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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 28, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> good morning and welcome it is tuesday, september 28th, 2010. severe weather in our area. the rain moved out. tornado warnings were sued and expired in parts of maryland. now with the first forecast. any warnings? >> not right now. the air is tropical. a lot of humidity in place.
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and even after this particular orm system leaves, we are not de with tropical rain. the shore getting more rain, there was a system that may have produced a tornado that didn't touch down. it has exited maryland, and now toward pennsylvania it is a strong storm. on the radar we are getting one cluster of heavy rain now, just moving west of salsbury, coming into dorchester county. it looks like that one will pass into delaware than maryland. a north, northeasterly track, with heavy rain perhaps with thunder and lightning. elsewhere, no precipitation, west virginia, passing showers there. and temperatures around the region, we do have it right now in the 70s, and the latest wind gusts, 20 to 25 miles an hour.
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holds near 80 for a few hours. only in the 50s throughout the midwest. some of that cooler air will be arriving here this eving, then another surge of moisture for tomorrow. partly cloudy and rather humid. highs near 80, could get storms on the eastern shore. a look at the all-important weekend coming up. >> see you in a few minutes. firefighters are trying to figure out how to deal with car fires, a rash of fires in one area has caught the attention of investitors. they believe they may be the work of one person or a group of people. the fire in estion started in late august, in the 1300 block of 16th street. where firefighters will search today. what are they looking for today? do they have a suspect?
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>> reporter: they do not. what they have are a lot of similarities in a specific geographic area. here along 16th street, we have a scorch mark there. this is where a fire occurr back in august. several vehicles on this block, on the 3600 block of 16th street. cars and mopeds torched. they believe they were suspicious, they didn't hpen naturally. a person or group of people are responsible, and perhaps for other fires in this area as well. investigators are focussing on this area from orgia avenue to 16th street and northwest. it spreads down to columbia road on the south up to arkansas avenue on the north. they want information from the public about what has been going on. if anybody has seen anything suspicious. i am joined with pete from the d.c. fire department.
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you it deal with car fires all the time. there is something about these that are dierent. >> in this particular case, fairly concentrated aa, there are similarities, the time of day, there may be some evidence that they found. we think there is somebody out there that knows sothing. there may be incidents that may not have been reported. we hope someone calls us. we have a lot of resources, orking with the metropolitan police and the fire investigators. we are hoping something will pride information we need the community's help. >> back on august 25th. you believe they were connected? >> yes, 2350i6, six, a half dozen or so that we believe are connected. several others, well over a dozen that may be coected. again, some of the fires may have been mechanical. we have things we are looking
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out to rule out. since they all occurred in this area, same time frame, there are suspicions about this. we are hopeful someoneas information to help us close some of the cases. >> thanks for joining us. nobody has been injured. they happen late at nightor early in the morning. 202-67-arson, if you have any information. >> a two year-old is in critical condition at children's hospital when the toddler accidently shot himself in the cst. it happened on elliott drive monday morning. the toddler found a loaded gun hidden under a bed. his 16 year-old brother, they say, stole the gun and hid it in the toddler bedroom. he and his girlfriend are charged as adults for multiple
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charges. >> the washington sanitary commission installed the fiber optic system of the main. it will monitor for integrity of the pip listening for wires to snampt 41 miles of wwssc's main is now equipped with this fiber optic monitoring system. this is the scene hours ago, police were directing traffic after a large tre fell. no word on wh caused the tree to fall. a look at traffic. say good morning to jerry edwards. the firstook at traffic for midday. >> head over to northeast washington. some of the mid day construction delayed because of th weather earlier. crews are now out on kettleworth, you will find here,
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tying up traffic a bit. from the maryland district line toward pennsylvania avenue. for the most part, moving along nicely. elsewhere, toward downtown, 395 to the 14th street bridge. nothing out of the ordinary. same lane configuration. expect orange line delays, track work between east falls church and west falls church that will continue until 2:00 this morning. right now, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive barn fire that killed five cows. this is home video of the flames that tore through the livestock exchange. the volunteer fire fighter who shot the video said it was so intense, you could see flames fr miles away. it is a local landmark in
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marshall virginia. tracy has the latest >> rorter: this is the damage left here at the stock exchange. this is the area where the livestock were kept tcattle. there were 250 head of cattle here last night when it happened around 8:00. eáu cansee, thy they can bri cattle here to exchange. what they may have to do is go the next city or to take care of the cattle. this is a major part of the economy here. farmers are going to need somewhere to exchange their cattle. the good news, there were only five cattle lost in this fire. initial , they thought much more. after that roundedhem up, it looks like just five. they thought maybe as high as 50. a tmendous loss for folks. now, they need to survey the damage. try to figure out what caused
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this fire. taking a look at the amount of damage, it appears that it may have happened somewhere back here, where the livestock are kept. they will have to figure it out. it could take time. they are saying that daylight will help with that process. they have been here overght, looking for flare-ups, having firefighters on standby, just in case. no major flare ups, the next part, the investigation, and for folks who use the exchange, figuring out what will happen to them next >> tracy tells us there is no estimate on how much it will cost to rebuild that barn. police are warning men in german town, maryland, after a sexual aault on high point drive.
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a woman had been out with friends and decided to walk to the 7-eleven. she said on the way there a man pulled her into the woods and assaulted her. police a looking for suspects. >> we learned of the delay in the case of the man accused of killing sandra levey. among the issues the prosecutors' objection to a defense witness to discuss why inmates agree to testify for prosecutors. the trial was supposed to start next week. >> 175 million budget deficit. $100 million has come from collections that have dropped, and unplanned spending, accounteded for a short fall of 75 34i8ion. 30 million on special educaon,
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we are following breaking news out of austin, texas, police say a gunman opened fire in a library, then shot and killed himself. officers a searching for a possible seco gunman, the school is on lock down, students have been told to stay in place where authoritie search the area. there is no word on what sparked the shooting. fresh off signing a bill to help small businees, president obama is off to win voters for the upcoming election. the new bill, that could provide $300 billion for business loans. he will continue to hold backyard rallies, including one in new meco and one in richmond, tomorrow. tonight, president obama will
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target the youth vote, heading to the university of wisconsin, the turn-out there is the highest in the nation. today, former alaska senator ted stevens will be laid to rest at arlington national cetery. the 86-year-old was the longest serving republican in senate history. four survived, including nasa chief shawn o'keefe, who lives in this area. the group was on the way to a fishing trip. officials are keeping an eye on a levee in wisconsin, a sand levee, partially breached by flood waters, official it is say the levee is holding, more than 100 homes are threatened. an important milestone in nashville tennessee.
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more than a den of country music's biggest stars will take the stage at the grand old opry. it opens for the first time after the disaster. the celebration and the recovery. >> reporter: the waters of the cumberland e calm right now. below the surface painful memories still linger. >> ten people die in nashville. $2 billion in damage to private property. >> one of close properties belongs tolaire beach. >> you walk away, you don't know how much you are going to lose. that was a very difficult moment. >> reporte she still sorting through some of the damage. after four months, she will be back home tonight for the first time since the flood. and on the same day, ironically that another nashville family is finally coming home it is
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opening nightonight at the grand old opry. >> the grand old opry in many ways is the sound track to many american families. >> reporter: the song tt hit perhaps the saddest note ever, as water filled this sacred hall. home to the legends, and hallowed ground. to country's currentstars. >> the lights have a fm of mud on them. this entire stage, which had water on it. it is heart-breakingto think about this. >> reporter: heart break that quickly gave way to hard work. >> there was never a question that this placeould arise and rebuild and come back stronger than ever. >> reporter: there are new dressings rooms, stge, and seats, and the spirit that built this hall and carried it for 85
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years now,remains the same. >> such a testament to the backbone of this community. >> reporter: a community of survivors. tonight, there will be songs of survival and celebration here, one of the biggest and most important shows in the history of this legendary hall. jay gray, nbc news at the grand old opry. >> we remember when that flood happened. now they are going through it in wisconsin. >> much-needed rain here, it didn't come at the expense of a lot of flooding. we did have a few streams and creeks out of their banks in montgomery. we are cheering every drop that has been falling. on-going drought. now, a few clouds racing through the sky. sunshine breaking out. 78 at nional airport. dewpoint is dropping, it is humid, winds out of the south, 15.
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gust to 24 miles an hour at nationl airport. on the radar, we are seeing showers moving into the eastern shore. these showers advancing south to north, continueo move up the eastern shore, perhaps producing heavy rain and maybe damaging winds a the afternoon progresses. passg to the north of salisbury. one batch of heavy rain, into new jersey. rom thbay, west, it appears that things are going to be dry here for the rest of the afternoon. a few isolated orms. and those are headed to the north as well. and otherwise, we will get a respite from the rain for a whle. upper teens, low 20s, look at the rainfall we have had over the last 48 hours, not as much around washington, further to the west and north, two inches there, and well to the south. southern maryland, over a inch.
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almost three inches fell around salsbury, they will get three inches fr this storm system by the time the day ends. montgomery, prince george's, and only near 60 there. in the 50s, across ohio and parts of eastern kentucky. some of this cool air will be arriving here tonight. the low pressure passing to the west this morning, giving us this rain, the flow around the low, tapping all the tropical moisture. more to come for the atlantic beaches a wet day there. out in the tropics, a disturbance in the western caribbean. a big clusterf thunderstorms, it could become a tropical storm, it would be nicole. it would drift to the north. by the time we get into tomorrow evening and into thursday.
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between now and then, a weak area of low pressure, up into eastern canada. that will dry things out, and over the next 48 hours. a respite for a while. the ground is saturated. here comes the next surge of rain wednesday night into thursday. and this area of yellow, hel downpours sweeping across the day on thursday and exiting on friday. for tuesday, partly sunny, and blustery, highs to near 80. the winds settling down. we could have strong storms then, overnight, partly cloudy sky, temperatures near 60. still could be wet this evening on the shore. sun in the morning, highs reaching the 70s, and wednesday
11:22 am
into thursday, we cou get tropical heavy downpours, out of here by thursday night. nd morning lows, afternoon highs, mid 70s, and over the weekd, morns in the 40s, and mid 60s saturday, sunday and monday. >> we will check the midday traffic. >> road work in place in advertently. live look along thei-95 corridor, the bulk of the construction on the southbound side, as you head down continuing to woodbridge, today, the rit side tied up. h.o.v. lanes configured. not too much in the way of delays. northbound moving well up to
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395. prince george's county, the best it has looked, up to college park, looking good. barbara? >> thank you. 11:23 is the time. changes to the way you talk on the phone and drive in maryland. a new law into effect this week. and a tax holid in virginia. how you can save money and preventing and clearing up cases of head lce and ring worm. he is a look at equals chili's $20 dinn for two. share one of fivappetizers, like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees
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theolidays are just around the corner, making home improvements could help you celebrate early. virginia will be holding the holiday october 8th through 11th, dish washers, and other products that have the energy star will be tax exempt! and starting this friday, no driving and talking on a cell phone, on a new cell phone ban. this is in maryland. once your car starts moving, you will have to use a hands-free device or hang up. it is a secondary offense,
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police can only write you a ticket for that if you are pulled over for something else. the first time, $40 fine, then $100 for repeat offenders. >> gilbert arenas is back, sporting a new beard and a new number, 9, instead of zero. and a new approach. attempts say he is taking the new season seriously after sitting out a 50-game suspension this season. the happy go lucky demeanor he is known for is a thing of the past now. >> i am vry happy. the past, he used to show his happiness on the outside. there is no need to dohat anymore. play the game the right way, and play with my passion. the only place i will smile is on the court. that is where my job is, that is where my love is. that is the only time i need to smile now >> arenas has been ordered by
11:28 am
the commissioner, david stern, not to talk about the gun incident that lead to his suspension. >> 11:28 is the time now. coming up, news4 midday, we talk to the superintendent of schools, addressing overcrowding in the school system. >> and a possible tornado in virginia. and keep the umbrella ha i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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were following breaking news out of charls county, fire rescue at a water treatment plant in the 20 block of st. charles parkway in waldorf, reports of a man who fell in a well. the man in his 50s was found in the well. he is 30 feet down, we are told. charles county rescue is working on reving the man. no word on his injuries. we will continue to follow this breaking news story. we wl bring you more when it comes in tov
11:32 am
>> nbc is dedicating an entire week to education nation. government leaders are addressing issues to improve learning in america. today, zeroing in on high school drop-outs. tracy looks at new efforts to get students to stay in school. >> reporter: every year, 1.3 million american students, 7,000 a day, drop out of school. >> it is not just a crisis,it is a catastrophe. >> reporter: poor students, minorities and those in the south have the highest rates. the government identified low performing schools producing half the drop outs. president obama wants to shut them down. >> our kids are dropping out.
11:33 am
>> ninth grade, the most critical year to determine high school graduation. >> reporter: the alliance for excellent education said keeping kids in schoolan help america's bottom line. savi millions onw3 healthcare, crime, and preparing forjobs. >> jobs require a college education. >> reporter: raising minority graduation rates to whites in the next decade, would add $310 billion to the u.s. economy. the alliance report found that over the course of a career, a high school drop-out will make it $2,000 less than a graduate. >> the summit is part of
11:34 am
education nation. a week-long focus by nbc news on the nation school systems. jack dale is attending that summit and spoke to us earlier this morning. >> the fairfax county school system is the 12th largest in th nation. out of 192 public schools, all but one earned full accreditation for the 2010, 2011 school year, jack dale, the perintendent is attending the education summit in new york. he joins us from there this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> star by talking about your experiee, a long-time educator, what did you learn from the summit? >> during the first day t started out trying to describe all the issues in public education. it is a complex operation from, a parent perspective, child perspective. teacher perspective.
11:35 am
principal, school board member and the list goes on. and one thing that occurred yesterday was toighlight those issues and challenges as we face as a nation. overall, what we face is how to have 50 separate school system, 50 states, come together as one and have one education system. >> yesterday in the president's interview, he recommended longer school years and removing poor-performing teachers? >> there are a lot of recommendations, the approximate spoke about helping to recruit high quality teachers into the classroom. the issues we are not yet talking about, maybe will on the next round, is how important it is for teachers to work with other teachers in every school in theation that is one of the thigs that you see, from my perspective. highly effective schools have
11:36 am
detailed work on student gains and what they can do, when the teachers come together, you have a powerful school that is one thing we need to continue to explore. >> even though fairfax is known as one of the highest performing school districts in the country, you have to deal with tough budget decisions. fairfax public schools will receive $21.3 million to the fund awarded to virginia. how do you hope to spend that money? >> we are in conversations with the school boards and the community. we have stimulus funding from two years ago that will expire after this year. there is a lot of sentiment we should use that to save what we wld lose next year. we will probably look at using a
11:37 am
major portion if not all of it to save jobs for next year. there will literally be hundreds of jobs. >> overcrowding in your schools, how you are dealing with that? >> the good news, i have to praise our board of supervisors, they continu to supply the school system with $155 milliop in capital funding for every year, and contue that in the future. all of our construction bids are coming in way below what they were two three yers ago. we were able to accelerate new schools. we have two more in the hopper right now. that will relief some of the overcrowding, we are still using a lot of trailers on the elementary school campuses. >> thank you for joining us. >> i have to applaud nbc for the
11:38 am
summit, it has been amazinamazi. >> t story is on our home page. and severe weather out there coast to coast. temperatures will edge down.appr about this. record-breaking 113 degrees in downtown los angeles, the hottest day since record keeping began. the highes eer demand for electricity, and fire dangers are posted in california. and damage from a possible tornado th touched down in north hampton county, virginia. a man was sitting inside the home at the time, but managed to make it out unharmed. the storm damage is believed to have been confined to just that area. talking about storms right now. anything like that in the offing
11:39 am
today? >> not at the moment. perhaps on the eastern shore, they are getting heavy downpours in delawae. we had the morning rain, now it di dissipated. and winds getting blustery, and temperatures in the 70s, out in the motains, near 60. in the 50s throughout the midwest. cool air arriving tonight, after the low pressure that gave us rain this rning, into eastern canada. cool air will push in later this evening, near 60 as we start off wednesday morning. for the afternoon, partly clou sunny, temperature near 80, and a chance of storms on the shore, and increing clouds tomorrow, it looks like we will reach the 70s, and then, another surge of tropical moisture from the south that will move in it. moderate to heavy downpours, we
11:40 am
could have flooding problemos thursday, and drying out in time for the weekend. cooling down as well. feeling like october. feeling like autumn. morning lows in the 40s to near 50. should be dry through the weekend into the first part of next week. that is the way it looks. >> checking on the traffic again, jerry. >> a couple of things to talk out at this hour. traveling around the area of the zoo, connecticut avenue. cruises are out doing work on storm drains. it looks like everybody is getting by well. be awar especially lunch time. >> no worries, take the metro rail, be warned, there are delays. scheduled maintenance.
11:41 am
sincele tracking, west falls church and west falls church, expect delays. >> we continue to figure breaking news out of charles county, rescue work eshz are still trying to get a man out of a well at a water treatment plant. in the 28hchbd block of st. charles parkway po. thean is said to be 30 feet down in that well. rescuers are in contact with him. no word on whether not the man was injured when he fell. 11:41, stocks started the week down, a look at where the numbers stand right now. n[ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare? are you new to medare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers you're looking for. working with medice, unitedalthcare can help with the confusion.
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two of the country's low-fare airlines may be merging. southwest announc plans to buy airtran airlines, in if goes rough, it will give southwest their first presence at this airport. >> it seems most of the other airlines do charge, southwest has banked on the bags fly free. we hope that continues.
11:45 am
>> analysts say the deal could raise fares in the northeast, if fare wars end and prices continue to. >> courtney. well, courtney, i don't know that you can hear us, we can't hear you, we will get back to you, and try to straighten that out. meanwhile, as children get back to school and sports, partners should be on the lookout for common scalp diseases. dr. cheryl burgess tells us wat toatch out for. this is something people don't like to talk about, but it is a common problem, especially for kids in school. > it is very, very common. we see it all the time as
11:46 am
dermatologists. >> what should parents look out? >> kids who describe an itchy, irritated scalp. this is the age between 2, when they start socializing, until grade school, up to fifth grade, sixth grade. kids are doing lot of playing together, and transmit the infestation to each other. >> many parents who haven't experienced this wouldn't notice it until you look closely. the female is about the size of a sesame seed n. they can be light in color until they feed and turn brown. they are on the scalp level, they lay the eggs on the air shaft. sometimes people will see them
11:47 am
and alert them to a lice problem. >> are they dark o light in color? >> the are light in color. on a blond-haired individual, you probably don' see them as well as someone withdark hair. the female the lay about a thousand eggs, they are visual if you look for them. in a week, the eggs hatch. then they turn into adults lice in another seven days, and you ca see the problem perpetuates over a short period of time. >> how do we attack this problem? >> first, identifying the cause. there are shampoos out there, one called pyre it. hrum thats red. in a drug store. you shampoo the child's hair, and combing the knits out with a fine tooth comb and reshampoos
11:48 am
is has to be repeated. all ofheir belongings need to be bagged up and tied off for four weeks. >> this is over-the-counter shampoo? >> yes with a chemical that kills the female, and the eggs, and the knits. >> the other kids at school dont do t expect to be reinvested? >> that is where the problem lies. usually, if there is an identified stent, all parents get a letter that child brings home to say one child is intified with head lice. that gives the parent the opportunity to check their child'sscalp. >> talk about ring worm s that a common problem? i remember as a child hearing people talk about it. i haven't lately. >> its common. the iron thing about it,
11:49 am
children with straight hair, white, asian, hispic, head get lice, and ring worm is a fungusus. it looks more like dandruf in children. when we see a child with dry, flaky scalp, we think it is fungusus until proven. >> is that eatable? >> it is. the mistake a lot of people make, they have the child treated by a nonpediat ic -- th fungusus invades the so, an oral treatment is needed. >> how do you say it? >> fungusus of the scalp, that is where we typically see it. as an adult, we see it on the
11:50 am
feet, athlete's foot, jock ichis what it is referred to as. >> not fun to talk about. >> july home prices rose for the fourth straight m as we told you before. we will check in with courtney, who is liv >> good morning, here i am. i am here. hopefully, can you here me this time. the dow, on track for the best month since 1939. today, the dow is up 30 points. it looks lke we will continue the streak if it stays the way it is now. we got the latest date o home prices, things are looking better, prizes are rising, 10 of 20 cities surveyed, no price
11:51 am
change. interesting news from housing, we contin to digest that to see where we are going. like you said, the southwest purchasing for $1.4 billion. so far so good for investors, airtran was up, and southwest, up on the news. halloween is around the corner, coordinating to fun world, a bp jump suft. they are flies off the shelves. geller indicates he will sell 10,000 suits, he pla to donate a porg to the victims of the oil spill. >> i am an ohio girl, some of my
11:52 am
friends will be players, i will be the coach. >> send us pictures. >> have a great day. 11:52, the time right now. a hug and a kiss for a croc. and another check of the forecast. hi there. i'm ian wright and i'm investigating whatakes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gentl♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the e of mine.
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i don't care; it's just nice sitng her you're getting it. you're getting it.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news in charles county and watching live as they try to take that man, we havebeen telling you about that had fallen into a well in charles county. they are working on bringing him up at this point. we are expecting to see him at any moment now, from what we have been told. he is said to be about 50 years old. he was working there. this plant is in the 28 atlanta 00 brock of st. charles parkway. was 30 feet down, it looks like he is emerging from the well right now. we look at the live picture out in charles county. rescuers have been in contact with him for the last hour, working to get him out safely. they don't know if he had been injuredr want. we will find out shortly. so, good news.
11:56 am
they rescue the man from that well where he has been over the last hour. we are working on new stories coming up in the news this afternoon. first and 40 o'clock, it is illegal to text while drives, in a number of states, but research shows those rules aren't doing anything to avoid crashes. >> we will be talking to tom brokaw, what he has to say about the new multimillion dollar initiative by bill gates to evaluate teachers in the classroom. and outside right now, clouds, rain earlier today, and rain moving out toward the eastern shore. as tom told us, the clouds, will they brg us more ra? he was telling us we will see some rain, we kw later when we
11:57 am
talk to him. they say opposites attract it. may be the case for cheato and poncho. 980 pound crocodile, and chetto is a costarican man. he found poencho sifring from a gun shot wound. he took the croc home with him on a boat, and nursed him back to health. poncho didn't want to leave him. good friends ever since. spend spent a l of time together. roll over, who knows. you may want to think about having a croc for a pet. they can do a lot of things.
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thanks for being with u tune in for news at 4:00, i will be back here tomorrow morning. we will be back at 11:00 a.m. have a terrific day. we will see you in the morning.
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(female annocer) previously on real housewives of orange county. my probation officer told me that to get off probation i would have to go to, like--


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