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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i was standing right there and a physician went down. designee went down where? you're saying he was shot. >> this morning new images and voices from the shooting and standoff at johns hopks university hospital. good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. the news is just ead. a quick check on our orecast. chuck bell is standing by in the studio. my car thermometer said 58 degrees. >> an unbelievably cool and pleasant start. a lot of our colder suburbs out in the north and west way down in the 50s. great overnight weather. nice and cool to get your weekend started. clear sky hangs overhead and it will be a beautiful weekend, everybody. man, are we off to a nice and
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cool start. we're 60 degrees downtown. 62 at andrews air force base. 65 in la plata. 55 in manassas. martinsburg down to 49 degrees. satellite picture shows hardly any clouds for us to be wored about today. high pressure in charge. we'll lead to plenty of sunshine for today. high temperatures in the upper 70s might touch 80s degrees later. sun is not up for another 51 minutes. a lot of great college football going on this afternoon. maryland terrapins taking on the mounta mountaineers. if you want your football forecast just send me an e-mail. 44 burglaries and robries in less than a month have some
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fairfax county neighborhoods on alert this morning. these cases setch fromclean reston. one man could be responsible for them all. darcy spencer explains how he's getting easy accs in several cases. >> reporter: residents of the oakrook communities in fairfax county have felt so safe many neighbors dn't lock their doors or windows. a recent rash of burglaries have shattered their peace of mind. >> it hapned once or twice we thought okay. but they keep coming back. >> reporter: police believe one criminal is responsible for had 4 burglaries, thechts from cars and unlawful entries since august 4th. they say he steals wallets and purses for the cash. >> information we're receiving from the neighborhood and his typical method of operation that lead to us believe it's one
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person. >> reporter: ken found his neighbor's purse in his yard. they took the cash and dropped everything and took off. we just moved into the local area. one of the reasons we liked this area because it seemed like a safe neighborhood. you know, low crime rate. ood schools. that type of neighborhood. >> reporter: police say the burglar enters cars and homes through unlocked doors. >> we told residents lock up their possession, kp their lights on. be vigilante about strange cars in the community. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 oday." the man accused of being a serial stabber will be charged with murder. on prosecutor prosecuto on monday prosecutors are expted to bring charges
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against the man. so far he has only been charged with assault and intent to murder. he's a suspect in two stabbings and a hammer attack in northern virginia and another stabbing in ohio. a tragic accident appears to have taken the life of a 17-month-old boy in silver spring, maryland. police say he died after getting entangledn a drapery call. a historical call from the child's mother brought rescuers to the apartment yesterday morning. the child somehow got oust his crib and got his neck caught in the window cord. officials prformed cpr and rushed him to hospital where he was pronounced dead. there are no signs of foul play. they are looking into this tragedy as an accidental death. police in prince george's county maryland said the shooting death of a hyattsville teenager may have been
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gang-related. medics found the boy shot in a park on nicholson street and rushed him to the hospital where he died. so far no arrests. police have now released th 911 calls made by people who witnessed the shooting and standoff inside johns hopkins university hospital. >> the shooting -- >> we had a shooting on the floor. >> do you know how many people have been shot? >> one person, a doctor. >> the 911 calls described the fear that newfoundland the eighth floor which is known as the nelson wing of johns hopkins university. callers provided valuable information to police quickly revealing a physician appeared to be the only victim. >> there was a gun shooting.
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>> how many shots did you hear? >> one. i was standing right there. >> one call came from a terrified patient's room. >> i'm in room 877. we'rerying to keep our door shut tight. >> stay in the hall. we'll get officers down there. we'll see if anyone w actually shot. >> no. but nurses are out there. they are saying get a stretcher fast. >> one caller provided critical information that help direct s.w.a.t. team officers to thing right place. he is still in the hospital. >> at a press conference the police cmissioner was asked how a gun made to it thing eighth floor of a famous hospital. >> very small weapon. the whole thing could be concealed in the palm of your hand. so in terms of recognizing an armed gunman and all those things that people would think
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about would bring a challenge. >> police are wondering what made the man kill his mother and then tn the gun on himself. two men held hostage during a standoff at the discovery build changed theirlives. mcnull ti and wood were two of the hose tags. after hours in the lobe two plotted their run with hand gestures and whispers. >> i started counting down a little bit, put one finger down in a got nervous and the gunman looked at me and in put it back up.
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i counted down again. i went to zero. i looked back up at jim, i looked back at the guman and he was looking right at me. as soon as he looked down at the phone i dropped my arms and took off running for the same door i came in. >> and ran towards the circle and got behind the half mall. did a baseball slideto get low because at that point you start hring the pop, pop, pop. got down like this and thank god. >> once outside police handcuffed the two hose tags until police could identify them as victims. jim mcnull ti and wood say they will go back to work eventually but are not ready yet. if you see smoke by reagan national don't be alarmed. there will be a simulated
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aircraft accident to test the airport's emergency response and train first responders. a fire and rive resc will be part of that exercise. the drill will not affect normal airport operations. still ahead thisour it's no joke, j stewart is planning a rally here in washington and it's no laughing matter he says. those details are straight ahead. and a live look now at the broken oil well in the gulf. could it be fixed for good by the time you head back to work monday morning? we'll be right back.
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outgoing d.c. mayor adrian fenty says he won't run for re-election on the republican ticket. the board electis announced fenty won the g primary as a write in candidate. even lost tuesday's democratic primary to vincent gray. earlier this week fenty says he has no plans to run against gray as a write in candidate.
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two comedians known for their political flare want to hold duelling rallies. jon stewart is planning a rally to restore sanity on saturday october 30th. that's in response to glenn beck's restoring honor rally. stewart saitsd geared to people who think shouting is annoying. then colbert is having march to keep fear alive. the national park service has yet to approve that application. today bp will finish off tapping off an oil well. that bottom fillrocess of cementing the well is scheduled to end this afternoon. let's take a live look this morning at the spill site where it all started. environmeal damage continues to linger for those living along
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the coast. kristen dahlgren has the recovery efforts fom venice, louisiana. >> reporter: 150 days after oil first flowed into the gulf the flow of cement started in what has been a month's long effort to finally seal the well from the bottom up. the cement was pumped in through the relief well and at some point today officials are expected toeclare success and a permanent end to the well that brought millions of barrels of oil and heartache to an entire region. buthile the well that first exploded april 20th may soon be killed, many here say they have been dying a slow death for months. what was once a vibrant fishing community now getting by on a clean up effort and that oil still washes ashoreore than 25,000 gallons of it colcted just this week in louisiana. >> just beginning for us. they may have the well capped but for us we hve a long road ahead of us. we see oil come up every day. >> reporter: then this.
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a second mass of fish kill found. >> in my whole life i've never seen fish wash up on the beach. >> reporter: leaving folks here calling for more tests making sure the oxygen depletion that's killing them isn't caused by the oil or dispersant. while today's sealing of the wells a milestone here it's but one step. >> what i hope for now is that bp doesn't take off and split. that they stick around long enough for this be cleaned up. >> reporter: in a region still facing a long road ahead. bp could face billions of dollars in fes now and possibility of criminal prosecution. the company has said it will stay here through the clnup but what it has notaid is rule out tapping into that reservoir through another well fichb. in venice, louisiana, kristen dahlgren, "news4 today." it's 6:15 right now and really pleasant outside.
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if you're in the middle it you know the job hunt can be very difficult. there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of standing out from the crowd. has released some tips for the job search. they suggest freshening up your resumes with details how you stayed busy during unemployment. expand your search for jobs you may be overqualified for and send letters to employers touting your strength. sign up with a temp agency where part time jobs can lead to full time opportunities. and finally this is the toughest one try to keep a positive attitude. it has been a part of the
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downtown d.c. landscape for 51 years. anyone who works near 15th street has been there. 're talking about loeb's deli. while it remains a popular community fixture regulars will have to walk further to buy their sand whiches. john trippen explains. >> reporter: it's loud and fast, just like a traditional new york delittractingustomers from as far away as san francisco. and customers that over the years keep coming back. >> after 37 years what's your favorite sandwich? >> the coney island. i've been eating it a long time. >> reporter: ever switch it up? >> no.
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>> reporter: fry isloeb's last day. >> bitteweet. the entire block was like that. throw back to the '50s where you had a dry cleaner, a barber shop. all independently owned sinesses and you just d't see that in downown any more. >> reporter: steve along with his brother and sister tone business after their parents passed away. steven loeb say they are being forced out because the government building is starting a renovatio that will last for several years. it is moving from the corner of 15th street to near 17th and i 3 1/2 blocks away. the question is will customers make the move with them? >> i feel really good about the amount of people that have been more positive than oh, darn whe wille go to eat. most of them said we'll lose a little bit of weight while you're gone but we'll get it back. >> i'll be there probably every day now. >> reporter: works out better for you. >> it does. >> reporter: in downtown d.c.,
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john trippen, news for. the new location will open in december. there's no doubt people will follow their taste buds. >> my folks come t time a couple of times a year and they always eat there. so now they have to go 17th and i. >> what do they get ere? >> corn beef reuben. that will have a little mind melt. >> this was on my brain. i'm glad i could help you. out let's take a look at the weather. beautiful weather for much of the weekend. if you got something you wuld like to do this will be a very. cooperative weather pattern for today and tomorrow. man oh, man do we need the rainfall across the area. rain is going to be hard to come by. hate to need rainfall in september because it's one of our dryer months. outside, the sun hasn't come up yet. 30 minutes from crossing the eastern horizon up to a
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beautiful day. 60 deees on the nose in downtown washington rightnow. . dew points are in the upper 40s and low 50s so nice comfy dry fall air. humity 69%. light north wind at 10 miles per hour. winds will generally be out of the north today five to ten miles per hour. not a strong breeze, though. temperatures are in t 40s in some of the shell terrified locations away from town, 48 now in frederick, maryland, 49 in martinsburg. wchester at degrees. 55 in culpeper and manassas. 55 in la plata and waldorf. 62 way down into portions of southn st. mary's county. 50 up to the north and west and this dry air moves in dpupts dropped 10 to 15 degrees over the last 24 hours. drier and drier air is coming in. that's why we'll have 100% sunshine for not just today but for tomorrow coming up as well. high pssure really in charge of our weather, dry weather throughout the entire weekend. this weather front way up across
6:24 am
parts of the western great lakes, that's going to come through here late in the day tomorrow but by the time it gets here it will run out of moisture. as a result even though we'll have the front coming by we won't have much in the way of rain chances. there's hurricane igor a serious threat to the island of bermuda before the weekend is down. no threat to the east coast of the united states thanks to this cell of high pressure that will keep that storm further out to sea. that little ripple in the cold front this will come by tomorrow about 6:00. sprinkle or tw up to the mountains of west virginia. especially for those be folks on the western slopes of the mountains. here in town not much in theay of rain chance. mostly sunny for saturday. delightful. high temperatures upper 70s to near 80s. tomorrow repeat performance. noticeably warmer tomorrow with temperatures way up in the 80s.
6:25 am
several degrees above-normal. there's the extend forecast. 79 today. 76 tomorrow. few clouds coming back late sunday into early monday asthat weather front drifts on by. it will come on through dry. next little chance for rain comes up on friday of next week. >> thanks, chuck. an ugly start to the weekend for the nats. dan hellie has the highlights in this morning's sports in a minute. >> reporter: good morning, washington. your "sports minute" begin with the nationals andll the good karma the nats brought with them from philadelphia. that was gone by the end of the first inning. jason marquise goes one-third of an inning. records only one out. the nationals fall in philadelphia 9-1 is the final. to highchool football. a battle of a couple 2-0 teams. bowie and c.h. flers.
6:26 am
bowie took the lead first in the second. there was a quick pass to henry and henry is gone. 75 yards and you can see with speed like that why he's going e university of maryland. bowie goes up 7-0 and this one goes to overtime tied at 0. ch flowers, thomas powers. they move to 3-0 on the season. in be the district, car doza in black, campbell gets it out to john young. breaks a tackle. breaks another. he is cruising into the end zone. a 95 yard catch and run. cardoza wins 34-18. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. thank you, dan. still to come two of thing hostages from the standoff at the discovery headquarters break their silent. hear about their ordeal in their own words when we return.
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johns hopki good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. it's date. let's check in with chuck bell. >> for everybody who came into town to visit for the weekend, did you pick a good weekend. plenty of sunshine on the way. sun isn't up just yet but it's only abo 22 minutes from coming up officially. the skies have started to brighten and it will be a wonderful day to be outside enjoying it. get the dog out. 48 degrees in martinsburg, west virginia. almost a little hint of a fall chill there. 48 degrees in damascus, maryland.
6:31 am
60 at the naval academy in annapolis. 52 degrees in brandy wine. 55 in culpeper and warrenton. satellite picture tells the story clear skies ovhead with high pressure in chafrg our weather. plenty of sunshine for your saturday. sunshine from start to finish from 6:52 to 7:10 this evening. no weather complaints at all. east carolina pirates are coming up to virginia tech. if you want to see your team's forecast send me an e-mail. we'll try to get as man of them on between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. >> you just about nailed prediction on the virginia be tech florida state game. i don't see any scores. >> warned them. i'll pick tech to win. but picking scores is too draining for me. >> yeah. a lot more difficult than picking temperatures. >> i do like this and i shouldn't pull on my hair at all. >> you need every follicle.
6:32 am
police have released the 911 tapes from the shooting and standoff at jhns hopkins on thursday where paul pardus shot a doctor before killing his mother and then turning the gun on himself. callers provided critical term s.w.a.t. teams which helped them when they arrived. >> shooting in the hallway on the eighth floor. >> we had a shooting on the floor. >> how many people have been shot. >> one person, a doctor. he might still be in his mother's room. >> there was a gunhooting on the eighth floor. >> how many shots did you hear? >> one. >> meanwhile dr. david coh is recovering after surgery f the gunshot wound he received. two men held hostage inside the discovery building last month have an incredible story. james lee had explosives strapped to him and the men were trapped in the lobby.
6:33 am
news 4 pat collins talked to the men about their daring decision to run. >> see people outside don't come in here i'll blow us all up. you know. today is a good day-to-day. >> reporter: september 1st. a standoff that went on for nearly four hors. two employees and a security guard held by a suspect who rigged himself up like a human bomb. toy jim mcnulty and chris wood talked about that frightening experience. it was obvious there was to die at his hands or the poce's. he kept saying i don't care about these people. i don't care about these people. i'm here to do what i'm here to do. i don'tare if they die or not. i'll kyle them. >> reporter: after it appeared that negotiations with police were breaking down the hostages decided to me a move.
6:34 am
it came after whispered words and hand signals. the escape. >> i saw the guard making hand motions, which i didn't, i couldn't figure out, he was doing this on his arm. i saw legs, he held up a, what would be a pistol i couldn't figure that out. he was bending down a lot, moving himself around a lot. by the time i got his attention i said run, i mouthed run and he shook his head yes. >> christopher said run i nodded and christopher had his arms folded and he held down three fingers. >> started counting down a little bit. put one finer down in a got nervous and the gunman was looking at me and in put it back up. i hitated and i counted down agai i went down to zero. i looked back up at jim, i looked back at the gunman and he was looking right at me and as soon as he looked down at the
6:35 am
phone i dropped my arms and took off running for the same door that i came in. it was -- >> reporter: once outside the building mcnully and wood were instructed by police to lion the ground. ts were handcuffed by police until it was determined whether they were friend or foe. >> never been in cuffs before. i didn't mind one bit. i knew i was safe and out of there. and just the sense of relief like oh, thank god it's over. >>reporter: these two men will not soon forget what happened at that discovery building on at september day. >> the more i think about it, the idea that my children could have lost their dadhat day really, really made me pause because they are the most important thing in my life and i
6:36 am
can't even imagine -- can't imagine that. thank god i don't have to. jim mcnulty and chris wood say we this backto work eventually but not quite ready just yet. polling places across afghanistan officially opened today for the country's parliamentary elections. 2,500 candidates are running for 249 seats. it's the first vote since last march elections and be a test of the afghan's ability to conduct a safe and fair election. insurgents have lunched several rocket attacks on kabul and kandahar and have handed out leafts warning on more attacks on those choosing to vote and those that work at the polls. pope benedict continues to visit great britain, police are investigating a suspected terror
6:37 am
plot against him. six were arrested. five rked as street cleaners. the threat didn't aer the pope's busy schedule. amaziny the pope visited london's famous westminster abbey. we have a traffic alert for drivers this morning. two bridges carrying traffic in and out of the district will be closed this weekend for long term repair projects. the frederick douglass bridge which goes over the ananacostia river will be closed. it is 6:37 right now. a taste test that might make you decide to switch to bottled water. or not.
6:38 am
could paris hilton's latest run in with the ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support.
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about prescription treatment options and support. which water do you think tastes better, bottled or tap? d.c. water officials did a taste test yesterday in southeast, the esults? 50-50. people either thoug the tap water tasted better or they couldn't tell the difference. officials hope the results will highlight the benefits of drinking local tap watr. paris hilton is avoiding the slammer after getting arrested about three weeks ago for ocaine possession. instead she will serve aear prove base after agreeing to a plea deal. the heire was arrested after a tiny bag of cocaine fell out of her purse. she will serve 200 hours of community service but she's now on very thin ice.
6:42 am
officers say if she guess anything other than a minor traffic ticket while on probation she will be going jai in nevada for a year. that would be interesting to see. "the today show" is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they are working on. amy robach joins us live. >> sarah palin is fueling more speculation about a potential presidential run in 2012 after appearing last nht at a major republican event in the key state of iowa. we'll tell you what she had to y. hurricane igor is intensifying in the atlantic and heading straight for bermuda. residents are getting ready for a direct hit. a davis bullying what the father of one young teen took matters into his own hands and got himself arrested. we'll find out what he did when he confronted his daughter's alleged bullies on the school bus. you were just talking about paris hilton. lindsay lohan is back in the news. she's already failed her first drug test.
6:43 am
what does this mean for the troubled starlet? we'll find out when you see you later. back to you. lindsay, paris. they keep us busy on the weekends. >> doesn't look good. >>it's true. >> thank you. 6:43. you're groaning over there. >> groaning yes, saying something, no. i'm smarter than that. >> let's talk about the weather. >> always a good thing to talk about this. beautiful weekend on the way. nice clear sky overhead but how long will it stick around? the details are coming up next. !%
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chuck, th is the time of year that people always say it doesn't last long enough snipe agree. that's why you need to get outside and enjoy these kinds of weekends. we knowt won't be much longer and it will be a little bit too
6:47 am
chilly for san antonio morning and not warm enough in the afternoon for others. perfect time the year to get outside, enjoysome great outdoor weather. mother nature has decided to cooperate with your weekend plans across not just the washington area but much of the eastern seaboard and hurricane igor is still a serious threat to bermuda. show you that on the satellite loop in just a second. luckily for all interest along the east coast of the united states, it's going to stay a long way away from the coast. outside on your saturday morning a good morning. sunrise still five minutes away but it won't be much longer now. a beauty of a day today. 60degrees. that's the current temperature at national airpot. the light wind out of the north at 10 miles per hour. pretty dry air in place. dew points have been pushed back down into the lower 40s and 50s. frederick county and upper montgomery county in the upper 0s now. panhandle of west virginia 48 degrees right now.
6:48 am
martinsburg, west virginia 51. winchester this morning. 40s and 50s across the inter mountain prts of the east coast. 60s up along the shore line. 75 degrees in atlanta. the dew pots have continued to fall. that means the hair is getting drier and drier. high pressure big area of high pressure in charge of our weather so we'll have a light northerly breeze today as that area of high pressure settles almost right down on top of us this evening it will take the winds awy, clear sky tonight, dry air in place, and as a result a very cool start tomorrow morning. there is hurricane igor, there's bermuda right there. this will be a very close call if not a direct hit on the island of bermuda. they are battening down the hatches. category 2 storm when it reaches berda. for us, though, this big cell of high pressure will keep that storm off, way off the eastern seaboard. little ripple of low pressure and ak weather front coming
6:49 am
our way for tomorrow night monday morning time frame but i don't think it has enough moisture to work with. we'll pick up some clouds late sunday and early monday. not much in the way of rain chance until later parts of next week. so for today then mostly sunny, delightful toompb outside. highs in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. your sunday plenty of sunshine getting a little bit on the toasty warm sideor september standards. highs tomorrow mid-to-upper 80s some places down towards fredericksburg and stafford might touch 90 degrees for a brief time tomorrow. 86 here in town. our average high temperature 87 degrees. all these numbers at or above average for the next couple of days with hardly anything in the way of rain chances. might pick up a shower across southern pennsylvania as we get into the wednesday time frame. here in washington our next legitimate albeit small chance for rain shows up on friday and don't forget if you wa your college football forecast tell me who is playing where they are playing and when and i'll
6:50 am
get your gam playing. >> the terms go on the road. a preview of their game against west virginias just ahead in sports. [ female announcer ] th. but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. does it feel like home, day yet? in our new house! we'll take care of that. ♪ feels like home ng. [ male announcer ] grands! biscuits. now we're home. [ male announcer ] it's just not home without 'em.
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it's 6:53 right now. the nationals learning the hard way why the phillies are in first place. dan hellie has highlights from the matchup against them in sports. >> reporter: good morning. jason marquise took a step back last night national as starting pitcher pounded in philly. he gave up six rounds and didn't make it out of the first inning. that first inning barrage all the phillies needed as they cruised to victory in fronts of their 115th straight sellout at citize bank park. pret good baseball town up the
6:54 am
road. ryan zimmerman lone bright spot. danny espinoza scores from second. nationals take a 1-0 lead. 84th rbi of the season. he was 4-4 of the night. first time he's done that all year. bottom of the first. nationals pitcher jason marquise had a miserable night. bases loaded. raul singles up the gut. chase utley comes in so does ryan howard 3-1. marquise goes what is going on. his troubles far from over. three batters later phillies up. oswald rips one into left field. marquise's night is over. faced nine batters and recorded one out. gave up six earned runs in one-third of an inning. phillies beat the nationals 9-1. you know three years ago devon thomas was the second wide
6:55 am
receiver overall taken in the nfl draft. taken anyredskins with the 34th pick opinion now thomas is battling to get on the field. thomas was hoping he would see some time to get houston on sunday but in the season opener he only played on special teams. thomas is the fifth wide receiver playing behind moss. he's been relegated to a kick return role. he averaged 38 yards on two kickoff returns in game one against the cowboys. looked pretty good even though thomas contributed to the win he does have mixed emotions. it is what is it. i'm trying my best to get out there. putting my best foot forward. trying to stay humble. keep my head up. not be down. it's hard. especiallthis is my third year and i really want to be a major part of this offen. i know i can be a major pat. just got to do my best. >> all right. devon thomas saying all the
6:56 am
right things. also a chilen's book drive at fedex field on sunday. there will be collection bins all over the stadium. maryland and west virginia, renewing their football rivalry today. hasn't been much watch riflery because the mountainrs have won all four of the last four meetings. west virginia ranked 21st. the terms going into morgantown at 10-point underdog but feeling good about their chance. maryland coming off a 45 point first half against morgan state. with two withins already maryland has matched it's win total for allof last season. now a road the opera's morgantown where it's never easy to play. >> i think this is another test
6:57 am
for us. from a team standpot. number one, the play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team, number two, is to play, you know, in a game, the more we win the bigger the games get. this is a very big game for us. >> since i've been here it has the best of us. so one of the things -- our team goes to win the next game. west virginia is ourext opponent. gre challenge. op 25. they have tremendous athletes. for a defense, especially, big challenge for us. >> kickoff for west virginia and maryland is at noon. high school football most teams played their games earlier friday afternoon. on thursday we accommodated the jewish holiday. bowie and c.h. flowers and this is about revenge. both teams 2-0. flowers beat bowie last year.
6:58 am
bowie with the ball. 25 yard line the quarterback is jordan throwing a quick fuse henley. henley takes care of the rest. you can see why this kid has committed to play for the university of maryland. 75 yards for the touch. bowie goes up7-0. the game goes to overtime. tied at 10. c.h. flowers thomas powers in from one yard out, flowers goes. o. t. 3-0 on the season. in the district, cardoza in black, deep in their own end zone the quarterback tyrone campbell rolls to hisleft, throws to it john young. nice catch. shakes a tackle. shakes another. 1 a is doing some housework. 95 yards for the touchdown. cardoza wins it 34-18. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hell, everybody have a great weekend. >> i'm curious, chuck, do you stay inside and watch college
6:59 am
football or go out and enjoy this gorgeous -- >> i turn the tv out the door so i can sit outside and see the game. >> you don't. >> put the tv on the swivel and sit outside. is carolina going out t blacksburg to play virginia tech. . if you don't see your team, that's it for "news4 today." we'll be back in 25 minutes with a local news update. join us again at 9:00 for a full hour of news. until then, everyone, have a great day.


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