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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we saw helicopters flying here. >> police say a 17-month-old boy who lived in this ground floor apartment had become entangled in a cord attached to the window blinds sflx the initial information we had is that they put him down for a nap and somehow he had gotten out of his crib and was playing with the cord and somehow got caug up into it. >> the first police officers on the scene received cph. >> the baby was a bruise asked purple. >> police rushed the child in a cruiser to a nearby hospital. no time to wait for an ambulanc the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. the apartments here have a mix of window configurations and some, there are cords and chain. in others they've been replaced with stake mechanism. the incident gave some parents reason to worry and to check their own windows. >> we have one in the kitchen. but it doesn't reach down to her level but in the actu living room and everything, we have the ones
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that turn. usually the cords will still be there. every month a child dies from strangulation for various types of window covering. theve been working the industry on a voluntary standard to make them all safer. but some parents aren't waiting for the industry to come around. >> i've seen the cord. at fir i was scared. then my husband, he cut it down. he was like, i'm not going to keep it like that. >> police are calling this incident an accidental death becse death investigation is ensuing nonetheless. i spoke briefly with one of the officers who was on the scene here who adminisred cpr and transported th child to the hospital. he didn't want to alk. he was very distraught. but he said he had kids this age and he said he wants nothing more than to give his kids a hug. >> thank you. chilling new details tonight about the gunman who stormed into the discovery channel headquarters. tonight two of his three hostages are speaking out about the ordeal.
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their fears and their new lease on life. pat collins joins us now with their story. >> reporter: these two men are young, they're smart, they're courageous. and they have one heck of a story to tell. what happened to these two men at the discovery building headquarters on that warm septembe day has changed their lives forever. the impact. >> i've never appreciated the sunrise as much as i have in the last two weeks. i knew i was very blessed very fortunate, a good wife who loves meork the wonderful children. i think i took for granted. and sin that moment, i have not taken anything for granted. >> montgomery county 911. what ithe emergency? >> there is somebody holding a gunnside the main lobby. >> was someone shot? >> i didn't see.
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when i walked by him, he said nobody move and he shot in the air and then i ran. >> reporter: jim mcnulty, 36 years old. senior writer for tlc. chris wood, 25 years old, strategic marketing specialist. it was a stand-off that went on for nearly four hours. these two n and a security guard held by a suspect who rigged himself up like a human bomb. today we spoke to them about that terrifying ordeal. the capture. >> when i got to the door, i saw a man, you know, holding a gun. and it looked like it was showing it to the guard. i went, why has somebody got a gun in the lobby? thinking aware doing some sort of production or something. it was only when he turned it toward me and shouted, on the ground, on the ground! oh, okay. the gunman is wielding it at me yelling get on the ground, get on the ground.
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>> i walked maybe two steps in the lobby and went to the ground with my phone and my ipod in my right hand and went face first to the marble. >> the fear. >> i started crng. i thought that this was the d. this was the way i was going to die. i was very upset. i had not gven up at that point but i didn't see any other option. when i got to that point of not having any other option, i became angry and mad and upset that this individual was taking away from me what was not his to take away. >> reporter: alternately, the gunman would make each man stand and berate them. he taed about mcnulty's kids. >> when i got up after christopher had laidback down, do you have kids? and i said, yes. i have two. who the [ bleep ] told you to have kids? no answer. no one. you just went and did it. what? nobody loved you? you had to make someone to love?
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why did you have two? one wasn't good enough? what is so good about your filthy children? and i looked him in the eye and in, they're very kid, sir. >> reporter: what an experience. after the hostages escaped, the police shot and killed that gunman, how tse gys escaped is almost like something you would see in the movies them used hand and arm signals and whispered words to coordinated their get away. i'll have more on that at 6:00. you can catch the entire interview on our website at >> both guys, jim we know from working in the building, both very smart that afternoon. they actually, they had to lie about what they did when he asked them. >> reporter: they knew this guy had an agenda. he didn't like discovery's programming and they didn't want to tell him what they really did. that they were producers sxin volved in thprogramming part. one of the guys said i'm a scheduler. the other guy said i'm an adman. it sort of disarmed the guy.
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well -- very ever. wait until you see the escape plan. >> we'll look forward to it. 6:00 tonight. thank you. police want to know if they miss any clues thatould have prevented yesterday's deadly shooting at johns hopkins hospital. investigators say an arlington man shot a doctor before taking his own life and his mother's. aaron gilchrist is outside the suspect's home ts afternoon. >> reporter: fbi investigators were here at paul pardus' home. they were looking for information about him. they were able to learn he ad a permit for a small concealed weapon he had there in the hospital yesterday in baltimore. they al were looking for clues. anything that might explain what led up to the shooting and then murder suicide in johns hopkins hospital yesterday and all indications at this point are thathis was the case of a mother who was suffering the ravages of old age and a son who made a deadly choice when he couldn't figure out how to help her. this is a small arlington house
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where paul pardus lived and cared for his ailing 84-ar-old mother, jean davis, as she suffered from arthritis and room at this. . he occasionally passed a neighbor. peggy reid didn't want to show her face but did know about his mother. >> we talked about his mom. he was saying that she was ill, you know. and we had discussed it. and i know that he was very shaken by it. he wanted her to be healthy and safe. >> what led to this. a police stand-off thursday afternoon. he discussed his mom's condition with orthopedic surgeon david cohen pulled a small handgun and shot cohen the chest. he turned into his mother's room and at some point in the two hours before robots gave police a look inside, he shot his mother in the head and killed himself. the basics is that his distress was over the prognosis for his mother. and that seem to be what tripped
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this extraordinarily violent response. >> pardus' mother said he couldn't bear to see her the way she was. i guess because he thought my mom was suffering, because her surgery wasn't sucssful, and she probably wouldn't be able to walk again. johns hopkins is now reviewing how to prevent sces like this in the future. there a 400 unarmed security guards on the hospital campus. official say metal deckers are impractical. >> put a magnetometer at 80 doors and the required armed force that would need to be staffing the magnetometers is not realistic. >> we're told the doctor who was injured in yesterday' incident in fair condition today after having surgery yesterday. for now we're live in arlington. news4. >> thank you. let's shift gears a little bit and look at the weather and the weekend. oh, yeah. veronica johnson is tracking the temperatures for us. is it going to be a nice one?
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>> a great weekend. feeling a lot ke today, in fact burk with more sunshine across the area. you're looking at the sky here as we pan across the area. still a few lingering clouds. our temperature have been awfully nice outside. again, with the lower humidity across the area. we're in the upper 70s to low 80s across the area. take a look at the temperature right now. back around the district, currently, we're at 81 degrees. cleveland park in georgetown. now at 77 degrees. then over into areas like vienna, 79. the clouds will be moving out of here. the clear skies will allow our temperatures to really cool quickly. 65 degrees by 11:00. in fact, even by 9:00 p.m. we'll be down to 69 degrees. if you're going to friday night football games, itill be a little chilly. you might need a jacket by the end of the game. a gorgeous weekend, as i said, in a dry patten. that looksike it will continue going into next week. remember the front, a little rain here. take a look at this.
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we'll haveore video of what it did around new york city. this is the queens area. they had hurricane force winds but strong thderstorm that came through. >> thanks. metro's plan to cut the grass of $5 trip cards is hitting a snag. >> officials worry scammers would profit because the cards let customers exit with a negative balance. metro staff tells us, if riders bought one for $2.50, they accuse it for a trip that costs more. another problem, the cards a being discontinued by their manufacturer. metro only has a two-year supply. still ahead, gun fire on capitol hill this morning. >> we're live with detai of what led up to this shooting. also coming up, a close call caught on tape after a toddler wanders away from his mother and into traffic. mayorenty lost the democratic primary but the
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city's republicans want im as their candidate. will he switch parties and jump back into the campaign? and the curtains are closing on a famous d.c. restaurant. coming up, the last day. !%
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police say a child died after getting caught on the cord of a window blind. there were adults in the house at the time of the accident. police do not suspect any foul play. two of the three hostages held at gun point during the discovery stand-off are now talking about what happened. they say james lee berated them. they say what happened will forever cnge their lives. and baltimore police say they're
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working security official at johns hopkins hospital them say if there were any clues they missed about yesterday's deadly shooting there. arlington resident paul pardus is accused of shooting a doctor before he killed his bedridden mother and himself at the medical center. we've been heating up all summer. finally a cool-down. >> yesterday, 90 some. we're on the other side of that weather front that didn't bring nearly enough rain. ly a few hundredths of an inch. let's check out those clouds that are moving out of the area. so comfortable today. 81 degrees. currently we just went up a degree over the last hour of humidity. humidity at 38%. the wind out othe north northwest at 16 miles an hour. clear skies tonight. we'll drop down to about 59 to 60 degrees by the time we get to tomorrow morning. there's that weather front coming through the area. well to the south in areas of virginia. you can see all the severe weather around stanton, island
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and queens. let me take through and show you the wild weather. they had near hurricane force winds topping out well over 100 miles per hour. they've had a lot of severe weather. power lines down across the area. agai that around the perth area. not just there but also in areas of southeastern ohio near athens. sohat is next? this weather front will ctinue heading to the south. there is another one coming in for sunday night, early monday. i don't think we'll see any rain out of that one. sorry, guys. we'll have to wt until mid-week. what we are going to get late sunday is a few clouds from it. maybe a few clouds going into monday. so rain is the bt chance, mid-week wednesday. down into the 6 tonight, look at cincinnati, ohio, 54 degrees. the forecast then for this evening. clouds moving out from 75 to 65 will be dropping. then a comfortable clear start for tomorrow morning. 54 to about 60 degrees. itill be a little on the cool
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side. but pleasant for not only tomorrow but also for sunday. lots of sunshine. we'll be warming up a little to 8degrees by sunday. the extended forecast mid-week rain coming our way. we'll be talking about what is happening with hurricane karl that madeandfall in mexico. the man who defeated adrian fenty for mayor said hwould ask fenty to help heal the sharp racial divide exposed in tuesday's voting. vincent gray said he hope to appoint a more diverse cabin that looks more like the city to help ease the racial tensions. >> reporter: he said he want the whole cy to buy into his administration and he will work hard to see that i does. >> reporter: gray acknowledged the sharp racial divide tuesday. it showed fenty winning the white wars. gray winning majorityblks. >> the job it would appear is
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reaching out to white voters in the city. >> i think that's right. we want to do everything we n to unitehe city. >> reporter: on thursday, gray and fenty had stood together. fenty saying he would support gray and not run as an independent or as republican even no party wrote in his name. gray also on thursday openly asked fenty to appear at eight town halls he is planning and repeated his hope friday. >> i've asked councilmembers to be members. i think it would be wonderful if mayor fenty joined me as well. >> reporter: gr said fenty made a mistake by appointing almost no african-americans to top positions in the government in this majority black city. he said each person should be qualified but added -- >> i want a cabinet that looks like the city. that would be the template that i would try to use. >> one african-amerianaller
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challenged his view. >> as being one of the black educated voters in d.c., i think mostof us want the best people in tose positions. >> i think in saying that the cabinet would look like the city, it recognizes a racially and ethnically diverse city. when you look at the cabinet, aren't there qualified people from other racial and ethnic groups that would be ableo fulfill these positions. >> gray also talk about school's chancellor michelle rey and president obama's relationship with the city. more on all tha coming up on news4 at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. coming up at 5:00, new research out shows girls living without their biological fathers hit puberty earlier. thousands are expected to descend on the district for dueling rallies with john ewart and steven colbert. >> reporter: what is an ecigarette and is it safe to use? that's the question. the answeis coming up.
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where does all the lottery money go and what is an ecigarette and is it safe? >> i feel like we should be chewing bubble gum. i didn't tnk of that. >> that would be cute. our first question come from carol. she is concerned that where all the money lottery money goes. >> we inquired at the three local jurisdictions get your answer. in d.c., the lottery proceeds go to the district's general funds which used to aid the city's economy through program such as education, public safety and housing. in virginia, all lottery proceeds are used for public educati for kindergarten through t 12th grade.
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in maryland, lottery proceeds to go state funded program which support causes such as human seices, public safety and education. >> our next question come from paula in arlington. she said she's heard people smoking electronic ecigarettes. she wants to know what is it and is it safe? >> i didn't know what it was. paula, we checked with the food and drug administration for this answer. it says that electronic cigarettes are battery pwered devices that are an alternative regular cigarettes. they are designed to deliver the same nicotine found in a normal cigarette in the form of vapor. and they're normally made to look like a regular cigarette. now the fda says that it hasn't evaluated any ecigarettes for safety or effectiveness. however it did find significant quality issues where some ecigarettes delivered higher nicotine levels than others. there are also concerns that they can increase nicotine
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addiction among young people and can lead kids to try other tobacco products. so no endorse many from fda. just a little bit of a waing. >> and our last question comes from judith. she wants to know why bubble gum is pik. >> we contacted the national confectioner's association for the answer. it speaks gum is composed of gum base, sugar, oil and flavors and none of these ingredients have any distinct colors in and of themselves. so bubble gum inventor walter deemer added the pink color in 19 twafl added to it make it a fun treat. the pink color is also useful because it does then gum manufacturer knowf the ingredients are mixed well enough. if you have a question to ask liz, do send it in and you can use this e-mail address to could not tack us about any story idea that you have. and still ahead, you've got more to come, right? >> yes, we do. it is interesting because we even say, oh, that's like bble
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gum pink. it has now become a color. >> it is the color. >> we could have worn it today. >> my sweater is bubble gum pink. >> yes. >> jim? >> thank you, both. when we come back,olice open fire shooting a man with a gun just steps from the nation's capitol. we're live with details of this dramatic scene. do the benefit of outweigh the risks? what an analyst says about the breast cancer drug. do you think you n tell the difference between bottled water and tap? find out.
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police and security official say they want to improve safety at johns hopkins hospital. but they say metal deckers and vasive screenings at entrances are not a realistic solution. this after an arm man shot a doctor before he kill hisother and himself. after tuesday's primary in the district, mayor fenty lost the nomination for re-election. he did however win the republican nomination. he said he is supporting vince gray on the democratic ticket and will not run under a different par. and plan to cut the price of metro's $5 smartrip cards in
5:30 pm
half may be laced with trouble. officials worry riders would scam the system because you can buy a card and exit the station with a negative balance. metro could lose money if people took trips that cost more than $2.50 and ditched their cards. now let's fast forward to the weather. >> thanks a lot. we've got a rare trio of storm from the atlantic to the caribbean. we've got karl. it just made landfall around vera cruz. a category 1. they'll see some rain. of course there is also igor. it wi come close to bermuda on sunday. monday with hurricane force winds. we'll watch that closely. your temperature drops down to 55 to 60 by the morning. a look at your four-day forecast. sunshine through the weekend. unfortunately, no rain until probably wednesday of next week. back to you. >> anks. an investigation is undeay following a police-involved shooting that occurred just step
5:31 pm
away from the capital. >> this mning u.s. capital police oicer shot a suspect who officials say pointed a gun toward them. jane watrel has been following the story all day for us and joins us live with developments. >> reporter: the man was carrying a loaded semiautomatic gun and had parked his car close to where the shooting inciden took place. as capitol police moved quickly to bring him down. the shooting of an armed man happened before dawn. moment after the gunman was spotted by u.s. capitol police behind the health and human services building. >> theofficers observed the man brandishg a weapon directly at them at second and c street southwest. the suspect was hit and taken to a local area hospital. >> reporter: capitol police remained tight-lipped surrounding the man's name or condition. as investigatorsrom the metropolitan police department were called in to investigate the use of force. a standard procedure when officers are involved in gun
5:32 pm
fire. a pair of shoes believed to long to the suspect remained in the streets for a few hours. as federal workers headed to their jobs. >> i saw on the news the shoes. that was very eerie. to see him in person, that was worse. >> reporter: capitol police consider the incident isolated, it did take place in the shadow of the u.s. capitol building. >> it is really important to remember that this area can be very small. and it is easy for someone to go a couple. blocks, a couple seconds. especially if they're running away or from the police or anything like that. >> hours after the shooting unfolded, these work in the area say they don't feel the least bit unsafe. >> never heard any violent crime taking place. all the years i've worked there. >> i feel pretty safe. pretty safe. >> reporter: according to the senate sergeant at arms, the suspect had prior offenses including an offense for firearm
5:33 pm
possession. also, capitol police officers that were involved in this incident, i'm told, have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation takes place. reporting live in southwest, back to you. >> thank you. prince george's county police have identified the teenager who was shot and killed a basketball court in attsville last night. the victim is 17-year-old, so far no, arrests have been made. police are looki into the possibilit his death his death may have been gang-related. police in fairfax and loudoun counties are comparing notes. they do believe a series of robberies in those two areas could be connected. surveillance cameras captured a suspect who was wanted in robberies at three salons, a fast food restaurant and a convenience store three of the robberies were at hair cutteries including this one. in each instant, the suspect pulled a knife, took cash from the regter. if you recognize the guy, you are asked to call the police. steven colbert and john
5:34 pm
stewart are bringing thei comedy feud to washington before t mid-erm elections. the comics plan to hold dueling rallies down on the national mall october 30th. the move is a satical response to the glenn beck rally last month. stewart is calling his rally the rally to restore sanity. cold sbert calling hievent the march to keep fear alive. the national park service says they have filed a permit to host 25,000 people o the mall. in "news for your heah," researchers are calling it an interesting link between zpaerz the develop many of girl. a new study thatinds high income girls who did not live with their biological fathers tended to start puberty earlier than other girls. scientists say absent fathers can have a number of effects on young girls, ranging from weight to stress levels to exposure to cosmetic chemicals. but they say more research needs to be done on how parents affect a child's development.
5:35 pm
an fda advisory panel will make aecommendation today on the drug avastin. it is used to treat advanced stages of breast cancer but questions were raised after it showed the drug did not extend life expectancy significantly. it also come with side effects including pain, blood clots and a small rick of hrt disease. and it is expensive. most treatments can top $8,000 a month. if the drugoses its fda approval, insurance companies may no longer cover it. >> still ahead, we'll take a look at a video that could make you cringe. a toddler found alone on the side of a busy road. we'll tell hue step in to get him off the road. move oh, chubby hubie.
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund
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mid-term elections are le than two months away and they are saying this could be a referendum on the obama administration. >> joining with us more on e political spectrum, david gregory, of course. if it's friday, he's the moderator of "meet the press." and we have bill clinton who went through a kind of a similar scenario. a political insurrection in 1994 with night gingrich leading the charge. >> interesting. he said as recently as last year, no way republicanosmetic repeat what they did in '94. it would be interesting to talk to him and say what do you think now given the tea party's influence is? i think it will be interesting to get his point of view. he is out there campaigning. he is what people are tinking and saying. how they're feeling about this economy. he never had this kind of economy in 1994. and interestingly, he didn't accomplish what president obama has accomplished legislatively which is unbelievably. and yet the enthusiasm got this
5:40 pm
huge, we've been through an election in the district this week. but democrats are really not enthusiastic about voting. that's one of the thing really hurting democrats. >> to our north in delaware, another big race. a tea party back republican wins. huge upset there. if some of these tea pty primary victors should assume office, what impact might that have on the democrats and the epublicans as a party. >> i don't know. there is something about the tea party that's difficult to reconcile. if you have this antipathy toward gornment, howo you actually govern as part of the government? and i think they haven't squarld that circle yet. and they're a long way from getting elected. because christine o'donne there is now a long shot in delaware when you get into a general election and may have cost them aecent shot at a gop pick-up in delaware. that's the important question. we know they're not likely to cooperate with t democratic
5:41 pm
president. i don't think they're likely to cooperate with the establishment republican leadership right now in the senate or the house. which make it very, ve difficult. so this is the beginning o something. we don't know where the end of it is. >> i think that will be very significant to hear colin powell on the state of the republican party. what it means. >> two heavy hitters. >> absolutely. >> we'll be tuning in as always. thanks so much. >> we'll be right back after this. ♪
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welcome back. veronica johnson here in the storm center. the weed pollen is once again high running at 37 grains per cubic meter. that's moderate for today. nearly half is rag weed. that's courtesy of walter reid army medical center. the temperatures out there, 78 in sterling. 78 in clinton. 81 right in the district. it will be a cool night.
5:45 pm
dropping downo 65 degrees by 11:00 p.m. then about 55 to 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. your high temrature, lo of sunshine. up to about 80 degrees tomorrow. and loudoun county, the big bluemonfair. there will be no rain. >> we like the sound of it. thanks. the manning brothers are getting ready to battle it out on the gridiron for what is being called the manning bowl. they'll face off this sunday when the colts take on the giants. two quarterbacks squaredoff for years four years ago when peyton took home a win. their father, a former saint football player says they'll be cheering for both his sons, not coaching them from a distance. he's proud they're playing the game their way. >> we've got a great relationship. i think because i didn't stick my nos in it too much, it is a better relationship. >> you can catch all the action. the giants/colts game sunday night right here c. >> wave got friday night lights
5:46 pm
with dan hellie. >> yeah. we have a few high school football ges. there is a lighter than normal play because of the jewish holiday. but there were a couple this afternoon. so of course that's where we sent our high school football ace. hakim in prince george's county for a battle of unbeaten. what's going on, man? >reporter: hey, dan. friday night afternoon game. a matinee between flowers and bowie. 2-0 coming into this game and last year bowie got beat big time. 46-18. as you know, flowers, the perennial playoff contender. they've been to the playoff six of the last seven years. this game ear on. it was just poorly played on offense. 13 penalties in the first ten minutes. the teams both did clean it up right now. tied at seven in the powered the quarter. first led look at some first half highlights. and the bowiedefense, they started off strong in this ball
5:47 pm
game. c.h. flowers on offense in the first quarter. no score. the quarterback roman williams back to pass. can't find anyone open. scrambled. check out number 84. alex robinson for the sack. a seven-ya loss. one of two. no scre after one quarter. second quarter now, bowie with the ball. second and seven on the 25 yard line. a quick pass to number nine. he is committed to maryland. here's why. big, big, big time play. he is not going to be tackled. he is going 75 yards for the touchdown. boie takes a 7-0 lead. right now, it is 7-7. flowers just tied the game up on a fumble recovery and 89-yard uchdown by one of the seniors. right now, 7-7 in the fourth quarter. we'll have all the highlights for you at 11:00. >> that young man with the touchdown there, number nine. a great play. did you see him with the walter peyton like carrying the football tre? the coach is going to get on him. >> reporter: i tell you, what he
5:48 pm
ran to the sidelines. he was gone. he should have been tackled at the 40 ya line to be honest. he is just a fast kid, going to maryland. one of the talented kids that he had. i'll tell what you. c.h. flowers, they just tied it up 7-7. the game starting to get exciting after a first half that was a little slow because of some offensive penalties. >> sounds like things are srting to heat up. we'll watch the rest of the game. thank you so much. bowie a c.h. flowers playing as we speak. they are tied at 7-7. kind of a quiet day on the high school football front. >> we have a busy weekend coming up. >> a god one. >> we'll be talking about that. >> thank you, dan. a toddler wanders away from mom and into traffic. people in belgium enjoyed dinner in the sky. and patients in california are getting their medical marijuana
5:49 pm
through ice cream. all stories that make you say what? some hearttopping video from turkey now. a toddler crawling into traffic. cars and trucks whizzed by. finally a truck driver stopped and blocked traffic. the toddler's frantic mom showed up a minute later. apparently the boy had fallen asleep in a nearby park. he woke up without his mother realizing it and crawled away. police questioned her. but did not arrest her. you wouldn't want to drop your fork at this dinner. these master chefs in brussels, belgium, are enjoying a special meal. 160 feet up in the air. the tables are on a platform suspended by a crane. anyone can rent it. and have their own high-flying lunch or dinner. this time local chefs decided to treat themselves to a heavenly meal. now that's a restaurant with a view. and ice cold dish of marijuana ice cream? tt's what a company in california is selng. it come in three flavors.
5:50 pm
banabis and hanibis. triple chocolate brownie. >> creative marketing. that's what this is. >> one pint has the same strength as eight joints. it is so only to customers with prescriptions for medical marijuana. the ice cream's creator said he wanted to offer a high class gourmet alternative to smoking pot. dozens of d.c. middlechool students rubbed elbows with executives today. they held their 33rd annual workshop at the grand hyatt in norwest. students from howard university middle school of math mattics. the president of th event said it offers children lessons for life. >> it is very important for them to be a part of this. this is where the wor is going. and we want our ildren to be very much a part of it.
5:51 pm
so manyids don't know. it is a matter of exposure and that's what we're doing today. >> general electric trick, nbc's parent company, sponsored today's events. >> now a look ahead. hi, jim. >> coming up, new details about the terror plot against the pope. six people have been arrest. we'll have more of pat collins' interview with the employees of the discovery. and a pair of bridges about to shut down. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. thanks. still ahead, the end of an era. >> a popular family run deli closing up and moving on 50 years in
5:52 pm
hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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which tastes betr? they had another blind taste test today. hundred of people have taken part in a series of taste tests earlier. hundreds of people voted 50/50. some said the tap water tasted better or they can't tell the difference. official hope it will highlight the benefits of drinking local tap wate it has been a part of downtown landscape 51 years. anyone who lives near 15th street has been there. >> we're talking about lobe's deli. after today, customers will have to walk a little farther to buy their favorite sandwiches. >> walter! >> i need fries in the window. >> who is next? >> reporter: loud and fast like a traditional new york delly.
5:56 pm
attracting customer as far as san francisco. >> i think i'll have that pass trammy. >> reporter: and customers that over the years keep coming ck. >> what is your favorite sandwich? >> the coney island. i've been eating it a long time. >> do you ever switch it up? >> no, no, no, no. it's the finest deli in washington. >> reporter: after a 51-year run, friday is the deli's last y here on 15th street. >> it is very bitter sweet. the entire block was kind of like that. a throwback to the '50s where you had a dry cleaner, a barber shop, all independently owned businesses. you just don't see that in downtown anymore. >> reporter: steven laing along with his brother and sister now run the family siness after their parents passed away. >> good luck. >> reporter: steven said they're being forced out because the government building is starting a rent vague that will last several years. >> it isn't closing for good. it is just moving locations from
5:57 pm
here on the cone of 15 street to here near 17th and i-3 and a half blocks away. will customers make the move with them? >> i feel really great with the people that have been more positive. oh, darn, where are we going to eat? most said we'll lose little weight whale you're gone but we'll get it back. >> i will be here probably every day now. >> it works out better for you. >> it does. >> reporter: john schriffen, news >> they'll be good and hungry. the new location will open in december. that's for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> don't come in here. i'll blow us all up. today is a request day todie. >> two men held hostage in the discovery building, talk about the day that change their lives.
5:58 pm
>> a reported rror plot foiled. and we'll tell you how mayor fenty still came out a winner in the primary. >> good evening. the death of a 17-month-old child is under investigation in montgomery county. police believe it was a tragic know. the child died en he became tangled up in a window blind cord. >> police wer call to the boy's home on north hampton drive in silver spring after 11:00 this morning. derrick ward is in the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: there are so many things that we seek to shield our children from. most of the timee feel they are outside the home. sometimes dangerous things lurk in the home as well as this fami found out earlier today. st before noon, a frantic call from a mother to the montgomery county police department. >> the initial call was a very upset woman screaming about a child being severely injured. >> reporter: from there, a sad
5:59 pm
and tragic scene unfolds as residents of the northampton apartments seek to comfort their grief stricken neighbor. >> the lady was out here screaming. we brought her alcohol. >> reporter: a short time before a 17-month-old boy had been sleeping in his crib in his bedroom. >> the initial information that we have is that they had put him dn for a nap. and somehow he had gotten out of his crib and was playing with the cord and somehow got caught up into it. >> repoer: police arrived and not waiting for an ambulance, they rushed the boy to the hospital in a cruiser. he was pro announced dead at the hospital. the consumer product safe commission estimate each month a child dies from strangulation from a window cord or chain or some sort of window treatment. parents here on learning of this tragedy aren't waiting for the industry standards to change. >> i saw the cord. at first i was scared. but my husband cut it down. he was like, i'm not going to keep it like. that other than that,


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