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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there has been a lot of speck laying in the neighborhood about how this fire started. so far, no solid deteination forthcoming for authorities. what is known is that a lot of neighbors are finding this hard to take as they return to the first time, some of th to the charr remains of the home. >> reporter: three home destroyed. five others damaged. investigators still working to determine the cause of this fire. some displaced homeowners had a look at what is too much to bear. >> she decorated it and the six months, all the new furniture, everything. it's gone. >> reporter: the fire started 3:00 p.m. thursday. adjacent houses went up in flame. in proximity to one another complicated the battle against the blaze. >> a common tactic for fire services to surround the particular structure. ideally with apparatus and hose lines off that. in this particular case, we were able to get access, vehicular
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access to the front of the buildin certainly there is a creek, i'm sorry, a lake to the rear. >> reporter: the intensity of the heat, evident, as across the street the vinyl siding buckled. the cable box melted. even those who live blocks away were affected. >> at one point, they did move us a block up the road. and we just live up the street and debris from here was flying into our yard. >> reporter: for some folk who live in the communicate, they fear with so many homes so close together, one neighbor's fate could quickly become that of a neighborhood. >> when they were building them, i said with these, they're just too cse together. i was afraid something like this might happen. >> reporter: some decided to pass on this community altogether. the houses were st too close for comfort. >> i really like the housing over here and i like the area. but my husband will me, he said no, angel, the houses is o close together. >> reporter: sprinklers that reinforce exterior fire wall were not present in these homes.
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they're not required here. >> these hous were built exactly according to co at the time that they were built. >> reporter: as for the monetary cost, first there was no life lost. several pets did perish in the fires, however. the three house that's were destroyed and the contents have been valueat about $600,000 each. you add in the dama to the other houses and the total estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of about $2.5 million. we are live from manassa back to you. >> derrick ward, thank you. fairfax county investigators have identified the three victim who died after a townhouse fire in wharton on wednesday. 24-year-old eileen langham anderson and her son solomon and alfonso died from smoke inhalation and burns. the children were 3 and 5 years old. witnesses say andersonas able to lower her three other children, including an infant, down to he brother on the ground. neighbor believes candles may have started the blaze.
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since there was apparent floy electricity in the home. but fire officials ay cause is stil under investigation. to a developing story in coral gables, florida. police are still unraflghe details about a home invasion and bank robbery. investigators say three men sbufrt boo t burst into home. they health his father hostage all night. then they strapped an apparent bomb to the teller, took him to the bank andforced him to help rob the bank. one of the suspect stayed behind with his father. eventually all three robbers got away. it is not clear how much cash they stole. d.c. police have made an arrest in last saturday's murder of 21-year-old ashley mccrae. today we're learning more about the suspect who was once mentored by the group peaceaholics. now there is going to be a vigil for the victim. pat? >> reporter: indeed. a candlelight vigil scheduled
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here tonight for aley mccrae. when people gather here, there are likel to be some prayers of thanksgiving because today, d.c. police arrested a man in charged him in quick the muer of ashley mccrae. the suspect, a man once mentored by the peaceaholics. the scene, atlanta street southeast. it was around lunch time. police converge on an suv. a passenger in that suv arrest and charged in the murder of ashley mccrae. the suspect identified as damon sam's, 21 years old from southeast. they say he is known to some as nine millie, a would be rapper. sams was once mentored by the peaceaholic and they say he broke up a fight taken with two gangs about three years ago. news of the arrest brought a sense of relief to the family
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and friends of ashley mccrae. >> i am absolutely glad that there was an arrest made. because it was awful the way she left here. she shouldn't have left that way. and i honestly hope and pray that not only pray for her family but we bring for the young man's family. and he gets some help. >> reporter: ashley was a student at devry academy. she had a b. last saturday night she went to celebrate her friend's birthday at the nightclub in northeast. later, she was with a male friend. early sunday morning, she w found shot to death acrs town in the 2700 block of bruce place southeast. sources say that the murder suspect, damon sams and ashley mccrae were iends, and that shooting happen after an
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argument. pat, back to you. >> pat collins, thanks, pat. to the record heat across our region, chief meteorologist doug kammerer is live outsitracking the temperature for us. we haven't seen this kind weather since 1970? >> that was the old record. i have to tell you, the o record was 94. we shattered that today wi a temperature of 98 degrees so far. that's the unofficial number. the official number come out in about another lf-hour. not just in here in the district but toward dulles, bwi. plenty of sunshine. the good news is we are seeing a little breeze up around 10 to 15 miles an hour. the heat index still around 99. it is a very hot afternoon. take a look at the record hea today. 94 was the record. now it's 98. 95, the new record in dulles and bwi. the old record, 92. we are now sitting at 95 there. again, those are the unofficial number. they are hot enough.
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as far as what we'll be dealing with, 97 in the district. again, sterling coming in at 96 degrees. frederick at 97. baltimore at 94. la plata coming in at 96. what will we see into tomorrow morning? we'reooking at some pretty nice conditions. we will be cooling off. 70 by 7:00 a.m. and then some huge changes. when i come back, i'll break those changes down for you in my full forecast. >> thank you. how safe do you feel when you ride met snow the head of the national trangs safety board said it is much safer than at the time of the deadly red line collision. here's more on the improvements. >> reporter:t was just a few months tag national transportation safety board blasted metro for a safety culture. now the ntsb has praise for the transit agency and the gains they've made in the last year. metro has made significant
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safety improvements in the year following a collision that left ni dead. that's the word from the national transportation safety board. >> they have done a lot of learning in the last year plus. and that i believe the metro board was very willing to listen to the safety board of a our report was concluded. and they have taken many of those lessons to heart. and i think that they're beginning to make many improvements that have been long overdue. >> reporter: in an update to members of congress, the ntsb said metro has implemented more than a dozen of the board safety recommendations. and it is moving in the right diction. just a few months ago, the ntsb said metro's anemic safety culture helped set the stage for the crash. improvements include putting a new and experienced safety officer in place. that safety officer reports directly to the general mager. metro has also fill a dozen vacancies and jobs related to safety and set up a hotline where workers can anonymously
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report safety problems. metro is also movin forward with plans to replace the 1,000 series cars that collapsed in the crash. the new cars will roll out in 2013. while the ntsb has seen progress, how about riders? >> i think it's pretty safe. we hav't heard of any incidents. >> reporter: you think they've improved? >> it they've improved. we haven't seen a major accident but that doesn't mean one isn't heading down the pike. >> reporter: you don't think they've made major change. >> i don't. >> reporter: they believe it is safer than a year ago but say we still have a long way to go. in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. the lights are out at a factory in winchester, virginia. shortly before midnight last night, ge, our parent company, shut down its last incandescent light bulb factory in the country.
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it was due in part to the energy conservation measure passed by congress thre years ago. it essentially orders everyone to switch to more energy efficient compact florescent bulbs by the year 2014 when the winchesr plant closed, 200 people lost their $30 an hour jobs and they're not happy about that. >> i have to have a jobt least $20 to $22 an hour to pay our bills and keep our home. >> at one point, the virginia plant was producing a billion light bulbs a area. when we come back on news4, a big bear is found roaming around a residential neighborhood. >>and it was steps away from a middle school. also coming up, the feds want to you empty your medicine cabinet. we'll tell you why it could save your lif michelle rhee is seen as super man and people can't understand why we're not
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delighted to have super man. >> e's been touted as the national model for reform. why are some wok her leaving d.c.? and lindsay lohan is back behind bars for failing a drug test.
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a fast forward through headlines. fire officials in manassas say three home that burnto the ground in a fire yesterday were all built to code. fast moving flame destroyed the homes and damaged ve other nearby houses. some neighbors stay me were built extremely close to one another. the cause is still under investigation. a candlelight vigil is being held tonight for 2year-old ashley mccrae who was killed in southeast washington last saturday. police have arrested damon ss for her murder. sams, a rapper known as nine millie was once mentored by the peaceaholics group. and people are on alert of a waking up to find a bear roaming their streets. the bear was spotted today near hillard street right behind the john pool middle school. the bear sightings are not common in maryland and officials with the state department of natural resources say they've been up in recent years.
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we have a reminder right now. sunday's big day. nbc 4, proud sponsor of the blue bird blues festival in prince george's county. >> strike up the band. come on out. you like good music, crafts, too. all kinds of fun. starting at 12:30 to 6:00 in the evening. rain or shine. but doug, we always like it when it's sunny. >> i heard there is a really good lking guy hosting that this year. >> there is a rumor of that. >> yeah. i don't know. it's been 18 years. >> 18? >> he can't carry a tune in a bucket. >> we'll see you at 12:30. >> i think it will be a pretty nice weekend. sunday looks okay. alight chance of a shower but most of us should be on the dry side. that is the good news. if you want to say some cooler weather out there after a high of 98 today, the third day of 90-degree heat. we are going to get some cooler weather in time for the weekend. how does 70s sound on sunday? >> not bad.
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>> wow! 98 degrees a little earlier. dew point of 60 degrees. the humidity up a little bit to 30%. that puts the heat index at 39. winds out of the south southwest at 18 miles an hour. it is those southwesterly binds are really helping to heat us up. 96 rate now in sterling. navy in manassas. look at culpeper. kwanco, fredericksburg at 94 degrees. la plata at 96. over towa annapolis, a little bit cooler there. a high of88. now, 97 here. 93 toward raleigh. look back to the west. 83 in cincinnati. thy were in the s yesterday, too. and only 68 in chicago. that is some cooler air that will start to move into the region. and it is all because of this frontal boundary here. a fair dry front. a couple of showers associated with it. behind it, some much cooler air. so say goodbye to the heat and hello to some nice temperatures over the next couple of days. tomorrow, still mild.
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into the mid 80s tomorrow. then by the time we see sun, highressure moves in. more of a north easterly wind moves i that will cool us down to the low to mid 70s. maybe a chance of a shower. best chance would be in our southern and eastern area maybe toward the delmarva and par of the eastern shore. this evening, clear, quite warm. overnight, into tomorrow morning. a pretty nice morning. fog less likely. we did have some dense fog throughout early. then tomorrow, mostly sunny. 83 to 87. with a little breezy afternoon. here's theext four days showing much cooler temperure and rain. best chance of rain coming up on monday with a high of 73. >> thank you, ug. chances are, you have some old or unused prescription drugs around your house. the dea wants to you help get rid of those safely. they are sponsoring theirst ever prescription take-back program tomorrow. kristen dahlgren has details. >> reporter: it wasn't an
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illegal drug that took timmy strain's life but a prescription painkiller. he was already taken prescription percocet after a buraccident when his girl's mother also gave him one of her pills for the pain. >> we took him to the hospital. a parent's worst nightmare. then timmy was de. >> reporter: so much like a gun amnesty program, the government is now asking -- >> if you have unneeded or expired medicaons, now is the time to get rid of them. >> reporter: unused or unwanted prescriptions can be dropped off at 3,400 sites nationwide saturday where they'll be disposed of, no questions asked. lastier a similar program in new jersey netted more than 3.5 million pill. prescription drugs, now the fast he was growing drug problem. with an estimated 7 million nonmedical users in 09. the d.ea is still going after
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dealers. this recent okay code own bust. >> we have kids in allhonesty, perceive prescription drugs as much safer than illegal drugs. >> reporter: but they're not just getting drug from dealers. and so saturday the focus will be a lot closer to home. >> it might be one of your child's friends coming intoour house, asking to use the bathroom. rifling through your medicine cabinet. >> reporter: cabinets they hope will soon be a little less dangerous. news4. >> the takeback day is tomorrow between 10:00 sxam tand 2:00 p.. you can go our website and search dea to find the location ar you. still ahea toght stephen colbert cracks up congress today. how he added a little sarcasm to the serious subject of immigration reform. it's called the judgment room. a local company gives interns
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five minutes to sell themselves. the real test happens the second they step through door. plus, a man uses an unusual weapon to scare away a bear. a story that will leave you
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residents are onlert after wake up to find a bear roaming the streets. it was spotted here hillard street riht behind the john pool middle school. bear sightings are not uncommon in maryland but official with the state's department of natural resources say the sightingshave been up in recent year they say people should get bears distance and respectful not food.
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brewing beer under a full moon and some seniors e hoping they have all the right moves to make it as a miami heat dancer. all stories that make you say what? there's a bear in mtana who might be just as scared of vegetables as young kids. the other night a woman let her dogs outside but noticed a bear coming down the hill. sh screamed and the bear swiped at her before going after one of the dogs in the neighborhood. so she rannside and grabbed a six and a half pound zucchini. there it is. she chucked it at the bear, scaring it off. the woman was not seriously hurt and her dog should make a full recovery. a brewery in belgium is making a first of its kind beer using the moon as one of its main ingredients. the company is only brewing on nights that there is a full moon. and the beer might ju makeou howl. the drink is about 10% alcohol which is considered pretty strong, even by u.s. standards.
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the first batch will be availae in belgium just in time for halloween and eventuall could come here to the states. and the miami heat basketball team will have unforeseen star pow this season. we're not talking about lebron james. you had a i goes are underway for one of the heat's famous dance tales. the golden oldies. nearly 100 seniors have danced their hearts out for a chance to get on the team. go! those who make it will perform choreographed routines on the court for fans during halftime. they've got it going on. look at it'll. >> then their moves. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, it is a decision that could change what your kids are eating for lunch at school. plus, a lasting tribute to a rld war ii vet who had to wait 50 years to get his medal of honor. chancellor michelle rhee is
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seen natioide, why is it so many people don't have a problem with the possibility of her leaving? we'll have that re
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authorities in coral gables florida are investigating a bizarre bank height. the man held a bank teller and his father hostage all night
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long. at daybreak, they strapped an apparent bomb to the teller. they took hill to the bank and then forced him to help them rob the bank. the robbers got away. no one was injured. the last g.e. factory in the country making round incandcent light bulbs is no more. they closed the winchester, virginia plant last night. two hundred workers lost their jobs to switch to more energy saving cfl bulbs is making those old bulbs obsolete. and the dea has a drug turn-in program tomorrow. people can drop off older and unused pills around the country. the dea will dispose of them safely. they are hoping to fight prescription drug abuse. w let's fast forward to that weather. >> 97 degrees out there. plenty of sunshine. a very hot day and a record breaking day as well. we're going to cool off tonight down to aut 70 by the time you
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wake up tomorrow morning. winchester around 65. your forecast tomorrow, temperature in the mid 80 84 in annapolis. if you're thinking about going out this week, it is looking fantastic. no matter what it is, the 17 street festival, octoberfest and the national harbor, even a taste of fendship heights. you can find it all on the full forecast coming up in a minute. >> ank you, doug. what will happen with d.c. school's chancellor michelle rhee? that's the question she is facing and a lot of official in the district are facing right now. >> while the movie that she recently started in paints rhee as a modern savior for urban education, her future with d.c. school is still very much unclear. tracee wilkins has more on the story. >> hey. to some people, especially those outside of washington, it may sound crazy. we have a struggling school system and a chancellor getting national acclaim for her perceived ability to be able to fix it.
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she is known for her fast and often time controversial decisions. like firing hundreds of d.c. teachers and principals here. some say a hard refoer is what d.c. schools need. somehow leaders in the past haven't gotten it right. but there are many had a say rhee's way is not the only way to change. >> d.c. school's chancellor michelle rhee stood about ten feet away from council chair and presumptive mayor vinnt gray yesterday. as he addressed the press following their first sit-down meeting. the meeting ended with no answers. the future with d. schools. these questions come as waiting for super man, a documentary about the nation's failing school systems featuring rhee, premiers in new york and l.a. >> you wake up and that you know kids are getting a really crappy education right now. >> michelle rhee is seen as superman and people can't understand why we're not delight to have superman. >> reporter: mary is stick xif director of 21st century school
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funds, a nonprofit working to improve urban public schools around the country. she said the approach to reform is nothing new, but more of the same old. >> people like to say, oh, d.c. has tried everything. no. we keep trying the same thing over andover again. and it keeps being a super man and we are six of super men. >> i don't believe that miss rhee is the only one in the u.s. who can reform school. >> reporter: roosevelt high school pta president ronald hampton said rhee has come in, parents have been left out. >> parents are more than just people who have children. they bring skills, expertise, experiences to the table. and should be a part of the process as we talk about reforming our schools. they don't belong to her themselves belong to us. >> reporter: but for movies, magazines and talk shows, the hard edge approach is regarded as the model for urban school reform and many in washington agree. >> a lot of people probably move to the district in the hope that
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there will be large education reform. >> what would itlook like to partner in communicate wity wit peop affect by the schools in the neighborhoods to make schools really work? and that is what hasn't been tried. >> there are ose whoay there is more than one way to reform. at a super collaborator may be better than a super man. gray said his meeting withhee yesterday was an initial sitdown and a chance to talk about d.c. schools. he said it was not a decision making meeting and neither said en an announcement about rhee's future with the system would be named. >> thank you. michelle rhee wll appear on this week's "meet the press." she'll be part of a special education panel discussing reform. >> all part of education nation. a week-long program by nbc on all its platform to discuss the current state of america's public schools. and joining us now with more on what we can expect is nbc "meet
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e press" moderator david gregory. what do you expect to hear from chancellor rhee on sunday? >> i would like to get a little news from her. i would like to find out what her future is here. i think people following this think it is probably a long shot that she stays, frankly. i don't know that vincent gray will want to make that call now. he wants to get elected first before he makes that call. and there will be a big transition. this is a big story. waiting for super man is a film that i had a chance to see yesterday. it is important to see. it really kindf cuts to the core of the depth of this problem in our community here in washington and around the country. and we have to take a hard look at this. from this discussion on sun, i want
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>> we know it's not worki all ver the place and d.c. stands out as a model of failure, unfortunately. that rhee has addressed under mayor fenty as well and there has been some real progress here. race to the top is important because funding is important. becae accountability is important. also this question about private money. today big news. mark zuckerberg from facebook. $0 million to public schools. how does private mone come in that challenges the bureaucracy? i think that's something that we have to face up to in washington, d.c. solutions for kids, there's something huge in the middle. all this bureaucracy at the local level, the state level, and then at a national level as
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well. i hope we can get to some of that. >> you've got the education secretary, too. >> and randy wine garden who is a very important player here, ahead of the most important teacher's union. it is no secret to people watching us, that she and michle rhee have not gotten along. we are right in the middle of this. in washington, d.c. in our area. and it will be a big part of the conversation. >> thank you, david. and you can hear the entire panel this sunday morning on "meet the press." it starts at 10:30 on nbc4. congress is coming up against a dead lane for school lunches. funding for the program runs out next friday. the senate has passed a controversial plan that provides about 6 cents more per meal to pay for healthier choices. it also sets nationa dietary guidelines for any food or drink sold in schools. that includes vending machine and school sporting events. the american surcontroversial because it takes funding from
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future increases and food stamp benefit. it has only passed in committee so far. comedian stephen colbert brought his usual sarcasm to capitol hill. he spoke before an immigratn sub committee the serio issue of illegal immigrant farm workers. he spent a day packing corn and picking beans. he call his experience in th field very, very hard. >> this brief experience gave me some small understding of why so few americans are clamoring to begin an exciting career as seasonal mike rant field worker. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picd by an american. then sliced by guatemalan and serve bad venezuelan in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> there were some awkward moments after colbert finished testifying. the house judiciary chairman
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ked colbert to leave the room so they could get on with the rest of the witnesses. colbert looked stunned for a moment. then said he would be happy to leave. the subcommittee chair who had invited colbert to speak in the first place, recommended that he today and conyers said that would be okay. lindsay lohans back behind bars. this time, she is not going anywhere for a while. a california judge sent the 24-year-old actress back to jail after she failed a drug test. this is her third stint in jail. all of this stem from a 3-year-old dui se. officials say unlike the last two time when she was released early, lohan will stay locked up until her hearing which takes place october 22nd.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why these tough times i've put education first. we've made record invements in our classrooms... doubled the number of chaer schools...
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and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts sawe nowave the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in eve neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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the school system in newark, new jersey, is in the spot late afr getting a multimillion-dollar nation from the founder of facebook. temperature us what the announcement is and the goal for the schools. >> reporter: 100 million in a donation fromark zuckerburg. there i some conditions. the city has to come one another
5:42 pm
$100 million in matching funds to go along with it plus another $50 million that they will use for specificay for disadvantaged kids. core booker said he thinks he can do that. 45% of the kids do not graduate from high school. that's one of the thing the city is concerned about. and we are concerned about on this upcoming education nation that nbc news and nbc net work is about to embark on. as yoknow, it is all about being a wake-up call for america to say, look and listen at where we are. we used to be null one at graduating kids. out of 30, we're now down to number 19 or 20, depending on what number you look. a that's not the way you maintain yourself as a number one nation. we wanted people to hear about it and to hear about what we can dto change it. >> an important week ahead. live for us in newark, new jersey, thanks so much. >> and don't forget to catch all of our education nation
5:43 pm
reports all next week here on news4 at 5:00 and on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. and still ahead, he received a medal of honor for his bravery on the battlefield. up in sports, we've got hakim. he has the stories of some high school football players
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it was a final farewell for a decorated world war ii veteran >> arm lieutenant vernon baker with you a medal of honor recipie recipient. he waited 50 years. >> he died in july after a long battle with brain cancer. he fought at a time when african american soldiers weren't awarded medals of honor. and while he didn't consider himself a hear over-the-countr lieutenant baker was the only member of his union who lived to receive an honor he deserved long ago. it is one of the most solemn yet
5:47 pm
regal responsibilities lington cemetery has to carry out. a horse drawn carriage taking an army great to his final resting place. vernon baker joined t segregated u.s.rmy months before the united states entered world war ii. he served in the first all black unit to intercom bat. he was a fighter who wanted to just be a soldier. >> we have two leg and two arms and a brain just like everybody else. except the outward color of our skin was different. we thought just like everybody else. >> reporter: it was april 1945. baker killed or wounded nine german soldiers. he tack out machine gun nets and drew enemy fire so his wounded men could escape. baker was awarded the dwigs distinguished service cross. wh the pentagon tack another look at the service records of decorated black soldiers, president clinton made things right. hewarded seven medals of honor in 1997. baker was the only recipient still alive. >> i don't consider myself a
5:48 pm
hero. i consider myself a good soldier. >> reporter: today, other good soldiers, medal of honor winner, saluted their comrade, as did the rest of the american military. and at his will, taps rang out from among the headstones honoring the extraordinary heroism and quiet patience of vernon baker, soldier. >> lieutenant baker was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2004. he died at the age of 90 this summer. he said he acceptedthe medal for all those who didn't survive the war. >> long overdue honor. thnk you. >> thanks. now to our weather out there, today's heat was one for the record books. >> doug tell us there is relief coming. >> big time relief and a big time record. the record was 94. it is now 99 degrees. that's how high we saw the temperature reach today. and i'll tell you, this is the
5:49 pm
warmest we've ever been this late in the year. amazing how hot it was. the average high, 77 degrees. this was day 66 of 90-degree heat. the current temperature, 96 in sterling. 93 in manassas. we will be cooling down sboorg the upper0s to 70s. the next four days, say goodbye to the 90s and hello to the 70s? that's right. maybe even the low 70s sunday and monday. a very good chance for some much neede rain as well. guys? time for a little high school football. in sterling virginia, our game of the week. hey. >> hello, jill andpat. a huge game tonight. a rivalry game. broad run is riding a 32-game winning streak. the last team to beat them,ark view. both teams have new coaches this season from the area. park view had it.
5:50 pm
we're ing to introduce you to matt griffith who is proving he is a winner by teaching his players that relationips are most important. >> you know why we have the camera here, right? >> no, no. the ravens are looking for a number three quarterback. they came here to watch me see how i do. see how i do. it is a big day for me. >> to the kids at broad run high school, matt griffith' ability to throw a football isn't nearly as important as how he coaches. grif sit in his first year as head coach taking over a program that won ba to back state championships. winning is a priority for griffith, but he is preaching it is the way you win that is most critical. >> you had these special programs. they don't win by mistake. they win like i said, hard work but also relationships. you can create the relationships with your atetes. it makes it more enjoyable for
5:51 pm
you as a coh and as a player but also when you get the bright lights and the stressful situations, those kids know that you have their back and they have your back and they will do he go they can to be successful on the feel friday night. >> it make the players feel good. he gives up all the time for us and he believes that we can be successful. and we don't want to let him down. we don't want to let ourselves down. >> good. that's it. kick him out that way. okay? >> before he set foot on the campus of broad run, he was an assistant for mexicoey compton in the late 1990s. then he followed him to stone bridge where he was the offensive coordinator for eight seasons. griffith was thompson's top assistant, helping the bulldogs capture the 2007 state championship. >> the thing that separates them, he buds relationships with kids. he is taking that etra time behind the scenes, talking to kids. explaining why thing are going the way they are and talking to kids that maybe aren't starting and thing like that. i think that's what separates
5:52 pm
him. >> high school football meant a lot to me. i talk to my players now. my memories of hail areplaying high school football. i want to be ableto give those same great memories to these young men. being a high school football coach, that's what it means. creating a memories but teaching charaer, responsibility. >> i knew that he had my back and my best interests. not just as a friend and as a person he had my best interes. and i think that's what i really miss. and i think that's what the kids will get, too. they'll find out that he has their best interests. not just football but he wants, he is really interested in the kids. >> broad run hasn't lost a game in two years. the program is a powerhouse. and matt griffith is focused on maintaining t tradition. >> when i first met with the players, i told them to turn around and look at the two state championship banners. i said that's not gong to change. that's our goal. just because there is a new staff here, doesn't 9 expectations change one bit. they haveorked extremely hard. >> everybody ready?
5:53 pm
>> the kids at broad run are already on the map. matt griffith is proving he can keep them there. making his mark by teaching more than just football. >> matt griffith told me as he little superstitious before games. before every game he has to eat subway. pretty cool. kind of weird. it's superstitious. we'll have highlights between park vi and broad run. broad run going for the 33rd straight win. >> all right. a shout out to subway. >> the bread is al
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it's like a casting call. >> it is really an interview for an internship. >> hi, alex. >> this is no ordinary interview. it is an audition for an
5:57 pm
internship. >> it was definitely a new approach from your craigslist ads that you see, job wanted or something like that. but yeah. i definitely took a second look. >> she i a graphic design and interactive marketing firm. today's big event, the real interns of washington, d.c. intern candidates got into the game by signing up online. >> it is real for sure. i'll say that. >> the open casting call brought out dozens. their name were added to a growing list of candidates headed to the judgment room. >> her availability is full time. >> the big thingas sitting downstairs with the rest of the interviewees. >> she is among more than 30 wanting to join the familiarly. upstairs they faced three judges. five minutes were all they had to prove themselves worthy of getting cast. >> i had no idea it was a time
5:58 pm
schedule. i thought when they got bored, they hit the buzzer. >> we cast a wider net. it gives us more time to see more people in a shorter amount of time. >> they were downstairs watching. the process of deciding who made the cut started the second candidates walked through the door. >> i stand down in the front lobby and as the candidates come, in i get a full read on them in that situation to see how they interact with their peers. i see how energized they are. we're a very alive company so if you're quiet andy, you're going to have a harder time fitting in and a harder time pushing through with your ideas. >> no question this was sxreel this real show spinoffs street work. they said whether they advance or not, they had fun selling themselves in a different ght. >> it is a little nerve irracki but i am a people person so what can i say? >> that's it for news4 at 5:00. >> have a great week, everybody.
5:59 pm
news4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> record heat all over the area today. darn near 100degrees out there. >> a day after a huge fire. people returned to see what they can salvage. >> president obama today reacted to what mahmoud ahmadinejad had to say about 9/11. but we begin tonight with a report that a guy has been arrested in the murder of a woman in southeast washington. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> 21-year-old ashley mccrae was killed last saturday night after leaving airthday party. pat collins joins uswith more on the arrest. >> the suspect, once mentored by the peaceaholics, is tonight charged in a case of murder. it was lunch time. pi


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