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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 19, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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still a few 50s on the map. mar martinsburg, west virginia, 57. andrews air force base 58. 64 degrees now in la plata, may maryland. a gradual increase in clds will ce our way duri the course of the afternoon. most of us will stay completely dry. there have been a few random rain drops in the panhandle of west virginia and far southern pennsylvania. but on thehole good weather for today. no rain threat for the redskins and the texans. >> good to hear it. thanks, chuck. in our headlines now after almost five months there appears to be good newsfrom the gulf. the deepwater horizon well is almost officially closed. scientists confirm theractured rig is sealed off forever. the end of the leak doesn't mean the end of major problems in the gulf. nbc's jay gray has more now from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: the final pressure test should be over now but there's still no word on sults or if the well has been officially killed. in the final hours on the
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primary relief well after pumping in 74 barrels of cement and making sure it was set there was a sense of confidence and pride. >> the fact that it has done so much damage, the fact that we were able to help solve and fix something that so many people wanted and needed it. >> reporter: but sealing the well won't solve the problem so many who live and work have been dealing with with for almost five months now. >> ishows up here every day as the tides move. it keeps coming up upon the shore. >> reporter: thick, black crude, washing in and wearing ay the marsh. >> it just keeps coming. it's like the grim rear, just keeps coming up from the bottom. >> reporter: slowly killing captain joe demarco's dream. >> for 20 years to be le to do this. >> reporter: absorbant boom is in place and biologists continue to take samples in the marsh as
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crews clean what they can. but demarco and othe worry it may not be enough. >> i go home. my wife says, what are we going do? keep going like we're going until we have some answers. and we get trip once a week maybe. can't pay your bills on a trip once a week. can't put your kids through school. can't buy groceries. if they pull out, we are totally messed up here. >> reporter: a mess that even with the well permanently sealed could still take years to clean up. jay gray, nbc news, nice, louisiana. we are following some breaking news right now out of frederick, maryland. that is wherpolice shot and killed a man after respond to go a domestic situation. poli were calledto the 200 block of market street about 6:00 this morning. when they got there police were told a man left the scene of a dispute with a rifle. police caught up with the man. it is unclear who shot first but
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gunfire was exchanged. the man died on the scene. no officers were hurt. four peoplere recovering aftebeing shot overnight in the district. police were called to the 500 block of shepherd stre in northwest but originally found nothing. a short time later three of the victims showed up at an area hospital. the fourth showed up thereafter, shortly thereafter. ald nonlife threatening injuries. police have not released any details on the motive or the shooter involved. president obama is looking for help from the country's black leaders to get fricanmerica to the polls this november. the president spoket the congressionablack ucuses phoenix awards dinner in d.c. last night. helso ske abo the accomplishments of his administration and praised e caucus for its leadership. at times president obama sounded ke he was back on the campaign trail invoking emotion and urging his audience into more political action as the elections draw near. >> go back to your work places.
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can go to church, the barbershop and beauty shops and tell them we have more work to do. tell them we can't wait to organize. tell them the time for action is now. >> president obama addressed the news poverty has hit a 15-year high. >> in about six weeks comedian john stewart plans to hold a rally on the national mall. he claims, tong-in-cheek, of course, it's to restore sanity. this on the heels of glenn beck's rally to store honor. derrick ward is down at the national mall where stewart and his colleague will hold dueling rallies. do you think we are ready for this kind of humor on hallowed ground? >> reporter: we are actually. there's not a lot of washingtonians or any other people down here yet save for the occasional jogger. those plans you talked about could fill this space with
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moderates. there are going to be dueling rallies hosted by two satirists. john stert is planning his million moderate march and describes it as an event for people who find shouting is annoying. stephen colbert will host a counter rally to keep fear alive. to counter stewart's dark forces of optimism. he says truth that comes from the gut and not from bks. these planned rallies come on the heels of the big glenn beck rally and that rally he in commemoration of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech. now the two rallies annoued this week could well provide some much-needed comic relief for a city and certainly for a nation broiled in tense political back and forthright ow. we did find one local resident who said she probably would attend. >> yeah, i think that could be a relief especially here where thin can get pretty tense and
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in light of glenn beck. some people would enjoy laugh and another way to look at things. >> reporter: a lot of the brouhaha surroundi the last rally was the date. the beck rally was held the grounds of the lincoln merial on the anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream speech. well, colbert and stewart say they have chosen october 30th because they are dates of no particular significance and we're showing you some information now about the time and place of these planned rallies. of course one day later they may have endured the wrath of halloween. hopefully that won't happen. we heard from the park service earlier who sa the permits for these rallies have not been granted at this point. they are applying for a joint permit so even though they are countering each other, there is a bit of camaraderie there as well. waesh live on the ll. back to you. >> the eve of halloween does seem appropriate, though. thank yo derek.
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derrick. the former department of agriculture employee who was at the center of controversy a few months ago is speaking at metropolitan ame church. shirley sherrod is the inaugural speaker for a series called sundays with the met. sherrod was forced to resign when a conservative blogger posted veo of her appearing to make racist remarks, but it was later shown the video was heavily edited and taken out of context. sundays with the met is a weekly series designed to show the roles of individuals who made difference to the afran-american legacy. preparing for disaster. airport personnel and near by ergency agencies tested their reaction to a simulated accid t accident. you saw this live on our a yesterday morning. an airplane crashes while landing, slamming into cars and anirport shuttle. they set the plane on fire, as you can see. they simulated treating victims. organizers of the drill hope the hands-on experience will help save lives in the event of a real tragedy.
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>> local high school students and their parents got schooled on how to pay for school. adssions officers and financial aid experts wer on hand to help families of the 2010 college and financial aid expo. about 30 local colleges and universities offer tips to parts and prospective students. there was one --one counseling available as well. about 60% of d.c. high school students go on to colleg that's double the rate from ten years ago. >> it's being called the hardest triathlon on the planet and it's going on today iour own backyard. details about the savage man triathlon when we return. >> and a despera
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currency of progress.
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right now police in california are searching for
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five adults and eight children who have been missing since saturday. they're believed to be part of a cult like group. police are now searching the home of the cult leader. one of the cult member's husbands has a bag containing the msing member's ll phone, ids, deeds to property and letters indicating they're going to meet jesus and dead relatives. police say there is nothing right now to indicate that the group members will hurt themselves but it is a possibility. >> no word such as suicide or taking our own life were used at all but the indications seem that that may be a possibility. >> the deepest concern here the missing children between the ages of 3 and 17. police say the group planned a trip earlier this year but it s called off by concerned families. >> six church members dead and eight others injured aft a tragic accident in new york. members of the joy fellowship christian assely church inhe bronx were traveling up
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interstate 87 to a church event when a back tire on the van blew. the van flipped over in the median killing six people including the church's bishop and his wife. one man who was originally supposedo be driving that van says it's hard to believe the accident actually happened. this is like a dream and i hope it's a dream because right now i don'teally want to believe it. the six brothers and sisters, i don't know w they are but they're family. >> seven people remain in critical condition. it tk over five hours to clear the van from the roadway backing up traffic for hours. >> 9:13. just about 70 degrees a. gorgeous morning on this sunday here. >> and chuck bell says we can enjoy it all day long. >> that correct with absolutely no charge to you, the viewer. we are going to provide you wit another nice outdoor weather day today. there is mention of rain in the fore
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9:17 right now and it's warming up nicely. >> our parking lot it's 70 degrees here in northwest where the sun is shining but a lot of spots are not quite up to 70 degrees just yet. we're one of the warmer locations in northwest washington. the weather is not going to be an inhibitor to your fun at all. especially if you're one of the 90,000 folks heading out to fedexfield. the redskins, we only need to be one point better than the opposition. isn't that right? outside a great looking sunday morning to get your second half of your weekend started. 67 degrees at ronald rean washington airport. the dew points continue to sneak up as well. this time our dew points were down in the comfy 40-degree range, now we're up to 60 degrees, the very beginnings of where you start to sense a touch of the humidity out there. it's 67 degrees humidity.
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it's not that intolerable of a morning to be outside. temperatures still 63egrees in falls church. 61 in manassas park. 62 in front royal, virginia. 57 degrees in martinsburg. a lot more cloud cover for you folks up across the panhandle of west virginia. a look at regional doppler and rain showers are falling apart as they come east. there are more light sprinkles here across parts of eastern ohio. so it couldn't completely rule out a stray raindrop or two for the extreme northern and northwestern parts of our viewing area, here in washington today i think o rain chances are 99% not going to happen. never say never to motr nature. 67 here in town. 67 in new york city. 63 in cincinnati where the ravens are going to be playing later on this afternoon. good weather for that game as well. dew point temperatures continuing to climb here as that weather front precious the issue down into the mid-atlantic
9:19 am
states bringing up a little bit more of a southwesterly wind flow. that southwest wind will push temperatures today into the mid-80s where yesterday we held in the upper70s. so out ahead of the front a toasty warm sunday afternoon. a gradual increase in clouds later on thisafternoon. keeping a very close eye on hurricane igor out here. there's the island of bermuda. this stm is about 180 miles just to the south of bermuda, continuing its northern track. it's starting to wobble just a little bit back to the northeast so we'll keep a close eye on that. it's going to be an ugly 24 to 36 hours on the island of bermuda, though, with large battering waves and a lot of wind and rain. for us, a weather front coming through late this afternoo and this evening will take a little edge off the warm ather as we go back to work d school tomorrow. mainly west of town the bengals and the ravens playing in cincinnati today. good weather for that game and great weather at fedex feld as well. back to work and school
9:20 am
tomorrow. partly sunny, cooler tomorrow. will be 86 tay but a slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm on wednesday. and then sailing into next ekend temperatures once again in the mid-80s. our average high now by the time we get to next weekend is only 76. we'll be about another ten degrees or so above average. >>hank you, chuck. >> okay. >> well, today is your chance to talkike a pirate. why is that, you say? here is this week's kids' post. >> reporter: this week on kids post on tv a blockbuster, buccaneers, and bloody noses. joining us once again is tracy grnt of "washington post" kids post. let's start with the new movie coming up called legends of the guardians. i've seen a couple of previews. it looks really good. >> it's an amazing movie based on a popular series of books that every boy between 8 and 12 that i know has read every single book. the movie is in 3-d.
9:21 am
it is incredibly beautiful. we talk to directozach snyder about what made him want to do this and he said he thinks owls are really cool. but i would say that it is rated pg. it really is for that -12 age range. >> intense. >> it is intense. there are some battling owl scenes that are scary. >> good to know. here is something good for kids and parents, talking like a pirate. we practice that at home. >> september 19th is talk like a pirate day and today, sunday, in axandria they're celebrating it with treasure hunts from 1:00 to 4:00. you can download a treasure map and kids 8 and under can go around various locations and pick up treasures. >> get out your pirate hats and something that will make every school nurse happy, how to stop those bloody noses. it happens in my house, too. >> as you get into t chillier weather andhe air in your house gets drier, it is a problem kids and parents
9:22 am
confront. in monday's kids post we give kids some advice about stopping nose bleeds. one of the big things is keep your fingers out of your noses, kids. but that in monday's kids post. >> good to know. keep those fingers out of those noses. it's gmy anyway. thanks so much, tracy grant. for fun family activities, be sure to visit or and click on kids post andhat is kids post on tv this week. this morning hundreds of people are taking part in a triathlon in maryland billed as the planet's toughest. the 70-mile savage man triathlon is being held at deep creek lake state park. it was rated as theardest race on earth by triathlete magazine. now the race will pass through two state parks and cross the eastern continental divide. one of e toughest is the bike ride up a street known as the western fort wall, a grade of
9:23 am
25%, the steepest climb in any triathlon. and it goes on for four blocks. >> boy. >> i can't wait to see the pictures. >> why don't we do it next year? >> you go for it. let me know how that works out. >> we could do tandem. >> it's a beautiful lake, though. maryland was looki to start the season 3-0 while virginia tech was looking for its first win of the year. >> hakem dermish has a look at a crowded day in football in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. the maryland/west virginia game can be simply described with the use of two numbers. one negative, one positive. 28. that's the number of unanswered points the mountaineers scored. negative ten, the number of rushing yards forhe terrapins. the result for maryland a 31-17 defeat in morgantown. and ralph friedgen said his team would be tested and, boy, was he rigt. fourth play of the game for west virginia. handoff to noel and he's a spee fellow. avoiding tackles, down the sideline cuts back, finally brought down after a 50-yard
9:24 am
gain. coach friedgen said we tackled horrible. smith looks left. throws a perfect pass to baltimore native austin. good for a six-yard touchdown and 7-0 west virginia lead, one of two tds for austin. and fridge thinking, hey, i told yotheseuys are good. early second quarter, here comes west virginia again. gino smith with plenty of time looks over the middle for his former high school teammate stedman bailey. gets a foot down. 26-yard score. west virginia would eventually go up 28-0. second half, here comes jamar robinson and the terps down 28-7. robinson with time goes deep to torre smith, the senior. opened the middle of the field. an 80-yard scoring strike. smith had a 60-yard td catch. the terps back in the gme, cut the deficit to 14. all righty. here we go. later in the third ronson back to pass. under heavy pressure. it's scooter barry.
9:25 am
takes him down. one of eight sacks for the mountaineers defense. maryland falls to west virginia 31-17. the terps play florida international next week. west virginiis at lsu. well, if there was ever a must-win game in september for virginia tech, yesterday's game against east carolina was it. the hokies started the day with an 0-2 record and an 0-3 start would be a disaster. the last time that happened, bon jovi's "living on a prayer" was a number one song in the u.s. that was in 1987. yesterday the hokies desperately trying to change their tune. taylor and the hokies going against a very good east carolina team. second qrter, hokies trailing 17-7. taylor starts the hokies' comeback. throws a dart to roberts. 24-yard touchdown. hokies within three. impressive play. this was impressive, too. six minutes later, darren evans gets the handoff. goes left and he's in for seven-yard touchdown. tech's first lead of the game. hokies down at halftime.
9:26 am
virginia tech sophomore standt ryan williams was injured in the game, injured his hamstring but trainers say he is okay. frank beamer's team goes off in the second half. east carolina driving. dominique davis, uh-oh. rashad carmichael reads it perfectly. interception down the sideline. davis trying to track him down but carmichael says, nope. 68-yard td. virginia tech earns its first win of the season. >> a great win because it came after a very, very difficult week on coaches, players, our whole gro. came when you had to battle like heck out there. things didn't look so good at times. really, really proud of everyone d i'm proud how it all took place and how hard we came -- had to hang in there. >> a big win for virginia tech. e're in louisiana. navy against louisiana tech. second quarter navy down by six.
9:27 am
ricky dobbs drops back to pass. say what? to pass. yeah. up to john howell. a 25-yard score. dobbs' first td pass of the season. navy misses the extra point. tied at 13-13. fourth quarter the midshipmen doing what they normally do, run the ball. vince murray right up the gut. 17 yards for the touchdown. navy beats louisiana tech 37-23. all right, talking baseball. nationals taking on the red-hot phillies up in philadelphia. top of the first, no score. ian desmond at the plate with a runner on first and this is a good piece of hitting. goes opposite field. that's down for a base hit an more. danny espinosa hustling around the bases. here comes the relay. the throw to the plate is late. he scores and desmond ends up with an rbi triple. the nats take the 1-0 lead. looking good. nats down 2-1. zimmerman with a man aboard and howar see you later. his 30th sets a franchise record
9:28 am
with five straight seasons with at least 30 homers and 100 rbis. phillies in front, 4-1. top eight. nats down by three. bases loaded for willie harris. a chance to be a hero. the nats fall 5-2. phillies have won six straight. and later today the redskins go for a 2-0 recd against the houston texans. kickoff is 4:15. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. ill ahead this hour, a tragedy on the safe and quiet streets of a virginia suburb. details on a shocking shooting in broad daylight. and a string of robberies targeting some businesses. police believe one person may be behind all of them. think about the internet.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we'll take a look at our headlines in a second. the first look at our forecas chuck bell is here withs this morning and we're waiting for -- it's already warming up, at least here it is. >> we're not waiting. >> we've been waiting all morning. >> with the afternoon kick for the game, a lot of times redskins play at 1:00 in the afternoon. tailgang plans are under way. the 4:00 kick means people get to warm up and start the grilling early, have a little burger and hot dog before you head to the ballpark. yes, indeed, beautiful weather outside right now. 67 degrees in capitol heights. 66 degrees in clinton, maryland. 68 dgrees at fedex field. 63 fairfax be a arlington. beautiful morning outside. there are more clouds up across pennsylvania and far western maryland. we'll have plenty of sunshine today. gradually increasing those clouds. kickoff temperature at 4:15,
9:33 am
right around 84 degrees with the nice southwesterly degrees. >> wow. sounds perfect until you said work and school. >> reality is just around the corner. >> thanks, chuck. >> in the news now, four people are hurt this morning after being shot overnight in the district. police were called to the 500 block of shepherds street northwest, but originally fod nothing. a short time later three of the victims showed up to an area hospital. the fourth showed up later. all four suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police have not released any details on theotiver the shooter. pole in prince william county, virginia, are trying to find out what led a nokesville man toill his wife and then himself on saturday morning in the montclair area. police say jennifer and robert bates were arguing in their car when they turned onto a small cul-de-sac of homes. jennifer bates got out of the car. her husband chased her down and shot her all in front of horrified residents.
9:34 am
now police are trying to figure out why the shoing happened in a neighborhood sofar om the couple's home as residents try it to cope with witnessing this crime. >> it's not assoated with the neighborhood and for people not to have any fear about the neighborhood or the neighborhood changing. it's a quiet neighborhood. it's ahock something like this would happen. >> friends and family of the couple are leaving condolences on a faceok page as well as links to domestic abuse help sites. a frederick, maryland, man charged with child abuse and asult after trying to suffocate his 19-month-old son. around 5:30 friday afternoon police were called to a home on fair field drive and found 33-year-old alton ambush suffocating his son. after a struggle police got ambush to release -- this is actually aed to member. he recovered after a tripo the hospital. ambus was also taken to the hospital for evaluation to determine his motive. u.s. capitol police
9:35 am
identified the man who was shot and wounded by officers after pointing a gun at multiple officers early friday morning, they say. 29-year-old wesley wheeler jr. of suitland, maryland, pointed his gun around capitol hill. police shot him after he refused to drop his gun. wheeler was charged with assault withintent to kill, carrying a gun without a license as well as other counts. three hair salons, a corner grocery store and fast food restaurant. police bieve they were targets of the same armed robber. police believe the robberies are becoming more frequent and could turn violent. news 4's darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: this armed robber has strk five businesses since late july. three of them have been cuttery salons. this video shows an armed robber pulling a knife while holding up a haircuttery salon. he swiped money from businesses in fairfax and loudoun county only striking between late morning and early afternoon.
9:36 am
>> we're working very closely with loudoun county detectives on this because he obviously sees no jurisdictional boundaries so nther can we. >> reporter: police say the robber started his crime spree on july 26th when he held up chantilly cash and carry. he struck again on september 6th at this kfc/taco bell restaurant in loudoun county. he then hit three hair cutterys in fairfax and loudoun counties on september 7, 12 and 14. >> the frequencies have increased. the first case was more than a month ago and now he seems to be doing it within a matter of days. that concerns us. >> reporter: in each case the robber brandish a knife, grabs cash from the register, and runs away. >> establishnts seem to be centered around route 28. so anyone who shops or does business on route 28, we ask you to keep your eyes and ears open. call us if you see anything unusual. >> reporter: so far no one has been injured in any of these roberies but police are
9:37 am
concerned that the suspect could become violent. if you have any information or recognize the person in the suveillance video, you're asked to call police in loudoun or fairfax county. in ashburn, darcy spencer, news 4. after almost five months there appears to be an end in sight with bp's blownout oil well. loing at a live picture of the well in the gulf of mexico. crews are pumping in cement. officials say the cement has hardened jt fine. the final pressure and weight test is all that's left fore it's confirmed the well is permane permanently closed. an announcement is expted to come some time today. still to come, meet a young man who is really cooking. we'll introduce you to this week's" wednesday's chd." his name is cody. and summer may be drawing to an end but nbc's fall season is all about get started. a preview of some of the s
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
week's "wednesday's child" is working extra hard in school and he enjoys cooking. this morning barbara harrison mixes up breakfast with cody.
9:41 am
hi, cody. >> how are you doing? >> good. it's so great to see you. i hear you like to cook, is that right? >> yesma'am. >> we have a treat for you today. we're going to go to the ritz-carlton and you'll get to cook with some of the most important chefs. the manager and matt owens were waiting for us. and inside so was the chef and executive pastry chef. they're real chefs. how can you tell? >> their hats. >> right. they invited us to follow them back to the kitchen where they had an official ritz-carlton chef jacket, apron and of course the all-important hat for cody. he says he'd like to be a chef. the social worker kelly lynn says cody has talked about becoming a chef. >> he was excited to have the chance to cook today with real professionals. she also says after eight years in foster care, cody at 15 is anxious to find a pmanent adoptive home.
9:42 am
>> he's looking for a family to stay with and have stability. >> two sh rrimp in re. >> cody is doing well in school. how do you like school? >> really good at school actually. i used to do really bad in school but now i'm pretty good att. >> been on the honor roll the last couple of semesters. he's looking for another successful year. >> reporter: what got you motivated to do well in school? >> well, i just got my act together. i didn't like school and wanted to do good. reporter: have you had to move very often? tell me what that's like. >> very hurtful. i don't like to keep moving. when i was little, i always had to keep moving and everything. so most of it was because i kept messing up and i don't want to keep messing everythi up. >> reporter: cody is trying to do well in everything these days. he hopes an adoptive family will
9:43 am
be proud of hisome day. cody got some goodies to take home to remember this day at the ritz-carlton. his dream is that this day will lead his finding of family to love him. >> if you have room in your home for cody or any of our wednesdays children call our adoption hotline. 888-2-adopt-me or logon to those kids don't ask for much. >> no. and to say he felt like it was his fault, that's really -- you know, never your fault when you're in a tough situation like that. 9:43 right now. ♪
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welcome back. chuck, what's in the forecast? >> plenty of sunshine for st of our sunday afternoon although i do think we'll have some extra clouds coming our way by mid to late afternoon today. still not much of a rain threat in the washington area for later on this afternoon. ifou're packing the car and getting ready to go out to fedex field for the game, the texans anthe redskins, i am
9:47 am
optimistic that the weather is going to be very cooperative for the football game this afternoon. right now temperatures still hanging back just a bit at national airport where the temperatur are now 67 degrees. we made it to 70 already here at the friend ly peack in northwest washington. 67, though, is the downtown temperature. 60 degrees is the current dew point. the dew points have come up, in the 4 yesterday. up into the upper 50s and low 60s now so a little hint of september humidity out there but certainly not all that bad by summerlike standards. 57 still in martinsburg. that's the cool spot. 67, thgh, in annapolis. 64 degrees in quantico, virginia. the last of these dying spriles here across southern pennsylvania, that's bringing in some extra cloud cover but that's about it. most of these are not reaching the ground but i can't completelyrule out the random raindrop or two for you folks right up on the maryland/pennsylvania border out in theountains of west virginia, west of the blue ridge. around town today, rain free. dew point temperatures have come
9:48 am
up as the moisture is trying to rain down into this very dry air we have in place. the clouds will be on the increase but you can see they're very sparse amounts of rafall. that's the reason it's going to be dry day today. toasty warm as well. out ahead of the weather front, that southwest surge will put temperatures into the mid-80s around here for this afternoon. so very warm by september standards. there's the island of bermuda. they are battening down the hatches as igor continues to close in on the island nation. should be there sometime late this evening into the overnight hours tonight. if you had any plans to go out to bermuda likely no flights -- or likely to bermuda until tuesday. for us t weather front coming down through here will pass through during the late evening hours tonight before you get up tomorrow morning our wis will have turned back around to the northwest putting some slightly cooler air in to get the work and school week going. a chance of rain midd of the week.
9:49 am
for today increasing clouds, warm and try tay. sprinkles possible only really in southern most pennsylvania. the bengals and the ravens out in cincinnati. good weather for that game out to the west. back to work morrow, everybody. temperatures in the upp 70s. back to near 80 degrees on tuesday. 88 on wednesday with a risk of a shower, maybe a thuerstorm as well. that's really about it on rain chances. if we had an eight day in the forecast next subday i think will be a good chaps for some needed rainfall. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. getting ready to say good-bye to reruns.
9:50 am
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good morning, washington, coming up at 10:00, this year's string of tea party wins climax this had week with that surprise up in delawar christine o'donnell was the latest to knock off the establishment. many have said that republicans have been leaderless since john mccain was wiped out by bara obama two years ago. are the tea partiers the gop leadership? will they control the choice for president next time? will the republican establishment have no choice but to yield to the far right? what will the tea partiers push for if they take control of congress? will they have the vote to shut
9:54 am
down agencies? join me and chuck todd, kelly o'donnell, clarence page as we get into all of this. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press" here is david gregory. daid? thank you, chris. good morning. kimberly and aaron, coming up a turbulent primary season has come to an end. questions remain about the role the tea party will play in november. joining me to discuss the future of the republican party and erica's standing abroad our exclusive guest secretary of state to president george w. bu, general colin powell. then another leader on the world stage, i'll go one-on-one with president bill clinton as he prepares to host his sixth annual clinton global initiative meeting. howhould the u.s. address the most difficult issues. plu what is ahead for democrats and president obama this election season? it is all ahead this morning on "meet the press." >> the fall season on nbc begins monday and it's going to kick off with a bang. two new thrillers, "the event and "chase" tomorrow night. >> some longtime favorites are
9:55 am
back as well. "chuck" and "the biggest loser." we have a preview of what you can expect from your returning favorites this season. >> reporter: echoes of "rocky iv"" a russian florist guest stars. >> incredible things iill do. >> reporter: not really. playing a russian bad guy. >> he's stillig and muscular and looks like he's 32. >> reporter: for the actor best known as ivan, it's a chance to shake things up. >> i've neverone any te television in america, any comedy show. it's fun to go back and revisit, you know, the russian killing machine but kind of have fun with it. >> you're going to have to earn it. >> reporter: "biggest loser" is back and it hits the road to find contestants for season ten. wannabes in seven citi compete simply to get a spot on the show. >> i want to lose 50% of my body
9:56 am
weight and it's going to be tough, the hardest thing i've ever done. >> reporter: "biggest loser" certainly gets that point across butnly to an extent. >> i think the contestants feel they know what's up and think they understand the show, but they really don't. >> reporter: derstanding the criminal mind remains the challenge on "law and order sv" >> the lies aren't getting you anywhere. >> reporter: "lost" guest stars as a predator. >> so different from desmond. and it's such a taboo subject. nobody talks about it. people are scared of talking about it >> reporter: season 12 starts wednesday night. 9:56 right now. are you getting ready for football alrdy? >> i was nervous. i was coming up this fall, chuck the biggest loser, you kn, why -- what did i do wrong this morning? >> not that chuck. different chuck.
9:57 am
>> yeah. >> you're a winner for us especially with a forecast like today. >> redskins, we only need to be one better than the texans. >> le's do it. >> and that is it. thanks for joining us. >> wake up with us monday morning at 4:30. until then have a gat day, everyone. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in yr wallet? ove, go long!
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