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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 23, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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more, completely destroying those homes. the home on either side, they have been severely damaged and we're told by firefighters that even down the street, that the heat was so intense, it melted some of the siding on other home in the neighborhood. what we're will by eyewitnesses is that that, around 3:00, some neighbors said they smelled smoke. it smelled like plastic that would be the siding of the home. so a neighbor told me he ran down the street, banged on the door where he saw the smoke coming from the deck of a home. there was a young person inside. a young man inside trying to call for help. trying to put the fire out. the neighbor said, get out of here. then they went door to door banging on doors to make sure no one else was home. and apparently no one else was. we're told there was only one injury according to prince william county firefighters. that was to a neighbor's hand. very minor injury. the person was transported with an injury to the hand.
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all we know is that the fire broke out. it spread rapidly and they attributed it to the wind. police say it was because have a robbery. 30-year-old neil godleski was gunned down last month. he was riding his bicycle in the petworth neighborhood of d.c. not far from his home. the person who police say pull the trigger is now 17 years old. >> we have now been ableto make an arrest in this case. and as of last night, we had arrested 17-year-old eric forman and charged him with the murder of neil godleski. he is being charged with title 16, charged as an adult with first-degree murder mtal murder. the suspect will go to arraignment. pat has more on the case.
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>> reporter: the murder suspect identified as 17-year-old eric forman. he is being charged as an adult in this case. sources say he is linked to it. they say he has a standing juvenile record. witnesses say the suspect eric forman said he wanted to quote pull a move. as he road his bike, witnesses say hefared off four or five shots. the cyclist fell to the ground. as he tied to stand up, forman fired two shots at close range. all of this bloodshed for a rob i of $60. the victim, 31-year-old neil godleski. he work at phillips seafood restaurant on the waterfront. hewent to school at catholic
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useful neil godleski, gunned down august 22nd near sherman circle in northwest. it happened sometimefter midnight as mr. godleski was riding his bike home from his restaurant job. darrell brown was a co-worker and friend. >> i've still got tears in my eyes. it is ahame how it happened like this. >> he was good heaed. it i a shame that it happened like this. i'm glad justice was served. >> reporter: the parents of neil godleski are in town for a memorial service them met with the police chief yesterday. keith jarll is a communicate activist who lives on sherman circle. he talked to the godleski family about the arrest. >> the family is still very distraught. this is a small family. there aren't a lot of them.
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and this has broken them and been very difficult on them. she said they were very thankful that an arrest had been made. >> reporter: sources say, the same gun that killed neil godleski was used to shoot a 15-year-old on illinois avenue earlier that same day. a juvenile has been arrested in connection with that shooting. it appears that the gun was passed around. tonight the murder suspect held without bond pending further court action in the cas now, saturday, a memorial mass for the victim, neil godleski. 4:00 p.m., the st. vincent depaul chapel on theampus of catholic university. everyone is welcome. back to you. >> thank you. pat collins reporting. the funeral arrangements are set for a local navy seal who
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was kill in afghanistan this week. brendan looneyof silver spring was kill in a helicopter crash that ham on monday. eight other americans also died in that crash. the u.s. military says it was an know but the taliban is claiming responsibility. looney graduated in 1999 from dematha high school. his funeral is set for next thursday at st. john the baptist catholic church in silver spring. the service will begin at 10:00 a.m. today, the d.c. council chrman vincent gray and school chancellor michelle rhee met for the first time. aaron gilchrist is here now with more on that meeting today. >> reporter: again, gray and rhee would not directly he had a rhee's future with d.c. schools. even as the uncerinty lingers, there some outside forces that seem to be bearing down on both
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leaders. chancellor rhee arrived with police escort to the crush of media and quickly ducked into his office. 80 minutes later, the two emerge asked as the likely nextmayor approached the microphones rhee kept her distance. she stood stone faced as gray called it produive. >> we did not talk about her staying or gong. we talk about the state of education in the city and i think we'll just leave it at that. >> reporter: gray said the two discussed what has be done over the last three and a half yea under rhee's leadship. she has closed sxool fired hundred of teachers and garnered nationalttention as an outspoken school reformer. the secretary of education has been an advocate of rhee's work. a "newsweek" magazine reports he's been working to broker deal. >> will you stay through the end of the school year? when will we now? when will we have a decision? >> reporter: gray who chairs the
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committee and rhee have both acknowledged strong differences on the education in the district. critics accuse rhee of being too aggressive. will. >> have you talked to folks in new jersey? >> not making any comments other than the comments that have been made. >> reporter: the new york time reports the governor of new jersey might have interested in bringing her into the newark school system which the state took over 15 years agond said it is badly in need of strong reform. as they rushed to her car, rhee refused to say when the future may hold. claurm gray said he is not making any personnel decisions before the general election in november. but jim, he did say that he and rhee would sit down between now and then. >> if body language means anything, she is out of here. >> there was a huge gap between
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two of them the entire time they were standing in the hall with us. at the end when they were done, she ducked through the door and down the hall without a word. >> aaron gilchrist. thank you. news 4 your health. the food and drug administration says the diabetes drug avandia can stay on the market but with some severe restrictions. that come on the same day that european regulators announced they're taking it off the market altogether. avandia was approved in 1999 to treat type ii diabetes. it soonecame a top selling drug. after recent report of the pull's increased rick of heart attacks, it plummeted. today fda announced it will severely restrict the use of the medication. it can only be for people whose diabetes can't be controlled with any oth immediate indication. the european union took it a step further and pulled it off the market. president obama is in new york today. he was at the united nations today where he urged member nations to work harder to help
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israel and the palestinians reach a peace deal. the president suggested the palestinians could become members of the u.n. with their own country as soon as next yr. steve handelsmanas our report. >> reporter: thanks. good evening from new york city. a middle east peace deal is still mostly up to the palestinians and the israelis. but go preside obama came up here to the u.n. tie demand that other nations and no just the unitedtates do more to support rael. barack obama is still a star at the u.n. the general assembly was packed. the applause loud. the president offered a starting possible for next year. >> we could have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the united nations. an independent, sovereign state of palestine living in peace with israel. >> reporter: can it happen? palestinian president abbas said he'll walk out of talks if
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israeli prime minister netanyahu does not extend the settlement freeze. the secretary of state clinton has been pushing but no deal. the president warned israelis, don't delay. more blood will be shed. and mr. obama demande change from many nations in the hall that have slammed the jewish state for decades. some even backing terror. >> these long to see an independent palestine must also stop trying to tear down israel. >> reporter: in part to presre isrl's most dangerous enemy, iran. mr. obama met with the premier of china who is urging iran not to build nuclear weapons. mr. obama said the door is still open to talks. >> the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm the peaceful intent of the nuclear program. >> reporter: through his diplomats, mahmoud ahmadinejad has been signaling that he will. a big blow to ahmadinejad would be an israeli palestinian peace.
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>> now president obama has set his target, paleste independent, and a member nation of the u.n. by this time next year. at the united nations, i'm steve handleman, news4. in about three hours, virginia is scheduled to carry out its first execution of a woman. in nearly a century. theresa lewis is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the greensville correctional center in garrett, virginia. she was convicted of hiring two men to kill her husband and stepson in 2002. tara joins with us more. >> reporter: teresa lewiss likely meeting with her spiritual adviser and her attorney. they can today stay with h until the moment of execution. earlier she had her final meal of fried chicken, peas and cake. the execution is set at 00 p.m. tonight for the murder for hire killing o her husband and stepson.
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eight years ago, she had hoped to collect life insurance payouts. earlier we spoke to a prison -- he drove. his name is billy bean. he visited with his mother throughout the day until about 3:00 this afternoon when family visits ended. bean would not go on camera but he did speak to me by phone. he told me that his mother is at peace. although he is going through a very difficult time at this moment. he decided to return home to danville, about two hours from here to spend time with family and friends tonight. now outside the greensville correctal center, we expect to see some protesters, some people here to hold vigil for teresa lewis. they will be right outside the greenville correctional center gates. about 9:00 p.m., a prison ofcial will walk outside the door to walk up to a podium and he'll talk to us about her final moments. back to you. tara morgan in jarrett, virginia. coming up, a bus skidded off
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a bridge. it was left dangling on the edge with people inside there. >> at least one speed camera in our area collecting a lot fewer tickets lately. somebody put spray paint all over the vans that belong to the d.c. ctral kitchen. what's ahead in weather? >> that camera got me about a month ago. so somebody is getting so money somewhere. a very warm day today. an even warmer day tomorrow. then some big, i mean, huge changes to the forecast.
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worried patience have been bombarding a baby formu make we are call and e-mails about containers of formul that may be contaminated with parts of insects. the laboratory recalled 5 million packages of powdered similac because they could contain parts of beetles. no liquid formula is involved in the recall. the food and drug administration says there is no immediate health risk. but infants who drink the affected formula could get
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stomach aches. parents who want to know if they have the recaed formula are asked to visit or they can call the nber. 800-986-8850. the first changes under the new health care reform law took effect today. insurers are scrambling to comply. the new provisions include among other thing, additional coverage for children and other adults. new requirement for health insurance company include 43 preventive care. no discrimination against hildren with preexisting conditions. young people can remain on parents' insurance until age 26. >> health reform is off to a very strong start. >> reporter: otr changes starting today. no lifetime limits on coverage and no more dropping people from qulonch they get sick. >> today is the day that the worst abuses of insurance company come to an end in america. >> reporter: while democratic supporters on could that hill
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celebrate this day, republicans point to the cause for taxpayers. >> what the american people have told us they want, that we defun, refund and repea and replace. >> reporter: in addition to higher tax, they warn customers should be prepare to pay more for coverage. >> they will see higher costs associated with those benefits. they are required to have more coverage and new people on the policies. >> reporter: insurance company have been working for the past six months since the bill was signed into law to prepare for the changes. investing in new technology and working with hospital and doctors to try to improve care while containing costs. >> reporter: health plans are having to make a significant amount of change. >> reporter: this is only the beginning. the more sweeping reforms are set to take effect four years from now. news4. coming up, the stink bug explosion may just be getting started.
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33 miners are still trped underground in chile. we'll tell you when they might finally be rescued. and doug i building wind farms and
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in turkey, a bus skidded off a bridge and got stuck between two barriers. ten people were hurt when the driver lost control. the bus was hanging there precariously between two at an almost 45-degree angle. some of the victim are in serious condition. there's no word on what caused that driver to lose control. >> that couldn't have been fun. >> it feel a lot like the middle of summer. >> it really does. and we're not done yet. then we have a major pattern shift. let's show you what's happening
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out there. temperature today, you know they've been on the hot side. we reached 93 degrees with men of sun out there. for the most part, most of us, 98% of us today remained on the dry side. a pretty shot of the skycam. at the national cathedral, a few clouds out there. 93. that was the high. first day of fall. it feels more like summer and we'll connue on that very warm trend into the day tomorrow i think we'll be even warmer tomorrow. 89 degrees and some cloudiness has made its way into the region. humidity of 45%. we do have a little bit of a heat index. it feels like 92 across the region. 90 at frederick. 89 in haguetown an winchester. 95 a little earlier. annapolis at 80 degrees. and leonardtown, around 83 degrees. looking good across the area. a little easterly flow here. 79 degrees for the parts of the eastern shore.
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89 in d.c. 91, cincinnati. were looking at 88 in atlanta. they've cooled down with some rain. 95n raleigh. that warm air making its way toward the area. i think we'll set some records. the record is 94 in the district noox in dulles. bwi as well. knees are the temperatures. 94 to 95 degrees. i think we will beat some records. a record in washington habeen standing since 1970. it will be a very hot day. look at this. almost no cloudiness and no rain activity. a the rain to the west. this is a cold front that will change for us. tomorrow wilbe a very hot day. then here comes that front tomorrow. still away from the area. we'll still see more of a south westerly wind. a little breezy as the highs climb into the 90s. here come that frontal boundary.
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>> as it moves off, we'll see the wind shift to the northeast. we are setting up for a major pattern change next week. the trough. we've been in a ridge of high pressure. we'll have a trough of low essure across the area of the country. that could bring some beneficial rain. we are more than seven inches below normal. i tnk next week quo get a couple inches back. that would be good news. this evening, mostly clear. warm, 78 degrees. winds out of the southeast, five to ten miles an hour. tomorrow morning when you're walking out the door. 67 to 71 degrees. tomorrow, recovered breaking heat. 91 to 96 degrees. we may even see a couple 97s out ere as well. maybe even a 98. look at this. as we move through the next four days, big changes.
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95n iday. 87 on saturday. saturday lo great. then only 71 on sunday. a chance of a shower sunday and then watch this. 77 on monday. a good chance of rain and then most of next week, at least a chance of rai i've been telling you this toe past couple days. as it come together. this coulbe something that gives us one, two, three, even four inches of rain in some locations. it will be a fairly we weekend. we could even get some trocal moisture moving up the coast. we need the rain. we may get it all next week. coming up tonight, a virginia school bus driver accused of sauling a child. >> vandals did thousands of dollars of damage. and a new audit that the virginia darrel of transportation had ten of million that went unspent while road projectswere idle. the speed of cars isn't the only thing being reduced by
6:27 pm
these traffic cameras. the number of tickets being issued is also down. i'm chris gordon. i'll have a report ahead. coming up in sports, the wizards general manager talking about team chemistry. the redskins' running game is a problem but not according to clint portis. the nationals going for thre
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we have an update on that massive fire that has destroyed three home in manassas, vginia. 140 firefighters were brought to the sumner lake subdivision. a house caught fire in thee hundred block of tlett loop this afternoon. neighbors stay strong winds caused the flame to spread quickly to other houses. firefighters think they have the blaze contained. and despite the destruction, nobody was seriously hurt here. a local nonprofit group that helps the homeless and the hungry said it has become the target of vandalism.
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>> the d.c. central kitchen said nine of the 15 delivery trucks were spray painted. because of the manner in which it was done, it will cost that organize thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the smiling faces on the side of the delivery trucks were now covered with red gras feet-- graffiti. it happened in the northwest. >> i saw one of the vans parked out front with the red spray paint. i look over the rest of te lost lot and most of them had the same kind of thing. >> reporter: someone defaced 15 trucks belonging to the organization. for the past 21 years haseen helping exconvicts and homeless people get back on their feet. workers are caught culinary and life skills and the food they prepare is delived to 4,500 people in need every day. >> why would someone do this to you? >> i wish i had the answer.
6:32 pm
it is senseless, mindless and we're all at a loss. >> reporter: the d.c. central kitchen estimates the damage on all nine trucks to be about 0,000. the reason they say it is so high, you can't just paint thoer gras feety. they'll have to relabel all the trucks. they said they want to fix them because of what the trucks represent to the community. >> the last thing we want them to see is a truck that is supposed to be a beacon of hope. >> he was sitting in prison finishing up his sentence for weapons violation. today the 38-year-old from southeast the baking pumpkin cookies from scratch. >> this place gave me a new perspective on life. >> reporter: while the d.c. central kitchen raises the funds to remove the affiti, he said the kitcheis still open. we're still moving forward but it is unfortunate. >> reporter: in northwest, news4.
6:33 pm
>> people say the surveillance cameras were not working when the trucks were vandalized. prince george's county school bus driver has been arrested for hitting the child with a belt. she was arrested yesterday at the girl's home in wood bridge. police say she h her daughter in the back the belt. the school's spokesperson said williams has been placed on administrative leave. she's been charged with domestic assault. >> virginia's governor said mismanagement at the virginia department of transpoation is to blame for so many drivers sitting in traffic. they released the audit today. that rept finds nearly $500 million was unspent last year. even as the state closed rest stops and postponed maintenance projects. mcdonald's said the study has identified nearly $1.5 billion available for projects over the
6:34 pm
next six yers. he promises v-dot will award between $800 to $900 million in ctracts by the end of this year. so that some overdue road construction projects can get started. sed cameras in montgomery county aren't bringing in as much revenue as they used to. drivers appear to have adjusted to the locations of the cameras andthey're slowing down. chris gordon reports on the impact. speed cameras in chevy chase village clock every vehicle trveling on connecticut avenue. the speed limit is 30. cars traveling 12 miles an hour over that get a ticket. >> it is kind of a speed trap, yeah. >> you've gotten caught on occasion? >>yes. >> reporter: the chief of police doesn't take that as an insult. >> if you google speed traps, maryland a chevy chase will tell you exactly where we sit. we've been doing that 20 years. it's a state road. i can't put up any signs. if th state wanted to put up a
6:35 pm
sign that said speed trap ahead, that would be fine if it got people to slow down. >> reporter: some people said they slow down too ch. wellbelow 30 miles an hour which endangers other drivers and thennce they're out of the speed zone, they aclerate again. >> people are wise to them at this point themselves ten to obey the speed limit in that area. >> reporter: is that a good thing or a bad thing? >> i think it is a good thing. >> reporter: as drivers have slowed down, fewer speeding tickets have been sent out. 50,000 fewer this past year as compared to the year fore. that's a reduction in revenue of $2.5 million. money meant for pedestrian prongs like the new sidewalk being built next month along the road. >> so being able to put a sidewalk along this communit roadway is something this community has been oking to do for over 30 years. the ability to put the revenues from the safety program direct sbli this type of sidewalk is exactly what the state had in
6:36 pm
mine when they authorized these programs. >> reporter: most drivers have learned to live with speed cameras. otrs lik them a lot. >> people shouldn't speed. my kids to have cross connecticut avenue to go to and from school. >> so you you think they're a good thing. >> yes. >> reporter: chris gordon, news4. coming up tonight, stink bugs. all toe place. . >> and the switzerland's finance m and the switzerland's right he in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these toughimes i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it come to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, know that we must do even better.
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the heat will continue for at least the next 24 hours before we see some big change. 89 degrees outside. currently right now, a mixture of clouds and sunshe depending on where you are. temperature around the region look like this. we're looking at currently 90 degrees down toward manassas. in sterling. la plata cing in at 92 degrees and leonard town at 93. overnight, aery warm night. 69 in nams. 52 in frederick. a cool spot, martinsburg at 58 degrees. tomorrow, a high of 95 in the city. 96 potentially in warrenton. a very warm day tomorrow. as a matter of fact, it could be record breaking and just a couple minutes ago, i will you we may see some tropical
6:40 pm
moisture. that could be from tropical storm matthew which is right now churning in the gulf of mexico. it just became a tropical storm. we could be in for some rain next week. >> thank you, doug. it's the beginning of stink bug season. there are reports of them all over the area. it is actually called the she'll bug because of its shame the shield bug but it is better knowns the stink bug because of itsmell. around this time. year they prepare for winter. pest control has been receivin more call than usual. >> in the last two or three days, i've been seeing 15, 20, at least stink bug on the outside of the housend four or five on the insighed side just about every day. >> the bug came from china. they have no natural predators so they can live for months. a new exhibit at the national museum of the american indian that focuses on contemporary native-american art.
6:41 pm
the exhibit is call vantage point. it features works by 25 established and emerging artists from acrosshe americas. the museum officials say the art explores memorandum rirk history and the significance that place holds for native communities today. there is continuing relevance -- it open saturday. it will remain on view until next august. a big change for the nationals. >> we don't know what stan kasten is doing. the redskins having problems running the ball. the capitals hoping they'll be a big hit in their own reality
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nobody is going to say it on the record but ere have been several reports that stan feel like, okay, it's time to take that next step. and they are thinking, all right, let's keep chugging away. but kasten had this mod nell atlantic and it worked to per if he can. he was trying to get itorking here.
6:45 pm
the nationals' president is stepping down at the end of the season. kasten that he made his decision about a year ago. he is an important part of that learner ownership group that bought them from major league baseball. he iediately became the public face of the nationals' front office. he is hoping to do the same thing with the nats that did he with the atlantic braves. they won 14 straight division titles. amazing aftere oversaw their rebuilding process the nationals are headed to a third place last place finish in their division. when asked why he was leaving, he said it's about me. he mmitted to the learners for five years and he will be walking away just short ofthat. this afteron, the nationals manager mike rizzo talked about his boss stepping down. >> he'll be missed but he has laid quite a solid foundation. we've done a lot of the plans,
6:46 pm
the planning phase for the off-season are in place with his input, obviously. and we'r going to go about with our business. and feel that a caliber championship organization. >> all right. sothat is mike rizzo on stan kasten. there have been some reports that he feelsike the nationals are really ready to make that next move. you have the strasburg. then you have guys like zimmerman and dunn. and they want to start competing. after three straight years of just losing relentlessly. >> that's got to wear on your mind. >> absolutely. and he is intense. you'll see him in a game. what's wrong, stan? this is what i do for a living. this is my job. we're losing by six runs. put in it perspective. there are 162 game, but he doesn't think like that. afternoon game for the nationals. they're pling without their two bigboppers in the starting
6:47 pm
lineup. both zimmerman and dunn given the night off. the starting pitcher this afternoon, they take on the astros. debt whiler delivering to carlos lee. a blooper in the shallow left ceer. roger bernadina converges. desmond with a little basket catch there. that was pretty sweet. he has blossomed since the all-star break. his one problem is consistency in the field. cas in point here, bad throw. pulls him off the bag. in come the run. humberto quintero make it 2-1. desmond searching for that consistency six same score in the sixt danny espinoza comes in to score. desmond was running on the pitch. he come around to score as well. the national takes 3-2 lead. they are up 7-2 in the eighth inning. in case you haven't heard, the redskins in st. louis sunday. our first road game of the year. still no definitive word on rookie lft tale trent williams who suffered a bruised
6:48 pm
knee and sprained toe against houston. he did not take part in practice but williams did some jogging on the treadmill today. mike shanahan expects william to test out his knee and toe in practice on friday. if williams can't go, and i will be surprised if he does, it will be a huge blow to the running game. after two game, the redskins' rushing attack ranked 32nd in the nfl. there are only 32 teams ithe nfl. they're dead last. the redskins have run for 107 yards combined in two game. clinton portis has 96 of those yards. although clinton portis hasn't been doing really well, he has two touchdowns. he thinks there is room for improvement. he is comfortable once he gets a consistent chance to carry the ball, the redskins' running gam will be just fine. i wouldn't stay running game is struggling. i just don't think we attempted to use the running game. we used the running game span and it is hard to get started. i think for that, they would
6:49 pm
like the get involved early and keep it going with the consistency. go we have to go out and execute our game plan. whatever they call, we have to execute. >> it h to get better. we struggled the last two weeks. we definitely have to get better if we want to do good thing. get 11 guys to play as one. it only takes one weaklink. 11 guys working together and then a chance to do some stuff. until then, there will always be -- >> everybody talk about this being mike shanahan's offense. kyle shanahan is the offensive coordinator. in houston, it was big a time passing. number onen the nfl. in denver, mike shanahan's offense was the number one rushing offense in the nfl. so at some point, they're going to meet in the middle. it they're trying to find their groove a little bit in terms of run versus pass. >> make is a daddy. he knows. do it my way. do as i say. >> that i think will probably end up happening. i think you're right. no mystery about what to expect
6:50 pm
from the wizards. it will be rebuilding. with training camp around the coer, ernie addressed this to me. he was not afraid to use the "r" word. rebuilding. the bar set at a realistic level, no playoff pressure. it might even make thing easier for gilbert a reason. a the man is formerly known as agent zero is the big question mark. how will his knees hold up? and how will his head hold up? the nba commissioner david stern has ordered gilbert not to talk about his locker room incident from last year. and for the first time since he's been in washington, gilbert is not the point gurd or the face of the franchise. go ernie expects bert to fit in just fine. >> i think itill wk out. it will be a process. they will to have learn each other's game and learn where they like to get the ball. they can both make plays. they can score. they can bo score. gilbert is an outstanding three-point shooter and they
6:51 pm
both have good size at that positio so you never have enough play makers on your roster. but it will take some time, i'm sure, for them to feel each other out and devep a certain kind of chemistry. john wall will be the point guard. gilbert arenas will be the two guard and the shooting guard stop. perhaps the most important par to come out of the press conference. red, white and blue. the old bullets union forlz will be coming back. no this season but next season. >> i'm cool with that. >> i think a lot of people are cool with that. a very popular decision. the capitals wonheir first preseason game last nht. th announced they will have their own reality show or part of it will be theirs. an all access series on hbo that will feature capitals and penguins as they get ready r the win class oik new years day. there will be four eisodes starting on december 15th. it is on cable. so this is going to be caps uncepsored. >> oh, my.
6:52 pm
>> i don't know, it is good to see what the guys are really lake. if i'm going to say some bad words, it will be russian words. we'll see. >>al he can ovechkin. it will be the same ilk of the hard knock tv show. rex ryan got in a lot of trouble for swearing. >> we've never seen the caps in anything like this. >> ner seen swearing. >> coming up, dozens of trapped miners in chi [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the ings you want?
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some good news for those miners in chile who are trapped a half mile undergrou. rescuers believe they can reach them sooner than they thought. nbc's natalie morales has the latest from that mine. >> reporter: now day 50 for t 33 trapped miners and crews are working around the clock here to try to dig the tunnel that will eventually leado their rescue. official say they are making good progress for perhaps an earlier rescue. now a half mile below ground as well, the mers themselves are doing their part. they've even been clearing rock from inside the tunnel that has fallen through the drill site. and of course they're preparing physically and mentally for the day when they will be reunited with their loved ones. the lead engineer is saying in term of the time frame, it is looking more likely they may be rescued that first week in november which is much sooner than originally reported, around that christmas time frame. we are still looking at the beginning of november with a date of some certainty that we
6:57 pm
can get them out. >> reporter: that would be good news for the miliarly. they're hoping it could be sooner than that. as of next week they're specking the capsule that will bring the miners to t surface will be arrivingere onsite. the next couple weeks will be crucial for the teens here as they continue to drill for those miners. now back to you. >> a final chec on the weather forecast? >> one more hot day and then some big changes in the forecast. that hot day tomorrow could be the hottest we've seen in quite some time. 97 in some locations. 93. that was the high during the day. a very hot day. day 65 so far of 90-degree heat this year. and yes, summer is over but we're moving into fall. 88 degrees outside. winds east southeast at nine miles an hour. here the next few days. a pretty nice day on saturday. then the chance of a shower on sunday. 71 degrees, a better chance of rain coming up on monday. a high of 77.
6:58 pm
and then maybe just rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. from really a couple of fferent systems. we'll have to watch it for you over the next couple days. the finance minister of switzerland went before his parliament yesterday. he was reading a routine bill aloud when he lost his composure repeatedly. the bill was about the impo of spiced meat. [ laughter ] >> between sets of giggles, the finance minister tried to explain that he found the language of the spiced meat bill
6:59 pm
so convoluted, he said he couldn't understan what he was reading out loud. believe me, i know that feeling. >> me, too. on our broadcast here


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