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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 30, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hours and a tornado watch as well through 7:0 that could be extended tonight as we watch what could be the remnants of tropical storm nicole. and veronica johnson is in the storm is center right now. we'll talk more about that because that stormg moving in. once again we cou be talking about a big, big problem overnight tonight. >> overnight tonight going right into tomorrow morning's rush. so this could be the same situation all over again of what we just went through this morng. so here's a look at things showing up in terms of that tornado watch and a tremendous amount of rain that is fallin throughout the area today. close to three inches right there in washington, d.c. clinton at 2.35 inches and well over 3 down in laplato. frederick, maryland, and 4 1/2 inches of rain. here it is, the center of tropical storm nicole. as you said, doug, still down to the south. you can see that spin there just off the coast of north carolina. that's what's going to be making
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its way funneli right up the east coast. a lot of heavy rain for areas of southeastern virginia as well as delaware, then on into new jersey and our area as well. so we get more in, another two to four inches. we'll probably see some gusts to about 40 miles per hour. jim? >> all right. thank you. our team coverage continues now with the news 4's chris gordon. he's live in kensington where it's dry now but a second rou of torrential rain is expected to hit as we've heard later tonight. >> reporter: we covered a lot of territory today. no matter which maryland community we checked on, we found that people shared similar stories. standing watern the curb lane took many motorists by surprise in beltsville. in bowie, the driving rain made driving difficult. >> i was driving 30 miles an hour coming down 202. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yes.
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cars coming towards me with no lights on. >> reporter: prince georges and anne arundel counties, roads were clos because of large pools of water that made driving dangerous. in some cases the floodwaters made their way to local homes. >> it's overflowing near my house and running both sides all around my house. >> reporter: this stretch of route 450 was closed. a fire truck stood guard as an overhead powerline smoked after downed branches caused an explosion. some traffic signals were left dark. rain fell hard at times. and then seemed to let up. as tornado watches were reported from st. mary's, calvert and anne arundel countiesut never seemed to materialize. even as the rain let up in the afternoon, drivers dreaded the commute home. >> you know, people drive a little slower when it's rainy like this. it gets a little slippy and different things like that. you need to be more cautious.
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>> reporter: here in upper marlboro, residents summoned to the courthouse for jury duty found that the water even made walking difficult. >> we were crossing the street coming down here. the water was splashing all over the place. they couldn't even see us coming out. but it was teible this morning coming down. they canceled our case. >> reporter: now, in 2008, upper marlboro had flooding, six feet of water on the streets and some businesses suffered serious damages. news 4 at 6:00, we'll revisit some of those people and find out why tonight they are still fearing flooding. live in kensington, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. the stormy weatr tossed around the chesapeake bay making for rough surf around calvert county here. rising waters spilled on to roadways aroundorth beach creating havoc on the commute. some residents had to use sandbags and buckets to deal with water leaking into their
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homes. >> high water in bethesda also affected traffic there. drivers had a tough time getting through the busy intersection this morning. and it wasn't any easier for pedestrians. theyad to navigate flooded sidewalks and dodge the spray from all those passing cars. take a look at this. scary moments in northeast washington today this morning after drivers found themselves stuck in high water, part of rhode island avenue here near fourth street was shut down after floing made the road impassae. firefighters rescued five people from their vehicles. luckily no one was seriously hurt. and the road has since reopened. drivers are urged to avoid standing water on the roads, but a couple in annandale had to that lessonhe hard way. a husband and wifead to be rescued after they drove around the roadblocks and tried to pass through a flooded road. problems like this make for a messy commute this morning. we're in tyson's corner with a look atow the evening rush is going. >> reporter: wendy, right now
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we're here cambridge road and the traffic is ticking up with commuters trying to beat this storm home. we've been lucky in the last few hours, the rain has tapered off and the roots are drying out. but this wet weather is mething these commuters had to deal with all day long. all across northern virginia thismorning, drivers had a tougher than usal commute. on browns mill road in vienna, daring motorists did their best to speed through this fast growing pool of water. on braddock road in fairfax, drivers were forced to slow down as they splashed through the intersection. >> worst spot was basically 270, 495 wasn't too bad. and then cambridge was pretty bad, too. >> reporter:hile some roads were tricky, others were impassable. in annandale woodburn road was completely flooded. this man lives in the area. he says when it rains, it is common to see the cars turned
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back around. the daring ones just get stuck. >> i know the roads and i know the shortcuts to get around the flood area. i'm just going out, take it esz and do what i have to do. >> reporter: to give drivers a sense of how high this water is, authorities have placed these flood markers on the side of the road. right now this water is about two feet high. and because its floodi is so severe today, authorities have blocked off this road that no cars take the chance and get stuck. unfortunaty, mother nature is just getting started. we're expecting another storm to roll in tonight. but even with all the wet weather, there are some who won't let the rain ruin their day. >> well, i drove in from baltimore. and it was raining. but the weather's not going to stop me. i had a day off. my best friend was available. nothing was going to stop us from going shopping. >> i'm not worried. i'm just going to go home and relax and wait out the storm. >> reporter: and with these dark clouds moving in above us here, you know, authorities are urging if you don't have to be out on the roads tonight, just d't do
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it. stay at home, stay tun here, of course, toen c channel 4. thank you, john. the bad weather in the northeast is causing delays for air travelers. no trouble at the local airports but flights into boston are running 1 1/2 hours behind. philadelphia is about a half hour latand flights into new york are delayed by 2 to 4 hours. one lane of the eastbound access road from dulles is closed because of all of this flooding. >> what about power? well, so far this strm has left thousands of people across our region in the dark this evening. dominion reports about 2600 outages in northern virginia. vg & e tell us 19,000 people are without power right no petco is up to 9,000 people without power in montgomery, prince georges counties and in the district. still ahead, we'll have more on the bus driver that veered off the road and fell 40 feet off a highway flyover, and tonight we'll hear from some of
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the youngest passenge aboard that bus. a soccer coach accused of inappropriately toucng a teenaged athlete. danger in the toy box.
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a fast forward through theheadlines. flooded roadways are causing big problems for drivers across maryland. from route 1 to 301 in bowie. drivers are dealing with this waterlocked streets and should expect a soggy commute home this evening. the rain forced ivers to take it slow in northern virginia. the floods have made roads in vienna a bit tricky. in annandale, the roads were impassable. onecouple had to be rescued in their car after they went around a barricade. scary moments for drivers in the district caught in flash floods on rhode island avenue and fourth street in northeast. that road was shut down for hours. tow trucks removed the cars and cleared all the debris. so -- >>e're not done yet, doug. overnight will be another issue for us? >> yeah, it really is. earlier today people were thinking these are the rmnants of tropical storm nicole and once we're out of here, that's it. no, the remnants of tropical storm nicole will make its way
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in overnight tonight. that's why we have round two to go. a dock under water. this is out towar chesapeake bay. you're saying your dock might go under water. >> my dock's been under water all day. >> this is down towards anap o husband. do not drive throughed throughed water. i cannot say this enough. flash flood watches and warnings are up all across the area. live digital doppler showg the rain across the area. heavier rain off toward the eastern shore.s. so we're going to watch out for that. this is a line right here that's formed down to the south and west and made its way out towards the east. frederick county, montgomery seeing rain. down towards prince william county. these will make your way towards fairfax county. then lht to moderate rain down toward calvert couny. just to the south of calverton and manassas, you'll see heavy
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rain. this line did have a severe thunderstorm warning with it earlier. how much rain have we seen? over 4 1/2 inks in frederick. nearly 2 1/2 in clinton, maryland. 9 inches of rain there. annapolis over 7 inches. this is the sme area ta i think could see heaviest rain overnight tonight as well. flash flood watch in effect until 10:30 for the areas you see he highlighted, also a flash flood watch in effect for the entire area as we could see yet more rain. a tornado watch in effect until 7:00. i will not be surprised to see this extended and maybe even widened a little bit as the remnants of nicole do finally make their way on shore. 75 in clinton, 73 in sterling. quantico coming in at 76. here isround one. watch this moisture come on hrough. then a little bit of a break, then round two. here are the remnants of tropical storm nicole makg their way up from cuba and into
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our area overnight tonight. the very heavy rain will make its way just around our area by 7:00 tomoow. then watch what happens. quickly moves to the north and east. we'll see clearing very quickly behind this storm. our winds wil shift very quickly out of the northwest. that will co us off. that will help to dr us off tomorrow and get some sunshine. before that, we've got a lot of rain to deal with. two to four inches in the corridor. to the east. maybe five more inches if it sets up this way like it did last night where we had storms moving over and over the same areas. as you get back to the west, we're talking much less in the way of rain here. so with round two, what can we expect? heavy rain. very windy conditions. another two to four inches of rain with winds gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour tonight. maybe an isolated tornado ortwo as well. this evening, cloudy skies, periods of rain, some of that will become heavy at times. 72 to 76. but overnight tonight into very early tomorrow morning. we see the heaviest rn, then
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by 7:00, rain will be ending, cool, breezy, and as we move through the day tomorrow, clearing out. how about this? clouds early, maybe a shower early but then becoming mostly sunny. windy at times with those winds out of the northwest. then guesswhat? one really nice day, saturday. th why not have more rain come in on sunday and into monday? and that one as well could be a coastal system. so we're going to be watching that, too. i'm not expecting nearly as much rain with that one. >> busy days for you guys. >> very busy. we're running around a lite bit today. >> you sure are. thank you, doug. for first time tonight we're hearing from some of the youngest victims of yesterday's commuterus crash in bethesda. 11 ople were injured when the bus careened off a flyover ramp, crashed on to i-270 below. three siblings who were on board that bus are talking about their ordeal. aaron gilchrist reports. >> reporter: on a day trip from
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carlisle, pennsylvania, to the national zoo. the olive airio kids were aboard and theremember that crash in vivid detailp. >> driving on the highway. somebody said, driver, watch out. weaw the driver slump over the steering wheel, then he started swerving towards the side of the bridge. >> reporter: riley traled with his sister and older brother to washingt on thr day off from school. they were headed back home just before 4:00 wednesday afternoon when their bus slammed through a guardrail approaching the hov fly overramp in bethesda. riley said he heard screams as the busrashed throughmall trees and tossed him from on side of the bus to the other. >> i remember seeing the people on the bus flipping and me kind of being in the middle. landed on my feet, but i saw other people on the floor, and i was really scared. >> reporter: riley says the bus landed bottom down but tilted. had it not been for the guardrail, the bus would have
5:17 pm
landed in traffic. >> i was just kind of scared. the bystanders they helped with a human ladder to help us down. >> reporter: other psengers on the bus believe the driver, 66-year-old joseph clabaugh may have had a seizure behind the wheel. clabaugh was reported dead at the scene. the others were rushed to the hostal with various injuries including 9-year-old madison. >> i felt my head and then looked at my hand and it was all bloody. and my brother said, oh, my gosh. and he takes off his shirt and wrapped it around my head to stop the bleeding. >> reporter: we will hear from madison's oldest brother vince coming up at 6:00. four of the 11 injured people remain in the hospital tonight in good condition, and that guardrail, we're told, on the flver ramp has been repaired. >> wow, really amatic. >> they saw this all unfold and
5:18 pm
hi slump down is just harrowing. >> yeah, scary for these kids. something they never thought would have happened. they nrp the back of the bus just having conversation as kids will do, then all of a sudden. >> and what were the injuries for these children? just some bruises or -- i mean, they look good from the neck up. >> yeah. mison had a little scratch on her head, we're told. vince, the oldest brother got some stitches in his leg. but for the most part, the kids got away pretty good. >> f a bus tumbling -- >> with no seat belts. because nobody's belted on those things. >> yeah, right. >> people were probably flying as you imagine. >> thanks, aaron. d.c. police are looking for the people who robbed an armored truck in georgetown today. it happened shortly after 2:00 at the bbmt bank. it's not known how much money was taken and no one was hurt in this robbery. the east coast is getting pounded yet again, as you know, by mother nature. what happens if your home gets damaged? we'll tell you what's covered by insurance and what is not. plus a clever markeng
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campaign to convince kids to eat their fruits and veggies. experts say it works. i'm liz crenshaw. busted by backpacks. overloaded backpacks are weighing kids down and causing pain. what parents and stunts need to know.
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kids carry a heavy load these days and an overloaded
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backpacks are no exception. >> they are weighing kids down. doctors and parents are concerned about just how much kids are carrying. liz kren saw shaw joins us with more. >> reporter: children carry the weightf the world on their shoulders and much more. textbooks, notebook, lunches, musical instruments, they all weigh more than you think. and it's sendingyoung students to emergency rooms and doctors' offices across the country. >> it weighs down my back. like makes an arch. >> reporter: overloadd backpacks are weighing down some of today's youngest students. like most middle schooler, 11-year-old ross mortson carries a backpack to and from school every day. >> it's a relief to take it off. >> i'm thinking it couldn't be good for his back and his gomtd. >> reporter: while doctors say there's no evidence of heavy backpacks causing permanent damage, doctors are concerned about the pain kids enduring, especially the younger nes. >> there are certainly studies
5:23 pm
that show that kids that carry heavier weights than wha we recommend are having more back pain issues and they're showing up in our clinics and even in emergency rooms with complaints of back pain. >> reporter: doctors recommend students only carry up to 15% of their body weight. we decided to find out just how heavy ross' backpack is. weighed in at 104 1/2 pounds. then he put on his pack which added 16 1/2 pounds. that's more than 15% of his weight, and it's a concern to his ,c@qhfymother. >> when they're going the 'nhe morning, there's a rush and they're rushin with their bags. >> reporter: experts say it's important for the backpack's weight to be distributed evenly. tt means not putting all the ight on one shoulder and avoid using totes or messenger bags. >> it should be fitted on both shoulders. shoulder straps that fit well and then preferably with a waist strap. >> reporter: it should not fall
5:24 pm
more than four inches below the waist and the shoulder strap anchor points should be one to two inches below the top of the shoulders. so what are doctors dos to help students manage the weight? >> sometimes gethem into an exercise program to work on core strengthening, strengthening the trunk and abdominal muscles. for some kids who have had real medical iues with back problem, we'll write them a note that says they need a second set of books at home. >> reporter: at the end of the day -- >> when i take it off, it's a lot of relief to me because it like straightens up my back and it feels better than having it on. >> reporter: dr. blakemore told us she likes thoserolling backpacks with wheels, but most schools don't allow them because of safety reasons. they just get in the way. our mom suggests online reading for kids at home instead of lugging home the textbooks, leave them in the lockers if you can. >> that's an idea. >> but wearing it higher is really what you need to do.
5:25 pm
if they wear the waist strap, but none of them wear that. >> i need an advil just watching that. >> those kids leaning over like that? >> thanks, liz. coming up on education nation, a lookinside a local career academy. how students are getting a jumpstart on their career while still in high school. he was a soccer coach who is now in jail. so what did he do? i'm tom sherwood. rhode island avenue traffic in northeast washington is moving along fine right now, but earlier this was lake rhode island avenue and there was a dramatic rescue here. i'll have the story coming up. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable compans. th, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
5:26 pm
and for the last four years, he worked as a hiregun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from aaxpayer fund bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives againnd again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
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growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continueo grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business.
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at&t. are you ready for round two? just as the floodwaters start to fall, another system is moving in. our chief meteorologist doug kammerer is keeping an eye on the radar. what's heading our way? >> lots heading our way. not a lot going on right now. that's the good news. for the most part dealingwith light rain, some placesoderate rain but no lightning associated with these. live doppler showing most of the rain is to the east of the i-95 corridor. to the places that have seen all day long. down towards st. mary's and calvert county. and heavier downpours right around manassas and centerville. those around 66 and out there on route 7 as well. watch out in that location.
5:29 pm
then out towards damascus andu frederick as well as mount airy. that's another area of storminess as well with very heavy downpours. they'll come through and drop a quick amount of rain in 20 to 30 minutes, then they'll exit. down towards st. mary's county, you'll continue to see some very heavy rain there and more rain on the way. look at this flow of moisture coming straight from the atlantic through north carolina, through southern virginia and then right up the i-95 corridor. that's the remnants of opical storm nicole that will be on our doorstep coming up in the next couple of hours. that's why we still have that flash flood watchn effect for everybody all the way through tonight and some areas still dealing with fash flood warnings from a little bit earlier. i'll be back later on to let you know what's next for the weekend. >> oh, dear. >> a dramaticescue in the district today after several drivers got stuck in flash flooding. >> around 11:00 this morning, the water started rising quickly on rhode islan avenue near fourth street in northeast. tomdl sherwo0#4wñ is live in th location. he talked to some of those
5:30 pm
stranded drivers. tom? >> you know the downpour caused havoc all over the city. but here on rhode island avenue in northeast, the water backed up from the underpass to the end of this median strip. one woman caught in the flood is happy she's alive. water quickly flood into the rhode island avenue underpass here near fourth street in northeast washington surprising drivers. >> the rain was comingn so hard, it was taking me under and going into the bridge. and the man in the front of me saying stay back, stay back, stay ba. >> the water started coming in the car more, and it took almost to the time where the car was filled up with water where i had to grab h and pull her out of the car. only one man camever and actually helped us. >> he saved my life. >> reporter: he saved your life? >> because i can't swim. and i was going under. that's just how deep twater had come. >> reporter: great-grandmother bernice clark and her
5:31 pm
great-grandson were describing howheir car was overwhelmed by water and mud thursday morning as they headed downtown for an appointment. >> i had given up. i thought i was gone. and i just knew i was gone. by the time the water hit my legs, it just looked like somebodyad turned the water on and it was coming and it had reached up here. i said, oh, no. you mean i got to ave like this? >> reporter: normally busy rhode island avenue was shut down for hours by police as tow trucks removed rs and theroadway was drained and ready for traffic again. one of the worst areas affected in the district. several city businesses along e strip say it was the worst flooding they've ever seen here. and they hope that this is a wake-up call for the city to do something about the water so it will drain a lot faster than it di this morning. i'm tom sherwood, live in northeast, back to you, jim. >> that was a scary ride in today. heavy rain z caused flooding
5:32 pm
all acss the atlantic region. this was the scene in norfolk, virginia, this morning. as you can see, this entire section was under water. other roads across the city also flooded. rescue teams had to help some motor is who got stranded when their car stalled. and flooding's causing big problems up in baltimore as well. sevennches of rain fell before 11:00 this morning and several roads are closed because of standing water or outright flooding. >>all of this wet weather has a lot of people asking, what does homeowners insurance cover when it comes to water damage. it is not as straightforward as you might think. the insurance information institu breaks it down for us. if water comes from the sky, such as rain leaking in your roof, homeowners insurance will cover that damage. if t water comes from the ground up as a result of a swollen creek or if standing rainwater seps into your basement, you are not covered. that's when your flood insurance kicks in. but you have to have flood insurance. it's a federal flood insurance
5:33 pm
policy that you have to buy for that kind of damage to get it covered. and we've been getting a look at the rain's impact all over our region thanks to our viewe. keep those pictures coming. you can send your photos to weather at a montgomery county soccer coach is facing charg tonight accused of sexually assaulting a young player. pat collins has the latest now from police. >> reporter: roger fernandezas an impressive soccer resupe. it goes all the way back to his youth. athlete of the year at francis middle school, soccer star at nstein high school, soccer scholarship to santa clara university. in his adult life, he's had a number of soccer cohing jobs. in the '90s, the olney soccer ub. 2003 prince george's community college. and since 2007 he's been a coach at the realfc soccer club
5:34 pm
headquarted here in silver pring. now coach fernandez is suspect fernandez charged with sexual abuse. e victim, a 17-year-old player. a player who told police this unwanted sexual encounter occurred at the real maryland sc headquarters in silver spring up there in a conference room. >> the coach sted he wanted the 17-year-old male to lay down on one of the tables in a conference room so he could massage his calf. >> reporte and that's wen the assault took place? >> that's right. >> reporter: dyou think there are any other victims? >> we don't o know. in cases like this, often there are many more. >> reporter: coach fernandez was picked up by police today and officially charged with sexual abuse of a minor. i'm pat collins, news 4, montgomery ounty. the mother of an aspiring politician killed in a traffic accident now pla to run in her daughter's place.
5:35 pm
natasha pettigrew was riding her bike when she w struck and killed by an suv. her mother will finish her campaign. she can think of no greater honor than running he daughter's race to the finish line.ñi when we come back tonight, a small typo on a cereal box lead to a big surprise. what happened when people cald the number on this cereal box. come in for a shot and stay for the show. the unusual deal being offered a strip club. well, you're watching pain. news 4 at 5:00.
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on education nation tonight, a growing number of students are getting real life job experience and a head strt on their careers while they're in high school. >> we learn about some montgomery county students that are mapping out their future wh the help of careersçko>)x academies. >> i looks nice. >> reporter: for these montgomery county teenagers, high school classes these da are a lot more interesting and a lot more >> i really was taki them
5:39 pm
because i had to take them. now i have classes that i'm actually wanting to go to. >> reporter: the students, all seniors, are all enrolled in the school's finance academy, one of three carr academies here. small theme-based learning communities. >> answer that age-old questn of why do i need to learn this? >> my first class was financial planning and banking and credit. >> reporter: julie hong1ñz career in business and technology. diane best is studying finance, economic and business. >> it's not only business but everyday things like, you know, paying for bls. >> why would you start your own business? >> reporter: beginning in tenth grade, watkins mills students start their acad emic classes. and they get a wealth of experience that gives them a jump on their careers. in a tough conomy, that can be a valuable bst. >> college is an expensive place to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. this helps students think about
5:40 pm
that before they get there. >> i fee like it kind of gives them that edge. >> it's not one set thing. you're getting like little pieces of the business world. >> reporter: career academies have taken root in thousands of high schools around the country. they're organized around themes such as health, business and finance and computer technology. th are essentially schools within schools. and the students are well integrated. >> they are sga, they're athletes, they're partf the theater department here, they're in musicals. so they're all involved in different aspects of theschool. >> reporter: it's estimated there are some 2500 to 7,000 career academies in the u.s. with an impressive tra record. they boast a 90% graduation rate. 80% go on to college. they earn on average 11% more than their pierce. and black and latino male graduates earn 17% more. these students are certainly getting more out of high school. >> this is a good program.
5:41 pm
they really help us a lot. they really care about us. >> i actually know what i want to do. i feel like i'm ready for the real world now. >> reporter: pat lawson muse, news 4, gaithersburg. there are 14 career academies that are supported about i the national academy foundation. the network of hgh school academies serves 50,000 students in 41 states and here in the district. our edution nation coverage continues on "nightly news" starting tonight at 7:00. go to our website and weigh in on d.'s chancellor. does she makehe grade? it's working. that's a great concept they've got. >> it's lovely, yeah. coming up, parents listen up. there's a major toy recall ou there tonight. why millions of fisher-price products are being pulled from store shelves. and in sports, the redskins rewind to that infamous body bag game against the eagles.
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now, let's fast forward through the headlines. flooding in the district left veral stranded.
5:45 pm
firefighters helped rescue five people. that area was shut down for hours so the tow trucks could remove the stranded cars. there have been no reports of any serious injuries associated with these storms. traffic came to a halt after two metro buses collided in silver spring this morning. investigators say the crash was weather related. 23 people were injured but the injuries do not appear to be serious. there were ten blair students on that bus. high water all across the atlantic region. in norfolk, entire intersections were flooded making drivi dangerous down in the tidewater region. baltimore, several inches of rain fell before 11:00 this morning. several roads there were closed because of high water. and let's find out how much more is heading our way. doug? >> could be a lot more in some locations, especially east of e i-95 corridor. that's where most of the heavy rain will be ovnight tonight. let's show you live digital doppler radar. you can see where that rain is. some rain down towards solomons and piney point. also along the eastern shore.
5:46 pm
but another line of showers and even some thunderstorms. let's go ahead and take a couple of zooms here. one down towards manassas and centerville where the storm is making its way down into fairfax county. it will affect clifton in the next 15 to 20 minutes. this one could have strong winds up towards gaithersburg. you are going to see that coming through your area in the next 10 to 15 minutes. could produce very heavy downpours as well as some wind gusts. upwards of 30 to maybe 40 miles an hour. watch out for that storm. now, the wider view here swing the storm still down to our south. these are the remnants of tropical storm nicole making its way up to the north. so much more in the way of rain to come. overnight tonit and into the early morning hours tomorrow morning. that rain moving tall way down towards jacksonville. so still a lot of rain t there. once again, most of it to the east of the i-95 corridor. let's look at the four-day forecast for you. 72 for the high tomorrow. notice thsunshine. i think we'll get out of the clouds and the rain very early
5:47 pm
tomorrow morning and then a pretty nice day the rest of the day tomorrow, then saturday, a great day. high of 68. then more rain coming in for late sunday and into the day on monday as well. that one could be añi pretty go rainmaker as well. but 're not talking about inches this time around. >> n done with us yet. doug, thank you. fisher-price tonight is recalling more than 10 million toys. tricycles and high cairs over safety concerns. the tricycles are being recalled because of ten children that have beeninjured after sitti or falling on a plastic ignition key on the trikes. it also involves little people wheelies, stand and play rampway toys. th wheels on the cars can come off, posing choking] parents can check the fisher-price section of the mattel website. we'll have much mo on this at 6:00 tonight including more information about some fisher-price high chairs that are also being recalled today. in sports, oh, there was a very ugly redskins/eagles game
5:48 pm
in the past. and it is one that we will never forget. why don't you show us th  >> we're going to do even better than that. we're going to show you some video. >> and you guys like this because you remember all of these players. these are the glory years. this is the heyday. this these are the go times. the redskins have had a slew of memorable matchups with the eagles of philadelphia. who can forget the infams body bag game. nine players cart afd the field in 1980. the two teams would meet in philadelphia again. this time the redskins would exact their revenge when it mattered most. here's the latest edition of "redskins rewind." ♪ january 5th, 1991, when replay saved the day. in an nfc wildcard game at veterans stadium, philadelphia eagles quarterback randall cunningham and the eagles
5:49 pm
offense was just starting to take flight. cunningham, to keith jackson, who tears up the turf,ut is brought down just short of the end zone. as close to pay dirt as they would get. >> when we first got down close to our end zone, keith jackson. that's when he came in the huddle and said, hey, let's put our goal to say no touchdown. three points, but no touchdow after he said that the first time, it was already in everybody's mind, let's have this goal to not let these guys score. >> his team goal was achieved. no eagle touchdowns, three turnovers, and five sacks. >> i think our line played exceptionally well. jim johnson and i, we had fun today. we talked out there. we kept our composure. we didn't let them rattle us. when they came with the no-huddle, when they did a lot of different things, we were together.
5:50 pm
>> redskins leading 7-6 and driving when mark rypien hits earnest byner on the short pass. he tried an extra move to get by smith. on the way down biner fumbles. smh recovers the loose ball and hop on a caravan full of eagles. 96 yards the other way for the apparent touchdown. wait a minute. upon furth review, biner went down before the fumble. no touchdown. >> that really would have been a real tough thing cause you know, you work yourself silly getting all the way down to the five like that and earnest going down there, i think he worked so hard to get that the go the other way for the touchdown, it didn't seem right. i'm sure glad insnt replay showed it wasn't right. >> washingtonturns the nonturnover into a ten-point turnaround with the field goal and a rypien to gary clark coection.
5:51 pm
the skins had done it. a 20-6 win over the eagles. >> we know as soon as we came out of the gate, we knew we were going to beat them. peopleñr on this team don't go t d say it, but we know deep down inside down he where it really counts. and that's what we did. we went out there and did it. >> everybody was free to individually give it their best shot. no pressure. and no pressure from no man, not even the coaches. just lay it on the line. and we could walk out here winners, gracious winns or gracious losers. thank god we're leaving as gracious winners. >> so the skins would lose in san francisco the following week, ending their season. but the next year, of course, they won the super bowl. >> that's right. >> like i sa, when you encompass everything, those were the good times. >> they got the eagles coming up. mcnabb going home. >> this is a huge game not just
5:52 pm
because of that and michael vick, because they have to win this. >> they must. we'll see you at 6:00. wendy? >> football star ochocinco's cereal box has a sex line number on it by mistake. monkeys are patrolling the streets in one international city. all these are stories that make you say what? the story about a wrong number. cincinnati bengal ochocinco is featured on cereal boxes along with a toll-free number at you can call to feed the children campaign. but there's a typo on that number. and callers are getting a phone sex line inste. the cereal boxes are being pulled so they can make a correction. customers at a flu shot clinic are seeing more than naked arms. a strip club was giving out flu shots to customers, employees and residents. the manager planned 100 shots. another clinic is set for next
5:53 pm
month. and they are not the usual police. these are monkey police. the monkeys are all over the city of new delhi. they're known for being fierce and keeping a watchful eye on public places. new delhi is about to host the commonwealth games, so police need all the help they can get. all right. well, here's some food for thought for pares. after the break, find out what some moms and dads are doing to try to convince their kids to try to convince their kids to eat right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good hools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've de record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
5:54 pm
and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward novators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed inays that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to eryone in amera by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information
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and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
5:56 pm
we're keeping an eye on the radar tonight. this storm has already dumped eight inches of rain in some areas and it's not over yet, folks. the co is creeping closer toward the coast. it is going to bring more wet weather to our area over the next few hour. doug will have your forecast in just a few minutes. until then, keep sending us your storm pictures to weather@nbc adults do whatever they can to make sure their kids pack in the vegetables. >> butaking sure carrots and broccoli don't get trashed takes extra creativity. erica edwards has news for your health. >> reporter: it's a timeless tale, mom makes healthy meals, kid doesn't eat it. how do you make this appetizing to finicky young eaters? >> we've got to be more
5:57 pm
innovative. we've got to make it fun. >> reporter: carrots fun? ou bet they are. >> brought to you by a bunch of carrot farmers. >> reporter: bolton house farms and other carrot farmers have teamed up to market carrots like junk food. combine splashy packaging even with a hit online presence and you get the attention of teens. >> the kids have told us, funny enough, that when they eat baby carrots i this new packaging, they taste better. >> reporter: the baby carrot campaign is also testing carrot vending machines in high schools. but even what kids bring to schoofor lunch is getting a makeover. >> my kids love food on a stick. >> reporter: no plain jane pb & j here. the packed lunch is an art form for this working mother of four in virginia, where sandwiches are disguised as dolphins. >> kids like to play th toys and food. and when it looks pretty cool and bright, you know,ñi they wa to try it. >> reporter: but does trning leftovers into little old men really get kids toeat their veggies? >> this absolutely works.
5:58 pm
because coolness is king. >> reporter: food branding specialist dr. brian wansing tested the theory of making carrots cool on a group of 4-year-olds. boosting the intrigue by calling them x-ray vision carrots. >> they're still the same basic carrot, but what we found is that kids were 40% more likely to take and eat them if they had this silly little label. >> reporter: call it silly, call it a stretch of the truth, just don't call it good for you if you want kids to eat it. got to sneak it in there. >> yeah. >> the new baby carrot marketing campaign will hit stores nationwide before halloween. >> that's when stores will start carrying scare-ots. or scare-iots. that's it for us. ews 4 at 6:00 is starting right now. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 6:00. the frst storm has come and gone, now another system is
5:59 pm
getting ready to dump more heavy rain on our region. >> it was spinning a spinning. i bumped my head. i dn't know i was bleeding. i didn't know what happened. >> we'll hear from some of the children that were on a tour bus that careened off a sky ramp. >> rahm emanuel will announce his resignation tomorrow. we begin tonight with flash flooding. rescues,oad closures and all of that was just ts morning. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. this morning's system h deadly consequences in north carolina. three people were killed when the jeep they were in hydroplained in waeg county. the jeep rolled into a canal. our region, parts of southern maryland got hit hard. four front yards in calvert county looked like swamps. in virginia, getting around on foot wasn't edz as some walkers had to wade through high water in e


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