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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now? >> well, we have a three-alarm fire on tillett loop in manassas. the fires currently under control. they are putting out the hot spots right now. >> we lost you there, joe. can you hear us? >> can you hear me? >> now we can. can you tell us how many home we damaged and destroyed there? if anyone was home, did you ever have to evacuate the area? >> whad two homes that are completely destroyed and there are seven home that are damaged from the fire. there were people home. there were 180 evacuations. >> any indication how this fire started or in which unit it started? >> it started in 8355. the fire marshal's offe is investigating it.
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>> joe robertson, thank you for taking time wh us. again this story unfolding in manassas right now. seven damaged, two destroyed. these are very large town homes. there was a big break in a high profile murder. a teenager is behind bars accused of killing a college student. riding his bike diploma work. the suspect is making his first court appearance to face charges pat collins is live with the latest. >> reporter: the suspect identified is eric forman. just turn 17. he was 16t the time of the murder. he's been charged as an adult. according to court documents obtained by news4, witnesses say before the shooting, the suspect, eric forman, said he wanted to quote pull a move.
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as the victim rode his bike toward sherman circle, he fired off four or five shots. the cyclist fell to the grou. as he tried to stand up, witnesses say forman ran up and fired two shots at close range. all of this bloodshed for a rob rif $60. the victim's 31-year-old neil godleski. he worked at phillips' seafo restaurant on the waterfront. he went to school at catholic unversity. neil godleski, gunned down august 22nd near sherman circle in northwest. it happen sometime after midnight as mr. godleski was riding h bike home from his restaurant job. dale brown was a co-worker and friend. do you miss him? >> i still have tears in my eyes. it is just a shame how it happened like is. it shouldn't have happened like
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this. he was good hearted. it is a shame how that happened. i'm glad that justice was served. >> reporter: the parents of neil godleski are in town for a memorial service them met with the police chief kathy thanneer yesterday. keith talk to the godleski family about the arrest. >> the family is still very distraught. this is a small family. there aren't a lot of them. and this has broken the and been very difficult on them. but she said that they were very thankful that an arrestad been made. >> reporter: sources say the same gun that kill neil godleski was used to shoot a 15-year-old on illinoisvenue earlier that same day. a juvenile has been arrested in connection with that shooting.
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it appears that the gun was passed arnd. so tonight 17-year-old eric forman charged as an adult in first-degree murder in the shooting death of neil godleski. back to yo >> pat collins live at d.c. superior court. thank you. there is new information about a woman evted from her home. court records show eloisa diaz was thousands of dollars behind in her work. she said she couldn't keep up because of sporadic work. all of her belongings were put out on the stre and she had a lot of belongings. in fact, the line of her belongings stretched for blocks, we'rewill. after her story aired, there was an outpouring of support. j.k. moving company put her thing in storage. the city put her up for the night and she even got several
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job offers. for the first time since d.c.'s democratic primary, the nominee vincent gray sat down with t school chancellor today. the meeting come as questions loom about whether she'll continue to head the city's public school system. aaron gilchrist is live working the newsroom. >> again that question went without a direct answer. it doest take a body language expt to read the writing on the wall. chancellor rhee arrived with the police escort just before than with a crush of media and quickly ducked into vincent gray' office. 80 minutes later this two emerged. and as the likely next mayor approached the microphones, she kept her distance shelf stood one faced as rhee called the meeting productive. >> this was an opportunity for the chancellor a i to have a conversation broadbly public education in the city. >> reporter: gray said there was no talk of whether he wanted rey to stay on as school chancellor or wheer she wanted to stay.
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itno secret in the last three and a half years, they've had strong philosophical differences on reforming education. rhee accepted the job offer, warning him she would shake thing up. so much so, could it cost him political capital. after he lost the democratic primary earlier this month, rhee accepted some responsibility. >> we talked aboutareer and technical education, we taed abut special educatio we talk about stake holder involvement. >> reporter: critics have said it didn't involve enough ake holders as she fired teachers, changing one of the poorest school systems in the country. last week rhee said any move she make is in the best interests of d.c. children. >> will you stay through the end of the school year? when will have a decision? >> today rhee never got closer than ten feet away from gray as she rush to her car this afternoon, she refused to say what her teher or the future
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of d.c. schools may hole. >> again, the chairman's comment is the only comment we're giving. >> reporter:ven as they leave the chance lore's future uncertain, there are reports about pressures from the white house and other cities involving interest as well. that's coming up at 6:00. >> not exactly a cozy picture there. thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. there is big news tonight for diabetes patients. >> the food and drug administration says the once blockbuster medicationavandia will continue to be sold. doreen gentzler has the decision. >> reporter: the fda announced faye avandia will remain on the market b with some severe restrictions. this news come on the same day that european regulator announced they're pulling the drug off store shelves. avan i can't was approved in 1999 to treat type ii diabetes. it soon became the top selling diabetes drug in the world. today fda announced it will
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restrict sale of the medication because studies have shown it can increase the rick of heart attack. under the new fda guideline, doctors can only prescribe it as a last resort if the diabetes can't be control with any other medication and even then, physicians wilhave to explain the risks to the patient very carefully. the european union has also been considering avandia and heart attack risk and took it a step if you are than our fda. those countries are pulling the pill off the market completely. the drug's manufacturer glosmithkline continues to believe that avandia is an important treatment for type ii diabetes. u.s. sales of avandia topped $1 billion last year. medical experts say these new restrictions will insure that only very few people will have access to the drug in the future. whale many are applauding this decision from the fda, there are a lot of critics who say it took agency too long to take action on this. one of the first studies on the dange of avandia came out five
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years ago. jim? pat? >> thanks. drivers seem to have adjusted to a speed trap in montgomery county that has resulted in the $2.5 million decrease in revenue. because people are slowing down. they have caught on to it. chris gordon is live on connecticut avenue with the fallout. >> reporter: the cars a slowing down their commute because of devices like this one. drivers apparently are getting wise to the location of speed cameras. chevy chase village has nine speed cameras. most are along connecticut avenue between the circle at western avenue and bradley boulevard. it is a heavily traveled main commuter corridor. >> they're just, big brother is tang your picture and sending you a bill in the mail. >> reporter: have you ever got one of though pictures in the mail? >> absolutely. >> rorter: drivers familiar with this strep of connecticut avue know, they have to slow
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down. >> you know where the cameras are? he have one? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: have you ever gotten caught? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: because? >> because i'm alert. >> reporter: you can see drivers hitting the braights before the 30-mile-an-hour enforced signs. as a result, there were 50,000 fewer speeding tickets issued last year which means revenue was down $2.5 million. money earmarked for chevy chase village's pedestrian projects, like the sidewalk go to be built next month along brookdale road. >> the state enacted a law that allows the safe street program to enhance pedestrian programs within jurisdictions. that's what we're doing. >> reporter: so the village budget is not could not continue general upon speeding ticket? >> no. it not. not in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: the chief of police says contrary to popular belief, the cameras weren't install to produce revenue. >> it also sends a message that people are slowing down. not just on connecticut avenue.
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i talked to folk and it has made them more aware of the speed whever they're driving. i think that's a positive thing. >> reporter: official here in chevy chase say it may be a mai commuter route to many of us but to the households, it is a residential street, it is home and they want it to remainsafe. >> that i know spot well. chris gordon, live montgomery county. thank you. a major shake-up at the top of the national washington organize. dan hellie is here with the details. >> reporter: the natsresident stan cavition is stepping down. he doesn't know what he is going to do next. kasten was an important part of the ownership group. he immediately became the public face of the nats from a management standpoint. kasten hoping to do the sme thing with the nationals that
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did he with the atlanta braves themselves won a world series in 14 straight division titles. the nationals headed to a third straight last place finish in the national league east. when asked why he was leaving, kasten keptsaying, it's about me. he committed to the learners for five years and walk away just short of that. this afternoon, the national manager mike rizzo talked about his boss stepping down. >> he will be missed in the organization. he has laid quite a solid foundation. we've done a lot of the plans for the offconveence in place with his input. we're going to go about with our business and field a caliber championship organize. >> to those in the know and those who cover the teem a regular basis, this is not a big surprise. kasten has reportedly wanted to take that next step which means spending some money and he was
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unsure whether the owners of the nationals would be on board. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, dan. still ahead, grande news for starbucks fans. drink prices are heading up. feigned out ifour favorite drink is on the list. also, stink bugs. seen any? they're pping up he where. what experts say you should do to get rid of them. i'm liz crenshaw. bargain buys. are they safe? find out why safety experts wa against counterfeit electrical items. coming up. equals chi's $20 dinner for two. like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's vorites, like our chicken crispers
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this was 65. not the temperature but theroll that we're on. >> that's right. we're still working a record
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here. >> we're trying really hard to break this record. the record is 67 days at 90 degrees or better. tomorrow wille 66. >> we need one more day. >> all we need is -- i don't think we're going to get there. let show you what's haening outside. first offering with do have some showers out there, as a matter of fact. maybe even a little rumble of thunder. parts of alexandria. temperature in the lower 90s. across much of the area we'll see some warm weather over the next couple days. the heat index of 92. humidity at 41%. winds out of the south southeast at nine miles an hour. now, live digital doppler radar, we do have some showers out there. not a lot of them. most areas will stay dry. we'll zoom in. into fairfax county, around centreville tohe west of kton. oakton and fairx, you're going to see this come in for the next five to 15 minutes. that will make the way, continue off towrd the east. not much in the way of storm and most of these will continue to fall apart.
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more back here toward manassas. right along 66. as far as the weather is concerned today, we've seen a very hot day today. 90 in sterling, look at culpeper. 97there and that's some of the heat that will coinue to move from the south. it is 95 in raleigh. 93 in cincinnati. psych that heat continuing to build. and tomorrow, it will build right into our region. high pressure dominating the area. here's the cold front though. way back to the west. that cold front will eventually try to slide our way. that is what we need to break this heat. i do think that heat will be busted during the day on saturday as the cold front moves through. much cooler weather will move in in time for the week. and ybe not just cooler weather. maybe very rainy weather as we start next week. some big change coming up. this evening, mostly clear. 78 to 87 degrees. tomorrow morning when you're waking up, stepping out the door. clear, slightly human. 67 to 71 degrees. as we make our way through the day, here you go.
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day 66. and it's another record. 94 degreess the old record. i'm going for a hi of 95 to 96 degrees tomorrow. it is going to be a hot one. we drop to 87 and then way down to 71 on sunday. a high of 77 on monday. there's a big rain maker out there. it is just dependent on where it will set up. we'll set up in our ea or to the east? we'll have to wait and see. i think we have a very good chance of rain. we really need it. next week could befairly rainy. >> all right. bring it on. >> thanks, doug. if you like the fancy coffee drinks at starbucks, get ready for a jolt to your wallet as well as your cup. starbucks says it is planning to raise the prices of labor intensive drinks. raw coffee prices have been climbing and starbucks says it has been absorbing those costs. if your tastes are more basic, you'll be ppy to know the prize of regular coffee and
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espresso will remain the same. >> i'm a regular kind of guy. i like that. if you like bargains, it is easy to find them in many stores that sell electrical item, such as power strips and chargers. >> arehey safe? liz crenshaw is here with an eye opening look at what you really get bargain electrical items. liz? we usually associate the rd counterfeit with money. but take a look at what happens when it is attached to electrical items. kit take your money or even your life. here's something you hopefully haven't witness in the your hom an electrical cord going up in smoke and then fire.and then th overheating and engulfed in flame. in fact, all these items have the potential to go up in smoke and flames because of one thing. they're al counterfeit. >> we've seen a lot of counterfeit electrical products come on the market. we think that a lot of them are
5:21 pm
obviously unsafe for a lot of different reasons. >> reporter: to find out how unsafe, brett brenner of the electril safety foundation international took mow a quick shopping trip to $2 discount stores. we found a bunch of item like indoor sentence cords, outdoor extension cords, power strips, chargers and batteries. all at a bargain price. as it turns out, maybe too great a bargain price. >> some of the thing are dangerous. t prove his pont, he cut open our bargain extension cord to show what consumers never see. >> you can see the difference in the amount of copper in the two devices is pretty starting. >> this is legitimate and this is what we brought today. >> correct. > that's a fire hazard. >> a different problem occurs with power strips. the one on the left has no brand name. there are spelling errors in the
5:22 pm
structions. >> this product is manufactured about it says thc. it has a phony u.l. code instead of a genuine underwriter's hologram. it has never been tested. look at these batteries. they look like dur a cell except they have an imtag energizer bunny on the package. >> when you use a counterfeit battery, what can go wrong? >> it can destroy the property itself. >> reporter: if you look past the bargain price, it is relatively easy to spot a dangerous counterfeit. a legitimate extension cord will only bend so far. a counterfeit will bend almost flat becau there is so little wire in it. there is often no brand name or warranty and many time they just feel flimsy and cheap with no hint of quality. the electrical safety people say too ma consumers think that something is being sold in a
5:23 pm
store, someone else has checked it out for safety. but when it come to cheap electrical products, that is not the case. >> when you purchase a counterfeit product, it is not like purchasing a counterfeit purse or watch. it can even kill you. >> the buyer beware on the safety side of this one. yeah. a lot of these sold at sor of the disdown stores. no name type products. watch out for bad labeling. the fact the u.l. sticker needs to be that hologram. pay attention. >> watch where you save money. stillahead, too sexy for sesame street? why this skit featuring katy perry was pulled from the aiwaves. a mother's bond with her daughter could end up hurting her marriage. targeting drunk drivers before they get behind the wheel. how a mother's mission turned into a nationwide campaign that
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is already saving l right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and y in these tough times i've putducation first.
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we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expandingpportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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mothers and taus have a nurturing bond where they have something going on between them in an intimate emotional sharing way th husbands and wives may have lacking in their relationship. >> there are men of critics to this theory. a doctor with the council for relationships says this is all speculative and that all
5:28 pm
relationships between spouses and children are unique. still ahead, caught in the cross hairs. a local nonprofit is cleaning up after being hit by vandals. ever wish you could ride the shoulder to get out of traffic? itould be a possibity for some local commuters. and battling stink bugs. we track down experts to find out how to get rid of those nasty critters without having to de
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a fast forward through headlines, a fire destroyed at least two home and damaged seven others. in a subdivision in manassas, virginia, it broke out around 3:00 this afternoon in the sumner lake sub division. firefighters had the blaze mostly contained. now there are a new report of injuries. drivers seem to have adjusted to a speed trap in montgomery county and it is making an impact. the village of chevy chase, maryland, has seen revenues fall 2.5 million because drivers are slowing down. the viage authorities say the money wasar mark for safety projects and does not impact the budget. >> the fda is placing strict rule on who can use avandia. now only patients sufring from type ii diabetes would run out of other options will be allowed to use it. avandia has been link to an increased rick of heart disease in europe. regulators have stopped all
5:32 pm
further use of the drugs. and now let's fast fward to the weather. the weather today, another hotne out there, back into the 90s once again. it will be even hotter tomorrow. we have a couple showers out there. not too many. most of us on the dry side. doppler radar showing a clear sky for most of us. we'll zoom in to fairfax county. we're also seeing some of those as well toward the west and oakton, fairfax seeing some of those toward just to the south of bull run and 66. watch out for those as you make your way out and about. 90 degrees, the temperature. the humidity of 41%. temperature around the region will dip down to 71 in the city. 62 in frederick. tomorrow, expect high temperatures over record levels. 95 is what i'm going for in the district. tomorrow, it will be a hot one. a group that helps the homeless and the hung wants to now who is responsible for vandalizing its van?
5:33 pm
>> nine of the 15 delivery trucks belonging to th d.c. kitchen were spray painted yesterd and it is a problem that will cost the organization thousands of dollars. rr sometime early wednesday morning, someone thank you a wrench into the plans of the d.c. central kitchen by spray painting nine out of the 15 delivery trucks. >> i was coming in very early yesterday mornin about 5:30, 6:00. and i just saw one ofur vans parked out front with the red spray pai on it. i took a look over the rest of the lot and i saw most of them had the same kind of thing. >> reporter: for the past 21 years, the organization has been helping exconvicts and homeless people get back on their feet by teaching them culinary and life skill. the kitchen on sxek e street, to provide meals for 400 people in need every day. >> why would someone do this to you? >> i wish i had the answer to that. it is senseless, mindless and we're all at a loss.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: d.c. central kitchen estimates the damage at all nine trucks to be about $10,000. the reason why they stay estimate is so high, you can't just simply paint over the graffiti. they'll have to relabor all of these trucks. but they said they want to go ahead and fi them because of what the truck represent to the community. >> the kitchen for so many thousands literally tens of thousands, millions, has been a sign of hope and liberation and empowerment for so many years. the last thing we want ople to see a defaced truck that is supposed to be, again, a beacon of hope. >> reporter: five years ago, ane was sitting in prison finishing up hisentence for weapons violations. today the 38-year-old from southeast baking pumpkin cookies from scratch. >> this place gave me a new shine in life. >> reporter: while the d.c. central kitchen removes the gras feety,e said in the meantime, the kitchen is still open.
5:35 pm
>> it unfortunate. >> reporter: in northwest, news4. they deliver a lot of meal there. d.c. central kitchen tell us the surveillance cameras in the parkingot weren't working when the truck were vandalized. virginia's governor says the state department of transportation is to blame for so many drivers sitting in traffic. governor bob mcdonald released the results of a state audit at v-dot today. he said the study has identified nearly half a million dollar that was ailable for projects last year but wasn't spent. the report criticizes v-dot for laying projects. mcdonald said he will change at. he is promming v-dot will award between $800 to $900 million in contracts by the end of the year. an he says he'll get some overdue road construction projects started. another tactic on i-66, one of the busiest routes.
5:36 pm
virginia transportation offial are thinking about opening the shoulder lanes to traffic continuously. right now the lan are only open dung rush hours. official say since could not joeg 66 is so bad, letting commuters use the shoulders all dayong is a relatively inexpensive way to increase capacity on the roadways. still, preparing the lanes for all day use is expected to cost $8 million. the howard county school system is facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. they claim the student was bullied. they claim the school failed to protect him and the boy suffered mental anguish as a result. the couple is suing to cover medical costs a education expenses to the boy. he attends a private school now. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, you can file this one under the dumb criminal files. why a shoplifter ended up calling police on himself. plus, why dozens of shoppers
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ahop liflter call police for help after getting caught in a stinky situation. forget cash. there is a new way to get gold. all stories that make you say what? an ohio shoplifter called police on himself after his hiding place didn't quite pan out. police say james sto from a walmart. then hid in a nearby dumpster. the trash truck came along. picked him up, along with the garbage. remarkably, he sti had his cell phone and called police. police eventually found the truck using gps tracking on the shoplifter's smart phone.
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he is not so smart though. they unveil a new atm today at the weston palace hotel in madrid. instead of cash, the machine dispenses little gold bars. you can buy them in denominations of one gram, five grams, even ten. the machine also dispens gold coins. an internal computer keeps up with real-time gold prices. and how far would you go for a free designer outfit? some folk in new york city were willing to get to their underwear for one. they're probably big fan of a popular spanish brand. theippie inspired store offered the deal and if you were wondering, store customers who kept their clothes on were not turned away them got 50% off the designer duds. all righty then. up next, they are everywhere this year. viewers tha spotted them in their homes at the park, at work, so what on earth is bringing out all these stink bug and how on earth do you get rid
5:42 pm
of them? in ports, dan has a coming out party for a future hall of famer against the rams.
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hello, everybody. a very hot day and it will be even hotter tomorrow. let's take a look. 90 degrees right now. the dew point around 63 degrees. a little bit on the humid side but not too bad as we look at temperature across the region. we're looking at temperature mostly in the lower 90s. baltimore coming in at 85 degrees. now over the next coup days, some big events going on. the fall becausar is happening. 87 on saturday. sunday, 71. a chance of a shower out there. here's that four-day forecast showing those same temperatures. the best day to go t these festivals will be on saturday. a temperature of 87. and in the meantime, i have some food here but it is in the weather center. you can't have any. >> you can fix that. >> come on! >> walk it over here, doug. >> this next story might just
5:46 pm
make you itch. doug probably know. that i think you saw it in the weather center. reports of stink bug invasions across maryland, d.c. an viinia. >> they're all around. even here. experts believe they made it all way to the u.s. from china. news4's derrick ward was in laurel today. he has more on the stinky critters and how to get rid of them. >> in latin, it is called the shield bug because of its shape and it is commonly call the stink bug because of its smell. it smell like anner h er haherb sort. do you think you're seeing more? especially this time of year. >> this is the time of yea they get the cue. the national cue to move to the buildings. they want to find a nice warm spot to spend the winter. >> they're relevantly new to our area. they've only en around since the mid to late 90s. they've made their presence south and they've made their presence known in a big way.
5:47 pm
in places with agriculture, they're a big problem. the wug has the abity to puncture fruit and cause some damage and make it unmarketable. for a few years, we've been watching this migration. watching the number build up. >> he's watched the numbers build up around his home. >> in the last two or three days, i've been seeing 15, 20, at left a stink bugs on the outside of the house and four or five on the inside just about every day. >> a lot of call for stink bug, yeah. i have regul customers and it seems like they're in everybody's house. just sitting there and being an annoyance. >> the best way to combat them is to close off the spaces where they enter a hole. small spaces around winters and screens. the same places would you weather proof. >> i can help out a little with the use of pesticides. >> they have no natural predators so undisturbed, they can live for months and they only dine on fruit juices. they're not blood suckersso we
5:48 pm
should be able to peacefully co-exist. >> they really cause no harm. they're just a nuisance. >> there are stink bugs indigenous to the and u.s. experts say it is too soon to tell if the invasive species from china will affect our existing population. >> okay. if you had your choice, bed bugs or stink bug? >> i think stink bugs. turning to spos and the redskins. >> what a oice! >> bed bugs, stink bug or redskins. let me see here. let's talk some football. this the good stuff. we're talking about the redskins. a time when the redskins and the ram play many, many years ago. it was one of the most lop-sided game you will ever see. it was also another big time performance for darrell green during his rookie season. here the latest edition of redsns rewind.
5:49 pm
>> new years day, 1984. darrell no longer green. the look rams in town for an nfc divisional playoff game at a beat-up rfk statement. >> one portion of the feel gets no sun from about 15 okay to 1 march. that is the hard part. however, to make it a little bit softer, we will put some saw dust on it tomorrow morning. >> exactly what we thought it would be. cold and frozen. it's been tore up. it looks like it's been played on. they have to play on it like we do. >> nobody was playing like that. on the oening drive, john riggins rried six times. the last? a three-yard plunge through the hole. it ends up 7-0.
5:50 pm
next poe selling, finds hall of famer. a four-yard hook-up that brought them out of hibernation. >> we're back. we only do it in certain situations. and today we felt from here original we'll do it regardless. even before halftime, another touchdown. another fun bunch celebration. and two more, added up to the largest margin of victory ever for the skins. a 51-7 trouncing of the ram. >> washington has got a super ball club themselves do thing so well. they don't make mistakes. they don't throw interceptions. they don't fumble the ball. they are just a sound football team. all you can really say about them. >> they're so good. i don't think they really to have key on it. if everyone does their job like they do, they'll beat you. they humiliated them.
5:51 pm
>> from humiliation came the june laying of darrell green. on one ram possession in the second quarter, he was tested over and over again. th first round pick came up big every single time. for you quarter, as the nfl rookie of theyear, eric dirkson can't hang on to the pass. the rookie of the year runner up darrell green rushes it 72 yards. his first touchdown off an interception. >> he had a great game recovering the route. our receiver would beat him initially and then he would recover real well. he had great recovery speed. that's one of the b assets, i think. >> he has a great personality. a bubbly guy. he gets out on the field. he is just a in order watch. hll overplay this and that. it may n be technique wise. he will have to make great plays to beat him. is this the kind of guy they sit at home and dream bout?
5:52 pm
>> the kind that i dream about. today it was reality. i'm glad about it. i don't know how it all came oursels i think he caught one pass. i can do that every week, i might be going to hawaii. go >> he looks just about the same these days as he did then. darrell green, of course, took many trips to hawaii and he is now a hall of famer. the redskins lost the super bowl that year to the l.a. raiders. it didn't end perfectly but that was a pretty good game them at the team by 43 points. >> 43? >> exactly. >> a good game. >> look lou is back. >> ask and you shall receive. >> here they are. they've got it coming up in next couple days in potomac. >> a great weekend. get out there and do it.
5:53 pm
>> help yourself. then pass it back. take one, pass it back. thank you. thank you. >> okay. we're going to share. >> thank you. >> thanks, doug. coming up, the benefit of blogging. >> how is helping
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sesame street has decided not to air a duet between katy perry and elmo after several parents complained about perry's costume. the dt is a reworked version of the hot and cold with elmo. it was supposed to air later this year. parents who saw it on youtube complain it was too revealing. earlier she had called at this time highlight of her entire career. >> and she's been getting a lot of exposure. it everywhere now because of this. now we have the song in our heads. this sun, nbc news kicks off a series of special reports on our education nation. with a look at what works and what doesn't in the nation's classroom. >> here's something that does. third graders in new york are blowingi blogging their way into better reading and writing skills. elaine houston reports. >> reporter: when it come to blogs, there are many different
5:57 pm
kinds fr corporate like this from coca-cola to this sports blo some television anchors even have blogs. now you can add students from her third grade class at george washington element to the list. >> what you're looking for is to see what different books everybody is reading. >> reporter: take katie. she is blogging about a book she read. >> i was taing about the grinch. how the grinch stole christmas. >> reporter: like e-mailing and teching,logging is beming the way people shareheir personal experiences. a recent pew study says 12 million americans write blogs. people like third grader. >> what i like writing about something, i like to do a couple sentences. >> they usually get on twice a week. >> reporter:he said the benefits of blogging are newsrom ruxs not only does it help students with their technical skills about it allows all the students to have an opinion ando share it.
5:58 pm
>> those kids that don't necessarily tell anybody else what they feel, avoice. >> reporter: she said blogging has become such a hit that some of her former students continue to blog and they're quick to point out how blogging has helped them. >> i think the typingeally helps me. >> when i went on and saw everybody was saying, it's a reall really good book. that really help me pick out book better. >> that helped me be a better reading. >> you can catch it all next week. that's news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. police have arrested a teenage here they claim murdered a catholic university student over $60. >> the controversial diabetes
5:59 pm
ug avandia will stay on the market. >> for the first time in nearly 100 years, a woman is set to be executed in virginia. >> we begin with a raging fire that left from house to house through an entirecommunity. good evening. >> the fire broke out about 3:00 this afternoon in manassas, virginia. the flame spread from roof top to roof top. least three home were gutted. it happened in a neighborhood in the 8,300 block of tillett loop. jane joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the pictures are spectacular. neighbo in this neighborhood say they've never seen anything like it. 120 firefighters are here trying to put out the homes. three homes caught on fire. apparently it stard in one home and then it read to e other two. people say that the wind was so strong around 3:10 this afternoon, the re that broke out


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