declared dead until it is completely sealed from the bottom. for those who live andork along the coast, they are certainly counting down the hours until this five-month-long disaster is over. >> we're just glad that d is finally coming. finally we see light at the end of that tunnel. >> meanwhe, they have found blankets of oil along the floor of the gulf of mexico. some stretching for miles. some up towo inches thick. >> more cell phone apps are hitting the market to minimize. it disables cell phones when a vehicle goes faster than 5 miles per hour. users can retrieve their missed messages when the vehicle stops. it does allow for 911 calls.
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yesterday we show you a similar feature. it also shuts off at 10 miles per hour. more adults are using their fingers to send messages than ever before. 72% of them now send and receive text messages. that's up from 65% last year. according to the study,87% of teenagers text. they send and receive 50 messages a day. compared to 10 by datas. i can go an entire day without texting. >> i can go an entire week say month? >> still ahead. d.c. firefighters in the nude. we have the exclusive pictures. plus, people speak out about plan to move thousands of military workers to alexandria. he ell, what are you doing?
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good morning. i'm meteorologist tom. there's the washington monument under a clearing sky in the wake of overnight rain that now ended. pavement drying out with a fresh breeze. time for weather and traffic on the ones. 5:11. tempetures around the region are mild on this friday morning. as we look now at national
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airport, 71. it's in the 60s in the surbs and most rural areas. tidewater, low 70s. highs today reaching the low 80s. part cloudy. then tomorrow should be clear in the morning, near the mid-50s for lows. highs near 80 in the afternoon with lots of sun. sunday, saturday night into sunday, we'll still stay dry. mid-80s. good weather for the skins game. sunday afternoon, 4:00 game, near 80 at kickoff.
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olitics and taxes. we break down president obama's plans for the economy. why some democrats are pushing to keep the bush administration's tax cuts. ♪
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5:16 our time right now. time to get a check on the top stories ofhe morning. police are trying to find the person who shot and killed a teenager in hyattsville. the victim was shot around 8:00 last night at a parkn the 2600 block of nicholson street. police have not released his name, nor have they said what led to the shooting. a doctor in baltimore is recovering this morning after being shot by a patient's son. police say the gunman, 50-year-old paul partis killed himself and his mother in her hospital room. he was distraht when being briefed on h mother's condition by the doctor. crews will work under the bridge deck. no access from d.c. or arlington, including pedestrians and bicyclists because the sidewalk will also be closed.
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traffic on canal road will not beaffected except from perhaps heavy traffic. the bridge will open at 5:00 a.m. monday, the 20th. now to a story you will see first on 4. legations that a d.c. firefighter was apparently preparing food for a party at a firehouse in the nude. now, d.c. fire and ems is investigatin the claims. news 4 has learned this all took place at an engine house in the columbia heights area in july. a source provided us with a picture of what we're told is a nude firefighter cooking at the stove. we're told as many as three firefighters prepared and served food naked with female personnel present. this occurred sometime in late july. early august a colaint was filed. since tn our internal affairs office has been conducting an investigation. so that is ongoing, open invesgation. the department says it has a zero tolerance for this type of behavior whether firefighters
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are on or off duty. traffic troubles and pollution problems are some of the concns people in alexandria voiced about a major military move headed their way. elaine reyes joins us live from the newsroom to report on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. you know, this is all part of the government's 2005 base realignment and clore plan. traffic is always a problem in that area. and local residents are afraid their commute times will double. at the meetingast night centered around the brand-new marks center slated to open next september. 6400 people were out of a billion dollar building located near i-395. hundreds of residents packed a town hall meeting last night begging officials to delay that move. congressman jim moran of virginia warned of some of the problems ahead. severe congestion lasting three to four hours.
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this is the army corps of engineers's ow analysis. it would extend morning traffic rush hour on interstate 95 by two hours. >> the marks center is not close to mass transit. there e plans for a schultz bus service, stag erred hours to help with the traffic situation. back to you. >> elaine reyes reporting livement thanks very much, elaine. now that the primaries are over, focus shifted to the midterm elections. a new associated press poll shows more than half the public wants the rich to pay higher taxes. and president obama continues to hammer the republicans saying keepi the bush tax cuts for the weighty simply costs too much. on the other side of the aisle, republicans are pressing for a vote before the midterm elections. they want to spend another
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700 billion dollars that 9 of americans will never see. she ought to pledge that you're being honest up or down vote on stopping all of the coming tax hikes. a new private analysis says letting the bush tax cuts expire for a family of four making $54,000 would have to pay $2,900 more in taxes. the white house denies first lady michelle obama ever described her life as hell. in a new book about french first lady two french journalists allege that mrs. obama made that comment. the french embassy also denies the claim. the embassy says mrs. sarkozy has completely distanced herself from that book. today, more than 200 teenage girls will gather on the national mall to take part a two-second turnover rally.
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they will sign pink pledge cars asking them to takewo seconds to turn off their cell phones before ey drive. it all starts at 10:02 this morning. major cleanup in new york city after big storms smashed the city with winds up to 100 miles per hour. the stormsre being blamed for one death as a te fell on a vehicle in queens. tornado warnings went out in three burrows. has there ever been a tornado in new york city? >> yeah. it's rare. but it does happen. it's rare in september. this is the same storm system that gave us rain. it is still raining heavily in eastern long island. we're clearing out in th wake of the rain from yesterday. mild morning. we're in the 60s throughout most
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of the region. high today reaching the low 80s this afternoon. it shld be partly cloudy. should be clear tonight. down into the 50s by dawn saturday. tomorrow, mostlysunny. great weather for all the outor games and recreation. highs near 80 degrees. morning lows, upper 50s. partly cloudy. good weatheror the skins and texans, 4:00 afternoon game. monday, should be mostly sunny, into the low 80s. remaing dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and mi. now let's check traffic for this friday morning. ashley, how are we doing? >> well, this early morning, a new beltway accident. 95 northbound, single file to the right will get you by. 109 towards the struck scale. nothing too substantial beyond that. headlights travelinglong the toll road, making their way to the capital beltway.
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no problems on 66. 95 out of virginia, northbound drivers leaving fredericksburg. rolling accident creating a little bit of volume. back to you. ashley, thank yo. our time is 5:23. 68 degrees. coming up, what happened when natalee holloway's mother visited yurn van der sloot. and how a
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good morning and welcome back. the mother of missing teenager natalie hal way met face to face with jurn van der sloot in prison. she got access wednesday through a dutch journalist. she told van der slot, quote, she had no hate in her soul for him. his attorney told nbc the
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meeting lasted less than a minute. prison officials made her leave because she did not have per mission to talk to him. he's the main suspect in natalee holloway's 2005 disappearance in aru but was never charged in connection with that case. bob barker, 86 years odd, fainted at a shooting range yesterday. he was rushed to a hospital but soon released. a local connection to that deadly shooting at johns hopkins. one hurricane intensifies while another loses steam. we'll be right back.
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we have learned some new details in the deadly johns hopkins shooting. wh virginia neighbors are saying what happened. good morning to you. good morning to you. welcome to news 4 today. it is thursday. it is not. it is friday. >> don't do that. >> it is friday. that's good news. we have 68 degrees. and i guess clear skies out there. let's talk to tom to find out for sure. >>tom and i are recoverg from a heart attack. >> it is friday. we'll have a drying trend. we got much needed rain oveight. water vapor came rough. it's exited most of the region. good morning. temperatures in the 60s
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througho most of the region except downtown washington where it's near 70. we have a drying condition after the overnightrain left. 0.1 in washington. heavy downpours. even damaging winds around w york city. we'll have drying conditions and northeast breeze with highs reaching low 80s. looks like a great weekend coming up. sunshine on saturday after a cool start in the 50s. let's check traffic on this friday morning. how is it looking, ashley? >> we have a couple accidents. overnight hours it was shut down
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due to a hazmat spill. people are really slamming on their brakes. it's a rocky road. but you can do it. we still have accident activity on the ramp to 95. stay single file. all in quiet along 66. here's the pace on 95 headed northbound. volume on the increase. to and across the 14th we're in the clear as well. in t district we have police activity shutting down out of southwest. back to you. thank you very much, ashley. this morning we're learning more about the man who shot and wounded a doctor before killing his mother and himself at johns hopkins. 50-year-old paul partis is from arlington. his mother was being treated at the hospital from arthritis.
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she is told she may ner walk again. paul's brother said his sibling may have shot their mother because he thought she was suffering. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning. the standoff lasted a little over two hours. it began with the shooting of a doctor a ended with the shooting of his mother and the gunman fatally shot himself. today we are learnin more what may have moved paul partis to such violence. paul lived in this arlington home with his ailing 84-year-old mother, jean davis. neighbors say he was a kind son who took excellent care of his mother. >> he lived with his mother until she took ill. then he stayed at the hospital with her. it is so hard to believe. >> he went to the beauty shop to take care of her head.
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>> reporter: why would he shoot his mother in her hospital bed and then took his own lif his sibling said he probably thought their mother was suffering. she recently had surgery and was told she would probably never walk again. partis became emotional, pulled a gun and shot the doctor. he then barricaded himself into his mother's hospital room. the two-hour standoff ended when he fatally shot his mother and turned the gun on himself. those who knew the mother and son just can't belive it. >> every day would come home, take her to the doctor every day. he took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot her. i can't believe this. this is crazy. >> reporter: johns hopkins has unarmed guards.
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the sprawling facility has more than 80en trances and thousands of visitors each week. those familiar with the hospital know what a large facility it is. difficult to control and see all the movement of people in and out. as for the doctor that was shot, the surgeon david cohen is expected to recover from his wounds. back to you in the studio. >> megan in arlington this morning. megan, thank you. to a developing story out of prince george's county where a teenager was shot and killed. he was discovered in a park in the 2600 block of nicholson in hyattsvill good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this has a basketball courts, baseball fid. this isn't an isolated area. it's on the edge of all of these apartments. cars parked along the street. police are trying to figure out exactly what led to the
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shooting. around 8:00 p.m., police responded to the 2600 block of nicholson street. a report of a shooting. on the scene they found a 16-year-old boy who had been shot. they rushed him to washington hospital where he was pronounced dead. at this point they have not identified the victim ithis case. they are asking anyone with information to give police a call. back to you in the studio. all right, tracee, thanks very much. we are keeping a close eye on three hurricanes this month. hurrine karl expected to hit the mexican coast lar today. hurricane igor could reach bermuda by the weekend. hurricane julia weakened to a category 1 but cld bring large
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amounts of rn to vera cruz. in bermuda,residents and tourists already started preparing for igor's arrival. they would like to pack up outside belongings before the bad weather arrives. 5:38. 68 degrees. more ranges in store for smart trip car. two of the men hold hostage at the discovery chael share their story. next, we have your weather and traffic on the ones. right back. stay with us.
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good morning. weaer and traffic on the ones. 5:41 early on this friday morning. good morning. we are now drying out in the wake of the rain we got overnight. didn't get a lot ound metro. more fell to our north. up to an inch in northern montgomery county, northern
5:42 am
maryland. most of virginia got less than 005. mostly sunny by late afternoon. tomorrow, mostly sunny. 50s in the morning. near 80 in the afternoon. good weather for the skins game sunday afternoon. low to mid-80s. monday, remaining dry. the latest on the traffic in ten minutes. how is our traffic, asey? >> good morning. a couple of dents and dings. things still in relatively good shape. capital beltway, no probls. headlights from virginia, 270, bethesda. lanes are open. outer loop, a word of caution beyond connecticut on your approach to 355 due to an overnight accent. a lot of sand in the roadway and rock debris. that was due ton earlier hazmat spill. if you're traveling along 66, route 7, no big accidents or big trouble sps to speak of right
5:43 am
now. headlights headed down to the far right on the toll road. back to you. ashley, thank you. 5:43. still ahead, news 4 exclusive, controversyurrounding d.c. firefighters. nghbors share their concerns to bring thousands of new workers to the alexandria area.
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welcome back. breaking news from capitol hill. police on the scene of a shooting at second a sea streets southwest. by th capital near the rayburn office building. we have a news courtroom on to the scene. we will certainly bring you much more as we get it. a check of the other top
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stories we're following this morning. a teener is dead after being shot in hyattsville. the victim was in the park of the 2600 block of nicholson street when he was shot at 8:00 last night. no word on his identity or whether police had any suspects. a doctor is expected to urvive after being shot by the son of a patient. paul partis of arlington killed his mother and himself in her hospital room. the man's brother saidheir mother suffered from arthritis and his brother probably couldn't bare to see her suffering. the chain bridge will close at 8:00 so crews can work under the bridge deck. no access from d.c. or arlington. traffic on canal road will not be affected, though. it will open up at 5:00 a.m. this morng we now know the
5:47 am
names of three men who were killed in yesterday morning's terrible accident involving an suv and ambulance. all three vicms were in the suv, which side-swiped the ambulance in district heights and went out of control, hitting wall, pole and flipping over. police have identified the suv's driver as ee ma'am yell jones of district heights. the passengers both lived in the district. neighbors say they're stupd by he news of the accident. >> always very friendly. i didn't know any more than to speak to him. to speak in passing. he would be outside a lot with his little girl. >> he had a daughter i believe she was 2 years old. he was a goodneighbor. >> the suv was going the wrong way down marlboro pike when it colided with the ambulance. two people were in the
5:48 am
ambulance. both of them expected to be okay. for the first time, two of the discovery channel employees held hostage spoke out about their four-our ordeal. they spoke publicly on oprah win friday. she said they were ford to lie on the floor of the discovery center's library. a security guard was behind the desk. woods was able to send an e-mail to his boss with his cell phone alerting them what was going on. they took a chance and cided to escape the buildin that instance where we counted down and jim looked at me and i looked back at the gunm gunman. he looked down. i just turn and run the fastest i have ever run. >> as both men, officers shot the suspect james lee dead. police say he was armed with starter pistols and home made pipe bombs. major concerns about a high rise military office building expected tobring thousands of
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workers to alexandria. the defense employees could cause gridlock on their already clogged streets. elaine reyes joins us live from the newsroom with concerns. elaine, good morning. good morning, joe. as we know, traffic always a problem in that area. local residents are afraid their commute times will double. now, this is all part of the government's 2005 base realignment enclosure plan. hundreds of residents packed a town hall meeting last night begging officials to delay the move. the meeting centered around the brand-new cenr in alexandria, set to open next year. more than 6,000 people will be working out of that billion doll building near 395. the marks center, though, isn't close to mass transit. army representatives told residents there are plans for shuttle bus service, and stag erred hours to help with the traffic situation.
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>> no matte what solution we come up, this is a travesty. >> some of the main tersections impacted beauregard at marks center drive and seminary road. traffic will get clogged. and at the i-395 ramps. most workers are currently in buildings lated in metro line pps they tried to limit the number of parking space. we'll hear from him in our next half hour. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much. elaine reyes. a gay political organization is asking a uj to stop using don't skshgs don't tell to discharge members of the military. they ruled the policy unconstitutional. the log cabin republicans filed an injunction asking the judge
5:51 am
for a worldwide ban the policy. they have a week to file paperwork to appeal the ruling. 5:51 is your time now. time once again f traffic and weather on the ones. here's tom. >> we had the pitter patter of rain overnight. we didn't get much. less than 0.1. as we look at temperatures, clearing skies. and it's beginning to dry out. the pavemnt is drying out with a northwesterly bridge. 60s in the suburbs. most of the rural areas. rainfall totals from the event we had yesterday afternoon through just past midnight. rain a little bit heavier to our north. frederick got an inch of rain. some locations there had as much as an inch. heavy down pairs in new york city. eastern shore, 70s.
5:52 am
weather watchers are reporting. over the last 12 hours we have seen a surge of rain coming through. thd rain cause damage there. we're drying out now. tropics very active. powerful hurricane karl in in south central mexico. igor, an enormous hurricane that is wasps losing strength. winds are now diminished with igor. it still looks like it will past east of bermuda and remain out to sea. heavy surf and rip currents at the beaes. watch out for that if you're going to the beaches. good weather. partly cloudy sky. by moon time time upper 70s to 80s. increasing sunshine. a clear night to follow. down io the 50s tomorrow morning. a&a beautiful weekend coming up. high near 806789 mid-80sn sunday. good weather for the skins game. monday and through much of next
5:53 am
week it will stay dry and mild. how is our traffic this morning, ashley? >> well, this early friday morning, let's start off out of maryland. 270, inching along, leaving 109 towards the truck scales. pick up the pace. out of maryland, 4 headed northbound the left lane is bcked due to an accident. no big trouble spots. a little bit of volume greets you. into springfield the pace lightens up. no problems on 395. toll road, no problems to report headed for the beltway. a new accident on route 7 after the leesburg bypass. you have to see to believe.
5:54 am
what you see may ruin your appetite. >> d.c. firefighter nakeld and preparing for a party at the firehouse. news 4's chris gordon has more. >> reporter: this engine company serves the cumbiaeights neighborhood. there was a retirement celebration attended by off-duty firefighters here in july. that allegationsbout the party are under investigation. and some are unsubstantiated. a source obtained this picture and gave it to news 4, telling ust's a naked firefighter at the stove and that as many as three firefighters may have prepared and served food at the party naked. there were female emergency medical personnel present and no disciplinary action has been taken. it is looking into the
5:55 am
allegations. >> this event occurred sometime in late july. the complaint was filed. since then internal affairs has been conducting an investigion. >> publicsafetyworkers dog advocates for concerns of public safety workers. >> when i seen the picture it was kind of appalling to me. i was terminated for awol charge. when i saw this individual that was standing at a stove buck naked in the firehouse it was a shocker to me. >> the d.c. fire department says
5:56 am
its zero tolerance raps policy could apply to a case of nakedness in a firehouse in mixed company. >> these allegations that you share are behavior that are unacceptable. and i know the leadership will not condone that type of activity. appropriate discipline action would be expected i the event inappropriate behavior does take place. some disappointing news if you're waiting for metro to reduce the price of smart trip cards. the board is having second thoughts about cutting the price of the cards in half from $5 to $2.50. there are apparently a number of concerns. one, they may run out of cards. two, people could use them to cheat the system. you can carry a negative balance. metro is afraid people will buy the cards and skip out on paying fares of$2.50. each cost the transit age $3.40. meaning it would actually lose
5:57 am
90 cents on each card sale. more cell phone apps are hitting the market to minimize driving distractions. local teens and their parents got a chance to try it out. it disables the vehicle when it goes faster than 5 miles per hour. you can retrieve messages when the vehicle stops. the system does allow 911 calls yesterday. yeterday we saw one by an orlando father. it shuts off when a vehicle reemps 10 miles per hour. staying on top of breaking news. the latest on the reported shooting right down the street from the u.s. capitol. we're live at 6:00 a.m. two major traffic alerts. a busy bridge is off-limits this weekend. and a new stretch of highway opens. also traffic and weather on the ones. say with us.
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