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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 9, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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never forget. no power, no air conditioning, no hot water, no toilets, no phones. now the massive cruise ship has to be towed to a port in mexico. >> gooafternoo >> the carnival splendor cruise lost power yesterday about 200 miles south of san diego after a big fire broke out aboard. the blaze has sinceeen put out. but full reliefor passengers could still be more than a day away. chris clackum has the latest on the rescue effort. >>eporter: it will probably be wednesday night at the earliest before tugboats can tow the boat into encina dw a. the boat has been adrift since early monday. the ship on a seven-day cruise of the mexican riviera was about 200 miles south of san diego
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when an engine room cut its power and everything on the ship shut down. >> due to the fire, there is still no propulsion available to the ship. there is no structural damage to the ship. >> some passengers on board managed to call family back on shore. >> the conditions right now are difficult for the passengers, there are almost 5,000 people on the boat. but we're urging everyone to stay in their cabins and they're just kind of making the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: planes at the naval air station were loaded with over 70,000 pounds of food and supplies to fly out to the aircraft carrier ronald reagan that's steaming toward the splendor. what's next to it? helicopters will airlift supplies from the carrier to the cruise ship. carnival officials say once the ship's back in port, passengers will be bussed back to long beh, given a free cruise in
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the future and a full refund for the cruise that went somewhere, just not very far. chris clackum, nbc news. >> shootings in northeast washington have police on the hunt for a killer today. two teens were shot around 8:30 last night in the trinidad neighborhood. that's specifically located on the 1300 block ofholbrook street. one of the teens survived a shting and was taken to the hospital. the second 17-year-old died. news 4's pat collins spoke to his father. the latest on the investigation coming up at 5:00. the man accuses of plotting to bomb melt electrostation me arraigned in court today. authorities say the pakistani born u.s. citizen was plotting with people he thought were al qaeda members to set off bombs at four metro stations in northern virginia.
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megan mcgrath has the latest. >> reporter: it was a brief court appearance. farouk ahmed entered the courtroom and answered yes to a few procedural questions. he's entered a plea of no guilty. his attorney has asked for a jury trial in this case. and the court date has been set. the trial date for april 11th. now, a man is accused of performing surveillance work and gathering security information regarding four northern virginia tro stations and a d.c. hotel. ahmed met on several occasions with people he tught were al qaeda. but instead they were federal agents. he supplied them information on where to place explosives so they would inict the maximum damage. we did get new information today regarding the items seized from ahmed's house. they released those documents for the very first tim today.
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police seized three firearms from his home, including a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle with a scope. they also seized a large amount of ammunition. officers took cell phes, two martial ar instructional tapes and a pamphlet titled, what does islam say about terrorism farouk ahmed entered a plea of not guilty. megan income garage, news 4. breezy and cool day out there. >> veronica johnson tells us what the night holds for us. >> let's take a look outside here, low 60s your temperatures throughout the area. it's been another day where we've had a little bit of wind around the area. low 60s as we take a look at that wind, our winds range anywhere from 10 to 13 miles per hour. we got by without the gusty conditions as we had yesterday.
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low 60s, but look at that warm pocket down there in the southwest. 69, close to 70 degrees in charlottesville, virginia. close to 72 around culpepper. warrington, 63 degrees. laplata and indy 63 degrees. some of your cooler spots in the southeast, clinton and st. mary's at 56 degre right now. once again, we've got that low pressure system off the coast of new england. it is slowly moving away. we've got high pressure moving in, and in between the north-northwesterly wind today. plenty of sun, we'll have clear skies tonight. we'll drop to 53 degrees at 7:00. we'll drop to 50 by 9:00, and then 47 degrees by 11:00 p.m. on your fast forecast, a nice starry evening for us. this persistent pattern all week long. hope you like it. meanwhile, we do have some showers to talk aut, but showers of a different variety.
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some meteor showers. i'll have more details on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. you will soon be able to buy liquor on sundays in montgomery county. county executive ike legette has issued an executive order which will start tomorrow. you can still only buy distilled liquor in several dozen stores. a metro project on thursday, westbound 66 and the zuldulles connecter road will be csed between midnight and 5:00 a.m. drivers will be able to get back on the beltway and rejoin i-66 at that point. for the restof the week, hunter mill road and the dulles toll road will be closed between 11:00 in the evening and 5:00 in the morning. trouble sps near quantico
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this afternoon near route one. >> good afternoon, it is not a good afternoon along route 1. as you all were mentioning, we do have a big problem. route one shut down out of quantico. a lot of drivers are hopping back around 95. we're starting to pick up volume from springfield into newington. as i mentioned a lot of drivers are jumping backon to 95 versus route one because that's not moving. 95 is starting to get congested a little further south. headed down through quanti. capitol beltway no trip in the park. no major accidents, just a lot of company. here'she pace as you make your way down toward river road. the pace lightens up for outer loop drivers. inner loop, your lineup will begin out tysons and connue all the way around through
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silver spring. the pace finally does start to get better as you make your wa in toward college park. back to you guys. >> thanks, ashley. president obama is in indonesia, his forme boyhood home and th second country on his 10-day itinerary. his trip is likely to get cut a little short because of a volcano. savannahguthrie is traveling with the president. >> reporter: the president is here in indonesia where he spent several years as a young boy. it looks like this trip which was already less than 24 hours may be even shorter because of volcanic ash in the air due to an erupting volcano about 250 miles from here. the white house is concerned that volcanic ash may interfere with the president's travel. he may have to cut this trip short. still on the agenda, a major speech to the university of indonesia. about 6,000 people expected to be there. this is part of the white house's outreach to the muslim
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world. >> we are looking to expand our trade and investment and commercial relationships. because it can create prosperity in both our countries. trade between us is growing fast. and that includes american exports to indonesia. >> this is one of the emerging economies that the u.s. would like to do more business with. reflecting on his time here as a child, the president said it looked a lot different than when he lived he, he was very happy to be here. >> a young boy 40 years ago, i could never imagine that i would one day be hosted here in this couny. never mind as president of the united states. i didn't think would be stepping into this building ever. today prince harry paid
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tribute to fellow soldiers lost on the battlefield. he opened a field of remembrance for british troops killed in afghanistan. the prince planted a cross in the name of a friend who was killed icombat back in march. the field is in a small town near the air force base where britains born dead are flown from afghanistan. a solemn procession through the main strt takes place for every casket that arrives. prince harry was withdrawn in 2008 after word leaked of hi deployment. u.s. defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. is willing to keep troops in iraq past the current deadline. gates made those comments to reporters in kuala lumpur today after a meeting with malaysia's defense minister. the current agreement calls for u.s. troops to leave iraq by the end of 20 12e. gates said troops will only stay
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longer if iraqi leaders want the help. news 4 at 4:00 is just getting started this after noon. find out if people in d.c. made the list of most attractive or least attractein america. pgh what does $10 million buy in a house? one group is claiming employees can no longer get fired for the comments they post on facebook. i just can't tell you what this day means to me. >> she's here. plus why becoming a forrest
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our nation's capitol may be lacking on hotties. at least according to one survey. >> "travel & leisure" magazine ranked d.c. sixth on t list cities with the least attractive people. memphis was at the top at number one. charleston was on the other end of the sca, nabbing the top spot for most attractive people. d.c. ranks low for wild weekends and romantic getaways? >> we're not liking that. >> speaking of nice. look at this, folks, from chopper 4. the sold sign is up at this little fixer upper in macleane.
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the home sits on two acres, eight bathrooms and a five-car garage. it's got a ballroom for 200 people. seven balconies, and it's got an elevator. taxes run you $77,000 a year on this. the buyer ist known, but it's your guess if they got adeal. the property is assessed at $7.2 million. the asking price is $17 million. >> that's a whole lot of chateau. >> yeah. many parents are now focusing their attention on their children's knowledge about money matters. across the country somechool districts are helping out. >> several states teach some form of personal finance. that course work can offer teens a sound start in their financial life. >> how many of you took this course because youelt it would be valuable to you? >> at this long island high
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school, students study stock picks and savings plans. it's all part of personal finance 101. arming kids with skills for these recession airy times. >> i believe this is something that every student should walk away with. now more than ever. >> i wanted to take this class, because i wanted to become educated about my future. my parents are always sitting me down saying, you're going to be in the real world soon, have u to learn to manage your money. many moms wish they could take a personal finance class too. 41% of moms said they wished they were morenformed about managing money and financial responsibility so they could pass that knowledge on to their kids. moms, like roseanne, her son, a high school sophomore will take ms. lit man's personal finance class next year. >> i only know the basics. >> that makes having the talk with teens about money difficult
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for many parents. who's better talking to you about money? mom or dad? >> mom. because my dad likes to spend a lot. >> my dad, he looks into stuff more and sees the different sales, my mom, we're out shopping she'll buy more clothes. >>veryone please open up your excel files showing your stock picks. >> what eileen hopes is that the skills her students learn here are reinforced at home. >> if i got the opportunity to talk to the parents, i would ensure -- i would have them speak to their kids about saving early. >> for ivillage, kelly wallace, new york. tonight on "nightly news" with brian williams. why african-american males are lagging behind other students in math and reading. former president george w. bush's book hits stands today.
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he di he kicked off his book tour today. he greeted hundreds of people, some of whom had camped out the night before. at the discusses the september 11th attacks, the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and his response to hurricane katrina. no word yet if his book tour includes a stop in our area. don' miss president bush live tomorrow on the today show at 7:00. california governor arnold schwarzenegger is nolikely to be taps as the next spokesman for a just say no campaign. >> he just signed a law that reduces the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana. last night on the tonight show with jay leno. theovernor said smoking a little marijuanais no big deal. he said proposition 19 went too far. >> i think the laws that were passed were good. it makes it from a misdemeanor to an infraction, which is kind
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of like a speeding ticket. no one cares if you smoke a joint or not. >> right. >> this proposition 19 went a little bit too far. it was written badly. >> under california's new law, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana will result in a fine of $100 or less. there's arrest and no criminal record involved. referees fight betweenabor and management, employers cannot fire you for what you say on facebook. >> the national labor relations board says things you say on any social networking site even about a bs or protected speech. the board filed a complaint againstn ambulance company that fired an employee for criticizing her ss on facebook. the employee was terminated because of serious complaints about her behavior. administrative law judge is expected to hear the case in january. google has a big gift for people flying he during the
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holidays. >> the company is offering free wifi on virgin america, airtran and delta. the promotion runs november 20th through january 2nd. about 700 planes and 15 million passengers will have the free internet capability, which means some of you will be able to tweet that youe stuck on the tarmac while oths will jt have to keep their followers guessing where they are and what they're doing. >> but it's all protected speech? >> protected speech. a florida man celebrates quite the miltone and he's even got a girlfrie. the supreme court is hearing a case that could affect most consumers that have
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big birthday celebration for one resilient south florida resident. >> even after turning 107 this birthday boy put on quite a performance. tv news camerascaptured louis
4:24 pm
stein celebrating his big day dancing with his walker. he was surrounded by his family and girlfriend. when he was born, teddy roosevelt was the president and the wright brothers were making aviation history. he has a secret. his secret for longevity has been wine, women and song. >> we saw two of them there. >> it looks like he has a lot of living left to do. >> we should all be so lucky. back here at home, we are still basking in the glow this beautiful fall weather. >> it's a nice day day. it was easier for me to get into the car from my station. boy for you, probably the same thing. a gorgeous y in late fall. temperatures in the 60s, right now wind at 10 miles per hour, again, lots of sunshine all
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across the area. humidity is now at 45%. so a starry night for us. temperatures will drop off to 47 degrees by 11:00 p.m. 43 by early tomorrow morning. 44 degrees by 7:00 a.m. the sun sets by 5:00, it sets tomorrow, 6:45. let's take a look at a couple neighborhoods up to our north. maryland, gorgeous blue excise. your wind gusts at 24 miles per hour. down south, fredericksburg, one of the higher wind gusts. a litt bit of a sun glare on the lens there. 62 degrees the temperature, arlington, afternoon to you, you're now at 61 degrees across the area. today just like yesterday we're caught in between two weather systems that produced a big mess in new england with not only snow but eye winds. high pressure to the west of us. you can see the clear skies all the way down toward areas of mississippi.
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in between those two, high pressure moves closer to us. we're going to lose some of the wind, we'll hang on to the clear sky and lots of sunshine that will persist through the week. still pretty breezy, gusty up in new york with the low pressure system. 52 boston, 53 in new york, down south in the 70s. 75 degrees st. louis. 73 in atlanta, georgia. a dry air mass all the way through areas of the northeast with high pressure haing on. tomorrow, we could see a few high clouds. a few cirrus clouds, the dry wispy ones. still a mostly sunny sky for us tomorrow. the weather system coming through the rockies and hitting the plains. that system is not going to bother us until we get into the early part of next week. that's when our next chance precipitatiois. down into the 40s tonight. the air not too cold. nice evening, breezy, 66
4:27 pm
degrees. 36 to 4 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a lot like today, less wind.just a few clo. they're coming through the area, another nice one for us. 56 to 61 degrees. a look at your 4-day forecast. for veteran's 60. 61 on iday, 63 on turday. looks as though the rain is gointo stay out of our weekend. we'll talk more about that in our showers that start tomorrow. we'll talk about that later. >> thanks, veronica. still to come, elizabeth smart takes the stand for the second straight day. a arlington neighborhood is fuming. betty white is in town today for a special honor. we'll
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welcome back, everybody at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> police are looking for e gunman who shot two teens in northeast washington's trinidad neighborhood last night. one of the victims identied as 17-year-old josephsharps, jr., died. the other was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the pakistani born u.s. citizen arrested in a metro terror sting pleaded not guilt
4:31 pm
to charges against him today. in court in alexandria,farouk ahmed is accused of conspireing with people he thought were al qaed members to bomb four metro stations. his trial date is set for next april. it's going to take another day for passengers and crew stranded aboard a carnival cruise ship toeach land. the ship lost pwer early yesterday off the coast of southern california after a fire broke out on board. the 4500 crew mbers and passengers will be without hot water, air conditioning and phone service until they're towed into a mexican port. stocks fell slightly. the dow closed down about 60 points, the nasdaq down about 17. and the s&p 500 down about 10 points. the supreme court is hearing a case that could affect anyone who's ever signed a cell phone contract. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the story. >> contracts, we sign them for cell phones.
4:32 pm
credit cards, cable, maybe even employment. read the fine int, though, and they likely include an arbitration clause in case of dispute. that's how a $30 cell phone bill made its way to the supreme court. a california couple signed a contract with at&t mobility and got a free phone. the problem was, at&t tammed them taxed them 30 bucks. they tried to bring a cass action but the company fought back. enter the supreme court, now tasked with deciding if federal law that favors arbitration preempts a california law that found the contract ilgal. the court heard from their attorney who argued a ruling for at&t would restrict consumer's rights, espially those who don't realize they've been overcharged. >> people have to have some way of leveling the playing field when it comes to small scale fraud like that, across a wide number of consumers. >> at&t claims its arbitration
4:33 pm
process is is the fairest way. >> companies that do that like at&t should be able to provide what is a very strong, viable alternative route th gets more money to people who are injured and less money to lawyers. the high court left to decide the case that could affect you the next time you sign on the dotted line. the court has made some business friendly rulings recently. didn't seem as willing to side with at&t on this one. the decision is expected sometime next spring. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. elizabeth smart is speaking out abouone of her regrets over what happened while she was kidnapped and held captive for nine months. she said she kept quiet when a detective approached her and mitchell in a library one day. mitchell made smart wear a veil
4:34 pm
over her face. smart said she wished she had oken up. she wasn't freed until months later when someone spotted her walking in a suburb wi mitchell. virginiaech is gearing up for a two-day violence prevention summit. it will host criminologists, psychologists and public health experts. they'll be discussing how to tackle school bullying, campus suicides and other acts of vi s violence. a gunman killed 33 people on virginia tech's campus three years ago. there is a congressional struggle tang place on capitol hill. it's not between parties yet. right now, it's within parties. steve handlesman has the story. >> thanks. up here on capitol hill in the wake of the big midterm elections. you may think democrats would be moving more to the middle. and republicans woulde more unified than ever.
4:35 pm
buyou'd be wrong. new faces athe gop table. house republicans met to talk transition. they'll be in the driver's seat and say today, new members will help steer. you. >> bet we're listening to them. they're bringing the message we heard from americans. >> the tea party message cut spending now. many new house members are tea partiers. republican leaders are wary. >> they know if they don't do something to make them feel like they're being included, the tea party can rebell against them. it's going to get really ugly really fast. >> reporter: it's a little ugly now. michele bachmann of minnesota is running for the number four house leadership position. but said to be struggling. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: nancy pell oceancy is not struggling. she looks like a lock to be re-elected top democrat. minority leader. even though moderate blue dog democrats are appalled. >> well, i think we need new
4:36 pm
leadership. when you have that kind of eltion result, we need to listen to people and change things up. it just seems real straightforward to me. half of the 54 house bue dog democrats were defeated as voters moved to the right. leaving pelosi's remaining house democrats as a group more liberal. >> she can look at that and say, i have a more progressive caucus, they want me to keep fighting, they want me to keep us unified so we can win back the house. >> reporter: democrats moving left, republicans moving right. that would seem to guarantee more combat, less compromise and more gridlock up here on all the big issues. i'm steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. coming right up on news 4 at 4:00. betty white now a forrest ranger? she's in town, folks. why this means so much to her. a clerk fights back th a a clerk fights back th a garbage can ♪ try to st
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who knew? acting was not betty white's first career choice. she wanted to be a forrest ranger. >> the 88-year-old comedian has been made an honorary park ranger. she was so happy, s gave
4:40 pm
smokey bear a big hug and a kiss. >> i just can't tell you what this day means to me. my mother, dad and i were very close pals. my first memories ridingn front of my dad on his horse as we packed into the high sierras. we would go in there for three weeks and never see another two legged soul. and then we came out and i'd wait the next year waiting for our trip into the wilderness. as excited as i am today, i know two people who would be over the moon, my mother and dad. >> betty white says she's been active in conservation campaigns her entire life and will continue her efforts to protect this gorgeous planet we live on.
4:41 pm
>> good for her. it proves you're never too old to see your dreams come true. >> she's still burning. at's for sure. it's a big day for ementa schoolkids in arlington. >> washington players clinton portis and brian arackpo. it's all part of the nfl's play 60 campaign, which encourages kids to be active for an hour a day. the kids got a chance to meet and workout with the player. good for them. how do you calm the kids down after that. >> you don't try. coming up on news 4 the 4:00. a new way for new parents to bond with their newborns? massages. we'll explain coming up. and a county in northern virginia ranks in the top 15 of least stressed
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[ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to inw fresh, delicious cfee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands,
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including green mountain coffe it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. the econic stress level is going down for a majority of the communities. arlington county is 13th on the list of least stressed koufrnco. the analysts say it's based on unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies. the least stressed county is in north dakota. that's in the entire country which is also the least stressed
4:45 pm
state. the most stressed state i nevada followed by california, then the sunshine state. >> new moms looking for ways to connect with their babies may want to consider a hands on approach. baby massage is growing in popularity these days. the befits go beyond bonding. lisa carburg reports. >> massage is one of the best ways to talk to ur baby. >> these new moms are learning how to master the art baby massage. >> they love to have their backs rubbed as we all do. >> the combination of their mother's touch puts these babies at ease. >> she was so relaxed, calm and smiling. >> the benefits go far beyond bonding. >> it can do so many different things. some of the basics of resolving colic, constipation, respiratory disorders. sleeping orders. >> susan forrester says baby
4:46 pm
massage has been aroun for years. recently it's taken off in popularity. >> it's also been pren that massage significantly increasing the immunity in our bodies. significantly. >> also appealing, it's an activity that can be done any time and any place. >> i heard a lot of people that do bath massage. and put her to sleep. it helps them get ready for bedtime. >> basically i heardelebrity babies get it, but i guess they have an actual massage therapist do it for their baby. >> baby massage is an ancient form of medicine and it can work wonders to help calm fussy babies. i would imagine that true. >> yeah, why wouldn't it. >> everybody loves massage. >> i don't think too many of us need a massage this week because of any stressful weather going
4:47 pm
on. very calm weather all week long. if you're going to be out, we get calls where people say what was th streaking through the night sky. beginning tomorrow and going until november 23rd, meet year shower. look off to the east, we should get about 20 per hour with those. they'll peak on november 17th, keep in mind we have a full on coming up on the 20th of november. that could interfere with some of the meteor showers om being able to see them. lots going on in the night sky. a little bit of a dip across the east. temperatures in the low 60s today. stormy weather organizing out west. be probably tomorrow i may have snow video coming out of areas like utah, colorado and wyoming. big storm system there. it all starts next week, where the bottom drops out. the jet stream really dips down through the nation's midsection. i think most of next ek,
4:48 pm
colder for us, with highs generally in the low to mid-50s. low 60s today. we have 62 in fairf county. 56 in leonardtown just off to our east. cleveland park you're at 63. laytonsville you're at 61 degrees. tomorrow morning, 43 to 44 degrees. i think it's really jacket weather again for us. we warm so fast bringhe afternoon, we'll hit a high tomorrow of 61 degrees in town. 51 warrington, 59 in frederick. less wind tomorrow, it's going toe really nice. even better weather coming up for thursday. 60 the high. sunshine throughout the area. sunshine expected right tough the weekend now, guys. your nextchance of rain not until monday afternoon or evening as it was tuesday of next week. >> we can handle that. >> chilly rain fo us. >> and no umbrellas required for a meteor shower? >> no. >> we won't need umbrellas? >> no. >> thanks, venica.
4:49 pm
coming up at 4:0 someone used a baby koala bear for target practice. a masked robber strikes again. the disease he claims to have as he holds up the place.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
a disturbing story. a koala is fighting to stay alive in australia. he was st with a pellet gun 15
4:52 pm
times. she's now recovering at the australia zoo wildlife hospital. veterinarians say they've removed about half the pellets, but their biggest worry are the pull ets stuck in her intestinal tract which can result in deadly lead poisoning. a man armed with a knife walked into a store. the clerk wasn't ready to let goff his hard earned cash. he grabbed a plastic trash can and started to work the robber over with it. the drama was caught on the store's security camera. the suspect got away with a fist full of cash. the shop keeper was not injed. the store needs to arm itself with something a little more lethal than a plastic trash can in order to fend off thieves this bank robber is using the swine flu as his cover. illinois police say the mask wearing suspect has robbed a
4:53 pm
total of ten banks all over chicago. not only does he wear the mask, he also tells clerks he's recovering from the swine flu, and much likthe flu, the robber comes and goes. officials say the swine flu bandit never has a getaway car, but simply disappears into a passing crowd on foot. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, residents in one arlington community are furious about how the fire department handles a house fire. tonight at 5:00, it's a bizarr case of road rage. why does the guy with the yogurt end upith a more serious charge. a mystery through the air, the pentagon is weighing in. police officers, firefighters and the entire student body come out to say thank you to a local teenager. what did he do to earn himhis recognition. and a sweet slimdown. a nutritionist loses 30 pounds eating his favorite snacks.
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4:56 pm
residents of a community in arlington, virginia are hot under the collar because of a fire. the blaze was set intentionally by the fire department, but what stted as a show and tell now has neighbors complaining to the county. jackie benson explains.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: it's something you don't want to see happen on your street. clouds of soot filled smoke, flames, property damage and daer. this fire was deliberately set for firefighters for a story on home safety. it took place at an empty home on eighthtreech t in arlington. >> we did a risk assessment first, we made sure there was no risk to a of the houses or vegetation in the area. >> reporter: the property had been vacant for years. a developer areed to allow the house to be used for the tv show taping. the neighbors have been told the boarded up and unsightly structure will be knocked down and replaced with a green home. >> it's an eyesore. we don't know what to xpect. this week, next week, months
4:58 pm
could go by. >> if it's going to happen, i think a demolition permit should be in place prior to the burn, so that when it's done we know that it's going to be cleared off the lot. it's no longer an issue for us here on the street. >> reporter: fire officials say the controlled blaze is not something they plan to do on a regular basis. jackie benson, news 4, washington. that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4:00 at 5:00 starts right now. we just have to move on and say it's with the lord now. >> a high school student is dead. his friend is woued and right now police have few leads on who pulled the trigger. good evening, everyone. >> that shooting stunned family
4:59 pm
and friends as well as the high school campus. pat collins joins us live outside the school in northeast d.c. to tell us how people are reacting to this sudden loss. pat? >> it's an all too familiar story. words said, shots fired, another teenager dead in the streets of ourcity. joseph sharps, 17 years old. a senior in high school. he wanted to go to nyu. he wanted one day to own espn. those dreams came to an end last night when joseph sharps was gunned down on whole brook street northeast. joseph was walking down the street wit a friend. they were kidding each other back and forth. the guys think the joking words were meant for the