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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a deadly drama unfolds on a quiet suburban reet. i'm craig melvi prince willia county police are trying to figure out what led a man to kill his wife and then himself. the murder-suicidehappened on a street many the montclair area of prince william's county in
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front of their home i and of eir horrified residents. friends leave condolences and there are links to domestic abuse help tes. this is derrick ward. >> reporter: t quiet of a saturday morning was shattered in a most disturbing way for these residents in the section of prince william county. a woman's cry for help brought this man out of his townhouse and into a scene of horror. >> the lady is creaming "help me." she was the driver and it seems like the guy had a gun chasing her behind a ruck. and what he did was he shother. >> reporter: that woman has been identified as the 37 jennifer baits, her assailant, her husband, 42 year old robert baits. the couple has been arguing and another resident of the street and an off-duty law enforcement officer hadeen walking his dog.
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unarmed himself, he confronted the armed man who witnesses say pointed aid gun at him. he retreated but then. >> another shot rang out and that was it. he killed himself. >> reporter: it all happened quickly and neighbors had already called poce. >> he arrived on scene and they located two individual who is appeared to be suffering from gunshot wounds. the gunshot wound for all upper body. the male was pronounced dead at the scene and the female was showing signs of life and was transported to the hospital where she was pronnced. >> reporter: what remains a was toll investigators and residents of the community is why these two people chose this street. those who live here know it's a cul-de-sac. it doesn't go all with way through and neither victim is believed of the contact with the commity. a member of the neighborhood association says they'll seek to ease the concerns of other residents. >> not associated with the neighborhood and for people not to have fear about the neighborhood or the neighborhood's changing. it's a quiet neighborhood.
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a shock to everydy. >> reporter: place say in june robert baits was arrested for assault of his wife and there was a court other that the two had no contact had been issued but the order had expired at the time of the incident. >> in d.c., police are investigating a double shooting in northwest. it happened at 2:00.m. in the 1 o 00 block of kennedy street. police atrooifd fd a man shot and he was rushed to the hospital. shortly after that another gunshot victim showed up at the same hospital and h had been shot around the same time in the same area and both men are expected to survive. at this point no suspects are in stody. tonight, police have released the name of the armed man shot by u.s. capital police steps away from the capitol ilding. 29 year old john wesley wheeler of maryland. he pulled his gun on a group of police officers before he was shot and wounded help cheeler is charged with assault with intent to kill and other federal
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charges as well. threecorner grocery stores and a fast-food restaurants. police believe all five 06 these northern virginia businesses were targets of the same robber. a similar method was used in each holdup. >> reporter: this armed robber has struck five businesses since late july. three of them have been haircuttery salons. police say the surveillance video shows a serial armed robber purling a knife while 408ding up a haircuttery salon. he swiped money from cash registers at businesses in fairfax and always string between late morning and early aftnoon. >> we're working closely with the county detectives on this because he, obviously, sees no jurisdictional boundaries so neither can we. >> reporter: pice say the robber started the crime spree on july 26th when he held up a cash 'n carry on lee jackson memorial highway and struck again on september 6th at this
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kfc/taco bell restaurant. he then hit three haircutteres in fairfax county on september 12th and 14th. >> the frequency increased. the first case was more than a month ago and now he see to be doing it within a matter of days. that concerns us. >> reporter: in each case, the robber brandishes a knife, grabs cash from the register and runs away. >> the establishment seems to be centered around route 28. so anyone who shops or does business on route 28 keep your eyes and ears open and call fuss you see anything unusual. >> reporter: so far no one has been injured but police are concerned that the suspect could become violent. if you have any information or recognize the person in the surveillance video, you're asked to call police. darcy spencer, news 4. be prepared for the worst. that was the motivation behind a disaster drill at the reagan national airport today.
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airport personnel and some nearby emeency agencies tested their reaction tothe following horrific 12345ir you. an airplane crashes on landing and slams into a bunch of cars and an airport shuttle and as you can see, they even set the plane on fire and simulated treating victims. organizers of the drill today hope that hands-on experience will help save lives in the event of a real tragedy. a mini van carrying a church group crash into new york tonight. six people are dead. it happened in wood berry, 50 miles north of manhattan. 14 people wre in the minivan when it crashed and eight passengers are still in the hospital and at least two are in critical condition. the authorities say the van blew a tire. then flipped over. when we come back on this saturday night, a second chance for some of man's best friends who are rescued from abuse. we'll tell you about that. and we'll tell you about an effort to make college a reality
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for local high school students. >> and if you can believe her tweet, there could be some new trouble for lindsay lohan. chuck, what's in the forecast? no rain on the radar and i'm optimistic that tomorrow's big redskins game, the weather looks good. what about the ravens in cincinnati? complete check of that forecast and a look at where hurricane igor is next. coming up in sports, a busy day in college football realm. a huge day. na tries to make two in a row if. and a one-sided
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lindsay lee has been could find herself back -- lindsay lohan could find herself back in jail. she tweeted that she failed a court-ordered drug and alcohol test. word on what substance triggered the positive result. the judge threatened lohan with 30 days in jail for each probation violation. you remember this summer she served 13 jails in jail for a pair of drunk driving cases. local high school stunts and their parents got an education today on how to get into and pay for college. admission's officers and financial aide experts were on hand to give guidance at the 2010 financial aid expo. 30 local colleges and universies offered ps to parent and perspective students as well. there was even one-on-one counseling available. about 0% of d.c. highchool students go on to college and that's dibble the rate from ten years ago. this weekend, hundreds are
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taking a trip back time to see just how much shopping has changed since our founding fathers's time. today and tomorrow. mount vernon has transformed into a colonial market and fair. specialized artisans around the country and family entertament all day. including swaord swallowers, fire-eers and magicians. organizers say it's like a market that george washington would have attended and, yes, we're told that sword swallower and fire eaters were around in the 1700s. it wasn't much of a dog's life for some animal's rescued from abusive nditions. they come to our area now for a second chance. we'll tell you about that story. and chuck bell is here and he'llell us about a sunday forecast. we t game-day forecasts to get to right after this.
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washington animal league, the rescue league has taken in dozens of dgs and cats found in horrific conditions. 24er7 rescued from a private research facility in north carolina that was conducting tests on the animals for medical purposes. they say undercover cameras show the animals nearly tortured by their care takers. >> procedures which we take a lot of trouble here at the hospital to ensure do not cause any pain at all, it's a medical facility. we actually saw procedures being donen these videos where there wasn't anesthesia. we picked up the animals, and
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that's our mission to pick up animals that have no better life. >> the washington animal rescue league is asking the public to help out. the 2 dogs and 10 cats that were rescued need a loving home. the animals, they say, will be available once they get the appropriate medical careand that should take about two to thr weeks. that's the washington animal rescue league. meanwhile, it was a beaiful day for the h street festival. ♪ sounded like chuck bell. the annual event celebrates the unique qualities of the h street corridor. two stages of music kept the crowds lively with about 30 music and dance performances. that's a lot of eating. folks have lots of international food from local restaurants and they got to mingle with neighbors as well. the fest cal showcases the revitization of the area at the eastern end of h street northeast. that's developing into one of the major ars and
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entertainment districts in the city. that a cool spot. i don't know if you've been there recently. >> i was there a couple weeks ago and it's coming along. we've had wonderful weather. >> tomorrow. >> it will continue. i like the way tomorrow is looking. the redskns are playing at home again tomorrow. we need to make detroit in a row to get the season starts, everybody. you can't blame the weather. if the game doesn't turn out the way you wasn't it's not my fault. right now, moly clear skies and pleasant saturday night here in the nation's capital. temperatures this afternoon, we made it all e way up to 79 degrees with a clear sky. great weather on your saturday. will continue to sunday but notice it's going to be a lot warmer tomorrow afternoon than today. today we topped off at 79. right now we're back down to 68 degrees here in town with a light northwest wind at 7 miles an hour. temperatures back into the 50s now in upper montgomery and
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frederick county. temperatures in the low 60s to culpepper and into the upper 50s as you towards andrews air force base. big story in th weather world, hurricane gor, the isnd of bermuda it looks like the storm will take dead aim on the island of bermuda, one of the biggest storms they've had in the at least three years. this may very well be a direct hit on the island of bermuda that should be sometime mid-to-late afternoon and coming onshore as a category 2 hurricane. bad news for bermuda. this big area of high pressure that brought in the cool air will keep the hurricane out to sea and won't bother the east coast. a little weather front. slowly slipping our way as we go throughhe course of the day and tomorrow, an increase in the mid and high-level clouds late in the afternoon but by and large a beautiful weather day tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two across portions of southern pennsylvania. and then the high pressure moves in and takes the edge ff
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temperatures. temperatures mid to high 80s. the texans taking on the redskins at fedex field and quickoff time at 4:15. the baltimore ravens head to cincinnati to take on ochocinco. 83 in cincinnati. 79 for today. 86 torrow. and very nice weather all the wayhrough next week. we could use the rain. the next chance for a shower doesn't look lying it's rolling in until friday. >> chuck bell, appreciate that. thank you. coming up in sports, the mountaineers battling for border supremacy. a one-sided battle. and the hokies didn't want to fall vic
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoringthe, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and seup a $20 billion independently-runclaims. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right
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maryland/west virginia, saturday afternoon on the gridiron? >> two 2-0 teams starting off. something's got to give. and i'll fell you what, the maryland/west virgin game can be described with the use of two numbers. one negative and one positive. 28, the number of unanswered points the mountaineers scored an negative 10, the rushing yads. the result? a 31-17 defeat in morgantown. ralph said his team would be tested and he was right. handoff goes to devine. a speedy guy avoiding tackles and down the sideline and cuts back and he's finally brought
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down after a 50-yard gain, devine rushed for 131 yards. three plays later, a perfect pass to ltimore. 6 yard touchdown and f that was one of two tds for austin. the fridge is thinking, these guys are good. early second quarter, west virginia, smith with plenty of time. he looks for his former high school temate, steadman iley. west virginia goes up 28-0. second half, robinson and they're down, 28-7. robinson goes deep to tory smith, the senior and 80 yard scoring strike. and smith also had a 60-yard td catch. they cut the deficit to 14. later in the third, robinson back to pass and under heavy pressure.
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check out scooter barry. takes them down one of eight sacs and e mountaineer's defense. maryland 21. and they play flori international next week. west virginia is at lsu. if there was ever a must-win game in september for virginia tech today's game against east carolina was it. the hokies started the day with a 2 record and a 0-3 start would be disaster. the last time that happened, bon jovi's "living on a prayer" was e number one song in the u.s., that was in 1987. today they tried to change their tune. they go agains a very good east carolina team and put up 100 points in two games, second quarter, the hokies are trailing. 24 yard touchdown and the hokies within three, an impressive play. six minutes later, daryn edwards
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gets it and they get the lead. hokies down at halftime. frank beamer's team goes off in the second half and east carolina driving dominique davis throws it to the sideline but check out rashad carmichael and davis is trying to atone here trying to tackle but davis, denied. carmichael into the end zone and virginia tech rolls 49-27 earning its first win of the season. >> great win. it came after a very difficult week on coach's players, our whole group. they came when you had to battle like heck out there. things didn't look so good at times. really proud of everyone and i'm proud how it all took place and how hard we came -- how hard we had to hang in there. >> good win for virginia tech. in louisiana, navy against
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louisiana tech. second quarter, navy down by six and i rickie dobs. and dobbs'irst pass of the season and we're tied at 13. fourth quarter, navy up 30-23 and they are doing what they normally do, run the ball and run the ball effectively. vince murray up the gut and 17 yards for the score and navy beats louisiana tech, 37-23. talking baseball, nationals taking on the red-h hot if phillies. a runner on and this is a good piece of hitting. it goes opposite to the field and hustling around the bases, relay throw and desmond ends up third can an rbi triple. they get a 1-0 lead. bottom of the third and ryan
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howard with a man aboard, see ya! his 30th home run and that sets a record with five straight seasons with 30 homers and 100 rbis. the phillies in front, 4-1. top of the eighth, nats down by three and they fall. the phillies won six straight and they continue to play good baseball and they are now three up and have a three-game lead over the braves who is the team i root for. >> good to know. >> not that you realy care but they have have a threeame lead now. thanks, buddy. >> that's all we have for you tonight. "saturday night live" is up next and we'll be back here tomorrow. until then, that's the news. good night! ♪
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