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tv   The Chris Matthews Show  NBC  October 3, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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again at 1:30 local time, about ree hours from n. in the meantime, we get you back out to the second session and our coverage yesterday of the foursomes. >> all 24 players in action for the first time in a ryder cup at once as surety cink and match kuchar are out in that final foursome match against rory mcilroy and graeme mcdowe, the u.s. leading 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 after four sessions of four-ball. while we were away, this was tiger for his birdie. this is a par 5 2nd. >> everybody has missed in that same left edge. we've seen three of those om there. >> the u.s. went on to make the par there. so now the european team and peter hanso with a chance to win the hole. >> everybody likes the left edge. >> they both lie there, right
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next tohe mark. so this opened up a halv that putt was, indeed, given to jimenez. that would mean stricker and woods would retain a 1-up lead. what do you think of celtic manor so far, half the holes were new here, part of the existing curse combined with it except your ryder cup 2010 course? >> great facilities, very american kind of course. but it has a stre finish for match play, really, starting on, you know, 14, 15 and 16. those holes are just terrific for seeing who is going t win thor those matches coming in. >> out to the third. dustin johnson with a lengthy putt for a par here, mark. tee shot by johnson was well left, almost in the water.
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mickelson pitched the ball past this positio bogey 4 for the u.s. team. euros will have a putt from about 10 feet or so for a par to win the hole. and we'll go back to two. third shot at the par 5 for jeff overton. hend bud ba watson losing the first hole to donald and poulter. >> obviously, in trouble off the tee as you guys can see a long third shot for these long hitting players. a good recovery. very nicely done. he's playing well, overton. let's te a closer look at this 610 yard par 5. >> playing along the river here. not really in play. you want to drive the ball just slort of those right bunkers as you can with the driver if you want to get it down there. but a lot of players will fit it between -- if you get in ouble, short of that bunker,
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you come in to a narrow left, the best lay-up is where we are now and going in with a little wedg it's a pretty strong par 5. e prevailing win, it's a helping win, so some players could reach it, but not when it's wet like it is today wi no wind. it's right down there by the river, the low point in the golf course. third now for poulter. >> this is a very tight drive. you can see almost nobody is hitting the fairway off the tee and they're having long third shots, aren't they? >> yep. so advantage u.s. there. up ahead at the fifth. this is edoardo monthl nairry for par. you mentioned par might win a lot of holes today. a chance here for the molinari brothers to win the 5th. and that squar the match with jack johnson and hunter mahan. >> boy, he is fired up, i'll tell you. >> he says, cme on, yeah.
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that's a good exame. edoardo is the more fiery of the molinari brothers and friend chessco, a little more layed back. >> and par 3 here on this hole. down the hill. not much on a break. >> so they square the match with mickelson and dustin johnson. another look and this is another guyhat is not afraid to show some emotion and try to get the crowd involved. these are guys in their first ryder cups. a lot is talked about this week, you can't consider them rookies, they've won around the world. and the way this game has changed through the years, they play so much g time golf. but the ryder cup st a -- it's a different kind of animal. >> furyk/fowler match, furyk is
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putting him in trouble off the tee and then he didn't use the right ball. sothey're having sort of a nighare start. >> over to the third. >> good look at the hole location there over on the left middleport of the ring. that brings the water into play if y overcook a draw. tiger on the tee. >> in hand here, gary. back on the stamp, gary. >> fly, fly, fly, fly! >> he's going to catch a little low area there. that's going to funnel right off the green. i think he knew it the minute he hit it. >> it's one of those where you're trying to hit it smooth and, johnny, you hit it right out of the middle club face and it's like, uh-oh, that's going to go farther than it needs to. >> everybody is dressed in these sweaters.
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stevie williams looks like it's dressed for a day in florida. >> yeah. hanson to play for the euros. >> a pretty good oking swipg, gar very simple motion, john, and a powerful, big, strong upper body. >> he tus his shoulders really freely. 6 iron high. pretty good looking shot. whoa! that's the best we've seen so far in this session at the 3rd. so europeans with a huge advantage there. we go back to the 1st and this is the final foursome match off, matt kuchar for birdie to win the opening hole fr him and stewart cink. >> see if he can get that putter going that got him player of the year. >> and they went on to have this hole with pars. so that last foursome match all
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square, cink and kuchar, mcdowell and mcilroy. one american flag up. tiger/stricker with a one-up lead. two european flags up very early in the foursomes on this long saturday in wales. ♪ nobody there ♪ under the ceiling ♪ under the stairs ♪ a funny feeling ♪ my head is sleeping ♪ i want you to be... oh ♪ ah ah ah ahh ♪ ah ah ah ahh ♪ ah ah ah ahh [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really d - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you
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everybody missed that putt from all those different angles on the top edge. watch them as we come ovton for the mark for par. you can see the europeans, that also for par. overton is rock solid. >> i like the way the putt comes alive on these slowish greens. >> so they're going to see this par putt for poulter. i'm surprised they're not giving
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this to him? >> one strategy is to give a guy all those putts inside three feet d then wait until 16 and say, why don't you try that. i haven't seen your ort putting stroke all day >> look at poulter, as if to say, kind of surprising anhe took that, too. >> oh, yeah. >> all a part of match play. >> sure. overt the 3rd, good look at the second shot for steve poulr. inch the ball up on top. try to get a lile spin down the hill. that's well done. so the u.s. team with a chance to make a par. the euros have a short putt for a birdie as we go to 5. >> this was a moment ago, the second shot for the americans. two down through 4.
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>> pretty good lie for the rough out here. see how much the water affects it. >> it was jarred. that was conceded for birdie. now we're live at the europeans for birdie to have the hole, dottie. >> what a shot. >> it was a tremendous shot. and considering the situation from the last hole, it's the way your partner needs to pick you up if you're jim furyk and rickie fowler. >> i can't help but think, dotie, that it is so good for fowler after making th error on the previous hole to be playing with a guy like jim furyk to kind of calm him dn, get to that birdie putt in just a moment. that was jimenez to win the hole at number 3. so that squares the match after three hours. jimenez has never won a foursomes match. it's 0-2 in his ryder cup
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career. >> cap off the furyk veteran discussions here, actually smiling and laughing with fowler as they came up the fairway. you can't do anything about it, it's gone. >> you have to get rid of it quickly. tom was here to give him a chin up, too. >> westwood delivers! they exchange birdies at the 5th and kaymer and westwood keep their two up ead. and that lone american flag is off the board. europe leads it, red is all square.
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welcome back at the 6th. middle right, water in play.
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francesco monthly nairry. ooh, and that's behind the water. that was a moment ago. the u.s. team is just off the front edge of the green in two. and, mark, edoardo now playing the four shot? >> you would figure he pretty much has to hole it. it's been francesco so far, played wonderfully. but fran chess ka looked shaky with the putt. it's over at the 3rd, bubba watson on the tee. boy, that was a funny shot there. it looked like he was trying to
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hit a cut. i think there's enough grass. >> oh, man. >> just just -- and we move back over to the sixth. zach johnson will be putting for the u.s. a little bit, gary, like the molinari brothers. >> the issue is really on the greens. so you woun't thinking this would be a difficult two-putt. you never know in this situation. >> ifhey get down in two, they would win the hole. >> you have to think, gary, if a team were to make 18 pars, that would probably win most of the matches. >> i would agree with that, hnny. it's a tough format. any little mistake is really magnified. and that is not in concession reign, i wouldn't think, is it? are they going to give him that one? >> i'm not sure if they're going
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to. >> nope, it has not been conceded. so francesco will be putting for the 5 bogey. we'll go back to the 2nd. a moment ago, 3rd at the par 5 for stewart cink. >> a few teams just had a wedge on their hands for a third shot on this par 5. everybody struggled so far. and they take advantage of it. kuchar will have that for birdie. here is another well played hole so far by the euroans. third for mcilroy. scooting it in there. a lot of spin, about the same
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distance from the birdie. mcdowel had a pretty good try there at the second. >> see if francesco molinari can make the putt for a five. nope. i wou imagine that would do it. and yes, the hole has been conceded. so that hunterahan and zach johnson move up in that match. they move up to the long par 4 4th. thisis a par putt for the u.s., dustin johnson. walking like it was in, ready to pick it up a minute ago. and now fisher with the putt to win the hole and put the euros 1 up. so some clutch putting by ross fisher and that match has put fisher and harrington one up
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birdie. matt kuchar, this could win the hole. at the par 5 2nd. so kuchar with a 1 up lead over mcilroy and mcdowell. >> for a par, it's to have the hole. so luke donald and ian poulter more to 2 up through three holes. we go ahead to the par 4 6th. this just a moment ago. fowler playing the second shot for the u.s. squad.
5:52 am
well, you hear his caddie say be the stick. rickie staring it down. and it was a beauty. the pressure applied to the europeans. see if westwood can answer. doesn't like it. doesn't like it. uh-oh. a little gift. yeah. so huge advantage fort u.s. at the 6th. back at the 4th, the ropeans have already hit the green. have a putt for a birdie. tiger with his second. that's from 191 yards. it's a beauty for tiger. stricker will have a great opportunity to make a three. the match is in progress, u.s.
5:53 am
up in 2. europeans up in 3. and some interesting golf with this foursom format as we go to the third. matt kuchar on the tee. 5 iron in hand. long and a little left. and an interesting par 3 here in the third. obviously, the water in play. 188 yas today. shaved on the left, a little rough right down at the very bottom of the hill. you can see the ball trickling down and see the rough catch this. a low area behind thereen where we saw stricker play a second shot from, so a very demanding par 3, johnny. >> yeah. i like this he a lot. i would imagine the front hole locations, front right would be a good hole location for
5:54 am
bringing the water into play. >> i agree as we watch graeme mcdowell play fothe europeans. likes to work the ball from right to left. two quick tempos on there. he's real quick. >> the gallery likes it. ood, safe shot. in behind the hole. takes the wer out of play. standing, the u.s. a point ahead after the opening four ball sessions were finally completed. go over to the fourth, steve stricker with a chance for a birdie ere. this would win the hole in the european par has not been
5:55 am
conceded. but i don't think they're really thinking aut that right now. i think tiger and seve are thinking about hole on this putt, not a lot to it. it should go right. >> if he hits a good, firm aggressive putt iide the hole, he should make it. tiger is definitely involved. >> we saw him in the practice rounds, johnny, and everybody that was out there, it was unusual to see tiger so involved. but that goes back to leadership, they get along so well. tiger is very involved, getting behi stricker in the practice rounds and trying to improve his putting stroke. >> i actually think that tiger was trying to help stricker keep from hitting those push puttes and strier was helping tiger a little with his putting. so it's definitely a symbotic relationship going on here. should be able to make this one. >> you would think, and this is the right guy to make the putt, too. >> you would think so, as long as he's not worried about that
5:56 am
push putt which occasionally pops out. stricker with the birdie. u.s. moves 1 up. >> move ahead to the 6th. kaymer will be playing the fourth shot with the europeans. >> gary, they had a really tough time getting this ball to just stay on the bank. >> retty steep and very closely mowed.
5:57 am
so a lengthy putt left for the 5 for the europeans there. >> i would think there will be a concession here. and it is. >> and it has been conceded. you're right, dottie. so a good second shot from rickie fowler puts the u.s. in position to win the hole, cut into the lead. kaymer and westwood now, o up through 6th. at the 7th, zach johnson with a birdie to win the hole. >> will ittay up? nope. par 3 here. it was a chance to win three out of four holes for the molinari brothers back at three. >> second shot on the way by stewart cink for the u.s. a little work left there for a par. rory mcilroy will have a chance
5:58 am
for a birdie to win the hole. interesting week for rory mcilroy, hasn't it, gary? >> yeah, it really has been. >> focal point with all the tiger woods discussion and a while back saying tiger was beatble and you can bet all the uk tabloids jumped identity. >> and you know what? you have to give the young man credit, i think. first of all, he was being honest. at the time when he made the atement, it was at the brdgestone wcb event in akron, ohio, and tiger was finished the worst 72-hole total of his entire professional career. so it was a very accurate statement. of course, tiger was asked about it in a press conference and he basically just said, yeah, i'd like to play rory. >> yeah, me, too. i would like to see it. we might. >> that was carrying a little
5:59 am
pace and i think that will be conkeyeded. move ahead to the fourth. europeans have found the green in two. >> going with a big hook, huh? >> wow. that started way left. and turns it right back into the hole. fun to watch, isn't it? >> yeah, and he turns the ball more. i think i was wrong in my assessment. >> this was a moment ago at the 5th. second for harrington. he and fisher, one up on johnson and mickelson. one of the last two holes. big, deep divot. >> that would make it three in a row. but this was mickelson's answer for the americans. >> that's definitely a pretty hole when you drive it here. >> yeah. it does put them in great position to play a little baby draw, that three three-quarter shot.