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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 1, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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though, that they allowed forms that were clearly false to be signed, to be submitted as evidence when they knew that it wasn't true. >> reporter: last march, d.c. police began using a device called an intoximeter to determine the ood alcohol level of drivers spected of dwi. when the cases were taken to superior court, the dwi numbers were accompanied by this paragraph. it says "i certify that the samples analyzed above were taken according to guidelines set forth by the district of columbia's chief toxicologist, that the equipment used was approved by the ief toxicologist." that's the way these cases were brought to court. last march, april, may, june, july, and august. the problem is the chief
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toxicologt didn't approve this equipment. until september. peter nickels,he attorney general for the district says the dwi cases for the last six months will be reviewed. some charges may be dropped. some may be reduced. he promised to be fair and accurate. d.c. police say their machines are accurate. it's the procedure that was the problem. >> there is absolutely no issues with the integrity, the reliability, the accuracy of the instruments. >> reporter: so the problem here is? >> it's protocs and procedures. >> reporter: some history. from march 200until march 2010, police had calibration problems with the intoxilizer. that's the equipment they used back then in dwi arrests. as a result of that problem, 300 dwi convictions are now under question.
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calibration problems last year, procedural problems this year. the dispute over dwi arrests in the city could go on and on for some time. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. well, the entireast coast is still cleaning up from yesterday's torrential downpours. city officials in annapolis say almost every road that w closed because of flooding yesterday, it has reopened. and residents who were evacuated near the waterworks dam have been allowed to return as the watelevels recede. but high wat remained in many areas today around annapolis. the city got more than 7 inches of rain just last night alone. high water was also a problem for drivers in northern virginia. parts of browns mill road in vienna had a foot and a half of standing water this morning. after two days ofrain, that water is now receding. the road was completely impassible. this time yesterday, vehicles did mana to get through today.
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the area that was hit the hardest is in st. mary's county, where high water may have caused thousands of dollars in property dama. derrick ward spe the day with folks who live that way. residents here are dryingout. the river dealt them a cruel blow and some of them had to make a harrowing escape. >> we were in that trailer right there. back there, is where i that came to get us out. we just stepped right into the boat and they took us between the trailers up to the top of the hill. >> and now e car is all flooded up and everything. i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: a few miles up route 5, a local contractor is waiting to make a delivery. >> it's making for a fun day. i can't get down here. i have a delivey for a job, probably for flood dage. >> reporter: another contractor just wanted to get to his equipment, which used to sit on dry land. >> that one particular machine right there that says 603, the water was up above that it's been going down, probably two feet.
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>> reporter: the folks who live around here say it's not uncommon to get flooding back here, this little dip in the road because there is a creek ose by. but what has happened beyond this? well, that's anything but usual. they say they haven't seen water like this in at least two or three years. the county activated its emergency response procedures last night. and they have been busy ever since. >> we did reverse 911 calls to people's cell phones as well as home line. we also went dr to door in a lot of neighborhoods to let people know. >> reporter: long time residents know that live a big river or creek can have its challenges. william boles ties down his lawn furniture. and for him it's a simple equation to living by the water. >> sometimes it backs up because of floods. not onlyloods, but high tide, the moon, so forth. and so there is no place for the water to go. >> reporter: in st. mary's county, derrick ward, news4. in anne arundel county, they figure that it was rain that caused this sinkhole in severn.
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a 48-inch storm drain collapsed this morning. it took a chunk of gambrills road along with it. it is one of at least three sinkholes reported in the area. we are in for yet another round of heavy rain. doug, just got some confirmation of a tornado up in the annapolis area yesterday? >> that's right. anne arundel to the et of pasadena did have a confirmed tornado from the national weather service. past two miles east of lakeshore in anne arundel unty, maryland around 10:00 yesterday morning. so we dihave some severe weather. and yes, now one confirmed tornado with winds upwards of 80 miles per hour. rtunately there were no injuries with that tornado. now look at this. behind me, plenty of clear skies, blue skies, actually a very nice evening. just a little on the breezy side. nothing on the radar right now. we will stay dry today. we will stay dry during the day tomorrow. and then maybe some rain moving back in. but look at the rain totals that we have seen. five inches over the past 48 hours in the district.
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5.89 in frederick. and there it is, the big number. leonardtown coming in with over a foot of rain. amazing the rain totals that we have seen. and all of that rain continues to push off to the east, leaving behind some dry and clear skies. 61 overnight tonight at 9:00 p.m. by 11:00. and we'll cool down fairly quickly. and by the time you wake up tomorrow, a temperature of 52 degrees with plenty of sunshine. i'll be back a little later on to tell y when our next chance of rain is, and tell you when you may need tt umbrella. >> thanks, doug. fire officials are trying to figure out if somebody intentionally set a fire that killed one person at an apartment building in northwest d.c. earlier this week. a fire broke out early wednesday morning on the 16th street roner columbia heights. one man was killed after he jumped from his fifth floor apartment. several other people were riously injured. officials say they're talking to several what they call persons of interest. >> we began to eliminate every single accidental cause, and that's going to lead us to one area. we're not ite ready to make
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that jump yet. but speculation would say most likely it's going to be some type of a set fire. >> investigators say that wh they think is that somebody might have set a mattress on fire in the hallway on the fifth floor of that building. as noted, theye conducting interviews. a driver in briana, virginia lo control and dve a car into a backyard patio this afternoon in the 7600 block of tyson's oak circle. no damage to the home, no damage to any humans. it's not clear what caused the driver to lose control. sergeanting today, you can no longer legally hold a cell phone to your ear while you drive in maryland. drivers have to use a hands-free device or just get off the phone. the law doesn't apply if you are opped at a light. keep in mind this is a secondary offense, which means you have to be pulled over for something else and be talking on the phone in order for police to give you a ticket.
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if caught, the first offense costing you $40, and $100 right after that. yu might have heard there is a football game comi up this weekend. donovan mcnabb going back to the city of anything but brotherly love. >>the philadelphia eagles sect donovan mcnabb, quarterback, syracuse university. >> 1999, they booed donovan mcnabb. and that's what they'll probably do again on sunday when he goes back to philly. but there are some people who probably will cheer for the redskins quarterback because of his 11 years with that team. >> this is a big game r the 1-2 skins. tom sherwood joins us. >> reporter: we talked to fans andeard from a football-loving bartender. ellen white, a bar tender in clyde's downtown works in a bar that features redskins patings. how does she feel about mcnabb
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on sunday. and you'll be supporting? >> the eagles. >> reporter: why? >> i was born up there. >> reporter: does the bartender think mcnabb's starring in philly for 11 seasons will be booed? >> i think they'll cheer him until 2 game starts and then they're going tory the take him down. >> reporter: if he throws a 60 yard pass for a touchdown? >> they're going to boo. >> reporter: but it's football. it's natural to boo the enemy, especiallyith michael vick taking mcnabb's place and the hated giants just up the road. >> the giants hate theeagles. the redskins hate the giants. it keeps going around. makes for fun. reporter: a few seats down, a customer was talking to his friend on a cell phone. ask him what he thinks abouthe redskins and the eagles. >> he is a redskin fan. >> reporter: what is the score going to be? >> what is the score of the game going to be, matt. he s we're going to lose. the redskins aregoing to lose. >> reporter: what kind of fan is that? and out on seventh street, passersby were anxious for the game.
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>> i would have to say redskins because michael vick is too inconsistent. mcnabb is going to have a chip on his shoulder. >> reporter: what do you think? >> michael vick is what i think. yeah, i'm going with that. but i got faith in my skins. it's just a normal day. >> reporter: and will mcnabb be booed in philly? >> oh, yeah, he'll be booed off the field in a second. >> hoping for a win, but fearing a loss. wendy and jim, back to you. that fan didn't know what he wa talking about. >> of all the men in the studio, everyone went inconsistent. >> has he been watching? >> let's hope he is not consistent on sunday. >> there you go. >> dan helli what yougot? >> hey, wendy and jim you can't get enough of this. we will actually hear from donovan coming up in sports. we will also hear from albert haynesworth wh said he considered not cashing that $21 million chec and celtics guard nate robinson who is 5'7" gives
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shaq's size 22 shoes a test run. also coming up, a major change in the white house. chf of staff out and interim replacement has been named. we now know what caused that one thousand-point plunge on wall street a few months back. and w, a big recalall over the world.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> the white house chief of staff is the gate keeper to the president, and is generally
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considered the second most powerful person in washington. rahm emanuel resigned that job today toun for the mayor's office in chicago. it is a changing of the guard that will also mean a change in style. steve handelsman takes a look. >> reporter: it was a grand sendoff. an emotional sendoff. barack obama and rahm emanuel by all accounts grew closer in the trenches in two years of political combat. >> mr. president, i thought i was tough. but as someo who saw firstnd how close our nation came to the brink, and what you had to do to put america back on track, i want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president haever faced. >> reporter: now one chicagoan goes home to work 24/7, yell at staffers, and run for mayor. e other chicagoan needs a chief of staff. for now, it will be mrobama's top senate staffer, pete rouse.
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>> there is a saying around the white house. let's let pete fix it. >> reporter: there will be a lot toix. obama backers agree. >> where are we going from here now? i'm looking forward to sing what he does in the next two years. >> i think now, particularly if obama gets a setback in the midterm, meaning his policies, republicans say take over congress, if that happened, then it will probably help the president or somebody like rouse, because he'll be a little more deal-making going on. >> reporter: what dithe new white house chief of staff say today? uh, nothing. >> pete has never seen micropho or a tv camera that he likes. >> reporter: going public is not in the job description. rouse is an interim choice. president obama is still looking for someone to take the place of rahm emanuel. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at the white house
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elena kagan is now officially the nation's newest supreme court justice. she took her seaton bench today in a formal ceremony attended by the president. the proceeding was closed to tv cameras,ut afterward kagan did come outside with chief justice john roberts. the new term of the nation's highest court begins on monday. counterterrorism officials in the u.s. think osama bin laden is behind the latest plot against european cities. they're working as if bin laden played role in planning attack that might involve shooting rampages in britain, france, and germany. bin laden and his top lieutenants are believed to be hiding in pakistan. today a new audiotape believed to be bin laden was released. it talks about this summer's devaating floods in pakistan. the al qaeda leader calls for the creation of a new relief organization to help muslims. well, stocks are starting october with some modestgains. the dow up 42 points as it ended
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the week. the nasdaq 2, and the s&p gained 5 points. today's gains come as federal regulars identify what caused that big crash for the dow in the la spring. the s.e.c. says that the so-called flash crash may 6th when the dow slid nearly a thousand points in less than 30 minutes, it was caused by a computer program at a trading firm. the s.e.c. is not saying which firm, but it says a $4 billion trade set off that crash. the s.e.c. also says there is no guarantee such a crash won't happen again. tay united and continental airlines became the world's biggest airline. the new company will retain the united airlines name after their merger. the company began trading on the stock exchange today under the ual symbol. travelers will not notice much of a difference right away. for now customers can still use the websites of both airlines. a major recall tonight b the german automaker bmw. the company is recalling 350,000
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cars all over the world because of potential brake problems. the company says the cars' brake fluid leaks into the hydraulics, and that prevents pressure from building up. expert says drivers can notice the probm when they need to apply more pressure to the brake, although the brakes will still work. the bmw 5 series, the 6 series and the 7 sries powered by v 468 and v-12 engines are affected along with 6 now rolls-royce phantoms. a car slams into a montgomery county school bus. people living throughout the northeast battling severe weather now. and our chief meteorologist doug kammerer is coming back with your weekend forecast.
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right here ithis neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education fir. we've made record investments in our classrooms...
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doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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you're watching "news4 at 6." >> the northeastern part of the u.s. got pounded in the rain these last couple of days. in ttstown, pennsylvaa, some people were rescued after they got stranded. up to 10 inches of rain fell on areas near philadelphia. that storm flooded dozens of roads, even forced some schools to close today. >> that same system caused problems for the morning commute in the big apple. some drivers could not even get through the streets because they were so badly flooded. it wasn't just the roads. even the mass transit had major delays this morning. a lot calmer on the chesapeake bay bay.
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>> it's a beautiful day to be on the bay or just be outside. but they actually had some drama out there in annapolis. >> yesterday morning we had a couple o toado warnings, about four tornado warnings came down, this just from the national weather service. i told you a minute ago, a tornado confirmed east of pasadena, maryland, two miles east of lakeshore in anne arundel county. the tornado actually affected about six houses. ten large treesere uproot and snapped off, several of them maple trees. one tree fell on a truck. another crashed into a work shed and fell into a pool. and yet more trees down in other neigorhoods. that first oneas around milburn cicle. if you woke up and said hey look, i think that was a tornado, you were right. things have really calmed down across the region. nothing but sunshine now after abundant rain fell during the day yesterday. just amazing how much rain we did see. we needed a tropical storm to bring us a lot of rain. and boy did we get it. temperature-wise as far as the area went today, 75 for a high
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today. but with early clouds and then some sshine in the afternoon, it still was rath cool with that wind gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. so even though the temperature was a little bit above average, it didn't feel like it we did see those winds gusty throughout the afternoon. right now live on radar, all clear. we're not seeing any more rain that is the good news. we are dry right now. i think we'll stay dry tomorrow. look at the numbers. almost six inches in frederick. five inches in sterling. five inches in washington, d.c. 9 in annapolis. leonard town with over a foot and quantico coming in nearly six inches of rain. another couple of areas. calvert county 9.1 inches. court any's overlook, 10.64 inches. anne arundel county rolng knolls at 8 inches. now right now 71 degrees the current temperature with plenty of sunshine. winds out of the north-northwest at 17 miles an hour. but they're still gusting upwards of 25 miles per hour. i do think they're going to calm
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down tonight. and it's going to be a fairly nice night, but it will be a littlebreezy. if you're going out, make sure you take the jacket. 70 in frederick. 70 in sterling. manassas at 68 degrees. chantilly at 69 degrees. satellite and radar showing that system pushing off towards the east. that is the good news. so what is the bad news? well, the bad news is we've got a couple more systems moving our way. here is the first system. this is a upper-level low that is going to make s way down towards the south. as it does, it's going to create some cloud cover late tomorrow, and especially into the day on sunday, with a few showers ring the day. then we'll watch another system move o of the tropics, move up towards our region, and then we're going to combine that with high pressure to the north. that's goi to create a northeasterly wind. we're talking about the potential for a nor'easter during the day on monday. not going to be a bad one. it's not going to be too much to worry about. but what we will see from it is light to modera rain with the potential of one to two inches, especially east of i-95.
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and winds gusting 20 30 miles per hour. is evening mostly sunny skies. on the windy side, turning cooler. 66 to 72 degrees with the winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow morning waking up to mostly clear skies, breezy and cool. sunrise at 7:04. 44 to 50 degrees. so again, a little bit on the cool side as you wake up tomorrow morning. then we make our way through the day, afternoon clouds. still a little on the breezy side. high temperatures only in the upper 60s. a little below average. and with winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour, it's going to feel a little -- you'll feel a little bit of a cool breeze there. then on sunday, we'll see mostly cloudy skies, ahance of a shower in the afternoon. only a 30, maybe 40% chance. any rain on sunday will be light. and then the rai really comes in on monday with a high temperature of only 60 degrees. some areas will stay in the 50s all day long. and with the rainy day, it's not going toe very nice at all on monday. kind of nasty out there. tuesday more of the same. with some rain as well. temperatures around 60 degrees
6:26 pm
there. as we move into the extended outlook, still unsettled on wednesday. possible showers there, and then we're finally getting out of that pattern on thursday and friday. once again, i mentied the word nor'easter, and a lot of times that strikes fear in people. >> sure. >> it's not going to be that kind of northeaster where we're talking about 40, 50 miles per hour in just daysof rain. this will be one day where we see moderate to heavy rain, potential of one to two inches. that right now i think is about it. >> thanks, doug. coming up, new details in the tragic story of a teenager who was murdered when he left a party. and it's a growing problem on college campusesacrosshe country that many continue to ignore the red flags and warning sign i'm joh schriffen here at howard university. coming up, how stunts are coming together to fight against domestic violence. and a car gets pinned under a school bus. coming up in sports, the amicans drenched in the ryder cup. albert haynesworth says he is
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not in a standoff with head coach mike shanahan. and donovan mcnabb doing everything he can to treat sunday's contest
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable compans. th, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from aaxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives againnd again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
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you're watching nbc 4, washington's news lead. now live in hd, this is "news4 at 6." >> a high school football player was gunned down in june after
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leaving a go go party at a chur. now the alleged gunman is in custody. the victim's name jamal bell. >> jamalell played football at roosevelt high school. police arrested a 17-year-old kid for the murder. darcy spencer has our report now. >> reporter: the teenager was shot and killed after a party broke up at a church on georgia avenue right across the street from the fourth district police station. 15-year-old jamal bell muered after attending a go-go party at nativity catholic church on june 18th. he was a standout football player at roosevelt high school. police confirmed an arrest first reported on news4 yesterday. 17-year-old zachary simms of northwest washington now charged as an adult with murder. >> all the homicides that happen in d.c. are very troubling. and we always have a great sense of relief when we bring the killers to justice. this one is particularly
6:31 pm
disconcerting. >> because of the hard work of the police department and the cooperation of the community, that we have a killer off the streets, that the police have put together a great case so that this case and many others across our city will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: the police chief kathy lanier says bell was killed after words were exchanged between two groups of young people. two other teens were wounded. >> not only is jamal bel's family had a tremendous loss, but also zachary simms has now lost one of their family members. it senseless to keep having family members suffer, what we see family members suffer over and over and over again with the senseless vience. >> reporter: a source tells news4 simms was in the custody of the youth rehabilitation services when he was arrested on the charge yesterday afternoon. in the newsroom, darcy spencer, news4. investigators in charles county, maryland are looking
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into the fatal ooting of a husband and wife. the victims haveeen identified as 39-year-old patrice warner and his wife, 38-year-old altavis warner of white plains. a teenaged relative found their bodies about 8:00 in the morning in an upstairs bedroom at the couple's home. a gun was found at the scene. officials are looking at the case as a possible murder-suicide. more than four months after the murder of university of virginia lacrosse player yeardley love, her tragic death is being used as a teachable moment around the country. at howard university today, hundreds of red flags have been planted on campus. this kicks off domestic violence awareness month. news4's john schriffen has more. >> reporter: the death of 22-year-old lacrosse staout yeardley love shook up the university of virginia's campus back in may. even more shocking to many uva students, that her former boyfriend george hughley was charged with her murder. allegations also surfaced that there were proviso incidents domestic abuse that went unreported. many wonder if someone had
6:33 pm
spoken up about the red flags of abuse, love would still be alive today. the red flag campaign, which has spread to over 100 college campuses across the country hopes to bring awareness to the problem and prevent the tragedy from happening again. >> it's definitely something that a lot of young people are dealing with, especially in our age group >> reporter: to kick off domestic violence awareness month, students at howard university spoke out about the importance of ending the abuse. >> we just aren't aware of how much help there is. a lot of students dn't know that the red flag campaign was here today, but thankfully we were able to catch the eyes and hopefully change the lives of some of the students. >> reporter: the flags will have to serve as more than just a wake-up call. it's one thing for students to know that domestic violence exists. it's another for them to speak up and save a friend. >> we know that one in four women will experience mestic violence in their lifetime. what we' understanding now is that women in the age range of 16 to 34 are the women that are being impacted by domestic
6:34 pm
violence the most. >> reporter: senior rodney hawkins says he knows friends who are part of that statistic. have you said anything to the authorities or anyone about it? >> honestly, no. just being honest, i probably should have. to me it's an issue that that person needs to solve themselves. >> reporter: but the red flag campaign hopes to get out the message that domestic abuse will only come to an end if people have the courage to report it. john schriffen, news4. a scary accident in montgomery county today. it happened on great seneca highway in germantown. it's not quite clear how it happened, but when it was ovr, a car was trapped under a school bus. that bus did not have any children aboard. the 61-year-old iver of the car was seriously injured. two adults on the bus were not injured. the white house calls it shocking, and reprehensible. today it apologized for an american experiment that
6:35 pm
knowingly exposed guatemalan prisoners to syphilis in the 1940s. a story reveals that u.s. scientists injected inmates with syphilis in 1946 under the guise of a public health program. it was apparently to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating sexually transmitted diseases. today the president called the president of guatemala to issue a personal apology. starting this tuesday you will be able to get tested for hiv at the dmv. d.c. is partnering with a nonprot to provide free testing at the pin branch in southet for one year. city leaders chose that location because they have seen a spike in hiv infection rates in that area. they expect about 3,000 people to take advantage of the service. arlington has a new county manager. and fo the firstime ever, it's a woman. barbara donilon is no stranger to local government. she has worked for arlington county for 27 years now. for last five years,he served
6:36 pm
as deputy county manager. befo that, she was the director of the department of management and finance. the county board namedonilon to the position this morning. michael brown, former county manager, resigned yesterday to spend he said more time with his family. coming up next on news4, the suit o.j. simpson wore that day he was found not guilty. well, that suit is now on display in our city. an there is a new youtube campaign being launched to try to prevent more teenagers from falling victims to bullying. [ male announc ] you can't un-smoke a cigarette.
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and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting... ♪ ...then started again. but every smoker was a non-smoker once. and yocould be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make ts time, your time.
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>>you're watching "news4 at 6." >> the suit that o.j. simpson wore the day he was acquitted of murder is now on display at the newseum. it's part of an exhibit on sensatiolism in the news. the custom-tailored suit will be shown under the headline "sex, crime, and scandal." o.j.impson wore that suit in 1995 when he was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her frnd ronald goldman. it's on displa along with other artifacts from the historic trial, including the mute button thatudge lance ito used to shut off the live microphone in court. oh, it takes us back. hey, doug. take us forward. >> take us forward. i did something today that may make you think i need to make some changes this weekend. >> what, what?
6:40 pm
>> you'll never guess. >> i bought my kids some sweatshirts for this weekend. what does that tell you? >> sater weath right around the corner. >> definitely swter weather. it's most likely going to be that way during the night tonight. some fall color out there. we're going to continue the see e fall color come out more and re ovethe next couple weeks. a beautiful evening. you will need the sweater tonight. maybe the sweatshirt as well. and definitely the long pants. i tellou what. it is definitely going to be a cool night tonight, and a cool couple of days on task, coming up in the forecast as the sun makes its way down across our nation's capital a beautiful shot outside there right w. as f as what we're dealing with, temperature-wise 71 degrees. not too many clouds in the sky. the sun going down right now. winds out of the noh-northwest at 17 miles per hour. we're seeing gusts upwards of0 to 25. our storm system is now out of here. that's the good news. say goodbye to that, and good riddance after seeing nearly a foot of rain in some locations, even over a foot of rain. tonight here we go. sweater weather for sure. 44 in frederick, maryland. 50 in washington overnight
6:41 pm
tonight. 45 in warrenton, virginia. and fredericksburg with a temperature of about 45 as well. well will warm up tomorrow, but not too much. under partly to mostly cloudy skies by the aftnoon. we'll see a temperature of around 68 here in the district. 68 in rrenton, virginia. winchester coming in arod 67 degrees. and 67 as well inaryland out towards upper marlboro. so what are we going to be seeing over the next couple of days? you don't like that title, do you? rain and wind coming in. that's because the jet stream will once again take a big dip across the eastern portions of the country that will bring the rain back into the forecast area, not to mention the fact that we will see very windy conditions on monday and tuesday as well here. is that four-day forecast. a nice day tomorrow. just a little on the cool side. a nice fall day out there on your saturday. then 66 on sunday. a chance of a shower, and a better chance of rain on monday and tuesday and wind as well. i think winds in the district on monday and tuesday may be 20 to 30 miles per hour. closer to the bay and toward the atlantic talking 30 to maybe even 35 miles per hour.
6:42 pm
>> well, it's starting to feel like football weather. >> it is. and not only that, but also some nasty golfing weather too. wasn't that awful? >> disgusting over there. i apparently caught these guys by surprise. this is kind of a funny story. football weather forecast. donovan mcnabb in philadelphia this weekend. celtics guard nate robinson tries running in shaq's size 23 shoes. nate wea a size 10. and this is the americans at the ryder cup. their rain suits were broken.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> the eagles 5 1/2 points on sunday. >> isn't that crazy? >> that ought to be some incentive. >> i tell you what is crazy is i think it's going to be a close game. i think it's going to be a very close game. why am i thinking that after the rams blew the reds out in st. louis? >> bause t rams blew the reds out in st. louis. >> you're right. 5.5 favorites are the eagles on sunday. and they're the only team in the nfc east wh the winning record right now. this is why this is a turning point game for the redskins. they can even the record at 2-2 or fall to 1-3. and the schedule ahead is just brutal. the next three games against the packers, the colts, and the bears. all pretty good teams. their combined record 7-2. of coue donovan mcnabb wants to win this game. mainly because he wants the redskins to get back on track after that stinker against the ms. but there is a part of himeep
6:46 pm
down inside that would love to show andy reid and all the eaglesans that they gave up on him way too early. mcnabb's return to philly ha been the biggest story nationwide in the nfl this week. but mcnabb has been steady since he w traded here, trying not to put too much weight on his homecoming. >> for me to sit here and try to explain how my emotions may be, or what is going to be going through my mind, i think it's just kind of -- as mike tyson id, ludicrous. you know, the thing about it is i think i can respond to that better when the game is over. so for me to try to come up with something wouldn't be right. but i'm going to approach this week obviously like it has been in the last couple of weeks of preparing, woing with kol and trying to make sure we're on the same page and go out and execute plays. >> donovan is a veteran. he is a professional. he knows how to act. donovan, it would be real hard for yone to see a big
6:47 pm
difference in him. we know deep down it's a big deal to him, just like it would be to anyone else. but the way donovan works and goes about his business, he stays pretty even keel. >> he does. you want to ask about trent williams, the rookie left tackle. >> what out him? >> i'm feeling pretty good about it. he says it's a game-time decision. the coach says it's a game-time decision. his toe is what is bothering him e most right now. he says he is about 90 to % on his toe. nobody in the nfl is 100%. so i think he is going to go. >> i hope 95% is snuff enough. they need to really play well this weekend. especily the o line. >> if they don't, it's going to be a long day for donovan. a long day for donovan. on the other side of the ball, albert haynesworth, as you know is the highest paid defensive player in the nfl. he has yet to start a game for the redskins this year, playing in all three games as a backup. you saw his most action last week against the rams, but wasn't much of a factor. this week albert decided to talk, sharing some things that we haven't heard before. here is haynesworth with sara
6:48 pm
walsh from espn on if he ever thought of not taking the $21 million bonus check the reds game him last season so he could play elsewhere. >> the check sat in my house for a couple of weeks before, you know, i cashed t. >> the $21 million check? >> uh-huh. >> what is your relationship with him now? >> it's fine. it's fine. everybody thinkse're standing in the hall, a long hallway with gun holsters and we're getting ready to drew on each other. it's nothing like that. we're completelyfine. i talked to him. it's very cordial. it's a fine relationship. >> i don't thi they're going out for beer, though. >> how do you not cash a $21 million check? >> he is thinking about it, you know. >> think about what? what is there to think about on a $21 million. >> good point. i was trying to explain it. i'm not going to now. >> $21 million. you run to the ba. >> you remember the story,
6:49 pm
though, shanahan says if i'm giving you the check, you're doing whatever we want. ybe he did think about it. >> i don't think so. it was an embarrassing opening day of the ryder cup for the americans. not so much because of how tey played, but because they weren't prepared. you see, rain washed away most of the gulf with the u.s. leading in two of four mahes. the embarrassment came with the worst american wardrobe malfunction since janet jackson in the super bowl. the americans' rain suits weren't waterproof. it rained all day. well, they had to pay the price twice. the officials had to go buy the entire team replacement rain suits, the same suits that all the fans brought at the fortune tent. the grounds crew itself were trying to squeegee off the greens. very wet conditis here. jeff overton, the original rain suit. on the first hole, rain suits don't matte there. birdie putt goes in.
6:50 pm
overton playing pretty we. he is one up with bubba watn. stewart cink on the par 3 third, a long birdie putt. gets it to go. he was in the flow all day long. they square in their match with rory mcelroy. gram mcdowell. phil mickelson on a par 4 sixth into the drink. >> bummer. >> lefty did struggle at times today for the american team. here is stewart cink again. on the fifth hole. long birdie put. ohman. but he was just grooving. five birdies in 11 holes for cink. he was the best american golfer in wales today. tiger woods, normally the man we're saying that about. nice putt here. to safe par. tiger was in that third group. you can tch ryder cup coverage on nbc 4 all day tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. lots of golf as th're trying to squeeze in everything to avoid the first monday finish in ryder cup history.
6:51 pm
talking baseball now. the nats starting a three-game set in new york that will wrap up their season. meanwhile, the ories doing that doubleheader thing against detroit. let's go up to baltimore. picking it up in the bottom of the fourth. the game is tied at one. bases loaded for ad jones. jones doubles to left. nick markakis, luke scott, and felix peay come on down. the orios take a 4-1 le. and actually feeling pretty good about things up there in baltimore since buck showalter has come aboard. two batters later, craig tat trying to get some things done. craig tatum at the plate. and craig tatum taking care of business. to deep center field. adam jones and robert andino coming around. as that bounces off the wall, that makes it 6-1. it is currently 9-5 orioles in the bottom of the eighth. and finally, nate robinson. we've been talking about him in some of the teases today. he is an nba slam-dunk champion.
6:52 pm
only 5'7". that's amazing. robinson plays for celtics alongside 7'1" shaquille o'neal. shaq and nate the modern day version of shaq and donkey. now check out these home videos. we had to pull this off the internet, so it's not the best stuf but here is nate. he says i'm going to dunk on shaq. shaq is not even looking. shaq says what on earth? his punishmenwas that he was going to have to run suicide in shaq's size 22 sneakers. so nate wears size 10. and look at this. i mean he is swimming in these things. >> he looks like a circus clown, the big red shoes they wear in the circus. >> isn't that hilarious? a minute and ten seconds to do the suicide, and i think he just barely finished. those guys having some fun or what at training camp. >> that is amazing that. >> is funny. so nate is the big clown over
6:53 pm
there. he is also the big dunker too. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. hey, doug is back with a final check of your weekend forecast. so, honoring 60 years of linus pulling that football away from [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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you're watching "news4 at 6." >> we have the latest now on a series of high profile cases that involve gay bullying.
6:56 pm
prosecutors are considering filing hate crime charges against two freshment rutgers. both students are accused of streaming online video of a classmate's sexual encounter with another man. and that classmate lat killed himself. leanne gregg h more. >> reporter: rutgers university students on campus in new jersey, mourninghe loss of a fellow student. >> to commemorate the life and accomplishment of tyler clementi. but also to address the issue that this brings up in terms of tolerance. >> reporter: 18-year-old tyler clementi, a talented musician known as quiet and happy, jumped to his death last week. prosecutors say he committed suicide after his roommates streamed video on the internet of clementi having a sexual encounter with a man. rutgers freshman, dharun ravi ran molly wei have been charged with invasion of privacy. more severe hate crime related to gay bashing charges could follow. cybercrime expert perry aftab.
6:57 pm
>> privacy violations are just the tip of the iceberg. we're looking at civil rights violations, wiretap, federal and state, probably harassment and many other crimes. >> reporr: in addition to clementi, 13-ye-old asher brown, who toldhis parents he was gay fatally shot himself last week after bully pushed him too far. 15-year-old billy lucas of indiana haed himself three weeks ago after classmates had bullied him for years over his sexual oritation. and 13-year-old seth welsh from california died this week, eight days after trying to hang himself from a tree. he also is said to have endured abuse from students for being gay. >> i would like to see more tolerance in a community for people that are different. >> foroung people. >> reporter: a gay and lesbian advocate organization, the trevor group, has launched youtube campaigns to try and prevent suicides of young people who are victims of the same types of bullying. >> you need to know that they're not alone, especially less bee, lesbian gay, sexual transgender youth.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: a voice reaching out, hoping to save lives. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> expert says it's not clear if the suicides for young gay men are up or if there is just more reporting of their deaths. looking pretty good out there tonight. and prey good out there tomorrow as well. and then we're going the see things change. once aga let's take a look and show you what is happening outside right now. the sun has made its wa down. we're going to see a pretty nice evening. just a little on the breezy side, a little cool as well. make sure you grab that jacket as you head out. here is the four-day forecast showing 68 degrees tomorrow. a pretty nice day on your saturday with increasing clouds during the afternoon. more clouds and a chance of shower on sunday, and then some rain and wind on monday. high temperatures only in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees both monday and tuesday. even a little unsettled as we head into wednesday. but straightening out a little bit thursday and into friday as we move backnto the 70s. >> thanks, doug. the smithsonian national portrait gallery is home to portraits of every american president. the collection includes two
6:59 pm
iconic paintings of george washington painted by gilbert stewart. the gallery also contains images of many other notable americans. today there was a nut portrait added. it is a photograph of charles schultz. he is the artist of course who created charlie brown and snoopy and lucy and linus and sally, and the rest of the peanuts gang. schultz died ten years ago. his peanuts comic strip continues to appear in newspapers around the world. tomorrow happens to mark the 60th anniversary of peanuts. to celebrate, the gallery is holding a family festival. snoopy will be there, as he was today. there will also be a screening of the classic halloween movie" it's the great pumpkin charlie brown." it was lucy that kept moving the ball away. on the broadcast tonight, hitting home. as millions of americans struggle to keep their homes, three huge lendersuddenly stop foreclosures.


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