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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 27, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i think it's important to realize education reform can continue in d.c. it can continue as long as the leadership is willing to make the incredibly tough decisions we have made. >> reporter: while rhee received lots of exception fr folks nationally and some folks locally who feel she has done a nice job, a lot of people are fin with the idea, and some saying she has not been a good communicator or collaborator as well. in northeast, tracee wilkins. eun, back to you in the studio. apparently america is also slipping when it comes sending to college. only 38% of adults hold college degrees. 44% of marylanders holdollege degrees.
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however, that number varies greatly by county. 64% of people some montgomery county hold degrees. in virginia, about 44% of adults have college deees. this study did not break out separate numbers, though, for the district. the number of college degrees would need to grow by a quarr million each year to beat 60% of the u.s. adult population having degrees by 2025. and education continues this morning on the "today" show with matt lauer. the exclusive live interview begins here on nbc 4. it's raining out there, tom. much needed rain. >> welcomed rain has been coming through from time to time. we have mott radrain in prince george's.
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elsewhere, some passing light to moderate showers moving across virginia, west virginia, district of columbia on this monday morning. right now temperatures are cool. wet pavement all the way around. low 60s now. and lighter view showing this continuing to surge from the south. this is going to be with us from time to time throughout the rest of the day today. could get storms this afternoon. some could produce damaging winds. we'll keep you posted about the potential this afternoon and tonight. and this shower and storm activity should dissipate by noon time tuesday and sunshine pack tomorrow afternoon into wednesday. ighs in the low 70s today. mid-70s on wednesday with sunshine back. could get a few other passing showers mnly east of washington. on thursday, highs in the 70s.
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now let's check traffic for this monday morning. jerry edwards is joining u >> hey, tom, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. could be another tough commute because of the weather. a live look in springfield, capital beltway near the 95/395 interchange. incident free. but you can see lots of road spray, reduced visibility. beltway north of town, head over. there had been an accident earlier. rockville pike looks like it's longone. inner loop from 355 doing fine. we'll keep you updated. joe, eun. a traffic alert for drivers in virginia. new ramps are opening at the telegraph road interchange. a new ramp will be open from inner loop to telegraph road
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north. 176b will give access to telegraph north or eisenhower avenue. a temporary ramp will be shut down. this morning the search is on for a hit and run driver who struck and seriously injured a 24-year-old woman at 8:15 saturday evening on carroll avenue in silver spring. witnesses told police the c was speeding when it hit the woman who was under a parked truck. the accident was so violent part of the side view mirror ripped off the car. >> there will be some kind of indicator that we'll be able to ll what it belongs to. ideally something that would be helpful is the color of the moore error could conceivable match the car. >> peoe around the area say traffic can be a problem and would like to see speed bumps installed. they are looking for a dark
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sedan that might have damage on the front end as well as the windshiel this morning police are looking for a man who shot and killed a man in prince george's county. they were called just befo midnight for the report of a shooting. when they arrived they found a man had been shot. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the name hand not been released. expect to see security changes in place at work. pentagon officials are in the process of moving employee check points farther away during wekdays. signs will be posted alerting riders to the new walking pattern. it is in connection to a shooting earlier this year that ended with the gunman dead. metro riders on the orae line will experience single
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tracking. it will cause trains to share a tra between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this will last until 8th of october. riders should not expect any delays during those hours from the work. today the gulf oil disaster will be theocus on the hill. president obama signed an executive order establishing the pan back in may. today the group will address the response to april's spill, the environmental impact and regulations for offshore drilling. lisa jackson ken salazar and thad len are among the witnesses. last year it was loss to the winless lions. this year a loss to the winless rams. they jumped out to a 14-point
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lead before anybody realized the game had started. they took the lead, 16-14. from there on it was all rams. ended up winning 30-16. coach mike shanahan said he was hopeful at the beginning of the second half but the rams apparently just wanted it more. >> you like to come back from the second half. and i thought we did initially. similar to what we did a week before. we touched on drive. and this one obviously installed inside the 10. but after they they did the job. they played well. we didn't step up and do the things we needed to win a foob game. >> no. they struggled in the second half. portis had the only 44 yards rushing. miserable. >> we've got to win against the ramts. >> can't. didn't. >> all right. >> philadelphia and then who?
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vikings and then the colts. could get ugly before -- >> yes. >> could look better. >> 4 clp 38. a bizarre case of vandalism. targeting cars of a specific color. and a nearly $2 million upgrade. >> a rough landing caught on tape. a plane scrapes th ground. >> and could be a msy monday out there. rain is on the way. rain [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antiquev. ♪ or an antique remote control.
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time for weather and traffic on the ones. 4:44. early this morning, wet pavement from passing showers since yestery. they continue to move south to north. right now the radar showing the heaviest rains east of washington on the county line. it is heading off to north, crossing interstate 95 between washington and baltimore. right now teeratures in the 60s throughout most of the region. 64 in washington. ties today around 70 with occasional showers. sun back tomorrow afternoon as well as wednesday. a lookat friday and the weekend
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in ten minutes. >> through northet, new york avenue which looks pretty good, a things considered. give yourself a little extra breakinging difference. kenworth avenue loong pretty good. wilson bridge, both directions moving along okay. 270 is all right. one accident above the capital parkway. police tell us they are on the scene. joe, un. >> jerry, thank you. >> 4:42. a murder at a state hospital. a suspect in a high profile maryland crime. most security systems feature an alarm and sticker in the window. wait until you hear about the security at the vice president's home. and learning much more about ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bol daring.
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here is a look at the top stories we're following. today marks the start of education nation. the goal is to stimulate a national conversation with the changes needed to make public school systems better. second week in a row the road skins are feeling the pain of defeat. rolling over the skins defense to take the 30-16 win. skins struggled to get their running gamgoing. into metro riders will see new pedestrian traff patterns this morning. pentagon official are moving security checkpoints farther from the upon the gone and closer to the station. it's in response to a shooting at the station earlier this year. the governmentunded a malicious vice russ. 60% of the computers infected
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were in iran, suggesting that country was the main target. it is made for softwa that contls factory equipment. iran did compute computer trouble at a main uranium especially richment facility. the navy plans to install a 10-foot security fence at the naval observatory in northwest washington. its these are not in response to any threat to vice president biden or his family. political parties are not only at odds at push eraax cuts but there's also debate on when to even vote on the issue.
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>> reporter: your taxes the top topics on the sunday afternoon talk show. >> we want to make sure working americans to the floor a tax increase. >> we leave here without preventing these on the american people. >> reporter: at the core of the issue, bush tack cuts set to expire in december. individuals want to keep them for 200,000. the vote may not come before the rm election. >> seemed like a moment where politics is getting put in front of prosperity. >> i think it's up tenable to
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say we're going to allow your xes to go u january 1st. >> the white still promising cuts. so democrats hopefulful the chances of compromise might be better after the election. they would still need one republican vote in the senate. a battle over the wars in afghanistan is out today. in the book woodward said he pushed for an exit strategy to apiece supporters. it shot to number two on amazon better seller list. a woman committed to a state psychiatric hospital is dead.
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investigators say she was murdered by another patient at the hospital for the criminally insane in jessup, maryland. >> reporter: susan sacks, accused of the 2004 murder of joyce hedel was found in jessup. she had been strapping eled by a former patient and convicted killer. she is charged with fist and second dpre murder in the killing. he was committed to the psychiatric hospital in 1997 after committing a murder in baltimore. she was found with a string around her neck. police don't have a motive for
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the murder. sacks, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, was found not criminally responsible for hedel's death. her body was found in a garage on this farm in rural westminster, maryland. darcy spencer,news 4 today. >> police say sacks's body will be trance fort ported for an autopsy. police in frederick county are looking for a tire slasher on white cars. police say they don't know the van al's motive or why. so far no arrests have been made. 4:51 now. time to take a look at our
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weather forecast for today. we have much, much needed rain headed our way. more than just tamping down the dust like we had earlier. this is a good, soaking beneficial rain. unfortunately it may come with strong winds later today and tonight. right now, though, we have fast-moving showers moving south to north. some of them moving 25 to 30 miles per hour. these are showers where you see where it's coming down harder. heavy rai falling north and east of washington. we have one patch of moderate rain heading into eastern howard county. washington, just a few sprinkles. light rain, fairfax. frederick county, maryland, scattered or light showers there. on the radar, light rain from north of richmond to near charlottesville, shenandoah
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valley, panhandle of benefit west virginia. this is surging north as well. now, e temperatures are uniformly in the low to mid-70s around the region. 64 in washington. mountains, upper 50s to near 60. eastern shore, low 70s. we have continual flow from the outh tapping moisture. tropical moisture from the fluff of mexico and off the tropical atlantic coming our way throughout the day today. maybe with strong storms into this afternoon, this evening. highs reaching near 70. there is a chance for severe storms this evening into tomorrow morning, too. so even during the night we could get damaging winds. all this ending by tomorr morning. sun back in the afternoon. pper seflts to near 80. cool in themorning. in the 50s. partly sunny thursday. might get a passing shower.
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dry and cooler as we get into theweekend. tom, the rain showers created a couple issues. earlier accident on the beltway outer loop, connecticut avenue. careful. roads are slick ts morning. let's see what happens is happening. you can drift into or out of the district by the key bridge towards roslyn. moving along nicely. b.w. parkway at 202. two accidents. police are on the scene. be cautious. eun. >> jerry, thank you. did you take time off with a much needed vacation a new study from the westin hotel group shows half of the workers aren't taking their vacation days. workers say they don't take all their vacation days because they know how much work they'll have to do when they get back. even when they take a vacation they bring along laptops or are always checking their e-mail.
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>> they're too busy. they're often doing jobs ofwo or three people in the aftermath of cutbacks. they're too stressed out to take timeaway. >> that doesn't make sense. the one piece of good news when people do go on vacation, they eat and sleep better. you've got to take time off to unfog, unwind and stop stressing, at least for a week. >> good advice. our time right now is 4:54. alert for metro riders. daytime alert that could slow you down. david versus goliath. what the pastor facing sex al gagdzs told his congregation. nd sparks fly when a plane
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stay down, stay down, stay down, stay down. >> that's the flight attendant telling passengers to takeshe heads down brace position. new amateur video shows the scary moments at an emergency landing at jkk airport. the landing gear was stuck making emergency landing necessary. sparks can be seen out the window as one of t wings strikes the run way. none of the 60 passengers aboard the flight was injured.
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investigators were still trying to figure out what happened. a conser alert before you get behind the wheel. hyundai is recall 140,000 cars because of aefect tat can cause drivers to lose control. all of the affected cars are sonata sedans sold in the u.s. 2011 models between december 11, 2009 and december 10th, 2010. some have steering column shafts with connections that may t have been tightened enough or may have been improperly assembled which would cause the steering column to separate. owners can take their cars to a dealer for inspectn. leader of a georgia megachurch says he will fight accusations that he lured four young men into homosexual relationships. lawsuits by the four men claim long offered lavishifts in exchange for sex. he did say he's more than
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willing to take the case to court. i've been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know, as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man. but this thing i'm going to fight. >> long is married with four children and a strong opponent of homesexuality. >> a virginia teen is dead after a gunfire broke out at seton hall, new jersey. a gunman opened fire kling 19-year-old jessica moore of the richmond area. four others were also injured. witnesses say the gunman was angry because he was kicked out of a house party for refing to pay a cover charge. stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m.


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