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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 23, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning on "early today," world stage. president obama prepares to address global issues at the opening of the u.n. general assembly. parents' wost nightmare, millions of cans of infant formula are recalled over concerns they contain bug parts. and south florida's spinout, a dramatic ending to a high speed chase through the streets a dramatic ending to a high speed chase through the streets of miami. captions paid for by nbc-universal television > hello and good morning. i'm amara sohn. today we begin with global warming. president obama will address the united nations general assembly toda where he'll talk up steps this nation has taken to strengthen its global ties. he will urge the partnership to work towards goals such as economic crisis and peace in the middle east.
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michelle franzen is live for us in new york. >> reporter: good morning, amara. certainly the president's speech will focus on what he talked about last year and rebuilding a lot of the internatial relatio following the bush administration's foreign policy. but many of the same issues are still -- president is still facing with foreign policy agenda, including much in the middle east. of course, combat units in iraq ft there at the end of awl august, but still, about 50,000 troops remain in iraq, training security forces there and in afghanistan, troops, of course, have been increased along with the attacks by insurgents. and certainly talks, peace talks for the mile east twin israeli and palestinian leaders got a jump start earlier this month, but so far, still no direct talks planned in the meantim ofcourse, iran and north korea's defiance over international sanctions and pressure to stoptheir nuclear
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program will take the stage, as well. president obama is expected to speak early this morning and following iran's president this afternoon act mood ma dean jahm will be speaking in neyork. >> thank you. for many today, additional health benefits go in effect on this, the six-month anniversary of the passage of the landmark health cae joe haul w. yesterday, that legislation was back in the spotlight with president obama looking to clear things up whileepublicans unleashed plans to repeal and replace the health care overhaul with their own ideas. for more, tracie otts in washington. >> reporter: good moning. president obama says he blamed himself for not doing a better sales job with this new health carplow, health reform and republics are now trying to repeal it. but major provisions of that reform kick in today. for example, no more lifetime
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limits oninsurance coverage and children can no longer be denied for prexifth conditions. the adult portion of that will kick in about four ars from now. preventive care, checkups now has to be covered. and adults can stay on their parents' insurance up to age 26. f some people, that kick necessary this week. for others, when their insurance columbus rolls over in january, the president, again, on a sales pitch trying to get u. support and public support for this plan. republicans have insisted that they want it repealed, that it's a $2.5 trillion mistake according to the chair of the republican national committee. today, they're unveiling what they call a 21-page pledge to america. in addition to repealing healthry form, it includes tax cuts for everyone including millionai millionaires, ending bailouts, ending government control of fannie mae and freddie mac.
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they want to cut government spending back to 2008 leve. this is a plan they're hoping will help them in november. in new york last night after barely completing one sentence, president obama has heckled for gay rights and aids funding. it forced the president to go off script many times insisting his administration has ireased aids funding and is working to overturn the law on gays serving in the military. he then sold the hecklers to go bother republicans after they didn't low the don't ask, don't tell policy to be repealed. > officers clipped what they believed was a stolen car. one suspect jumped out and attempted to run away from officersbut was quickly
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grounded with a stun gu the other suspects are dragged from the vehicle and taken into custody. in new mexico, an amateur astronomer captured a rare sight traveling across the sky. a bright meteor moving north, traveling right pt the moon. the amazing foota was captured with an experimental all sky optical video camera specifically sensitive to the near infrared flashes that meteors create. state wildlife officials captured a nearly 12-foot ng alligator, a rare find, especially in west texas. the animal was recovered from a local ranch where it's thought to have survived on wild pigs and duck. the gato will be med to a new home on a 15 acre alligator farm. and in louisiana, patrons lined up tget a piece of the 5,300 feet long and more than 8,600 pound king cake.
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that, according to the bakers, could wrap around the superdome twice. guinness is expected to determine soon whether that qualifies as the largest king cake. now here is bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> good morning, amara. have you ever had that before? >> i haven. but it looks like a great breakfast for me. i love sweets in the morning. >> i'll have to look that up. as far as yesterday went in the south, incrediblyhot. huntsville, alabama region had their 100th 90-degree day of the candar year. philadelphia, you broke your record yesterday for the most 90-degree days in one year. the heat this summer has been incredible and it's going to continue as we go throughout the day today. as far as the forecast goes, it looks like we're going to see the cooler air coming down from the north.
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billings at 44 there. that's a sign of thingsto come. as of now, we have the cooler air and warmer air hitting it and that's where we're getting the heavy rain. thre's a lot of it outside of denver and into colorado. this area of low pressure is going to be an area of possible flooding ins, especially up there in minnesota and wisconsin. that's where this morning we're watching these thunderstorms south of rochester and eventually they'll work there way intthe green bay area. so the forecast for today, warm in the southeast, so watch out for those storms from kansas city up into wisconsin. that's a look at your thursday forecast. now here is a look at the wlr outside your window. sunshine and hot conditions. look at memphis, tennessee. what a summer you've had. now it continues even into fall. 98 degrees this afternoon. oklahoma city, 84. phoenix, 95. we'll talk about fday later i
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the show. building up bonds and who is tops when it comes to the richest americans? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. joaquin phoenix was a whole new man last night with david letterman. one of the best double plays you'll ever see, you're watching "early today."
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>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm amara sohn. here are so of your top headlines this morning. abbott labtory sess recalling as many as 5 million containers of its best selling similac infant formula due to concerns it may be contaminated with insect parts. florida governor chartly crist says his state will stop a ban on gay adoption. eight current and former officials of a los angeles suburb of ell, california, had
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their first day in court yesterday over after alleged involvement in a pay scandal. the city manager paid himself almost $800,000, almost double the yearly salary of the nation's president. the eight did not enter aplea. their arraignment bill be held next month. scientist he say they've discovered fossils of two new dinosaur species in the desert. and it may not have been the ideal celebration, but what about 33 miners trapped underground in chile celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday. the men estimated wl be rescued around christmas. >> here is an early look at how wall stre will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,739 after loogz 21 points yesterda the s&p lost 12 points and the
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nasdaq dropped 14. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei sank 35 points, but in hong kong, the hang se added 45. investors put faith in the fed yesterday and placed their betts on the bond market. traders took the central bank's boost that it could step up its bond purchasing progr down the road. meanwhile, gold prices hit yet another report high. elsewhere in metals, alcoa surchblged 5% helping the dow jau set the day's losses. tech stocks took a beating after adobe systems plued 19% in the wake of a weak revenue forecast. microsoft shares took a hit after the company said it would up its quarterly dividend f the first time in two years, but apparently not as much as some had expected. this morning's "wall street journal" warns blockbust video
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could warrant protection in a deal to keep some stores open. a month after starbuck's said it would absorb the high cost of coffee, up to a 13-year high, it says it will raise the priet price of larger and more expensive drinks. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is donated $100 million to help improve new york, new jers newa jersey schools. he comes in at number 35 on the list ts year of the 400 richest americans. numbers one and two are the same as last year, billionaire buddies bill gates and warren buffett. the rays save faith, the bills sweep the braves. plus, three is the magic number for jose lopez.
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your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. on this first one day of fall, we're tracki heavy rain in the middle of the country. youforecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this i"early today."
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in sports, theaseball season winds down and the pennant races heat up. one team already knows which pcher will start their postseason. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> the morning. the minnesota twins were the first team to clench their division. even though the playoffs are two weeks away, francisco lariano will be the first starter. reached behind his back, snared the comebacker with his glov there was a two-hour rain delays. rays won it, 7-2, they'r 1 1/2 back in the l. east. how about one from the twins' nick blackburn. no glove needed. knocked the ball down with his leg. playoffs can't start soon enough for the twins. jose lopez had quite a game against the blue jays, h three home runs, bringing his total to
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10. the mariners have been waiting for this all season. lop lopez capped off the trifecta with a two-run bomber in the eighth. mariners won it, 6-3. funny moments in the game, ray oswalt hit martin prado. it was about the only contact the braves ha all night. in the eighth, ibanez ripped this into the corner. phils won. johnny peralta bare handed the toss and threw it to first. one more time, when u've got a speedster like jared dyson running down the line, you've got to pull off something special to turn two and th's exactly what they did. tigers won it, 4-2. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. hich artist has been banned from sesame street before her
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show even aired? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, the ultimate example of one man's trash being another boy's treasu. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this thursday morning. here is a look at your forecast. big thunderstorms rolled through philadelphia and new york city last night. today will be a dry day. temperatures still very warm from philly to d.c. cereal in new york and boston
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should be beautiful at 70 and sunny. watch out for stormy weather in the next two days. a lot eavy rain. minneapolis into areas of wisconsin. chicago, a chance of thunderstorms tonight. that threat of strong storms and wet weather wl continue to friday here through the great lakes and up there in the northern plas. if you're watching us on wmaq and channel 5 in good old chicago, illinois. india is calling. experience indian culture in music with live performances, yoga classes and much more at thworld's annual music festival at the chicago cultural center. >> bill, thank you. now here is a early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. a slimmed down slim cut joaquin phoenix made his return to late night with day of the letterman. he apologized to the host for his bizarre appearance year ago. both made an effort to stress
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letterman was not in on the hoax a year ago. as for what's nextor phoenix, new york magazine reports he's in talk toes appear with leonardo dicaprio in a film about j. edgar hoover and his lo lover. levi johnson was too busy reading up on politics for his run for mayor in alaska to watch bristol palin's debut on "dancing with the stars." > after parents complained about perry's cleavage, her appearance with elmo was canceled. letterman was not in on that hoax? i have a hard time believing that. >> you think he was or was not in on that? >> come on, the joke is on us. this comes from care 11 in
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minneapolis, men minute, where one 5-year-old boy's fascination with trash inspired into an interesting gift. mom and dad took eli on 23-hour trip fromonnecticut to visit an assembly plant to see how his favorite trucks were made. he was particularly taken in by the metal fabrication second of the tour. that's wa i call passion. i'm amara sohn, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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4:28 is the time right now. 3, kind of warmi degrees out there this morning on this 23rd day of september. good morning, i'm joe kreb. >> and i'm yun yank. welcome to this thursday. today wecould learn more about the future of d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee. she is scheduled to meet with d.c. mayoral nominee at noon at e wilson building. gray has criticized rhee in the past, slamming her for firing teachers and closing schools. last year rhee let about 200 teachers go due to budget woes. this morning ray tld d.c.'s program he would consider retiring those teachers. we'll have more ahead at 5:00 a.m. >> much walker outside after the severe storms rolled through overnight. strong winds knocked down power
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lines and trees one popular townhouse about 8:00 last night. the storms are also believed to have sparked a fire in the same town home community. the good news is that there were no repos of injuries as a result. so people are waking up in the dark because of the storms. bg&e has more than 3,000 customers without electricity in prince george's county. pepco has more than 2,000 customers without power. most of them in montgomery county. dominion, virginia, is reporting just 123 people inhe dark this morning. well, are the storms over? that's the question. >> that's ight, tom, what do you think? >> yep, they are and things have settled down considerably. the skies cleared out. we got that bright full moon in the western sky and of course the bright spot the last number of days to the left of the moon is jupiter. quite a scene in the western sky. look at the tperatures. it's a mild morning. a little patchy fog in some of the rural a


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