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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 8, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. good afternoon. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. >> we start with a scary situation for parents. right now a toddler is recovering in the hospital after she and her mother were hit by an suv. it ppened around 10:30 this morning at the interction of aspen hill road and georgia avenue. police stay 36-year-old woman and her 17-month-old were crossing the street when they were hit. the toddler was in a stroller. witnesses stopped and performed cpr on the child. she is expected to survive. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. news4's pat collins talkedith some of the witnesses. their story is coming up on news4 at 5:00. the half brother of albert haynesworth died after a motorcycle crash in tenessee. police say 23-year-oldance mccoy crashed into a sprek had pulled into his lane. witnesses say he was speeding. they say he tried to change
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lanes but was unable to avoid the crash. the driver said he did not see the motorcycle before the impact which spun his vehicle into a 180-degree turn. mccoy was the youngest of three sons of lind haynesworth. she has left town for tennessee. it is not clear whether he will return for the weekend football game. the suspect in yesterday's hit and run accident turned herself into authorities early this morning. police say jorida davidson hill keala ryan. according to court duments, an eyewitness has positively identified davidson as the person who struck the victim. >> reporter: investigators say joridadavidson walked in to headquarters with a relave and turned herself in. about an hour later they transported her to police central cell block downtown for more processing and a court hearing.
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>> we had a warrant yesterday. she came in. >> reporter: investigators believed davidson was behind the wheel of an suv that struck d killed 24-year-old ryan in dupont circle early yesterday morning. ryan was out celebrating her birthday. she died a few hours later at a local hospital. a witness saw the enti thing and chased the suv with his bicycle long enough to get a tag number. it was that information that led them to davidson's friendship heights high rise. police took her suv away as evidence. the bumper apparently cleaned after the accident. they call the bicyclist's help, key. >> that was a very important case of the investigation. without it the iestigaon wouldn't be as tight as it is now. we're always looking for more witnesses that were there that day, positive witnesses. >> reporter: investigators tell us that davidson is an albanian
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citizens had a sometimes worked as a translator. at the courthouse downtown, news4. a northern virginia crime spree may be getting bigger. authorities in loudoun county are now investigating whether a home burglary there is related to dozens of other crimes in fairfax and prince william counties. there are 74 cases in fairfax county. 14 in prince william count the police think may be related. this latest home burglary happened along route 704. milton spring road and waterford lane in the waterford area of the county. coming up at 5:00, the police chief held an online discussion over the recent burglaries. what a great day to be outside on the weekend. sounds like it will be just as nice. >> call this the fabulous friday. >> fantastic friday. fabulous friday. fantastic friday. a super saturday. splendid. whatever you want to call it. that's what you can do. any adjective you want to describe today. it is simply a great day.
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look at that. blue skies out there. lots of sunshine. that's the way we'll see things right thugh when the sun go down this evening. as far as what's happening outside, 78 degrees. that's the current temperature around the 70. 77 in sterling and frederick, maryland. 75 toward the air force base. la plata coming in at 76 degrees. salisbury, toward the eastern shore. the temperature there 74 degrees. sateite and radar showing nothing. there is nothing out there. not a cloud from washington all the way back toward chicago, all the way toward atlantic. high pressure just dominating the area. and that means beautiful weather throughout the day today and into the evening. a great evening. tonight is really ing to be a great nature to get out and about and thisust happens to be a friday night. get out and enjoy it. 74 by 7:00. overnight, we're down to about 66 by 11:00. coming up a little later original i will have that four day forecast for you right through columbus day weekend. i'll show it to you in little bit. >> thank you. if you are planning to use
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metro over the columbus day holiday weekend, you may need to adjust your plans a bit to accommodate some station closures. mcpherson square stations will be closing at 10:00 tonight. the lower level of metroenter will be closed. track improvements will be made during the closing. red line services metro station will not b impacted at all but there will be no orange or blue line trains passing through those three stations. that means you'll have to take a shuttle between stations. you should be prepared for delays up 40 minutes if you take blue or orange lines. everything should be back to normal for tuesday morning's commute. >> let's get our first check on the evening rush wit ashley. >> hey, ash. >> nobody is rushing anywhere this afternoon. we are jammed up. we started with big delays very early in the afternoon and they're just continuing at this hour. let's take a look at springfield. here's the mainline. you are goingo be jammed off the capital beltway. this will take you into lorton.
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you pick up speed. it is short-lived. you are slammed with delays headed down toward quantico. no major issues along your commute. you did have one fender bender to work out in the hov lane. those were just prior to the hov merge itself. as we travel around the capital beltway, here is the pace as you make your way with the inner loop. here's the outer loop inching along, leaving 270 for tyson. lanes are open. just heavy in that stretch as you travel he will where along 270 in the northbound direction. here's the pace past montgomery village. prettyypical and painful. you continue further north, the slow traffic keeps rolling. this is a pace through german town and continuing all the way toward 109 in the frederick area. back to you. >> thank you. president obama focused on the positive today in the new jobs report. the figures are the last to come
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out before the mid-term elections. unemployment continues to hover just unr 10%. democrats and republicans are at odds over what to do about it. here is our port. >> reporter: at a maryland brick and masry company, president obama tried to build on the fact that the private sector saw jobs gains in september. >>we've now seen nine straight months of private sector job growth. in all, more than 850,000 private sector jobs gained this year. >> rorter: so he admitted, those were tempered by losses in the public sector like temporary census workers. meaning a net loss of 95,000 jobs and unemployment steady at 9.6%. the president slammed republicans for holding up the small business bill this summer. urging an extension of tax cuts to the middle class, not the wealthy and encouraged infrastructure investments to help growth. >> the only piece of economic news that folks still looking
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for work want to hear is you're hired. >> reporter: people like this one at a d.c. foo bank today. she sent out over 1,000 resumes. >> i think that my story is a common thread right now. and that's s. >> reporter: for republicans like would be speaker john boehner, that is bottom line going into the mid-term. >> the jobs our economy should becreating a right now but isn't creating because of the policies coming out of washington. >> reporter: unemployment still the underlying issue. one of the last major economic number before voters weigh in in three weeks. and many economistsow predict the latest job numbers leave the fed little choice b to pump more money into the economy with another round of public and private bond buying when the central bank meets next month. nbc news, washington. the nation's largest bank is halting sales of foreclosed homes in all 50 states. bank of america announced the
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moratorium today as it assesses the accuracy of foreclosure documents. allegatis recently surface that had bank of america employees across a range of mortgage companies signed foreclosure documents without verifying their auracy. attorneys general from several states have raised concerns about possible legal violations. bank of america released a statement saying so far all of its forlosure decisions are accurate. president obama is losing his national security adviser. the president announced faye rered general james jones is stepping down. jones will be replaced by deputy national security adviser tom donilon. jones agreed but asked to be excused from the obligation after two years. the president added that jones' deputy, tom donilon, has a wealth of experience in natial security that will serve him well in his new role. the supreme court justices
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sat down for their annual class photo today. led by cef justice john roberts, the group was all smiles for the camera. the nine justices included newly appointed justice elena kagan them gathered in the east coerence room at the urt. it is the first time in history that three women are serving on the court at the same time. the court's new term began on monday. workers are trying to make the u.s. capitol dome picture perfect. crews have been restoring the dome since june. if you look very closely, you can see workers were at it again today. the dome is made of nearly 9 million pounds of cast iron. crews are repainting it and repairing some of the cracked iron work. it is the first time restoration work has been done since 2002. looking good so far. tiger woods is in washington celebrating the opening of a tiger woods learning center right here i town. >> the learning center is located at two branches of the
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cesar chavez charter school. today, woods joined students at the capitol hill campus. two students who attended the learning center in california shared their experiences with these new students. >> this is an opportunity for these kids them don't know what is intore for them. they start taking advantage of the program. they've been through the program and they understand what it is all about. for them to comeut here and speak. i can speak about opportunities for them. but certainly having those two eak, you can see eryone starting to pay a little more attention. >> both learning centers will focus on careersn science, technology, engineering and math. woods opened the first learning center four ago in california. when news4 at 4:00 continues, it an unusual documentary. what could happen if prince
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harry were kidnapped. the controversial film coming up. so ahead, a russian spy makes a rare plic appearance. plus, a soldier puts on a great show when he surprises his girlfriend. [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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sync: i did as ged my property taxes 60 percent. woman 1 syi didn't owatrnor man 3: he worked for ak 10 billn doanother bamillion.apsed.axers7 h big s don't need help. middle class marylanders do. a docudrama is sparking outrage. it plays out what the filmmakers
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think might happen if prince rry were to be captured by the taliban. some s it is a film. others say it could threaten prince harry's safety. >> reporter: what would it look like if prince harry were taken prisoner by insurgents in afghanistan? well, how about this? according to a new documentary, the taking of prince harry that will air this month ames to show how britain would handle such a thing. for now it is the program itself that some are finding pretty awful. >> yes, of course it is in poor taste. a lot of people are being kill in these hostage situations. >> reporter: the docudrama, emphasis on the drama, will show prince harry captured, forced to apar in taliban propaganda and in a mock execution in which an unloaded gun is pointed at his face and one of his captors pulled thetrigger. it will mention his nickname, bullet magnet, during month in 2008 when did he serve on the
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front lines in afghanistan. when it became public, he was rush home out of security concerns. >> i would love to go back home. want to go very, very soon. >> rorter: now some royal watchers say what is the big deal about a work of fiction on an interesting topic? >> to be brutally honest, at the time when harry was in afghanistan, the taliban were very vocal. al qaeda was vocal in what they said. >> reporter: people who are experts in these matters say because of the security situation, it is unlikely that he would ever be sent back to afghanistan to serve. here on the home front he's had his security inease in the light of recent terror alerts in europe. back to you. a russian spy come out of the shad tows watch today's soyuz launch. anna chapman was deported in july after being arrested with nine others in new york for fwhoork spy ring. her glamorous lifestyle in this
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country made her a media sensation. today e got to watch the rocket blast off with o cosmonauts and a u.s. astronaut on board but refused to answer any reporters' questions. time to talk love again with ellen mccarty at the "washington st." nice to see you. >> nothing like a good love story to end the week. we talked about a facebook success story. this couple didn't acally meet on facebook. >> no. in fact, they first met in high school near aandale. this is the story of dawn and earl. they went to high school together for one year and didn't really know each other. fast forward 20 years. he's going through a break-up. starts spending time on facebook, reconnecting with old friends and associates including her. he sees on her profile a painting tt she had done. and asked if she could buy it. which is the start of this
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lengthy conversation that trans buyers all through text messages and facebook. for months on end, they finally had a phone conversation. then it was phone conversations until 2:00 in the morning every night them really fell in love before they ever met. at least as adults. she said when she finally came to washington to meet him in person, shwas sick to her stomach with nerves but she walked off the plane and kisd him. and happily ever after. >> let's talk about the date. >> we set up two people who trusted themselves to us. this is the 25-year-old, a really healthy guy. into cycling, a vegetarian, takes really good care of himself. and wantsomebody very set on making the world a better place. he wants to be socially conscious and he's hoping that he can find someone to share that. the 25-year-old research assistant. a very worldly woman who speaks
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two languages. she's athletic, looking for somebody who is tall, open to new adventures. he was very nervous going into this date but she didn't pick up on it. he ki of covered it okay them quickly found out they had, thing in common. they both major in the environmental studies in college. they are both really active in community affairs and service. big travelers them definitely koektd a friend level right away. they are both sort of feeling it out to find out if there is a romantic spark. sometime it doesn't happen off the bat but we feel really good about how they feel about each other's company. you'll to have read about it on sunday. >> they're both really cool people. >> we'll tune in. thank you. >> we'll sewhat happens. you can get the latest on dating
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and love. for ideas on where to take your special someone, check out the around town section of our website. coming up on news4, new developments in the sex scandal at duke university. plus, an amuse. ride goes terribly wrong.
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we are getting ready for a fabulous weekend, aren't we? >> let's start with today. >> isn't it gorgeous? >> how many adjectives cou you use? >> 75 degrees out there. >> how about 80 tomorrow. and no humidity. very light winds. enough of a breeze to keep the air going. if you have a boat, this is a great weekend to get the boat out there. this may be the last good time of the year. down toward the chesapeake bay, wherever you want to go, it
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really looking nice. temperature outside,we are sitting at 78 degrees with abundant sunshine. humidity, only 28%. very comfortable outside. winds out of the west southwest at about miles per hour out there on this friday. 77 in frederick. 77 in hagerstown. martinsburg, 77 degrees. winchester at . down toward leonard town, 74 degrees. ocean city, maryland, if you're thinking about going there, you'll pick a great weekend. temperature out there right now around 70degrees. the water temperature still nice and warm. normally stays warm this time of year. satellite and radar showing high pressure just socked here across the eastern two-thirds of the nation. not a cloud in the sky from new york right along down toward tallahassee, florida, all the way up to chicago, minneapolis toward denver. high pressure dominating. that means plenty of sunshine for just about everyone. if you're traveling east, west, it doesn't matter where you're going. look at the temperatures.
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75 in new york. along the west side of that area, 90 in omaha. 84 today in minneapolis. 77 in detroit and 78 in chicago. so more great weet tap as that area of high presse is just going to sit here nice and warm over the next couple days. it doesn't move. this is going through today. through sunday as well it may shift to the south and east. maybe some cloud cover during the day on sunday. all in all, still lookg at a gorgeous weekend. if you're thinking about taking a look at the fall color out there, some color around our area. maybe the blue ridge, some modete color. this would be a pretty nice weekend to get out there. maybe along skyline drive. clear skies, nice and mild. a perfect friday evening to get out and about. maybe have dinner outside. 68 to 74 degrees as we make our way through the night into tomorrow morning. clear skies, seasonable temperature, a greatmorning. 46 to 55 degrees. as we move tough the day, a super saturday. mostly sunny. nice and warm. just about perfect for this time
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of year. really does not get much better than. that sunday, about 78 with plenty of sunshine. then a chance of a shower on columbus day. most of us should stay on the dry side. not looking at a lot of rain and then 76 degrees on tuesday. >> compared to last weekend. and last saturday. and we saw, we almost s six to seven inches of rain last week. we need to see the sunshine and there it is. >> worth waiting for. thank you. still to come on news4 at 4:00, the very latest on the scandal at duke. plus -- >> he must really love me. he must really want to marry me. >> coming up, the maryland soldier's proposal in front of a huge crowd. and if you're planning to go to the movies over the weekend, we've got a preview of the new i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadship to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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here's what's happening. a toddler is recovering in the hospital after she and her mother were hit crossing the street. itappened around 10:30 at the intersection of aspen hill road. the child was taken to the hospital. she is expected to survive.
4:30 pm
no charge have been filed against thdriver the half brother of albert haynworth has died in a motorcycle crash in tennessee. 23-year-old lance mccoy crashed into a vehicle that has pulled into his lane. witnesses say he was speeding. haynesworth left the team to go to tennessee. not sure if he'll play on sunday. today's jobs report holding steady. president obama noted the private sector jobs have grown for nine straight months. the house republican leader blasted the president and democrats in congress for what he call job killing policies. stocks had a positive friday. it closed at 11,006. the s&p 500 gain 7 points to close at 1165. now the latest in the scandal at duke university. a recent graduate wrote a graphic presentation about more than a dozen men with whom she
4:31 pm
says she had sex. her report went viral and raised questions about privacy and double andards. we first told you about it yeerday. jeff has an update. >> reporter: at duke university, a jokeetween girlfriends just sparked a national debate about men, women, and sex. >> the best time of my life last month. twice. and once this morning. >>eporter: men have been getting away with it for years. bragging about their sexual conquests but now karen owen is proving, the laid kids play that game, too. she waa student at duke. just graduated. and wrote this 42-page presentation with her sex life on cam. going into graphic detail about 13 duke athletes, most of th players she slept with. no secrets here. she used their name and shirtless pictures. we're hiding their identities. she ranked the men by physical attractiveness, talents,
4:32 pm
creativity and aggressiveness, posting results on a bar graph. >> at first i was pretty excited when i saw it. >> for her. this is awesome. >> reporter: karen wrote this about a duke lacrosse player. experience was on his side and he used it. and of another man, he was terrible. did not even bother to kiss me more than a few seconds. karen wrote the sex list for her friends' eyes only buthey emailed it around and it has gone viral. posted on several websites. internet message boards are brimming with praise. this girl gets a fist pump and then some from me, one woman wrote. but karen has critics, too. >> i think it was very selfish. >> do you think if a guy did it it wouldn't be abig a deal? >> i think it would be a bigger deal. would be a mysogynist. a lacrosse player, they're such horrible people. >> reporter: karen has gone into
4:33 pm
virtual hiding but, a website for women said they spoke with her. >> .to karen. she feels badly that she unintentionally violated the privacy of them but doesn't feel badly about actually having had sex with them. i think she has changed the stereo type of what women want. >> reporter:o on the prestious duke campus known by some for its shock ulture, the question, have the tables finally turned on them? nbc news. >> one other note abo the power and speed of the information age. hours after jezebel posted the list, at least one publisher sent for contact information for karen ow. there has been a literal breakthrough for the 33 men trapped in a chilean mine more than two months now. this morning the famili held a
4:34 pm
vigil resc vigil. once the drilling is complete, crews will see whether the hole is stable enough for the miners toe pulled up. if not, it could take another ten days to reinforce that hole with steel pipe, which could also be risky. when a plan plans on proposing, he has a burnlg of ideas on how to make it special usually. an army sergeant from the baltimore area d an elaborate plan. he proposed during a circus desole ail dream performance. >> reporter: you never blank will come your way in a cirque dreams performance. life dancing acrobatics. all part of the show. but wednesday night, one member of the audience came up with a way to make the show even more memorable. the army sergeant phillip clark back from his third tour of duty in iraq, made a plan to propose to his girlfriend of one year.
4:35 pm
jennifer. >> i really wanted to do something special. i contacted their website and asked them if we could do this. they were happily able toet there up. >> they made sure she got picked for a skit that involved kulg a couple to shake and shimmy on stage. at the end of the number, clark popped the number on bended kn. the crowd roared as she accepted. >> he must really love me. he must really want to marry me. >> reporter: we got to check out the ring backstage and asked the couplehat's on tap for the wedding. >> h do you top a proposal like this? what are you doing for your wedding? >> find a way to get to the moon, i guess. >> sgeant clark is stationed at ft. mead. he even flew in her parents from oklahoma so they could 'witness
4:36 pm
the proposal. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, not all airnes seats are created equal. one airline grand slammed to save money. plus, two roller coasters collide at an amusement park.
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my dad is the supervor of a tra station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition.
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he made my dre of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would haveeen able to afford college. en though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... movingaryland forward.
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an accident thursday night on the pony express ride at knott's berry farm in orange county. a spokesperson said the train leaving the station didn't make it over the first hill and then rolled back into the other train. none of the injuries are serious. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. one of the first things most airline passenger do when the plane takes off is to push that button to recline the seat back. the extra space can make the flight more comfortable. some airline are hoping passengers are willing to give up th option to save money. discount carrier spirit airlines has seats on some of its aircraft that do not recline. and more planes wilbe outfitted with them by the end of the year. the company says the new seats weigh less. a lighter plane uses less fuel and the cost fixing oken seats is minimized. the company says it will pass the savings on to customers.
4:40 pm
it's a real horse race at the box office this week. >> the movie "secretariat" faces f with a romantic comedy. >> diane waxes poetic about a horse. he won the triple crown. do you know the owner was a woman? a virginia housewife took over her father's stable and produced possibly the greatest race horse of all time. "secretariat" rated pg. >> did he speak about who would take care of sophie in the unlikely event they both die? >> tragedy turns life upside down for two people who hate each other. they have only one thing in common. they're the god parents of an adorle baby named sophie. when sophie's mom and dad suddenly die, it leaves the at odds god parents in charge.
4:41 pm
>> are you going to help me out? >> just talk. >> maybe we both can. >> he is a prisoner. robert de niro is his parole officer in stoned. they are reviewing the case of an inmate eligible for early release. she uses her wiles on deniro starting something put them all on a collision case. >> if i should die before i waco over i pray the lord -- >> is that. interrupted bedtime prayer turns into a nightmare. a slash better a group of teenagers born on the same night a serial killer was killed. before he died, he swore he would return. just another camp fire story until those born on that night start turning up in body bags. my soul to take is rated r. nbc news. > when news4 at 4:00 continues, captain jack farro makes a surprise stop at a school.
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the young actss in dora is suing the producers have to show. caitlin sanchez claims nickelodeon has cheated her out of million of dollars. they claim she has not been paid for her work in promoting the show and they say she is due
4:45 pm
fees for rerun, dvd recordings and from dora products as well. entertainment weekly has name the most powerful entertainer in hollywood and it not brad pitt or george clooney. >> as we might have thought, perhaps, no, it is johnny depp. theyase the rating on hard number such as box office grosses and less tangible things like box office industry. he has a long list of hit including jack farrow in the caribbean movie series. and he appeared as jack farrow earlier is week to the surprise and delight have a roomful of school kids in london that is currently filming the latest intallment of pirates. a student wrote to him and asked him to go to her school to help him lead a mutiny against her teachers. and he obliged. so there. >> one of the best tackles made
4:46 pm
during last night's college football game between kansas state and nebraska might have happened durg a time-out. willy the wild cat, the kans state, was holding the ball. it was all a set-up. no fan were injured during this skit. it may have been the highlight of the game for wild cat fans. the team lost to the cornhuskers 48-13. the capitals plan to score a lot of goal this season. the washington caps opened the regular seasontonight in atlanta against the thrashers' first home game. it takes place tomorrow night. we're going toook at our forecast. >> it will be a great one. the ice temperature about, 32 degrees. just to let you know. >> i'll bet. we're warming up and it will be cold out there on that ice. it will be great. this weekend is really looking fantastic if you're thinking about going to that caps game tomorrow night. nice and warm outdoors. let's show you what's happening out there.
4:47 pm
men of sunshine. bright blue skies. this is some of the bluest sky i think i've seen in a long time. it is just gorgeous outside. the temperature today climbed all the way to the 70s. 78 degrees as a matter of fact. that was our current temperature in the district. 77 in frederick, maryland. down towardredericksburg around 76 degrees. 81 in culpeper. and leonardtown coming in at 74 degrees. what are we eing? hi pressure is just dominating the entire eastern two-thirds of the nation from the rockies, all the way toward the atlantic. just fantastic weather anywhere you go. if you're thinking about taking a little trip, mayb a day trip, it ireally going to be a nice one. warm temperature across the region with that sunshine continuing right thugh the day tomorrow. high pressure will continue to reinforce itself over the next couple days as well. maybe a few clouds late sunday into monday with maybe a chance of a shower. that's about it. take a look at this. we haven't talk much about this system. why not?
4:48 pm
it won't affect anybody. it is a hurricane. hurricane otto now has winds of 75 miles an hour. it is just to the south of bermuda. it may produce a little in the way of swells you're going there this week. maybe even along the atlantic beaches over the next couple days. it is expected to continue into the open waters of the atlantic. no worries there. nice and mild. perfect friday evening. 68 to 74 degrees. winds out of the west. a perfect day to take -- winds out of the west bat 10 to 15 miles an hour as you're waking up and stepping outhe door. and then throughout the afternoon, nice and warm. about perfect. 76 to 80 degrees. some areas may even be around 81, 82. a great day to get out there. maybe do a little boating. maybe use the pool for one last time. 75 sunday. 78 on monday. tuesday, cing in with the temperure of 76 degrees. with temperature this late in august, i think they should open up the community pool again.
4:49 pm
>> why not? are we getting close to the end of the hurricane season? >> it goes to the end of november. and it could be fairly active through novembers well still in the caribbean toward the gulf. >> otto, getting out of here. >> not bothering us. >> not at all. coming up on news4, the mexican government has launched an investigation into the death of an american. plus a scary scene in ken quhen a plane lands on a busy highway. coming up tonight at 5:00, a disturbing discovery today. investigators search for a killer after a virginia businessman is found murdered in his home. this wrist band has become a weapon in the fight against cancer. helping raise money for research. wait until you hear just how much money is actually going to the cause. and after three years of searching, he's found the right spot. the local location that will
4:50 pm
so be home to tiger woods' learning center for kids. those stories are new tonight on i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years a: dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- hoestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. prott the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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one witness called it a miracl a small plane made an emergency landing on a highway in louisville, kentucky around 11:00 last night and there was
4:53 pm
still men of traffic on the highway when the plane land. the pilot is a college student who was flying in for a weekend football game. he apparently ran out of gas. the drivers were stunned to see the aircraft descending over their heads. the plane did make a smooth landing, completely avoiding the other vehicle. and no on was injured. a flight headed to roanoke, virginia, was evacuated today after a passenger spotted a fire in the engine. it happened as the air jet was getting ready to take off. the pilot turned the plane back to the gate. all 14 people on board were safely evacted. they were put on a different plane to roanoke. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. still ahead, new accusations in the death of an american near
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
there are new developments in the case. american allegedly killedby mexican pirates. they said they opened a federal investigation into the shooting of an american tour oyster a u.s. border lake. >> reporter: this is the search on the mexico side of the lake for the bofd david hartley. beyond the helicopter, meco said it has several boats on the water in as many as 60 officers working the case. a texas border sheriff is taking
4:57 pm
a different path, calling directly on the notoriously violent drug cartel to return the body. >> we want a body. we cannot arrest anybody for what happened in mexico. we can be prosecute. we jt want a body. with that said, i did send word to the drug cartel in mexico. i sent word. >> he sent word that the lifejacket was stained with blood. stains he said she likely got when she tried to pull her husband to her jet ski. she ultimately left him behind in a bid to save her own life. the u.s. is using observation towers to watch. it was reported after a possible ambush from the cartel. >> we have an americ citizen gunned down on international waters. >> reporter: that riled texas governor rick perry who has been critical of mexico's response. >> i'm not satisfied. when you call off a search the
4:58 pm
way they did this morning and give as the reason, because the drug cartels are in control of that part of the state, something is not right. >> reporter: u.s. oicials have taken tiffany hartley to a border crossing where she met with mexican authorities in charge of the arch. now for tiffany and for everyone on this side of the border, there is little to do but watch, wait, and hope that david is returned home. nbc news. >> and mexico an authorities did search that lake today but say they did not find anything. that's new at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. a mother pushing a stroller guess sideswiped by an suv. witnesses spring into action as police and paramedics race to the scene. good evening, everybody i'm jim handly.
4:59 pm
>> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy receivinger is off this evening. the woman is okay and we're told the toddler who was injured is doing much better. the accident happened this morning at the intsection of aspen hill road and georgia avenue in maryland. that's where news4's pat collins is now. pat joins us now. >> reporter: a 17-month-old little girl on the edge of death saved here by a good samaritan and a good cop. this cop, this nurse, performed life saving cpr on a 17-month-old girl, struck by that suv. >> when i arrived on the scene, i observed the baby laying in the middle of the intersection, being tended to by a citizen. >> the baby was on the ground without breathing, without moving. i started giving cpr chest


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